SWTOR Bioware explains Romance and Courting Gift Bugs

Bioware has finally shed light on some of the companion romance and courting gift bugs.

Dear TaitWatson: The Companion Romance System NEEDS to be fixed. | 01.07.2016, 07:41 PM

Hey everyone,

We have seen quite a few reports about the Romance system being broken, and I wanted to clarify a few things. A number of the issues being reported are not, in fact, bugged.

The big one is Iresso. While Iresso is not alone in not acknowledging your romance, he has become the name surrounding the whole situation. In this case, there is a bug – the romance variables for some of the pre-KOTFE companions are being improperly assessed, leading to the appearance that they aren’t romanced even if they are. This fix is scheduled for 4.1 but is not finalized yet. What should have occurred is that when you completed Chapter I of Fallen Empire, you would receive a mail from your romance. We believe that this issue is also affecting pre-KOTFE content as well; please let us know once the fix is live if you notice any issues. It is worth pointing out that this change is not retroactive: if you have already started Fallen Empire, you will not receive the letter.

I have also seen mention of not being able to romance one of the new characters (Lana, Theron, Koth) being a bug. As far as we can tell, this is not bugged at this time. In order to romance these characters, you must consistently choose flirt options with them throughout KOTFE (having a relationship with Theron or Lana back in Shadow of Revan also contributes to their romances, but is not required) and you must choose a particular option in Chapter IX to pursue a full romance with one of them. If anyone finds that this is not the case for their character, definitely let us know!

As for Courting gifts, we are aware that they are only able to be consumed by Nico Okarr. At first we thought he was just greedy, but we found out it’s because of the change from Affection to Influence, and the Courting Gifts not making the appropriate swap. This is also scheduled for Game Update 4.1.


  • captainzor

    If they don’t want this whole romance system to remain so nebulous and hard to figure out they should provide some kind of “romantic interest” gauge as you flirt with or piss off companions, seeing as how influence level has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with nor does it impact it…

    • Paeniteo

      It has pretty much always been the case that you would have to click [Flirt] every single time when offerend, if you wanted to ‘get it going’ with any particular NPC.
      One’s dedicated romanceable companions might have been slightly more forgiving, though.

  • j’oe

    i reported it 4 days ago.. wonder if people were still reporting, but without cursing them and such..

  • Deshik

    Do you think that you will be able to kill Lana or Theron yourself in this expansion?

    • David W

      I doubt it. I suspect they will be characters important to the story in chapters X and following.

  • AbnerDoon

    “It is worth pointing out that this change is not retroactive”

    So if you were one of the chumps who hopped into KotFE at launch with multiple characters? Pretty lame mang to still be a beta tester 3 months into the xpac. Well I guess I can always hope that someone will post the letters on a fan site.

    • Chris Riches

      Bioware need to clarify this statement a bit as they say its not retroactive butificailly mention you don’t get the email you should have got in chapter 2 but not what happens when you meet them again, they need to confirm if the romance is permanently dead if they have started kotfe? as if I have a bugged romance I would be fine with no letter but it better be remembered when I see them.

  • Barbatum

    Talos Drelik takes Courting gifts to, for a small amount of influence.

    • Dragon

      Talos takes them to where?

  • Danny Seth

    Guss Tono also likes them.

  • Great. Now if they can only fix some of the other bugs, like:
    -companions losing buffs when you mount/go through a load door
    -companions using other companions’ voices during combat (Temple)

    -gtn is broken in a few different ways (searching by name doesn’t return some listed items you can find if you don’t search by name and look up the category instead, some items listed in wrong category)

    -massive artillery turret is completely broken
    -some people are reporting decorations they’ve already learned are broken
    -dread master HK customization has some of the glitchiest animations I’ve ever seen. Seriously.
    -republic assault hk customization has misplaced meshes and has been that way since they launched Kuat
    -female characters of most body types that use 1 blaster pistol hold the blaster with their fingertips and it’s been that way since the game launched.

    • Лев Сафаров

      About last – they also hold it a bit unevenly.

  • John Kosto

    tl;dr version:

    “Absolutely NOTHING works in the romance/courting system with companions and gifts, we will fix some of it in 4.1, but we don’t know exactly what. Aren’t surprises great? We are waiting for 4.1 to go live to see which romances will get fixed, can’t wait!!!”

    • and now after 4.1?
      are you happy, I’m not happy. 🙁

      • John Kosto

        I don’t care about courting gifts personally. I have maxed affection (or at least trying to) to one companion per character, and the courting gifts stay in my cargo bay for now.

  • Emperor of the Lepi

    Haha. There isn’t a byte of code that isn’t bugged.
    Even the Snow Blower has a bug.
    I think they use Chimps to randomly type stuff, and then look at it, those parts that look like code are used by BioWare in Swtor.

