SWTOR Item Stack Resale Exploit Update

Bioware published another update on the Item Stack exploit, claiming more than 500 accounts have being perm banned.

Item Stack Resale Exploit | 12.11.2015, 01:56 PM

Hey folks,

Here is another update on the exploit, and the action we have taken. We are continuing to investigate accounts and action is on-going. Here are the actions we have taken against accounts:

  • Suspension time, up to and including a permanent ban (more than 500 accounts have been permanently banned so far)
  • Removal of all Credits
  • Removal of all Currencies
  • Removal of all items which could be gotten from the exploit, including recurring Event Currencies and Companion gifts
  • Resetting of all Companion Influence to 0
  • Resetting progress of all Alliance Commanders to 0

The nature of this exploit is that players could use it to gain a wide array of things. This includes anything from credits, to event currency, to Companion affection via Rank 6 gifts. We are working to ensure that the action we take against player is fair, but makes it clear that use of exploits will not be tolerated.

We have seen quite a few comments and questions about accounts which have participated in laundering ill-gotten items and credits around. I will have an update on this later today. Thanks everyone.


Item Stack Resale Exploit | 12.11.2015, 05:15 PM

Hey folks,

One of the things we have seen a lot of questions and comments about is what we are doing about accounts which have actively participated in helping exploiters to launder their ill-gotten gains. We are actively investigating these accounts, and we are doing so just as vigorously as the exploiters themselves. In situations that we have found players not only exploited, but are then trying to hide their actions through laundering, we are increasing the severity of the action we take against them. You can see examples of the action we are taking in my previous post.

We can see that in many of these cases, accounts have not only intentionally laundered credits through their guilds and friends, but that they have sent credits and items randomly to other accounts in an attempt to throw off our data. If you received credits or items through trade or in-game mail, and you feel that they were sent to you from someone who likely exploited, leave the items/credits alone. Don’t try to return them or send them to other accounts.

Additionally, feel free to PM me your information:

  • Character name and server
  • What you received

For users that we can identify as being unintentional recipients, they will have the items/credits stripped, it is unlikely further action will be taken.

Thanks everyone.


By Dulfy

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568 replies on “SWTOR Item Stack Resale Exploit Update”

So now we have 500 or so less people queing for OPS, FPS, Warzones etc. Very smart BW. Keep up the good work. I really don’t care who exploits or why. Because it does not affect me in one bit.
By the way BW, why don’t you ban yourself for not fixing all the problems with this game before you take on anymore problems.

Good, 500 fewer people who are quite possibly going to ninja loot, shit talk, or exploit the game. The salt you’re putting out makes me think you were one of the unlucky ones who didn’t get banned, but instead lost everything. If not, what’s it matter — that’s 500 player accounts globally, not 500 players. Many of those folks I bet used Sock Accounts and laudered their shit to their main account.

I’m honestly more happy BioWare finally sacked up and unloaded that Banhammer, maybe exploiting won’t be so damned rampant in the future when the threat of a real punishment exists.

It does affect you. it destroys the economy. Also most of those people are not actually players but people selling gold or people who made fake accounts to fund their main account

That is an exploiters point of view. People who only care about themselves assume they don’t have negative effects on the people around them. If you generate 500million credits, and buy everything your greedy little heart desires, it effects availability. And our GTN barely understands supply and demand as it is, so suddenly less of the big ticket items, cranks the price. Akk dogs started at 5-8 mil on my server, they are 30-35 now. Screw exploiters. 500 less selfish assholes queueing to participate in the things I am trying to enjoy? Let em burn.

They do this instead of reversing the stupid nightmare mode loot change. Good job BW, keep your priorities wrong and your incompetence high!

I abused the exploit to max out influence with companions because this whole Alliance system is a gimmick to keep us grinding solo content so we won’t ponder the fact that BioWare said they never wanted to make us wait for new PvE content back when DF and DP were the only things worth running for a year and a half or more…and then recycling that content for us to drudge through yet again.

I’m fine with them resetting that influence if they feel the need to, but if all of my legitimately (IE not exploited) earned credits are gone when I log back in from my suspension, I will be quitting the game. I tank around 5-10 group finder operations weekly. That alone may not have a huge impact on the game, but I’m sure there will be others following suit. The punishment definitely doesn’t fit the crime.

Yeah a friend got a 3 day ban and BEFORE the exploit had approx 100 mil credits thanks to his love of playing the Gtn (buy low priced items that could sell higher, resell and make profit) and when the exploit came about; he used it to max out the grindfest that is the alliance, not sell anything on the gtn or earn credits. In 3 days if they have removed his legit earned creds, he too is unsubbing and I suspect there will a lot more in this situation which is not good for the game.

Justifying exploiting based on being angry with game – check
I’m too important to have a punishment and the game will feel my absence- check

Because when people rob a bank, the punishment is just to return what they took. Anything else is excessive.

Didn’t rob a bank, I didn’t make any money off of what I did. I basically just went above the speed limit to get to a place I was going to get to anyway…faster.

Yeah, being late is fine. Hence the suspension. The cop doesn’t have the right to empty your bank account regardless of how much is in it.

Oh? I’m not sure where you’re from, but here in the United States cops aren’t allowed to take your debit card and empty out your bank account for going 20 miles over the speed limit.

The speeding thing was just an analogy-you agreed that Bioware would have this right when you signed the ToS. (And we all know that the USA is full of savages anyway, so saying ‘here in the US’ like your proud of it doesn’t do you any favours.

I know right? Isn’t it great? I swapped over to FF14 haven’t looked back since.

It really is. I’ve used my free time to eat hella noms, drink some drankey dranks, and blast the phattest beats this side of the Missouri River.

BioWare certainly does. If you’re not willing to pay the fine, don’t cheat. Having credits, currency, and influence set to zero is getting lucky. That you’re trying to weasel out of it and blame the game just shows the type of scumbag you are.

You cheated. Your attitude towards cheating shows that you’ve learned nothing, regardless of whatever the punishment happens to be. Hopefully you’ll get a permanent ban, the game will be better off with your cheating ass.

In game creds only have real world value if you actually spent money on them….you didn’t buy your creds did you? Hmmmmm?

They’ve made more than enough warnings and threats about punishments increasing. Everyone knew the risks involved. Cant do the time, don’t do the crime

I’d rather they permanently banned my account than waste my time and theirs, thinking I’d want anything to do with their game after being manhandled like highway robbery.

And I live in America, I have the right to defend myself. Deal with it.

Translation: “I’m still a scumbag who thinks he was justified in cheating.”

Reality check, bud, you aren’t justified. You cheated, now you can’t handle the possibility of being caught and being punished.

First off, I love the name calling. You think you’re on some sort of moral high ground here and that gives you the right to demean others…very civil and mature. I hope you get far in life treating people like that.

Secondly, I never claimed to be justified. I understand what I did was in violation of the game’s agreement. If they decide this is a just course of action then that is the prerogative. But if you’re going to take away everything I earned because of one mistake that hurt nobody (because I wasn’t inflating the game’s economy, so this impacted you and every other player exactly 0%), you may as well put the bullet in the head instead of leaving what’s left as a withered up shell.

He IS on he moral high ground…

And when you signed the ToS you agreed to any punishment they deem fit.

“She”, but I don’t expect the cheater to understand this sort of thing. Given Blackstar’s responses it seems like he thinks this is some “victimless crime” and should therefore be exempt from punishment. He seems to be using just about every excuse possible, even blaming it on the game, to avoid culpability.

I would like to know how, in this specific instance of someone getting their companions to max affection, this affects you. Who is the victim here?

It’s a multiplayer game, for starters. Everyone who plays by the rules is immediately set back by someone who’s cheating.

But how? I asked for specifics. One person’s companions and alliance do not directly affect another’s, so how does this specific instance affect others?

“The point is that you cheated fair and square. You got further in the game through an unjust action. this effects everyone in the game who plays by the rules. there is a morality behind those who play the game and once you start bending or breaking the rules the spirit of the game is broken. Sure you may not have “hurt” anyone else in doing this, but first whats to stop you from cheating again, and second whats to stop you from doing even more next time? The answer is swift and just punishment. For everyone else who has gained what you did by cheating the way it was meant to be has been cheated themselves because you took a short cut. Therefore what you are arguing has ZERO merit.”

Let’s use this hypothetical:
There are two PvPers.
Both want to finish all alliance and companion affections.
One cheats, while one does not.
The cheater therefore has more time to PvP, get more comms, loot, valor, cash, etc.
Also, a lot of people were using this exploit to get more money-this wrecks the game economy.

To which are you referring?
If you are referring to your “it destroys economy” post, then please explain how. Again being angry is never an excuse for lacking a legitimate argument.

I understand what you are saying, but your argument fails to answer my question. Here is why. What you are saying amounts to that someone was able to get somewhere that requires a grind faster than someone else, which is unfair. Here is the problem with that line of thought. This can be applied to someone gearing up in 224s faster because they have more alts than someone else. Or saying someone is able to grind more because they have more time to play. Now I know what you will say, 1 is an illegitimate way and 2 are legitimate. This is true but all 3 lead to the same thing, which is one person having something another doesn’t. At the end of the day, this is what makes people angry, whether they will admit it or not. If an exploiter did not sell or profit from said exploit other than gaining influence, then there is no actual direct harm done to other people.

yes but what you provide can be done within the rules of the game. What this man has done is not only outside the rules of the game, but even faster and more unfair to others

I stand by what I said. no it does not anger me if someone has more then me if they put the effort into it. I doubt many people are upset about it when people put the time and effort into what they are getting. people get upset when they get there by unjust reasons. Thus what I said is true and does effect others

Does it affect how you feel? Fine I can acknowledge that. Let me reword my statement so it is clearer. Did his actions affect you in the game at all? The answer is unequivocally no

But it did. Perhaps not noticeable. certainly not if he was the only one. but as I believe someone else posted

“Let’s use this hypothetical:
There are two PvPers.
Both want to finish all alliance and companion affections.
One cheats, while one does not.
The cheater therefore has more time to PvP, get more comms, loot, valor, cash, etc.
Also, a lot of people were using this exploit to get more money-this wrecks the game economy.”

so yes it does effect me personally in the game as well. While when it is just a single person that effect is very small it is still there

Okay. Let me try to put this another way because you seem to be conflating direct harm this perceived harm. That hypothetical is poorly conceived. Nothing is making the PvPers do the alliance grind. That is a choice both players make. If the non-exploiter wants to PvP that bad, then they can choose to do so. In no way does wanting to do the alliance grind affect their ability to PvP. I emphasize that it affects it None Whatsoever. We can now apply the failings of this hypothetical to your point as well. You knowing that others got to max affection(influence is a dumb rename for no reason) may make you angry, disheartened, sad, or , but it does not affect you in the game DIRECTLY. That is the key. People inflating or deflating the economy affects the community directly, therefore serious, but those who did this only for personal gain and never let those gains leave their account are not on this tier. Should they have been punished? yes of course, but the punishment must fit the crime. They did not affect others directly, so a suspension and removal of all gains from the exploit only is a fair punishment. Anything over that is hysteria

Also as a side note, if only these type of exploiters and not the gtn sellers existed, odds are most would not have discovered the exploit. That shows the lack of direct impact

indirect affect trickles down and effects the entire game for everyone, so no it may not affect me DIRECTLY but INDIRECTLY it affects everyone

Alright I will give you benefit of the doubt that you are just misinterpreting what I am saying. I will try to be more blunt. Someone exploiting and keeping everything that they earned from said exploit does not physically in game affect anyone at all. Period end of story. All ill gotten items stay on that character/characters and therefore does not filter out into the community to affect people. Also see my post below

I know exactly what you are saying, but what I am saying is that is a very blunt reading of the event. Looking deeper into the situation and understanding how the ethics behind such a situation can very easily lead into others, and how one person with illgotten gains in a game can cause events for others is all very relevant. I know what you are saying, I am just saying you need to look at it at a much deeper level

You keep trying to pull in other things. This isn’t some deep philosophical debate. These things can be tracked. Did someone exploit? yes or no. If yes did any items/currency gained from said exploit go anywhere but that players accounts? If no then said exploiter did not impact the community. You can read into this all you want, but these are simple facts.

