GW2 Wintersday 2015 Coverage Guide

A guide to all the Wintersday 2015 activities and new items. Wintersday will end on Jan 12, 2016.


Gemstore 2015


Time-gated Story

Activities (same as 2014)


  • nervous_badger_fears_flaming

    yay more of the same….again. remember when anet created new and engaging content free of charge and frequently enough?…yeah that’s long since passed. sigh.

    • KJ

      Don’t remember, too long ago 😀


        If you’re complaining you should look at the swtor side of dulfy. Enjoy throwing snowballs at people and npc’s for a 15% chance to get 1 of the festive currency.Fun 😐

        • T’annen

          ^ nailed it

    • Izuna

      Most of the Season 1 content was quite controversial and of dubious quality (infamy for many soundtrack pieces added in those). Many people left cause they thought GW2 was going nowhere with those new patches. Let alone it proved that it was also costly to keep up such a release schedule.

    • Janson McCreery

      Im pretty sure their dev team has been tied up with the huge HOT release. That most likely explains why.. it is still an awesome mmo with no sub

  • Archi

    Yay! They brought back that horribly messed up and depressing story with Grawnk so everyone who missed out can share in the guilt we feel from last year. Happy Wintersday!!!

  • Angus Kart

    Anyone have a map of orphan locations? 15 for a daily is a bit much. I found 4 in the wintersday qtr and 0 in the rest of the city. It also looks like the skins and socks/scarves do not drop from the gifts.

    • BobbyOrr

      There was one here:

      Also, I noticed that the new food has 10% karma buff on it. I used that, the guild karma buff and an old Karma buff and it did raise the amount of Karma the orphans gave me to 2700.

    • Denma

      There are at least 15 in DR. I finished the Daily about 30 minutes ago. Run through all the districts holding alt or whatever you have bound that shows NPC names, then there are at least 2 more up in the gardens and one by the random wintersday gift tree. I’m sure there are a couple I missed too, because I didn’t look everywhere. They’re all kind of hidden back in dark corners and alleyways.

  • Novice

    So, i figured this was the best place to post this here. Foostivoos recipe is 3 Mini Snowmen and 250 Flawless Snowflakes in the Mystic Forge

  • Aruthawolf

    Hey Dulfy could you add a bit about ascribing? I’d like to knot the recopies.

  • Lilianah Baroque

    Hey, great guide, but i have a question: Is the ugly wool glider obtainable in game?

    • Not currently, maybe next tuesday

  • Chicken

    Do you know how long does Wintersday last?

    • slemamama

      Just read the article…..

  • Czan

    Anet again did same wintersaday… “yey” i don’t even want to play it anymore after they destroyed pvp.

    • James WTF

      gtfo hater go back to warcraft

      • Alex

        Stfu fanboy go back to playing the same bs you have been the past 3 years

      • guest

        you know warcraft is just as shitty? that’s the problem. the alternatives are not there and arenanet is steering the last fun game into that direction, too. thats why people complain. doesn’t necessarily have to do with being a hater

  • Red Baron

    Hi Dulfy, can we have a guide on how to obtain the Sovereign weapon skins? Thanks.

    • You can’t get them this wintersday.

    • Meh

      Sovereign weapon skins are from the Crown Pavilion event, which just happens to take place in the same area of Divinities reach. They are not related to wintersday in anyway, the vendors just happen to be at the same location (and all year round).

  • jozeiax

    hey dulfy! what about the “ugly wool glider” skin. !
    check glider skins in-game !

    • jozeiax

      ahhh dulfy…. on to it already… thought i got there before you ;-D

  • For quite a long time I saw this post at the top of the GW2 news page and thought there were no new posts! I have been missing the newer news.

  • Calixtus

    Dulfy, just wanted to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a big thank you for your wonderful site. Have a great time.

  • Vedd

    i dont know is theres a better way to contact with kristina / dulfy team, im a fairly new player at GW2 and think u guys are great at doing this. So i’d like to ask for a special guide myself, this is somthing i do not find anywhere else so i think maybe other persons are looking forward to it. It is about unlocking achievements, there are lots of achievements that need something to “trigger” them, but game is everything but clear about what exactly needs to be done, and there are also achievements wich “trigger” is not clarified in the wiki… so that’s it!! thanks in advance!!

    • I can’t figure out how to get the Shadow Behemoth’s achievement.

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