SWTOR Anarchy in Paradise Firebrand Teaser and HK Jetpack

SWTOR released a teaser today for the Firebrand character in Chapter X, Anarchy in Paradise along with some images of the HK inspired Jetpack mount that will be a sub reward for February.

The teaser show a few seconds of Firebrand aka Kaliyo in action, causing mayhem and destruction.


Introducing a new ally, an infamous mercenary known as Firebrand, with a grudge against the Eternal Throne, in Knights of the Fallen Empire – Anarchy in Paradise.

Get a first look at an infamous mercenary known as Firebrand and the secret plan she is putting in motion to destroy Zakuul and the Eternal Throne in the upcoming new chapter for STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ Knights of the Fallen Empire – Anarchy in Paradise!

Anarchy in Paradise will be released February 11, 2016, and is the first in an epic series of seven new chapters that build on the deep and personal story of the Outlander introduced in Knights of the Fallen Empire.  In this chapter, players will begin to see the consequences of their past decisions playing out within their Alliance.  Best of all, Subscribers of STAR WARS: The Old Republic can access and play all chapters of the evolving Knights of the Fallen Empire story for free.

Be one of the first to play as a Subscriber! The new Subscriber Rewards Program includes 2-Day Early Access and unique in-game rewards inspired by the iconic HK-55 Assassin Droid, including HK-55 himself and his powerful Jetpack!




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Is it wrong that I could no care less about the chapter itself but only care about how many (if any) companions are going to be re-released?

Its not wrong if that is what you like the most about the game.
Personally the story is what keeps me playing, so cant wait to play chapter 10.

(Added): But i am also looking forward to see how many of the old companions we will get to recruit. I really expect us to somehow meet up with all our previous companions that we have had a relationship with – but how they do it i do not know. it could be we all get them 1 by 1, or maybe 1 recruitment alert comes at some time, that is specific to your class and gender. But all signs point to that we might very well at least get the romanced companion back, or at the very least learn what happened to them.

The story is nice, but knowing that we only get season 1 of KoTFE this year means that whatever happens will end in a cliff hanger.
So right now I’m more focused on what will be a finished story: what our companions did during the time we were gone.

Maybe.. or maybe, KoTFE is Season 1, and 5.0 will carry a new title featuring your alliance facing a new threat.
Just maybe, though, cause this story has potential to carry for more than 1 season!

and if it ends with a cliffhanger, there is no way to tell just yet whether we will have to wait 2-3 months. and we wont know if season 2 will be an expansion or just a continuation of patch 4.XX. i do expect an expansion or at the very least, that it will launch with a few chapters at the start of the season though.

there is no way of knowing yet, if KotFE is the title of the series or the season, was my point 😛 not yet, at least 🙂 or if Ziost and the Eternal Throne would be a topic of only season 1.

lots of speculations out there, and im fine not having the answer yet – there is so much to look forward to in the upcomming chapters. At least thats what i think personally.

All for more story content and stuff but it would be a mistake not to have Kira and Lord Scourge involved with the current story considering their personal connections to Vitiate.

I would assume that some companions will return/appear directly via the storyline (such as T7, Tanno and now Kaliyo), while others will be obtainable via these out-of-band recruitment quests (such as Yuun).
It doesn’t mean that we will be able to recruit all of them into our alliance. Some of us will have to face the reality that sometimes, even longtime companions part ways…

Possible Spoiler?

This is a list romance companions returning between Chapters 10-16:

Aric Jorgan

Gault Rennow

Kaliyo Djannis

Torian Cadera


Source: SWTOR_miner

I believe this is still considered “Season 1,” meaning there will be more companions returning later.

Thats it when i saw this i knew i will resub GET 2-DAY EARLY ACCESS TO CHAPTER 10 ON: FEB
To get 2 days early access on 30 minute story chapter is just crazy to miss out. Guys and girls this is it dont miss it out.

/Bioware hype irony

Personally, I don’t think early access should be a reward. Who cares about playing it two days early? I can wait two days, and it only presents the opportunity for spoilers. I’d much prefer other rewards, in-game stuff like the jetpack, unique armor, or weapons.

You might want to look at it the other way round: By using early access, you actually *reduce* your own chance of being spoilered.

In any case, while I’m with you in that early access is not a great reward in and of itself, I guess that this is a matter of personal preference. Some people might actually like it (and for the others, there are other rewards).
It would hardly be possible to construct a set of rewards in which every single item appeals to every single player. I am sure that there would be complaints even if they decided to give away 10000 cartel coins.

Of course, people would whine they paid hundreds of dollars for that amount of cartel coins and threaten to leave once more.

You missed the point. It wont matter even if they would do 1 week early access. Its not enough content for each month.

