GW2 Winter’s Presence Shoulders Guide

A guide to making the new Winter’s Presence shoulder item. Special thanks to Daze Darkclaw for the recipes.

Winter’s Presence Shoulders

These are invisible shoulders designed to give you a snowfall effect on your character. They are similar to the Nigthfury shoulders from Halloween but way less expensive to acquire. Modeled by Patches.7584.


Unlocking the collection

Go to the Wintersday Vendor in Divinity’s Reach and purchase the blueprint for 3 gold and 25k karma.


This will unlock the following collection under Rare Collections


Essence of Mischief

Combine in the mystic forge the following

Superior Sigil of Mischief can be forged from Major Sigil of Mischief (4 Major Sigil of Mischief, 4 Mystic Coin, 4 Pristine Snowflake, 4 Pile of Incandescent Dust)

Major Sigil of Mischief can be forged from Minor Sigil of Mischief (4 Minor Sigil of Mischief, 4 Mystic Coin, 4 Tiny Snowflake, 4 Pile of Glittering Dust).

Minor Sigil of Mischief can be purchased for 1 silver and 500 karma from the wintersday vendor (3rd tab).


Essence of Snowfall

Combine in the mystic forge the following

Superior Rune of Snowfall be forged from Major Rune of Snowfall (2 Major Rune of Snowfall,  2 Mystic Coin, 2 Pristine Snowflake, 2 Pile of Incandescent Dust)

Major Rune of Snowfall can be forged from Minor Rune of Snowfall (2 Minor Rune of Snowfall, 2 Mystic Coin, 2 Tiny Snowflake, 2 Pile of Glittering Dust).

Minor Rune of Snowfall can be purchased for 1 silver and 500 karma from the wintersday vendor (3rd tab).


Magnanimous Obsidian Crystal

Combine in the mystic forge the following


Winter Music Score

  • Complete the Sounds of Season Achievement. You need to complete 3 Songs in Bell Choir.

Champion’s Snowball

  • Complete the Snowball Fight achievement. You need to win Snowball Mayhem 3 times.


Refurbished Toy

  • Complete the Toy Qualify Control achievement. Finish 30 rounds of Toypocalypse during Wintersday.

Icy Aura

  • Complete the Frozen Claw achievement. Defeat Claw of Jormag 3 times during Winterday. Use the event timer to see when he is up.

Masterful Toast

  • Complete the Festive Imbiber achievement. Drink 10k Wintersday drinks. These include spiced cider, buttered spirits, and eggnog. These can be found inside Wintersday gifts and also on the TP. This is actually the most expensive step as you need to open lots of gifts (each gift have a 80% chance to drop a drink).
  • This achievement will last year round, despite the achievement description saying it is only a Wintersday achievement so you have plenty of time to get it. Just do everything else and complete this step casually.
  • You can consume these drinks in a stack of 250, should save you some click. The drinks that works for this achievement are the following
    • Cup of Spiced Apple Cider
    • Glass of Buttered Spirits
    • Mug of Eggnog
    • Snowman Tonic
    • Reindeer Tonic
    • Festive Golem Tonic

  • matt

    I was excited because this seemed somewhat cheap and easy, until I saw the prices of the drinks. At 6-8s each, 10k adds up to 600-800G. Also, these “shoulders” they keep adding need to be backpacks. My toons look so silly without shoulders.

    • Cal

      the drinks come out of wintersday presents too, though, right? so depends on the rate of that.

      personally I’m bummed because this looked doable right up until ‘do the timed jumping puzzle 3 times’ part. nope nope nope.

      • Disappointed

        Yeah same, this was looking perfect for something to focus on during the festival, but requiring the jump puzzle just killed that project right from the get-go. Why can’t there be alternative paths to things any more? Multiple ways to solve a problem / quest etc, wasn’t that one of ArenaNet’s design manifesto statements?

        • Rick

          Oh come on….that shit isn’t hard.

