GW2 Jan 8 Guild Chat Livestream Notes

Notes of the Jan 8 GW2 Guild Chat Livestream. Includes a video of Gliding in Orr.

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General Notes

  • Developer Matt Pennebaker have been working on lots of legendary precursor crafting bug fixes, some of which will go live next Tuesday.
  • Colin: “I have seen some of the new legendaries, they are amazing”
  • Blog post on skill balance next week, with Karl coming in the next Guild Chat on Friday to discuss them
  • Blog post on Jan 12 on 2016 Roadmap.

Development Balance (Colin)

  • In the previous years we did lots of biweeky/monthly updates. In 2015 our focus was on HoT with some updates. in 2016 we are trying to find a balance between frequent game updates and working on the next expansion.
  • We want to focus on all the game modes. We are working on polishing existing game modes instead of experimenting with new stuff. Want to focus on depth instead of breath.
  • WvW overhaul has been in development for over a year now. There are lots of core things we still need to do including population balance etc.

Music of HoT (Lena Chappelle and Maclaine Diemer)

  • Discussing the evolution of the main HoT theme. Most people, including those at Arenanet, have not heard the earlier versions.
  • Started 2 years ago composing the music. It wasn’t clear what the content of the expansion would be other than a Golden City. Was going to compose the music for the Golden City and have it serve as the main theme for HoT. Idea for the music came to Maclaine while on a bathroom break.  Maclaine didn’t think this music was energetic enough and was sat in the can until it eventually turned into rebuilt Lion’s Arch music.
  • As more info of the expansion was given, it was more about of the jungle and gathering of forces to fight the jungle dragon. Maclaine changed to be less of a majestic landscape but more energetic theme. It had heavy percussion elements with a big fanfare epic ending but the drums weren’t that good and the flutes were kinda cheesy. Feedback from the studio was “yeah it was good/okay” so it was a red flag.
  • Mordremoth has a certain musical motif that was implanted into various trailers/teasers. Strings were used in tremolo to create a menacing effect.
  • In the summer of 2015 Maclaine went into a panic mode and redid the music completely. It had more energy and percussion but was scrapped midway. Bits and pieces of it were used for the final version.
  • Lena Chappelle took over the Tarir theme from Maclaine and refined it to the final version.
  • You can buy the soundtrack in vinyl form at via iam8bit ($40). It is a pre-order that will release later this quarter but you can get the digital format instantly with the purchase (within 48 hrs). Digital format also purchaseable on amazon/itunes.
  • New and better versions of Lion’s Arch rebuilt music will be placed on soundcloud later today.

Gliding in Orr/Core Tyria

  • Rubi showed a teaser of her character gliding in Orr (Malchor’s Leap).


Video courtesy of that_shaman.


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47 replies on “GW2 Jan 8 Guild Chat Livestream Notes”

surprisingly HoT music is a lot better than the recycled Jeremy Soule garbage from GW1 (whatever was original also sucked). Completely forgettable stuff, even sounds like Skyrim overworld music at times (which is boring at best). Really like the HoT stuff, wished for a bit of a theme but not everybody’s an audiophile and it’s good music as is

hahaha. true fanboy talking there. i mean just the fact that you both diss skyrim soundtrack (one of the best and most iconic game OST to date) and gw 1 (which is one of my favorite soundtracks to date) just speaks volume about your fanboyism. how old are you? 12? not to mention your hearing must be impaired. i dont think anyone reading your post would take you seriously haha.

Whenever I hear a few notes from the original Guild Wars I always get a pang of nostalgia and stop for a sec, think about my monk and all the places he went, all the achievements he obtained and the epic story he lived through. Pre-searing was an awesome place, hopefully the Charr homelands will be similar looking at the map and surrounding lands…..

Jeremy Soule is good, but I do get what Ivan is saying, which is that all of his work has a certain similar “feel” to it. Like, if you listened to the Skyrim OST, the NWN1 OST and the GW1 OST, even without knowing the composer you could probably guess it was by the same guy.

Maclaine and Lena’s work is also good, but it’s a lot more diverse in scope and style than Soule’s. Compare their various new soundtracks such as the Wintersday “Tixx and Toxx”, “Bash the Dragon”, the Zephyrite music, the Marionette music etc.

Wait new expansion is in the works already? Or do they mean keep working on the rest of HoT, like the raid and stuff?