Sorry I am currently in the process of writing a 20 page paper on ethics, so its kinda in me right now, but ether way I believe its valid.

I’ll do you one better. In every civilized legal system, one must prove damages in order to garner a settlement. The ethical argument shrouded in indirect damages fails the litmus test for any sort of recompense. It is a tenuous link at best…and essentially undefinable. But, this fallacy is really a sidestep on the true issue. The real issue here is that punishments should fit the crime. It’s not hard to accept the notion that various levels of exploiting deserve various levels of punishment. Arguing against that notion tells more about the person than the issue. I did not exploit. I hold no grudge towards those who did…as long as the punishment fits the crime. Accordingly, if a punishment did not fit the crime, then I would defend that person’s right to justice just as strongly as one who did not exploit at all. In short, there are multiple layers of injustice here. I’m not sure why this is such a hard concept to accept. Granted, people have a right to oversimplify things in order to fit it into their own personal, black-and-white world. But, once you take that notion and attempt to apply it to anyone but yourself, you must face the reality of the objective grey.

I would completely agree. not once did I say he deserves a perma ban, but I would say his punishment justly would be more that simply taking away influence, and that his argument against such was quite frankly lousy. What you are discussing in ways of proving damages is very true, and one I do agree with, that being said I am not looking to collect in damages. Rather BW is simply punishing (not giving to those who would claim to be affected by cheaters). So to sum up I would just say yes there was cheating, yes it needs to be punished, but fairly (any punishment should and must be more then the opposite of the crime in these situations in order to create demotivate). I do not disagree with what you have said at all. I would also say that the players that have been effected by the cheaters should not gain anything, due to as you said the damages are undefinable.That however is not to say there are no damages, simply that those who are hurt by the situation should not receive any payment for suffering through it.

Cool, but this isn’t something that goes to a civil court, its not the PEOPLE V EXPLOITERS. Its the EXPLOITERS V THE COURT. There’s not extraction of damages or exploiters would be a benefit to everyone because their gains would be shared.

Its not a grey issue — as BioWare has no cares for the reasons or motivations behind your actions, you did it or you didn’t and to what degree did you do it.

If you want a more equivalent situation than court, this is the Teenager defying their parent only to find out said parent is done giving a crap and throws their ass out on the street.

While I’ve been pointing out the fallacies in this convo using criminal charges and etc, its really not a crime, its a

“I dare you”

“Okay, go get bent muthafucka.”


lol. Justice is justice. Moving on…I think it’s safe to assume that you fall into the black-and-white crowd on this issue. And, to be clear, you have every right to begrudgingly hold onto that opinion. But, as already evidenced by the various levels of punishment, it is a grey issue…without question. The issue at hand is how many shades of grey are they willing to entertain? And, in reality, how much time are they willing to expend to make the punishment fit the crime? Sadly, I strongly suspect that if it doesn’t have to do with putting out piece meal bits of story, then not much at all.

Basically what I’m hearing from Emp, is he has no problem with a guy that works construction all his life and makes $25 an hour. But if another guy makes $25 an hour sitting at a desk job at his dad’s company, he’s a no good cheating scumbag because he didn’t earn it and has it more cushy. LOL

Uh…No. If a guy makes $25 an hour at his dads company, that’s fine. If he makes $25 an hour committing fraud, THAT’S a problem.

I didn’t commit fraud. I didn’t take money from you nor anyone else to gain what I did. I didn’t make the value of your money any less by creating money within the market that didn’t exist.

I mean technically if you’ve ever done a mission or looted credits off of a bad guy, you’re guilty of counterfeiting…which is a form of fraud. You’ve brought money into an economy where it wasn’t created before. You know, unless Bad Guy A also shops on the GTN.

That’s like saying it’s ok to just print money because you aren’t taking it from anyone else.

What a shitty comparison, that’s like saying “It’s not ok to shoot nerf bullets at your siblings, because they’re still “bullets”.”

You know what, lets quit beating around the bush and find a real world equivalent for the crime.

Everyone remember Office Space yeah? They were going to go into the transactions and shave off the fractions of a penny from every transaction and put it in their personal accounts. No one would really know, its not like the company would even notice. It seems like its not even a crime right?

Wrong, its a type of Fraud called Salami Slicing, and people have been charged with Fraud more than once in recent history by committing crimes in this manner.

The Victim likely would not have noticed this theft, most times they’re not. But when they’re found out.

So yes, you did commit fraud, if this were more serious, it’d be counterfiet to be completely honest — which almost always come with the additional charge of Treason. Your point about everyone having done it is false, as the things you listed — are intended sources of income.

There’s no if and but howabout letmeputitanotherway kind of deal here, you did something, you absolutely knew was wrong, and didn’t expect the punishment that came with it. As Emp puts it down below — you gain an advantage and thus negatively effect me because I still have to do this tedious shit if I want the same results while you get to loller off to do something fun.

eh.. no. what I am saying is I have respect for the construction worker, but the guy who hacked into his bank account and placed enough money in there so he doesn’t need to work.. I have a problem with that guy.

As we’ve already discussed, nobody here “hacked” any money. I didn’t create credits out of thin air, and I didn’t “hack” someone else’s credits to do it either. What I did affected nobody else at all in any way, shape, or form.

I saw a way to personally advance myself without directly or indirectly harming another soul, and I’m being treated like I’m the guy that caused the Great Depression of SWTOR.

Basically your gripe is that someone found a way to lose weight that didn’t involve diet or exercising, and you’re mad that you didn’t also take advantage of it.

“I cheated and am going to have my account destroyed, and you’re all mad that your accounts aren’t going to be destroyed as well!”

you did make credits out of thin air.. that’s why it is cheating.. Furthermore I have already discussed how your actions hurts the entire community, even if you claim it does not. Lastly while that last point is.. different I think most people would agree that you appreciate your body more if you loose weight by yourself.although that is a different topic.

Yep and if that’s the decision they come to, so be it. If they take away everything I earned over the last 3 years of playing the game because of one mistake that is within their right. But the logic is dumbfounding. You may as well just put the account on ice after that.

I’m not complaining. I’m merely stating that their methods are cruel and unusual punishment. Just kill the account, don’t cut off its leg and expect it to get up and fetch your paper for you again.

you could just not play anymore.. they give you the choice to continue playing with your legacy and character levels.

You can’t handle being called a cheater? Because you are. You can’t handle being called a scumbag? Because you’re that too.

And you are claiming you’re justified, you say it right in your first post: ” abused the exploit to max out influence with companions because this whole Alliance system is a gimmick to keep us grinding solo content so we won’t ponder the fact that BioWare said they never wanted to make us wait for new PvE content back when DF and DP were the only things worth running for a year and a half or more…and then recycling that content for us to drudge through yet again.”

If you didn’t think that this somehow justifies your actions, you wouldn’t have trotted out this lame ass excuse. Which too, makes you a giant scumbag.

I’m so sorry that a cheating scumbag can’t handle being called out on his shit.

Sure there is. My actions didn’t affect you in the slightest. I didn’t make your money or your currencies worth any less because I didn’t make any money off of how I went about it.

It’s amazing how much you people are out for blood though. It reminds me of the old Salem witch trials really. Someone did something you don’t like, even if it had no impact on your life, so you yourself feel justified in condemning them.

Fun fact: The only practicing witch in Salem went ‘Jesus is my saviour’ and fucked off to the next village. The difference here is we’re not going after the falsely accused-we’re going after genuine scumbags.

Thats not the point behind the matter. The point is that you cheated fair and square. You got further in the game through an unjust action. this effects everyone in the game who plays by the rules. there is a morality behind those who play the game and once you start bending or breaking the rules the spirit of the game is broken. Sure you may not have “hurt” anyone else in doing this, but first whats to stop you from cheating again, and second whats to stop you from doing even more next time? The answer is swift and just punishment. For everyone else who has gained what you did by cheating the way it was meant to be has been cheated themselves because you took a short cut. Therefore what you are arguing has ZERO merit

“Yeah well, that’s just like, your opinion man.” -The Dude

In all seriousness, I’m with them removing credits earned through the exploit. I’m with them banning people that inflated the economy to absurd levels. But basically what you’re doing, is slapping the word “cheater” on everyone and justifying the same punishment across them all.

Are you from Saudi Arabia? Because I know over there everyone that breaks the law is a “criminal” and has a limb removed. Doesn’t matter if they stole a candy bar or raped a dozen women and then slit their throats.

You really like that adjective, don’t you? Call me whatever you want toots, I hope it helps you sleep better at night. πŸ™‚

A spade is a spade, A cheater is a cheater. And your behaviour and conduct on this issue, especially with this response, show that yeah, a scumbag is a scumbag.

As I said, call me whatever you want. I only posted this to see how much vitriol I could stir up. And boy did I ever! You’ve given me a lot of laughs with your holier-than-thou zealotry lady.

I take solace knowing that whether or not I exploited in Star Wars (because who actually tells the truth on the Internet?), that my life is infinitely better than yours because I don’t get roped into other peoples’ drama.

Sounds like something someone would say after they understood they were completely in the wrong and deserve what they get. I accept your acknowledgment of scumbagedness and agree to move on to enjoy the game that is SWTOR. Oh wait.. you cant..

That’s what all internet scum say when they realise they’re completely in the wrong and that there’s no way out.


Also, I say it because it’s true, not because I need a way out. The way out is a big red X button on the upper right corner of my screen, or CTRL+F4 if I just want to close the tab. The thing about Internet trolling is…at the end of the day I don’t really care what you think or feel. So long as I push your buttons, I’m the winner!

‘Pushing my buttons?’ Not really. I’m the one getting satisfaction from the fact that you’re going to lose everything you worked for at the game.

yet i still see you defending your actions.. bit strange. anyway, I have been doing this while play swtor which has been fantastic by the way, so really this is just entertainment on top of entertainment.

That’s okay. πŸ™‚ I don’t need to play it. I already killed all of the bosses of EV, KP, EC, TfB, SnV, DF and DP on nightmare difficulty at level, and Rav and ToS on hard mode at level.

I already beat the game so if there’s no reason to be upset. How’s SWTOR going for you anyway? Running around on fleet with Wings of the Architect that you had to purchase from a high end raiding guild?

No, running around on Dread-Seeded Rancor I won the roll on when my raiding team beat Dread Palace.
(Actually I use the Red Sphere mount because the rancor is ugly, but you see my point).

Beat DF NiM about a dozen times, but someone else always won the roll sadly.

Dread-Forged Rancor. You would know that if you had spent long periods of time trying to kill NiM Council to get it

Dread-Seeded Rancor? Did they turn Lucky into a mount? That doesn’t drop in Dread Palace though numpty. Johnny Grob’thok drops from DP.

You knew what I meant-stop trying to be pedantic in an attempt to distract people from your cheating scummy ways.

sooo… i think what you are saying.. is that you did cheat and this is not a troll?? and its going well I am bring my last toon to end game content, then I will start on a new server.

Well you didn’t deny buying Wings from a group of players that are better than you. That answers my question. πŸ™‚

So you got something (Wings) you couldn’t get legitimately through hard work and determination? I’d say that’s an exploit, you exploited the mechanics and difficulty of the operations content to your own end to get something you wanted.

Even though it hurts no one to have Wings of the Architect, they should probably remove those from your account, along with all of your credits since you didn’t down the content with your own raid team.

In this scenario I would be paying a raid team for their service through a method agreed to be acceptable via the community and the game creators.. so completely different. and it would be through hard work and determination I even had the credits to pay them for such an item, again through the accepted mechanics of the game.

Even if he DID buy the wings, he still had to run the actual raid. (And buying Wings is perfectly legit. Even if it isn’t as good as winning a roll, it’s still better than cheating).

realise* I’m sorry that in your narrow corner of the world, you don’t know how to spell.

I’m glad, though, that on top of cheater and scumbag, you’ve decided to add “liar” to your resume.

“because I don’t get roped into other people’s drama.”

Yet, he still feels the need to keep responding to everything. Hahahaha.

Roped, skewered, and served up with an apple in his mouth.

“Must have hit her pretty close to the mark, to get her all riled up like this, huh kid?”

