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SWTOR 4.0 Madness Sorcerer PvP Guide by Dacri

SWTOR 4.0 Madness Sorcerer PvP Guide by Dacri.[toc]

Introduction to Madness Sorcerer

Madness Sorcerer is one of the most used classes in PvP, but the best of the best can lead the group offensively and dish out a ton of damage while enhancing the survivability of their team mates by keeping them healed, bubbled, etc.

In PvP, Madness Sorcerer is on the top 3 of the most powerful classes and specs, where you can put up quite a lot of damage, huge survivability and crazy amounts of healing. It is probably the most overpowered class that exists right now. But it is not as easy as it looks do put up high numbers in damage and healing.

The purpose of this guide is to help every Sorcerer improve their mastery of this class (as they say, Sorcerer is an easy class but hard to master). I will discuss optimal positioning, melee kiting tactics, as well as ways to maximize your survivability and improve your situational awareness.

Again, the target audience of this guide is quite broad, so hopefully Sorcerers of all skill levels will get something out of it.


The how to gear a madness sorcerer is pretty much down to personal preferences, different sorcerers recommend different set ups. There is a single thing every sorcerer agree (for PvP) is that you don´t need Accuracy at all. The regular and ranked gear comes with some accuracy (enhancements) on it, you will have to change them.

The stats that you should take (in order of priority) are Power, Critical Rating and Alacrity Rating. More specifically, what I recommend is the following:

  • Alacrity Rating 685 (4 Alacrity Enhancements, 1 Alacrity Implant).
  • Critical Chance 1050 (3 Critical Enhancements, 5 Advanced Critical Augment 40, 1 Critical Earpiece, 1 Critical Implant).
  • Power 3030 (All power mods, 9 Advanced Overkill Augment 40. Pretty much every slot and pieces includes power).
  • Set bonus is Force-Master´s

You basically have 2 stats to pick up from, which are Critical and Alacrity. The amount you stack is really down to personal preference, but what I’ve listed is the most balanced you will get to maximize DPS, speed up global cooldowns, and force regeneration.

Critical Rating


This stat increases your Force Critical Chance and your force critical multiplier (pretty much all of your abilities are “force abilities”). Force Critical is the chance that a successful Force Power will deal critical damage or critical heal. Pretty much the percentage of your Force Abilities to make a critical damage or heal.

Force Critical Multiplier is percentage by which Critical hits or heals increase damage health dealt.

What you should see on your Character Tab (under Force Tab) is Critical 35%+ (35% should be a base with the stats posted up there, difference is going to be from what Datacrons, companions buffs and class buffs. Same will apply to the rest of the stats). Critical Multiplier 65.9%



Ever since 3.0 dropped, alacrity is one of the best stats available to you, it speeds up your global cooldowns, and affects how fast your damage over time (DoTs) ticks; it basically increases the speed at which abilities are executed. Furthermore, a higher alacrity rating will boost Force Regeneration, which can be quite helpful if you have force management issues.

If you followed my stat recommendations, what you should see is Alacrity 7.46% and Force Regen Rate 8.6%. Force Regen already has a base of 8 per second, which with 685 Alacrity rating gives an extra 0.6 force regen per second.



Power has become a basic stat for sorcerers and pretty much every slot or gear includes this stat. There is no diminishing return to it and it gives more bonus damage than Mastery. Mastery does provide some extra Critical Change, but it a low amount. In the end, the difference between Power and Mastery is small.

What you should see (under Bonus Damage/Bonus Healing) is 2378 and 1722.


Madness Sorcerer should only run Relic of Serendipitous Assault (chance to give extra power) and Relic of Focused Retribution (chance to give extra mastery).

These stats are my personal preference; you might see differences on the percentages on your character tab (Force Tab), because all the gear I show is Ranked. There might be a difference of 100-200 points with the Regular gear, there might also be a difference since I don´t have any Datacrons at all. Make sure to always wear an Advanced Anodyne Versatile Stim.