Well, some stuff is already being planned i think…Such a big studio should have at least like…2 years planned ahead on what to do to just to be considered not failing. Not long time ago they said that they already finished the whole storyline of GW2, just to give the idea on how some stuff is already planned…not set in stone, but it’s there. A “guideline”
Working on the next expansion doesn’t only mean that they’re actually making it…at least in the details. There’s a lot of brainstorming before the project actually start…especially now with the elite spec system, they have to do a lot of balance work and as well think about balance “synergy” with the incoming stuff. Still…a part of the team could surely be working on some stuff…like the “next gliding”, next specs, next mobs concept, masteries and so on. More solid is the base…and better the rest will be.
I think that the next expansion will be in…mmmhh…2 years or so ? They already talked about LS3 during the xpac’s reveals…so I guess we will get at least one or two LS seasons before getting to the next expansion. Imo one with a conclusion to HoT. You know… some festivals etc and “ending” to Destinty’s edge’s members, stuff about the new group…maybe details about the pale tree, rytlock and so on…and then next we ll get two LS or so, like we had now, with an intruduction and a path leading to the next dragon.

thats standard practice, for the entire entertainment industry. be it expansion or core game, movie or tv show, they begin production almost immediately after the previous one is released.

and like Braghez said, they need to plan ahead. these things can take years and millions of dollars to shit out, and no one is gonna invest that money if they dont have the framework laid out.

Hang gliding outside of HoT maps?
0.o I can think of so many places to go! Polymock arena here I come! Although it will be infinitely abusable and require a lot of re-mapping on buildings with no rooftops or collision detection. Think HoT will still be needed for hang glider masteries? or will it be moved to core?

I’m assuming they’ll add another mastery track to unlock it for core worlds – or maybe add another tier to the existing gliding?

They will probably implement a system whereby you have to trigger something at the start and then if you start gliding at any point throughout the JP you get disqualified.

Although to be honest, considering Mesmers can port you through 99% of JP’s anyway, I don’t really see it as a problem if gliding is just straight up introduced into Core Tyria with no changes.

Exactly. No sense in complaining about the ability to GLIDE, when we’ve had portals that trivialize every JP [without checkpoints implemented] since launch. It’s nitpicky.

I don’t see how it would, jumping puzzles for the most part go UP…gliding doesn’t give you any height…you glide. Won’t make it any easier, just make you not die as much when you fall lol. (Just don’t put updrafts near it = done)

For people saying gliding will make Tyrian JPs easier, and even exploitable, I don’t think it really will. Keep in mind that gliding is not literally flying (in a WoW sense), so all they have to do to keep it from really being exploitable at all is not put in any updrafts into the core world. Without updrafts to gain height from, I can’t see gliding as having all that much effect on the existing Tyrian JPs, or anything else really. All gliding will do is prevent accidental falling deaths, which seems like a good thing all around.

exactly, and dont forget, in most of JP you must climb tha way UP and you dont have any “higher” places around, wherefrom you can glide down to JP, so i dont understand, why are ppl worry about JP become easy /exploitable? btw how do you can exploit JP, i mean WHY ?? its the same, like parking alt at JP chest spawn :/

I doubt Gliding would change any JP,and even if it did,why it bothers people so much?

I don’t like JPs and even if I could finish them easily with Gliding I still wouldn’t do that because I simply don’t enjoy them.

And lets say with gliding some JPs would be like 5% easier (lets say gliding will actually only help you in 1~3 jumps out of 50 jumps needed to get to the end chest.),I guess if someone do an easy jump because of gliding and still can get to the end they deserve it,and I think they could finish with or without the glider.

They can always add an automatic “debuff” that disables use of gliders in JP areas. It’s not so impossible to implement :). Still waiting for them to add an option to disable Leader of the Pact buff on demand. It’s annoying to have it active while doing the Troll’s JP in Lion’s Arch.

There is one jumping puzzle where you start above the chest and have to make your way down to it. Gliding would really help there.

But you can also skip most of the puzzle with a fall damage reduction trait.

There is only one JP I can think of where this would make a significant impact. Not So Secret would less annoying. If you fall you restart from the bottom instead of running all the way back from the WP(if you fall you usually end up in a spot that is unreachable by anyone).

imagine, having multiple layers of wvw, where you could capture airships (eotm airship purpose?) and then glide down on them as a zerg. gotta work on gliding combat mechanics though. not asking for in-air dogfights, but right now only grounded players can do anything useful. maybe auto stealth glide until you reach a certain proximity to the ground, then enemies can attack you

Who cares about the jp’s? We already have mesmer portals and jump rifles.
I do hope there is an aura that disables portals and gliding though, because accidental gliding can ruin jumps and make it stressful. Still need glide toggle option or let us bind glide to different key.

they should make glide activated on “hold down space” only. right now you can glide by double tap or hold down

Not gonna lie. If they give us another grind fest, I’m out. Getting tired of course sand, and flax, tbh.

And brown pigment and airship parts and aurilium and ley-line crystals and crystalline ore and chak eggs and reclaimed metal plates and…

yes…. Guild Wars has now become Grind Wars…. and since the mastery grind system seems to be the way of the future… I’d expect a lot more to come…. what a clever idea… every time you want to introduce a new mechanic into the game… don’t create new content to introduce it… just get the players to grind the same tired content some more to feel like they are getting somewhere = lazy bastards

Next expac and new elite specs! It means it will need 1000 points and new expac HCs will give 50 HP, because they do not want to get them all stright away from start, from HPs we collected so far

If there’s one thing I like about HoT it’s the music. Sorry Jeremy Soule but you peaked quite a while ago, your 800th meandering flutes and strings ye olde fantasy score just doesn’t have the same impact.

