SWTOR Future Group Content Timings

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Producer Letter Livestream Wrap-up | 12.11.2015, 11:36 AM

Hey folks,

We know you are looking for more information on the timing of future group content. Although I cannot go into any details yet I will say this… We are actively working on a new Warzone, and we are looking to start revealing details in February (Insert my usual disclaimer of all things are subject to change). On the PvE side, we do not have anything specific to announce at this time but we will certainly share more information as we have it.

The team is hard at work on the 7 remaining Chapters in Season 1, as well as additional content, which you will get monthly starting in February. For us, it is important that all of the our content, group content included, ties into the storyline of Fallen Empire and connects to your character’s story. Story is what sets The Old Republic apart and it is important for us to deliver your personal story across all aspects of the game.

We hope that this addresses some of the concerns that you may have. As always, I will pass on updates as I have them. Thanks everyone.


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we all love the story and nobody want new ops.. great move, thx (do you se that enormous Kappa size of a Titan6 lurking behind this post? i bet it will be the new final boss in some group content..)

I personally don’t need any Ops but I’m tired of either playing Huttball all day, or running Hypergate all day, or running Alderaan Wargame all day. The GF seems to be a bit lazy lately…

This^ It seems like it has been getting stuck in loops of the same map. I wish you could queue for Huttball or Hypergate or Wargame or 4vs4. It really sucks when you get 4 of the same map in a row.

I love star wars and i gave BW many chances, but after december twitch stream i´m canceled the subscription. KOTFE content is not equal KOTFE epic trailer, story is fine and epic, but endgame content is where? 0 new ops, 1 new fp, 0 new wz, 0 gsf new map, 0 new planets (only small maps for story). I and more people want endgame content and BW gave us only revamp ops, fp, weekly quests.

I wonder how many people after seeing the star wars movie subscribes this game…

Many of them, cuz they dont know about shitty endgame content.

“For us, it is important that all of the our content, group content included, ties into the storyline of Fallen Empire and connects to your character’s story.”

This actualy means there maybe will be new ops after final Chapter for better story ending for raiders.

But i dont belive in that.
Im not even happy about new WZ, PVP is pain after 4.0 (Red Eclipse), new wz does not change anything.

I’m more of a PvE then anything else and really appreciate the Story Content but would appreciate it if the Development Team could hire some more People to work on Story Content for Ops like Terror from Beyond etc… instead of a Storyless Ops like that crappy one on Ziost. Also would like see more PvP Maps cause a Game that’s been out now for 4 years and only having 9 maps is kinda a joke.

TFB didn’t have much of a story though. “our bad guy of the week wants to release some evil thing from a hypergate! no we don’t know what it is exactly but ogg look space cthulthu!” 🙂

yup. been confirmed for awhile. if we look at the general chapter timing, we run outta chapters in Augest, then most likely we’ll get a small break, and then season 2 starts in septmember, october november or there abouts.

yeah i heard about that…apparently either engine limitations or shit programming was the cause of it being taken down.

There were a ton of problems with it. Mainly, the engine couldn’t handle more than ~50 people in an area or it would reduce to less than 1fps for everyone, regardless of their own computer specs. They had caps on how many people per planet ‘instance’ (e.g. Ilum (1), Ilum (2)). Before work-around were quickly discovered for the instance caps, it more or less ended up being along the lines of “Ilum 1 has 60 imps and 2 pubs, Ilum 2 has 60 pubs and 2 imps” and although the population was low enough for the engine, the faction imbalances prevented pvp from occurring. After work-around for the instance caps were widely know (join group of someone in instance 1, then zone into planet and you’re put in instance 1 regardless of instance limit), there was both server lag and serious faction imbalances. All that would happen is the dominant population would camp ~150 people outside the opposing base, non-stop spamming AE’s for hours on end. Once the dominant population swapped factions, same thing on the other end. It was too laggy to do anything but cast AE’s nonstop in chokepoints, and even if the opposing force accrued even numbers, they would be the ones having to charge headfirst into 150 AE’s. It was fun in its own ways, but a true complete failure of an attempt at a world pvp zone

“For us, it is important that all of our content, group content included, ties into the storyline of Fallen Empire”

So why couldn’t they just have made another starfortress that was an OP for the group that wants that? It could still fit the story, just make it over a different planet than the FP ones. An important planet like Korriban or Tython – or Manaan just to be different. Give it a couple of slightly better drops, and it would tie people over and not go outside of what the player is supposed to be working on right now story-wise.

You would have thought that is how SF should have been with each Star Fortress escalating in difficulty. I mean think of it from a story point of view. Arcann loses one SF to the Alliance. Hmm he thinks, better send more troops and defense to the remaining 5. Oh another one gone, MOAR DEFENSE, Stronger Exarch’s!!!! And so on. But no, each Star Fortress is exactly the same because Bioware took the Dragon Age 2 cave route on this one again with each star fortress being exactly the same except for different rooms open and close. A lost opportunity with SF to be sure.

it makes sense if they’re all built from a pattern. it’s not the DA: 2 route they took with the star fortresses. it’s the Kuat Drive Yards approuch. besides the quest chain was designed to be completable solo or by a small group. I for one hope we never see another thing like Oricon where soloists are suddenly blocked from completly a quest chain by BW placing an op at the end.

At least KDY had different bosses to fight that required different mechanics depending who you fought. SF, the Exarch’s are all pretty identical in their move set except for maybe one or two moves different which adds nothing new to the fight anyway.

The KDY route had totally different layouts for each section (The jail section, the weapon storage room) whereas in SF, the only difference each time you do it is whether one room is open and closed and the route used alters because of this. The mobs are all the same (THREE is thine holy number) and the bosses are all the same. Hell even the Exarch fight is the same in forcing them to run to their little platform across all 6 sf’s. The layout with SF was exactly what happened in DA2 where the caves were identical (open the map in different caves and you would see they were all the same shape, just different parts blocked to give it a different cave feel). I can’t remember what trash mob and boss fights were like in DA2 but the point still stands in how SF and the caves in DA2 had the same mentality.

I don’t mind content with other people I’m just not a fan of locking it behind group content. as an example of how NOT to do something, I present the seeker droid/ micro binoc questlines.; a single player quest chain that completes with a 1 time heroic run. finding someone to pug those with now is proably impossiable.

Yeah but conveniently fail to mention when it is expected to be released. Could be 2017 for all you know. And assuming it is not that new Arena/Bowdarr thing, I can’t say I am excited after their last pvp map (Quesh Huttball).