Different utilities should be used in different situations, in the case of sorcerer you don´t have much to pick up on Skillful part, but you do on Heroic and Masterful. What you spec into should be influenced by what you are doing (i.e. Regular WZs, Solo Ranked or Team Ranked), every situation demands a different Utilities set up.


emptybody_thumb1 Empty Body – Increases all healing received by 10%. Does not affect stolen life.
sapstrength_thumb1 Sap Strength – Targets stunned by your Electrocute suffer Sapped Strength when Electrocute wears off, which reduces all damage dealt by 25% for 10 seconds.
oppressingforce_thumb1 Oppressing Force – Lowers the cooldown of Electrocute by 10 seconds. And some PVE non related ability.
darkspeed_thumb1 Dark Speed – Dark Heal increases the movement speed of the target by 50% for 6 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 12 seconds.
sithdefiance_thumb1 Sith Defiance – Increases damage reduction by 3%.
forcesuffision_thumb1 Force Suffusion – Overload heals you and up to 7 affected allies for xxxx-xxxx (Depends on your Bonus Healing).
chainshock Chain Shock – Shock gains a 25% chance to produce a second Shock that deals 25% damage.
tempestmastery Tempest Mastery – Increases the damage dealt by Force Storm by 25%


emersion_thumb1 Emersion – Force Speed grants Emersion, removing all movement-impairing effects and granting immunity to them for the duration.
electricbindings_thumb1 Electric Bindings – Overload binds its targets in electricity, immobilizing them for 5 seconds. Direct damage dealt after 2 seconds ends the effect prematurely.
suppression_thumb1 Suppression – Activating Cloud Mind grants Suppression, which increases damage reduction by 25% for 6 seconds.
darkresilience_thumb1 Dark Resilience – Reduces the damage taken by the target of your Extrication by 25% for 6 seconds after you extricate them. Additionally increases the healing done by Unnatural Preservation by 30%.
lightningbarrier_thumb1 Lightning Barrier – Increases the amount absorbed by your Static Barrier by 10%.
corruptedflesh_thumb1 Corrupted Flesh – Reduces the damage taken from all periodic effects by 15%.
conspiringforce Conspiring Force – Targets affected by your Affliction are slowed by 30% for its duration.
dizzyingforce Dizzying Force – Reduces target´s accuracy by 20% for 8 seconds after Whirlwind ends.


forcemobility_thumb1 Force Mobility – Thundering Blast, Innervate, and Force Leech may be activated while moving
backlash_thumb1 Backlash – Static Barriers you place on yourself erupt in a flash of light when they end, blinding up to 8 nearby enemies for 3 seconds. This effect breaks from direct damage.
haunteddreams_thumb1 Haunted Dreams – If your Whirlwind breaks early from damage, the target is stunned for 2 seconds. In addition, Whirlwind activates instantly.
shapelessspirit_thumb1 Shapeless Spirit – Reduces all damage taken while stunned by 30%.
forcehaste_thumb1 Force Haste – Reduces the cooldown of Force Speed by 5 seconds, Force Slow by 3 seconds and Force Barrier by 30 seconds.
surgingspeed_thumb1 Surging Speed – Polarity Shift increases your movement speed by 50% while active. In addition, Force Speed lasts 0.5 seconds longer, and when Force Barrier ends, the active cooldown of Force Speed is finished.
shiftingsiloutee_thumb1 Shifting Silhouette – Reduces all area of effect damage taken by 30%. In addition, using Phase Walk to return to its marked location grants Shifting Silhouette, keeping you from being leapt to or pulled and making you immune to interrupts and ability activation pushback for the next 6 seconds.
corruptedbarrier_thumb1 Corrupted Barrier – Your Static Barrier, Force Barrier and Enduring Bastion heal you for 2% of your total health every second for as long as they last. This healing scales up to 8% with the charges for Enduring Bastion.

Different Utilities Setup

Regular Warzones


Solo Ranked


The one on the left is quite basic and has all you need in case of an “emergency”. If you are not used to sitting still to cast force Leech, you may pick up Force Mobility. Other sorcerers with more experience could use the one on the right. Suppression is a really nice ability which you could use with a Warzone Adrenal, giving you a 40% damage reduction. While Haunted Dreams is not really a must, but you could pick it up to help the team or cc someone annoying you; healers, etc (remember to use it on targets that are not affected by DoTs, otherwise it is going to be a 2 second hard stun). Try a mix of all of these possibilities for solo ranked, just keep in mind Emersion and Corrupted Barrier are a must for solo ranked.

Abilities and Rotation

This is the fun part, but it is pretty basic, your damage rotation has to be complemented with helping teammates, positioning, kiting and situational awareness.

