SWTOR 4.0 Pyrotech Powertech PvE Guide by Kwerty

SWTOR 4.0 Pyrotech Powertech PvE Guide by Kwerty.

Introduction to AP Powertech

Reeling over the recent AP Nerfs? Want your PT to pull competitive numbers in fights where mobility, burst damage, and survivability aren’t a problem? Love throwing fire everywhere? Then Pyro is the spec for you!

Pulling competitive numbers, as well as having excellent AoE damage and surprisingly good target swapping for a DoT spec, Pyrotech is currently the best spec for a PT, should the right conditions be met.

Before we go forward, I’d like to recommend you have both the Sundered and Assailable debuffs available to your raid team, as without them AP will be better than Pyro (Sundered, Pyro will come ahead, but the bonus from sundered given by AP will be better than the bonus from speccing Pyro)

Defensively though, you have to be careful. Due to a lack of the 30% AoE damage reduction utility, your only real defensive is from Kolto Overload, though thanks to the passive Automated Defenses, that is up every minute or so, and while its active you are pretty much immortal.


Single Target Damage: 7/10

Pulling in at the middle of the pack, Pyro’s numbers could definitely be better, but thanks to its excellent AoE and having a number of advantages similar to (though not in the extreme extent of) AP means that you can compete with other, higher performing disciplines such as Marauders or Mercenaries.

AoE Damage: 9/10

Yeah its not a Marksman or Engineering sniper who gets a stupidly powerful 8m radius AoE without a cooldown, but what it does have is a very strong flamethrower that puts a 15 second long DoT effect on everything it hits. And that can get quite ridiculous.

Burst Damage: 7/10

Despite having over 20% of its damage tied up in DoT effects, Pyro is surprisingly bursty. Having an auto-crit every 15 seconds on Rail Shot, as well as the powerful offensive cooldowns of Explosive Fuel and Shoulder Cannon, Pyro is a passable spec when burst damage is required.

Raid Utility: 7/10

With access to a taunt, a low cooldown on Kolto Overload, and a reduced cooldown on Sonic Rebounder, Pyro has access to a decent amount of raid utility. However, it lacks access to any powerful debuffs such as Assailable or Sundered, and when acting as an off-tank you can only pull it off for about 8 seconds before you melt, so keep that in mind when going in as Pyro.

Survivability: 7/10

While it does retain the Heavy armor and better defensives provided by the discipline of AP, Pyro is lacking the all important AoE damage reduction. As such, you have to be extra careful around specific AoE hits, as ones that would do half your health in AP will almost kill you outright in Pyro. Regardless, Pyro’s survivability in PvE is quite good, and not something to look down on them about despite the lack of AoE damage reduction.

Character Setup

Stance and Basic Gear Overview

As a DPS, one of the biggest things that influences your output is how you set up your character beforehand. As such, you should ensure you have the following:

  1. Make sure your character is using Combustible Gas Cylinder. This will cause your attacks to ignite the target, as well as enable a number of your procs.
  2. Get your accuracy to 100%. This requires slightly more than 680 rating
  3. Make sure you are using a set bonus. The higher the rating the better, but you definately need the 6-piece combat tech’s set bonus due to the huge increase in potential it provides. Worst case scenario, grab a set bonus from the PvP vendor (rating 204), as the bonus can fill remaining slots from the 216/220/224 gear.
  4. Avoid using enhancement from MK-4 gear (Common/Glowing/Radiant data crystals gear). THESE ARE A TRAP. The extra health is not worth the loss in power. 198 enhancements that are properly itemized are better than the enhancements from the rating 220 gear for radiant data crystals
  5. With all that in mind, use Critical, Alacrity and Accuracy Augments. These are better than Mastery or Power augments.
  6. As for relics? Get yourself a Serendipitous assault relic, and a Focused retribution relic. The crafted rating 186 stuff is actually better than the stuff from the Radiant Data Crystals vendor, so go looking for those if you can’t get a better one. You can try for a Devastating Vengeance, though as it doesn’t have as big a boost as the SA/FR, it is slightly worse and requires a significantly different gearing strategy I haven’t really looked in to.
  7. Finally, you want to have approximately 2 alacrity to every 3 Crit Rating you have. Doing so will give you approximately the amount of Crit and Alacrity that you want

More detailed Gearing

Normally, i’d have some graphs here to explain how to properly gear and how the crit/alacrity curve. However, as i’ve been procrastinating like crazy to get this out, those graphs are coming Soon™. So, have some numbers.

