GW2 Wintersday

GW2 Timekeeper Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Timekeeper Weapon Skins gallery. These skins were added with Wintersday 2015 and can be purchased for 1 Black Lion Ticket each.



Timekeeper Axe Skin


Timekeeper Dagger Skin


Timekeeper Focus Skin


Timekeeper Greatsword Skin


Timekeeper Hammer Skin


Timekeeper Longbow Skin


Timekeeper Mace Skin


Timekeeper Pistol Skin


Timekeeper Rifle Skin


Timekeeper Scepter Skin


Timekeeper Shield Skin


Timekeeper Short Bow Skin


Timekeeper Staff Skin


Timekeeper Sword Skin


Timekeeper Torch Skin


Timekeeper Warhorn Skin


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42 replies on “GW2 Timekeeper Weapon Skins Gallery”

Aaaaaand he’s back with the toxicity. The self-proclaimed white knight of productive forums has blessed up with his lack of wisdom once again.

Kinda funny, that you call my “behaviour” toxic while I have contributed like 5 posts in total under this name and all you actually do is commenting on a comment someone made about the very topic of this thread.
But it must give you a really great feeling to point at someone and think to yourself: “wow I really gave it to him!”

And about the salt: the details on the skins is just noisy. The theme is not clear besides being blue/gold-ornamental-whatever. They are way over the top designwise and lack a clear line of visual communication.

These are almost of legendary quality – they are animated, very pretty, large and all round jaw dropping. They are the best black lion skins I have ever seen, hands down.

I got the shield to go with my Chronomancer seeing it’s relate to clock and all.

Overall I think this set is better compared to the last new skins we got since HOT releases.

those little hourglasses on the ends of the handles are adorable.

These weapons are actually quite nice. Might need to invest in a few.

These are pretty nice! I particularly like the Sword, Hammer, Dagger and especially the Focus. Tempted to pick up the last for my Chronomancer’s focus skin.

i was never a fan of the focus style where its held out. i want one where it looks like its part of his hand or something, like the peacekeeper one or whatever that prismatic crystal looking one is. sadly i think those are the only ones.

I actually like a lot of these. I like the shield a lot better than the ascended shield that mesmers get for their collection. And we have another proper sniper rifle other than precursor or legendary, but unfortunately rifle has never been a great weapon for a warrior. Hammer is good too, but I already have Phoenix hammer so not getting this one.

At first I thought the axe was a big oversize champagne glass…..then upon closer inspection, it realized it was just something that looked really stupid

Those are certainly looks nice and artists put a lot of effort into them.

But are they the rewards for doing Wintersday activities? Nope.

Basically those skins have nothing to do with game we play, they are part of another game called online shopping simulator :c

Fashion Wars 2, integrated but totally separate from Guild Wars 2!

FW2: Complete daily content & challenges in your office to earn a reward payout twice a month. This currency can be traded for beautiful gemstore items! Warning: content may be grindy

They are skins for the weapons you use. Of course they have something to do with the game we play. Skins are excellent for the game. They don’t make rich players better then people who can’t or don’t buy gems, while helping keep the game running.

It can’t be a simulator since YOU ARE ACTUALLY SHOPPING ONLINE! When i buy something on ebay is that a simulation?

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