Offensive Abilities

affliction Affliction – Casts a powerful Force affliction upon the target that deals 6579 internal damage over 18 seconds.
Cast: Instant
Force: 32
Range: 30m
creepingterror Creeping Terror –  Paralyzes the target in fear, dealing intern damage over 18 seconds and immobilizing it for 2 seconds. The immobilizing effect cannot occur more than once every 9 seconds.
Cast: Instant
Force: 18
Range: 30m
deathfield Death Field – Creates a Death Field at the target location, dealing internal damage and stealing life from affected targets to heal you for 10% of the damage death. Strikes up to 8 targets within 8-meters radius.
Cast: Instant
Force: 45
Range: 30m
demolish Demolish – Crushes the target with devastating force, dealing kinetic damage initially, plus an additional kinetic damage over 9 seconds. The target also becomes Vulnerable for 45 seconds, increasing the damage taken from force attacks by 5%.
Cast: 2s
Force: 27
Range: 30m
Cooldown: 15s
forceleech Force Leech – Steals life from an enemy, dealing internal damage to the target and healing you for 50% of the damage dealt.
Cast: 1.5s
Force: 45
Range: 30m
Cooldown: 12s
forcelightning Force Lightning – Deals energy damage to the target and consumes 40 force over the duration of the channel. Also slows the movement speed of the target by 50%.
Cast: 2s
Range: 30m
shock Shock – Shocks the target with energy damage. Standard and weak targets are additionally stunned for 3 seconds.
Cast: Instant
Force: 36
Range: 30m
lightningstrike Lightning Strike – Fires a charge of lightning at the target.
Cast: 1.5s
Force: 36
Range: 30m
forcestorm Force Storm – Calls down a Force Storm over the target area, consuming 60 force and dealing energy damage to up to 8 targets within 8 meter.
Cast: 3s
Range: 30m

Defensive Abilities

forcebarrier2 Force Barrier – Projects a Force Barrier around you, granting immunity to all control, damage, and negative effects while channeled. This ability does not respect the global cooldown and can be used while controlled.Charges will build up and grant Enduring Bastion, a shield that absorbs an amount of damage based off the charges that are present when force barrier ended. Enduring bastion grants immunity to interrupts.
Cast: 8s
Cooldown: 3m
staticbarrier2 Static Barrier – Surrounds the target in a lightning shield that lasts 30 seconds and absorbs a high amount of damage.
Cast: Instant
Force: 32
Range: 30m
overload2 Overload – Deal damage and knock back up to 8 enemies within 15 m cone in front of you. Standard and weak enemies are additionally knocked down for 3 seconds.
Cast: Instant
Force: 10
Cooldown: 20s
electrocute2 Electrocute – Electrocutes the target, dealing energy damage and stunning it for 4 seconds.
Cast: Instant
Force: 9
Range: 10m
Cooldown: 1m
unbreakablewill Unbreakable Will – Summons the unbreakable will of the Sith, immediately purging incapacitating and movement-impairing effects.
Cast: Instant
Cooldown: 2m
forcespeed2 Force Speed – Increases movement speed by 150% for 2 seconds.
Cast: Instant
Cooldown: 30s
recklessness2 Recklessness – Grants 2 charges of Recklessness, which increases the force critical chance of your direct attacks and heals by 60%.
Cast: Instant
Cooldown: 1 min 30s
polarityshift2 Polarity Shift – Grants 20% alacrity and immunity to pushback and interrupts for 10 seconds.
Cast: Instant
Cooldown: 2m
phasewalk2 Phase Walk – Activating this ability marks your current location for 10 minutes. When this ability is activated again, if you are within 60 meters of the marked location, you instantly return to the marked location.
Cast: 0.5s
Range: 60m
Cooldown: 45s

Other Abilities

unnaturalpreservation2 Unnatural preservation – Immediately restores health to you. Cannot be used on others.
Cast: Instant
Cooldown: 30s
resurgence2 Resurgence – Immediately heals the target, plus does additional healing over 9 seconds.
Cast: Instant
Force: 27
Range: 30m
Cooldown: 6s
darkheal2 Dark Heal – Heals a friendly target.
Cast: 1.5s
Force: 50
Range: 30m
forceslow Force Slow – Deals kinetic damage and slows the target´s movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds.
Cast: Instant
Force: 9
Range: 30m
Cooldown: 12s
whirlwind Whirlwind – Traps the target in a whirlwind for 10 seconds.
Cast: 2s
Cooldown: 1m
Range: 30m
extrication2 Extrication – If target is a group member, pulls the target to your location.
Cast: Instant
Force: 27
Cooldown: 1m
Range: 30m
expunge2 Expunge – Cleanses a friendly target of up to 2 negative mental or force effects.
Cast: Instant
Cooldown: 12s
Range: 30m
jolt Jolt – Interrupts the target´s current action and prevents that ability from being used for 4 seconds
Cast: Instant
Cooldown: 18s
Range: 30m
consumingdarkness2 Consuming Darkness – Restores 40 force. Utilizing Consuming Darkness makes you Weary, reducing your Force Regeneration rate by 2 for 10 seconds, This effect can stack up to 4 times.
Cast: Instant



Your initial rotation is quite simple: open with Creeping Terror (because of the 2 seconds root), then Affliction, pop Recklessness (which gives you 2 charges+1 from set bonus), Polarity Shift and cast Force Leech. It is quite important to click on the ground when you use Death Field to spread your DoTs to many targets as it is possible (up to 5 targets), they will also gain Death Mark which increases your DoTs damage.