They aren’t SUPPOSED to exist. It’s against the TOS. So why should they assume that everyone/anyone participates in it? Its like snooping for christmas presents.

Meh, if they answered questions more often folks wouldn’t need to. Still, at least this confirms they aren’t (or at least probably won’t be) scrapping it.

so you criticize them for offering some feedback and questions saying “ohh we know this already cause of datamining” and then say “we wouldn’t have to datamine if they told us stuff!”

Yeah, because they wait for ages to tell us anything just like they did with the expansion. Being tight-lipped about things does not help the game, it only makes subbers who are on the fence about whether to keep subbing, stop subbing. Because why pay for a product that has nothing on the horizon?

If you want regular raid content, you should go back to WoW. TOR’s never exactly been massively innovative in its endgame content and it’s not as if they have the same team size Blizz does to produce the same amount of content in a reasonable amount of time. Story is what Bioware is good at and they’ve made the right choice by focusing on it rather than catering to the raiders who will eat up content in a week and then complain for the next month that there’s nothing new.

So when they release the one chapter per month of story content you are happy with that? I mean when it boils down to it that one chapter can be done in thirty minutes, forty tops. What are you going to do for the rest of the 29 or so days of the month

“The team is hard at work on the 7 remaining Chapters in Season 1, as well as additional content, which you will get monthly starting in February” the additional content is worth noting.

“On the PvE side, we do not have anything specific to announce at this time but we will certainly share more information as we have it.”

So its not Flashpoints or Operations. One PvP map. Hmmmm I wonder what this content is that they speak of.

well we’re getting some sort of arena thingy in Febuary. and “we have nothing to announce” doesn’t mean it’s not coming, although I don’t blame you for hearing that, it could just be Bioware’s useal way of playing their cards close to their chest. Personally as a story guy, I think tying raids deeply into the story is a mistake, as it means non raiders get left out of the stor. case in point the dread masters, I imagine non raiders felt confused in section X, and more then a little frustrated to find the oricon chain blocked by raids at the end. personally I thought Ravagers mighta been a better way to do it. a small stand alone story.

I suspect in the future we can see raids done like that. unfortunatly the nutso challange level of TOS proably hurt raids in the long term, weird as it sounds, as I bet BW’s metrics noted “not many people choose the option to complete it as a raid”

It was not ‘completable’ as a Raid. That’s why, very few teams could get past buggy underlurker or bulo at that time. So if you had chosen to complete it by Raid, you would have been totally screwed

It was just the underlurker that ruined TOS. Rest of op was very enjoyable and easily doable if you had one person who knew enough to run bombs on the walker. And yes that completely ruined the 3.0 cycle for me as I am the type of player who had lots of toons he liked to run through pugs.

ohh agreed underlurker was too harder. even to this day it’s pretty unforgiving to a less then perfect raid group

the arena, to my understanding, is solo content. It sounds like its a Colosseum and you fight bosses solo. The bosses progressively will get more difficult, but this wont make up for FPs or OPs.

it sounds like a cool idea, but it wont be an acceptable replacement. Hell, it cant even be considered a replacement.

Lets be honest though, it will get some treatment from the devs for the first year.. then no updates just like GSF, Conquests, and bounty hunting. Those all had great potential.

yeah, still my hope is that with each new chapter we in addition to just the story get some potentially intreasting additions. we’ll have to wait and see, and it’s proably a fool’s hope, but honestly, variaty is good. just so long as it doesn’t get GSFed.

Officially is this game MMORPG no RPG. We pay BW much moneys for sub and CC. In 2013 was swtor 4th in sub earnings, I and many people want better content for our moneys than this.

Bioware relies on people like you, people who pay much moneys for small content. I want play star wars MMORPG, but pay for this? No more! They destroyed great game 🙁

In February it may be ready by 4.5 or 5.0 these things are subject to change.

I am already checked out till February. Not too worried about another HK companion or playing as HK for a chapter. Just have to make sure I pick up my f2p content unlocks so I can keep up with Conquest.

Sooo… BioWare hopes the subscriber rewards are enough to keep the people subscribed?

Strange idea.

Server will be empty, with little peaks when a new chapter is released.
This stragegy will cause additional unsubscriptions, because of empty server…

where did they say that? look the fact of the matter is while raiders (for the record I raid myself so I likewise would enjoy new ops) are very very vocal, chances are they’re right to focus on story at the expense of ops. I suspect that a vaaaast majority of their players have never set foot in a raid

Well… than why realase this as a MMO for PC? They should make some App, tap enemys to death on your Tablet, with nice cutscenes.

ok 1: this game has lots of raids already. with the current system, there’s no raid progression and won’t be, a new raid would just drop the same loot you already have. so it’s not like we NEED new raids. the raids are already there.
2: not every MMO has to follow the WoW model, SWTOR is trying something a little differant.

Something that makes you subscribe to the game for 4 weeks, to play a new chapter. When you are done with it, there is no replay value. So you unsubscribe. Till the next chapter is relased… month in the future.

ohh yeah the WoW influance is obvious. I know at launch I advanced a theory that seemed to relate to observations of mine, that SWTOR’s dev staff was divided between people who wanted to deliver something differant and people who wanted to copy wow, slap a SW skin on it, and call it a day. that’s why with 1.0 raid gear was unmoddable, and consisted of hidious looking armor with giant shoulder pads. cause thats how WOW did it, and the devs belived people would want to wear the raid gear as was to show off how awesome they where.

“I suspect that a vaaaast majority of their players have never set foot in a raid” and for a very good reason: why would I want to spend my time either getting yelled at that I don’t know sh¡t or just standing there reading how someone explains the way too complicated fights and getting yelled at afterwards because I didn’t know sh¡t.

As long as Ops are only about following complicated boss mechanics by the letter without any fun I won’t join them.

That’s mostly pug raids and raids run by 16 year olds. With a mature guild they are a great social (using voice chat) and fun experience. SM ops are easy, and in kotfe most of the hard stressful mechanics were removed.

Totaly agree! I think some ppl buy Swtor not knowing it’s an MMORPG not RPG. I will explain MMO mean masive multiplayer online!!! So if ppl like Julian Brennan wants to play single player game then ffs go and buy SINGLE PLAYER GAME!!!

^ This is one of the jerks I never want to play with, ever. Having a brain, using it and having to follow pre-set movements and keyboard clicks are two entirely different things as we can see in his/her post.

well apparently you can’t even read. I was talking about not doing it because it’s no fun. Never said anything about not being able to do it…

“Having a brain, using it and having to follow pre-set movements and keyboard clicks are two entirely different things”

You sound like you’re making an excuse for not learning these simple pre-set movements. Instead of saying “I cannot or refuse to make an effort to learn these” you’re using the argument of “I’m above that crap, it’s no fun”. Yet your whole original argument was to not raid with people because they are elitist.

