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GW2 Wintersday to last until Jan 12

GW2 Wintersday will last until Jan 12, 2016 and you can do the Festive Imbiber achievement all year round.

We’ve noticed that you’ve had a few questions about Wintersday, and specifically about the Wintersday Presence Collection. We’d like to share the following info with you:

  • Wintersday is scheduled to end on January 12, 2016.
  • We will be leaving the Festive Imbiber achievement active throughout the year.
  • We will not be able to change the text that indicates it’s a Wintersday-only achievement, but you will be able to continue to imbide (in moderation, please – think of the dolyak children!) to gain that achievement.

Enjoy the festival and we’ll see you in the game!


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

16 replies on “GW2 Wintersday to last until Jan 12”

The skin isn’t a wintersday acheivement, its a collection achievement.

This is absolutely fantastic news!

You have 4 weeks to do all the other achievements needed for the skin, and out of all of them, the drinks one is the only one that probably needs more than a day or two to complete. It’s also the one that ANet said they will leave open throughout the year.

Thank the Spirits! Farming 10,000 drinks over the course of a year isn’t so bad considering that our HI Gift Tree pumps out gifts all year long. There will always be supply on the TP as a result.

Everyone get 1 wintersday gift per day from that tree, if drinks are 8 silver now when ppl could farm 500+ gifts a day, just imagine how much a gift would cost when wintersday is over, I wouldn’t exactly call that useful, if you cant afford to buy 10k drinks now you won’t be able to afford it after wintersday is over.

What about the sweet? Yes I know it’s not part of the skin collection but it’s part of the festive one. Even then the drink and sweet is still needed to complete the whole festive achievement (all 18 achievements too).

No I’m not complaining as I rather have the drink being able to get it done at my own pace.

i think that sweet will not be a problem, price for food drop every day, so at end of wintersday it will be easy to do, price for drink is +- stable, but i expect drop at end too, pro blem is snowfall rune, which is on rise and most expensive right now :/

You do not need all the achievments as the repeatable ones (like play 30 bell choir songs) will award a step towards the meta once too. There are plenty of acheivements to skip the candy cane and drinking one.

Anyone know if festive imbiber will be part of next year’s wintersday? Because over a couple years it won’t be so bad, and maybe I can settle down on the drink buying thing.

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and what shall we drink when the event is over? where is the point in letting us do it all the year when there is almost no way to get them? and dont tell me to get the gifts of the home ini… im not going to farm them daily for the next 20 years…

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