These numbers were generated by Bant over on the SWTOR forums, and he uses a similar method to what I did with previous iterations of the guide.

Note that these numbers assume all the gear is obtained through Tokens (not data crystals!), which means its actual best-in-slot gear, as opposed to the traps offered by data crystal gear.

Also note there is a fair bit of leeway in these numbers, being able to go around 200 points in either direction for Crit/Alacrity before a noticeable change happens to DPS.

(E = Enhancement, A = Augment, C = Crystal)

216 gear:

  • 2639 Power
  • 1140 Critical (6xE,2xA, 2xC)
  • 803 Alacrity (11xA)
  • 681 Accuracy (4xE, 1xA)

220 gear:

  • 2779 Power
  • 1174 Critical (5xE, 4xA, 2xC)
  • 845 Alacrity (3xE, 5xA)
  • 685 Accuracy (2xE, 5xA)

224 gear:

  • 2931 Power
  • 1214 Critical (5xE, 4xA, 2xC)
  • 869 Alacrity (3xE, 5xA)
  • 701 Accuracy (2xE, 5xA)



  • Pneumatic Boots – Increases movement speed by 15%
  • Gyroscopic Allignment Jets – Whenever you are stunned, imobilized, knocked down or incapacitated, you vent 10 heat
  • Reflective Armor – Whenever close and personal activates within 10m of the individual who activated it, you deal minor elemental damage as recoil
  • Supressive Tools – Flame Burst and Flame Sweep slow all enemies they hit by 30%
  • Bracer Propellant – Increases the range of Flame Burst by 2m and the radius of flame sweep by 1m
  • Engulfing Flames – Flame Sweep does 25% more damage
  • Iron Will – Reduces the CD of Hydraulic Overrides by 10 seconds and the CD of determination by 30 seconds
  • Neural Delay – Neural Dart slows the target for the duration of the taunt.


  • No Escape – Stealth Scan has its CD reduced by 5 seconds. In addition, Grapple will root the target it pulls for 3 seconds, and Stealth Scan roots anyone it reveals for 3 seconds.
  • Pyro Shield – Deals recoil damage to enemies while Energy Shield is active.
  • Torque Boosters – Increases the duration of Hydraulic Overrides by 4 seconds.
  • Accelerated Reel – Grapples cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds.
  • Sonic Rebounder – Sonic Missile puts a shield on nearby allies, causing them to reflect the next direct attack fired at them. Does not effect yourself.
  • Prototype Electro Surge – Reduces the cooldown on Electro Dart by 10 seconds.
  • Hitman – Reduces the cooldown on Quell by 2 seconds.
  • Explored Area – Using Stealth Scan will cause allies in the area to gain a 50% speed boost. Does not affect yourself, and persists for 6 seconds on leaving the area.


  • Shield Cannon – Each time you fire shoulder cannon, you are healed for 3% of your health.
  • Enhanced Paralytics – Electro Dart and Carbonize’s stun effects last 1 second longer.
  • Automated Suit – Adrenaline Rush will purge hard-stun effects from players.
  • Liquid Cooling – Thermal Sensor Override will vent 10 heat over 5 seconds, and drop a minor amount of threat.
  • Fuel Additives – Explosive Fuel will reduce damage taken by 5% when not in Ion Gas Cylinder, and increase damage by 5% when you are.
  • Overdrive – Hydraulic Overrides provides an additional 45% move speed bonus while active (75% total)
  • Efficient Suit – Grapple and Shoulder cannon now have 20m range, and Electro Dart and Carbonize no longer generate heat.
  • Jet Speed – Jet Charge grants jet speed, which increases your move speed by 30% for 4 seconds. This duration is refreshed if you get hit while it is active.

