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GW2 Guild Chat Winter 2016 Update Preview Livestream Notes

GW2 Guild Chat Winter 2016 Update preview livestream notes. This livestream will go over the things we can expect with Jan 26 patch.

Things Arenanet is working on

  • Deposit/compact bags button too close. Anet realized this was an issue when a streamer complained about it. They are working on a solution. Not coming next Tuesday but coming soon (still need to test it).
  • Guild decoration costs/scribing costs too expensive. Working to reduce it. Not coming Tuesday either since it is a big change.

Gliding in Tyria

  • No gliding in PvP. That is not happening but you can glide in Heart of the Mists. WvW is also out (they wanted to keep it an equal opportunity zone for players without HoT) . Some jumping puzzles are also blocked off but they are not too worried about them since mesmer portal tricks exist. Story instances and dungeons are also not glideable (tend to break events since there are “trip wires” on the ground to trigger events).
  • They wanted to ship client side glider deployment with HoT but it wasn’t ready at the moment. Didn’t realize at the time how big an issue lag was affecting gliding.
  • Gliding while at top of the mushroom jump is no longer possible due to this client side fix but they are looking to fix fights where this was needed.


WvW Updates

  • Gliding: Team did look into gliding. Be cool you can glide so you can have bombing runs and flak cannons. It sounded super amazing but right now we need to focus on core issues in WvW. Gliding causes a fundamental shift in WvW gameplay and we don’t want to do that right now. We have lots on our plate right now.
  • Team has been busy doing bug fixes and balances to WvW.
  • Autoupgrades: Players felt they lost of play due to this since upgrades were building automatically and dolyaks only speed it up. We are getting rid of automatic component of that. Players can now stop upgrading by killing the dolyak caravans.
  • Points: Players who are more into skirmishing are not getting points. They need to be rewarded for their contribution. They will get points for kills and stomps equally.  In a 3 way fight, both teams who tagged the player will get points.
  • Rally cap reduced from 5 to 1. It will be the closest person to you. You can no longer rez players who have been defeated (dead) if you are in combat.
  • Reducing the supply cost required to build all type of catapults. Reducing the supply across the board by 10.
  • Items sold by Heroic Notary vendor no longer requires Badges of Honor. It was sucking Badges out too fast. We want you to gain skill points without wasting badges.
  • Bugfixes: Walls in EB will no longer enter a state where they cannot be damaged. There will no longer be flicking/phantom walls in desert borderlands. Making an adjustment to Desert Oasis event. Reducing the amount of power cores you need from 20 to 12.
  • Doing some work to reduce the lag.
  • Airship defense damage reduced by 33%. It felt a little too powerful.
  • Guild Banners – Defiance bar regeneration reduced. Refill time taken down from 15s to 3s so there is less CC immunity during the refill time. Not allowing profession skills like Mesmer’s Continium Shift to affect them. Lots of nerfs to their skills.
  • Turtle Banner
    • Shell Shock radius reduced from 360 to 300.
    • Shelter duration reduced from 8s to 6s. Max targets reduced from 20 to 10.
    • Saved by the Shell duration reduced from 4s to 3s.
    • Shellwall duration reduced from 10s to 8s.
    • Bombshell protection/stability duration reduced from 20s to 15s. Radius reduced from 600 to 450.
  • Dragon Banner
    • Dragon’s Might on Dragon banner had a bug where it hit a player twice when they stand across the regions.
    • Dragon’s Blast – damage reduced by 40%.
    • Dragon’s Wings will no longer do damage
    • Dragon’s Breath duration reduced from 15s to 10s. Damage reduced by 40%. Distance reduced from 2000 to 1800.
  • Centaur
    • Stampede of Arrow – damage reduced by 20%.
    • Spiked Barricade: Duration reduced from 20s to 10s. Immobilize duration reduced from 5s to 3s. You can now use the skill while moving.

Enhanced Squad UI

  • Lieutenant: Commander are micromanaging too much. Lieutenants have special icons and can also place markers like the commander. New chat filter for markers. Lieutenants can kick players from squad but can also be demoted by the commander.
  • 8 different markers are available. Markers have a 2000 unit range. Markers designed with color blind people in mind. You can place markers on objects as well, like yourself. Markers can be placed with keybinds.


  • Added an option to show all commander tags.

Tybalt Stronghold Champion

  • After Tybalt died, we brought him in and took care of him. We fed him and clothed him in armor made from Orrian skins. He became an apple farmer until we called him in to repay the favor.
  • Tybalt is the first ranged Mist champion and has some skills
    • Warcry when you summon him: Drop apples on his allies. You will clear conditions and gain some resistance when you pick up these apples.
    • Pulse resistance and drop apples around him as a passive ability. If you want Tybalt to get resistance himself, stand next to him so he drops apples on himself.
    • Lord room skill: Drop bad apples on enemy heads. Stunning enemies and poison them over time. 900 range and 60s CD.
  • To unlock him, you will need to unlock the reward track for him you can unlock for 15g. There is also a bonus reward track that give you a Mini Tybalt in a steampunk outfit.

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51 replies on “GW2 Guild Chat Winter 2016 Update Preview Livestream Notes”

Yeah, as someone who’s already halfway to 400 it kinda sucks, but the pricing really does need balancing badly. As it is, right now making a simple chair (that you can’t even sit in, mind you) costs more than making an Exotic weapon. And not to mention that raising Scribe to even craft those chairs will set you back almost 200g (just to get to Tier 1).

My personal hope is that they slash the requirements for pigments from 10 to 5 (or maybe even 1) OR eliminate the need for lower-tier pigments when crafting higher dye sets, and reduce the number of Resonating mats needed from 3 to 1, since those are the two biggest bottlenecks in Scribe.

