SWTOR Item Stack Resale Exploit

Bioware has published a statement on the Item Stack Resale Exploit that has been in the game since 4.0.

Item Stack Resale Exploit | 12.08.2015, 03:55 PM

Hey folks,
As of today’s patch, we fixed the following bug: It is no longer possible to purchase a stack of items and resell individual items for the price of the entire stack.

In a previous exploit, we were very up front and very public about its existence. We raised warnings as soon as we discovered the issue associated with the Temple Chair, with the hopes our players would not use it. What we discovered, were many players using a variety of ways to try and mask what they were doing and who they were. So, this time, we returned to removing visibility until we resolved it.

This bug created an exploit where a player could make large quantities of various currencies in the game with minimal effort. Use of the bug in this manner is something we absolutely consider an exploit. We are looking over the data of players who participated, and to what degree. We will begin taking action against accounts within the next few days. Action that will be taken includes:

  • Suspension, up to and including permanent suspension
  • Removal of credits
  • Removal of Commendations and other currency
  • Removal of Companion affection

I can only reiterate, if you discover an exploit, do not use it. Report it to the team immediately. You can do so via an in-game /bug or feel free to PM myself or Tait about it on the forums. Please, do not post about it publicly.

Thanks everyone. I will pass on updates as I have them.


By Dulfy

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132 replies on “SWTOR Item Stack Resale Exploit”

How shitty does your coding have to be… if bugs like this happen.
Why did it take that long to fix it?

They better punish the team instead.

No wonder that the balancing and everythinh else in this game is shit. They can’t even do basic math. Item value * number of items sold = credits player gets.

If you think that you can fix all the bugs in a game, where there are millions of code lines.. then please, be our guest. Wait, you CAN’T just fix every bug in the game? Well quit yer’ bitchin’, and go back to a different game. Haha.

The game has a boatload of bugs that can be fixed without changing even a single line of code. Hint: they are in the data.

do you really think that those bugs are fixed with one click? there is so many lines of codes to go over… You have no idea.

I’ve seen Jurassic Park, coding is easy. Even a 12 year old girl can use UNIX with built in CAD gui’s.

>access security
>access security grid
>access main security grid

Consequently, I now speak dialog while “hacking” that has nothing to do with what I type on the keyboard. Oh and the snotty little brat over my shoulder panics instead of giving the adults the 12 gauge shotgun to kill the raptor five feet away.

Funny this happens now. I got ripped for 10 mill a few weeks ago and left the game. Filed a ticket and haven’t heard back from them since. Guess when it’s their money it’s an issue but not ours. After what I’ve been through I think everyone should exploit w/e you can.

How were you ripped? Was it a ingame bug? Or were you just a idiot and someone pulled them from you? Biowares states clearly they don’t refund people that lose money out of stupidity.

Actually at this point it doesn’t matter how the money was lost. Sent the ticket in and haven’t heard a thing. I’ve heard from others that have had outstanding tickets that have not been responded to since 4.0. For me the problem evolved into a customer service issue. After playing this game for 4 years and not hearing so much as a single sentence when It was the only ticket I’ve ever sent in really turned me off. Even if they had said its your problem would have been something I could live with but I’ve played other games and been responded to within an hour or several hours. It’s not really that big of a deal anyways. I was due to start playing console games again anyways. This jut pushed me there faster. No offence dude but this is the last you’ll hear of me around here anymore so I won’t be back to respond. Good luck and have fun.

Sounds like you got “ripped” from your own stupidity. It absolutely matters how the credits were lost, as that is the sole determination as to the validity of your claim. If you can’t provide justification for reimbursement, you deserve none.

I can’t say for sure this is what he’s talking about but what I’ve been seeing a lot of lately is the GTN overpriced scamming. Sellers sell something tedious like stims or mats and line up the unit price so the units can easily be overlooked if you’re not careful. If the lowest unit price for stims is 9k sell your stims for 87,516. The first 19 ppl are on their game and see it but anyone without their glasses on, in a hurry or jut not paying attention will overlook it. Just think of it. You can make millions on a few petty items. I think we should all scam the hell out of each other until no one wants to play. Who’s with me?

You can also set yourself up nicely by setting the highest AND lowest prices. Don’t use 0’s and if your name is on both parts you get even more ppl. If you are creative you can reel in veterans and nubs alike.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand how that’s a scam. Unit price is unit price. The price of each individual unit. I don’t see how anyone can confuse that into somehow paying more money than the cost of a single unit.