Sounds like you were probably called out on not following “easy movements” and hence go on a tirade about how boring they are instead of admitting that you could not learn something simple.

P.S. There are written guides for you to observe BEFORE stepping foot into any raid, these are resources available to everyone, don’t expect niceties when someone has to make an effort to explain something that they took time to learn on their own of which you could have done the same :).

There won’t be new peaks in sub numbers (besides falling subs) between chapters until the end of Season 1 and I can bet it will not be August when it ends. My bet is end of 2016 sees the end of Season 1 and Season 2 sometime around Easter/mid 2017.

I’ll take that bet. they’ve told us the last chapter of season one is chapter 16. that’ll be where it ends. which gives them a few months of lag time in late summer/early fall to fix things up and prep for season 2.

What Bioware says and does are often not on talking terms. 😛

They said Chapter 10 was to be released in January 2016 and now it is Feb 2016. So one chapter already has pushed the schedule back a month. The remaining 6 can easily push out season 1 til the end of 2016. See how we go!! 😀

I’m with you on this one. The history of not just Bioware, but every MMO maker, suggests that season 1 will end far into 2017.

yet again I’ll take that bet. care to put your money where your mouth is? if augest rolls around and we’ve gotten the chapters promised already you’ll donate 100 dollars to a charity of my choice, if 2017 rolls around and season 1 of KOTFE isn’t finished (as in the first 16 chapters. cause we’re getting multiple seasons) I’ll donate 100 to a charity of your choice. and yes this means if they finish season 1 in sept to december 2016 we’ll both have to donate the money. that’s my perfered charity BTW.

I didn’t say it was. However, just about everyone in my guild was counting down the days until it was released and planned on playing it. BTW, no need to be a jerk. Let’s have a discussion, like the civil humans we are.

i was civil with it, i could have easily used the words retard in there instead of what i said.
my point you cant compare battlefront (it is a dud but its EA what did you expect) which is a first/third persons shooter vs swtor an mmorpg and if your guildies waited for it jokes on them though:P

In all fairness, I played both the original Battlefront and BF II and they were pretty awesome. A lot of the guildies were hoping for the same. It doesn’t really matter the difference between an FPS and an mmoprg when you’re a Star Wars fan and both games compete for your time. That was my only point.

only reason those 2 were awesome cause EA wasnt involved.

but there is a difference, swtor and battlefront arent the same timeline even if they are both star wars games:P but i can kinda see your point

I lightsaber is a lightsaber…doesn’t matter what time it is and time is insignificant when it comes to the power of the Force. 😉 I won’t argue that EA needs a serious overhaul when it comes game development. I’ve learned my lesson over the years that if I want to buy one of their games, I need to wait 6 months to a year (and pay about $20 for it) for the price to be worth it, hence I didn’t buy BF out of the shoot.

a lightsaber is a lightsaber true, however it all depends on who is wielding said lightsaber 🙂
but a good blaster(or in my case) a handy assault canon at your side is always welcome
and yeah EA used to make great games, like need for speed underground 2 played that game alot or C&C generals and zero hour expansion good times back then
now its just recycled garbage

EA seemed to loose it when they started buying other game developers. I think if they would have kept the studio units together a little better (and not just in name only) and not so much meddling, you’d see better quality coming out. The game studios they bought were experts at building their game. They should have left them to it. I used to play all the C&C Games as well. I played them back when Westwood was still around and you could see a downward trend once EA took over. Same with Maxis and Bioware.

It was a competitor as the only other major Star Wars game. A sizable number of players play this game only because of the IP and nothing to do with the game or format. That’s why they are moving it away from an MMO because most of the true MMO players left in disgust years ago.

To each his own. I’m a founder and am perfectly happy with the content, because it was obvious from launch that this was an MMO-lite. I’m speaking as someone who played EQ1 from launch and has watched the long evolution (some might call it devolution) of MMORPG’s from “I spent 12 hours on that raid at midnight and called into work after answering when my raid guild went down its call list so we could kill the contested open world boss” to instanced /faceroll storymode (which I personally love these days.

PvP, raid and GSF aficionados are, and have always been, a minority of gameplayers. A franchise looking to attract, lets face it, a population of SW fans seeing the movie in the coming year, many of whom are under the age of 16, is not going to be increasing its level of difficulty in anything, or concentrating on minority activities over what was really the ONLY draw of the game initially, the story content. MMO or not, I’m sure they have the metrics to back their decision to go with story content over raids, PvP, or fixes to GSF. Believe it or not, studios aren’t in the habit of basing decisions on anything but cold, hard data on what the majority of the bell curve of players desires. And it is inevitable that anyone at the upper or lower 15 percent of any bell curve is unlikely to be happy with a game looking to please the 70 percent of people right in the middle.

It’s just unimaginable to think such a mainstream franchise would make more than token efforts to please anyone but the mainstream. You don’t go to Applebee’s expecting haute cuisine. To me the overall game rates good chain restaurant, while the MMO aspect is more like Mickey D’s level. But considering it STARTED there at launch and has never, in all that time, advanced past Chik-fil-a quality….I just find it surprising people would expect it to change that much. It’s far too late for them to overhaul the game to that extent.

It is incredibly how some people think, that is need still defend Bioware.
People wake up! This game is MMORPG no RPG, MMORPG need more than story and 4 year revamp content. Stop be passive or this game will be in the shit, because people will pay Bioware for “nothing”

“On the PvE side, we do not have anything specific to announce at this time but we will certainly share more information as we have it.

The team is hard at work on the 7 remaining Chapters in Season 1”

Read: “we haven’t even started thinking about a new operation, and we are not planning on doing so until August next year … if at all.”

Yep, we hear you. And we act accordingly.

Yep, my sub ended last week. I’ll buy a month in August to play through 10-16, but there is nothing worth paying for right now.

The lady and I are in the same boat. Stopped subbing and rarely log in, as the only thing to do is old ops for gear to run, more old ops (Cant even do a NiM of ravagers / TOS at least..? :/) or grind heroics endlessly for story stuff that will come out 15 mins of content per month… think ill save our $30 a month and sub in 4-5 months and promptly unsub after an an hr of cutscenes and 10 mins of suppressing fire to kill the mobs while I sleep through the dumbed down combat…

Its sad too, cause i love the cutscenes and story. but the combat has become so sooo dull. They could’ve delivered all this new story content and intertwined with awesome operations and such, making it worth playing more than a couple times at most.

