SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 4.0.4

A gallery of items from Patch 4.0.4, scheduled to arrive on Jan 12, 2015. Most of the items here are part of the upcoming Research Alliance Pack, which isn’t completed yet.

Note: Collection Images for most of the items listed here are still missing as this pack looks to be unfinished.


Darth Skotia’s Armor Set – Bronze


Exiled Master – Gold


Hoth Ranger – Silver


Outlander Fixer – Bronze


Outlander Knighterrant- Gold

Outlander SoldierBronze


Overwatch Captain – Bronze

Resistance Fighter – Gold


Squadron Ace – Silver


Frostcrest Devourer – Bronze

Kalakar Escort – Bronze

Koensayr Revolution – Silver

Kybuck Prairie – Gold

Orlean LE-12 – Bronze

Orlean Wastelander – Gold

Rark Jogger – Bronze

Whitefang Hinterland – Silver


Poisonous Kelldrake – Silver


Cyberlamp Mewvorr – Silver



Gonk Droid Companion – Gold


Emote: Gold Swing – Silver


  • Varak’sas

    Meh. The gear doesn’t look all that great. I like the Poison Kelldrake, though

  • Aiko

    No pictures for female version of the armor? .__.

    • Collections only show one pic, for images of both genders have to wait for it to released so i can preview it and post the pic

      • Aiko

        Makes sense.. sorry :s

  • invalid-tag
  • Everything I’m seeing is just reskins of existing meshes. :/

    Hopefully there will be some interesting mounts and stronghold decos, at least. -.-

  • Лев Сафаров

    Resistance Fighter – Gold why all good items rated gold? This will be again for millions in gtn and no drop from packs…

    • Лев Сафаров

      And btw, they could increase drop chances for subs, what for i give them money every month?

      • Delta1138

        You mean they just increase drop chances. I can’t remember the last time I saw a pack on the GTN go for less then 300k since 4.0 hit

        • Delta1138

          *Non subs can barely afford this

      • Evan Karl

        If you aren’t a sub and you are buying packs, you’re doing something wrong…

        • Лев Сафаров

          What you mean? Im sub but buy packs not often because most of the time they content only junk and pain.

          • Evan Karl

            Nobody who does not subscribed will pay money for packs. If you aren’t willing to spend money on sub you won’t be willing to spend money on packs. Make sense? Non-subs rarely ever buy packs, they would much more likely buy sub first, and then maybe packs

          • Holyfrog

            If there is pain you are doing it wrong……

            • Лев Сафаров

              Hey, what can be done wrong, you buy pack, open it and get some junk, after that you feel heartache.

        • Darth-Robin

          im not a sub but i do buy packs off the gtn 😛

    • I doubt it. The value of an item is based on its desirability and so far I can’t see anyone shelling out millions for any of the armor in this pack. The big-ticket item will probably be the wheelcycle mount. The Orlean Wastelander looks good, too, but will probably be a cheaper mount.

    • Holyfrog

      I guess you don’t understand Capitalism. Make the good stuff rare so that people buy more packs to try to get it. Thus creating more revenue. It’s what makes the Free World go round.

      • Лев Сафаров

        I understand basics, but 1 is real life and another is game. Usually for that kind of stuff i need to spend many hours to earn money for that. And if compare to real life i can understand for example why mount can be cost few millions, its flying and not easy to build, but clothes from cloth, seriously? Or that toothpick? )

        • Cpt.Healy SWTOR

          Its the only armour I want out of this set, gutted its gold -_- prob gonna cost me 3-4mill for the set so time to start grinding lol.

          • Лев Сафаров

            3-4 mil not that bad, i recently bought sith recluse set for 21 mil for my friend, that was something.

            • Cpt.Healy SWTOR

              Yeh its easy money but I hate the grind 😛

              I have 11mill atm but thats probably going on augments.

              Wow your a nice friend for doing that! Dont think I have spent more than 3mill on a set and that was revan reborn haha, cheap skate me :D.

              • Лев Сафаров

                I dont like grinding too, and because of that i started produce mk-8 augs and another advanced augs 40 to sell.