          • Disappointed

            Maybe not for you, and that’s fine, but I’m an ‘older gamer’, my reflexes and hands just ain’t what they used to be, this JP and the Clocktower one are too frantic for me. Would have been nice had there been some alternative (equal in difficulty) way that didn’t rely upon twitch reflexes.

            • Rick

              If it doesn’t involved any kind of skill…how would it be “equal in difficulty”.

              Such flawed logic.

              You’re essentially asking for rewards while not having to play the game.

              • Disappointed

                Skill no, but it does require quick reflexes and quick hands to line up the jumps in short timeframes etc.

                As for flawed logic, I disagree, would need to be of equal difficulty, otherwise if there were two options and one was notably easier, there’d be complaint of imbalance etc. Of course, difficult to quantify “difficulty” (no pun intended :), as we discussing here, two different people have two different measures of how difficult they find that JP, so I’ll reword it to say “equal in effort required”.

              • Rick

                Platforming is a major aspect of PvE in this game. However, I would have no problem with them removing the timed aspect of these seasonal JPs. If you can do them, the timed aspect isn’t going to affect you, if you have trouble with them, you’re obviously not going to farm them. So there isn’t really any actual need for the timed aspect.

              • Cal

                it’s the timed aspect that kills them for me. I *like* JPs but the speed the seasonal ones go makes them more stress than fun, and that makes them a no-go for me.

              • James S

                same. Requiring a JP is fine, requiring a timed JP is not. Not all of us get 50 ping to the server

              • Asa Dawson

                Platforming is *not* a major aspect of the PvE in this game, that’s nonsense.

                Jumping puzzles != PvE.

              • zenight

                … What?
                Every single part of your response is none sense.
                He’s asking for another way to earn it that doesn’t relie on “reflexes”, which you make sound like it’s the only form of “skill” there is which is BS.
                Followed shortly by the exact opposite of what he just asked for, he asked for ANOTHER WAY TO PLAY THE GAME to earn the piece not to have it handed out to him.
                If anyone is applying flawed logic, it’s clearly you…

              • asdf2

                Right, light grinding yeah?

              • Rick

                Another way to play the game = playing another game…

                Apply some critical thought before you give yourself an aneurysim

              • zenight

                I’ll make it simple so even you can get it, contrary to what you seem to think GW2 is *not* a platform game…

                It is not a major part of PvE it is literally a side note, an annoying one to many.

              • Rick

                Let me make this simple for you. Just because you suck at platforming, doesn’t mean that platforming is somehow pulled from every single map in this game…

          • James S

            I play with a 500 ping, what do you play with?

        • Cal

          Yeah, would be nice. Doesn’t even seem like it would be hard to do in this case, just let us skip one of the event ‘gifts’ and replace it with more snowflakes (or runes, or whatever)

      • nope

        The 10 k drinks is the killer, it means for 30 days we need to drink 333 drinks per day l That means at least a 400 gifts per day as average to farm, you will have to buy it from the TP to keep up

        • Rick

          I sure hope there’s a ‘consume all’ option.

      • Alot

        The jumping puzzle can be irritating but beating it 3 times over 30 days is a fair trial.

      • matt

        I personally don’t mind JPs, but I’ve heard so many guildies over the years lamenting them. Anet has to know a huge chunk of the community feels this way.So it’d be nice if on Christmas Day, the JPs weren’t timed, etc.

        Also, if we could pick for the skin to be a helm, shoulders, or backpack, that would solve my biggest issue. (other than the 10k drinks) I feel so teased.

    • BobbyOrr

      I just saw this. I wish I didn’t wast money on the first couple of items in the forge now but ohh well. Good thing is I should get that back selling drinks:)

    • zmania man

      Sums it up

  • rei

    if they didn’t add the 10k drinking thing to this, then literally EVERYONE would have this.

    • Pipra


      • tom

        You want every single person to have this in the game? Why don’t they just mail the thing to everyone? lmao.Those who don’t work for it, don’t get it. Simple.I’m glad they implemented the 10k acheevo or else I’d see this thing everywhere.