Lol. The people who pissed away millions of credits on one before they knew a free reskin was being spammed to every sub?

how is a jet pack HK-55 inspired?? I dont remember him ever having one, correct me if I am wrong.

im not seeing a correlation here

Before 4.0 if a target was distant, he would rocket boost over to it, shank them with his knife offhand, then fly back to you for protection. XD

That has to be the WORST picture ever to show the Jet Pack, the toon is wearing T1 recolor of BH gear that has the 4 jet rods on the back already.

Maybe Bioware should try to focus on releasing at least a WEEKS worth of content on a monthly basis? Instead of this mamby pamby 30 minute bullshit they intend to release? But that’d be asking too much, wouldn’t it?

watch it now that kind of wild free thinking makes fanbois come out of the woodworks here! Pretty sad with the bribing customers bit play for a jet pack or comp or gun not the game its about what they can get you to blow 15 bucks on not an actual game = /

They did the companions reward survey and companions + unique mount got the top scores, obviously. They gave what people asked for. Every time they do something, someone has to bust their balls with ops.

They never did any releases and people already judge… i don’t know how all people have force visions and know already how all this will go. Has it occurred to anyone that maybe the last chapters are longer and not “30 minute bullshit”? Maybe you also have some alliance levels added, a handful of new companions to recruit, maybe new star fortresses. I know i read about a Bowdaar’s daily arena with powerful champions. That is new content. Wait till you actually play the stuff, then judge all you want. I, for one like that I also get a permanent companion and a jetpack, because i never wanted to pay 8-10 million credits for the GTN sold ones.

Well, I don’t know what subbing means to you. Most people do it to play the game without any imposed limits and all the expansions up to this day. I would of stayed subbed till the end of the story even without getting these items. Sure, the nay-sayers think these are meant to fish them out and convince them to sub. But that is only part true…. they also do it for the loyal people that stood by them. If people left of lack of operations, why don’t they move on? Why are they still here, constantly stalking, constantly complaining, constantly nagging them it’s a new ops that their soul desires? Personally, I would never sub to a game just for the ability of doing a few hours long mission with 7 or 15 other people, that usually turns out to be an inglorious time waster. I have an income and I can pay that modest fee monthly without demanding more and more, and bashing them and trolling any chance I get.

Well if you really feel paying 120 bucks to play as hk is worth and 50 bucks for an hk and 50 bucks for the next item to bribe you with then i feel sorry for you. Your not getting that for free or for bieng loyal your getting that because you gave them a 120 bucks. It is not part true it is %100 true that your bieng bribed to to sub.

I have a pension and i could pay a 150 bucks a month for a sub if the game was WORTH it. Thats the problem with tor its not worth it to me maybe it is you but personally having hk and jetpack still leaves me with not much content or anything to do even if i wanted to play it. Its basically a contest of who has the most on the fleet having a staring contest lol.

You don’t get the point.
Playing SWTOR *as such* and *in its current state* is worth the ~120 bucks a year for many ppl.
The subscriber rewards are just a nice bonus.

i subbed for 3 months just because i could, and $40 for 3 months and hella cartel coins was a pretty sweet deal. aside from the couple extra bonuses i didn’t realize i was getting. so i’m plenty happy while having absolutely no intention of getting an extra companion or a jetpack…. or anything other than what i specifically paid for. looks like i now get both though. i don’t think you understand how bribery works, shawn. ps, i grew up in the era when one could easily spend at least $20 in quarters a day playing mortal kombat 1 on arcade while the kid with only 3 quarters whines before getting beat and going home to play it on his nintendo. oh, and blockbuster…. what a concept, paying to play a game for a week at a time. how on earth did that last so long without the bribery? “oh, you rented this game 3 times? here’s a bonus character” said nobody ever…..

so did i kid. the bottom line is your paying for items to be enticed to play game you even saying it yourself that your paying for sub

Bottom line is we have jobs and we’re glad Bioware makes a difference between their customers and freeloaders. We’ll gladly pay for this satisfaction alone. 😉

You’ll pay for the satisfaction of being bribed? Damn, are you a cop by any chance? You seem to fit the profile. 😉

Pretty sure they’re called benefits. incentives, bonuses. Not the same thing, but good try. 😉

kid? well aren’t you just a condescending pile of retardation…… i already paid, not “paying”. as in one time…. so no, bottom line is i COULD NOT have been enticed with something i didn’t even know existed. it simply is not possible. they’re giving me something after they already gave me what i paid for at no extra cost. that’s the dictionary definition of free….