Now most of these utilities are massive traps, but it is recommended that you take:


  • Bracer Propellant- You would be surprised at how much extra movement you get from 2m. Its not the 5m it used to be, but it is still one of the best utilities here
  • Iron Will – The reduced cooldown on Hydraulics is great for negating certain knockback mechanics, and also running around in non-mount zones of the operation


  • Engulfing Flames – Is there a million adds and no AoEs going out? Take this!
  • Reflective Armor – Is there any AoE going out at all? Take this!

Every other talent is either a trap (e.g. Pneumatic Boots, which isn’t as good as Iron Will because you rarely need a constant speed boost, and the reduced CD on the temporary one is better), or a PvP focused talent.


  • Sonic Rebounder- This is your #1 raid mechanic benefit. It is able to negate a huge amount of big hits, and not taking it is letting your team down. Take it!


  • Torque Boosters – The increased duration on Hydraulics is nice to have, so there is pretty much no downside to taking it.
  • Pyro Shield – there is a LOT of raid damage in the operations now. This enables you to take Pyro Shield with piece of mind, knowing you are going to get huge benefits out of it. And with Jet Charge reducing the need for Hydraulics as a mobility tool, there is no better time to take Pyro Shield.

Other talents are definately traps. Hitman, for example, doesn’t reduce the amount of people you need to keep a target interrupted, and pretty much everything else is entirely for PvP.


  • Overdrive – Yeah I know we don’t have the 40% uptime on hold the line we used to, and we’re even not recommending Torque Boosters much anymore. The point is though, this is still a ridiculous boost to the extra speed provided by Hydraulic Overrides. The burst of speed it provides is exactly what you need for dodging specific mechanics, without going overboard, and it is, in my opinion, a must have with only 1 exception: If you never have to move, ever, then dont take it (e.g. Nefra with an RDPS pulling the droids away)


  • Liquid Cooling – The top priority for choice, allowing slightly more heat to play around with every 2 minutes, which is never a bad idea to go with.
  • Shield Cannon – The less priority choice, take it when you need the extra healing because your healers are struggling. Not a top priority though.

Now while other talents may not be a trap or PvP focused (well, there are a couple), the other uses are on a per-fight basis, such as Enhanced Paralytics for Revanite Commanders, but you can’t really go wrong with the choices recommended above.


Discipline Talents

The Pyro discipline has the following talents gained by level up:

volatileigniter Level 12 – Volatile Igniter
Flaming Fist, Flame Burst and Flame Sweep trigger Combustible Gas Cylinder, if it is active, on all affected targets
heatedtools Level 16 – Heated Tools
Flamthrower’s cooldown is reduced to 15 seconds, and Flaming Fist roots the target for 2 seconds.
superheatedgas Level 20 – Superheated Gas
Combustible Gas Cylinder deals 10% more damage, and ranged attacks have a 5% higher chance to activate it.
flamesuit Level 24 – Flame Suit
Reduces damage takend from periodic effects by 15%
heatflowrecycler Level 28 – Heat Flow Recycler
You vent 2 heat every GCD while Combustible Gas Cylinder is active
insultatedmats Level 32 – Insulated Mats
Internal and Elemental damage reduction is increased by 5%, and the cooldown on Sonic Missile is reduced by 10 seconds.
chargedgauntlets Level 36 – Charged Gauntlets
While Combustible Gas Cylinder is active, activating Flaming Fist makes your next Rail Shot an automatic critical hit.
superheatedflamethrower Level 40 – Superheated Flamethrower
Flame Burst, Immolate and Flame Sweep grant superheated flamethrower, increasing your next flamethrower’s damage by 20% and slowing its target by 45%, and making it immune to interrupts. This stacks twice, and can only activate in Combustible Gas Cylinder.
rainoffire Level 44 – Rain of Fire
Flamethrower will spread Incendiary Missile’s burn to everything it hits, as long as one of those targets already has the burn on it.
firebug Level 48 – Firebug
Increases the critical damage bonus of Flamethrower, Flaming Fist, Scorch and Immolate by 10%.
automatedefenses Level 52 – Automated Defenses
Taking damage reduces the cooldown on Kolto Overload by 6 seconds (can only happen once every second). In addition, while Kolto Overload is active, you take 30% less damage.
flamebarrage Level 56 – Flame Barrage
Immolate makes your next Flame Burst or Flame Sweep free, and Flamethrower will overwhelm the targets it damages (Overwhelm = +10% damage from AoE sources).
burnout Level 60 – Burnout
Reduces the cost of scorch by 5 heat, and increases ALL elemental damage by 10% when they hit an enemy below 30% of its maximum health.
perilousflames Level 64 – Perilous Flames
Increases the critical chance of Immolate by 10%.