        • Lirabelle

          For what, a week? And saying that people who think the requirements are ridiculously high for something are asking for handouts is, quite frankly, ridiculous. Put the strawman down.

          There’s working for something, and then there is wasting your life on it. This game is losing it’s grip on that balance.

          And further more, this is a holiday item. Holiday items used to be handed out like candy for relatively little effort.

  • wt

    The problem is it doesn’t work with outfits -_-

    • sv

      eww outfits

    • writinwater

      I fail to see that as a problem….

    • Uriel

      It’s an armor skin. Of course it doesn’t work with outfits.

  • Michael

    just stupid to force people to klick like 10k and somemore for the sweet…

    • A tiny meme

      use right click -> ‘consume all’

      • Michael

        oh good to know thx ^^

      • Lust

        though you would still need to open 10k wintersday gifts.

        • A tiny meme

          the good thing is: unless you try to have 10k wintersday gifts in your inventory you won’t need to strain your hand for 10k clicks at once :)!! I know, it still sucks but let’s try to look at the bright side: you don’t need to click all of that at once.

        • Ron

          use a mouse auto clicker program

  • Chelle

    “You need to complete the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle 3 times.”

    WELP. The only jumping puzzles I’ve not been able to complete are the Clock Tower and this one. I’m doomed.

  • Lunete

    here is a Orpchan kids map i found 27 so far

    • Chelle

      You’re awesome, thank you!

  • Aruthawolf

    I’d love to hear about the wintersday scribing recipes, could you add them here or to another guide later? Thanks as always Dulfy!

  • Fluffy Zombie :3

    god fucking damned WHY the jumping puzzle WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

    • wodaji

      I have found the far left/south path to be the easiest of the three. Gl!

      • Sz

        Xmas JP needs two things: Good/stable connection and some luck
        unlike mad king JP, this one can be very annoying/ mad king jp is much more fun imo

  • Hyperchaotic

    I’m a disabled player, due to crippled hands I do jumping puzzles slowly. Timed puzzles (or those with moving pieces) are simply impossible for me. I love Wintersday but no shoulders for me.

    • wodaji

      Hey, good sir. I’d be happy to help with the jumping puzzle. No shiestiness, no scamming. A buddy of mine is visually impaired and I help him out quite a bit. Holler at me in game if you like: wodaji.5032.

    • Purr3D .

      I get seriously ill when I try to do JPs, so I feel your disappointment. I wish they would give us some alternate achievements. They shouldn’t be easy, but they should be doable for all players.

    • A tiny meme

      Maybe a dumb question: do you know someone irl who plays the game? A guild mate offered to do the jp for me (I get super stressed with timed stuff and make dumb mistakes – eventually got it right though). Maybe there is someone who could do it for you? On your computer even with you next to it?
      Might be a long shot but … yeah.

    • mhm

      I’m in same shoes as you, disabled too. Playing GW2 without using my hands. Its not hard to guess that uncategorized fractal is my “favorite” one 😀 Always have to make exuses there for being slow… But timed JPs are mission impossible. It’s fine for me, even I’m completionist. Mad tower and this JP is the only JPs that I have not done (found a kind mesmer for timed JP in mount maelstorm(?)) . But I just hope that this trend wont last in other things I like in GW2. For example in making precursors and other stuff.

  • Nikolai

    LOL soooo nightfury required 0 skill / game play…. just money and people whined how shitty it was of anet and that its unfair to gate something behind gold / $$$$ and now yall bitching that since it requires skill / luck / gameplay that it is unfair…. wtf…. so now every1 is begging for a alternate way to earn these new winter shoulders cuz the achievements are to hard…. yet money was to hard what alternate is left OTHER THEN ANET JUST HANDING YOU THE ITEM?

    • Lusina

      There is unfortunately still a need for a shit ton of money (about 800g)

      • Nikolai

        better then the intial 3k cost of nightfury…..prices are inflated atm… 800g is hella cheap for a nice shiny “legendaryish” effect

  • Cosy5

    The reindeer/snowman tonics also work for Festive Imbiber, just tried it

  • ToxiloGames

    Wow, they keep giving us these boring tasks and the massive grind. Not one thing of this seems funny to do. And 10k drinks as a requirement is such a massive failiure. The devs do everything so bad, LOL. This game has turned into shit.