Especially since the unit price only has up to a hundredths decimal place (.00)

Even if you confuse the decimal point with a comma, it’s still incorrectly formatted and should send off a red flag. Not only that, but added a comma would actually mentally INCREASE it’s value, not make it seem cheaper. (100,00 is incorrect but looks more expensive than 100.00).

So.. how anyone can be “scammed” from this is just being stupid.

I’m not in front of my computer right now to say exactly but you have the just of it and I have over 200 mill in my bank that says it works all the time. Play with it and figure the rest out yourself. Best part is no one is gonna say shit cause it’s perfectly legal. Just preying on the weak is all.

Except I would expect that my GTN would default to sorted by decreasing unit price or at least I could set it. Better GTN would help a lot.

Sorry to hear that. Probably won’t help but i never had any issues with the support. Though i guess it always depends on how you talk to them. If you write like you do here i wouldn’t bother replying either.

This is the third time that I can recall that this kind of bug has happened. I barely found out about it last night and was in utter disbelief that this has been around since the launch of 4.0. Servers should have came down immediately and a hot fix should have been applied. Can’t believe this went on for so long.

It’s not always this simple. It’s not like “oh a bug let’s patch it”. They have to know out of the millions of lines of code the EXACT line that causes this problem and how to solve that. That can take many weeks or months depending on how well hidden a bug is.

And they talked about it. And it is common knowledge: DOn’t use bugs that give you advantages. Especially bugs like that that are obviously not intended behaviour.

From what i read it was every vendor. Everywhere you could buy items in bulks you could sell each seperately for the full price. They can’t take down the entire economy of the game for a small bug they can warn people about like they always do.

It’s pretty simple, using a bug on purpose is against the rules. It’s very obviously a bug and Bioware directly warned people not to use it untill they find a patch. If people are still dumb enough to cheat using this bug despite knowing it’s a bug, it’s against the rules AND having been warned then i’m sorry but they deserve every punishment Bioware dishes out.

While I am disappointed in people actually using the exploit, I am more disappointed in Bioware because the bug WAS reported to them a few weeks ago when it started. It just took them this long to get around to it when the economy started blowing up.

On this case it was. If you read the patch notes this was fixed by making the items used to do this bind on pickup.

The culprit were the decorations that you could buy that caused the exploit. They have changed it so the various decorations are now Bind on Pickup.

They didn’t ‘fix’ it though. Basically, they were unable to find the problem, so changed it a bit more. Think of it like not knowing how to so up a wound, so they just stuck a bandage on.

Indeed. But when you have time to work on them because it’s your actual job, you will be amazed how many things can be done in a day. And even if it was a super complicated fix, weeks of business hours worth of work should be more than enough to sort it out. Even though it was a hobby in my spare time, I did similar work a few years ago. When you’re committed, you can get a lot of stuff done and be proud of your work.

The issue isn’t the fixing, it’s the implementation. They can’t be patching things every day because it’s inconvenient to the players. They needed to put a bandaid on it and then wait for the proper moment to implement the proper fix.

Removing an item from a vendor should be about as hard as deleting an entry from Excel.

This is not a but that required a big codework to fix, so don’t make it out to be one.

This is true if you can’t reproduce the bug. However a detailed bug report with how to reproduce was given to Bioware, and should have been fixed within a day or two.

As a software developer myself, if I left a high priority bug like this in our software for several weeks, I would probably looking for new work…

Like I said in another one of my posts, as a software developer most of my time is spent fixing complex and high priority bugs, so I have a fair idea of what complex bugs are and what easy bugs are.

To fix this bug, I wouldn’t expect more than a few lines of code to be added to do some simple assertion check, which probably should have been in there in the first place. At most an hour or two to track down the code and fix the bug, and a few more hours of writing unit tests to test it out.

After the bug had been reported, a potential game breaking bug at that, it should have been fixed within a day and an emergency patch should have been pushed out rather than wait few weeks.

I wonder if anyone here has any kind of clue about coding. I assume not. This game is made of millions of lines of code. It’s not as simple as it sounds to pinpoint where the problem was. It’s not like you go “Oh a bug, i’ll remove it quickly”. So yes, even if they find out very fast, if it’s a well hidden bug in the code it can take up to years to find what exactely causes this.