what you payed for you say….if your account was f2p would youhave gotten that? if so that would be the definition of free

meh, when it comes to trolls, i’m more the type to let them nibble a bit before smacking it out of their hands… lol

im not actually trolling thats what you dont get what the real issue is you cant handle criticism or a debate or an opposing view while doing it on multiple accounts i might add and accusing me of what your doing lol i dont need dual accounts im not a chickenshit who has to hide under dual accounts and scream to get me banned do you see me trying to get you banned? think what you like

first off,this is my one and only account douche bag….. secondly, i don’t care if you get banned or not. freedom of speech, say whatever you want. but i have the freedom to make you look retarded. now, what you don’t get, is someone who can’t even comprehend how to spell the word “paid” nonetheless that they’ve been spelling it wrong this entire time, most likely can’t comprehend the idea of free rewards either…. or anything else i have to say for that matter. and again, if you’re not trolling, then why the fuck do you even care???????????????

no its not if it were you would be laughing it off secondly quite upset are we?

Look at how mad you are here WOW its a discussion board i dont have to care or care its all opinion based.

why does my opinion and view matter so much that you rage like this? dont see me getting this wound my opinion must really mean a lot for you to get this upset eh?

actually, i am laughing at the fact you think these other individuals are me as well. kinda funny, that must mean you admit to being that other guy then? since you did deny it much of the same manner. also, calling you a douche bag doesn’t mean i am upset. i just means that i think you are a douche bag. anyway, you’re failure to answer the question without tip toeing around it like some nervous prick speaks louder than your admission could any how.

lol i answered it i told you i dont have to care or care its a discussion board the real question why do you obsess on my every word and yes your obviously mad and like i said cant handle opinions or an opposing view as example a here rage on

what it shows is you cant handle a conversation and are obsessed with me look at all this obsess much?

i’m only guilty of responding an equal amount as you have responded to me…. so please stop with this bullshit victim card you can’t quite seem to squeeze out of your ass….

You started the pissing match its ok ive written dulfy and explained all this. Im not a victim but its beyond obvious you have control issues and cant handle opposing opinions. You re: to me and started this whole pointless dramafest anyways well let dulfy handle it im tired of this

hahaha so you reported me to dulfy, but you’re not playing the victim? and no, all i did was attempt to explain to you that your opinion which was stated more as a fact, was incorrect. oh the hypocrisy…. what’s funny, i’m still not going to bother reporting you and i bet you’re still somehow going to be the one getting banned…..

My opinion is not fact im not the one getting banned ive done this with dulfy before this isnt my first rodeo here.

We have you calling me douchebag and forcing your view down my throat we got wikihow making an actual post to report me for what i hope he does id like to know lol. well see where it all goes but ive had to do this before here and im still here.

If you look at all the posts it shows you starting it all and me defending myelf and getting REALLY angry and raging let the chips land where they may

the question is why do you? why obsess and stalk me? im having a discussion on here that seems to enrage you b/c its not what you agree with

and again, it’s not what i paid for. i already gave them my money before it was even announced. thus you are completely wrong by the laws of physics to say i was “enticed”……

“it’s not what i paid for”……. just because you don’t get it for being a cheap ass, doesn’t mean it’s not free for me. they could have easily not given it as a reward and still legally accept my money for what i paid for…..

go ahead im not doing anything wrong ive been reporting you all along. Im not breaking tos its just you cant handle a conversation

i haven’t reported you, made a threat to report you and HAD no intention on doing so….. but if you are reporting me, then you are just a sad sad sad pile of hypocrisy.

i wasnt talking to this account of yours i was referring to the other one lol. sad pile huh says the stalker

the stalker? ya know, i haven’t agreed with these guys about the OP being you as well, because well, i have no way of knowing that whatsoever….. it would be a blind assumption and most likely a wrong one at that. you really could learn a lot from this…..

what you could learn is its ok for people to have different opinions and not stalk people online b/c they dont agree with you. You started this whole mess dude look at it all lol

see? apparently you really should take notes….. i’m not stalking you….. this is the only thread i have seen you on, even within this article. just telling you that you are wrong based on the very laws of physics to say that i was enticed by these free rewards. and for the same reasons, these rewards are not what i paid for, were not part of the offer i paid for and therefore are free ENTIRELY within the same realm of going to burger king and ordering the same burger i normally would but now, “oh i get an extra one free, and ice cream and a doggy toy? “

funny your ip says a different story. Laws of physics? well hell when you buy and pay for something thats considered a sold item that one payed for.

Id like to point out who started this whole mess wasnt me just saying

my ip says different? well that’s interesting…. you sure you’re looking at it right? and again, i already paid about 2 months ago…. before ANY mention of these rewards….. so i guess it’s more like buying my burger a month in advance and when i go to pick it up i have all these free extras that i didn’t know about….

this ISN’T you trying to shove your opinion down my throat as though it’s a fact? it’s physically impossible to be enticed by something that i didn’t even know existed.