I think the Devs should start making the game again… instead of wasting so much time on these stupid web tv appearances… in-game content is being replaced with poor quality chat shows… featuring uncharismatic nerds revealing every minute detail of the game development…. I dont actually want to know all this. I dont want to get to know the developers… I just want great new content put in the game… and on this front they are failing… BIG TIME

Example: They missed such a golden opportunity with specializations… In the original GW… each class had special skill quests to get them started in the game… these quests provided lore… abilities and were always really fun… something like this would have been a perfect way to train up specializations in GW2… perhaps a mix of unique quests… treasure hunt… etc… all in theme of the new class.

Instead we had the lore given to us on POI…. and now we are left to grind hero points (a process I have been finding boring…. irritating… bordering on painful.) I have 9 chars at lvl 80 (1 of each class) Ive earned the specialization on about 3 so far…. I am absolutely dreading doing the rest.

I know that the dev team have reworked core systems in the past… improving them greatly… I really hope they sort this mess out… Guild Wars has become Grind Wars… the new progression system is bogus… The rewards on the new “elite” maps are crap…. might as well run quests in queensdale…. The raid looks completely uninspiring…. if they dont turn this situation around soon then im out… i been playing since Nightfall btw

The first raid wing is well done and fun to play and the new HoT maps are fairly rewarding if you run the full meta event. Every map can’t be SW. Raising reward levels blindly will simply cause inflation and make other parts of the game seem even less rewarding.

I agree that unlocking both masteries and specializations is boring and uninspired, but you can get a full spec incredibly fast by just doing some of the easy hero points on HoT maps and the masteries are thankfully account wide.

Also, game development isn’t a zero sum game. Spending any kind of resources (including developer time) on a certain thing, doesn’t necessarily mean that those resources could or would be spent elsewhere otherwise.

“in 2016 we are trying to find a balance between frequent game updates and working on the next expansion.”

I’m a bit disappointed to hear this, somehow. The game has quite a few problems currently and they are already thinking on the next expansion?

I mean we don’t even have the legendary back yet. There is no reason not to use elite specs. pvp leagues are not good the way they are (at least there will be a change in the next season). WvW basically is dead. And at this point I’m unsure they could resurrect it unless they tie some rewards to it like they did with pvp leagues. Dungeons definitely are dead. And those are just the things that immediately come to mind. I’m sure there are still a lot of unfixed bugs in HoT (can’t confirm though. I played through the story and revisited a few times for the revenant armor. Wasn’t there for alike a month now.) and Tyria obviously still has bugs from before release if you believe some of the bug reports in the forum.

The communication problem is still a thing even though they’ve told us several times they want to change that and tell the community more of what is going on. The expansion released 3 months ago and we don’t even know if there will be another LS season or not.

I have to say the last year really left a scar on my trust into Arenanet. The game was doing well up until they announced the expansion. At first I was happy about the announcement but over time the information we got became fewer and less significant. Reasonable points made in the forum are ignored or at least not acknowledged publicly. Usually I’d point out that the game went F2P but somehow that had like 0 impact. Might as well not have happened at all but it shows that the past year can’t have been good on the money side.

I hope they don’t have to turn off the servers any time soon even though at this point I have nothing to do in gw2 because most things feel like a chore. I really just want them to get back on track. The first 2 years of GW2 were really great.

“The first 2 years of GW2 were really great.”

Dude what? The first two years were dreadful. It came out half-finished (and it’s still not quite where it should have been at release). There were horrible systems all over the place (no wallet, no wardrobe, empty servers, tedious dailies/monthlies, dysfunctional guild chat, zero guild activities, etc.) and then there was the terribad personal story, which is now at least functional for the most part, and the advent of Scarlet in LS S01, whose original storyline they had to spend the entire LS S02 salvaging. The only good thing in the first two years I can point to was SAB, everything else was just training for what they’re doing now as far as I’m concerned.

Year 3 was absolutely the best in the game’s history prior to HoT (although they might have focused on the expansion a bit too much) and the company is doing just fine on the monetary side of things. So well in fact that their company grew to over 300 people by now and they split off from NCSoft almost entirely. The servers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

And yeah, they’re working on their next expansion. It can take a year or two to make a sizeable expansion pack in a game of this magnitude. Or would you prefer to wait another 3 years until the next one?

Don’t get me wrong, I totally agree that what’s currently in the game still needs a lot of love and the communication definitely needs to improve (and not on fucking reddit), but some of what you’re saying is just plain ignorant.

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