Powertech Talents

closeandpersonal_thumb1 Level 10 – Close and Personal
Being hit by an AoE will vent 2 heat and heal you for 2.5% of your maximum health
puncture_thumb1 Level 30 – Puncture
Increases the damage of Rocket Punch by 10%, and Rail Shot will ignore 60% of the targets armor.
prototypecylinders_thumb1 Level 38 – Prototype Cylinders
Improves your stance you are sitting in. For High Energy Gas Cylinder, it increases the kinetic and energy damage you deal by a further 2%


Rotational Abilities

flamethrower FLAMETHROWER [FT] Bounty Hunter – Level 3Deals high elemental damage in a cone up to 10m in front of you over a 3 second period.

Generates 28 heat over its duration.

18 Second Cooldown (15 seconds as Pyro).

flamingfist Flaming Fist [FF] Powertech | Pyrotech – Level 10Deals heavy tech damage to the target, with a followup elemental hit, requires melee range. 9 second CD and 15 heat cost.
immolate Immolate [IML] Powertech|Pyrotech – Level 42Deals high elemental damage to the target. 10m range, and 12 heat cost.
railshot RAIL SHOT [RS] Bounty Hunter – Level 6Deals a large amount of weapon damage to the target.

10m range, and 15 heat cost.

scorch Scorch [SCH] Powertech|Pyrotech – Level 58Deals a very high amount of elemental damage over a 30 second period to the target. If it dies before the burn finishes, a new cast of Scorch is automatically casted on the closest enemy to the one that died, as long as it is within 10m, for free. Also makes the target susceptible for 45 seconds, increasing the damage it takes from Tech attacks.

15 heat, 10m range.

incendiarymissile2 Incendiary Missile [IMS] Powertech|Pyrotech – Level 26Deals minor elemental damage before burning the target, doing moderate elemental damage over 15 seconds.

30m Range, 15 heat cost.

flameburst Flame Burst [FB] Powertech- Level 10Deals minor elemental damage to the target. 10m range, and 15 heat cost.
rapidshots2 RAPID SHOTS [RpS] Bounty Hunter – Level 1Deals low weapon damage to the target.

30m range

Rotational AoEs

flamesweep FLAME SWEEP [FS] Powertech – Level 12Deals low elemental damage in an area around the Powertech. Replaces Flame Burst.

5m range, 15 heat.

Situational Abilities

jetcharge_thumb1 JET CHARGE Powertech – Level 22Charges to the target, closing the gap and dealing low kinetic damage. Can’t be used on a target in cover.10-30m range, 15 second cooldown
electrodart_thumb1 ELECTRO DART Bounty Hunter – Level 12Stuns the target for 4 seconds, and deals minor damage.5 heat, 10m range, 60 second CD
carbonize_thumb1 CARBONIZE Powertech – Level 50Stuns up to 8 targets within 8 meters of the powertech for 2.5 seconds, dealing minor damage5 heat, 45 second CD.

Offensive Cooldowns

shouldercannon_thumb1 SHOULDER CANNON Powertech – Level 61Loads 4 missiles immediately and another 3 over 20 seconds. Each missile can be fired without interfering with the global cooldown, dealing low kinetic damage. When the last missile is used, it goes on a 90 second cooldown.10m range
explosivefuel_thumb1 EXPLOSIVE FUEL Powertech – Level 51Increases your critical hit chance by 25% for the next 15 seconds. 120 second cooldown.
ADVANCED ANODYNE ATTACK ADRENAL Consumable – BiochemIncreases your power rating by 750 for 15 seconds. 180 second cooldownRecommended over the crit adrenal because old habits die hard, and I have way too many of these to know what to do with them.

