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SWTOR Strategy Alliance Pack Preview

SWTOR Strategy Alliance Pack Preview. This pack was released on Dec 8, 2015.



Mandalorian Seeker Armor Set



Darth Malgus’s Armor Set



Alliance Reconnaissance Armor Set



Skiff Guard’s Armor Set



Snowtrooper’s Armor Set


Outlander Observer’s Armor Set



Outlander Guerilla’s Armor Set


Overwatch Enforcer’s Armor Set



Czerka Z-3B


Dasta Colossus


Hyrotti YH-55


Jungle Gundark


Meirm Dart Frog


Minas Wasp (Flourish available)


Moonlight Vrake


MSM JT-9 Jetpack



Zakuulan Exile’s Blaster


Zakuulan Exile’s Offhand Blaster


Zakuulan Exile’s Blaster Rifle


Zakuulan Exile’s Sniper Rifle



Advanced Farmhand Blue Color Crystal


Creature Companion: Nexu

  • Like Military Gear, Love Delicacies.



Gallery view:

Alliance Fighter
Ambient Machine: Party Chatter
Ambient Machine: Techlab
Armory Locker (Open)
Armory Monitor
Astromech Requisition
Bomb Carrier
Commemorative Statue of Jace Malcom
Encased Warhead Stockpile
Flag: Alliance (Hanging)
Jukebox: Riveting Themes
Lean-To Tent
Missile Display
Munitions Stockpile
Radar Tower
Turret (Large)
Weapon Stand

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The Ziost Guardian’s Lightsaber, the one with the lightning effects, was released in the first wave of Cartel Packs BioWare released. Based on how they’re selling stuff from older packs direct on the Cartel Market, I would assume that that is how you will obtain it. It’s just a matter of when they add it to the Cartel Market! 🙂

Luke’s blue crystal is Anakans old Saber. He gave it to Obi-Wan before he went away (what never happend), so Obi-Wan can give it to the son, he didn’t kow about.

Now that is unfortunate. Spend a crapton of coins on this packs because i wanted that lightning saber from the preview just to find out it’s not even in…. fuck.

the robot looking armor is missing also. Perhaps they are going to be sold directly with the lifeday things? Hmm

I’m still waiting for the second set of lightsabers to come to the CM a mainhand and a shoto it seems like BW forgot about them as they released the thin blades ones but not the others.

I would say that maybe a Rattataki or Zabrak female could get away with it…. but there is still something frumpy and awkward about it aside from the baldness : /

I can confirm that the Darth Marr style mask/helmet looks great with the set.

Wayward Warrior and Eliminator’s (or is it exterminator’s?) mask would probably both look good, too.

That Gundark looks strong enough to pull the ears off of Jennifer Garner!

I like all things Mando, but I’m surprised they went with basic looking Mando helmet on the Mandalorian Seeker armor. Figured they would have used the more advanced looking one you normally see the in-game Mando’s wearing (with the extra armor along the cheeks and top) when they’re using that heavier style of armor.

I was going to say I was glad they were giving us that jet pack mount style again, since that was the original version they showed us last year then they took the rockets off the top of it. Then, I saw that gaudy bright yellow all over it. Ugh, keep it…

Ok, thanks swtor for giving us finally a Darth Malgus Armor, but where is the breathing mask? It isn’t really Darth Malgus without it.

Problem: Malgus uses the model with the two red lights. Unfortunately, those can’t color unify. Either you get a mask without lights or one that’s the wrong color.

That breather is craftable, should not be hard to find someone who has the recipe. Anyone on Ebon Hawk who needs one, I can make em by the dozen if needed!

Currently there’s a craftable blue quality adaptive mask that requires Nextor Crystals (Lashaa Aegis Headgear – Level 16). This is the model with the two red lights. Looks like Pubs are restricted to the model without lights from the Ravager set from the last Explorer Pack.


To clarify, there are two versions of the rebreather masks:

-One version (Warlord, Marauder, Lashaa Aegis, etc.) is shiny metal with two red lights.
Disadvantage: Colors cannot be altered.