He’s defending himself. So what you’re saying he has no right to defend himself?

Man…I’d hate to see you have any power in life.

I’m sorry officer I only stole a little money to further my ends. either way you pay more than what you take. That is how you learn.

Paying a little more is not the same as “paying everything you’ve earned within the lifetime of this thing’s creation”.

you have earned countless titles, accomplishments, unlocks. if they don’t ban your account you keep all that hard work My guess for you they would take away influence and your money, so yes in comparison to what they COULD take that really would be just a little.

By America you mean North or South? Also, what makes you think people do not have the right to defend themselves in the rest of the world? Finally, do you think you’re really free in ‘murica? You’re not. Deal with it.

As an extremely patriotic American (United States) I find things like this to be extremely insulting.

Oh America is great. Both continents that have this name. It’s some of its people, especially in the United States that ruin it for the others.

Beyond those who exploited and unsub for losing creds or influence, more subs will quit anyway after Feb when they see how the much bragged about “Choices matter” is once again full of shit and worthless in chapter 10 just as it was in past chapters and realise there is nothing to do but years old shit in swtor in between waiting for 20 min chapters per month that will no doubt blow out to being released every 6 to 8 weeks.

I know I won’t. I enjoy this game even without the negative Nancies who try to convince every other person to quit.

While I wont cuss about it like he did, and I have posted my thoughts respectfully and stated that I am not trying to bitch, that I am just genuinely saddened by the state of the game that I still WANT to be a part of, I completely agree with Magnum. I already stopped both the GF’s sub and my own, and neither of us have desire to play rehashed content over actual new games and content.

If they go back to being an MMO and start adding content, both of us will be back in a heart beat. Till then I will be logging in once a week to check in with my buddies and run an old op, because I love the people I play with. I just wish there was more enjoyable content.

But sure, I am just a negative nancy, a whiner, etc etc. *shrug*

I for one hope you lose everything-you’re a dirty cheating scumbag who gives the game a bad rep.

You knew the risks.

Opinions are not truth. Sure he may have done something wrong, does that make him a douchebag? Only in your opinion, last time I checked opinions don’t count as fact unless you live in a society ruled by the thought police.

What other discourse is there to have? You dun fucked up, we don’t care about you because you dun fucked up. Equating this to a speeding ticket is an understatement, Assault and Battery or Armed Robbery is far more equivalent.

I can be Civil. But do I really need to be? No.

The game gives itself a bad rep by allowing exploits like this to make it past a test server due to a rushed release. You are obviously white knighting a little too hard there kiddo, there are more things killing this game than the players.

Translation: “I cheated because I’m a scumbag who can’t be arsed to play the game the same as everyone else. Now I’m going to complain about getting caught because cf. scumbag.”

Back when chair exploit was live, I got curious and exploited myself 4,5 mil credits. Got banned and Bioware removed all my cash (30+ legally earned credits) and all items in the mail, which could be sold for ~40-50 mils. I expect that this time they would do the same, but with both credits and influence.

Beyond the 500, let’s see how many who used the exploit but got temp banned stay subbed if bw are resetting their alliance/comp influence. The grind is god awful enough and batshit boring as it is. I know I have no plans doing it on my alts. Would hate to have to start over if I got into this situation. Given the content drought, I would probably walk too.

On a side note, I wonder if Bioware would have the balls to permban Dulfy if she used it given all the work she does for bw on this site?? ;p

No one forces you to do all this grind by the way. There are literally more than 20 different things you can do in this game instead of gaining affection with companions.

So we agree that you’re a sadist and enjoy other’s suffering. Glad to know I don’t have to take anything you say from here on in seriously (not like I ever would).

Well, considering you’re either a sockpuppet, a troll, or a moron (or all three!), it’s not like anyone is taking YOU seriously either.

Cool. Glad to see we can resort to name calling as a last line of defense. If you think that the fact that you would openly enjoy the suffering of others is a troll despite you admitting it, you’re either mentally stunted or just plain psychotic.

Whats funny is that his mindset is the exact same as the exploiters.Translation for the ant post: I would have exploited for fun If I a) Knew how to do it and b) had the comms

So nothing you say holds any weight because you have been mentally compromised, good to know. (not like I was worried, never took you seriously anyways)

*Sigh* You really are stupid aren’t you? Well, your 66 total upvotes compared to my near-2000 should be enough for you to see who people agree with more-or hell, just look at this very thread!

LOL THIS IS A POPULARITY CONTEST NOW? Man and I thought here I was desperate for arguing with a profligate.

I’ve only been posting on Disqus for the last 5 months btw. πŸ™‚ I don’t care if people like me, just because someone likes you doesn’t make you right.

What the simple minded people calling for permabans on everyone who participated don’t realize is that this will effect everyone in a negative way. If these 500 plus accounts are subscribers then that means less participants in group content. Then you have the people leaving because of the nightmare loot. Then you have people leaving due to the lack of new content coming out. In an MMO less is not better. Less is worse for everyone. Many other games shut down to prevent exploits and if Bioware actually cared they would have shut down all the vendors until they fixed it. People would be upset but this circus of a mess would have never happened.

PS i did not exploit but would have due to boredom if i knew how to do it.

Cheaters should not be tolerated. Period. I doesn’t matter if they are subscribers or not. It doesn’t matter if they fuck off to some other game. They cheated. If you can’t understand that and you want to excuse their cheating behaviour, maybe you should fuck off to some other game too.

What are you a child? Every post is a fuck you to everyone that doesn’t share your opinion. I would say people like you are worse than exploiters.

Love how you guys just rant without reading. When did i disagree with Bans and punishment? I said that permabans may effect the game in a negative way. Not that they shouldn’t happen. READ

You seem to be. What part of “cheaters should not be tolerated” is difficult for you to understand? Is it the cheaters? Is it the not?

The cheating act itself is already having a negative effect on the game. Allowing them to continue, to have a slap on the wrist, or nothing at all does absolutely nothing to curb the behaviour.

Lol I still have never said I disagree with them being punished. Maybe you need to back to school so that you can learn to read and understand words.

Lol you are the one claiming to know of the amount subs. you just proved you pulled that number out of your ass.

No, I just proved that I don’t care enough to justify myself to a sockpuppet/troll/random internet person.

I have seen you claim the 2 mill number twice now, and each time I laugh at your BS. I am sorry, there are not 2 mill players, let alone subs. The above estimates of the 250-750k subs is probably high at this point, sadly. This new content lasted a couple of weeks at best for most players. There was a huge surge of players coming back, and it dropped in a hurry.

I get that you want to pretend that everything is great, but you’re being delusional.

By January 2012, 2 million box copies had been sold.
1.7 million players were currently subscribed (presumably 300k had yet to sub).

In August 2012, there was I think 800k players subbed.

Now, we know that in 2015 BW said there were 1M million active players.

If we assume that 1/4-3/4 of those players were subbed then that’s 250k-750k subbed.

I don’t know where you’re getting the 2M from.

you know how this works mate, proof and link to that proof of your claim of 2 mil subs
if you cant do this or cant be arsed to provide it then i will know that you just talk out of your ass.

Now if they’re really tricky they’ll watch those they didn’t ban very carefully and see who gets scared and suddenly decides to spend all their credits and coms so they don’t lose them from a ban. That would be a bit of a giveaway that they’d exploited on another account and passed it on.

What I find really disgusting about this is that compared to the coratanni exploit punishments, this is like a holocaust, but this is over credits and companions, which are as far as I and a lot of people are concerned, extremely tertiary. The fact that over 50 times more people were perma-banned alone for this than the raid exploit shows just how backwards bioware and the general community are.
In addition, taking a players entire earnings, instead of just what they earned illegitemately seems more like a solution to the fact they cant properly track items for shit.

It’s a bit of an escalation to go from a few thousand 24h suspensions with no confiscations, to this though. I’m fine with exploits being punished, after all, shit’s dumb and unfair to the larger community, but a part of me can’t help but feel that they didn’t punish the cora exploiters as hard cause at the time the game was in pre-4.0 lull, and that would’ve been a lot of lost accounts. this time though, I think they might’ve gone too far. exploiting currency can have many different motivations, for some it was so they didnt have to worry about repairs, others might’ve wanted that one armour piece, some would’ve done it for their guild for ships and so on. but generally it would’ve been a very small minority doing it explicitly to upset the ingame economy, which by no means anyone should respect, it’s a goddamn shambles. compare those motivations to people selling a raid lockout for infinite top tier loot and shortcutting months of progression and gearing.

tl’dr punishing exploiters is fine, but the punishment should fit the severity of the crime, and this went well beyond what could be deemed reasonable or just

The 24 hour suspensions were a couple of exploits ago (Ravagers iirc). We had three day bans and removal of achievements 2 exploits ago, then with the last exploit they started doing permbans and credit removal and item removal.
Basically, Bioware kept saying that if people kept exploiting they would start banning people. Removal of all credits is basically one step from a permban.

If you don’t mind me asking, what were the exploits between ravagers and this? As far as I know, the cora/Ravagers ones were the last.

There was the Ziost exploit (getting to a new area and getting loot/titles/achievements before release)-that was when they said they were going to start ramping up punishments (with extra punishments for those who exploited before-meaning those who got permbanned/all credits lost THIS time are likely previous exploiters).

Then there was the ‘Chair exploit’, where people were buying stacks of 99 of the ‘Temple Chair’ decoration, then selling them back for 10 times the purchase price-that was when permbans and credit losses started (again, worse punishments for thise who previously exploited).

Since when does the motivation of why someone would use an exploit play a part? Really? So getting credits for guild ships and armor pieces and repairs should for some reason be less punishable than shortcutting months of progression? WHY. Why do you care what gear other people have but you don’t care if they have better guild ships and armor than you? And even if you do… well sorry, but not everyone agrees. I wouldn’t care AT ALL if people had an easy access to endgame gear… as it doesn’t affect my experience in this game at all. On the contrary, I do get affected by the fact that crafting mats are so expensive right now on the GTN.

And you probably wouldn’t have been complaining so much back when that raid exploit that ‘didn’t affect you’ tanked the market on all the mats either

but it did. it happened with cora, and it happened with Nefra, an exploit with zero punishment I might add.

Damn there’s some harsh players in here tonight. This could all have been avoided if they had just listened to people on the PTS. Time and again exploits are reported and they don’t listen.

What is the point of the PTS if they are going to ignore major bug and exploit reports? Six weeks sure this was the shortest time yet for BW to respond but most companies fix these issues when reported.

They probably didn’t know how to fix it till now, and released the patch with the exploit, reasoning that they could have just banned those who exploited (and who KNEW about their harsh exploit stance).

releasing broken content is fine. knowing about an exploit and not outlining punishments beforehand as a deterrent is irresponsible and short sighted.
if we had known this was gonna be punished this harsh when it was discovered, no-one would have done it.

I never exploited, hardly play anymore, but releasing the content with that exploit knowingly live, they should’ve at least outlined what they were gonna do. always people who tempt fate but considering the last mass exploit action was a bunch of one day bans, you cant really blame people for trying.

just cause i’m not poking these people with a flaming torch and pitchfork doesn’t mean i’m in with them. I haven’t even sold runs cayse I dusagree with that part of the economy.

But placing all the blame on people like blackstar when Bioware released a BROKEN product is infantile.

How ever you try to justify it, a theft is a theft. You can do it because the programing is bad-but if you can do it…it doesn’t mean you must do it. So the question remain the same; moron, stupid or idiot?

I never ok’d theft Mike. I said that there was an emvironment where this could happen and Bioware refused to protect their customer base. that’s all.
my other points were more about how vilifying every one who breaks a rule is an archaic social construct that is maintained by people needing themselves as better than others.

Of course, because your social construct means freedom to cheat, theft and braking the rules. What is next? Raping and killing for fun?

there is a large difference between creating funds using an existing exploit and raping a fellow human being. the fact that you assume that the two correlate says a lot about your belief structures and moral prejudices to be quite frank. you also forget that this isn’t the real world. there was no trial. no chance to appeal punishment. no system in place for them to return what they ‘took’.