Other Abilities

neuraldart_thumb1 NEURAL DART Powertech – Level 14Taunts the target, putting you at the top of its aggro table and making it attack you for 6 seconds. 15 second cooldown, 30m range
sonicmissile_thumb1 SONIC MISSILE Powertech – Level 20While in Ion Gas Cylinder, will taunt all enemies in an area around the target. Otherwise, reduces the users threat on all enemies by 25%. 45 second cooldown, 30m range.
grapple_thumb1 GRAPPLE
Pulls the target enemy in to melee range. Can’t be used on a target in cover. 45 second cooldown, 10-30m range.
quell_thumb1 QUELL
Interrupts the targets current action, putting it on cooldown for 4 seconds.
energyshield_thumb1 ENERGY SHIELD Bounty Hunter – Level 14Increases your damage reduction by 25% for 15 seconds. 120 second cooldown.
koltooverload_thumb1 KOLTO OVERLOAD Bounty Hunter – Level 32Activate to gain a health monitor for 60 seconds. If your health drops below 40% while the health monitor is active, you heal for 7.5% of your max health every second for 8 seconds (though never above 40%). Once the health monitor is removed (through either timing out or activating), Kolto Overload goes on cooldown for 180 seconds.
determination_thumb1 DETERMINATION Bounty Hunter – Level 9Instantly breaks every crowd control effect on you. 120 second cooldown.
hydraulicoverrides_thumb1 HYDRAULIC OVERRIDES Bounty Hunter – Level 26Increases your move speed by 30% (does not stack with sprint) for 6 seconds, and makes you immune to physics. 45 second cooldown.


The Opener

The following opener is your best bet for maximum damage, as well as perfect cooldown synergy. Try to always keep to it.

Note: Jet Charge isn’t used because you can usually Hydraulics ->Scorch ->Incendiary Missle, and get there by the time you use Flaming Fist.

[FSx2 before pull to charge superheated flamethrower] -> [Jet Charge if necessary] –> Scorch -> Incendiary Missile -> Flaming Fist -> [Offensive Cooldowns] Flamethrower -> Rail Shot -> Flame Burst -> Immolate -> Flame Burst -> Flaming Fist –> Flame Burst -> Incendiary Missile -> Flame Burst -> [Reserve Powercell] Flamethrower -> Rail Shot -> Flaming Fist -> Immolate -> Flame Burst -> Rapid Shots -> Rotation


The Rotation

Unlike AP, the rotation for Pyrotech is quite static. In fact, most of the ground work is already done in the opener. The only difference is you swap out the non-free flame bursts for rapid shots every so often for heat management, ensuring to use 1 resource cooldown every minute as to combo it with your set bonus.

The basics would be something like:

SCH -> IMS -> FF -> FT -> RS -> [FILLER1] -> IML -> FB -> FF –> [FILLER] -> IMS -> [FILLER] -> FT -> RS -> FF -> IML -> FB -> [FILLER3] –> Repeat


So how do we go about using fillers? Well, I’ve specifically marked Two of the fillers differently. The first filler (filler1) is the filler that will activate the 6-piece set bonus, if you have it. The other filler (Filler3) is the only filler which will not benefit from the 2-piece set bonus, and so normally can be assumed as always a rapid shots (though sometimes you still have excess heat to burn off so you can use a resource cooldown). So its simple. Every 60 seconds, you replace all the fillers with Flame Burst, and recover using a resource cooldown. Then you repeat the cycle once, only with all fillers as Rapid Shots, before repeating once again.

Depending on your APM though, depends on how many of those fillers can realistically be a flame burst in the heat burn cycle, so don’t go overboard on it. Pyro has an even worse time than AP in recovering heat due to a screwup, so a single mistake can cost you everything.

AoE Rotation

So what if there are multiple enemies? That’s where pyro shines.

Unlike AP, Pyro doesn’t have to worry about silly things like changing the entire rotation to accommodate mixing in a ton of AoEs. Hell, 30% of its damage is AoE without it even trying!