    • HLLB

      so pleeeeease leave.
      we all would profit.
      you don´t have to play that shitty game anymore and the rest of us will have peace in the LA mapchat in fact of less whining.
      Marry Christmas

      • ToxiloGames

        I actually forgot to whine about it in the LA mapchat. Thx for reminding me.
        Marry Christmas

      • Hartmann

        you fucking enabler
        get a deskjob if you need your life to be this tedious
        is it too much to ask for a recreational activity to not be such a fucking chore for no reason

  • Lusina

    Did you know there is also a Winter’s Presence trinket?

    • Lust

      No, I didn’t
      Tell me more please

    • It is a bug, they messed up the queen bee effect. Will get fixed soon.

  • Paco Chung

    whoever designed this stupid as crap jp needs for be forced to jump it in real life.

    And whoever decided to make it you you need to jump it 3 times needs a baseball bat to his balls

    • Vegeta

      I know what you mean lol

    • kasumimi

      Indeed, it’s a shame they didn’t consider handicapped people while designing the puzzle 😉

    • JP so easy

      So easy,

  • Lucky Monkeys

    My champion snowball isn’t unlocking in the collection….yet I have it…. 🙁

    • Lucky Monkeys

      Nevermind it was fixed when unlocking another component of the collection.

  • God of Fantasy

    why is everyone bitching about the JP and the drinks? i have completed this JP around 150 times now just the rewards it takes around 3 minutes to do and u get 10 winterdays presents, thats decent if u ask me and i enjoy it aswell. and if u woudn’t have to drink 10k drinks everyone would hae it and it woudn’t feel special anymore. so i don’t mind the way they did this. also the JP is very easy no hard jumps or anything.

    • Lust

      Its easy, but the bottleneck that is created due to the exploding presents part is annoying.

  • Big boys dont cry

    Guys stop b*tchin about JP… i was also about ragequit before 1st succes (doin it for hour), but after i practise that sh*t a bit it becomes easy as hell, right now its like 10wintersday gifts per 2-3 min for me.

  • Ellie

    man this sucks I can’t do a jumping puzzle to save my life, and after trying a few hundred times I really wanna break my computer :/

    • Hartmann

      literally the only part in the game that takes any skill lol

    • DarthGS

      xD It really isn’t as bad as the previous years- the action camera really helps.

    • Liz

      I use a laptop without a mouse and the JPs for festivals always seem to require swiveling at a speed I am unable to do with a touchpad while also jumping/moving with the keyboard.

  • Pat

    Any ideas to whether this will this be craftable after Wintersday 2015 is done? I want to do everything except the essences and wait for prices to drop on the sigils/runes.

    • Unfortunately you need to do them during wintersday as the achievement for the collection items are only available during wintersday.

      • Rain

        Does this mean that I can’t buy the drinks after Wintersday?

        • Uriel

          You can still buy the drinks after Wintersday.
          However, Wintersday achievement will be placed in historical section so you won’t be able to complete it. Drinks won’t be counted after Wintersday.

  • Fluffy Zombie :3

    .mhh.. I guess you need to drink about ~300 each day to reach the 10k goal, right?

    • pixiella

      Sorry if this has been asked before but it’s confirmed that wingersday 2015 will be ongoing for 1 month is it? >_<

      • Fluffy Zombie :3

        yup 1 month x) official said byAnet

        • pixiella

          There’s still some hope for me! Thanks <3

          • Rice

            yeah but dont forget you can get the drinks achievment within a year. they are keeping that part going

  • Sandrake

    Really? People bitching about the jump puzzle? That’s not even the worst part of this whole thing. It’s the drinks.