So what, this is a game, is not real world, we can do what we whant and screw the others? What you do here reflects what you are outside, or what you want to be outside and can’t. I pity you.

so you’re fine with what amounts to be thrown on the street and having everything taken from you because you maybe exploited 400k or something to buy an item on the gtn? punishment should fit the crime, but swinging a banhammer this heavy, at this many people, is just stupid and you should realise that.

I don’t want the pity of someone who is happy to watch others lose literally 4 years of earnings because bioware didn’t outline their own punishment guidelines or ficx the issue before it went live

You really are an idiot…so BWA must say; If cheat hard, you are out. If cheat medium, 2 weeks. If cheat 400k 2 days?????? REALLY? IS NO CHEATING IDIOT!

they already change the punishment based on severity Mike, why couldn’t they just gave the baseline at a lower amount is all i’m saying. hell. give people a chance to return the currency even or turn themselves in to at least show they give a fuck about their community

Give the chance to return currency or turn themselves in? You really don’t get it man. They shouldn’t cheat from start! I’m playing this game from beta and never tempted to use exploits. I manage my credits and play in the limit of what i can get. There are a lot of things i wan’t to get, but no credits, no things and that is it.

so fuck everyone who breaks the law right? stole the neighbours newspaper in the morning? throw you in jail for a week and take all you belongings and clear out your bank account sounds like a good punishment. I mean, it’s not our fault the paper boy threw it onto your lawn, is it?

Be happy, they didn’t shoot you! OK, so you are one of the peoples who are cleared for all you have. Be happy you wheren’t permaban. And next time; DON’T CHEAT!

Ha. I haven’t even touched anything that could be an exploit since I started playing, also back in beta. I’ve raided seriously for a long as hell time and went out of my way to avoid the Cor/Ravagers exploits, even leaving a couple friends in bad runs just so I wouldn’t be near it. I still have all my money, almost 500mil of it, plus full endgame gear and so on and several maxed companions.

Assuming everyone who isn’t with you on this is a cheater is a fucking stupid mindset. people have all sorts of morals and ethics, hell, some even have compassion which you should look up seeing as how you like to treat those ‘beneath’ you.

LOL, ‘ I still have all my money, almost 500mil of it, plus full endgame gear and so on and several maxed companions.’ Your own words tell all.

What’s to laugh at? the fact that I made it all legitimately through raiding and selling mats on the gtn? I know it’s a hard concept for some but making larger amounts of money in this game isn’t exactly difficult. as for the rest, well, that is my word and you can choose to not believe it, but I can guarantee you, even if I was a ‘filthy cheater’, i’d still have my Deposer title and you wouldn’t.

Been a nice chat Mike, say hi to your buddies at church for me and remember to keep that shirt tucked in.

Indeed,a nice chat. Hope you get what you deserve. I’ll pray for you with my buddies at the church. And no compassion for you and the ones like you.

Wow, Mike you’re a real piece of work man. Nothing like seeing the thoughts and ideas kicking around in the heads of the type of people ruining the world.

What do you even spend that on? I tend to hover around 50 million, but ahy higher and I just spend it on cartel shit.

You don’t think Bioware was loving people buying up all the Cartel shit with the exploit to make people want to buy more to sell?

6 weeks man, took them 2 days to fix the Anniversary vendor ROFL.

It’s because Bioware have been saying for MONTHS that they’re going to take exploiters more seriously, and the punishments will be ramped up every time.

Releasing an exploit is downright lazy. Any well respected game would either deny access to the exploit until it was fixed or hot patched it immediately. This is developer issue that should be addressed before the game dies. You that excuse their shortcomings are fanboys that know nothing of how successful MMO’s work. Stop attacking the people who exploited and attack the developers that spend your money on fucking the game up.

Well, considering you’re the one giving…everyone else in this thread entertainment while we laugh at you…

I did, and I still see you standing alone, few likes here and there, no overwhelming majority screaming behind you.

You fail to realize the community is split on this, because innocent people (myself included) did get banned. Even though you refused to read my post on the matter. They did sweeping bans on ANYONE and EVERYONE, I know people who weren’t even logged in for over a month ( a friend of mine was deployed overseas), they come back and their account has a temp ban on it not even a day or so after they started playing again.

Not everyone involved in this is “scum” as you so gently put it, and you call me ignorant.

really ? you think it takes them 6 weeks to figure out how to write one line of code ? they must have hired the most inept programmers on the planet then.

I was being facetious, but yeah, I wouldn’t expect anything coming out of Bioware Austin to be written correctly lately.

Whenever they do something like this about exploits, whether here or in WoW, I always worry that I accidentally did it once without realizing it and end up getting perms-banned. Foolish, I know.

I’m pretty sure they’re going after those who made 5M or so creds, not those who accidentally sold a stack once, or even reported it. besides, if you accidentally did, it does say to PM them with your character name, server, and amount you received. they’re not doing a huge, indifferent shut down of everyone. there is some leniency in all this.

Well, considering I’ve never had more than 1m at a time (and that rarely), and that was from lucky AH sales, I guess I might be safe then. If I ever did this, it was probably I had crap left over in my legacy storage and decided “eh, might as well vendor this”. I’d have no idea what kind of money was involved though.

It’s mind blowing in the same few weeks Bioware…
– Announced they are pushing back Chapter release dates
– Lost their Lead Operation Designer/Developer/Debugger
– Confirmed the only new content Might be a pvp map that they Might start to talk about “soon”
– Confirmed they are going to spend development resources heavily on Chapter Content
– Confirmed No New Operation content is being worked on, or even thought about being thought about.
… they chose to spend a weeks worth of development time banning subscribers or removing EVERYTHING they had accumulated over their history in swtor, legit or not.

So to all those people praising Bioware for these actions, let me explain something to you… to do you exploit you needed endgame currency and a subscription. The punishment, removal of ALL credits/commendations legit or exploited. 72 hour ban to perma ban. Out of all of the people who got punished… how many do you think will re-sub next month?

“I don’t care, they are scumbags”

ok… fair opinion I suppose. Let me ask you this… who is going to pay for your future chapters?

“I pay my own sub for the content”

Ah yes, yes you do… however Bioware released the content free knowing that even though the majority of raiders and pvp’er dont do story content, their subs would cover the production cost. What do you think will happen when a large portion of that revenue they depended on to pay for said content, suddenly vanishes? I’ll tell you what happens… the good developers start leaving that game to work on project they know will be secure and around for years and then EA steps in to replace those people with people that suck every last dollar out of a game until the server go offline. Don’t believe me? Google search or ask any player that played an EA game until the servers went offline.

December 2011 – December 2015

A) the people dealing with punishing people who cheat would not be developers

B) It is better to punish cheaters then having the game go to… by not punishing them
C) I play for the story, I know many people dont, but I do as well as many others. while they may loose players who dont, we do not know their stats on all that. It is possible it is as you say, or those who are most vocal could really be a very small minority and not really effect the game
I would not say the game is dead without any real proof

Great over reaction bro. If there will be any sub dropping — it’ll be over everything else they announced, not people who exploited game mechanics for their own damn good and decided they’d brag about their billions of credits and hundreds of stacks of illgotten items.

Good ridden to the Exploiters, they knew they were gambling with their accounts when they did it, and if someone who did it unintentionally got hit by this, I’m sorry, but the health of the game is more important than the personal gains of a few bad apples on Harbinger or Jung Ma, or whatever server got hit the hardest by this.

BWA said they’d be ramping up on this, and people decided to challenge them on that and lost. I’ve got no sympathy for that. A few thousand people terminating service didn’t phase BioWare, it certainly doesn’t phase me. I mean, we are still talking about a few million subscribers here so its not like this is even a drop in the bucket, if concurrent numbers across the entire game were something more akin to Battlefront on the PC — I’d be definitely concerned.

And Hi. I’ve been through a lot of End Of Service products in my gaming career, a lot from EA too. Of course they’re not going to axe the game the moment the budget dips into the red — MMOs cost per quota grows exponentially even without new content, there is always a point where even a very vibrant MMO will cost more to maintain than made. Considering how high the initial cost for this game was — I’m surprised its still -kicking- this far along.

For everyone reading, This guy above me has no idea what he’s talking about.

I think a few million is a bit generous man. they never broke 2mil in the first twelve months, an since f2p a lot of people just sub for a month or so when they wanna do raiding and stuff. I’d say 500k is a fairly inflated estimate if we’re talking subscriber numbers, realistically looking at about 300k

Point’s really moot because we operate with incomplete info while BWA operates with near perfect info. Our numbers are essentially meaningless, and like I said above — if BWA is going to drop the hammer, I couldn’t care less if I’m not under it.

Considering BW said they break even at 500K subs, and that the game makes a LOT of money (public domain stuff-use google) it’s a LOT more than that lol.

considering they make at least as much off subs if not more off of Cartel, I think your point might need some revision. even at 500k though, this will still be a hit, losing more than 5000 people over this which is likely considering the punishments, that’s a 1% drop in subscriber income coming out of the holiday season when sales are normally low

I always assumed they needed 500k even including all the CC purchases.
And what else could they do? You can argue all you like the exploit should never have happened, but you can’t just let them get off scott-free.

And losing 5000? I don’t think that’ll happen.

They aren’t banning a “large portion”. The shitheels who are gone represent a tiny, tiny fraction of the population. You don’t have to believe that, and you probably won’t, but even if they perma-banned 10,000 players, it would be a drop in the bucket. And better for the long-term health of the game.

Anyone who gets banned for cheating, fuck them. They’re cancer cells that deserve to be carved out.

“they chose to spend a weeks worth of development time banning subscribers” …

You do realize that the folks investigating the exploiters are not the same folks who are working on story scripting, code writing or design, right? Someone working on the new warzone isn’t going to be told to drop it and go ban someone.

I can tell you now i wont resub since they removed items that were not tied to exploit at all. I wont miss this game after seeing past weeks news about this game. It looks scary next year to still invest a lot time into this game – no more.
I mean i was shocked reading how many people on Harbinger lost their items due to BW own server fail? I suspect it was actually planned rollback because they probably saw somekind big credit movements and were not able to track where it came from so rollback was best way to remove/track it.

BW is being retarded. How can you be repsonsible if someone bought an item from you with exploited credits?

At least are they giving you the item back in that case?

sorry mate, looks like it’s gonna be back to more of the old bioware:



funnily enough, no. this is a reference to the bioware social forums when dragon age 2 came out and some mass effect stuff around that time.

Forum admin named Stanley Woo would cut off and lock threads/ban forum members for any and all criticism towards their current titles at the time, he’d always lock a thread with


as a sort of signature.


I put a number of really low level mats up at crazy prices on the GTN thinking maybe I’d get lucky and an exploiter would buy some of them. And what do you know… Someone did! (of course I don’t know that it was an exploiter, I’m just guessing no one else would buy low level mats at those prices)

Now however I’m afraid to even collect the credits from the successful sales mail in case it somehow gets me banned.

Man I’m glad you aren’t in charge of anything, you’d demolish a house because of a crack in one wall instead of trying to fix it.

It’s funny I see people mention ‘all the exploiters’ in this topic… But you know what I’m seeing? Not lots of exploiters. I’m seeing the same names over and over being all hardline and getting worked up wanting everyone who has so much as glanced in an exploiters direction to be punished as much as possible and no that’s still not enough they need more punishment! You people are sadists.

How about we ban everyone who has ever even used the GTN and sold something above the default price? Because in a way they’re exploiting other players. It’s an exploit! Ban them and take all their stuff! Ban everyone who has taken any damage since that patch which got rid of repair damage! Anyone who got into battle was exploiting the system by not paying repair costs! Take all their credits!

You know what? I really hope that you’re one of those innocent people who gets caught up and banned in all this. Maybe that’ll tarnish your shining image of Bioware. Or maybe it’ll make you even more hardline. Would still be satisfying to see you get a taste of what you’re so strongly trying to force on others.

Good job I haven’t done anything that would get me caught up in it then. I can sit back on my legitimate 50 million and laugh at the banned people.

Not really. It’s genuinely funny seeing cheaters get banned. (From your comments I’m guessing you’re one of them).

Considering I was only banned for 24 hours for mistakenly buying someone’s gifts off the GTN (yeah you know everything don’t you bucko, let’s see you Patronus this one). I found no harm to me personally besides Bioware doing a shitty indiscriminate banning spree. The game has been out for years now the least they could do is make their method of punishment more refined.