Queue someone telling me I am just bitching to bitch, when in reality I am just sad, because I love this game and hate what they are doing to it.

they could have delviered it with new ops, but those ops would have eaither been a side show or people would have been annoyed that they could not see the whole story solo. course there are ways around this. I kinda liked how LOTRO tied the mirkwood raid to their story. the way they did it was mention “ok, so to give you the ability to slip into the enemy base and defeat their commander, we’re going to have a crew of our best warriors stage a diversionary frontal assault”

Why even bother with that? My sub lapsed last week. When the new content comes out I’m just gonna watch the story cinemas on YouTube for free. The combat has been watered down so much that it’s not enjoyable. I’m curious to see the end of the story, but not enough to give them one single penny more. If they fix companions I might consider it, but that’s not likely.

TBH, as a raider, I don’t want them to introduce any new ops right now. They need to fix the existing ones first. I loved the concept of making all raids scale to max level, but I’m really not sure what they did with their year-long revamping development time. They changed a few numbers here and there without any form of testing or balancing. If they insist on all ops/bossing dropping the same loot, they need to balance the ops to be the same difficulty. If they insist on giving top tier loot in hm ev/kp, they need to give some sort of reason to do the harder ones. To have hm Soa drop 224 mh and nim brontes drop 220 oh by design is just absurd. As it is right now, you can get full 224 minus implants, OH armoring, and Helm armoring purely in hm EV/KP which can be easily done in 198 gear with an unskilled pug group, while drunk. There is no gear progression, and there is absolutely no incentive to do the more difficult hm’s, much less nightmares which by design drop less than hm’s.

If they add a new ops right now, and make it a half hour faceroll like EV, its not functionally any different than adding new story chapters. I personally would prefer story chapters rather than pretend its a raid. A new faceroll ops would not offer any new challenge, any new gear, or any new rewards or progression of any kind.

If they add a new ops right now, and make it difficult and innovative, nobody would do it. It would have novelty for the first week or so, but after that it would be the same as lets say hm tos or rav. Very few people in this game want to focus on difficult progression for no reward. If someone asks you “would you like to clear 5 bosses in 30 minutes in EV, or spend 5 hours and hopefully clear a few new bosses for less reward”, what would the average person say?

TLDR: PVE right now is fundamentally broken and a new raid won’t fix it.

i dont see anything wrong with how the currents OPs are now, mechanically speaking.

The issue I have with them is that all SM ops shouldnt grants the same gear, all HMs shouldnt be the same gear, and all NiM.. well shit.. NiM right now is screwed to hell in terms of gearing.

EV/KP SM should be 208, HM should be 208/random 216
If those are priority then they should drop 216 guaranteed in HM.

EC/TFB/SnV SM should be 208/Random 216, HM should be 216/Random 220, NiM 220/random 224
priority drop 224

DF/DP/TOS/Rav SM 216/Random 220, HM 220/Random 224, NiM 224+
priority drop 224

not perfect, but you get the idea.

and the notion that everyone should be able to get the best gear in game is ridiculous.. for what do they need the best gear if they aren’t doing the content the requires it??

Then no one would do EV/KP and the problem would still be the same. What they COULD do is this:
1. Have EV/KP drop exclusively Bracers, Belt, Ears and Implants

2. Have EC/TFB/SNV drop exclusively Legs, Feet, Hands, Offhand
3. Have TOS/RAV drop exclusively Chest, Head, Relics, Mainhand

SM would still drop 216
HM would still drop 220
NiM would drop 224

Priority HM the corresponding exclusive pieces in 224, rest 220.

Everyone wanting to gear up would have to do all ops at least once.

the way you think is nice, but tbh.. all SM’s are doable in 204pvp gear… on the other hand, in HM usually last bosses and some other are quite dps check if you havent done them previously on 55 and know exactly what to do (lets mention TFB Terror, SAV Styrak, or even Calphayus in DP right side 1st phase that casting mob wow.. we had 2 dps in 220/224 that can parse 6,5k on 500k dummy post-patch, and it was really close everytime it came..)

maybe they are not so much hardcore and want to have some fun on HM?? let them have it, its better than nothing and it keeps them motivated.. who would care when they could have full 220 but with lack of good players they cant kill first+ nim bosses..

Its pretty simple, make story mode faceroll (for the unwashed masses to enjoy) and hard mode innovative and difficult. This is obviously the direction they went with their ops revamp.

The Nightmare modes and the harder hard modes should drop the best gear,
but you also shouldnt have to clear NIM brontes or HM revan to max your gear.
I don’t get the gear snobbery argument of HM EV/KP shouldnt drop 224, you want prestige thats what titles and special drops like wings of architecht are for (which no longer mean anything with all the run selling that went on pre 4.0).

The one big mistake they made was how they basically killed 16 man raids with 3.0 with all the extra animations they added and the 9 million ground circles they put into rav and tos.
You can count on enough people with old comps/bad connections to usually derail any pug group.

TBH, as a raider, I don’t give a fok about 4 years old raid content being balanced or not, I don’t want to have anything to do with it. I was there, I did it, many times, I don’t care about it anymore.

sure except while a lotta people say that, ultimately people will take the path of least resistance. if the rewards for EV and TOS are the same… no one’s gonna to TOS.

I’m one of those players that desperately wants a new Op (Have unsubbed for the time being because i enjoyed the story, but for me one play through is enough and i can’t be bothered with the affection grinding). But i do completely agree with you that the difficulty of the current ops needs to be adjusted so that they’re either all on a the same difficulty level, or the drops need to be adjusted so that you’re rewarded based on Op difficulty. The removal of gear progression has kind of killed a lot of the raiding imo, why bother running something more difficult (other than for the challenge which is enjoyable) if you can get the same rewards for facerolling something easy. You may as well just gear up completely via EV/KP first and then run the other operations you need to do to fill in the gearing gaps, which will now be much easier after gearing from ev/kp. (this is more for the Hardmode/Nightmore Tiers. The story mode content isn’t difficult at all, except a few select bosses for pugs. Walkers/Underlurker etc)

I think it would be safe to assume that if a new op was to be introduced, they would have the ability to realize that it would drop 236/240 gear, so that people actually have an incentive to do it. Scum and Villainy was a 55 level operation, but then came along DF and DP and obviously dropped better gear, so people started doing those instead.

