GW2 Guild Chat Wintersday Preview Livestream Notes

GW2 Guild Chat Wintersday Preview Livestream Notes.

Next Update on Tuesday

  • Adjustment to fractal rewards
  • Stronghold PvP mode coming back
  • Wintersday

Wintersday (General)

  • Only in Divinity’s Reach Crown Pavilion area this year. F2P players can only access it if they are level 10+.  Everything looks pretty much identical to last year’s event.
  • There are trees around Crown Pavillion you can collect Wintersday Gifts daily and Snowman you can build for daily achievements. Ho-ho-ho is back as well and still accept donations.
  • This year you can buy those old weapon skins (princess wand etc) and wrap them up via the vendor to give them to orphans in exchange for karma. You can earn a lot of karma in Wintersday. Wrappings cost around 500 karma and give 1500 karma back when you give the wrapped gifts to orphan


  • Tixx’s Infinirarium (5 man instance) is back along with Bell Choir, Snowball Mayhem, Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle etc. In Snowball Mayhem Revenants have their own unique skill like other classes. It is Vengeful Snowballs.


  • Orphan’s letter that will give you the Star of Gratitude and Christmas tree node will be coming back as well. So you can get it if you missed it last year.

New Wintersday Items/Updates

  • Three new skritt minis, new recipes, new candies and booze can be found in the Wintersday Gifts. Old Gifts will convert to the new gifts with all the new stuff


  • Winter’s Wreath Backpack will be updated to have lights that blink now with the Wintersday update.
  • You can buy a blueprint for Wintersday Presence ingame for a 3 gold and a bunch of karma. It is a bit like Nightfury and give you a snowing effect on your character as a shoulders item. You will need to beat the Wintersday activities (like every third time you beat the activity you will get a piece for the collection) and put certain sigils and other things in the mystic forge. The effect like Nightfury, does not work with outfits.


  • New scribe Wintersday decoration recipes added, starts at L75. There are snowmaker, snowpiles, snowlamps, ice sculptures and wreaths.


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65 replies on “GW2 Guild Chat Wintersday Preview Livestream Notes”

Only things I’ve personally annoying is facing of against trap paladins and unkillable celestial elementalists.
Haven’t been to the official forums in ages though. What is currently considered unbalanced?

It was never openly intended by ANet for that to be the case, they simply mentioned them to be alternatives rather than upgrades.
I’m assuming they’re overpowered now as a cheap draw to buy the expansion, and they’ll eventually get nerfed.

There’re still some builds using old stuff only, for example ele staff,D/D,guardian bunker and meditation DPS etc etc, and they’re still pretty viable….met them quite some times and they still do their work. Even lost against them. Only really imba stuff is the chrono bunker imo for stuff i mentioned above…plus all the CC and support it can bring to a fight.
Others elites need maybe some tuning ofc…but i feel that they’re quite in place…some are easier to use, some harder…some works well only in certain modes…for example the DH trapper honestly works well only in conquest…in stronghold is pretty meh.
Still the main trick is always to CC the hell out of them :v works against any kind of build, lol.

Everyone who played GW1 knew this was coming. Power was creeping in every single expansion (meaning you had to buy it if you wanted the power increase). By the time EotN came I looked at some screenshots I took from the original game and couldn’t believe how crappy the core skills were compared to what came later with the xpacs.

I believe the elite specs were supposed to be stronger then a third normal spec. Once off power raise is fine (I the same way adding ascended gear after exotic was fine). As long as all future elite builds are of the same power strength I don’t see any creepin.

So far, I have 14 lvl 80’s and only one uses the elite spec. They aren’t imbalanced, and it’s entirely fine if they all are a bit stronger than their non-spec counterparts.

Powercreep isn’t a thing, because even if they release new specializations, you’ll still only be able to use one.

Elementalists are far from unkillable. At least if you don’t go on them 1v1 or you’re condi…but 1v1 against a bunky build is somewhat the most idiotic thing one can do imo :v you just do their job…keeping you busy on a point they own.
Nothing to say, they’re pretty sturdy….but their biggest advantage is the huge party support they provide. That’s what truly makes them strong.
Now if we want to talk about unkillable stuff, let’s talk about chrono bunkers :v can easily tank 2-3 people for at least 20-30 seconds if they’re good…and in an organized team it’s enough to let support come in your help. Those really need a tone down.

So just to check, If I’m not on my condition build, just finished capturing a point and an elementalist/tempest drops on me with that lightning storm thing and starts running in circles, I should be able to solo kill it?

If you’re not condi then you probably could. Only condi that can still kill an ele i think it’s rev…thanks to shiro legends and the jade dagger heal+ unrelenting assault burst you should send it easily down 90% to remove the diamond skin…plus tempest got few condi removals (only one condi per shout and one condi each pulse while doing the water overloard…but using overloads when you’re focused is not always the best)
Still it’s a sturdy and bunkerish class, but with nice dmg and some CC in the right moments it can be killed…auramancer got little to no stability unless they put the trait that they gain it while overloading an attunement or sacrifice one shout to use the armor of earth. Plus unless you’re really bad their dmg isn’t even a problem since it’s little to none.
Imo it’s always best to not fight any kind of bunky class in solo, as i said you just do their job. Even just 30 sec that they can hold you on their point, they gain 30 points for the team and they keep you busy while you could have been decisive in another fight…especially they can’t sustain focused dmg from multiple sources too well compared to an engi or a chrono…and if they use obsidian flesh they just let you free decap the point. If you try to face them you should be sure that you can obliterate them really fast before anyone can come.