Just because I’m mad at Bioware for making shitty decisions and running the company even worse, doesn’t mean I condone cheaters. The fact that you’re white knighting a company that allows this shit to go on and let people buy up their cartel goods so the market is begging for more tells me you like being gouged by companies and love being used by people.

I am betting the vast majority of those perma-banned are the credit sellers.
Will be interesting to see how goes their credit laundering witch hunt.
If they can wipe out those few a-holes who spread their ill-gotten billions across fake accounts, that will help the overall economy.
Getting involved with those who used their guilds to launder could get pretty sticky.

Considering that well known guilds were standing by the companion gift vendors on multiple instances, I bet that you are wrong.

The hate against exploiters is childishly pathetic, I really don’t understand. You must be the same types of people who are so concerned with what other people do that you froth at the mouth like rabid idiots, even when their actions have no impact on your life. I avoided the exploit because I don’t want to get banned, but to act like some moral line was crossed is INSANE, you are out of your minds people.

Cheating is cheating is cheating… if you want to cheat, play a single player game, do what you like. No impact on my life? Maybe… but on my game? no, not at all, not even a little bit.

how is any of this cheating ? you’re not harming the experience of other players in any way and you’re not giving yourself a competitive edge in PvP.

A companion’s influence affects how effective they are while accompanying you and improves crit their time spent on crafting/gathering missions as well.
While most people should have their favorite companion relatively close to 50 by now and thus shouldn’t give exploiters an edge in PvE, it’s the crafting part that gives people with a roster of maxed influence companions an unfair advantage over the rest of people.
You may not think it, but most exploits will have an effect on the economy, indirectly if not directly.

There are dozens of posts in this thread about how, yes, it’s doing both of those things.
And it’s cheating because the Terms of Service which the cheaters signed says it’s cheating. Agree with it or not-when they signed the ToS they agreed not to use exploits like this.

People like to feel morally superior when little or no effort on their part was involved. It’s like rooting for your favorite team at a sports game.

Revealing from your perspective. Most people, in a shared experience, simply like to feel they are playing on the same level playing field as the other people in the game. That’s the angle I come to it from.

Nah, I just don’t get worked up either way. People are allowed to have their viewpoint on the matter, being vindictive towards others about it is another matter.

well, with “text” there is no inflection other than the one you read into it yourself… so how worked up someone may be tends to be in your head and not necessarily real.

Wording, reply time, use of punctuation, etc, can all be used to infer tone.
for instance:
radical. bans. wooh.
Radical! BANS! WOOOOH!

but also informed by technology… the amount of times someone is posting using a one handed tippy tappy phone screen without using emotes, punctuation etc… likewise, misjudging CAPS as simply a typo rather than intended… 6 of one…

Desiring a punishment to go beyond that of which is given is pretty vindictive. Some posts I have read have called for lawsuits on people in real life. It’s sort of sad really to see people react that way over a video game. If it really means that much to you, I think that you might need help (figuratively speaking, not directed towards you).

I am a firm believer in karma however so my viewpoint might be a tad skewed.

Considering that it will inevitably end yes. Attaching yourself in such a way to a temporary substance is harmful not only to yourself but to others as well.

is this in relation to the comment I made about “does it being a ‘video game’ make it any less valuable?” An experience is an experience… whether its a football match, a rollercoaster ride, a 2hr movie, a meal, a book, a board game.. and yes a video game… its all just temporary dude. Hell, life is temporary, doesn’t mean we don’t give a shit.

Then get mad at the indiscriminatory method of punishing people.

Also you can contest that if that actually happens to you…

As someone who has been banned incorrectly (and yes, re-instated with an apology) in the past, I know πŸ˜€
They are often slow to act, because when they do act they like to be clear and definitive, based on knee-jerk mistakes they have made in the past.

Their exploit had an effect on my gameplay. So yes, I am happy action is being taken against them. I will give you two quick examples:

1) Because of their infinite credit, they were able to purchase all the high end crafting mats off the GTN, driving the price up really high for the rest of us.

2) Because they were able to max out companion affections, crafters were able to crit on their crafting a lot, which meant they drove the price of those items down.

Which meant, the rest of us who worked hard and ran HM OPs or spent time learning high-end crafting item were now at a disadvantage as cost of mats went up for us, and our profit for items shot way down, messing up the economy for us.

This has been going on for weeks, you should be mad at Bioware as well. I mean not even after they shut down that vendor it only took them a day to rectify the anniversary vendor. That should really rustle your jimmies.

but see what you’re doing right now is grouping them up as a single entity.
that’s fine if you wanna work out who exploited and who didn’t, but you can’t do that if you wanna see the impact some had. the money almost certainly went everywhere, and a lot of peoplem would’ve just levelled comps to save time and have them at max, not necessarily to craft.
also what skidblade said. resting all the blame on the players is silly if this was known about on PTS before the patch even hit.

was it known about on PTS? Why didn’t those players say explicitly what the issue was then? I think I know why. From what I’m aware of, they’ve had to piece this together to work out what has been going on. Happy to be wrong though πŸ˜€

assuming bioware are benevolent is pretty funny man. I was on the 3.0 PTS and after 7 weeks of discussion about balance and bug reporting in the guardian/juggernaut tanking thread, we got a single dev response 3 days before close saying they never got round to reading our thread.
Bioware are notorious for shipping broken content, cora and all the main bugs and exploits in 3.0 were extremely prevalent on the PTS and from what i’ve heard the same holds true for 4.0.
Often it’s a time issue where they can’t figure out how to fix it, but they should’ve at least said don’t do this or you’re losing your account, hell, they could’ve made the punishment harsher since they forewarned people, i’m sure the torches and forks mob here would’ve loved that.

but was it known on the PTS prior to launch? And was the method told to BW? That’s the point… not a case of how to fix… but WHAT to fix.

And ofc they are benevolent, they are just people. What is it you think they are???

there are other, much earlier comments on this article saying just that. and i’m inclined to believe them.
it’s all cool that you want 100% proof, but honestly, out of the swtor community and Bioware, siding with the lesser evil in these affairs might be wiser, Bioware have on multiple occasions ignored game breaking issues just so they don’t admit fault, only correcting them when they became game breaking enough to warrant mass outcry,

Is it an either/or situation? Personally, I don’t side with anybody… I see a situation, try to find out as much as I can about it and then make a judgment.
This game is an incredibly complex environment with many millions of artefacts, problems/issues WILL occur (if you don’t like this, then, frankly, stop using computers) however also tbh IF I had so little faith in this company of people, I’m not sure I’d be playing their game.
“Fault” is something to be discussed in post-implementation and annual reviews, which I am sure it will be… and no, I don’t expect any player to be informed of any action taken. It seems often on the one hand people think EA/BW are some conspiratorial, money-grabbing mega-corp and on the other hand a bunch of hack developers who cant organise shit… simply cannot have it both ways. People will lose their promotions, jobs, bonuses etc over this kind of thing. Your game time is their job, never forget that.

And to be utterly clear… when you say “lesser evil” – I literally have no idea who you are talking about. Seriously.

some tiny corrections:
“The hate against so called Real Life exploiters is childishly pathetic.You must be the same types of people who are so concerned with what
other people do that you froth at the mouth like rabid idiots, even when
their actions have no impact on your life. I avoided the real life exploit
because I don’t want to get jailed, but to act like some moral line was
crossed is INSANE, you are out of your minds people.”

… How 1 or 2 tiny words can reveal what assholes people can be.

If you truly believe that exploiting has no effect on what everyone else does, what they are able to do in game or doesn’t affect how the game continues forward then you really are clueless.

Things like this are what totally screw the economy with prices on GTN and in-game trades. They may not seem like a big deal to you – they are an even bigger deal to others who get totally jacked up because of trade and economy in a living, breathing entity such as this game. And yes, I use that term with an online MMO that has a player driven revenue system in place, for that very reason.

Not to mention the amount of real money Bioware made on sales of Cartel Market items that were bought again to sell to the people who immediately bought up their stock once 4.0 (it has been around since then) went live. Imagine the shock that we all faced when it was 6 weeks until a fix was enacted, 6 weeks and 2 new cartel packs released (along with grand packs which were a major seller). Who do you think would turn right around and buy more? The people who had their stuff bought out by exploiters.

Wow, I haven’t even thought of that! I think you’re on to a something here. I mean 6 weeks is a bit ridiculous. And BW does strike me as a very dirty company.

K you got me all wrong, i only care when someone does something that affects ME and calling me childish is pretty lame,i am 45 and have had many ups and downs in my life i do not need some person on some internet forum calling me anything unless you can prove it.

Moral high ground? hardly i am an ex druggy and am thankful to be alive,there is things i had done that i will always regret.

Looking at your posts I think the childish remark is well deserved. Opinions in this thread though are tossed away by your type because opinions are wrong and we should only think exactly like you.

You post this and then also a post like:
“Considering that it will inevitably end yes. Attaching yourself in such a way to a temporary substance is harmful not only to yourself but to others as well.”
You might as well LIKE your own post :/

Haaa the chair exploit… Good old days. Got rancor, revan, satele,bastila..etc full set, decorations and a create o matic czerka with this exploit. Got ban 7 days, and I kept all my stuff…good old days. Now I’ too old for this . Keep hatin’ you people! I’m laughing staring at who while eating popcorn!
*Dark side powaa*

You guys are being pansies, that’s why the imps are losing the war. When has cheating ever been wrong, baron deathmark encourages it in hutball, in addition, I like to Rp, my bounty hunter’s goal is to make a lot of money and be stinkin rich. If you ask me any bounty hunter would have made the same choice.

I exploited 7 billion and I am a smuggler on pub side… I didn’t choose the smuggler life, the smuggler life chose me

One thing is crappy programming, the other is make credits out of a bug, if you see it’s a bug, the best thing to do is leave it alone, never do it till they fix it and you’re good.

The other thing is do it again and again, to make credits out of it, so then yes it’s fair enough, from a certain point of view

But it also depends on how cheap the price was. Too cheap and they might see it as laundering and people like Saint could be collateral damage.

haha i love it when they blame players for their bullshit programming mistakes; you could even counter-sue them for damages if you can convince the court you’re addicted to SWTOR or that they’re refusing you service on the basis of racism or sexism.

No, you couldn’t. You’d first have to tackle the lack of precedent in regard to busting EULAs (which absolve the developer and make YOU responsible for your own addictions and issues. Ask the family of the guy who killed himself over EQ1). That is, unless you’re using South Korea or China as a jurisdiction.

The phenomenon you cite is 20 years old. Yes, it sucks when they penalize you for using bugs they created. Similarly (but rarely seen in modern MMOs): when a bug harms players, “We’ll fix it when we get to it” but when a bug benefits the players, “servers coming down NOW”.

moneys are pointless anyway…. ravagers exploit, nefra exploit… those were the good ones. And after warnin, to those who still using the exploit? haha, hope you have all of your cash removed.

What is upsetting is when they have a bug that you lose something, and they say they will correct it and replace it, but then do not and you lose tokens, or credits…that isn’t a breach of contract. That is on you. But when they make a bug and you get something out of it, it is a breach of contract. What I’ve lost from bugs: cartel coins that I’ve bought with real money, grinded tokens from events from many events, God knows HOW many credits, and all of this stuff they would say they would replace all of it if I would have patience….I did, and then another rep would come in and take all that back! Isn’t that a breach of contract too? So do 2 wrongs even it out? ESP if on my end I lost a LOT more, considering I lost real MONEY?! And all this way before there was ever a breach of contract done on my end?

I know I did wrong, but come on “No New OPS?!” Only RPG content coming out…I love to grind and all, but that is ALL I do anymore, or spam Priority ops, and do you know what it is like to do KP HM 4-6 times a week? I did that shit years ago! It wasn’t that much fun than and it isn’t NOW! If it weren’t for the group of friends in my guild now, I wouldn’t be playing this game anymore. If one were to leave, I’d leave. We are 9-10, and they are a trip! But without any hope of this game getting a real endgame upgrade, I can’t see this game lasting much longer, and that is really sad to me.

