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SWTOR New Cartel Market Items in Collections

Several new items have being spotted in collections. These are likely to be sold directly on the cartel market.

Battlefield Commander’s Armor Set

This is suppose to have some special effect, doesn’t really show up on preview.



Snowstorm Assault Speeder

  • Reskinned tank that shoot snowballs


Life Day Snowball Cannon



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40 replies on “SWTOR New Cartel Market Items in Collections”

A snowball shooting tank. Happy Life Day everyone, please, try not to kill your friends with this, as temping as it might be.

Man i love this new battlefield armor , when will it be up on the Cartel Market ? And what’s that cool effect on it ? How can we find out more ?

Welp Dulfy

There is also a new life day robe with a snowball flying besides the character (second last page in collections).

So whats the difference between that new Farm Hand Blue crystal and the Advanced Silver-Blue one we have in game already, they look identical.

anyone know if the nexu handler’s license unlocks in collections for a legacy unlock or it is a one time use thing?

All that armor preview needs to match the icon is some chrome spray paint…”What a day, what a lovely day!”

I stopped caring about things like the snowball when they changed the tinsel bomb so you couldn’t use it on yourself.

I hope not, I really really hope it will be a cartel pack gear. Seeing this armor makes me hope they hired good armor designers

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