Then you use Force Lightning till you get 4 stacks of Wrath to instantly cast Demolish (never hard cast Demolish), follow up with Force Lightning again till 4 procs of Wrath and use Lightning Strike. The basic idea here is always keep 4 stacks of Wrath up, when Demolish is available use it, also keep an eye out to keep Death Mark on the target you want to use Demolish on for more DoT damage.

To end with basic rotation you use Shock since it is an instant cast and usually should hit for 3-5k, try to use it after you use lightning strike.

Personal Advice: Try to use Death field always before you use Demolish, so the target can have Death Mark, which increases your DoTs damages. Also Demolish gives the enemy player a Debuff called Vulnerable, which increases the damage received by Force Attacks by 5%, my recommendation is to Demolish different targets when possible, increasing your damage done in the end.

Always keep your DoTs up on every target for more damage, your single job is to keep them up. Make sure to not break Whirlwind, Flashbang, Roar by using DoTs.

Solo Ranked Rotation


In solo ranked your rotation will deviate from the Basic one that is most suited for regular warzone matches. The difference for solo ranked is that you will have to try to maximize the survivability of your team mates. Here is the deal, Solo Ranked is about outliving the other team, when you understand that concept you begin to wonder what you can do. Sorcerers have some healing abilities that can be used on the players from your team, such as Rejuvenate, Dark Heal, Static Barrier, Pull (not a heal but can pull the target away from melee, then you can heal him to full, or half).

These abilities will make your rotation vary from what I or any sorcerer tells you, this is where situational awareness and peeling come in to play. Both of which are discussed later on in this guide.

The ideal rotation will go as follows: putting your Phase Walk in a safe place (will see this point further the guide too), Bubble (static barrier) your entire team (make sure to bubble only non-sorcerer players), and run towards the enemy and do the basic rotation. After using lightning strike you will look out for your team mates health, throw them some bubbles (static barrier debuff should be down by now), bubble everyone and throw a rejuvenate or/plus Dark heals on a low target. You may pull him too depending on if he has his defensive cooldown up or not (if he has defensive cooldowns up DO NOT pull him).

Make sure you Line of Sight ranged enemies, it will help you to not take damage, not getting interrupted, and can off heal team mates without worrying.

After helping team mates return to your rotation and repeat till you win.

Advice: Again, keep your DoTs up all the time. If you are the focused target, don´t freak out, chill and make them play your game. Put your Phase Walk in a smart place, kite the enemies to the opposite direction (never close to your Phase Walk), use PW and heal to full. Remember to keep Static Barrier and Rejuvenate on you, and DoTs on all the enemy players you can, for maximum healing and survivability.

Advanced Tactics

Phase Walk

4.0 gave you a new best friend. It is basically the most ridiculous ability ever created. Well to start off, you have to put your Phase Walk in smart places such as I will list below. You can put it in different places, but make sure to put it as central as you can (since PW has a 60 meter range) and in a place that you can Line of Sight Ranged, and avoid being close to Melee. After you use your PW to return to the marked position, all you have to do is HEAL TO FULL, make sure to heal to full or you are doing it wrong. Also never use Force Barrier before you use Phase Walk or both at the same time, it is a waste. In some situations where the enemy team rushed to you and you either didn´t have the chance of placing Phase Walk or you placed it and it is a few meters away from the fight you have 2 options, force speed your way out of there, far as you can go and then use PW, or you will have to bubble. In case you bubble, after it ends run way to the limit of your PW. You need to be as far as you can from it to use it as emergency and then heal to full, this way you will take the more damage that you can, praying that your team has killed 1 or 2 players.

Where to put your phase walk Solo Ranked:

Makeb Mesa


Always use that thing to place your PW. Both sides has a pretty similar one, so place it in the point that you can LOS any ranged on the bridge.

If melee is close to the PW placement, kite them away, go in a direction such as the other side of the map. The best thing to do is get the fight to beneath the bridge, close as you can to the other “pillar”, PW and heal to full.