“As it is right now, you can get full 224 minus implants, OH armoring, and Helm armoring purely in hm EV/KP which can be easily done in 198 gear with an unskilled pug group, while drunk.”

i loved the way you put it. you sir, deserve a medal.

I called this months ago, and I’m really sad that I was correct. No new Ops till August. The last new Op was released 12 months ago. 20 months between new Ops. They are making even Blizzard look good.

Eh, Blizzard has large gaps at the end of their expansions. But their Raid releases, and content in general is much more consistent than SWTOR. Blizzard releases around 3-4 raids a year, and in the case of WoD 3 raids within the expansions lifetime. And those raids included something like 33 bosses. SWTOR releases 1-2 raids at the start of an “expansion” and then nothing for over a year, and their raids combined are 10 bosses. As much as i love both games, Blizzard is much more consistent overall. (I understand this is partly due to having much more resources)

Additionally, even if its 10% of WoW pop vs. SWTOR pop, it would be like millions more people in WoW play their raids than in SWTOR. On top of that, I can say with confidence around 100 people per server in SWTOR have ever cleared NiM OPS and somewhere in the low thousands have cleared all the OPS in HM.

I suspect we’re gonna see more MMOs consider this approuch. Raids are typically something that take up large amounts of development time, but only a small portion of the players play em. at sometime MMO devs have so ask “is this the best use of our time?”

those articles are worth reading, I like raiding and do raid, but at the same time, it makes some good arguements. I wonder if KOTFE is a case of bioware making similer conclusions

Raids are a far more efficient use of time for developers in terms of player use per dollar spent than story, story takes months to develop and hours to complete. Raids are more like the opposite. We’ll see if Bioware is right in the next month when all the MMO player’s 6 month recurring subs start to end.

I’d be extremely surprised if raiders were only 10% of the subscribers. Total players, maybe. But subscribers? No. Raiders are among the most loyal and long term subscribers of any type of player. Plus you do not even need to subscribe to play for story. I guess we’ll see what the numbers are in the coming months once people like myself’s 6 month recurring subs start ending.

I’m not sure raiders are nesscarily the most loyal. SOME are sure but others proably float from MMO to MMO doing their end game. thing is, even if they are the most loyal, are they the most loyal by inclination, or because the end game is geared to them?

Well, we’ll just have to agree to disagree I guess. Serious raiders stick around because of both the friendships formed through teamwork and because they are dedicated to the game and improving their play.

The one thing you can’t argue though, is that raiders are pretty much the only group of players for which a subscription is almost mandatory. Everyone else can play virtually unimpeded for free. And they are giving raiders less and less reasons to stay. To me that does not seem like smart business.

Those article made great points. In fact, I can see now without rose-colored glasses, that having OPS as the main end-game focus is pretty stupid, and I think your right, Bioware is actively pulling away from focusing OPS as the main endgame item. Unfortunately its low numbers in the community that probably hold back PvP and GSF as well. The reality being that there are just not enough consistent players in PvP or GSF to warrant expanding the content further. Which is a shame since GSF is a brilliant game within a game that they could have made into a stand alone with tons of maps and maybe even PvE content, sold it to console users, and made a killing. I personally love the PvP as well (8-man objective based WZ’s, not really into the Arena stuff tbh), so much so I wish Huttball was a competitive E-sport. Unfortunately, since it is tied to SWTOR, it will continue to be a minor and underdeveloped aspect due to its lack of numbers. It’s a bit depressing when you’ve really been into a game like this for so many years, and watching the decline, watching them fall short on some of the best parts is lamentable.

Lots of people play SWTOR only for the storyline, for the look & feel and so on. That is how the game was originally promoted, that is what they FINALLY get back to.
I couldn’t care less about OPs, they could be deleted from game or better yet, remodelled into group flashpoints.
Not attacking you, just pointing out that we play for different reasons. And the player numbers got a huge bump with KotFE – so it seems I’m not alone.

If the story is enough to keep you subscribed, good for you. I question your thriftiness but good for you. But SWTOR is a huge waste of money in its current iteration. There is no repeatable content. I’m not sure where you are seeing a “huge bump” in the numbers, but give it another month while people like myself’s 6 month recurring subscriptions start ending and we’ll see what happens.

There’s a huge bump anytime an expansion is released. The question is how quickly did that bump recede back. Between small amount of content, no replay value, the companion debacle, and no group content, I would be surprised if sub numbers aren’t lower now than before KotFE launched.

Only slightly surprised that noone called you out on that august statement, seems even the big fans realised it might be correct :/
Swtor has had dropping revenue for a year or 2 now, and this expansion didn’t break that downward trend
You’d say BW’d realise their mistake, and finish the wz they’ve been working on for a year (2man pvp team or something?) and focus on creating a new ops before april
But nah, this is a BW game, only story matters, obviously (and the CM ofc)

The arent going to be any more operations. They are just playing out the year left on Bioware’s Star Wars license then they are going to fold up the game. Why design content that’s replayable for a couple years if there isnt going to be a game in a year. They are desperate to gpump their sub numbers up with the license renewal pending. KOTFE and bribing us for “story content” is their big idea and big gamble, they have put all their eggs into that basket. This isnt even an MMO anymore its a DLC subscription service with a cash for shinies business model.

It’s like the dev team is actively trying to kill the game.

No new endgame content, no gear rewards for nightmare ops. check.

Invalidate the all of the hours people spent leveling and make leveling new characters pointless by selling level 60 characters. check.

Greet potential returning players with a massive influence grind,
the privilege of running the same flashpoint 7 times per character,
and spending hours of sub time clicking companion gifts. check.

Nearly across the board class nerfs 6 weeks into new level cap. check

Leave Unchecked economy destroying exploit
that was discovered in beta in game for 6 weeks. check
Massive ban hammer and reallocation of resources into exploiter witchhunt
resulting from developer negligence. check.

Spend resources on designing story instances like asylum that a character might spend an hour in versus an operation or flash point (or even heaven forbid a dailies area) where the replayability is essentially limitless, Leave your ops designers sitting around with nothing to do until they get so bored they ask to transfer to another game. . check.

I dont know why story content can’t mean raid content. They were onto something when they gave you the choice after yavin of completing SOR via raid or doing a few dailies.

Some of the best story content in this game is also raid content. Mowing down trash mobs for 3 hours is boring as all hell. After a couple playthroughs the expansion devolves into spacebar and killing the same 3 trash mobs over and over.

BW is owned by EA, EA has a 10 year license with Disney as the only company to make Star Wars games. They aren’t going to pack up and make another SW MMO.