If that’s not enough AoE for you though, you can simply swap your Flame Bursts with Flame Sweeps, though i’d still keep the single Flame Burst that procs the set bonus (because auto-crits are awesome), and suddenly you’re pulling some of the best AoE numbers in the game.

Final Notes

With that huge amount of information out there, you now have everything you need to become a top-tier Pyro Powertech.

While I understand there are a few things still missing from this guide (Graphs showing Crit vs Alacrity, a video with a demonstration of the rotation, an example parse, some images to utilize for an easier understanding of stuff), this is the first draft of quite a few.

You can still find a video of the rotation here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiXiMTpqFwk), though note the video is from the 3.X cycle of the game, so the numbers wont be as big. The rotation hasn’t changed at all though.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for my patience in getting version 1 of this guide out. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming updates to it over the coming weeks, as well as the Plasmatech translation

About the Author

I’m Kwerty, the guy who wrote the 2.6+ Assault Vanguard/Tactics guides that used to be found on swtor.com, as well as the 3.X Vanguard and Powertech guides here on dulfy.net.

I’ve been an avid Star Wars fan for years, and have been playing this game for around 3 years, coming in at the time of NiM SnV/TFB, and moving on to progression raiding in late 2.7

I’d like to thank everyone in my raid team (currently raiding Imp Side on the Harbinger) in Dei ex Machina for all the loot, and putting up with my constant purchases of Combat Medic’s gear because the names are similar, and all the time I’ve stood in fire to get more damage out.

Enjoy the guide!

  • Smow

    Hey Master Kwerty, how viable is PT/Vang now, with both specs for HM and NiM ops?

    • TheHarbingersKwerty

      Every discipline in the game is viable for HM. On top of that, while you may have to work harder to make some specs work in NiM, it is possible with any spec in the game. You might need a Crystal of Nightmare Fury though 😛

      In all seriousness, there is enough outgoing damage in NiM EC/SnV/TFB/DF/DP and mechanics that require moving that makes it so a PT/VG DPS should be able to pass every DPS check.

      • Smow

        Oh cool! Thanks, finally got a good computer so now I want to try the HM ops content, with my Vang and PT!

  • RawR

    #1 Saids AP by the way. I assume it’s suppose to say intro to Pyro? I like the guide tho 🙂

    • TheHarbingersKwerty

      Oh damn, how did that happen?

      Nah its probably cause I used the AP guide as a base format. There were a couple of other things I missed the first time around but I thought I fixed em all quick enough (e.g. The utilities were going on about Mag Blast instead of Flame Burst…)

  • Concerned commenter

    Is this supposed to say Pyrotech and AP powertech?

    • Concerned commenter

      Perfect it was fixed when I said it, I’m special 😉

  • Ahzhihod

    Hey! I thought no disintegration was a requirement for claiming all bounties! Or do you classify scorching and disintegrating as two different things? 🙂

    • TheHarbingersKwerty

      Well, disintegration leaves no trace of their existence. Someone who’s nothing but a smouldering corpse can still pass a DNA test, which is enough for anyone who wants a dead bounty.

      • Ahzhihod

        Fair enough 🙂 But you’re making sure they are well done I assume 🙂

  • Errtai

    Back then you needed 2x Flame Burst and 1x Immolate to proc Flamethrower. I was so used to that rotation, I could have even played it with my eyes closed. Then they changed it (sometime after 3.0 if I recall correctly), and all of a sudden you needed one of each to proc Flamethrower. Which changed the rotation a lot and I just couldn’t adjust, so I moved on to AP.
    That aside, the most fun part of this spec is that everything you do is burning things which is quite fun! This guide made me want to give the spec another go, so thanks for that.

  • Pyropig

    Great work Kwerty,
    When do you have to ressource cooldowns exactly? Every second cycle, that’s obvious, but at the beginning? In the middle? In the und?
    And same for AP. There you should use it in der certain circumstances, but wehen exactly?
    Thanks a lot.

