SWTOR Relics of the Gree event Dec 8-15

SWTOR Relics of the Gree event will be running from Dec 8 to Dec 15. You are downscaled to L52 but the operation boss is L65.

Relics of the Gree event is back from Dec 8 to Dec 15. If you have never done it before, here is your chance to enjoy the event as there is lots to do. Head to Western ice Shelf on ilum and get started. If you have done it previously, there are some new decorations that were added for Helix Components. Something also new for this iteration are the Crystal of Nightmare Fury that grant you buffs while inside a Nightmare Operation. They cost 50 Helix Components for the schematic and the item you craft is bind on legacy.


Newly added decorations with patch 4.0

Decoration Reputation Requirements Cost
Art: White Scalene Outsider 2 Helix Components
Art: Orange Vortex Newcomer 6 Helix Components
Gree Wall Panel Friend 8 Helix Components
Art: Red Bisector Hero 10 Helix Components
Gree Pillar Champion 14 Helix Components
Gree Ambassador Legend 10 Helix Components

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42 replies on “SWTOR Relics of the Gree event Dec 8-15”

“NiM Ops Run! Must be familiar with fights, have voice chat, Crystal of Nightmare Fury buff and vial of virgin blood.”

rather play E.T. on the Atari while bleeding from my anus than run NiM Ops with the elitist nerds that post shit like that…

I do not believe so, I had my level 62 inside the Xeno group when they informed me that it didn’t scale – a few of us had to leave the group

Unfortunately it doesn’t, but the SM is pretty easy, I did it last night with a group of people that mostly had 190 level gear, and we didn’t even get close to wiping. The HM is a whole different story of course… you need gear AND mechanics for that.

Crystal of Nightmare Fury is not reusable.

…. an expensive as heck mat, for a 3 hour period, one time use.

And since the rewards for nightmare are the same for hard mode, why even bother.

The Gree Ambassador and the art (at least) also cannot be donated to a guild as a guild ship decoration. And if you try to return it, you can’t get your helixes back — you’re offered only 100 credits instead.

Thanks for the warning. That’s rather disappointing given that (so far as I know) all of the new decors for the BBA and Rakghoul events can be purchased for guild.

Couldn’t you break the Crystal of Nightmare Fury? After you finish your Nightmare Mode Op, just summon a mail droid and mail it to another character. I don’t know if this would work because technically you never left the area with the weapon. (Unless you can only equip the crystal inside a NiM op, then it wouldn’t work.)

It’s not an actual ‘crystal’ then, I guess. I think I was under the impression that it was like a crystal you would put into your weapon.

So you have to have a new one for every time you do an op? Isn’t that kind of a steep price for a one time use item?


But don’t worry, this is the Bioware you so openly worship, so don’t worry. I’m just being a whiner…. >_>

I was looking forward to this event, given the new decorations that could be earned – but then I saw that you can only earn Helix Components by doing the heroic and the op now?

You used to earn some just for the dailies, didn’t you?

So, color me disappointed, I guess.

No, I checked some old guides on another sites – they all seem to agree with my memory – you did get them for doing the dailies.

I used to have quite a few of them, and I never did either the heroics or the op except maybe twice ever? I also remember being annoyed at how few you got for the dailies…

Whatever, right or wrong, it’s moot now.

Yeah, you got them for the dailies, but it was when it first came out. Once I maxed my Rep out for Gree, the past couple years I’ve only been doing the Heroic (daily) and the Ops, because all I’ve been interested in getting was the Gray Helixes and that was the only way. It would be nice if you you could even get just one Gray Helix for each daily. I don’t understand why they don’t.

well….you also get them for the one time relay quest.
So in theory, if you have enough rep to buy access to the grey secant and you have an unused level 60 token… you could just roll a 60, exit kotfe, and go take it to ilum, grab the Relays quest, do it without hitting level 61, mail the helixs to your main character, and then reroll and repeat until you collect a bunch of them. you get 2 helixs per relay quest. I would probably roll something with good stealth like an assasin so you can avoid fights as you dont want to accidently hit level 61.

Is Xeno harder now? I have done him at least 30 times and never had an issue on SM. It was pretty bad 5 failed attempts with 3 different ops. First one was 16 HM 0-2, 0-3 16 SM I don’t ever remember wiping on SM. Finally I joined a 8 man SM and we did the story mode but 1/2 the people died at the burn phase. They wanted to do HM I just couldn’t take the pain and left.

HM appears to be harder indeed, I’ve only tried it with one group and we wiped twice before quitting, very very low DPS. SM is pretty easy though, have done it already with 4 toons, no wipes.

Quitting Never Pays !!!!!!!!!!!

You should have stayed there and train some asssesss till you completed the op, thats the only way you get the rewards that you came for.
If some people cant handle the sht replace them with others

Thats how you progress in game and in LIFE too.

First of all, progress in life is nowadays measured by the amount of cash in your bank account. Fuck that, I prefer happiness, whether that comes with money or not. I’ll let you guys read my CV, take a look at my bank account, check my credit score and then decide if I am “successful” or not. And then I will zero more fucks to the zero I already give.

Second, the group was disbanded. I could have kept on trying by myself but I somehow think that Xenoanalyst the Second wouldn’t find that very funny.

Third, it’s a god damn video game. Each player finds the fun in it any way they want. I have stayed for 2 hours and wiped over and over again when I do operations with guild members, and it was fun. I have wiped with pug groups ONCE and you could tell it was pointless. To each his own.

Yup. It absolutely astonishes me, some of these raid groups doing the same raid 20,30 or however many time before they take down the boss. This they call fun, and they pay for the privilege.

I think SM is actually easier now, no cores, just adds, I don’t even think the adds escalate now, its just trashy little adds each time, and shield up shield down mechanics. Burn phase is randomized big shots, and I think for some reason it is allowing people to be hit multiple times per cd, which is maybe what feels “harder” but it seemed pretty easy overall.

Somethig maybe offtopic: i read that this Cyrstal of Nightmare Fury it does increase a lot of ur stats, but what exactly are the stats changing by % or rating? If anyone have used that already and aproximately how much the DPS was increased? Havent use one since it requieres a lot of mats. 10x

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