Let’s play a game: start counting how many times people will say “this game is dead”.
Then wait and see what happens. Feel free to unsub and check if the grass is greener if you want to do so.

Fact is that this game has had dropping revenue for nearly 2 years now.. it’s a trend that must be broken, and a few hours of single player content won’t do it..
Most people are staying because they love this game, but I don’t know anyone who thinks BW is making the game better..
If this keeps up, without any new content.. what do you think will happen?

You sir are an idiot. Do you like even know what you are talking about? EA owns rights to Star Wars Games through 2023. It was only all over the internet back in 2013 and EA owns Bioware. So shut your trolling cum receptacle, delete the game, and go back to sucking on your mom’s tits when she comes down to the basement to dress and feed you.


BioWare: We expect you to run Starfortresses till your eyes bleed. And grind companion gifts to max out the influence of a Billion companions, while your original ones will come back in chapter XXV or never…

Is there any point in running the KotFE Storyline more than twice? Ok maybe three times is still fun… but after that? And on every frekking char you have to grind for the Alliance Specialists.

BioWare: We will make companions awesome!
What happens? They take them away. LOL
They make them all the same.
They introduce a stupid Influence grind, that causes that you max ou one of them and forget about the others because they are weak. Great way to make companions more awesome!

This crew never had common sense and they will never grow some. Hope lost.
Where is a New Hope?

The game crashed and burned as MMO. Bioware themselves admitted that. So now they focus on stoy content which was always the selling point of any Bioware game. Like it or not, there’s no incentive for them to create new group content as majority of players play for the story only.

That really isn’t true about majority of players playing ONLY for the story. Any SWTOR add-on won’t even get close to decent single-player RPG when it comes to the story. Story-players come and go, staying with the game for a month of two, maybe three, Majority of long-time subscribers are MMO people. And alienating long-term paying customers is a bad move.

well they sure sell the game based on story and on that last feed they said that was there focus above everything else.

The problem is the story is single player and the idiots dont even make the story different for the classes so why bother when you seen the same shit that much lol /smh

majority of players are playing for the endgame. thats why all servers are deserted right now, cause most of them quit already. and pvpers.. poor guys only gets a new map every 2 years. literally..

They want it to be a single player game, fine. Then drop the sub or decrease the price to more like $15 for a 6 months seasons pass. A single player game isn’t worth $15 a month, especially when the story is mediocre and the combat is boring.

Translation from Miscospeak:

1. The new Yavin-themed warzone – you know, the one that’s been datamined for months – well, we hope to maybe finish it and release it in February. Sorry it took us so long; we were too busy with more important things, like adding new music to the Black Sun area on Coruscant.

2, The other news on group content is that there will be no new group content. Instead, we plan on releasing the remaining chapters of Season 1, which, as you perfectly know, is single-player content. Unless, of course, we are forced to delay some of them by a month or two, as we did with Chapter 10. Because, you never know when more important things might pop up, like the need to add new music to the Outlaw’s Den or something.

3, Please keep your subscription money coming. If you pay us enough bucks, we might even deliver something in exchange, like the ability to pretend that you are a droid while watching, I mean playing through 10-minutes of video, I mean single-player content that you could watch on YouTube for free instead.

So long, suckers.

Stupid people took “we hope to release chapter 10 at the beginning of 2016” to mean “Its definitely dropping on January first”

You know, why the f*ck are you playing this game? I mean all peapole
that comments is saying “No new OPS, this game isn’t worth playing” so
what do you do? Get billions of credits then leave the game and then
come here and say all that crap.

You know, there is a lot of PVE content: story, WB, classic fps, solo fps, hard fps, without mentioning the ops and PVP content.

did the sync system come? Because no one did half of the things they
could do, solo WBs and Heroics, without thinking it was group content.

did they scale the fps and ops to the hight level? Because ppl soloed
fps, and never ran HM fps. Even went to EV and KP to kill the low level

So with Kotfe, not only story has come, but more group
content, because yes, there are no new raids, but how many of the old or
the new fps have you made since 4.0? None? Just did raids?

then you can continue saying that this game is not worth playing, but do
not say there isn’t group content, because there is literally a lot.

There is no -new- group content.

It’s a significant distinction, and one that clearly makes a great deal of difference to many players judging by the reaction to the state of KotFE endgame.

People did old content in various ways already – taking a smaller group in to do, say, NiM EC as an old op for the deco drops (or for the challenge, if you brought a small enough group) was perfectly valid use of content. Most people who have been here for any amount of time have done the old FP’s over and over already, and never want to see them again. When you release a new expansion and players pay for it (via Subscription, in this case), those players will expect -new- content, not to be told that they are welcome to go back and repeat the same things they’ve been doing for years, but hey, it’s all scaled and synched now, so the only real change is that you have fewer option in how you approach said content.

You are more than welcome to continue buying Bioware’s bill of goods, but don’t expect everyone else to.

I know ther is no new content, but I see a lot of peapole complaining about not enough group content.

I am the first one that wants new group content, but peapole saying “No new content/Not enough group content” pisses me off.

There is functionally no difference between there being no content and there being only content that you have done so many times that you are too bored with to bother. I ran all those things you listed two years ago. I’ve ran them many many times since then. I do not want to run them any more.

Perhaps for new players there is still content worth running, but for veterans, for people who have been loyal customers for four years now, there is nothing.

Bioware has made their decision as to which group they care about.

The sync system came so that they could make old content dailies instead of making a new daily area like they have before. It’s laziness. And there are plenty of people that did all or most of that stuff in the first year. I completed all 8 class stories before the nerfed leveling and I usually did all the planet heroics because it helped you stay on level. I probably did half of the WBs. I’ve done every FP to death with the exception of Colicodes (which wasn’t bumped and is still difficult to get a group to complete). I cleared all OPs through S&V before I quit rading. Tell me again why redoing all that stuff over and over again should be fun. Telll me again why we should reward the devs for lazy work of just rehashing old content. Imagine if Sony released a PS5 and it was just the PS4 with a different casing and a new menu system but all the same hardware. People would lose their shit. That’s exactly what Bioware is doing at this point.

All the group content currently in the game is not only old, but is an incredibly monotonous grind. You have to grind heroics to get alliance commander influence, and it is hardly group content since it could be soloed in your sleep. You have to grind world bosses to get Qyzen, which actually might be the least shitty thing they did to be honest since actual groups now kill World Bosses. You have to grind PvP to get Pierce/4X because that’s fun, forcing some people that might not be interested in it to do it. On the same 2 fucking maps no less. You have to grind influence with companions to a maximum of 250000, just cause a high number makes it look like they did something meaninful. You have to grind Bio Analysis and Diplomacy materials to Lokin, and go fuck yourself if you don’t have a BioChem character. Thankfully I have 4.