It seems you’re having trouble understanding. No one is bribing me… I stay subscribed because I chose to and because I want to see how the story unfolds. I don’t pay for the companion or the mount or whatever will come next, I pay for the game experience. If you consider it’s not worth it because you can’t do a new very long mission with 7+ other people, that usually turns out to be a complete waste of time, then you can choose a game that provides that.

you are paying for the companion though and the other things nothing is free lol. you are paying for those items is my point.

Actually I only pay my subscription and all the stuff like new chapters, new content, and special rewards come for free. A non-sub can’t grasp the concept, it seems.

if you werent subbed you wouldnt get those items now would you? so your paying for those items they are not free if your subbed and paying for them. Now if you werent subbed and they gave you that hk that would really be FREE

15$ for the game experience = 15$ for the game expieriece + monthly content that is not ops + nice monthly cosmetic rewards + a bonus chapter that whiners won’t get =>
0 (free) = monthly content that is not ops + nice monthly cosmetic rewards + a bonus chapter that whiners won’t get.

They come at no added cost, meaning, you know, free. Sure, it’s not free for you because you’re making up excuses not to play the game. But it’s definitely free for their normal player base.

15 bucks a month= your paying for that content. When you go to burger king you dont say hey ill have this combo pull up and take it and drive off you have to pay for it lol.

So yes 15 bucks a month your paying for that. a 120 bucks for hk 55 mission when i can play hk 47 the entire game on kotor for the 5 bucks i payed for it.

Nothing is free is your paying 15 bucks a month for it. If its worth it to you thats fine

Not a good example at all. Here’s the correct form:

I feel like going to grab a bite at burger king.
Me: Hello. I want the classic menu, here’s the 15 bucks It always costs.
Employee: Good news sir, this month you also get an extra burger, an ice cream, and a squeaky toy for your dog.
Me: Well, thanks, I wanted the burger anyway.

By my logic, i got them all for free.
I go to my family and give them the free stuff.
Wife asks: How much did you pay for the extra burger?
Me: Nothing, honey.
Wife thinking like you: Nooo, you paid 15 bucks for it.
Daughter asks: How much did you pay for the ice cream?
Me: It was free, sweetie.
Daughter thinking like you: Nooooo, you paid 15 bucks for it.
Dog asks: How much was the squeaky toy?
Me: It was a gift… you know… free.
Dog thinking like you: Haha, you paid 15 bucks for it, when you could pay 5 for a red one on the corner shop.

My friend then concludes I paid 60 dollars for a menu, an extra burger, an ice cream and a squeaky toy. I look in my wallet and see I’m only missing 15, and realize It’s not me that has issues.

This is the correct approach. I am a sub and spend that money anyway, since I like the game. Now i get free stuff from them, I could of not get them, but I do get them, meaning they are free. And funny thing is… the subbed people are happy with these rewards, the only ones being unhappy are those who don’t sub and don’t get them. So if it makes you happy, sub and get them, if not, play your 10 year old game and be happy. It’s that simple.

If it’s not worth it to you, that’s ok. Maybe it is to other people. And if you don’t like it, then don’t play it. And ranting about a game you don’t like and don’t play is imho not worth it.

uh this is a discussion board about the game is it not its ok to have a different opinion ya know.

btw, how do expect to be able to spend 8-10 million credits without being a subscriber or giving them cash for escrow transfers? serious question….. i really don’t think you thought that one through…. this is what i mean about that comprehension of yours….

its quite easy when i was playing it my friend would buy those items who was subbed its not that complex of an idea….

LOL. The companions and mount only got the top scores because you couldn’t rate everything “1”, you had to give something high marks, which is stupid as fuck in a customer satisfaction survey.

“In a scale of 5 to 5, how much do you like getting your balls busted?”

Hey, if it’s a jetpack you want, the crate that was just released has a jetpack that goes around 400k when I was there two days ago.

I dont see the jetpack HK has in picture 2 in picture 1, maybe im just blind or the first picture is meant to cut the amount of subs evenmore with a bad picture.

Complain, complain, complain…it’s a cool looking jetpack, I’m thrilled to get it even if you complainers don’t think it’s “HK inspired”

So many jokes…

1. Shawn’s Grillfriend.
2. Thats no moon.
3. Episode 8 Empire Steaks Burn.
4. Episode 9’s mcguffin superweapon
5. “As if a hundred thousand twigs cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced”
6. “Many welding sticks died to bring us this grill.”
7. Fully armed and operational grilling station.