Yeah, it’s ok to exploit since you were board. It is their fault for not giving you a new OP. You are totally justified……

I should add that in the past few days Fall Out 4 has been a Blast, and it is the opposite of what I’m used to playing!

You realize that you are a troll and makes bad decisions on a daily basis. At least I admitted my mistake and exactly what it was.

don’t try to rationalize your bad behavior, just admit your poor judgment and learn from it. accept whatever fair punishment (as long as it is consistent and not excessively punitive) is imposed like a man/woman, instead of acting like a spoiled child.

I think I did admit it didn’t I? I said I was being stupid?! I got affection from lvl 36-50 on 4 companions that was it! I just explained why I did it was all. I’m not acting like a spoiled kid, but explaining my side of being stupid! (edit I was bored and stupid I’m sorry! Yes boredom and stupidity don’t go well together! hehe!)

English is an interesting language. You can say pretty much anything, with all the best intentions, and undo it all with the word “but”.

I have a million dollars just for you, but….I ate it.
I saved all those orphans from the fire, but…I ate them.
I know I killed all those people, but….I ate them.

I think I lost my point in there somewhere. People and money are delicious. Oh yeah…now I remember. when you use a caveat like “but”, it pretty much invalidates all your other words. Might as well have not even said em.

Okay maybe I do confuse people with how I say things….I know I was wrong, I was bored. I was stupid, there was a small part of me that had some kind of twisted justification to doing this. But if the punishment fits the crime I will gladly take it but if it is too excessive as I didn’t make credits off it, I didn’t gain anything but affection (take it away IDC-don’t take what I used scrap to get, as I used cartel coins to get all that, and that I used money to get-I don’t even care about the affection I used from the Grade 1-5 crap I had stocked for years to get the other comps up, that wasn’t hard to get, and I still have stacks of that those gift things) than FINE, but if they take something away that I used cash to get than that is beyond excessive.

Given it costs 20-25M to get a companion to 50, buiyng gifts, your 4 only companions are around 100M. No, you did nothing wrong.

Actually it doesn’t cause I’ve never bought off gtn, a “grinder” does just that grinds on many toons gets them that way! Also if u collect scrap and trade iy in for consumables ud have tons of droids at 50 on a ton of toons in the first day as I did! Along with companion tokens! So no ur wrong again sadly, and me telling them what comps i got from 36-50 and even saying feel free to take them to 0 i think was fair! And I’d hope no one was stupid to spend that much on comp gifts, that seems insane for 1 gift seriously were ppl spending that much for 1 gift? It takes 2 mins to run 1 heroic and u get a gift! And comms! Anyways point was game was dead i was bored and needed the push to leave. Along with a loy more others, why do u think only battlefront was advertised with the movie and not tor? Sad fact but true.

That would be too much trouble-they’d have to reset all class quests etc, and that would be a way for characters to get multiple exclusive titles (e.g. a Bounty Hunter with Homewrecker + other stuff).

Judging by the amount of exploiters admitting to their actions and flaming everyone in this thread, Bioware must be hitting back hard on this one. Good for them.

Yup they want to get rid of many people and loose more subs πŸ™‚
Why else they removed more items actually that were not in that email list. This is confirmed btw that they removed randomly different items on many accounts that had absolutely nothing to do with exploit. They did well yes, will see how next year will be for this game

No one I know had any items removed.

The game is in trouble, but not because of this. And you’re one seriously entitled child if you believe you should be allowed to openly cheat because you pay fifteen bucks a month. The amount of money they stand to lose via lost cartel market sales due to over-availability is far greater than any loss they might sustain from a handful of whining children deciding to use daddy’s credit card on something else.

Glad they are banning them,i hope everyone that made a mil or more is banned and all associated accounts.

And to those claiming “I sold creds and made real money”

Prove it,,i know for a fact you are lying,,all it is ,is a way of trying to get one over (so you think) in an immature way,,you got away with squat,at the very least part and take it like a man,not that you are one you little exploiter,,but you can recall all your toons you spent countless hours on now gone,good for you lol.

I can’t prove it because I didn’t use the exploit for monetary gain inside nor outside of the game, but there are credit sites out there that will buy your stuff through PayPal. Hell when I quit WoW after Wrath, I sold my entire account for just over two grand. People will buy anything.

This is either incredibly naive or incredibly immature. Acting like someone can’t sell currency or items from an MMO in this day and age is straight mythical ostrich behavior (i.e. head in the sand).

We get it, you hate exploiters (as do most people). But this is the internet. People will take credit for ANYTHING that gets them attention, whether that attention is good or bad.

Because you know… SWTOR IS MEANINGFUL πŸ˜€
He is going to blow couple of hundred bucks for the sub and hyper-crates while he can actually buy something to his nephew that he will remember longer than some digital items…

Like a toy car that will break down within a year or a pizza?

People assign make-believe value to fleeting things all the time. If his nephew wants a cool lightsaber on his pixel Sith instead of a new toy car or whatever, who the fuck are you assholes to tell him it’s wrong and he should want the physical toy?

For one, Your mom is an asshole. That being said, you are shitface.
Meaningful in a terms that he will value more than pixelated saber in game that will eventually die one way or another. Same as SWG dieded. I asked my kid what he wants for Christmas/New Year and he said, that he don’t want anything for himself, but would love that his best friend has the same game as he does, so that they can play together (and no, its not SWTOR). See, that is priceless, meaning that at some point of his life I did something right.

Your left nut is gonna be disappointed then, it’ll still be attached come morning.

Also I think you need a better hobby as well, betting on worthless shit with worthless shit in a thread is about as low as you think I am.

The exploit was insane tho! I was able to make over 15mil credits in less than an hour. Yeah, that’s right, keep hatin. and I spent all my creds before my account got shut for 72 hours. LOLZ

They pretty much strip you of all your Comms, even Warzone comms and Gree/Rakghul/Bounty currency, as well as all credits on every toon on the account. Companion influence set to 0 on all companions. It wasnt no slap on the wrist thats for sure, a bit draconian actually. My friend did the exploit, hours before they patched it, since some moron posted a how to do it on the SWTOR forums. I told him not to do it, but he wanted to see if it worked. Day after the patch he got suspended for 3 days and his toons were all trashed pretty much, even though he only tried it once and didnt even benefit from it lol.
I think the only reason he wasnt outright banned, is cause he was a sub who buys alot of CM hypercrates. Doesnt matter either way though, he canceled his Sub lol.

“claiming more than 500 accounts have being perm banned.”

Even Dulfy doesn’t believe the things BW says these days.

The drama in this thread lol.. i will say this.. i’m one of the exploiters who got away with it.. i earned over 40 mil creds in less than 2h.. was wise enough to hide all of it in a smart way (and no i’m not discussing it how i did it).. i have enough everything to max it all 10-20 times over and i’m glad for the exploit.. so am i sorry i did it? hell no..

I started playing SWTOR the day it came out.. and solely because it was promoted as KOTOR 3. The only thing i look for in the game is story, story and more story.. so i was excited when kotfe came out and i love it.. i don’t do pvp, pve only for the story..

what i don’t like is the grind.. i don’t do crafting unless is for me nor do i sell stuff on gtn.. i hate doing pointless repetitive weekly missions or doing gtn 24/7 to earn credits.. it’s just not my thing.. i like to have fun in the game that i actually pay to play.. I will never use exploited items in a bad way tho i know economy has suffered for it cos of dumb players who don’t know how to use exploit when they see one, all of it is just for me so i can have fun without worrying.. and i’m not sorry for that, hope you can understand that. I also know and you can deny it all you want that you are all bumped cos you didn’t know about it sooner i would be too.. and i don’t get the players whose sole purpose is to accumulate more and more credits and there are a lot of you ill admit.. guess everybody has their own way of having fun..

my point.. it’s done, let it go.. and enjoy the game.. bioware/ea will take care of exploiters that are wrecking the economy and your hard work if making creds is your thing..

Yah man get over it,,,Yah know you are the type i would love to see steal some stuff and get sent to jail,,yah i have been there a few times ,i would relish seeing you get smacked around,i hope karma comes man,,yah get over it.

Wishing bad things happen to people is how everything is solved. World peace is right around the corner with that thought process.

Why so serious? Are you jealous that he did it or that he did it and got away? Or that he had the balls to do it and you didn’t? Get over it and move on. Consequences to your precious GTN will bee seen in month or so when all the money stashed pours back in to the game…

Man u are worthless loser nothing more. One day they will find you. Can’t wait when u will cry and moan when u loose all of your stuff.

Gotten away with it so far.
One of the things that I’d do as a dev is check for things like account credit balances. A big spike over a short period of time would definitely be something I’d investigate.

If you’ve been playing the game since it came out, and don’t like the grind elements, don’t pvp…why are you still playing it? You did all the story content a long time ago. New content releases are few and far between.

I love the Exploiters puffin’ out their chests and strutting around like they are Cock O’North. There is no excuse to exploit. Ever. You can try your hardest to justify your actions, but at the end of the day you are all losers. In capable of playing the game within the rules (that you signed when you starting playing the game). I sincerely hope that BioWare finds you all. Bans you for life. Then posts your user names and game names so we all know to look out for you in the next MMO you try and cheat at.

Poor comparison there Buckwheat. You must be one of the “exploiting causes no ill intent” brigade… Oh wait, you are.

I don’t like exploiting, but you need to relax a little. Nothing to be gained with name calling and attack attack attack. Also never in the history of ever has an mmo released the RL names of exploiters, and even if they did, the anonymity of other mmo’s would make that info useless anyway.

I appreciate your passion for fair play, but you are taking it to a weird place.

I think that is why Skidblade posted the video, if you have seen the whole thing it is an old man who doesn’t understand the interwebs yelling meatspace threats into his daughters webcam like it pipes directly into the computers of mysterious cybervillians, and consequences will never be the same.

“I sincerely hope that BioWare finds you all. Bans you for life. Then
posts your user names and game names so we all know to look out for you
in the next MMO you try and cheat at.”

Dude, you went full retard there… never go full retard…

Been inactive for few weeks now. Hope that I won’t get punished if somebody decided to send me stuff that I didnt even open. Gee this announcement makes me want to check things out to be sure.

Wow. People feel they were entitled to it. The real issue comes from the overall effect of a sudden increase of credit in some individual. I knew even before seeing the thread some credit exploit must have been going around. The last one I had seen in another game had done the same, and the devs not recalling the exploited resource ruined the economy for over a year, if not more I just left after a year.

How I saw it? Massive 300% inflation on some markets, and steady. It started around 5 weeks ago, and it was a pain turning a legit in-game economic activity of production (I use mats both from gathering and from the GTN to keep up a certain production level without spending my time jumping between toons to gather). Suddenly staying competitive got stupidly hard, and I owe getting through it to a friend who helped me keep supply up by selling his reserve at “previous market price”.

So good thing you got caught, take it to the face now, and go play something else. There are some subs that cost more than they bring in the long run, due to the damage they’ll inflict in game, which will drive good legit subbers off. I hope BW can see that.

Pleased to announce it seems BW are holding to their word tough, market is going back to pre-exploit values, at least the part I know well, or maybe a tad bit higher, but nothing too bad.

How about the numpty who plonked these exploitable stacks of whatevers into the game?

They should at least get their nutsack tweaked a little?

Make them do a new op or wzone of frickin GSF map for us as punishment. That’s what we really need. Not your hammy detective act.

Peeps still crying about that… OMG get over with. Exploit is exploit and whatever someone using it first time or not… “My buddy just wanna check how it works”… wow really? This is very lame explanation… I mean really really lame… Try to imagine… I am really wonder how it’s like to force someone to sex… Hey let’s rape someone! WTH?! Easy math… u exploiting u get ban or other type of punish. End of the line.

Still it’s true… Hard way it’s only way to explain coz peeps still moanig exact same things after every situation like this… How hard is to understand? U cheating u get punish. How many times peeps will crying “I just wanna see if this work”? This is pathetic so maybe stop blame me for their stupid..?

I know you’re probably not from the United States, but in most countries following the model of the U.S. justice system the punishment befits the crime, you’re comparing exploiting digital currency for personal gain (a matter which unless was used for real life monetary gain holds no major ill intent) to the punishment that befits a rapist. You have a bloated sense of reality.