-The other version (Ravager & some other masks) has no lights and is not shiny metal. It can be color unified.
Disadvantage: No red lights.

Overall, you can’t have Malgus’s rebreather because his is black (color unified to armor) AND it has red lights.

That’s all accurate, I misread what you said initially. Also, wasn’t thinking about Reps trying to dress like Malgus. 🙂

Neither was I initially, but the Pack armors have been a way for characters to dress up as the opposite faction for a while.

Hey I meant a mask that says “Darth Malgus’ Breathing Mask/Headgear” that’s not Darth Malgus’ mask it’s Ravager’s.

So you want another part that you can already get (albeit no red lights) and will probably also cost 4 million credits just for it to say…Darth Malgus?

Hey hey, I didn’t say I want a mask, I meant, no Darth Malgus mask in a Darth Malgus armor set, I just pointed out that it’s rare =P

Bought 5 packs, got 3 crystals! lol 2 of them in one box. Also got my hands on the new jetpack! to keep or sell..

I and some guy get jet pack too, its silver, probably will be very common and cheap. Or maybe not, we’ll see.

O, cmon, i dint think when i tried to avoid charging someone or provide false information i will be charged another way.

I hope they won’t do that ever again. Or make mainhand+offhand lightsabers. Seems too desperate for money to me.

How is that desperate for money? They aren’t selling them individually on the cartel market. Besides it’s not like there is ever a lack of pistola on the GTN.

Let’s say you like them both, but you got only zero/one through opening packs. So you buy more of them to get another/both. OR you like only mainhand one, but all blasters you got are offhand ones. So you buy more packs.

yeah wasn’t happy with that, especially as the off hand one I’d like to mainhand, the idea of a bayonet on a pistol is just silly

The Malgus, snowtrooper, and mando sets all have some nice possibilities. I have a feeling the only reason people will be getting the Observer set is for the eyepatch .Weapon selection is a bit rubbish this time around. No new lightsabers or vibroswords? I will admit, I do like how they been recently following in the original films’ footsteps of building blasters on the frames of existing guns. Far better looking than many of the made-up designs the game initially had.

Would rather have had a statue of Beniko, but should Malcolm fall into my lap I shall endeavor to make a place for him alongside Satele and Theron.

That eye patch is available from one of the cartel rep vendors. I think it is the contraband resell corp, and you only need friend. You can raise that rep with the Contraband Slot machine deco. Most guilds have one on their ship, if not ask on fleet, someone is bound to have it in their SH.

Bought 15 packs only got the Outlander Observer Armor multiple times, 3 crystals of the same type and two of the bronze mounts. Just as expected kek

So 1 hyperspace opened, got:

All bronze armor sets plus a few spares
Complete snow trooper set
2/3 alliance recon set
Malgus upper armor
All mounts (except gundark/jetpack)
2 of each weapon
All decos (except fighter) + spares
3 each indestructible and war hero crystal

So enough trash to sell to complete malgus and recon sets at market rated and maybe a gundark once the stupid prices die down.

Liking the drop rates on this pack so far.

Random is random.

I opened one of the Force Alliance crates and hit on every big-ticket item in the thing. Multiples on some of them. Traded the credits I made against a few more crates and got such poor drops I ended up with an overall loss on the venture.

Again a HUGE letdown and nothing more than a money sucking scheme by bioware, I STRONGLY recommend to just buy what you want off the vendor from the fools who waste their money buying these packs, like me, however, I will not waste my money again on the 30 pack purchase. I got 4 different decorations MULTIPLE TIMES not to mention 2 sets of armor, the same pieces MULTIPLE TIMES again, just some friendly advice AVOID this money sucking scheme from bioware!

Let me ask.. what do you expect them to sell on these? they are just extras that people may want. It is just a money scheme because thats.. well they are there to make money and people want these extras

It’s “money sucking” because it’s gambling. A company that isn’t desperate, or sells things that aren’t just recolors and reskins just sells items directly.