Well I work as a developer at a bank, and we have millions lines of code and if we ever had a bug like this where “currency” could get duplicated, it would get fixed within the hour and while it was getting fixed all of the accounts would have been frozen and no transactions would be allowed (in this case the servers would be down).
There is no such thing as a bug that need years to get fixed, if a bug is really heard to find your code is shitty and even with shitty code someone who knows what they are doing should be able to find the bug within a day and at most a couple of days to fix it if it involves rewriting a large chunk of the application.

Sure. I’d love to hear the news when a bank completely closed down out of nowhere for a unspecified amount of time. Great idea. I’m glad you’re just the developer and not anyone in charge there in that case.

Also you have to learn to keep apart reality and a game. In reality, people duplicating their money is a catastrophe of apocalyptic size. In a online game it’s as easy as simply taking the money away afterwards, just like Bioware will do.

Also, please, if you actually are a professional as you claim you should know the difference between a specialized programm like the mainframe a bank runs on which’s sole purpose is to do one thing: handle money, and a game that has so many parts that all do wholy different things and should have nothing to do with each other. I did actually work on games already and i can tell you that changing one value can have unforseeable effects on wholy unrelated things.

Tracing those things can be hard as heck. Sure years might be a bit exegerated (although if you would read something that keeps you up to date on your job you would know that happens quiet often) but it sure can take a while.

Gosh. People gotta learn to take off their blinders. Just because you know a little about the subject(or a wholy different that you think is the subject) doesn’t mean you’re better than the guys at Bioware. If you think so however you are free to go there and fix that stuff yourself. If it#s that easy it shouldn’t be a problem for you right? I expect the game to be bugfree in a month then. Thanks in advance.

Lol, I almost wanted to argue further with you about your arguments and plain insults, etc, but I see the blinders you got on makes arguing useless… so I want even bother.

Everyone knows about codeing. Everyone is an expert on the subject.
Silly man, this is the internet, everyone is a d-bag, know it all.

lol i don’t think there is something more stresful than working at a restaurant , or as a reseller. Makes literally no sense.

First you have to search millions of lines to find the problem. Then you have to find a way to fix it. Then you have to go over the millions of lines of code again to make sure you didn’t just cause a conflict. If you think about it, the person who thinks the fix is a one line, one change thing, is likely the reason why things are broken.

What really bothers me that they didnt even try to contain the situation. Could have removed the vendors or art works that were used for the exploit, true i dont understand how complex their “fixing” process is but they could have alteast slowed them down in those sixe weeks.

I hope anyone who did this, who also exploited Ravagers, gets a permanent ban, their account and all characters derezzed, and gets hit by an orbital strike.

Listen dude this kind of behaviour should not be allowed , atleast warn them with a perma ban for future tries.
Only person who wouldn’t see this measure fit , would be an exploiter himself.

More players are coming in. Removing people who are using exploits is doing the game a favor. If they don’t, then it’s going to kill the game faster.

Because the community will just become a haven for exploiting. Getting anything done would require exploits and creates a completely uninviting environment to new players.

So lets count… Nefra, Ravagers, Ziost, Temple Chair, and this…. 5 MAJOR exploits in this game at EVERY major content release. At what point does someone at EA say “wow these people really suck at their job”? All of these exploits were documented long before they went public and had they never went public, Bioware would have never fixed them. I see a lot of people still defending Bioware and it’s mind blowing. I’m a programmer, I’ve written applications and debugged them… I understand how massive the small tasks are in code… however that is NO excuse to take 6, yes 6, weeks to fix an exploit this massive and game breaking. There are several debugging methods that can be used to quickly narrow down the search to find the problem code quickly. This is 100% Biowares fault for continually not debugging their content and taking forever to respond to exploits.

thats not even all of them. there was the stim/medpack exploit. if you /sit and used one it wouldn’t be used up in your inventory but still be applied. this was before the reusable stuff was added i believe.

Then there was (possibly still is) the underlurker exploit. Which allowed you to basically solo the underlurker in any mode by not getting aggro or being put into combat, but still able to attack and kill. Solo it would take probably an hour. In a group of 8 it takes about 15 minutes.

the mara/sent invisibility exploit. allows you to do a combination of abilities along with force camo and make your toon permanently invisible to those around you. This was especially fun in pvp voidstar and planting the bombs.

