GW2 New Years Gemstore Sale

Arenanet is doing a New Years Gemstore Sale with new sales everyday.

Check back daily around 11 am EST/8am PST for new sales. It does appear that each day’s deals will remain for 48 hrs before disappearing.

Jan 1, 2016

  • Bank Tab Expansion – 450 gems (was 600 gems) – 25% OFF

Jan 2 , 2016

  • Character Slot Expansion – 600 gems (was 800 gems) – 25% OFF

Jan 3, 2016

  • Basic Lumber Node Pack – 25% OFF – 600 gems (was 800 gems)
  • Basic Ore Node Pack – 25% OFF – 600 gems (was 800 gems)
  • Basic Harvesting Node Pack – 25% OFF – 600 gems (was 800 gems)
  • Basic Cloth Rack – 25% OFF – 600 gems (was 800 gems)

Looks like this is it for the New Years sale, there are no new items on Monday, Jan 4.

  • still have HoT gems


  • John Ax

    Belinda Greatsword that’s all I’m waiting for.

  • Ivan

    think total makeover kits will ever go on sale?

  • Oh Yeah

    I’m waiting for the crafting slot

  • Plz be good

    Hoping for: Character slot
    Expecting: Outfits, minis, bank expresses

    • Konrad Zdunek

      Need character slot SALE

      • Ivan

        lucky for you lads

        • Matti

          Yep, waited more then a year for this. But this time I was prepared. 10400 gem to spend on character slots xD I will buy a lot now, so I won’t have to worry about a next sale (cause they take so long :D)

  • Konrad Zdunek

    Hmmmm…..Do i need another Bank Tab?? I need to think quickly…

  • Pockets

    Meh. Only thing I want is bunny ears, and they refuse to sell those.

  • Simon

    I’m waiting for Silver Salvage Kit and Rox’s Quiver, anet pls ;3

  • Suan

    Does the sale work like each item is on sale only for a day? Or each day they just put more and more things on sale?

    • Not sure yet, we will find out tomorrow I guess

  • mainebill

    Would anyone know if legendary weapon collection items can be destroyed once they show up as part of a collection inventory? There aren’t any other uses for them are there?

    • Adam

      If it says: “This item only has value as a part of a collection.” then you destroy it, otherwise you might need it in the future (but don’t worry if you destroy anything, you can rebuy them at legendary merchant) 🙂

      • Matti

        For hope a lot of the items you collect, can be mystic forged/crafted into another item that is also needed. Destroying them sets you back. To not make this mistake again, atm, i have 12 items cluttering my bank, till I finish H.O.P.E. collection 1.

    • Yahya BenAbdallah

      yeah, i just destroy all my nevermore collection.

    • Niftu

      Unless it’s one of the items you need to make something else, you’re good to trash it.

  • Colosso

    I´d like a new Gem Store item “Tribal Amor Outfit”

    P.S. I know it was never a gem store item before just an armor set from old pvp system

    • Witte

      would be awesome for ritualist if they ever brought it to gw2

    • Anon

      Making an outfit out of an old armor set? That’s how you piss people off.

  • davey

    Anet better discount the Charr penispump or I’m going to delete my account.

    • Tenetur

      You give voice to all of our feelings at the moment.

      • Alot

        though I might regret this, what item are you actually referring to?

        • Kodiak

          Pretty sure it’s just a reference to the people, every sale, who say something similar like “ANet better bring back the or I quit!” or “ANet better put on sale or I quit!”

  • frost

    something unique like candy corn gobbler 2.0 for me pls

  • Dragonigal Underworld

    Cant wait to put some wings on sale

    • Aimee Rivera

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    • Kostis

      Yea lol!! I have stop playing because of that. I will not complete even one more heart without wings! So many stupid things in gemstore and no wings! I have been waiting for ages…

      • catcatchers

        love this kinda of fanatic ideology. if i dont get this thing i am quitting ur game… lol

        • Kostis

          Sorry, I might didnt make my self clear. I love gw2 bro. Its the best rpg I ve ever played. It combines every little thing I like from rest of mmos. Thats why I want to enjoy it in it’s biggest perfection.
          (sry if my english makes you wanna throw out :p)

          • writinwater

            So they selling wings two times (plus the initial days) last year was not good enough because you missed out on those ? yeah well….obviously a lot of people rage much and miss a lot.

  • Matti

    Yay char slot sale! Waited more then a year for this. I farmed 10400 gems, just in time xD Bought 11 already, thinking of maybe more, (not much opportunities like this, and that would make me prepared for any expansion)

    • Sarah

      How exactly do you farm so many? :O

      • Matti

        Play the game a lot, dont ‘rush’ to buy legendaries like most ppl (i could have 9-12 if i wanted, I got 4. Buy gems when they are at an all time low. 2 weeks ago, there was a short spike to ‘400 gems cost 62g’ (generally 64-67g) lately. Every time that i have a ‘calm period’ (no new content, cheap gems, gold building up steadely’, I invest into 2000 gems. This way I get gems when they are cheap, but also profit from the sale itself. I also try to manage ‘when to sell’ something correct. Like if wood is low price, i dont sell it, but stock it. A spike occurs? I sell it. Like now I made money on my backup 1000 mystic coins. Might need em in future, but the price is to tempting not to use them now.

        If all is good i will complete the drunken title before end of Wintersday, so i will earn money by selling alcohol also.

        Basically Take opportunities when you can to make money. I stopped doing dungeons for instance, cause to soft loot.

  • Pernilongo

    Now I just need bag slot for my new char!! 🙂

  • Anyone know how long they will be running the New Years sale?

  • Alot

    Finally, the character expansion slot. Now just one for gliders please.

    • Me

      bank slot sale is ending in 5 hours. 😉

  • Mesmer

    Character slot sale. I can now quit the game.

  • DoRnbush

    Is the sale over?

    • Seems like it.

      • ZoeDoodles

        The bag slot expansion went on sale for 50% off.

        • Those have been there for a while

          • ZoeDoodles

            Then I’m blind. I Never noticed that

            • taran47

              It’s true, the bag slot value pack is one of those things they posted where it’s always been at the ‘sale’ price. Just a regular bag slot expansion isn’t at a discount currently unfortunately.

  • mrh

    Pitiful sale, but at least I saved 150 gems on bank tab. Would have been better to put infinite tools on 25% off instead of nodes.

  • Alot

    Well… That was short. I did get a nice clothes rack though. Which I assume belongs to other people. Whom I’ll hopefully never meet.

  • Shaggy

    i like JUST got the harvesting nodes a week ago, too.

    • Braghez

      Try to ask support for a partial refund of the difference…there’re many cases like yours and i know that they tend to refund them…generally. Do not know well what their terms are. Like maximum time from purchase etc. Still, it’s worth a shot.

      • Shaggy

        nah its only 200 gems
        im way too lazy to fuss over a few dollars

  • Actually happy I got the tree node and ore node. Been waiting for this for a while, I can wait for the harvesting node and cloth node

  • Rin

    and here you are… Fussing

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