I agree. I was kind of hoping for the Trailer color themed Nico, but he has this nasty sand colored coat and a black-brown hat. The jetpack looks cool, but I see it doing two things:

1: Lowering the value of jetpack mounts.
2: Not being HK inspired.

Not only do I get my bro-bot back, but he can transform, strap himself to my back, and make me go fast?

It does look cool however this is just concept art. Kind of like the cool art for Nico’s coat and guns. Since that was just recolored existing gear I won’t be surprised if this becomes the current jet pack painted in HK’s color scheme.

Odd, I thought it was 15 chapters, but it says 7 more, that would mean 16 chapters?.
I want an end to the sausage fest, there is like 2 female comps, give us back Jaesa, Vette, Ashara,Elara, Raina, or Kira.

Our current KOTFE romance options, a white guy, a black guy, and a fugly cougar 8/

Hopefully we can romance Kalyio, we need a 2nd female romance option.

I thought Lana was in her 20s. Senya seems more like the cougar, though I don’t think she is a romance option.

Here’s my wild speculation:

1) Most of the characters (regardless of the gender of the player) are male
2) They’re going to bring back the most popular romance characters last.
3) Bioware doesn’t want to deal with people complaining that they favor certain factions or classes by bringing back certain Romance characters earlier than others.
4) Therefore we won’t see Jaesa, Vette, Ashara, Elara, Raina, or Kira until near the end of the story.

I hope I’m wrong in saying this of course

@Danny: actually it (still) doesn’t. And apparently it’s a known issue, not just for me.
@Dulfy: Thanks Dulfy for the clarification.

that is a make believe and not realistic example at all LOL. You dont get anything for free for like that in reality totally unrealistic

heres a more eal version of that

sir since youve spent 120 bucks on food here were going to throw in a ice cream and burger with your purchased meal you just bought. Once again thanks for spending a 120 bucks here plus buying food right now as well

that is a more realistic version no way you would just get a free ice cream and all this make believ shit lol come on now lmao

Yeah. better go play with your 5$ HK-47, we’ll play with out 15$ HK-55 in a month. 🙂 I guess the newer model is greatly improved since it costs 10$ more. Well, to each his own.

no it cost a 120 bucks more and you can only play him in the 1 mission. The newer model isnt greatly improved its over priced and not as good but yeah o each his own

Aah, now I understand, You didn’t even bother to read their announcement… typical.

Put on your glasses and read this:

Using simple logic I can understand that if I sub for a month on Jan 10, for only 15 bucks, besides having all the privileges on a subscriber, I also get a free HK-55 companion which i will have forever on all my characters, a jetpack I’ll get from level 1 on all old and new characters + 2 days of playing before the official launch.

15$ < 120$
Get it?

he is a troll, he was just banned from Massively yesterday, He even uses sockpuppet accounts. The one that started this thread


is a sock puppet account of his.

Ah, thanks for clarifying. Strange that Lulz didn’t have the grammar of a 12 year old. 😀 He must be really good at this.

no this guy here is obsessed with me i didnt get banned off massively LOL. He thinks anyone that says anything bad is me LOL he has 5 accounts by ip that i know of

paid* and no….. i’m pretty sure he’s saying he would have only paid for being able to play for a month without restrictions. the rest is all a free bonus….

only people who are subbed get a free hk…. like i said, i subbed for 3 months barely under 2 months ago…. i paid for a 3 month sub, not an hk. he’s free to me….

Seeing how simple logic passes by him, I am inclined to believe wikihow is right and he is just a troll. We should stop here. No feeding, no troll.

Kid, you don’t understand the term paying. Go play with your dolls, since it’s free. Oh wait, your mommy paid for the dolls so it’s not free. Go play with your paid dolls then.

yup, we must be pretending that this comment doesn’t exist then….. hypocrite.

don’t just ignore him report him to Dulfy. Send her an emailed her. Yeah he was banned from Massively he purposlely messes up the gramer to hide his real accounts.

If you look on Massively his account is now cut off

go ahead by all mean what we have hear is a control freak who tries control conversations uses multiple accounts and is a compulsive liar you can keep saying i got banned all you like but guess what im still here and your gonna hve to deal with people having opposing opinions on both sites.

this is the guy i had to explain what comps meant people he got embarrased by it and since then has been a stalker as you can see here.

so feel free to report me for what disagreeing and chatting? Like i said this guy cant handle criticism on multiple acounts even

create a new livefyre account. Not sure what that is supposed to prove since everything is blank. How about you post a new comment on massively and have someone other then your alt account cobracommander post on it?

no as my roommate said on there that is his account he actually plays tor or was. How about you quit stalking and get a life and obsessing on things that dont exist btw hi vicarious

LOL how could i make a new account with the same exact name ahahaha

Maybe it’s just me, but that jetpack isn’t really doing anything, I mean, you’re still on the ground…pretty sure that’s not how a jetpack works, but idk….it is bioware after all….