    • TheHarbingersKwerty

      Unlike AP where the situations are far easier to see (and I think I did make mention in the AP guide where to use them), pyro is a bit more complicated, due to the varied heat costs in everything (costs can go between 10 heat and 28, depending on the ability).

      With that in mind, use Vent Heat some time after the second flamethrower in the cycle, and Thermal Sensor Override on the second flamethrower in the cycle.

      So, somewhere between the 2 [*] symbols i’ve added here. Oh and if its after the Immolate (IML), make that last Rapid Shots a Flame Burst instead.

      SCH -> IMS -> FF -> FT -> RS -> FB -> IML -> FB -> FF ->
      FB -> IMS -> FB -> FT -> * RS -> FF -> IML -> FB * -> RpS ->

  • Question

    What are you using the ratings in relation to? it seems everyone puts their class at seven or above single target damage which for some makes sense and then they list their AoE much lower in response of mostly single target attacks. You said the numbers could be better but thanks to excellent AoE it competes with the others? should AoE really count towards that rating especially since you have a separate AoE rating which I totally agree with. And I know nothing of what goes on in hard mode raids since 4.0 but does the eight second off tank, less than that if you don’t want to melt, and the one, albeit great, ability really rate a seven.

    • TheHarbingersKwerty

      For the ratings, I put it as a 4 = worst for DPS (healers/tanks get the 1-3 zone), and 10 is the best. Well for a while, there was an 11 for burst in AP, but that was fixed…

      7 would be the middle ground for DPS. A lot of the disciplines that were put up on dulfy were actually at the middle or higher ground when it comes to DPS, since we haven’t had some real bad ones like Concentration Sentinels put up yet. If you go back to the AP guide, for example, you’ll notice the rating dropped from a 9 to a 5, as it went from one of the best to one of the worst – at least in the case of a dummy.

      As for mentioning the AoE in the single target DPS, that was a screwup on my end. Didn’t mean to put that there.

      Oh and its more than just the 35 second rebounder that gives it the 7. You can actually tank a suprising amount of stuff with just heavy armor and a taunt, so the 8 second invulnerability is mainly just if you need to tank an actual boss, but there are a suprising amount of fights where you need to hold an add (e.g. Draxus, Sparky, Bestia, Solo-tanking pylons in EV, and so on) where the DCDs aren’t required.

      Plus there’s also grapple, which is surprisingly helpful in a lot of fights.

      • Question

        Thanks for answering all that, this is a really well put together guide that I will probably use when I make my Bounty Hunter alt.

  • j’oe

    i was expecting for this guide, but i’m not feeling this spec anymore… even with the awesome 2/1.5s heat it haves, i’m having some trouble with resources. i don’t remember having it during 3.x.. maybe it’s me that have to addapt to more rapid shots, but i don’t recall having to do it.. just like i hardly have an issue on arsenal/gunnery spec..

    • TheHarbingersKwerty

      To be fair, Arsenal/Gunnery has no need for Rapid Shots/Hammer Shots when done right, whereas Pyrotech/Plasmatech uses 4-5 every minute. You might be going a bit overboard on using Flame Burst/Ion Pulse over Rapid Shots/Hammer Shots which is what’s causing the problems.

  • SupRun

    So, I played Plasma until it got nerfed into oblivion (and therefore I’m gonna be using Plasma terminology due to the lack of a PT) so is current Plasma for dummies: Plasmatize/Icendiary Round when they fall off, Shockstrike, HiB, Pulse Cannon, and Fire Pulse on CD, Ion Pulse for filler whenever energy allows, and Hammer Shots when it does not?

    • TheHarbingersKwerty

      The basic translation of moves is:

      Scorch = Plasmatize
      Incendiary Missile = Incendiary Round
      Flaming Fist = Shockstrike
      Flamethrower = Pulse Cannon
      Rail Shot = High Impact Bolt
      Flame Burst = Ion Pulse
      Immolate = Fire Pulse
      Rapid Shots = Hammer Shots

      So a quick translation from PT into VG and you’ve got the rotation.