Corellia Square


On Square use these walls to put your PW. If you use the boxes right down the base you are putting yourself in risk of being too far away and it won’t port you. These marked spots are the most centric ones with the capacity of LOS and getting away from the fight quite easily; giving you time to heal to full. There are more centric spots than these marked ones, such as the box in middle, but enemy players are probably going to catch you quicker if you port there than the places I’ve marked.

Tatooine Canyon

PW placement here has quite a lot of possibilities, you can either use the houses or down the huts. If you use the house it will for sure let you heal to full. In case someone comes closer you can knock them back right down, giving you even more time to heal to full.


Orbital Station

Best place to put the PW are these “walls”, try to put it in the center of this wall, making you untouchable by any possible AOE´s. Both sides have the same wall, just make sure to keep the fight away from sight so you can have some time to heal to full.


Situational Awareness and Creating UI

This is what is going to make the difference between a good sorcerer and an average or bad sorcerer. Average sorcerers will just straight sit on one spot and do damage while taking damage, having quite high damage numbers, but the healing done is going to be only from Force Barrier/Static Barrier heals or absorb, etc.

Situational Awareness is about knowing what is going on everywhere. You need to set up your UI to something where you can easily see your team´s health and where they are.


This is my UI, the scoreboard has to be close in case you need to CC particular targets (you have to either click on the scoreboard or use focus target modifier), and the operations frame has to be real close to the middle of the screen. In case any of the team mates need help, pull, heals, etc., you can do it quickly without having to move your mouse all over the screen. Other ways to do this is using binds assigned to each group member.

Something that is important too is that you need a quick bar with all of the most important abilities or the ones that you use the most, to know when they are off cooldown or available to use. You can set it even in the middle of the screen, just make sure you put it in a place that you can see quickly for emergencies.

Also I recommend playing at a 100% camera distance, giving you the chance to see all the panorama, be able to tell what is the enemy team going to do, try to predict and be one or two movements ahead of the others.

Another important thing is interrupting healer or dps (in case of no healers in the match) using Focus Target Modifier.

Focus Target Modifier is one of the best things of Swtor, pretty easy to use and set up. Try to use Jolt (interrupt) on cooldown when there is a healer on the match. You may also use Focus Target Modifier to CC targets, attack them without having the need to move to next enemy, etc.

Here is a video from Kre´a that I highly recommend watching if you don´t know how to set up focus target modifier.



Kiting is another pretty important aspect of Sorcerers. If you are able to kite well, by the time that you die, there will be 1-4 deaths on the enemy team. Why is this as important as a sorcerer? Well kiting is one of the most basic things that a sorcerer has to do. We are the squishiest class in the game, without force barrier we would pretty defenseless. What you have to do is kite all you can, until you have 5-15k HP with no choice but to barrier.

  • Force Slow is a really good friend. Try to use it on cooldown against melee, make sure the target doesn´t have movement impairing buffs or it will be a waste of global cooldown.
  • You have 2 roots to be used, one each 8 seconds and the other each 20 seconds. Creeping terror roots the target for 2 seconds, giving you extra time to get away, cast a full Dark Heal or full cast of Force Lightning to get a Demolish off. Overload knockbacks and roots the target for 5 seconds (in case the enemy player takes direct damage, it breaks the root after the initial 2 seconds)
  • Force Speed has a 30 seconds cooldown, use this ability wisely. When melee jumps on you, they usually cc you instantly, and if you used force run in the same moment they jumped on you, you are probably going to get cc´d, wasting one Force Speed. So make sure you eat a CC or 2, then you Force Speed your way out.
  • How to use knockback while going to a different direction
  • Don´t use Smart Camera (it is on preferences-> Controls -> Camera -> Leave Smart Camera unmarked.
  • Bind Strife Left and Strife Right.

Here is a short video to use it as example. There are other ways to do this, this is a good one though.


I will try adding more videos doing duels against melee, to show some examples of effective kiting.

About the Author

I am Dacri, 23 years old, I’m from Chile and been playing Swtor for almost 3 years. I been quite active in the solo ranked scenario, been 2 times #1 Sage overall, and 1 time #2 Sage. I have 4 Sorcs and 2 Sages since season 4, and since then I’ve been all-star on each toon.

I really enjoy this game, I think it could improve a lot, it has had the potential for like over 5 years, but there doesn´t seem to be an interest from BW, which has made me play less and less.

I had like to mention my friend Obidion/Javelin, Glorfindel, Onzo, Reekü, Droid and a few others that have joined me on different servers such as Bastion, Harbinger, Pot5, Shadowlands, TEH, ToFN among others, and helped me to get better in different things within the game.

