GW2 2016 A Merry Wintersday Achievements Guide

A guide to the Merry Wintersday Achievements for the 2016 season. The achievements can be found under Festivals in achievements.

Daily Achievement: A Season of Merriment

Complete 5 days of Wintersday Cheer achievement and you will complete this A Season of Merriment achievement. Finishing this achievement allow you to pick your choice of Wrapped weapons. You just need to complete 3/5 of the daily Wintersday achievement (located in the Daily tab) for the Wintersday Cheer achievement.


Wrapped Greatsword [&CpIbAAA=] Wrapped Scepter [&CpcbAAA=] Wrapped Shield [&CpUbAAA=]
gw2-wrapped-greatsword gw2-wrapped-scepter gw2-wrapped-shield
Wrapped Staff [&CoMbAAA=] Wrapped Sword [&Cn0bAAA=]  
gw2-wrapped-staff gw2-wrapped-sword  

Story Achievements

Grawnk Munch/Generous Harvest

If you done the story last year, you cannot do these two achievements again. They will be auto complete for you. Otherwise you can consult this guide for what to do in the story. It is timegated and will take you 3 days to complete.

Divinity’s Reach/General Achievements

Silver for the Season/Golden Generosity

  • Both achievements are related to Ho-Ho Tron in Divinity’s Reach. Ho-Ho-Tron is in a corner away from all the other Wintersday NPCs. He is only there when there isn’t a Dolyak escort event and his collecting funds event is running.


  • Silver for the Season requires you to donate 1 silver 3 times and give you 5 AP and 3 Personalized Wintersday Gifts as reward.
  • Golden Generosity require you to donate 1 gold 3 times and give you 25 AP and 10 Personalized Wintersday Gifts as reward.
  • Beware that if there are a lot of players donating, the funds donated bar fills very quickly and you have very little time to donate.

Festive Imbiber – 15 AP

  • Reward: 15 AP, Spirited Drinker title, Masterful Toast item (10k karma, required for Winter’s Presence shoulders collection).
  • This achievement will be active all year round so you have plenty of time to do it. Keep in mind though that after Wintersday you can no longer get the gifts from the activities.
  • Consume 10,000 Wintersday drinks. The following drinks from Wintersday Gifts works for this achievement and you can use the consume all option if you have more than one.
    • Cup of Spiced Apple Cider
    • Glass of Buttered Spirits
    • Mug of Eggnog
    • Snowman Tonic
    • Reindeer Tonic
    • Festive Golem Tonic

Connoisseur of Confection– 10 AP

  • Reward: 10 AP, Sweet Tooth title.
  • Consume 2500 Candy Canes. Despite the achievement saying only Candy Canes, the following food items work for the achievement as well. They all come from Wintersday Gifts. Note that while you can get the recipes for these food as well, it is nor worthwhile to make them since they all need 25 Candy Canes to make 1 of them so just use the ones that drop from the gifts. Note that Tins of Fruitcake does not work for this achievement.
    • Tropical Peppermint Cakes
    • Scoops of Mintberry Swirl Ice Cream
    • Peppermint Omnomberry Bars

Donation Defender/Finders Keepers

  • Both achievements are related to the Dolyak Escort event that occurs after Ho-Ho Tron raised enough funds. The Dolyak will start from Ho-Ho Tron’s location and then head towards Crown Pavilion waypoint.


  • To get Donation Defender, you have to kick the skritt that spawns by pressing F near them. Using snowballs to hit them doesn’t seem to be very reliable and I was not able to get credit for the event until I kicked them. Completing this achievement will reward you with 3 AP and 5 Personalized Wintersday Gifts.


  • For Finders Keepers, you need to collect 25 Dropped Presents. The Dolyak will drop presents while walking to the waypoint. If you go ahead of him you will miss them so it is best to follow behind him and press down ctrl key so you can see the presents when they spawn. Completing this achievement will reward you with 6 AP, 1 Personalized Wintersday Gift and title Finders Keepers (old title).