  • michael fearless


  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    They keep adding new companions but no sign for new companion customization :/

  • AbnerDoon

    Why just a gonk droid? They could have brought back RE-M0 in style.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Shhh…(He’s undercover)

  • y2z

    Is that an antenna on Exiled Master armour?

    • CC-Ware

      an antenna..attached to a friggin backpack too smh

      the armor looked promising until i noticed it.

    • At first I thought it was one of those floating droid thingies. xD

  • Sarigar

    A kybuck is a two-legged goatlike riding beast, Yoda owned one during the Clone Wars. Could make for a cool mount. Apart from that, I don’t see anything here (yet) to warrant a heavy investment in this pack. Gonk droid is amusing, but not something I would use as a companion.

    Where’s my tuk’ata…

    • Rokanis

      I’ve wanted a Tuk’ata mount for FOREVER! That and a Reek! Can you imagine how awesome either of those would be if they were decked out in a Sith motif, maybe with Sith tattoos and other things?!

      I’d settle for a Tuk’ata companion as well, really. I need more Sithy things in my life!

      • Sarigar

        I want a tuk’ata companion, not a mount. I never even thought of those as a mount…

        A reek could make a pretty mighty mount, though.

        • Darth Twinge

          Im hoping for a creature mount and companion that look identical, so that when you dismount, it looks as if your mount is going to fight with you XD

    • jo

      There’s a speeder called a kybuck too, so we probably won’t be getting Yoda’s goat beast mount. It would be nice if we did, but alas.

    • Naq

      animal, droid, animal, droid, maybe next time.

  • JediJulius

    Sure lets put an antenna on the Jedi Robes.

    Here is no excuse for this! They are just teasing people who want Jedi robes on purpose! How hard can the KOTOR 2 Robes be to put in !?

    • Helpful wookie

      I guess they wanted to ‘copy’ the idea from the Obi wan statue.
      Which is pretty cool. :3

      • JediJulius

        I think it looks cool. My only problem is that they keep skirting around giving us KOTOR 2 Jedi robes. A plain full Jedi robe would be nice at some point. I’ll still probably gun for this set though, since it looks nice. Heck, the backpack so far doesn’t look too bad or oversized.

    • Biower pls

      More like “exiled radiotelephone operator”.

      Haha, it’s like they do it on purpose…

    • Vos_L

      They’ve had plain jedi robes with hood down for over 2 years….Relnex robes from the Supreme Mogul’s pack.

      • JediJulius

        You mean that goofy thing with short sleeves, the tunic tucked into the pants and the belt on the outside of the robe?
        KOTOR 2 nailed the Jedi robe with long sleeve, full untucked tunic and robe on top of everything.

        • Alec

          Agreed, Relnex set is ugly, unfinished (it does have missing parts), and lacks matching trousers. It’s so 2008. We deserve an upgrade.

        • EleniRPG

          Yeah, I’m sick of the short-sleeves-over-long-sleeves look of so many robes. It’s so Sheldon Cooper.

      • Matheus

        Everybody hates Relnex Robes! Even Relnex Robes’ creator hates Relnex Robes!

    • Skinnyadzy

      Yeah i want the robes they have on the jedi that walk around outside the temple on tython!!

  • David W

    No truth to the rumor that Darth Skotia’s first name is Nova…

    • Holyfrog

      It totally is! I hate you for that…

      • David W

        Awful puns are my specialty 😉

  • A’tee

    Can’t see if this is a Resistance Fighter or Squadron Ace ?
    But looks nice kinda gives Trooper/Jedi/Smuggler vipe.

    More Cartel market certificate Drop in the future would be nice.

    • A’tee


      • A’tee

        damn it Pic will not show

    • Darth Ji’inx

      The red shirt armor is the Resistance Fighter.

    • Skinnyadzy

      I have not got a cartel market certificate since before 4.0 🙁

      • A’tee

        Yeah people need more of those… especially people who can use the older Pack reputation vendors : / and and among others things:[

  • Naq

    Bounty Packs 2016: The Reskins Awaken. Exiled master is interesting at least, might invest if it isn’t crazy expensive. I just love backpacks….