If you need any help, feel free to mail me/whisper me in-game, my toon names are Dacri (Sorcerer, no special letters), and Dacrí (Sage). I been only playing on Harbinger lately, and doesn´t seem like I´m moving servers anytime soon.

Here is my stream, I stream sometimes and I highly recommend Sorcerers to watch streams/videos to get an idea of what to do, concepts, etc.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

101 replies on “SWTOR 4.0 Madness Sorcerer PvP Guide by Dacri”

Thank you for this guide.

Just a typo in gear:
685 alacrity rating = 5x enhancement / earpiece / implant (not 4 as you have stated)
1050 critical rating = 5x enhancement / earpiece / implant + 5x augment

Thank you for the guide. These are great and I was thinking of getting back into PVP. I’d love a Pub translation though.

Great guide, especially the lower section is helpful.
I was wondering if Death Field would be better used first in the rotation in case you are facing a single opponent and there is no chance of dot-spreading? Because as you stated it applies the debuff for dots, giving a boost to affliction, creeping terror and demolish afterwards.

You actually want to use Death Mark (15 stacks from Death Field) right before Demolish, Death mark gives a 10% increased damage from all DoTs, where Demolish is your DoT that deals the more damage. Using your stacks of Death mark to increase the damage of Creeping Terror and Affliction is fine, but keep in mind that Demolish is going to deal more damage.

Also little advice, always open with Creeping Terror to root the target for 2 full seconds, if its a melee it is going to help you quite a lot, it is a ranged he won´t be able to LOS you.

Okay, that does quite make sense. What I wasn’t aware of is that death field’s debuff are stacks, as I somehow had thought its just a duration debuff for 15 seconds. Hence why I thought quickly applying all dots afterwards would be useful. Thanks for your reply and the clarification 🙂 Yes, the second part I am already doing, I just didn’t order them according to priority when I named them above.

this spec is so op that what i thought for a sage to be a healer with almost 900k at the end of the match, was actually a DPS with 1.5m damage… WHERES THE NERF BAT???

On my sage I am currently sitting at:
104.99 acc
1360 cirt
758 alac
2369 pwr
Looking at what you recommend, is lowering my crit by 300 and alacrity by 100 really going to make that big of a difference.

Players have 5% defense against attacks that can be defended, but sorc doesn’t really have any of those.
And even for classes that can miss, you generally want to burst people down fast. So it’s better to have a 1% miss chance, but deal more damage. If that miss happens your burst is spoiled, but if it doesn’t happen (most of the time) your burst hits harder and is more likely to kill. After all, pvp is much less about sustained output, like pve is, so full accuracy isn’t as interesting.

Is there a list of corresponding Alliance and Empire abilities to make it easier for someone who plays one to play the other?

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I am getting a salary of more than 4100 dollars each week , that is awesome. Over a year ago I was in a horrible condition , jobless and Bank account with only few bucks . Thank one of my friends showed me a way where I was able to gather my self and making average of 85 d/h. So it can change your life as it has changed mine.



Gracias compadre! I know at least 3 other chileans that play consistenly! let me know if you want to play, whisper me on Dacri on harb .P

Saludos compadre

Sure! Quiero decir juego con varios latinos a veces loa domingo! Trata de pasarte a ver si te diviertes!. El joeputa que te posteo arriba, bakerius, tbn corre conmigo a veces. Estoy medio ausente, porque tras los bans y la mierda de NiM loot todos mis raid teams se fueron a jugar WoW, pero igual sigo en Swtor, de momento al menos. Ahí te mando un mail ingame. Suerte!

Nice guide. Hopefully now all the flavor of the month Sorcs can get up to our level. I remember when you was on Bastion and you left me all alone to carry warzones. They still win-trade over here quite a bit so I don’t play ranked that much this season. anyway nice guide bro

Sup man! Yeah I was on Bastion the other night, ppl was wintrading in teams as usual lolol. Most of the solo ranked ppl moved to Harb, pubs and imps :(. I don´t think solos are going to be popping next season on Bastion

Yeah I made a Sorc over there since Bioware was nice enough to give me a free token for every damn server I’m not on….That and the fact that everybody wanna pretend to be Kick-bot in ranked now and heal….The DPS Sorc in ranked is becoming a unicorn again. Anyway I’ll hit you up on Harbinger when I’m there it’s getting boring over here again….

I love looking at the dps sorc with leading the damage and see one or two killing blows zero solo kills. then act all cool because they’re awesome 🙂

Yeah, everyone claims Madness sorcs are easy mode and then they do shitty damage with one.