Okay chill in the comment section. It is okay to have opposing views but don’t go off topic and attacking each other. I am going to delete a bunch of off topic comments.

any chance you could just go ahead and ban Shawnhargrave? the guy is an obvious troll who makes homophobic slurs at people who don’t agree with him

i was also told i was an soe cock suck in kind are you saying that those accounts are yours? that was a different account that arguement

is that your account? that means your dual accounting and it was in response were both guilty you dont call the person out who called me a soe that though just me interesting

I never said it was my account. You know it says the time that you posted on the comment right?

I would call the guy out but he isn’t here is he?
However you still used homophobic slur first.

no you didnt call him out just me and you only did it now b/c i mentioned it. Look dulfy said to stop this shit and your still going here might want to give it a rest

Yeah i called you out because you are the one here. What is the point calling out someone who isn’t here?

At least you admit you used homophobic slurs

your not be honest and upfront is why i dont admit anything other then defending myself you know dulfy asked us to stop this and your continuing this here

Whether he’s homophobic or not is another matter. Saying someone is sucking someone’s cock is not, however, a homophobic slur.

sorry i played a big role dulfy, but comments like this were clearly designed solely to stir the pot “watch it now that kind of wild free thinking makes fanbois come out of
the woodworks here! Pretty sad with the bribing customers….” i mean, what other purpose could it possibly have served other than to intentionally create that division?

i’m done talking to you. in fact, i’m done with this all together. we have obviously taken it too far, as dulfy has deleted comments from both of us. but have fun defending yourself from everyone else who wants to call you out….

No you got mad because i didnt agree with you and you then called me a douche b word and screamed in cap locks at me

and you used homophobic slurs and tried to shove your opinion down their throat. Seems you are the guilty one here

no its a 2 way street and i never forced anything down anyones throat you cant have it both ways dude you call me out but not the other guy your demanding i get banned for when others do the same it would mean we should all including you get banned then all of us are guilty here least im honest about it

ok fine ban the people who used homophobic slurs on you as well.

I asked you get banned because this seems to be a habitual problem with you. This is the second thread in a day I see you doing the same exact thing.

Why would I get banned? I didn’t use homophobic slurs or try to troll people

im just gonna report you your still going on with this. No you want me banned b/c you dont like me and i disagree with you im just gonna email dulfy again she asked us all to stop and your continuing

no i even tried to help you in the other thread. However that was before i realized you used Homophobic slurs and like to pick fights with people.

reported to dulfy is all i have to say shes asked us to stop and your still going

I, ME, have told you that i am done, i have quit responding to you, and here you are STILL on my thread….. go away please.

Like i said dulfy as you can clearly see here whos the real troll im even attacked without a single word once again im defending myself here having said nothing but in defense

This is what im saying dulfy got one guy calling me a douchebag and all these dual accounts really stirring the pot and unable to handle criticism

as you can see dulfy who the real trolls are here people asking to ban me wtih no evidence and saying im homophobic with no evidence or proof. Where is the proof ive asked it to be shown

well i agree to stay on topic here and not argue but you can see loveitorleaveit is still aruging and fighting with me im just going to report him to you

From what I see below we have a pretty clear catalyst for the drama. “Dude fanbois carebears criticism bribes LOL /smh”

That jetpack is hot btw.

Dulfy Mod • 3 days ago
Okay chill in the comment section. It is okay to have opposing views but don’t go off topic and attacking each other. I am going to delete a bunch of off topic comments.11


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I wish, instead of BioWare doing these “subscribe by X date get Y reward” promotions, they actually acknowledged the people who have been playing this game for a long time.

I’ve been subscribed to SWTOR for three years now and have never once unsubbed despite BioWare giving plenty of reasons to over that timeframe. There are people who have been here since the beta and have been subscribed since day one of launch.

The promotions run for SWTOR are only geared to get new people to subscribe, not keep the old ones around. Plenty of MMOs do some sort of veterancy reward system that gives long-term subs perks and items that only they can get as a “thank you” for sticking around. Those same games also tend to offer a lifetime subscription that gives you permanent subscriber status and all the rewards a long-term sub gets for a one-time fee.

I am not saying this because I feel entitled to anything, but it would be nice for us veterans to be rewarded for our commitment to SWTOR and the dev team that supports it. Only catering to one part of your demographic is never a good business decision, and honestly adding these things will only benefit the SWTOR community and likely get a lot more people to subscribe.

they should add something like what EQ2 had where every year that you were a subscriber for you would get a big bonus item.