    Started play with pyrotech, because in 3.0 he was propably the best mdps. But because i am more focusin on pvp and i did not meet a lot of peeps which play pyro spec, so i started and wanna see how it will be working in wzs. Tx for guide

  • Hds

    Thats a power tool Guys !!!!!!!

  • Tykè

    One questions what would be a filler?

    • TheHarbingersKwerty

      Rapid Shots or Flame Burst. Anything else is too heat inefficient or more focused towards AoE.

  • FS

    Great guide, can you post a parsing analysis section like some others authors do which show average ability usage times, etc

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  • Alexandar Von Carstein

    Can any one tell how they feel personally about this advance class specialization /7 its game play, fun or not?

  • Bret Salowitz

    I am just starting out and using the common data crystals. Not exactly sure how to spread out Accuracy, Crit and Alacrity mats. Any idea on how to even this out for me? Any help would surly be appreciated.

    • Erotophonophiliac

      I’m currently doing the same thing. Did you ever receive any help on this?

  • joel cammack

    I just started playing this mmo during the 200xp week and I know most storyline stuff is easymode, but is there anyway we could get a basic guide to levelling added – like what gear to look for as you hit the 55/60-end game point and where to get it for this build, as well as, good rotations to use in clearing areas during personal missions with you hitting one group of mobs after the other without downtime as opposed to just a raid/group type rotation?

    Theres not a lot of updated info on this game and as a long time mmo’r I hate having to stumble around and not be ready for the endgame when I hit it.

  • Alexandar Von Carstein

    I think I will be trying out this on my next character, just love to burn down things, Dragon Fire! 😀

  • Secrus

    As it comes to rotation I have this wonder about downtimes. Like for example you do Underbugger and you are in middle of cycle and comes time to hide behind rocks. As some procs have their time window it may be impossible to go back to rotation in same place as you left. How should I proceed in such situations?

    • TheHarbingersKwerty

      Well i usually use AP on Underlurker, simply cause you get massive uptime on energy shield resulting in stupidly high damage.

      However, if you were to go pyro, you try to keep the rotation up (using hydraulics and running back and forth from the rocks), swapping Rapid Shots in for whenever you’re too far away to use what you’d normally use (or flame burst if close enough).

      But yeah, just try to keep the rotation up, swapping in flame bursts or rapid shots for moves you can’t use cause too far away or mobility requirements.

  • Grey

    Hey, maybe this is a good place to ask. Sometimes in my heatbar I see a red dot. This dot is about a 1/4th in from the right. What does it mean?

  • Grey

    OK, Hope my other question gets a response, but in the meanwhile, I love AP, and I am most grateful for your excellent theory of the 4 beat rotation on AP.

    Having gotten ‘pretty good’ at AP, I came here to learn pyro. I’m finding it quite hard to remember this rotation because of it’s length. It’s ok to click in a line for a dummy, but in raids it’s… IT’s over complex. I like to keep things simpler, so I can think tactically. Is there anything that I can do to make this simpler to use -in the moment-?

    • DLM3

      That’s what I was thinking. How the hell are you able to tell where you stand in that loooong rotation when you are in the middle of a boss fight and you will most likely have to focus your attention elsewhere?!

      • Lithari

        Well, this guide is for technically min-maxing the dps, so hardcore raiders will be able to get it done, but casuals, not so much……its a pity mmos are becoming more and more about killing things FAST, instead of just killing them…always in a rush now-a-days……people in this generation. lol.

  • Secrus

    Can rotation be brought to priority system like:
    1. All dots as they fall off
    2. Rail shot when highlighted
    3. Filling with flamethrower, flame burst/flame sweep and Rapid shots
    Its easier for me to bring spec to this way of gameplay. It may be not as efficient as your rotation but I just cant memorize it all

    • Suriaka the Keyboard Warrior

      Yeah. I do that. And in PvP it’s the only thing you can do.

      You lose out on a number of percentage points of your DPS since you’re not using everything in the absolute most optimal way and triggering things like the autocrit as efficiently as possible. But of course it’s playable.

  • Conner Paeth

    Hi, I was wondering if you wanted me to email you, or post the conversion? I myself am a plasma-tech trooper. I converted the whole guide so I could use it for ops.

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