    • Jarel.S

      Puzzle is very very what problem they have?.. I finished my first one in 5minutes 3rd try, both falls at that squishing gifts

    • Lirabelle

      Because some people aren’t good at jumping puzzles? Not to mention the fact just getting in to the jumping puzzle is buggy as crap.

  • Ivan

    or…. don’t waste your time doing something you dont think is fun. I think it looks awful lol, I feel sorry for those who put in the time and effort to grind out a rather ugly skin!!

    • Viral

      And I feel sorry for someone who has to put what other people want down.

      • Ivan

        that’s just like, your opinion, man. lmao dont take it so personally

  • X

    does cat’s shadow effect turn the snow effect shadowy or does it not effect it at all?

    • JediMunchies

      Tested this with the Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor(Black) and it doesn’t effect the snow effect at all, just your character.

    • Rice

      yeah i’d make it if it made the snow black :V but we aren’t that lucky

  • jozeiax

    they changed my queen bee to winters presence, im worried i wont get it back

    i am also trying to get winters presence, its so unfairly difficult to get.
    i am worried once i have winters presence i wont be able to have my bee also
    i have mental difficulties, and find it very difficult to contact anet and make notes/emails of support. but i know they are good.

    but i heard some bugs that cause massive errors in items still are not fixed 🙁
    please give me hope dulfy and anet


    merry xmas, cool festival btw. especially snowball fight 🙂

    • jozeiax

      they fixed the bee 🙂 but now there is a wispy frost aura around it also, kinda cool, but i still hope it gets fixed :p
      arenanet are awesome

  • Fluffy Zombie :3

    finished every achievement… well the drinks missing.. nearly 2k now .. 10k is possible.. but just grind JP and stuff D:

  • David M. Dutrow

    If I received the Score and Champion’s Snowball but used them before I opened the shoulder collection, will I get retroactive credit for them?

    • Xivika

      Yes, I did this without knowing what it was for but still got credit for it after unlocking the collection

  • Ainseland

    o yeshhhh 62/10,000 drinks to go so close but its nut XD

  • Viking Guy

    Gail just added this to Forums:

    We’ve noticed that you’ve had a few questions about Wintersday, and
    specifically about the Wintersday Presence Collection. We’d like to
    share the following info with you:

    Wintersday is scheduled to end on January 12, 2016.

    We will be leaving the Festive Imbiber achievement active throughout the year.

    We will not be able to change the text that indicates it’s a
    Wintersday-only achievement, but you will be able to continue to imbide
    (in moderation, please – think of the dolyak children!) to gain that

    Enjoy the festival and we’ll see you in the game!

    Gaile Gray
    Forum Communications Team Lead
    Guild & Fansite Relations; In-Game Events

    • No

      Fuck… Yay for already spening 790g…

      • Hartmann

        why is that a “fuck”
        it’s not like the drinks will get cheaper after the event is over
        their prize will probably skyrocket

        • Mike Kelly

          Exactly, at the moment people are opening dozens of presents every day, after Wintersday ends that becomes one present a day for those who have the Wintersday tree in their home instance. The price is going to boom soon after that. I think I’ll save the remaining drinks I get for then.

          I’m sure not going to get 10,000 of them when with standard play I have only about 400 done now.

          • Hartmann

            if you jump the jp 30 times a day you can make it

            • Mike Kelly

              Maybe, sounds like a whole lot of grind to me, and I haven’t even been able to get into the Jumping Puzzle once so far, keeps kicking me back to DR or telling me the world I’m trying to enter is full.

              • Hartmann

                Keep spamming it, I usually get it after 5 tries. I agree that its tedious, I honestly think they are trolling us

      • Stella

        Think of it this way, you have about 12-14days to get back those 790g you just spent, if you are clever enough, you can make more profit out of the wintersday gifts now that the shoulders are out of the way 🙂

  • nub

    Does this effect show up when using outfits?

    • kazuya

      it’s a shoulder piece. Do other shoulder pieces show when you’re using an outfit? No.

      • Hartmann

        i’m wondering why they didnt make it a backpiece for this reason
        or even a ring like the poly luminescents

        • Stella

          I have been wondering the exact same thing ._.

