GW2 New Years Gemstore Sale

Arenanet is doing a New Years Gemstore Sale with new sales everyday.

Check back daily around 11 am EST/8am PST for new sales. It does appear that each day’s deals will remain for 48 hrs before disappearing.

Jan 1, 2016

  • Bank Tab Expansion – 450 gems (was 600 gems) – 25% OFF

Jan 2 , 2016

  • Character Slot Expansion – 600 gems (was 800 gems) – 25% OFF

Jan 3, 2016

  • Basic Lumber Node Pack – 25% OFF – 600 gems (was 800 gems)
  • Basic Ore Node Pack – 25% OFF – 600 gems (was 800 gems)
  • Basic Harvesting Node Pack – 25% OFF – 600 gems (was 800 gems)
  • Basic Cloth Rack – 25% OFF – 600 gems (was 800 gems)

Looks like this is it for the New Years sale, there are no new items on Monday, Jan 4.

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53 replies on “GW2 New Years Gemstore Sale”

Yep, waited more then a year for this. But this time I was prepared. 10400 gem to spend on character slots xD I will buy a lot now, so I won’t have to worry about a next sale (cause they take so long :D)

Does the sale work like each item is on sale only for a day? Or each day they just put more and more things on sale?

Would anyone know if legendary weapon collection items can be destroyed once they show up as part of a collection inventory? There aren’t any other uses for them are there?

If it says: “This item only has value as a part of a collection.” then you destroy it, otherwise you might need it in the future (but don’t worry if you destroy anything, you can rebuy them at legendary merchant) 🙂

For hope a lot of the items you collect, can be mystic forged/crafted into another item that is also needed. Destroying them sets you back. To not make this mistake again, atm, i have 12 items cluttering my bank, till I finish H.O.P.E. collection 1.

I´d like a new Gem Store item “Tribal Amor Outfit”

P.S. I know it was never a gem store item before just an armor set from old pvp system

Pretty sure it’s just a reference to the people, every sale, who say something similar like “ANet better bring back the or I quit!” or “ANet better put on sale or I quit!”

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Yea lol!! I have stop playing because of that. I will not complete even one more heart without wings! So many stupid things in gemstore and no wings! I have been waiting for ages…

Sorry, I might didnt make my self clear. I love gw2 bro. Its the best rpg I ve ever played. It combines every little thing I like from rest of mmos. Thats why I want to enjoy it in it’s biggest perfection.
(sry if my english makes you wanna throw out :p)

So they selling wings two times (plus the initial days) last year was not good enough because you missed out on those ? yeah well….obviously a lot of people rage much and miss a lot.

Yay char slot sale! Waited more then a year for this. I farmed 10400 gems, just in time xD Bought 11 already, thinking of maybe more, (not much opportunities like this, and that would make me prepared for any expansion)

Play the game a lot, dont ‘rush’ to buy legendaries like most ppl (i could have 9-12 if i wanted, I got 4. Buy gems when they are at an all time low. 2 weeks ago, there was a short spike to ‘400 gems cost 62g’ (generally 64-67g) lately. Every time that i have a ‘calm period’ (no new content, cheap gems, gold building up steadely’, I invest into 2000 gems. This way I get gems when they are cheap, but also profit from the sale itself. I also try to manage ‘when to sell’ something correct. Like if wood is low price, i dont sell it, but stock it. A spike occurs? I sell it. Like now I made money on my backup 1000 mystic coins. Might need em in future, but the price is to tempting not to use them now.

If all is good i will complete the drunken title before end of Wintersday, so i will earn money by selling alcohol also.

Basically Take opportunities when you can to make money. I stopped doing dungeons for instance, cause to soft loot.

It’s true, the bag slot value pack is one of those things they posted where it’s always been at the ‘sale’ price. Just a regular bag slot expansion isn’t at a discount currently unfortunately.

Pitiful sale, but at least I saved 150 gems on bank tab. Would have been better to put infinite tools on 25% off instead of nodes.

Well… That was short. I did get a nice clothes rack though. Which I assume belongs to other people. Whom I’ll hopefully never meet.

Try to ask support for a partial refund of the difference…there’re many cases like yours and i know that they tend to refund them…generally. Do not know well what their terms are. Like maximum time from purchase etc. Still, it’s worth a shot.

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