    • NZRevan

      Agreed. That exiled master looks like it could loosely be based on the Mythos Kenobi statue. I have wanted those robes for a while…

    • Seph

      I’m holding out for Ventilated Exiled Master armor set. It’s not cool unless I’m showing bare midriff.

  • Ahmet Yılmaz

    Akk dog, probe droid, nexu, gonk droid. 1 creature 1 droid companion every two packs so far. I wonder will there be new type of companion.

    • A’tee
      • A’tee

        Yeah Sure it’s a little too big but Just Think Companion Mount….

        • Sarigar

          There are some smaller acklays on Belsavis that aren’t too big to be companions, so who knows!

        • Лев Сафаров

          I just realize, imagine you ride on nexu mount, dismount from them and bring nexu companion.

      • TMNJ

        There’s a good possibility for combat mounts. When you activate combat mount, temporary abilities bar pops up, like when you activate heroic moment, and you can you mounts’ blasters, rockets, claws, etc

    • Darth Ji’inx

      I believe that the Gonk Droid is for the next shipment. One of the skinny droids with a thick upper torso and a rounded v-shaped head was datamined over a month ago.

      • Darth-Robin

        gonk droid comp is for the last pack of the current shipment
        so research alliance pack will contain it

        • Darth Ji’inx

          What about the droid that was datamined MONTHS ago along with the other creature and droid companions?

          • Darth-Robin

            you should have known that all datamined info is subject to change
            maybe the next new shipment will have it or it was some concept art
            regardless (i did like that one) it might have been possible they did not finish it or wanted a placeholder

            • Darth Ji’inx

              This new info is also datamined. Not everything datamined from a patch always comes out in the next pack (i.e. Darth Skotia set). Honestly, I think it could go either way between the Gonk Droid or the War Droid.

  • Przemysław Narbutt

    I dont care about pack, i want patch notes.

  • Adri Anton

    Less Cartel Market and more PvP content. When BW expect to start the ranked season?

    • KevinSaku

      when will people like you will understand that BW wont do any PvP content anytime soon cuz they are working on crap like this and on KotFE’s coming chapter

      • Harold

        There is one warzone coming this year. Speaking about PVE content… Yeah just let’s not talk about that.

        • Darth-Robin

          hold on there isnt one coming, bioware said they are ready to reveal some info in february about a possible warzone in development.
          not that they are gonna deliver one this year maybe next year,

  • The Exilied Master one would look better with the hood down in my opinion.

    • setjj

      And without the backpack.

  • Deshik

    My characters are too badass to equip any of these

    • Holyfrog

      So they all wear pink? That is the true test of badassery. If you wear pink and kill anyone who questions it.

  • anonymouse

    I have a question. I have 5 agents and was already planning on making a 6th, but that Gonk Droid companion gave me an idea.

    Spoilers for agent main quest below.

    On Nar Shaddaa, Watcher X outfits you with a Gonk Droid disguise to infiltrate a terrorist hideout. If I get that disguise and then leave the area, fast travel somewhere else, go back to my ship (Or log out) or do anything else but progressing the main quest while the disguise is still active, will that remain on me indefinitely? Has anyone tried doing this before? Because if it works, I am willing to spend all my credits to buy that Gonk Droid companion on the gtn and unlock it in collections just for the lulz of going around the galaxy with a pair of Gonk Droids armed with nukes and grenade launchers terrorizing childrens and new players on DK.

    • Kobie

      Pretty sure if you leave the area, the gonk droid costume vanishes. Sorry.

  • Monoracle

    “Hoth Ranger”, and no included headpiece? I’ll freeze my nose and ears off!

    • Holyfrog

      But it’s for a ranger and they are tough SOBs.

  • David W

    I wonder how much people would pay for a Jedi Robe where you could choose whether the hood was up or down…

    • adwa

      It would be quite simple to introduce new items featuring it. They’re just lazy. What would take work is making it work with stuff released in the past, but that’s not necessary. Studying game design atm and I can imagine how to make hood toggle chest pieces.