  • kewpz

    does the effect show up when the shoulder armour is hidden?

    • tom

      why would it?

    • Zenamez

      From what I understand, the shoulders are invisible just like Night Fury.

    • Stella

      No it doesnt, also it doesnt show when wearing outfits. Only with the armor showing. Also, the shoulders are invisible why would you hide something you cant see? (seriously though, who would?)

  • Henry Tran

    Thank god Toypocalypse is such a good gold grind

    • No

      How is that?

      • rei

        The presents you get at the end of each jumping puzzle is quite generous-considering how it only takes maybe 2-3minutes to complete. And you can do it endless!

      • Hartmann

        you get 10 gifts and 1k karma + exp every 1½ minutes running the jp
        besides it’s alot of fun, and unlike toypocalypse, you actually improve doing it

    • commentor

      bells and jujmping puzzle are better, well, assuming you’re good at jp.

  • commentor

    JP isn’t that bad as I imagined. Consistently got it now, except when a bunch of people following me around and made me missed a step because of their fat a$%#$. More mentally draining compared to other activities though, that’s more sure. You’re required to engage fully at all time.

    • Hartmann

      that’s why i do it though
      i feel like my reflexes and hand eye coordination is improving
      it’s not as fun as clocktower though
      but you have some minuscule variation when you get bored of one route

  • A

    Does it count if you finish the “Essence of Mischief, Essence of Snowfall Magnanimous, Obsidian Crystal” after the Wintersday event?

    • DarthGS

      Not sure- they’re not that expensive in comparison to the Masterful Toast achiv though; only about about 60g total. If you’ve got some shit in your bank, you should be able to afford it. If not, just farm the Choir Ensemble or the Wintersday jp if you’re good enough at it.

  • Pandawaffles

    This is just crazy expensive, over 60 gold just for sigils and runes alone. Not worth it for some stupid shoulders you use once a year

    • lol

      lol k

    • DarthGS

      Meh. It’s not hard if you actually spend time in the game and are willing to spend some G. If you play for a while, focussing on getting presents (7-8s each)to sell, you’ll make plenty of G. If you think this shit is expensive, you don’t know jackshit. Nightfury, the Halloween skin, cost over 2k G during Halloween, yet people were still making it.

    • Viraxel

      This was also made when the runes and sigils weren’t at 50s each.

  • smartphones are good for porn

    So with the Festive Imbiber lasting year round can we unlock the winters presence collection outside of Wintersaday?

    • Jocksy

      You need to buy the blueprint to unlock the collection. The seller is required for the blueprint, so the collection can only be unlocked at Wintersday,

  • Kastean26

    Do I have to consume the items that give 10k karma for it to show up in the collections?

    • Kastean26

      Because i got the items already but they don’t show up in my collections panel.

      • Potato

        I’d really like to know that as well. Someone on Reddit said you do but I’m afraid he’s trolling.
        I really hope Dulfy can confirm whether it’s a bug or intended (needs to be consumed).
        I got the entire collection finished and only the Mystic Forge items are shown as unlocked.

        • Poodledoodledoo

          My items did not show up i my collection before I consumed them so I’m pretty sure you have to.

        • Potato

          I took the chance and used the Karma items and it worked.
          So glad it did otherwise I’d be in a serious mess right now hehe, but it worked so, yeah, you need to use them

    • Jocksy

      Yes, you do.

    • Laccy

      As soon as I crafted one of the three mystic forge items required, it counted all the karma-consume items for me. I even had them on another character on the account, so now I have all but the Masterful Toast (haven’t done the achievement) in my collections without claiming them.

  • Betaraptor

    just tell me if i am wrong but: toast achiev is whole year long, but those presents containing these drinks are only obtainable during wintersday. Anet logic…

    • Jocksy

      The Orphans event give a christmas tree in the home instance, so it is possible to get gifts other ways

  • Podri

    The mystic forge recipes are also permanent, aren’t they? Because 150 mystic coins for 22 silver each when i could be getting them for “free” just by logging in feels kinda expensive

    • Makotobubu

      theyve exploded in price because of high demands (crafting these shoulder) and will probably be in demand till Wintersday ends. so, yes they ARE expensive.