Wrapping Everywhere – 9 AP

  • Reward: 9 AP and 10 Personalized Wintersday Gift
  • You need to unwrap 40 Winterday Gifts. You can earn gifts easily by doing the winterday activities above so this achievement is really a freebie.

Frozen Claw – 3 AP

  • Reward: 3 AP, Icy Aura item (10k karma, required for Winter’s Presence shoulders collection).
  • Defeat the Claw of Jormag 3 times during Wintersday. Use the event timer to know when Jormag spawns.

Wintersday Activity Achievements

Dolyak Defender – 5 AP

  • Reward: 5 AP, 10 Personalized Wintersday Gift
  • Survive Toypocalypse with at least one living gift doylak. Fairly easy achievement to get as even the most horrid groups can keep at least 1 dolyak alive.

Nothing but Broken Toys – 5 AP

  • Reward: 5 AP, 10 Personalized Wintersday Gift
  • Survive 50 waves of Toypocalypse. Note that the waves do not corresponds to the rounds in Toypocalyse. Each round can have several waves of toys so you only need to do 1-2 Toypocalypse to complete this achievement.

Disassembly– 10 AP

  • Reward: 10 AP, 5 Personalized Wintersday Gift
  • Destroy 100 Misbehaving Toys. Easily done in the snowmans and catapults you build there will kill toys for you.

Honorary Krewe Member – 5 AP

  • Reward: 5 AP, 10 Personalized Wintersday Gift
  • Defeat Toxx in Tixx’s Workshop which is located inside Tixx’s Infinirarium. Note that this activity is designed for a group of 5 players but you can probably do the instance with 2 players.


Wintersday Wrecking Ball – 5 AP

  • Reward: 5 AP, 10 Personalized Wintersday Gift
  • You need to do this inside Tixx’s Infinirarium by destroying every single tree/buildings inside the instance. You can do this after you complete the instance as well.

Ringing the Right Notes – 10 AP`

  • Reward: 10 AP, 10 Personalized Wintersday Gift
  • You need to ring 500 correct notes inside Bell Choir. Can be a bit time consuming.

Sounds of the Season – 10 AP`

  • Reward: 3 AP, Winter Music Score (10k karma, required for Winter’s Presence shoulders collection).
  • You need to complete 3 Songs in Bell Choir.

The Wintersday Gauntlet – 3 AP

Snowball Fight! – 3 AP

  • Reward: 3 AP, Champion’s Snowball item (10k karma, required for Winter’s Presence shoulders collection).
  • Claim victory in the Snowball Mayhem activity 3 times during Wintersday.

Repeatable Achievements

You won’t see checkmarks on the repeatable achievements under the meta but they do count towards it.

Toy Quality Control – 3 AP/15 AP

  • Reward: 3 AP per completion, Refurbished Toy item (10k karma, required for Winter’s Presence shoulders collection).
  • Complete 30 rounds of Toypocalypse. You basically need to run through 3 full Toypocalypse for this achievement. You can repeat this achievement a max of 5 times for 15 AP.

The Bells of Wintersday – 3/20 AP

  • Reward: 3 AP and 3 Personalized Wintersday Gift per completion.
  • Complete 30 songs in Bell Choir. This achievement can be repeated up to 6-7 times.

Snowball Mayhem Participant– 3/15 AP

  • Reward: 3 AP and 3 Personalized Wintersday Gift per completion.
  • Complete 30 rounds of Snowball Mayhem. This achievement can be repeated up to 5 times for a max of 15 AP.

Winter Wonderland Mastery – 3/15 AP

  • Reward: 3 AP and 5 Personalized Wintersday Gift per completion.
  • Complete the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle 15 times. This achievement can be repeated up to 5 times for a max of 15 AP.
  • No mini festive golem again this year 🙁 It’s really all I want for Wintersday!

