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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales Jan 5 – 12

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35 replies on “SWTOR CM Weekly Sales Jan 5 – 12”

oh yeah at last those sabers…been waiting a while for a kenodi styled one! the attenuated ones just didnt look quite right to me. cant wait to finish work and go home and get them!

They look great on male chars, but in my opinion, the handle is too big for a female one. Especially Sentinel/Marauder.

yeah cant disagree to that…the shoto kind of saves it though but its only off hand right?…for mauraders or sentinels i go with ziost guardian with lightining effect and the tython something with those bubbling effects…

Oh, gods…imagine it on a Body Type 4 Male Juggernaut tank.

400 pounds of beefcake flying through the air at you gonna beat you to death…with a f*cking GLOWSTICK!

Well to be fair if 400 lbs is flying at you through the air the least of your worries is what’s in his hand…..

Well I wasn’t going to go in that direction, but since you started it, i would be thankful for the lube because I’m sure that if that is in one hand, the other hand has something far more frightening.

Shoto is MH as well, if I recall correctly. But I wasn’t talking about the size of the blade, but the hilt/handle.

I think the attenuated ones look better on female, because they have smaller blades so it matches their smaller bodies, like yoda has a smaller saber to match his smaller body

I see your point, but I was talking about the hilts/handles, which are the same size on Attenuated and non-Attenuated versions.

Really disappointed that they’ve not done any new sabers with particles effects, been so long since the last batch.

This saber is one of the old Cartel Pack items that’s going to be on the CM as a direct sale for a limited time. The date is currently unknown, but it will probably be for a single week within the next few months.

Up-vote for being positive on the post 🙂
I love the community for being this way more often than being negative 😀

I try to avoid opinions and just provide the info as it is.

Currently the part of the list of old Pack items becoming direct sale items that includes this saber is just datamined info. However, the source is reliable, past items on the list have appeared, and the saber’s direct sale icon was recently previewed on this site right before the previous Pack came out. So I would say that it should be up soon, most likely for a large amount of CC.

The Battlefield Commander’s Armor, compared to Thexan’s clothing they hardly sell on the gtn. It really looks way to bulky and rounded, imo, complete opposite of the awesome factor of the Sith Recluse. I guess why it does not sell. For the Thexan’s set you can make 4-5 million credits, and around 2.5 for the BFC set.

I think Sith Recluse looks good only chest plate and helmet. Rest is like made from plastic and low resolution. Again, its just my thoughts.

Theres nothing special about BFC. It doesn’t glow, it doesn’t have any special hovering droid, and it’s not the armor of any kind of special named character. In fact I’m pretty sure the helmet is recycled from an earlier set, so, there’s really no reason for this to be a special blue-background sparkly CM item at all.

It would’ve been better if it had been an easy to get bronze quality armor set in the latest pack. With a 60cc unlock. It’s just not good looking, just look wonky.

Aw, I was hoping for the Research pack with Skotia’s armor; hopefully next week. But I’m really glad to see these sabers appear since they’ve been in collections since September IIRC.

Why in the hell would you morons at bioware remove the black and black dye module? Are they really that fucking stupid?

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