SWTOR 4th Anniversary Rewards Vendor

SWTOR 4th anniversary rewards vendor is now available and features returning anniversary rewards from last year as well as some new items.

Vendor Location

The anniversary vendor can be found in the stronghold section of the fleet. He will sell you a bunch of decorations for free. The decoration limit is 10 per decoration except for the HK-51 statue so make sure you buy 10 of each and 50 of the HK-51.


Old Items from 3rd anniversary (Bioware has removed them since the Dec 10 Patch)

3rd Anniversary Fireworks Launcher
3rd Anniversary Galactic Memorial
Art: 3rd anniversary Celebration – Coruscant
Art: 3rd anniversary Celebration – Dromund Kaas
Art: 3rd anniversary Celebration – Korriban
Art: 3rd anniversary Celebration – Nar Shaddaa
Art: 3rd anniversary Celebration – Rishi
Art: 3rd anniversary Celebration – Tatooine
Art: 3rd anniversary Celebration – Tython
Art: 3rd anniversary Celebration – Yavin 4

New Items for 4th anniversary

Commemorative Statue of HK-51
Model: Ebon Hawk
Remote Control Ebon Hawk (Regen Item)


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40 replies on “SWTOR 4th Anniversary Rewards Vendor”

I don’t know why, but it kind of cheapens any of the prior anniversary gifts if they put them back on the market years after the fact. So much for having something “unique” for being part of the game during that time.

Suits me… my sub lapsed for a few months during the 3rd anniversary and my art collection is sorely missing these pieces. Stop being such a downer, dude.

This. I’ve been subbed for probably 80% of the time since launch. 3rd anniversary is a period I missed, since I believe it was during a lengthy content gap. Very happy to be able to get this artwork now.

And yet every other mmo that i know of puts every previous year’s anniversary rewards (excepting those awarded due to actual account age) on the merchant’s lists every year.

It isn’t a prank 🙂 The only unintentional mistake that I made was using B instead of D, lol. I have no idea why I typed B wtf.

If you changed bindings just use those that move your character to left and right, and remember to hold RMB.

RMB + keybindings for rotating = sidestepping
You can hold LMB though so that you can hold your camera still while you do this.

Server monitor went dark this patch. Couple of patches ago the Minefield Marker went dark. I’m getting annoyed with my decorations breaking and not getting fixed.

Yeah. I stopped caring about my Strongholds because of ranomly changing decorations. Well, there isn’t anything BioWare can do right. Why did I care about my Strongholds in the first place?

Just give a f… about this game and you are fine, thats the only way this can work.

Well I’m in a minority probably, but having missed the 3rd anniversary, I don’t mind getting the artwork this time, since it fits in well with the Jedi Academy title I use.

Oh, excellent job. Wonderful.

NiM loot is broken by design, many players are still experiencing awful lag, expensive decorations remain broken, hooks are bugged, continuing companion romances from the class stories are bugged for many long-time players… the list of major issues goes on and on, many of them not even acknowledged.

But this. This required action. Players having access to free, purely cosmetic rewards that required no effort to obtain the first time even just had to be fixed. Absolutely urgent. Indeed, good job, Bioware.

omg, you troll need to read why they do it. the items was removed because you can buy a stack and sell one for the price of the stack back. so please next time stfu, read, think about, read again and then post something!!

You my friend went full retard there. Math is not your friend I see. Read again about the prices of the decorations and the math yourself.

Haven’t been able to get in due to “The Patcher is being updated” (Need to go where there is a better internet), but I hope that doesn’t mean they took them away from us once we put them in our collections. They were a nice help in decorating my lounge in my Jedi Academy (stronghold)

>Old Items from 3rd anniversary

Oh no! We all used a bug to obtain things we shouldn’t have. We’re all going to be banned now….

/partly sarcasm, partly wondering why we didn’t get blamed for this as well.

Appears that the Remote Control Ebon Hawk is buggy for Collections. At least it’s still grayed out for me even though I’ve claimed it for all of my munchkins and used it on all of them.

Sorry for my late response. All the items you get for free or by spending other “currency” than CC or credits will be not available on collections. For example, in the current event of Life Day you can buy from the vendor the Orb regen, but will be grayed. If you want it to be available in collections buy the regular one in the GTN. Best regards.

So… Somehow, I completely missed the Yavin decoration during the third and fourth anniversary. I was just looking through my stronghold items, seeing what objects I could potentially hang on one wall, and I noticed that one under all the others I have. How the hell could I have missed that all this time?! More importantly, are they going to offer the old anniversary stuff every anniversary, or am I screwed now?

I sure hope so. I just have the Rishi one taking up the whole wall right now instead of half of it, because I was always under the impression there were seven, not eight. You have no idea how hard I facepalmed when I saw the eighth one that was grayed out. I have no idea how I never saw that before.

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