• Andrzej Gosik

    so much ugly, why this spam outfits not normal armor skins…

    • Probably because they sell better than standard skins.

      • Centaur Player

        Are made to reduce frame rate issues.
        But these do seem a bit lacking in something…..

        • zmania man

          You’re right, they lack all the glow and super shiny looks. Those you gotta grind your life away for and sell your soul to anet in order to get.

    • Guest

      Because they want armor skins to only be obtainable by playing the game.

    • Shaggy

      they decided some months back that armor skins wont be sold in the gem store anymore. which on one hand means theyll be acquirable in the world, but on the other hand means more dumb outfits they want us to pay real money for.

  • Tingle

    Meh, not terribly interested in these.

  • Taiwan Wolf

    No sir, I don’t like it.

  • Alot

    A dev has been playing skyrim lately.

  • Ares Zax

    Ehh, a little lackluster this time around. The Snow Flurry Dragon is just an obvious reskin of the Mystical Dragon. But all the same, buy it if you like it. I’m passing on these though.

  • Uller30

    Well i just don’t feel like play this game as much lol

  • Syreadisa

    Still better than the previous outfit!

  • A tiny meme

    Dear whoever designs outfits:
    This is a winter outfit.
    WHY ARE THE TIDDIES NOT COVERED!! On both female and male version.
    This is looks like outdoor attire so what were you thinking??


    someone who’s country now gets seriously cold in Winter thanks to global warming.

    Okay, otherwise it’s a neat outfit but man, logic!!

  • Archi

    why can’t they just offer us a [Mini Claw of Jormag]???

  • Kitty

    Charr female!! Q.Q
    Think of us cats!!!

  • Le Proc

    I think this is a very pretty outfit. I got it for my little Asura :D.

  • bl4ck5tar

    This is one of the better outfits, but entirely too bulky. Makes my characters look like they’ve gained weight.

  • Lord

    Hi dulfy, does tre bundle (the one with the mini dragon and outfit) worth the price ?
    thx for your answer

    • Suan

      Not really, Outfit 700 gems, mini 500 gems, makeover 350 gems, I don’t care for dyes since they are not to my liking and I can get them on my 3th birthday with other characters, Immortal Weapon Skin set is ugly. So the first three gives you 1550 gems, not 2k.. If they would thorw Snowflake glider in that bundle it would be worth it.

  • Josef Tauser

    so much booty

  • Eternum

    Can’t belive the price : lazyness ratio on that dragon.

  • Kostis

    Are you planning to sell Black Feathered Wings in the next decade or what?

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