Lurker confirmed, at least until yesterday. Not sure with the new patch today, but don’t see why they would have fixed it by now.

Don’t forget, Bestia and Dash’roode exploits used to be around, although i never did find specifics on them.

oh right. idk about bestia, unless you mean jumping onto the chains? Never actually figured out how to do that. Dash’roode exploit wasn’t that bad though. still required a full competent(relatively) group. It just removed having to move between the shelters.

i feel like those were just ways to bug out the fight.

If your going that route you would have to include
KP – Gharj. pull him to the cave entrance, fight him there without having to move.

There was also SnV Thrasher, you could pull him back into the sarlacc pit to kill him.

You could do this? really? Well, I would not call this an exploit but a game mechanic … you jump into sarlacc -> you’re dead ; boss jumps into sarlacc -> boss dead

EA is to blame for cutting down the staff, switching staff to other games. Never gave the this MMO the priority it deserves. They want to blame somebody, they can look in the mirror.

Actually, when the game launch, this very same type of exploit existed but it didn’t involve as many steps. You could have bought stacks of 99 white crafting matts, sell one back and get full price for the 99 stack.

Let me repeat. At. Launch. This bug has surfaced three fucking times but this last one takes the cake. They fixed the one at launch fairly quickly (I think it was within a week). This one was out for over a month….

You know what would really encourage people not to exploit? Give those who DON’T exploit a reward of some sort.

Not money or anything (and bound to characters so it can’t just be sent/traded), just some gesture to show that they appreciate people who play by the rules. Could be an item, maybe something not available anymore. Or even a week-long buff (say in this case, a week-long boost to companion influence gain) or something.

Anything that will change the mindset to ‘oh hey, I get this is I don’t do that exploit. Sweet’

Do you get anything for not stealing in shops or not killing ppl on streets IRL? No? So why do you want it in game? If you have seen the crime – call police, if you have known about exploit – inform Bioware..

P.S. i dont like ppl like you

I think they need to stop fucking people over is what I think. I’ve exploited, and for my own personal reason.

I’ve gotten screwed more than once out of real money by these jokers. I acquired the Celebration Mishap cooldown with Cartel Coins that I purchased, and spent another 200 Coins unlocking it for all my toons to find out that, magically, it was no longer available. So, I submitted a ticket. What happened? They closed the ticket without responding. That happened with another piece of gear I can’t remember off the top of my head. It also happened with two Gree standing lights. Don’t remember the exact name. I used Grey Helix Components to get those, but still. They magically disappeared from my stronghold, and they are no longer part of my unlocked decos. Once again, ticket submitted and closed without response. So, what do I give a flying fuck about EULAs or ToS when it comes to this game when I’ve been taken from?!

Hardly believable , i hope you will be one of those lucky ones who get a perma ban. That will teach you to exploit in MMO’s .

No one’s asking you to care about the EULA or the ToS or the CoC. You can ignore them if you want, and it’s clear you chose to. But don’t complain about the consequences.

You agreed to the rules when you made your account.

LMAO! Teach me?

You guys take this shit so seriously. It’s a fucking video game. However, when I lose real money on something, then it’s a problem. That’s why I don’t bother with Cartel Coins anymore. Besides, what’s it to ya? Your argument against exploiting is like saying my religion/profession/car/house/sexual preference – in this case, viewpoint – is worse than yours because you simply don’t agree with any of it. Until you can validate how another player exploiting the game effects your game play or game time in any way, come up with a better justification next time before spouting off that holier than thou crap. Hacking, on the other hand, is a different story.

HACKING is something that is, by design, disruptive more often than not, and does indeed tend to give players an advantage over others. It can also be damaging in the sense that an attack, such as a DDoS, can downright bring a server to its knees. Breaking into another player’s account is obvious a violation. THIS is something I ‘do’ disagree with.

Now, why are you still reading this? Go play!

Rules are rules, either follow them or get the hell out. Being wronged does not give you the liberty to break the rules.

Being stopped by the police for going 1mph over the speed limit does not mean that you can then just flout the speed limit altogether because you felt like you were treated badly.

You pursue the issue through the proper channels, and if you dont get anything out of it, you leave it at that.

this is the sort of apathy and docility that leads to mistreatment and oppression. if you really believe authority figures are infallible and all rules are just and should be followed blindly then you are flat out ignorant.