      • David W

        I don’t know programming, so I have no idea how easy or hard it is to make such changes. Sometimes there are unexpected problems. One thing that comes to mind is the attempts Blizzard made with trying to expand the 16 slot beginning bag. Their experiments reportedly deleted items in the bag when it upgraded.

        Not saying this is the same thing of course.

        • Darth Twinge

          Easiest way to implement would really be to just make a hood that is a head slot item, independent of the chest piece. Then you could just toggle ‘show head slot’ on and off. : /

      • SomeSWTORplayer

        They’ve already introduced a chest piece that has a hood-up/hood-down look. It’s the Temple Guardian set from one of the nightlife packs. It can’t exactly be toggled but if you have a headpiece that works under the hood it stays up (the headpiece from the set, Revan’s Mask, etc.) and if you use a headpiece that overrides the hood then you see the hood folded down around the players neck/shoulders.

    • Paeniteo

      It is really simple enough: Provide two versions of a given robe. People can then simply apply one or both via their fashion UI and switch between them.

      • Holyfrog

        Wow! Someone who actually thought about an issue and came up with an idea rather then just bitch about how “simple it is to program it”. That really is a good idea. Armchair programmers really bug me. You win the Internet for yesterday.

  • Kaelin

    Wish we will have that armor in new pack

    • yamil

      the mask is cool but the rest looks like that one set from when rishi came out i think its even craftable

      • Kaelin

        Agree, but I`m interested only in mask and belt (I started to play SWTOR way too late to get a belt for Battlemaster gear)

    • JediJulius

      I wonder when we will get it to? It’s been data mined for a while.

      • Kaelin

        I want that belt, to make my main character look nice… oh, and that mask too

        • Moondust

          That belt. Cthulu meets SWTOR.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      “Shadow Disciple”

  • I think I would have skipped ‘404’ in my versioning.
    Game update 4.0.4: Game Not Found

    • KShrike

      Accurate description of the game in general 😛

  • Jin

    Still hoping to see Celeste Morne armor someday…

  • Vincent Uchiha

    for real this pack is gonna suck 😛

  • Muck Fusco

    Ehmm…total shit!

  • Jeremy Marr

    That GONK looks like it uses an Assault Cannon.


    • Zijyfe Duufop

      me 138th

    • Zijyfe Duufop

      Is it part of the pack or can I purchase it direct?

      • Jeremy Marr

        Looks like it’s going to be in the pack, like in the previous packs.

        • Zijyfe Duufop

          there were companions in the previous packs?

          • Darth-Robin

            LOL there were yes
            pack 1 underworld alliance had the akkdog which i has on my juggie
            pack2 force alliance had the probe droid comp
            and pack 3 strategic alliance has the nexu which has an insane rng change on it in my experience now
            pack 4 the research alliance will has the gonk droid comp

          • Jeremy Marr

            Yep: a Nexu, a Probe Droid, and…I think there was one more, but I can’t remember what it was off the top of my head.

            • Darth-Robin

              all you had to do is read my comment below yours….

              • Jeremy Marr

                Sorry, Disqus is being rather pissy lately. I couldn’t even see your reply until now.

              • Darth-Robin

                yeah it takes a while, can happen so no worries:P

              • Jeremy Marr

                Not sure if Disqus is eating my replies or not…now it’s not showing my LAST one.

            • Zijyfe Duufop

              how do you train a nexu to craft medpacs?

              • Darth-Robin

                you cant the animal/droid comps cant craft they can only dps/heal and tank and thats it

            • Paeniteo

              An Akk Dog.

  • TMNJ

    Finally, Scotia’s armor. I like the concept of pre-2.0 rakata .gear, but this shoulder pads were really annoying.

    • Darth Ji’inx

      Not sure why they are using different leg plates than the NPC.

  • Beasthuntt

    Yay. More microtransactions!!! So excited.