It is overpowered, they should probably nerf the damage/radius of death field or something, but it isn’t easy to do the 4000+ dps you see with madness sorcs in regulars.

From much of what I’ve read and what I’ve seen in game, alacrity does not affect dots, only channels / hard casts. Can anyone confirm? Seems that would make alacrity almost useless.

No alacrity affects DoT ticking speed. It really takes your whole rotation and shrink the time its applied in.

Ex. Annihilation Marauder would keep clipping their Rupture since its used every *6 GCD* not every 9 seconds.

Alacrity affects dot speed, energy regeneration rate, proc rates, cooldowns, and lowers the global cooldown for instant cast abilities as well.
What you’re describing is how alacrity worked long ago, before 2.0 I think. Back then, it was indeed useless.

You guys are right. Just tested it. With enough alacrity I can fit another shock in the rotation as well. Not sure if this is a dps boost but it sure seems like it. I can force lightning, shock, demolish, force lightning, lightning bolt, shock. It’s pretty badass.

hmm… I just skimmed through again, saying about madness, “It is probably the most overpowered class that exists right now” If all you care about is high damage numbers sure. you can take any joe sorc, put them in madness with crap gear and they’ll put up decent numbers. but are they really over powered? naaa.. they’re probably at their best spot since launch… A good player with a good spec will do well.

though I would like something other than phase walk.

On mine before we had all theory crafted i went with all crit. Overall damage in WZ is less of course but in arenas it seemed to be more useful. ( now a healer )

Well a class that can puts out quite easily 3k DPS+ 1.5k HPS at the same time is pretty overpowered. It is pretty ridiculous having a 50% heals of your total damage, and sometimes it can go up to 75%.

That is overpowered as hell.

not over powered at all really…

First look at the numbers…

much of that 3k dps is ‘fluff’ or ‘pressure’ that really doesn’t mean a whole lot. against a halfway competent healer really doesn’t mean much other than ePeen. If they don’t have a healer than it can be extremely useful… but now that people have leveled most matches have at least one heal.

Much of that 1.5k healing isn’t needed getting a few hundred here from a dot proc or what have you. When you really need healing really isn’t useful because you need like 10k heals not a few hundred. (no armor and few defensive abilities). yeah you can get big ones from force leach and death field but thats not why you are using those abilities. now if you are off healing because you dont’ have a healer or you failed to protect yours.. then ok.. Again if you don’t have a healer on your team it is a bit more useful

Lets talk about PT for a second. Even with the nerfs they can still global an unsuspecting enemy. Immune to almost all movement impairing, can pull and self heal along with taunts and skank tank with decent DCD.

Lets talk about juggs for a second. Especially now with the buff Immortal is practically that while dealing large amounts of damage and mitigating large amounts of damage and CCs

Lets talk about operatives…. stun keell.. no keel? stun.. keel.. no keel? stun.. keel.. no keel?… well keel more! oh attacking me? leave combat and try again when CDs are up.

lets talk about merc for a second. eh.. no lets not.. they need help.

Assassins are about the same as ever, but not quite as OP as they where to start 2015.

The point is.. Madness Sorcs yeah good no doubt. even bad players can have some success with them as they’re pretty easy to play. But over powered? not at all.

Have you ever considered to apply Demolish for 5% force damage buff before DF and other DOTs? I often use it when focusing single target aka fighting 1vs1 in Arena. Then your rotation will starts with FL to get 4 stack then Demolish – DF – and 2 DOTs. You will lose 1 tick of Demolish but gain 5% damage buff for all other attaks.

1. For maximum dps you don’t want DF eating up demolish stacks, your two DoTs benefit more from it.

2. For maximum dps you’ll want to start immediately with DF and FL after the DoTs to bring them on cooldown.

But: If you want some sort of burst then I’d start out with DoTs, FL then Demolish, DF, FL. You absolutely need the DoTs on target first though.

I will… just first cast FL then Demolish – DF – 2 DOTs – FL. DF-2 DOT’s-FL will be with 5% buff. But if you cast DOTs FL then Demolish only DF and FL will be with 5% buff. Anyway I’m not going to teach you how to play ^_^ I’ve never got so high in SR ratings as you so GL and HF.

I recommend you always open with Creeping terror because of the root. Use affliction after, deathfield and then force leech for the bonus dmg and cast FL to get the stacks of wrath for demolish.

This opener should deal more damage that what you are suggesting.

Also opening with FL as you say, you will get interrupted most of the times or line of sighted, leaving you with a few or all the stacks of wrath, having just habe dealt 2k dmg per tick of FL, while you could have terror+affliction on the target and they will damage for 15k-20k or so combined

Try to take the most benefit you can from each global cooldown..