Flashpoints literally mean fuck all because peapole (it’s spelled people) that have been playing the game for ages have done them to death and never want to see them again. Not only that but the rewards for HM’s/Tacs/Solo’s are pure shit. As for ops, again, same shit just for a different gear tier that doesn’t matter at all because EVERYTHING is either bolstered up or level scaled down, unless you do progression raiding. Which in and of itself is hard to do now because a lot of progression raiders and guilds don’t want to do the same shit again 2-3 years after the fact. Also, want to know why people didn’t run HM FP’s in 3.0? Six words, Blood Hunt and Battle of Rishi. The two new flashpoints they did were absolute shit and people would just flat out quit if they got either of them. Their shitty content killed it. Pre-3.0 pops for DPS on Harbinger would, at most, be 15 minutes during peak hours. For heals and tanks it would be immediate.

Stop being apologetic for the game and BioWare. They charge money for a monthly sub. Good money. Money that could be used on booze or stuff to jerk off to. The second they decided to charge for this game (ie the very outset) they opened themselves up to criticism. Having no meaty endgame stuff in this game, outside of the endless repetitive grind, is a valid criticism. The endgame is flimsy, flaky, and an absolute mess. It is a boring grindfest filled with repetitive old content that gets beyond tiring. However, the saddest thing is, Stevie Wonder could see this coming.

Well the good point is they cannot seriously do twice thr trick of “hey we’re raising all the ops to but without anything new”. Not sure this can be considered as “good news” though lol

well im glad to see even the carebears who defended tor to no end are finally catching on here ffs its about time lol.

Focusing on story isnt going to save this pile.Guilds/raiders/pvpers dont care about story and the problem with story is its all about a single player experience they dont even make it different for all the toons lol its all the same story so after 2 times your burnt out and what else is there to do after? not much but the same shit it sounds like.

The real question is hk 55 worth a few months sub? Is 1 chapter where you get to play him worth a 120 bucks?

Im hoping with these new movies thiers a newer better mmo (i doubt it) but would be nice.

I´d rather pay extra for a complete expansion, and I´d rather the expansion would have class story instead of 1 story for everyone; it´s fun until the 3rd time you play it. And think about it; if it´s the same stuff for all classes, then it´s not really about my character and its story 😉 . If BW could give me that, instead of rewards for staying a subscriber, I´d stay a subscriber just to support good content.
1! new map por warzones. All said

Fun until the 3rd time is generous. I was bored 10 minutes into the second play through. The OP comps had a huge role in that boredom though. When combat is boring and the story is repetitive, what is supposed to the drawl??

It wouldn’t surprise me if the additional content is just the subscriber rewards and that wookie arena. Other than that i doubt we’ll see anything other than story for the rest of the year.

They wouldn’t dare call that content.

I’m very much expecting them to not follow through on their promises.

But at the point, I’m desperate enough that I’ll take a re-skinned Makeb arena to make it look like Hoth and accept it as new content.

Hell, imagine if they had released a Zakuul based arena when 4.0 dropped?

Doesn’t really feel like a “personal” story when everyone has the same story and it gets rather tedious to run through the same stuff over and over with alts. Could have at least given us an Imp and Pub version.

There is actually quite a whole bench of personalized lines: I’ve created a comparison, and it results in 20 minutes for chapter 1 alone, chapter 2 is twice as long;

It’s nice whenever the companions are involved, but I do agree that the rest is way to subtle.

“On the PvE side, we do not have anything specific to announce at this
time but we will certainly share more information as we have it.”
great. a good idea would be to simply remove group pve content from the game. Would help a lot of people managing their expectations. The game is ruined and it hurts to say because I once loved it.

well hopefully with the new movies theyll be a new mmo based on the movies timeline ( i hope) unfortunately EA will most likely be involved no matter what why anyone would make a business deal with a company that was voted worst company 2 times in a row is beyond me

dont count on a new mmo any time soon
EA has the lisence to create games for pc/ps4 and xshit 1 for 10 long years and if battlefront is anything to go by its gonna be a long garbage 10 years

the real problem with tor is they dont expand on things to do. They really need a free roam open space game like swg had. They need to make a viable open world objective based pvp set up those 2 things alone would bring in a lot of people. The housing could have been something to fight over but they instanced the hell out of the housing you dont even have nieghbors or anything. they dont need more warzones ffs need open world uugh

Funny you should request a “free-roam open space pvp set up”. It came out almost 2 years ago, called Galactic Star Fighter. Free expansion. Pretty much the same sort of pvp as swg had with FTL, except there is no griefing this time.

Uh no it didnt galactic starfighter isnt free roam its instanced and its nothing like swgs space pvp at all. You didnt have to que in swg you just got in your ship and went and fought. Galactic starfighter is a joke in comparison so yes when i ask for free roam open space like swg i mean it i.e no queing just take my ship and roam freely in space and fight which tor doesnt all what tor has is qued garbage and the ships suck ass and your instanced its not true free roam

here’s a little hint for you, SWG wasn’t free roam either it was all instanced. They did a cheat to give the feeling it was free roam.

LMAO aawhahahah youve obviously never played swg then. It wasnt instanced when i can freely fly my ship wherever without queing /smh

you don’t know anyting about vidoe games. There is no such thing as non instnaced. Every plaent in SWG was instanced. Outerspace was instanced.

It is impossible to not have something that is instanced.

do you not understand the basic concepts of video games?

What happened if too many people got into 1 area in SWG space?

you havent played swg then is all i can say to that theres no “exhaustion zone” in swg or needing to take speeders to short distances. A lot of people in one area in swg was able to handle it unlike tor and its paper engine.

so yes there is such a thing as non instanced ive seen ive played first hand its called sandbox/open world….

none of what you said has nothing to do with being instanced.
No a lot of people cant be in one place in SWG it was famous for crashing entire servers.

The EMU cant even take that many people.

Lol i dont think you understand what instance and non instanced is. Swg could handle the load the only real time it crashed was in theed when people were purposely trying to crash it in theed with their speeders lol. Tor had to instace the hell out of everything and make the game smallscale it crashes so badly.