People with gambling issues have spent thousands on the GTN, it’s just shameful for Bioware to stoop to that level.

“People with gambling issues” need to take responsibility for themselves. It is not Bioware’s job to look after each and every nutcase that plays their game. If a person doesn’t have the self control to decide logically whether or not a gamble is worth the money then that is their problem. The real statement here is this: “how dare consumers blame a company for their own lack of self-control.”

I’m usually the first one to criticize cartel pack contents. They have have listened to past criticism and have offered a deco, mount, crystal, unique (not reskinned) gear. They did away with the xp boost useless filler. Admit it, they did a really good job with this one.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to show my nexu some new tricks by following my new Gundark mount around fleet.

Wow, good pack. I want almost all of the deco’s and I am digging the new Minras mount and 3 of teh armors sets.

I’ll be doing a buying frenzy from the GTN this month.

ehm blaster pistol mainhand and offhand? bioware getting desperate
and i truly feel bad for all of you who get that crappy ass czerka and fart dog mount

If your character has his eyes high in the forehead, the Alliance Reconnaissance Armor Set just has the helmet that fits.

The Jetpack in this set is only Silver rarity, so folks looking for a jetpack mount may be able to get one for less than the previous releases. Jetpacks are very popular, though, so the prices may not dip all that much… maybe in the 2M range instead of 5-8M.

Nope, on Shadowlands they are less than 600k. This server though is known for ‘power crate shopping’ I wouldn’t doubt Shadowlands buys double the packs of most other servers.

To get an idea of drop rates, here are my exploits from 4 hypercrates (120 packs):
rarity: bronze*, silver**, gold***, unknown???

9 Mandalorian Seeker Upper Body Armor (Breastplate, Gauntlets)*
5 Mandalorian Seeker Lower Body Armor (Greaves, Boots)*
4 Mandalorian Seeker Supplementary Body Armor (Helmet, Belt, Bracers)*

– Darth Malgus Upper Body Armor (Breastplate, Gauntlets)***
– Darth Malgus Lower Body Armor (Greaves, Boots)***
1 Darth Malgus Supplementary Body Armor (Belt, Bracers)***

– Alliance Reconnaissance Upper Body Armor (Breastplate, Gloves)***
– Alliance Reconnaissance Lower Body Armor (Pants, Boots)***
2 Alliance Reconnaissance Supplementary Body Armor (Helmet, Belt, Bracers)***

3 Skiff Guard Upper Body Armor (Breastplate, Gloves)**
3 Skiff Guard Lower Body Armor (Pants, Boots)**
1 Skiff Guard Supplementary Body Armor (Helmet, Belt, Bracers)**

5 Snowtrooper Upper Body Armor (Breastplate, Gauntlets)**
6 Snowtrooper Lower Body Armor (Greaves, Boots)**
3 Snowtrooper Supplementary Body Armor (Helmet, Belt, Bracers)**

4 Outlander Observer Upper Body Armor (Jacket, Gauntlets)*
7 Outlander Observer Lower Body Armor (Pants, Boots)*
4 Outlander Observer Supplementary Body Armor (Helmet, Belt, Bracers)*

3 Outlander Guerilla Upper Body Armor (Breastplate, Gauntlets)*
4 Outlander Guerilla Lower Body Armor (Greaves, Boots)*
3 Outlander Guerilla Supplementary Body Armor (Helmet, Belt, Bracers)*

6 Overwatch Enforcer Upper Body Armor (Breastplate, Gauntlets)*
8 Overwatch Enforcer Lower Body Armor (Greaves, Boots)*
2 Overwatch Enforcer Supplementary Body Armor (Helmet, Belt, Bracers)*