Hope I could help you and sorry for the delay in the answer.

I’m curious why Conspiring Force isn’t on the utility list. Slowing pretty much everyone I hit with death fields automatically seems nicer than having to use overload to lock them down for a few seconds, but I’m fairly new to sorc pvp so maybe I’m missing something.

sorry for delay.

It is a sweet ability, but with all the current “slow-breakers” abilities such as predations and more.

The guide is wrong on the alacrity and critical gear needs section. As noted way down on the comments … must be hard to put in 2 new numbers 😀

Fixed one is
Alacrity Rating 685 (4 Alacrity Enhancements, 1 Alacrity Implant).
Critical Chance 1050 (3 Critical Enhancements, 5 Advanced Critical Augment 40, 1 Critical Earpiece, 1 Critical Implant).
Power 3030 (All power mods, 9 Advanced Overkill Augment 40. Pretty much every slot and pieces includes power).

Im trying to get the Exemplars Force-Master set at the moment, and grinding warzone commendations is taking a while. Is there a faster way to get them besides dailies?

It’s another daily, but at the moment the 2 Gree pvp missions give 100 warzone commendations each, while you’re waiting for the queue to pop.

I am curious how you came up with the cutoff numbers for crit and alacrity. From what I have been reading around, crit and alacrity do much better than power. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have all crit and alacrity augs? I’ve seen posts where people are running around with ~40% crit (1400-1500) and around 8-10% alacrity.

What are your thoughts on this approach vs the power augment approach?

Look like I have said multiple times, gearing madness sorc is kinda hard since its usually down to personal preferences. Keep in mind that moving from 1050 to 1400-1500 Critical won´t be a huge difference if you can´t keep up dots on everyone. Basically your criit for dots will go from 35% (up to 43% with stacks) to 40% (up to 48% with stacks). In this case it really depends if you can keep them up also the stacks for extra crit.

Im currently running 34% crit and 10.5% alacrity which is working fine for me, but I kinda miss power.

Thanks a lot for the guide!

Always use Polarity Shift before Recklessness. It reduces its cooldown and there’s no reason not to.

Hey Dacri, in terms of number and raw dps potential, what is better, Lightning or Madness? I know that Madness has survivability on top of it’s damage, but when done correctly, which one has the superior dps?

I could try figuring out the stats which shouldn´t be hard since most of the damage is yellow. Though there was a PVE Madness guide but can´t find it. Im like 90% sure I saw one.. D:

OP can you please tell a little about priotity? I get it that during the usual rotation after the opener it’s pretty much
2.Death field
but what comes next give dots fell off and Force leech is off CD? dots or Force Leech?
4.Would be Force Lightning
5.Insta Lightning Strike?

Correct me where Im wrong. Also sorry for the empire skill names.

Mate, i was browsing the internet the other day and i found the guy who was playing with full mastery augments and crit enhancements with 0 alacrity. Could you advise if it is really viable?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Every built is viable in madness as long as you can keep up your dots up. Thing is you shouldnt really use mastery over power, since power gives you more bonus dmg, while mastery will give you some crit chance, it can be replaced with 1 crit augment.

About 0 alacrity, I dont really recommend having 0. You should aim to speed up your gcds, cast times and how fast your dots tick. Although some people might not notice the difference, you have to consider than the fights are going to last at least 10 mins where RNG is not a thing.

I’m sorry for a newbie question, but how can one combine 5 Advanced Critical Augment 40 and 9 Advanced Overkill Augment 40 on 9 augmentables in total?

There are 14 pieces to be augmented, 1 earpiece, 2 implants, 2 relics 7 pieces of gear and mainhand+offhand. All of them can and have to be augmented in order to achieve the maximum output.

I cannot even modify earpices, implants and relics. There are 9 modifiable pieces at all: 7 pcs of gear + mainhand + offhand. That means that I can add augmentation slots to 9 pieces only.
Btw big thanks for this guide! Yesterday I have suited up following your recommendations, and using your rotations/tactics kicked some asses! 🙂 5 critical/4 power augments did their job just fine!

I know this is gonna sound really newbie but I recently got to level 65 and was wondering of ways to increase my max health, if I get advance PVP gear will it?

What I’ve found out is Phase Walk is your BEST friend. It doesn’t matter where you put it, just make sure you fight/run away from it. This was pointed out in the ‘kiting’, always, always kite away from your Phase Walk. In PVP time is life. Very good guide ty.

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