I know Americans arent particularly good with the idea of ‘rules’, indeed some of them such as yourself do not appear to understand the concept. However they are there to control and moderate the behavior of a group of people, in this case the ToS and code of conduct SWTOR players are to follow.

The rules are there for a reason, and any MMO dev with an iota of common sense will implement a comprehensive set of them to dissuade people from exploiting any undiscovered ‘holes’ in the system, of which there will be some no matter how much you bugfix.

Bioware provide the service and they set the rules, and if you refuse to abide by their rules, you are rightfully punished, and whether it is a lesser ‘crime’ next to a real world one is irrelevant. It is the principle that counts; you break the rules, you receive a punishment.

I think you skipped over what my argument was. But it’s ok, continue to insult “Americans” as if you’re self-righteous enough to lump the entire continent into what you fantasize is the average “‘murican”.

LOL please oh please tell me what country you are from? “I know Americans arent particularly good with the idea of ‘rules’,…..

U got the point sorry. But form country where I came from people don’t understand all of pretty shitty Christ thing to explanation that kind of stuff. When u say “Don’t steal” they say u “Ok” and after few minutes u realized that your wallet is gone. But again you have right. I overreact with my example an again sorry for this.

If u r not lie then don’t worry u will get back everything. They susspend many accounts to investigate then one by one. So if u are clear u have nothing to worry about.

Come up from the basement. Go outside. Don’t throw a fit for not being able to play the game for 3-7 days. Perhaps the suspension is a blessing in disguise.

The only response to anyone complaining about the exploit should have their attention focused here. While your at it read the Conduct Codes. You agreed to them when you started playing. It’s not BW’s fault. People claim what BW did to them is unfair. How does that stack up against the ones that did not do the exploit? How was it fair to them that you cheated?

Maybe the people that didn’t exploit huge amounts of credits having to pay more for items on the GTN because of inflation in the in-game economy caused by the exploiters?

Money has value because of the difficulty in getting large amounts of it, that is part of how they give fiat paper money value. If huge quantities of it are available to lots of people, that money no longer has any value, and larger quantities of it are needed to buy the same item than before.

Uniquely in this case however, unlike in real world hyperinflation that negatively affects everyone (i.e. Zimbabwe and post WW1 Germany) it would only negatively affect those who did not exploit, because prices would increase to the point where it would price non-exploiters out of the market for certain items, hence cheating them out of the legitimate opportunity to buy those items.

Did someone STEAL anything from you personally? Last time I checked the exploit was to obtain credits by selling the gifts either to people who wanted them (which would not be stealing by any means) or to the vendor for credits.

Your definition of stealing is hilarious.

I was making an analogy to point out how ridiculous your logic is. Your strawman argument regarding my “definition of stealing” is humorous as well.

A more direct analogy would be counterfeiting – do you expect counterfeiters to be punished, or do you blame the police for not preventing counterfeiting?

Also a more accurate analogy would be: A bank’s ATM starts spewing out money after hitting a few sets of buttons, people start lining up at banks across the country to enter in these set of buttons. The bank does nothing for over a month to fix the problem until they are approached by the IRS and told to shut it down. Except in this case there is no IRS because it’s not the real world and there is no real money as it all can be recollected and destroyed easier than in real life.

As “good” as we think our comparisons might be, you cannot compare in game currency to real currency unless you have ties to it financially in the real world (i.e. gold sellers/farmers).

What if the bank said “Hey our ATM is broken, could you please not steal from it until it’s fixed?”

Like Bioware did

When did Bioware tell anyone about not using this exploit it was around for over a month without anything being said, only by players warning them they better fix it. But no they alloaed flooded currency into the market most likely to increase cartel market items exchange and encourage those that sold items to buy more you know with the grand packs being available and all.

Nah man, the white knights are giving them all the excuses in the world not to do this. “Working as intended”.

I”ll be generous and assume they only found half of exploiters. This would mean there might be about a thousand people who exploited this. I will also assume that a good portion of them were fake 1-day laundering accounts.

Well, so much for the “the majority of the playerbase exploited this!!!11” sentiment.

500 accounts got banned. those are the heaviest offenses.
most people who used it got a 3 days suspension and their currency and so on wiped clean
a lot of people used it.

did it for affection gain, not a single credit earned, got 72 hours ban and everything resetted to zero… So, I’m out of this game, and to the one who ask “can I have your stuff?”, I can only answer, “sure, have my dick first” πŸ˜‰
And to the all “moralists” out there: Only reason why YOU haven’t exploited is because you were too afraid of the consequences. It has nothing to do with moral or anything (say,did you bought all the music you have on your mp3 players?), but a simple fact that you were wimps with fake moral. And you know it.
Only regret I have is that I havent been enough greedy to stack up few hundred millions and then sell it to gold sellers for some real benefit…

We are not afraid consequences because we are not cheating. And yea I’ve bought every single one mp3 coz I’m not a thief. How hard it is to be fair to another players? When u cheaters and thiefs finally understand that?

Doing the right thing and not cheating is because we’re afraid of the consequences? Really? I don’t cheat the system or partake in an exploit BECAUSE I AM NOT AN ASSHOLE. I choose not to cheat not because of some possible repercussion, but BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. (Likewise, everything in my mp3 catalogue has been acquired legally).

You’re angry because you were caught. You cheated and were punished. That’s on you, Trying to blame others and deflect from your own responsibility for your actions just points you out as a shitheel.

Actually, yes, every bit of music I have has been acquired legally, and I would never use a game exploit, because I prefer to actually play the game and earn my credits, gear, whatever legally, I find it more satisfying that way. Same reason I never buy from the credit sellers.

Well first off without punishments that would be Anarchy, and ask any economist or etthisist and they would tell you that that is a very bad thing. Also BW said that they would be cracking down on cheaters, so you knew you would probably get caught. Even if the only reason we didn’t cheat was because we were afraid of getting caught, more likely it was because we knew we would and weren’t a dumb butt and did it anyways.

Secondly, people are usually more honest then you would think, sure there are a lot of bad apples out there, but most people are honest. Sure maybe most people would use it a little, but I highly doubt many would use it to achieve millions. That literally defeats the purpose of the game. Its like in any other single player game, sure people may use God mode a little bit, but then understand it defeats the purpose of the game and choose not to use it. People play the game for the game and the challenge behind it. Those who use exploits like this to any substantial degree really are hurting themselves in that regarded, so no, most of us who did not use it would not have done so even if we wouldn’t get caught.

“Secondly, people are usually more honest then you would think, sure
there are a lot of bad apples out there, but most people are honest.
Sure maybe most people would use it a little, but I highly doubt many
would use it to achieve millions.”

Well you said it. Meaning you probably “used it a little” and simply proved the guys point. Meaning that you could justify it to some extent. From what he said, he never got anything but affection so, you can say its “a little” compared to the guy on Reddit who said he earned 7 billion. As in 7 thousand million of credits. I really would like to see complete GTN wiped clean to be honest just for the lulz :))

I usually don’t degrade myself when replying to fools like you, but “Go fuck yourself!”

First, I didn’t exploit because I don’t exploit. I prefer to play the game as intended. Once I find a way to exploit a game or use cheat/god codes and decide to use those, I realize that my interest in the game has waned and just move on instead.

Second, I had no reason to use the exploit. Since 4.0 dropped, crafting has been way too easy. I ran EV HM the entire week that it was the high priority target and got the 220 and 224 mainhand. Reverse Engineering has a 60% chance to learn the schematic now. I learned the 220 barrel on the first try. I have been selling them for 2m minimum ever since. I have Pierce at ~25-30 influence through normal, legit gifts and he has critted around 3 out of 5 times when making barrels.

I have 24 characters. I have 13 of those that are 65, mostly by running heroics for 2-3 hours, which gain you around 30 alliance crates. Those who exploit are quite simply douche bags. So, if you read all of that and still didn’t get my sentiment, “Go fuck yourself again!”

The reason I don’t exploit is because I hold myself to a higher standard. I’m not afraid of consequences; rather, I have respect for myself and for others. That is a very different thing, of which you apparently have no understanding. “You’d do it too” is a puerile, facile defense, if you can even call it a defense. The game is much better off without you and your ilk.

LMFAO! No, I don’t exploit because I believe in earning what I achieve. Glad you got banned. Hope BW post you real and in game name so I know who to look out for in the MMO i play.

You’re quite lucky you only got a 72 hour ban – I would have just locked your account.

The fact of the matter is that they intend for your companion influence to be a drain on your resources – be it credits, data crystals, or time spent playing the game. Using an exploit to power through it hurts all other players, because you didn’t fill that spot in their flashpoint runs, because you didn’t group with those players to run heroics faster, because you didn’t spend the credits you earned to buy gifts from the gtn, and so on.

It has little to do with ‘being afraid of the consequences’. It’s just what you do because you know it’s the right thing to do, and it benefits you to give other players reason to keep playing, because then they’re there when you want to play. Everyone contributes to everyone else still having a reason to play, by playing.

But frankly, you sound like a petulant child throwing a tantrum because you got put in time out for misbehaving, and so in your case I think we’re all better off without you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Actually, no I wasn’t afraid of the consequences. I didn’t exploit because A) I already have anything I would gain from the exploit, which I earned legitimately and B) You’re right. I have morals, you don’t. You exploited, suffer the consequences.

Bioware, please stop blaming customers for your own faults… Invest the millions of $ we gave you into proper TESTING and DEVELOPMENT of software. Not in your boss’ new car or apartment.

Subscription money don’t go to BioWare, they go to EA. EA then decides how much of it give back to BWA for development.

No one is blaming anyone. Except those exploiters that are blaming Bioware for actually taking action. Albeit a very late reaction to the exploiters.. You were caught, deal with the consequences.

Honestly so far it’s banned a lot of toxic pvpers that DDOS and act like pricks… it sounds harsh but i’m willing to see entire guilds get banned just so these fucks face some justice. This dev team is trash, the only reason they banned ANYBODY is because it effects their cartel market in one way or another. GG BW GG Cheaters and GG fotm neckbeards who DDOS

If you’re not queuing with friends, that’s your fault. Friends vote friends as MvP, plain and simple. If you give performance worthy of an MvP vote, you’ll get it. So don’t bitch and whine because you’re not doing enough to earn MvP votes. You really want MvP votes? Heal.

Wait, you mean the pve bads that think they can pvp and don’t listen to a word of logic or reason from seasoned pvpers.. right?

oh you weren’t referring to the pve bads that intentionally ignore any calls and/or don’t make any calls themselves as the trolls?

Why did they wait 6 weeks to fix it, would it really have been so hard to remove the bugged vendors from the game, then fix them?

All they’d need to tell the community is: Potentially game-breaking exploit we just pulled, please bear with us while we fix the vendor(s).

Because they wanted to lure in as many people as possible and then take all their credits and most cases even random end game items (pvp, pve mods).

It worked brilliantly since they even caught accounts that didnt directly do nothing. Well done overall, not so well for game future and subs.

many have to start from scratch if you loose pve gear or pvp gear on top of all credits and commendations. It also means less credits to spend. I dont count credit sellers since they are not interested putting that into market but selling for real money.

Again, how does that benefit the devs? You’d think this would just result in more people permanently walking away from the game.

EA probably wouldn’t give a shit anyway. The minute Disney says your license is expired, they’d fold up shop and not give a second thought to the tor community. They would be off to their next money making scheme.

So the minute they’re legally obligated to shut down, they’ll shut down? Isn’t that, you know, the only thing they can do?

Disney isn’t going to be pulling any licenses for Star Wars games. Just like EA, Disney likes money. With the release of The Force Awakens and any subsequent movie in the current trilogy.. EA, therefore Disney will be earning plenty of money because there’s plenty of us Star Wars nerds out there that enjoy playing SWTOR simply because it is Star Wars.

I have a 7 game suspension… they claim they are investigating it. I know I didn’t do the exploit but maybe I traded for something that was bought using the exploit? I dunno… but I wont be subscribing anymore. F2P or not at all. Been playing since beta and subscribing since day one. Built a system to play it. Never cheated the game and here I am, suspended from a game I pay for.