  • integrabyte

    It makes all the sense in the world now why my Husbando, Iresso, and side babe, Nadia, do not tell me anything.
    I mean Iresso did say he will look for me even if it is the last thing he does. He just vanished, prolly in some distant world, playing Pazaak with some Twi’lek.
    I chose to delay KOTFE in hopes they fix all these bugs. I started the story and finished it at the end of December. Now I do not get the letter from my HUSBANDO!!!!!?? :!!!((:()
    *rage* 😛
    *rage* 😛

    • anonymouse

      “You’re a cunt, I love another woman.
      xoxo Felix”
      There’s your letter. Happy?

  • Yoko

    Meanwhile in other MMO games devs are creating new raids…

    • FrozenWidget


    • Alek

      Meanwhile in other MMO games there is MMO content.

  • Zaitana

    in Dulfy’s companion gift guide (from back in the v1.2 era) there were a couple negative affection chat triggers listed for some companions (http://dulfy.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/romancetriggers.jpg). I didn’t get around to seeing if they were indeed there before 4.0. anyone know if they were there, and if so, can we still get them to trigger by racking up disapproval on the appropriate companion as we level a new character? I was trying with Aric Jorgan recently, but no luck so far (I did every mission – and bonus – on ord mantel, a solo esseles run, and coruscant; got to my ship at lvl 34 ;p ), though I picked the answer he disapproved of every chance I got.

    • Paeniteo

      In 4.0, companion dialogues do only trigger based on class story progress, not on certain affection/influence levels.

      Also, you cannot have negative influence. Even if a character disapproves of your decisions, you influence over him/her increases.

      Note: Unlike in the previous affection system, a high influence does not mean that he/she *likes* you.

  • mediocre

    Considering how much they told us that story MATTERED, these bugs are bloody unacceptable. KOTFE has been out for months, this content has been broken for months…

  • hmm…my “romance” worked fine

    I got a letter from Jaesa stating that she’s bitter that i died and that someone else is already vying for her attention to be the “center of her dark universe”.

    I think a force choke is in order when i find her. She’s into that sort of thing.

  • terria

    Isn’t it so amusing? “we thought Nico was greedy, then we realized we forgot to change affection to influence” “This could be affecting pre kotfe story, we still don’t know, please do tell”

    Not to mention GTN search, which has been bugged for idk how long, and instead of trying to benefit from the expected player influx during the holidays, especially with the new movie hype, they just take time off for vacation.

    Can’t help but wonder, all those people who got fired soon after launch, could they be more incompetent than the current employees “working” *chuckles* on bug fixes etc etc.? If the same level of tolerance applied now, they should lay the whole team off. Or would you keep the hard workers who randomize the colours on reskinned mounts? Or the gear designers? Or the people responsible for class balance? (the what now?!)

    Imo, they might as well release the episodes straight to youtube. Choices don’t matter, spending 6 months sub to play a cutscene as HK-55 is not worth it.

    They simply can’t stop ruining a game that had so much potential…

    • David W

      I’ve seen several players complain about the GTN here and on the SWTOR FB page. I played when the game first began (having to quit due to latency issues) and then came back in mid 2015. But the GTN seems to behave now as it did then.

      So my question is, Did it work better for awhile and I missed it? (Not asking to be sarcastic here. I’m just asking because I never realized the PITA search system ever worked any better).

      • Lol

        Well, now when you search for some items by name (it seems to be random which ones are affected), you don’t find them even though they are listed. This used not to be the case; the search worked correctly.

        • David W

          I do find it irritating. I never knew it used to work better though. Dammit, now I’m mad over the search engine.

          • terria

            There was supposed to be a fix, cause now it does work a bit better. But this fix was partial only. So yeah, when you can’t search for augmentation kits, which is probably the most common search, it becomes too annoying. I never understood those limitations to 2 letters search etc etc.

      • Darth-Robin

        gtn is broken i posted a decoration on there and it doesnt even show up even if i use the decoration category and sub category without typing in names it simple doesnt show and its been bugged since kofte was launched so 27 october
        its simple unacceptable that this hasnt been prioritized and fixed

  • David W

    Courting gifts work on Vette as far as I can tell. No I don’t get the relationship values, But I do get the “Gee, thanks” response. Also I did get the chapter I message from her. I leveled my warrior to 65 during the KotFE period.


    • Heavensrun

      She should respond to courting gifts as if they were loved items, provided you’re in a romance with her. Instead she responds to them as liked items, which is her default (non romance) position.

      • David W

        That was my point yes. The way I interpreted the article, it seemed like they were saying they didn’t work at all.

  • jo

    This seems like a bug they should prioritize, and patch asap. Influence is kinda too important since the expansion to have bugs for a whole gift type.

    • Heavensrun

      Yes, they should totally prioritize and patch that bug that this article is saying they have fixed in the next major patch.

      • jo

        This is hardly a problem that popped up over night. I would feel bad selling Cartel Packs with bugged gifts in them, and with not producing war zone maps, or ops, for so long, but clearly you’re happy enough with their pace.