Pro league pvpers say that tank mesmers and tag team condi rev’s are what needs balancing, everything else is just skill tiered–meaning you eventually learn how to either play or play against anything else.

This is quite spot on. I havn’t seen anything able to go up against teamed condi revs especially when combined with a chrono tank. Even counter builds don’t work at that point; hence forth unbalance is served.

The mmr stuff in ranked play, diamond players pick up one amber player to reduce their mmr to get easy teams to fight with and now they are crying for 1 hour queues since there is no population in diamond and they are pushing everyone back to shapphire potential preventing them hitting diamond with this crap

Funniest part is all those supposed “pro” teams using cheesy tournament 4-bunker comps to farm pugs. Watch out man, those sapphire and ruby pugs might surprise ya! Better bring duo bunker chronomancers and duo bunker tempests!

even worse than now? I highly doubt that. Balance is shit already. Balance before HoT was so much better even though it was bad back then already.

I mean the argument is right but in this situation it’s just unacceptable. They shouldn’t have started season 1 with the balance being like it is.

We’re also not required to play the game at all. If they want us to do so and thus buy stuff at their cash shop/ or future expansions, it’s in Anet’s best interest to make playing the game actually fun, and not just a chore list.

Some people really like grinding. “Fun” is an entirely subjective thing.

You also can’t expect “achievements” to be handed to your freely, you actually need to achieve it.

And if that’s who they want to market to more power to them, but it doesn’t invalidate criticism, it’s a lazy rhetorical retort a people need to stop using it.

Srsly, why do people have to have new stuff every year? It’s a freaking annual celebration, do you have new Christmas every year irl?

I was really, really hoping they would send it back to Lion’s Arch. The festival is just way too cramped in Divinity’s Reach. I don’t mind keeping the same events as previous years, but please Arenanet, send it back to Lion’s Arch.

I think the point is that it’s mostly like a Human specific Holiday being the struggle between Grenth and Dwayna I believe.

I think tacos speculation is the right one.
Its a human festival, so why not humans city? Its pure logic. o_O

Halloween in the GW universe isn’t based around the human pantheon of deities. King Thorn and his minions occupy their own plane, independent of the six gods or any other beings.

Guild Wars is dying the death 🙁 this is regurgitated… unimaginative crap… i hate the direction everything is going…. the game feels like a jail cell now… rather than a magical world… The new post 80 grind system is boring… useless… the way of training specializations makes me want to shoot myself in the head… all there is to do now is grind the same 4 event chains… for substandard loot… SW is a way better investment of time…

Whoever is in charge needs to be fired…. bring in someone who understands what players… fresh new content… great new rewards…simple… Anet needs to get its head out of its ass… and turn this game around… its going straight down the toilet… imo :/

I uninstalled it and gave my account away for free to a friend 1st month after HoT, when the number of new since HoT relase armors, outfits, weapon skins and glider skins in the gem store went above the number of the same type of items aviable in a god damn low content but overpriced expansion I waited 3 years for.

It’s been nothing more than grind lately, and every single new content is “grind days here for this, days there for that”. WvW is dead, nobody plays the new map, Edge is the dominant map only to coordinate with your enemy so you can grind more. PvP is worse than before, and PvE after the first one maybe two weeks feels like a chore again instead of fun.

I’m done. I bought GW2 because I wanted a fantastic MMO world with all the good gameplay and being paid so it’s not “oh you want this? Gemstore! Oh you like that? Gemstore! You want to go there? Gemstore! You don’t want to feel like you are a worthless piece of shit when you look at the market with your gold you get from the gameplay that GW2 originally advertised itself with? Gemstore!”. I swear it’s worse since HoT than some Z- minus category f2p asian MMO. And on top of that nearly every main feature is usually bugged so it doesn’t work as it should, and breaks progress, and we are getting a big nice nothing on communication while the gemstore shit gets pushed out more and more.

Fuck ArenaNet and fuck GW2. Never thought I’d say these words, ever. But now I do.

Strong words, but he has a point. Still love the game personally, but I’m also getting pretty tired of all unique skins and items appearing soley on the gemstore, while actual game content just provides champion box after champion box of random blues, greens, yellows… certainly makes it feel like everything is a slow grind for cash, rather than experiencing the world for specific items.

If there even were ne armor skins in the gemshop .. but Lindsey Murdock totally screwed it with the idea of no new armors in the gemstore but instead we get them ingame. But what did we got ingame in the last 1.5 years since we got the wardrobe ? Carapace .. that was it.
So i thought .. ok .. maybe the spare all the new skins for the expansion .. but what did we got in a full price expansion ? 3 ugly skin sets .. wow.

Honest question, then: why are you still reading the game updates on dulfy if you gave your account away and feel so bitterly about everything? and I’m not an anet fanboy by any means and definitely agree with some of your points, but why not just move on…?

Well I’m that bitter about everything because I used to love GW2 so much and I see it becoming something entirely different. I check back from time to time to see if things change for the better, hard to let it go, but easier and more disappointing every time I see things change for the worse over and over.

im not sure the christmas stuff is the best example, since its a yearly holiday thing anyway, just like the halloween events.
but i agree they have a lot that needs to be sorted out internally if they expect people to keep playing

nu wonder those wintersday ugly misc and weapon skin went up with few copper and silver from TP

hopefully it stay below silver,,, cant afford if it skyrocket mur dan 1gold

More rehashed content. I guess the HoT sales weren’t enough to warrant new wintersday stuff for once in 2 (or 3?) years.

I like making the event dedicated around Karma. Makes sense. However, pretty disappointed that there’s no new carrot on a stick. Every event should have a new outfit/skins to grind for. Like Halloween had last year.

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