  • Purre

    That homeless jedi armor looks good…..

  • Darth-Robin

    crap gear, a backpack with an antenna on a simple jedi robe ruining it forever at this point bioware is just trolling people, i saw the overwatch captain one and its really awfull
    mounts suck, the kybuck or whatever it is named is just a tauntaun reskin, the monocycle just colored black and a brown whitefang lmao
    and offcourse the gonk droid it looks good and finally a comp that has the assault canon
    but beyond that its 99% crap sadly

    • Zijyfe Duufop

      you’re right, but by the same token, I suspect they’re running out of ideas.

      • Darth-Robin

        then they should take a deep hard look at kotor 1 and 2 and give us the jedi robe from kotor 2 without any modifications what so ever and put it in the cm for direct sale see how many people will buy it.
        and if they are running out of ideas then they arent really that creative to begin with

        • Zijyfe Duufop

          yes and no.

          1. if they release the armor as you describe, they don’t make the kind of money they want, but that’s not what I’m referring to.

          2. Given all the stuff they’ve already released, admittedly they aren’t creative geniuses, but eventually any team will run out of ideas.

  • Ulek Calus
  • jo

    I get that the comps are novel atm, so they’re making them rare, but in a pack or two they need to release some silver and bronze ones. I’ll buy a couple from the gtn for now, but if they continue only popping out gold ones, I’ll just stick with the bad kitty. And dear lord, please add new companion customizations. Everywhere I look it’s Lana, Lana, Koth, Lana, Niko, Koth, Niko, Niko, Niko, Lana, Koth, Lana, Lana, Koth, Lana, Koth, Lana, Lizard Man, Lana, Lana, Koth, Lana Banana. It’ll be even worse with the army of hk55 clones coming out soon.

    • CraigMitchell

      Forgot Nexus.

    • Holyfrog

      I believe the lack of comp customization has to do with the cut scenes and the weird things that happened in them in the past. Like hidden headpieces appearing. If all the comps look the same in the cut scenes then there is no chance of things like that happening. Less stress on the server maybe?

  • Batnor

    Not that excited

  • Nyethux

    Are you sure that Frostcrest Devourer mount is bronze? It certainly seems like it’s gonna be the Gold animal mount for next pack, which is a shame cause I’d love to get my hands on a couple of devourers without expending a fortune…

    • Лев Сафаров

      Im not sure i understand.

  • Ben Lazarus

    Are these packs out today?

    • Lazerah

      Nope, or at least not yet.

      • Ben Lazarus

        ok thanks, thought they were due today was all.

        • Abraham Gozali

          I thought so as well… Was really excited to get some of the armor sets…

          • Lazerah

            Yeah I was sat around waiting but nothing. There are a lot of rumours that it’s been pushed back to coincide with the release of chapter 10, although I’ve seen no source on this so I hope it’s wrong.

            • Monoracle

              I noticed the name of this pack has completely been removed from the Collections screen. I’m guessing they don’t want it competing with the Grand packs and we won’t see it until those are back in embargo at the earliest.

  • Sabretooth


  • Anne Marie Sneisen
    • Lasse David Sand Østergaard

      My thoughts exactly!

    • So you assume gonk droids 3 thousands years earlier looked exactly the same?

      • Лев Сафаров

        That one on pictures in game calls power bank droid or something.

      • Anne Marie Sneisen

        There are already Gonk Droids in the damn game :p I’ve got one as a damn pet.

      • Anne Marie Sneisen

        And if you don’t believe me :p I can fucking share a screenie 😀

    • Christopher Carlsen

      A moron trying to call others morons? Interesting.

      • Anne Marie Sneisen

        That’s like some five year old tier insulting you’ve got going there :p

  • Cpt.Healy SWTOR

    Yawn hurry up and release this set already, god dam bioware 😛

  • Kaelin

    I was hoping to see it that week….

  • Any chance to get normal emotes? for RP example…. Like : keeping your hands on the back ,
    able to attention, meditation and emanation of the dark side of force, polite farewell, fix already emote “chair” which one is given random ….

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