        • Heavensrun

          I’m just saying, responding to a post that says “Hey, we found the problem and we’re fixing it”, with a message that says “THEY SHOULD FIX THIS.” comes off as a bit needlessly petulant.

          Also, programming and game development is not a simple endeavor. The cause of bugs is not always obvious, especially when you have several bugs that appear related but actually aren’t, like in this situation. On top of that, any fix has to go through a testing pipeline to look for anything else getting broken by the fix. There is a several month delay between when changes are made to the code, and when the public hears anything about it, because you know what goes over worse than having a bug slip into the game? Telling everybody you have the bug licked and then suddenly it isn’t.

          • jo

            Granted programing is probably a hella hard task, and I rather assume the developers aren’t making all their own choices about what to fix and when. Still, there’s a lot of cause for complaint regarding the game lately, and with people consitently posting about rage quitting the game, I wouldn’t characterize my occassional gripe as particularly petulant.

          • Bob

            If game programming is not simple maybe they should stop hiring simple people for it.

            • Heavensrun

              Well now you’re just being a dick and insulting people you’ve never met.

  • Blind Pew

    Romance issues? I wish I had those. Scorpio is still unavailable for my sniper.

    • David W

      I thought you acquired her/it in the Chapters I-IX storyline

      • SphinxSkatn

        There is a bug for agents in ch 1-3 now where some of their companions are not correctly progressing. Believe Lokin is one of them, but Scorpio may also be bugged for them too. Not all of the companion acquisition bugs are limited to KoTFE.

        • David W

          Good to know for when I get there. My agent is only in the low 20s, so I wasn’t aware.

  • y2z

    This has been reported since KotFE first launched. It’s about time they finally responded to the numerous threads about it. Now when is 4.1?

    • Darth-Robin

      4.1 is february the 11th

      • Лев Сафаров

        How it can be 11 if early access for subs 9?

        • Darth-Robin

          cause this chapter 10 which you have to subscribe for is getting a 2 day early acces for subs 🙂
          rest of 4.1 like bugfixes(lol) is for everyone

  • Darth-Robin

    so this is why talos loves all those courting gifts?
    i knew the sucker would be a romantic nut but damn:P

  • One-time-guest

    So if I tried to romance Kira (taking flirt options, kissing her on the ship), am I screwed and I need to restart my JK?

  • Jonathan Parker

    4.1 released today, and I still have all of these courting items stacked up in my storage. Elara just doesn’t want them!

  • A Smith

    Still not fixed

  • Fixthegifts

    Looks like the community needs to force them to make a change – Please community submit a bug report on the ‘Courting Gifts’ every Monday every week from now on until it is fixed!!

  • November Thermopyle

    Tried courting gifts again today…still not fixed. lame.

  • Artistic Avi

    I oddly got romance letters in KotFE from Iresso even though I romanced him and broke it off before we got married. I decided my Jedi was tempted by the idea of romance and then realized she wasn’t actually in love as much as in lust and the idea of being loved. Later she starts a romance with Theron who she is actually in love with. She feels the Jedi ban of love is ridiculous since love is just as dangerous as friendship. She also feels the danger comes from essentially outlawing relationships. I just hope Iresso remembers that we broke it off and I never married him. I don’t want to have to break his heart again. Theron is the only guy for her.

  • Swedguy

    I find it amazing how they still haven’t fixed the romance bug: My Assassin isn’t romanced with Lana even though I talked to her in the Cantina.

  • David W

    I recall back when KotFE first came out, my female Jedi didn’t trigger the romance option with Both even though I hit every flirt option, including chapter 9. I didn’t think much of it at the time because I assumed it was like the core game where it didn’t announce you were entering a relationship.

    But later, my smuggler initiated a romance with Lana, and I got a pop-up box telling me that this option would trigger the romance. Information on NPC subsequently told me that I was in a relationship with her.

    Since my female Jedi was also reported to have crushed the will of the Imperial droid even though I chose all LS responses, I’m inclined to think the game was broken in the beginning, and I’m sorry to see they haven’t fixed it yet. I was hoping it would when I came back to the game

    Of course when I did report this to Bioware at the time they responded with “Sorry, can’t help you.”

  • Cindy Mae Vorthmann-Hallett

    This is such BS I’m on chapter 9 of the Eternal Empire and just realized
    that my bounty hunter is no longer in a romance with Theron, and I did
    select the option box way back that confirmed a romantic relationship
    with Theron. When Torian came back I dumped him and chose Theron.

    even tried going back to KOTFE to the cantina it lets me flirt with
    Theron and even lets me chose to speak with him, but now that convo has
    nothing to do with romance and doesn’t let me chose to start a romantic
    relationship with him.

    I am so pissed!

  • Tsuki_Ouji

    And yet, 5.5.1, courting gifts are still just vendor trash. Great job, guys.

  • Steve C

    Are courting gifts still trash? They’re clogging up my holds.

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