5 Advanced Farmhand Blue Eviscerating Crystal*
6 Advanced Farmhand Blue Indestructible Crystal*
5 Advanced Farmhand Blue War Hero’s Crystal*
3 Advanced Farmhand Blue Hawkeye Crystal*
5 Hyrotii YH-55*
9 Meirm Dart Frog*
4 Moonlight Vrake**
3 MSM JT-9 Jetpack**
7 Dasta Colussus*
1 Minas Wasp***
1 Jungle Gundark***
3 Czerka Z-3B
2 Zakuulan Exile’s Blaster (main hand)**
5 Zakuulan Exile’s Offhand Blaster (offhand)**
5 Zakuulan Exile’s Blaster Rifle**
3 Zakuulan Exile’s Sniper Rifle**
3 Nexu Handler License***

– Alliance Fighter???
6 Ambient Machine: Party Chatter*
7 Ambient Machine: Techlab**
3 Armory Locker (Open)*
3 Armory Monitor*
7 Astromech Requisition*
3 Bomb Carrier**
1 Commemorative Statue of Jace Malcom***
5 Encased Warhead Stockpile*
7 Flag: Alliance (Hanging)*
6 Jukebox: Riveting Themes**
– Lean-To Tent???
2 Massive Artillery Turret*** (BUGGED)
8 Missile Display*
8 Munitions Stockpile*
5 Radar Tower**
4 Turret (Large)**
12 Weapon Stand*

Looks like you got a decent collection of stuff. The three Nexu licences, even assuming you keep one, will net you some decent credits.

I already consumed one, and I think I’ll hang onto the second for a while, in case I’d want to give it to a friend so we both have it while levelling… 😀 The third will hardly cover my expenses at getting Malgus and the Sith Recluse chest :/

Looks like the fighter decoration may have been left out of the pack. Yay that means if BW follow protocol it will be on a vendor for 1 credit!

also no period after price, which shouldnt be capitalized and neither should need or centerpiece of “huk”

Thanks Lasse for the rarity


also be less assy about it

Updated after two more hypercrates. I’ve had good luck with nexus (three in the last hypercrate alone) but really bad luck with armor. Bought those last hypercrates just for Malgus. Only chest on my server is up for 12 mil… 🙁

Thanks I was wondering if I should buy the upper malgus armor box or the hyper crate. seems the first option is better

I want that snow trooper armor set do bad xD I need it for going to hoth and Ilum. Gotta have that gear for the differeng planet types

Typo with the Jace statue. It’s Jace Malcolm (missing the 2nd L in the last name). Couldn’t find it on the GTN under the aformentioned name.

Looks like the Nexu companions can do tricks when you get them leveled up, just like the Akk Dogs. You just have to check their Companion Abilities tab to see if they’re unlocked. “Trick: Play Dead” unlocks at level 10. Didn’t get a chance to get it to 20 before the servers went down, but nothing else popped by level 16. I can only assume the next one is probably at level 20. I am loving all the affection “delicacies” you can get from the Jawa Scrap vendors, though. That cleared out a lot of that junk from my cargo hold to level this guy up pretty quick.

i think the Probe Droid and akk dog both got 1 ability at rank 5, and another at rank 10. none of them gained anything new at 15. i dont know if they get any new further up, but havent gotten this far yet.

It’s the Jawa Scrap Vendors. I had to hover over every thing they sell for the descriptions to show which ones were companion gifts. So, you can get a green, blue, or purple version of them. Each one sells one kind of fruit (delicacy) for the Dog and Nexxu and one kind of thing for the Probe Droid (maintenance, I think). It’d be nice if you could sort it somehow for companion gifts on them.

ughh reskins…get the same mandalorian seeker chest by completing the heroic mission from the black hole zone on corellia. The one with the reactor or whatevs.

It’s not the same, this armour has different details, different backpack, and blue illuminated areas on various pieces.

Nexu i want that but like every pack i have no luck.
20 million Creds are the normally prices ,for rare things, of the GTN last few month

So … has anyone got any idea when the Research Alliance Pack will be out? It’s been removed from Collections; before it was greyed out so you couldn’t look inside it, but now it’s all gone. :S

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