  • Nekami

    God bless you Dulfy for this all guides :*

  • Jay

    Fruitcake now contributes to Connoisseur of Confection achievement now.

    • Just tried, it doesn’t

  • Sagiso 鷺草

    The repeatable activity achievements do not tick after their first completion and might have to be done 5 times in total.

  • Tormod

    I concur; repeating Bells of Wintersday twice now, it still does not count towards meta-achieve.

  • Maxymus

    Yep. Yesterday I tried the Bells of Wintersday and it didn’t count.

  • FieryMummy

    The repeatable achievements dont tick, but they DO count towards the meta. (I was on 14/18 before Winter Wonderland Mastery, after i completed it it changed to 15/18)

  • Voreo Sabrae

    Someone just told me after first completion the repeatables should count?
    Is this true or am i going to be forced to grind to hell and back this year. :<
    (forced because i outright refuse that dang stupid puzzle)

    • Lawful Evil

      I completed The Bells of Wintersday once and it counted.

      • Andreas

        Didn’t count for me =(

        • Lawful Evil

          For me it counted, but it’s not marked.

          • Centaur Player

            They counted for me for the meta, but do they count only once – or one time for every time they are repeated? I have does the bells twice, but it only took once. Glitch or design?

            “Unlike last year, the repeatable achievement also counts toward the meta but you can ignore them or do them if you prefer an activity (you won’t see checkmarks on the repeatable achievements under the meta but they do count towards it”
            Took this to mean we can do a load of bell choir and for it to count for 1-7 (the times we can repeat it) just as the puzzle is annoying and its cheaper to max crafting professions then buy that much cake and booze….

            • BobbyOrr

              I did the bells one twice now. It counted for the meta the first time but not the second. There is no checkmark, but it think thats only because once you complete it, a new one becomes available and the new one is not complete and I think thats what it looks at.

  • John Johnson

    those achievements are impossible …. 10000 drinks at 9s each ?

    2500 candy at 3s each ? WTF ?

  • BobbyOrr

    Trying to do the math here. Is it possible to get the meta without 10k drinks or 2500 candy canes so I don’t have to spend hundreds of gold to get a meta?

    • Me

      the fuck is ment by meta in your language?? If you are asking whether its possible to do the main achievement (do 18 achievements) without doing drinking and eating, than yes it is. Repeatable quests also count towards progress. But sometimes they get bugged so it doesnt count towards the progress and you have to do it all over to make it count.

      • Inos

        The “main achievement” is known as the meta achievement (as in, it’s the achievement for getting achievements).

    • Lawful Evil

      Yes, it’s possible. I did The Bells of Wintersday and Toypocalypse only once.

  • Lord

    Hi Dulfy,
    Grawk achievement does not count for the meta if you already did it Last year…
    Stuck at 16/18 and have only jumping puzzle, snowball mayhem and drink and food achievement left.

  • Shiro

    I now get 5th time Toypocalypse survival and have 15AP from it but still 17/18 complete btw dont know anybody how is the easiest achivements to full 18? thanks

  • nadrian3k

    I repeated the JP 6 times and didn’t get the achievement.

    • Jason

      15 times per 3ap capped at 15ap, the other one is jump 3 times to get the item for shoulder piece

  • Outis

    Here it says that the repeatable achievements can be done 5 times, but the in-game tooltip states that there is no limit (infinite). Can someone throw light on this, please?

    • Stacy Millay

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    • Jason

      max 15ap but it will continue counting

  • Mrawan

    jumping and the bell ringing are hard for me , always found it annoying .

  • Kate

    Does “all year round” mean “until next wintersday” or “forever” because it’s a huge difference

  • Nate M

    Well, I was a fool for drinking all those drinks and eating the candy canes. I should have just sold all of them.

  • Natalia

    Hey ya’ll, I’ve decided that anybody that manages to pm ingame during Christmas Day gets 1g. It’ll only be when I’m on though. Merry Winters Day.

    ign: Natalia Black Dmg

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