So after 1 year you get some decorations and a mount and so on.

how about the people who bought the collectors edition those poor people should be given stuff as well they dont even update the vip store for them its been years

pet’s dyes, armor, and decorations for housing.
yes they added a lot. So whats the deal with not knowing that?

still not much what they should have done is put the cartel store in the vip store with discounted prices that collectors thing ws like 200 bucks

it was $149.99 it came with an art book, a soundtrack and a $80 statute. They are under no obligation to give people anything else. Its actually a lot in the store. I have never seen another MMO do anything like this. With WoW collectors edtions all you get is the physical goods and a mount. They never update and give more.
So why did you say they hadn’t updated t the store

Because people are never satisfied. In their subscription fee are also cartel coins included every month and still they say it is not enough. Though they probably don’t even pay the full subscription fee but buy cheap cheap game cards. They wnat to get the whole world for one cent. This is the internet and real life.

Exactly. They pay $15 a month then say “what do I get for being subbed for 3 years? Nothing!” Hey, asshats! You get to play the game. You don’t “deserve” anything else, demanding that you should get something for being subbed for years is supid. When you have a pay for a car for 5 years do you demand more from the bank for being a loyal “subscriber”? You get what you pay for, now shut up and go play your game!

on the other hand ea are greedy bastards to with the way they run the game the f2p option is a good example of this. Doesnt mean the game should be %100 free but when you look at lotros f2p in comparison it makes tor look like a prostitue negotiating with you lol “as a subscriber” i could show you this etc

Lotro’s F2P system is also failing. SWtor has seen a huge increase in server population since Kotfe released and even more when TFA came out.
I don’t think they need advice from you

First off reported to dulfy…Secondly its just an opinion no need to make personal attacks here

for what? there was no personal attack in there. Please show me what you think a personal attack is.

b/c its been years since the update to it and what i saw wasnt worth spending the 150 bucks for it i still think that store should have all the cartel items and a reduced price to make it worth while. While the statue and all that other stuff is ok the vip store even now is a joke in comparison to the cartel market

Years since the update? you just claimed it had never been updated now you are claiming years?
How could it be years since the update since it has housing objects in it and housing hasn’t even been out for a year.
They have updated it every single year.
Perhaps its best if you don’t speak about things you know nothing about.

Yes and below is your statement so if they updated it within the last year that means by your own words that it hasnt been updated correct? by the way ive been in the vip store off and on hadnt seen anything put in for a couple of years least when i was playing full time so yes its why i asked you what they put in….Someone needs a chill pill way to angry.

me Shawn Hargrave • 3 days ago

yes they do. They have updated it with in the last year.

They updated it 3 months ago which is whithin the last year.
You claim that store hasn’t been updated in years. That is untrue its been updated every year since the game launched. Last time was 3 months ago.

Subscribed since launch, never dropped my sub, I have the collector’s edition, I want my 1000 Virgins!

Same story here! Where is my awesome set of gifts for paying $15 a month, every month, for the past 4 years plus? And I played through on the closed Beta for nearly a full year before launch as well. Nothing special for us. Nope not at all……………

I still have my friggin box and everything as well, Along with the mouse, keyboard, AND headset. I need my 2000 virgins now. Also been in beta, never unsubbed. I have no life.

Honestly, I don’t appreciate ANY content that is exclusive to a short time period. I think it’s a very poor decision for a game that expects to be around for multiple years, because what you are telling your players who sign up later in the game’s lifespan is “screw you”.

I’ve been in games with veteran systems, I’ve been on both the veteran side and the newb side, and I’ll tell you I hated it both ways. When I was a vet and getting the rewards, my closest friends,who were newer to the game simply by virtue of not knowing much about it until I introduced them to it, often had call to be envious of my rewards, and I didn’t enjoy them nearly as much as I would have if my friends could share in them. Meanwhile, being on the new player side of it sucks a lot, especialliy once the time required to earn the rewards gets huge enough.

On top of that, the longer the time required for the reward, the fewer people will ever see it, and the more of a waste of time it is for the devs to spend time on it.

That’s why you add the option to buy some sort of lifetime subscription option like I mentioned. Pay a one-time fee, get permanent subscriber status and all the veteran rewards.

Newer players may be envious of the rewards, but jealousy is often a powerful motivator. If one is committed enough, they can eventually obtain all of them, or get them instantly if they’re willing to drop the cash.

Think of it this way: all the “subscribe by X get Y reward” promos they’ve done have never been repeated. This means that new subscribers will never be able to get the older rewards. I would think that would up the envy factor if one saw someone with something I could no longer get, no?