Sorry to hear that Shawn. I’d say I was surprised, but this falls in line with how they have handled issues like this in the past. I think we all would be happier if they stopped the exploit immediately instead of waiting this long to take actions. They are bound to make way more mistakes in the investigations and innocent people are going to get hurt. Honestly, I did a previous exploit and figured I’d learned my lesson, but I’m still worried about signing in to find I been banned every time I try:)

In that case they are most likely just following the standard response. If you really didnt do anything wrong then i am sure it will show that when they look into it. Otherwise you should of course appeal any decision if you feel there has been a genuine mistake.

I know this is 3 weeks old but I needed to post. I spoke with Customer service and they claimed I was Gold Farming. The emails from the swtor investigation claimed I was using an Exploit. I was told I would have to wait out my suspension and I would have everything turned back to zero from all of my toons. I completed my 7 day suspension and logged in. My toons comms, affection, etc were still there. Someone else mentioned before its the usual protocol to suspend accounts if the believe they did something wrong (they run a prog searching account activity). Further investigation they let me be… as I know I did neither of these things. I cancelled my sub that was supposed to get billed during my suspension. After a week of making sure my account was in good standing, I re-subbed. I love this game, its a big part of my free time. Still irked I got suspended but glad I didn’t get hit like the real Exploiters.

Hey if makes anyone feel any better the spammers that were standing on the same spot telling thousands of gamers a day how to get millions of credits that were there a month ago, are still standing on the same places telling thousands of gamers a day how to get millions of credits.

I am currently serving 7 day suspension. I did buy bunch of companions gifts off the GTN. Basically they say they are deleting pretty much all my currency/rewards and all my companions influence. They said that after a through investigation they determined I profited from my buying stacks of companions gift. Which I know is BS because everything I bought was still in my legacy bank unused and I never sold any at the time of the suspension. I have not bough sold or traded anything for except CM items for a long time. Buying cheap stuff off the GTN is called bargain hunting… not exploiting. I disputed it. Outcome will determine if I stay sub or not. The way this game is going they are probably doing me a favor.

So you are saying that you didnt take part in the exploit at all other than apparently buying companion gifts that were sold by someone who did?

Exactly. I bought around dozen stacks of 99. Bioware Says I Bought and Sold them and made a unfair profit on them. Which I did not sell or even use them. They were all stacked in my legacy bank at the time of my suspension.

I think those that did the exploit hours before they fixed it and were Subs, only got 3 day suspension and all on person credits and comms wiped. People that were doing it longer got up to 7 days and all credits/Comms and Comp influence wiped or were outright permabanned. Some moron posted a youtube “how to do the exploit” on the SWTOR forums 24 hours or so (late Sunday night) before the patch that fixed it. Alot of people saw that and ran out and did the exploit, the post was up for a few hours lol. Word of mouth exploded on the fleet for an entire day (Monday) over it.
I was watching on the Fleet (Decoration vendor with the Rakata decos) and on Odessan (Rank 6 Gifts) as they crowded around the vendors all day long, before the patch hit. That was just on my server alone. There was alot of people doing it. It was a mad frenzy of lemmings! Me and a friend were laughing our butts off about it.
If that guy hadnt posted that youtube video, there wouldnt have been so many suspended i bet. They all would have still been in the dark over it. I didnt even know about the exploit til i saw that post on the forums.
Now ya see why Bioware says never post exploits on the forums, it only tempts people to do it!

From my Email

“We are contacting you regarding your account for Star Warsβ„’: The Old
Republicβ„’. This is to notify you that we will be taking action against
your account for a violation of our Terms of Service. After a thorough
investigation, we discovered the following Terms of Service violations:

account participated in excessive purchasing and selling of various
stackable items. By doing so, this account was able to acquire credits,
commendations, and other various items in a manner violating our Terms
of Service and the related Rules of Conduct, specifically:

The action taken against your account is a 7 day suspension, as well as
the removal of all credits, commendation currency, and Influence gained
with Companions across all characters associated with this account.

It’s amazing how they punish players for their own shitty bugs and mistakes. Played Revan this year and subbed. When Sub ran out, didn;t go back and won’t ever. Game is dated, old and a waste of a great license.

You cannot have a game, especially an MMO, without bugs or mistakes. It doesn’t matter what the developer does, they will happen at some time or another.

For a player to knowingly and willfully exploit those mistakes for their own end however, especially on an online game (where it can affect the whole in game economy) is totally down to them and nobody else.

That would be akin to a burglar trying to justify their actions by saying ‘well they shouldn’t have left the back door unlocked!’

A) Most MMO’s don’t have nearly as many bugs or exploits as TOR. I’ve played several… never seen such shoddy half assed programming as with TOR. Don’t get me wrong, I love Star Wars and am a sub since launch . That’s what makes it all the more frustrating and yet laughable.
B) It’s more like a bank leaving the vault door open and then getting mad when people walk out with all the money. Is it Illegal? yes… Do I feel sorry for the bank? NO.

Clearly you never read the wow forums. They have exploits and bugs all the time, and their community is just as venomous and takes just as much advantage, if not more. I remember during my time playing there being all sorts of exploits to get full ranked pvp gear, I remember token vendors bugging out much like this last exploit in Tor. It is an mmo thing.

Should you be punished for stealing the money that was in the vault? YES! No one is suggesting you should feel sorry for BioWare over this. Your analogy is flawed. You are acting it is OK to take the money because the vault was left open. If you really believe that then you are a fucking scumbag.

I gaurantee you most, if not all of those perma banned accounts were not subscriptions. No way is EA going to turn away money. I’ve seen racist comments being spammed, even Death Threats in gen chat. And those accounts have stayed active.

The banned ones were probably recently created Subs to help launder the credits or were not subs but FTP. Seems that those who were long time subs only got 3 to 7 day suspensions, i knew Bioware wouldnt dare outright ban longtime subs, that would only hurt their profits and the EA corporate masters wouldnt like that at all lol. Alot of those long time subs not only pay a monthly subscription, but also buy alot from the Cartel Market.
I bet they looked over at what accounts spend the most in the Cartel Market and punished them accordingly. Its the Corporate way after all.

Yes thats true and logical. But also giving out temporary suspensions and removal of all credits created big amount of players who still will cancel/quit this game. And i know its not small amount. This mess will hit hard anyway regardless if Bioware didnt permaban old subscribers because even those who didnt exploit directly got tagged and hit also.

If they remove ALL credits, currency, event items, influence, etc…even the legitimately earned ones on an account that exploited, you can bet your ass that they’ll be losing subscriptions even if they don’t permanently ban those players.

Nobody is going to want to come back to the game with absolutely nothing. Their $15 a month are better spent somewhere else.

You’re absolutely right. Most of the high end raiders and competitive PvPers have left already anyway. May as well leave this husk of a game to the casuals that do conquest and play through the subpar story multiple times.

to those that are butt hurt that they got banned or suspended, sucks to be you, bitching that you didnt do this or that but still got banned or suspended lol, they dont suspend or ban people for nothing, so fucking man up and admit it…. you fucked up and got caught….

That is where you are wrong. They run a prog to see if accounts bought stacks and have lots of creds/comms. Then they suspend them and investigate further. (So customer service says.) Just because we are suspended doesn’t mean we did wrong. Now I wait, supposedly I have been bumped up to be reviewed quicker. I was told that if there was no wrong doing, they would credit me the week I couldn’t play. Now I will be butt hurt if they said I did the exploit. LOL I just watched a video on it and definitely didn’t do that shit. But I bought stacks of Jawa Junk/Scrap and used it for crafting and had 34 million credits, average comms. I will post the result when I hear back.

I’m another player who throws around full stacks quite often. I’m in the same boat although I haven’t been suspended. My sub ended 3 days ago and I’m sitting here wondering if I should go ahead and pay the $75 for another 6 months. I don’t want to waste the money especially since I went around with them about a year ago with an assistance program that I use since I’m not fully keyboard capable.

I know this is 3 weeks old but I needed to post. I spoke with Customer service and they claimed I was Gold Farming. The emails from the swtor investigation claimed I was using an Exploit. I was told I would have to wait out my suspension and I would have everything turned back to zero from all of my toons. I completed my 7 day suspension and logged in. My toons comms, affection, etc were still there. Someone else mentioned before its the usual protocol to suspend accounts if the believe they did something wrong (they run a prog searching account activity). Further investigation they let me be… as I know I did neither of these things. I cancelled my sub that was supposed to get billed during my suspension. After a week of making sure my account was in good standing, I re-subbed. I love this game, its a big part of my free time. Still irked I got suspended but glad I didn’t get hit like the real Exploiters.

my friend had legitimately saved 2.8billion credits, bought 30 gifts with the exploit got scared and deleted them and then they removed all their credits. talk about fair.

Well I robbed a bank but then the FBI was closing in on me so I burned the money. So I think they should let me be.

Yes, this is 100% fair. “bought 30 gifts with the exploit”. Doesn’t matter that they deleted the items gained through the exploit. They exploited. Suffer the consequences.

Cheaters will be cheaters and will remain butt-hurt for getting banned for cheating and thinking they did no wrong, sucks to be a whiny bitch cheater, man up buckos! You were told and signed the agreement not to exploit the game when you created an account, and you did it anyway, suffer the consequences! I have no sympathy for you!

I’m not butt hurt at all. That’s just an idiotic assumption to make. Because you’re an idiot.

How can you guarantee me that the exploiters also use “cheats” (whatever exactly that is) in endgame aspects?

No. The ban is for violating the terms of service you signed and therefore you surrender anything you put into the game.

I get the feeling a lot of these people that are bitching about not doing anything and being banned, are full of shit. They did it , and now out of spite, are saying they are innocent. It’s just away to stick it to BioWare for catching them.

Padawan you are full of shit. You have no clue how Bioware applied that database script on accounts. Go read official forums many got suspension lifted and restored after investigation. They dont have time and manpower to go over all accounts. They went with tactic “guilty until proven innocent”.

I didn’t say all. So no I’m not full of shit. If you don’t believe people do shirty things like that you need to open your eyes.

Between rampant cheating and things like threats against the families of SWTOR devs, this player base is just plain begging for Bioware to drop the hammer.

I was an exploiter, did it to get one companion up level 50. I was caught, given a punishment, and moved on. Bioware went into my account after the suspension time was finished, and took various things. In the email to me,my punishment did not include removing my gifts, and things. They also took credits and comms that were acuired after my suspension. They don’t was us to exploit, but they are cheating me. They should have only done what they said they would do.

The email stating the punishment was : 2 day suspension, loss of credits and comms. If thats the suspension that they spelled out, only those things should have done. Can’t keep changing the punishment when it suits them. Also, should have only taken credits and comms until the end of the suspension. They didn’t take that much, but the point is they investigated and gave punishment. Stick to what the punishment was supposed to be.

well dont cheat and you wont have that problem so please stop bitching because they should ban your account since you KNOW that you shouldnt do that shit.

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I would of banned your ass for a month or more,you are lucky you even have an account,other people yah know who did not exploit spent many hours,days etc getting their comps up,,,what makes you feel as you are so special to leapfrog,cut in line etc?

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oh bioware is so full of shit they didnt ban anybody what a crock of shit, they dont want to lose their consumer like they would seriously ban anyone what a fucking joke

Oh they banned plenty of people. I know of a few guild leaders on Harbinger that got their accounts permanently banned. The rest of the exploiters just ended up losing everything they had. All event currencies, all credits, all influence on every companion, and even a ton of legacy gear, even if it was equipped.

They may as well have banned those players, because they won’t be coming back.

Blizzard does a lot of shit right for their players. It’s why WoW is still the top played MMORPG world wide, Starcraft II is the king of all RTS games out there, and every patch to Diablo 3 adds a tremendous amount of stuff that you don’t have to pay a penny for.

Not to mention their free to play model isn’t nearly as bad as most companies out there. Both Heroes of the Storm and Heartstone can be enjoyed by anyone. The grind to get decent cards in Hearthstone is tiresome if you’re not buying packs with your own cash, but then again you are using up their bandwidth and allocating a slot on their servers for free, so you can’t bitch too much.

Hello, I really love the nice work you have out in here, I love the way you made every bit of this article simple and very understanding, this a lot.

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