No, that is the sort of docility which makes things run smoothly. Start thinking for a second what things would be like in every aspect of life if people just flouted the rules because it didnt suit them.

Only when there is an egregious abuse of power is it ever appropriate to challenge those who are making the rules. In this case Bioware is absolutely right to crack down on those who are abusing loopholes in the game to make vast quantities of money and i completely support them, in that. I have no interest in playing along with people with such a malodorous attitude.

Hmm, I was completely unaware of this thing existing. Wonder if I accidentally sold a remainder of a stack after buying a full one without realizing the windfall.

EDIT: Actually if it only involves the Temple chair, I think I’m safe since I don’t think I ever bought those to begin with

That won’t happen, exploiters have assured us over and over that their exploiting has no negative effects on us. Its not like cheaters could also be liars right?

The lazy Biofail idiots got time for this, but not for fixing Gold spammers.

Lazy, unskilled amateurs at their finest! Congratulations on your “good” work, CWC does better!

This was all a conspiracy for flooding out gold spammers and buying up Cartel crap so that way people are encouraged to replenish the GTN’s stocks of it.

I discovered a bug. They charge my card for time but wait a week to give me my cc. Previous times its been same day or next. Last two months has been a week! How about you fix that!

I’ve also discovered a bug: I was paying $15 a month and didn’t have anything to do because they only added 8 hrs of story to the game. I unsubscribed and the bug is gone 🙂

Main problem I have with this is just like last year with Ravagers, where they knew about this for weeks, and said nothing. Bunch of players in full top gear and the rest of us not even knowing until the “punishment”. Which I heard was mostly a slap on the wrist of 1 week bans and NO gear loss.
Here again, they knew about this since 4.0. They couldn’t fix it right away, fine. I think all they had to do, is simply put up on the loading page where they put up server downtime and maint bulletins. Something like “We are aware of an exploit utilizing splitting and reselling item stacks. This is defined as an exploit. According to the TOS, we will take action against those that use the exploit.”
I agree with posts that breaking the rules is breaking the rules. However, lets be more fair here. They do not notify the population clearly. Easily done by using a medium already in place, and unavoidable like the patch screen, no one can claim they were unaware of the issue. It is a bit suspicious they allowed this to grow and ruin the economy. Then it gets really out of hand, and they bring the hammer down suddenly.
It is not entirely the communities fault here. Im sure they would have had less damage to the game economy and less users willing to try it if they headed off the exploit users with a clear understanding of the consequences. Then bring the hammer down on those that still did it, with a clear conscience.
There are many other MMOs that handle these better.

Bioware didnt have clue how this exploit was done until they saw that youtube video. Within next few days they waited the patch day (maintenance) and then silently also added later into patch notes this fix. Difference this time is that they didnt give any warnings out and now removing all credits and commendation currency
across all characters on account.

That means wiping everything even if the exploiter did much less or didnt resell what was gained with this. Those who had previous warnings get perma bans.

This time Bioware decided to go full hammer and will cost many many subs i’m sure.

The Punishments should include at minimal: that all gear they gained this way completely removed, 1 week ban and 1 week their character 50% Nerfed down and painted pink totally for that week so we all know who they are when we see them around.

Send them to the madness hole once and for all, exploiters destroy the game with their bad attitude and Laziness !!!!!!!!!!

What bugs are you running into? I’ve barely encountered any.
OH now I get it, you’re one of those people that gets turned on by writing about how an MMO is shit and will obviously die any day now; insulting those that play it and imply that people who’ve experienced too many issues to play are the vast majority.
I think there’s a word for people like you… kroll… roll… droll… impotent….
It’s something like that.

“So full of bugs you can’t play it” maybe it’s your skill level as I’m having zero issue clearing HM ops, so yes the game is full of bugs isn’t it….. Tool.

They didn’t even ban all the exploiters. One guildie had literally a 10 minute ban. Got banned, tried again 10 minutes later, got in. Kept EVERYTHING he exploited.

It’s like throwin in a 2XP and expecting People not to level through the Event.

Those Exploits became ‘monthly’ now 😉 . Fix ur shiz before Release,than People won’t take advantage of it.

Hey dontmadatme you are right the guys from EA and BW are retards they release updates with out checking if they are bugged and then say that 1000 of players are to blame for the exploit, that is why they need better staff and better management, it looks like BW wants to kill SWTOR forever doing beginners errors and blaming others for their mistakes. GG BW GG

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