These veteran rewards would be permanently available so anyone can get them with enough time or money. It also encourages people to stick around instead of subscribing until a certain date and then dropping it once the reward(s) are passed out.

the only studios that do that are ones that have a game that is in danger of not lasting. Life Time subscriptions are a bad thing

Considering how the community has reacted to the lack of new Ops and the statement made by BioWare that more or less said that Ops weren’t a priority as well as the continued disappointment with changes to the Cartel Market, this game is having more troubles now than it ever has in terms of public relations, at least as far as I can remember. There’s been a few rough patches before this in the last three years, but this one seems the worst.

I wouldn’t put much stock in the complaints of people here or on the forums. MMOs are fluid experiences, and some sect of the player base will always be very vocally unhappy with whatever direction the game is going at any given point. Fact is, none of us actually have reliable information on the health of the game. Sure, some people are taking their ball home, but new players are getting drawn in by the new expansion, and some people are coming back to check out the new content.

Well the problem with that is not much of them stay which is why all the constant enticement. I agree it would be nice to know Exact reliable numbers i would like to know who is subbed vs the f2p community.

do you have any actual stats to back that up? because listening to forums is the way to get the wrong information.

How do you figure this is “the worst” show me some actual data that backs up your claim. Because in game i see servers pop is up.

Nope, because only BioWare/EA has that data. I’m just going off of my own observations of the game, how people are reacting to the changes. The servers may still be “popping”, but that is also not a solid, official, end-all-be-all indication of SWTOR being in a good state.

For now, all any of us players really have to put stock in regarding how this game is doing is our own intuition. Seeing and hearing about all these raiders leaving the game is never a good thing for any MMO, regardless of how focused the game is/was around raiding.

its more solid then anadoctal evidence. Everything Star Wars for the next 6 years is going to be hot.

Yes players loging in and playing the game is a VERY good indication of SWTOR being in a good state.

the best way to tell is when you go to log in click the server selection on the left hand side and it shows the list of servers doing that regularly you can see the servers how they full are or arent to get an idea.

lotro had lifetime but they limited the numbers. I was kinda surprised that the collectors edition wasnt a lifetime sub considering how much it cost but thats ea for ya.

no they didn’t limit the numbers they sold them for 2 years. They ended the lifetime sub sale when they got bought by Warner Brothers because at that point they didn’t need a quick cash infusion to keep the lights on.
That and they were going F2P the next year which means it would be stupid to sell lifetime subs when you are F2P

what you said and what you meant are two completely different things. You said they only sold a limited number which is untrue. They would have sold 20 million if people wanted to buy them.

not really i actually agreed with you here. They sold them up to the buyout meaning up till then you could buy them. If i remember correctly most the people i knew playing at launch did buy them like 9/10 people did back then i had a lot of people saying to buy it but meh it was to much for me to pay then

would be nice if they would put vendor with items only avi for long time subs swg had a nice reword system 3 months 6 than 9 and 12 and so on u could pick an item depending on how long u are sub

Hmm, I like the jetpack. Wish they gave something more than a mount though, since we got one with the original release. And I wonder who “the mysterious Firebrand” is.

So, I take it from the concept art that the in-game model isn’t finished yet…
I do hope that the pipeline for adding new items doesn’t take long.

Weird, they said chapters would start being released monthly starting in January…

I also wonder if we are supposed to be surprised when “Firebrand” reveals that her name is Kaliyo

i am gonna call it now, we cant customise kaliyo when she is re-introduced
if im wrong great if im right though forums will lite up 😛

do you feel the hype? cause im not…kaliyo is one of the most boring characters for me…I wish there is an option to get her killed.

Am I the only one who is furious, that we’r subscribing for single SG with no new MP content? And we receiving 30 min SP DLCs for once in 2 or more months of paying sub? Hell That is almost price of new SP game with 50-100 hours gamplay. And what we receive 30 min of story (20 of cinematics) and bunch vanity items which in most cases are simple reskins of somthing that we already have. I had a great guild and we were trying to do PVE progress, but now…nothing for us. We do not have motivation to play HMs of old operations which we finished 100 and more times. Even NiM is unplayable (unbalanced) without som fcking crystals which are unable to farm for weekly runs. And still I must pay over 100 Euros to wait if on the end I will receive 1 completely unbalanced and overbuged OPS. Sorry BW (no sorry EA) I am unsubing after 4 years. All my guildies left and this game has nothing for me to do anymore. you can eat your mounts or another reskined HK companion. I don’t need it. I wanted to have some fun with my friends in endgame PVE which is dead. For story I can play witcher or other much better SP RPG and not spending so much on it.

Judging by the pic it looks like it will look awesome, however this is BW, so you can guarantee its just gonna be a re-colour, if it IS then I hope they at least re-colour and modify the MSM J-37 Jetpack as it fits all body types and is a nice fit unlike the MSM JT-2 Jetpack

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