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GW2 Donation Drive Orphan Locations Guide

A guide to all the Orphan locations in Divinity’s Reach required for the daily Donation Drive achievement.

You will need to find 15 Orphans for this daily achievement but you can do more since they give you more karma. All the karma buffs work here so make sure to have them (i.e. guild 10% bonus, karma boosters,). All of the orphans are located in divinity’s reach. For completing this daily achievement you get 1 Wintersday Gift, 1 AP and a Winter’s Blessing buff that give you 10% experience and 10% karma.

  • 50% from karma boosters/bonfire
  • 15% from Karma infusions
  • 5-10% from karma banners
  • Consuming Candy Canes will give you 10%
  • Up to 10% from guild karma boost
  • Birthday blaster or food will give you 10%


To give them gifts, you need to buy wrapping paper from the Wintersday vendor in Divinity’s Reach Crown Pavilion area for about 500 karma. Then you use your ugly sweaters, hats, socks and various cheap Wintersday weapon skins on the vendor to make Wrapped Gifts to hand them to orphans.


Here is a location of the 30 Orphans in Divinity’s Reach. You just walk up to them with Wrapped Gifts and hand them over for karma. You can do this once a day per orphan. Net yield is about 1k-1.5k karma per orphan.


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You get also get 1k in karma per song in bell choir and alot more with boosts. That might require less effort that running around to find orphans.

Less effort, yes, but the Orphans are NOT hard to find, and you make over 600% karma back from what you spend with all the available stacking karma boosts (I was able to get mine up to +121%). It may be less effort to do the bells (which I have been farming relentlessly), but the Orphans give more karma faster.

You also forget that the choir bells g also gives many gifts which makes it a better karma farm for those needing or selling gifts.

Hats off to Anet for making helping orphans as time consuming and monetarily inefficient in their video game as the practise is in real life.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got 10K alchoholic beverages to drink in the spirit of the season.

I found 6 until I decided to search /wiki and the GW2 wiki said so little I came to Dulfy’s site and once again she came through with flying colours for me! Now I can find all 30! YAY!

Halfway to the light. In the same time period, you can make as much (or more) karma by repetitively running the choir ensemble or the jumping puzzle as you could by sprinting around Divinities’ reach to give items to orphans – if you recall exactly where each orphan is. Orphan’s are less profitable then the fun activities – and thats not even counting the presents you receive from running anything except orphans -.-

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I don’t know if they changed this for 2016 but I can do all 30 in under 10 mins and get over 100k karma…bells doesn’t come close

I’ve decided that anybody that manages to pm ingame during Christmas Day gets 1g. It’ll only be when I’m on though. Merry Winters Day.

ign: Natalia Black Dmg

Thank you so much Dulfy! <3
GW2 wiki was disappointing and said extremely little on the orphans or their gifts or their locations. I have started checking with your site before GW2 wiki 😉

For 2017, it’s probably worth doing the mount race first, since that also gives a 15 minute karma buff too (Crowd-Favorite Racer), which does seem to stack with the buffs listed above.

I still find it really odd that once a year, we tasked with traveling around a city to give junk to homeless kids in a game where we have a home instance and oodles of money. Rather make it a year round achievement task where you need to keep a kid in good health for 12 straight months and if you fail to keep its food supplies stocked (actual use for cooking), knit it clothes occasionally and put in some paltry amount for education each month, a divinity’s reach official will come confiscate your orphan and put it back on the street.

After a year it finds a home if you managed to keep it that long, you get a permanent karma node of a picture featuring the kid and its new family and the option to keep 2 orphans next Wintersday. Bonus point for overpriced gem store purchase to instantly house your current round of orphans (in which full proceeds go to an actual child support service)

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