  • Rowanne

    Buying the blueprint doesn’t seem to be an option? I’ve looked in all the tabs. And it’s not in my collections section. Do I have to complete something else first?

    • Jody Taylor

      After you consume the blueprint, I believe you can just throw the ingredients into the MF after you’ve finished the accomplishments and it should work. Verify that before you do it though.

  • bu

    crafted mine today! phew :’) Happy Holidays

    • Ivab

      about how long did it take to get the drinks?

      • bu

        Hey there. I decided I’d farm 5000 drinks, while I buy 5000 of them to lessen the stress on how much I had to farm.. But after 1000 drinks I got way too bored of the JP and ended up buying 9000 of the drinks x.x. I always checked and ONLY bought tonics when they were 5s-6s range. I also bought a bunch of presents with karma, so getting WP maybe took a week because I was being patient for tonics/drinks to subtly drop down in price. Also did the Wintersday PvP track on my road to diamond, which got me a lot of presents. (100 presents at the end of each track). Good luck!

  • Shinokata

    Would suck if I get screwed out of this because I can’t get into the Winter Wonderland activity…

    • Shinokata

      Of course they may fix the constant bounce-out or I can always try next year. I would really like this for my Reaper though with all the chilling effects makes sense to have snow falling around him.

    • bu

      just keep trying. After a few tries you will be sure to get in.

  • Deziel

    Screw the drinks. I’m pretty sure I’m fucked by the sigils and runes anyway since I didn’t catch them when they were dirt cheap.

    • Artiom Tepaev

      well it stays so we can craft it later, well get them after the event

  • Hartmann
  • Krgnt

    Are we still able to craft the mystic forge recipes after wintersday is over?

  • iqValentin

    Just missing the Festive Imbimber; I’ve been waiting the whole year for this.
    Bottoms up!

  • Ryan Hill

    looks like new scribe decs too cuebes+cubiods+wedge+hemispheres of snow and their large versions plus a snow man

    • Ryan Hill

      still all i wanted was big snow covered trees, how hard is that? they already have a tonic for it 🙁

    • Ryan Hill

      anyone have pics of the new scribe decs? i’d rather see the scale before i craft it myself 🙁

  • Kaschira

    Is it still possible to finish shoulders if i need only drink few houndred more drinks?

    • Biscuit

      Yes. You can take all damn year if you have too. As long as you have the wintersday activities done (because, obviously, can’t do the JP or bells once wintersday is over), you are gravy.

  • Narottam Zakheim

    anyone one know how many of the new snowflakes we use for this?

    • shamantee

      1375 snowflakes

      snowfall: 125 with 50 Sup + (200 to make 50 Sup, 200 minor runes, 200 mystic coins, 200 dust), 50 mystic coins, 50 choir bells
      obsidian: 125 with bell + 50 to purchase, 50 obby shards, 50 mystic coins
      mischief: 125 with 50 Sup + (800 to make 50 sup, 800 minor runes, 800 mystic coins, 800 dust), 50 mystic coins, 50 sealed snowball

  • Azalea Fisitania

    the runes are very expensive now, rip. guess im gonna just continue spending money on other stuff

  • Artiom Tepaev

    Is there a way to craft the runes instead of buying them?

  • Raven

    Essence of Mischief, Essence of Snowfall, and Magnanimous Obsidian Crystal can these achievements been finished even after wintersday? as long as you have the wintersday items ?

  • Bradley

    So, the very first thing you need being the 50 Superior Sigil of Mischief will set you back almost 500 gold, plus 75 gold for the mystic coins, plus 350 gold for the 50 Superior Runes of Snowfall, plus another 75 gold for more mystic coins, and another 75 gold for more coins, plus some annoying account-bound crafting materials. So, to get these shoulders you need almost 1,100 gold, or the equivalent of $75 worth of gems?

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