I believe SWG had a constant load…constantly refreshing the world around you for a certain “zone area”. As other players got close to where you where in the over all world they y’all could physically interact. Areas outside of your “zone area” were not loaded, until you got to a certain distance from them.

no the only load times were if you took a shuttle from the starport other then that i remember going afk and hitting num lock and the speeder just going forever

I’d be surprised if ever. They clearly want this game to be a single player game, which would be fine if they removed all subs.

Most people playing pvp do so casually. If BW wanted to keep its core subscribers happy its going a funny way about these guys tend to Ops

fuck warzones wheres open world objective based pvp? i still find it hilarious you cant even now choose the wz’s ffs get with the times ea

The game can’t handle an open world PvP.
The optimization in the game is so shoddy that a 16 man warzone/raid is almost unplayable even on absolute minimum settings.
While it’s not the case for everyone, it is for way too many players.
The old Ilum serves as a perfect example.

This is very concerning.. The earliest we will get details about this new WZ is Feb, meaning it won’t come out until April. This makes it seem as though we have at least 8 or 9 months until new ops.

So it’s looking like any new Ops will be tied into the fallout of events from Season 1? I’m guessing that mean we may get 1 possibly 2 new ops annually and that is about it. Best case scenario.

I’m not a big fan of paying a monthly fee for what has ultimately become a single player RPG, with a few years of old/stale MMO content.

wasnt their reasoning for the use of the “hero” engine was to crank out content on a fast timely schedule lol. I remember hearing that back at launch and they act like it takes years to make a flashpoint or wz or much of anything.

As Bioware decided to part ways with their raiding constituency, I have also jumped on the bandwagon and canceled subscription. Thanks Dulfy for your significant contribution to the community!

I am a raider and roleplay minded player, so yes I like story. This post focuses on the single player aspects of the game, since that is what the development is obviously leaning to. To clarify, I play mmo’s for small group content and large group content. SWTOR is pushing my patience and patronage.


KotFE story has not interested me at all, and I do take mmo storylines with a grain of salt. The platform is weighed down by it’s own conventions and limitations. That being said.. I just find it vague and boring. Valkorions interest in my PC just seems absurd and I am bored of flat and evil antagonists like Valyin. So far Senya is the only redeeming vessel for conveying a storyline. Maybe more creative and plausible plots will emerge. I hope so. That being said….

For a game gearing so hard for story immersion, the current timeline is at complete odds with the actual game world. Visit any planet and see zero influence of this ‘all threatening’ Eternal Empire. A linear story and lack of world alterations within the new narrative thwarts me immersing into Bioware’s chief selling point, story.

Change to solo play:

If the devs want to create a more single player game, they need to explore the bounds of more interesting solo content. SWTOR has some of the most archaic questing around. WoW and other mmo titles allow more interaction between you and the open world (getting in tanks, bombing things from mid air, riding steam vents, etc).

When questing, how amusing is it to get that ‘pulverize 100 gnomes with a canon’ kind of quest? SWTOR has never implemented anything of the sort. Kill the same chained pack, click object, return. I thought the devs were onto something special with some of the content associated with seeker/binoc. I am referring to the group and solo puzzles.That creativity has never been revisited.

I am upset at the lack of new operations, yes (I have run the previous raids countless times on tier). I might be less upset though if a living, breathing open world zone were created. Timed events, respawning mini bosses, weekly to biweekly rotating quest lines to complete. Something like that appeals to solo and group minded players. It is a good allocation of resources. How long did it take to build the Asylum environments? It was a one shot deal.

Well, that tells us just about nothing I guess. A new warzone won’t save a fundamentally flawed pvp set up. Strongholds are losing their charm due to bad decisions on hook sizes and placements and odd rarities of items we need lots of …and actual endgame with the old ops was entertaining for a bit but I am getting close to reaching the /care point with it. I do like the stories, don’t get me wrong but an MMO should offer more than that I would think. I really hope they something more coming for group content within the next 3-6 months or I will also start wondering what I’m paying a sub for anymore. I’ve had a lot of fun but content was always slow and it’s not looking to improve even after this overhaul of the game.

To be expected. No point in putting a lot of effort into PvP when Battlefront is out with much better combat and maps. Same for Operations, really. Battlefront IS the endgame, so SWTOR doesn’t have to bother with it. Storytelling is what Bioware does best, so that’s what they’re sticking to.

But more importantly, WoW is supposed to be a solid game with tons of endgame content, etc., and yet in those forums those players still find a myriad of things to complain about anyway. There’s no making MMOers happy.

Sure, there will always be someone who complains. At the same time it can also not be denied that BW are not the kings of content releases here. A bit more content and a somewhat higher frequency are not uncalled for. SoR had 2 operations and that after waiting a year and a half for operations before that. It is not exactly overwhelming. Also Battlefront is a different game that not everybody plays. I have a pretty decent rig but still need to upgrade my RAM to 16 GB to meet recommended specs and for a game like that you want to meet recommended specs for sure. Most people who play SWTOR probably don’t meet those. So there’s nothing wrong with the game having a better pvp set up that people can actually enjoy for example instead of relying on another game for that.

To me there’s no such thing as endgame in MMOs.

PvP? Unless you’re going to do it IRL (boxing gym, paintball, street fighting or whatever), what’s the point? E-balls? The computer, macros and the mathematics of the rotation do most of the work for you.

Operations? Doing the same group mission over and over and over again til you finally take down the boss, brag about it on social media, and get gear for more operations? And they call this fun?? Being in a cog in a machine. You get paid to do that in real life. I should pay Bioware for that “privilege”?

This doesn’t even factor in the verbal abuse you can take in endgame missions if you dare to make a mistake or all the trash-talking by wannabe badasses.

This game feels like is falling fast been playing 2+ years and just can’t even release old content right with new movie missing. A golden oppertunity to have a influx of new and returning players and they release old content that didn’t even work. Sad really love this game and find myself looking for something else more than not now!

By releasibg the Information that visceral games (ea) is working on a new starwars Game / Open World Action it was clear that bioware will drain the Last drop of live from swtor. There will be no more new content. The Game reached its end. Mass Effect4 is around the corner too. Swtor is Dead and its time to move along now.

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jes it is. if one chapter every few month is enough for you then be happy. but for many people running the same stuff every day is boring and not enough. there will be no new operation in the next 6 months or longer. if it is ok for you – fine.
but the announcement of an announcement in February regarding a new wz and nothing else is a joke. so jes – the game is dead.

And hear I read this as a positive thing. It’s about time the thing that the game was advertised for initially got some attention.

In terms of actual gameplay content, story probably has the most out of everything already though. Really just depends how quickly you bore of it.

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