Not sure if this happens already, but it could potentially scale according to the size of your guild, my guild atm has around 80 members, 40 of which are fairly active. We’re not having much of a problem with scribing or collecting gh upgrade stuff because we’re all donating to one person who’s in control of all of it. But it’s enough grinding to create enough of a challenge for it to be interesting, having a one-size-fits-all approach to guilds wouldn’t imo work.

Would you mind clarifying what the issue is here? I’m guessing it’s to do with misclicks on “deposit” when “compact” is meant, but I can’t think of many scenarios in the game when a mistaken “deposit” really hurts (the only one I can think of is when you’re going to charge quartz). Or is it the other way around, with people who don’t want to “compact”?

Sure! Yeah, the issue is accidentally clicking ‘compact’ when depositing mats. It’s pretty easy for your mouse to slide down just enough to cause mayhem with your bag organization if you have things set up in a very particular way. The request is for ‘compact’ to be moved to the bottom of the options since mis-clicking any of the other options isn’t huge issue. Cheers!

“Deposit/compact bags button too close. Anet realized this was an issue when a streamer complained about it.”

Seriously? Aurora Peachy complains about simple bag usage and Anet immediately tries to do something about it? What about all the other things this game actually needs? Great to know Anet has the staff devoted to setting the concerns of notable streamers and pushing back releases and fixes for things that are required to keep people playing the game itself.


Or… the fix to move the two bag commands was a simple one, and the fixes you would want aren’t?

Nah. That can’t be it. ArenaNet just hates you and wants to see you cry.

There’s plenty of simple things they can do. Not once did I mention anything as complex as balance changes for example Thomas. But I continue to cry indeed.

Not to be “that guy”, but I’m pretty sure it was because a female said something. Anet is pretty much along the same lines as Bioware, in their catering to female gamers.

Or you could look at it another way, most of the videos on that channel have 1-2k views, this one has over 20k. If I was a developer I would see that as rather telling.

The worst thing is that they put it like they are listening to the community, but the issue was obvious from the start, it’s just a bad design.

you mean not listening to the community, because..that problem has been complained about for the last 18 months. Of course…not on a popular stream..

In 3-4 years I haven’t felt that was an issue, ever.

But it’s good that they cater to OCD / mentally challenged people too in that aspect and not just regarding pvp balance.

>Didn’t realize at the time how big an issue lag was affecting gliding.

Looks like ANET has two choices here:
– Get an Aus/NZ testing team. One that will tell them when new content doesn’t work with the ping times we get down here. Then listen to this testing team.
– Drive off the Aus/NZ market by making content that doesn’t work with our internet.

No need for any of those. There are actions in the game that are player’s computer bound and that are server bound. Glinding is server bound now, anet is switching it to be user based, problem solved. Any important future feature they’ll just bind to user computer.

Client side processing is vulnerable to hackers. So I’m expecting that, without an Aus/NZ testing team, ANET will repeat what they did with gliding:
– Release it as server side processing.
– See complaints for a few months.
– Then switch it to client side.

Oh and it’s not just gliding that’s the problem, and client side isn’t the only solution. Think of any area of the game where you have a short window of time to hit the right button. For example, dodging a telegraphed attack. The shorter the delay between the telegraphing and you having to hit dodge, the harder that dodge is. Because of our higher pings, we have less time to dodge. If the delay is short enough, we have to press dodge before the start of the telegraph. ANETs options are:
– Get feedback from a team located in Aus/NZ before releasing content.
– The client decides if the attack was dodged or not. Leading to hacked clients that always say they dodged the attack.
– Increase the time players have to hit the dodge button after release. Leading to lots of complaints about ANET dumbing down content because increasing the time to hit dodge does make the content easier. Then convince the Aus/NZ players who wrote off the content to give it another try.

Two things. First off, TYBALT!!

Second off, I wonder if they could introduce some sort of gliding puzzle in the heart of the mists to complete between match loads? Make it a long gliding puzzle with multiple checkpoints and make it that if a match is found (or the player leaves the match queue) the player is sent back to their last checkpoint (so there is no benefit or reason to quit a queue to finish the puzzle). When a match is finished the player can automatically go to the last check point (on that or any other character for the rest of the day) and perhaps require a single pvp match to have been completed to reach the chest at the end of the puzzle. While we all wait about in the “heart of the mists” it wouldl be really cool if once a day pvpers could make a pilgrimage to the actual beating “heart” of the area.

Can someone explain how compact bags is a problem? I get the misclicking part, but if it’s that much of a problem then why not use other types of bags? Am I the only one that uses invisible and crafting bags?
Craftsmen bags do not compact sonwouldnt that be problem solved? I imagine its because people are using free/cheap bags like candy bags.
But I do hope they instead put a quick deposit button next to the gear so I get shortcut and people with the problem never have to touch compact.

The problem is if you do not just add new items into the last available slot but actually rearrange them in some kind of categorization of whatever kind. If you do play like that (for example I use the bag-view and the second bag slot is my empty bag which all my new stuff gets placed into) and you accidentally click on Compact it rearranges your inventory and you have to move all your items back to the position they were before. Luckily it didn’t happen to me for a while but especially when the game released I regularly had to rearrange my bags again because I clicked on that option… Also bag-types do not always help. I have some items in bags which the system would never put there but I have them in that slot for a reason. Using only invisible bags would help I guess but that also disables the deposit ability.

It’s really just a little annoying and not game-breaking but you have to wonder why Arenanet thought it would be a good idea to place a button that rearranges your items in some for you uncontrollable way right next to a button everybody is going to use like hundreds of times a day. (It’s also a bit weird that they had to watch a rant of a streamer after 3 years to realize it is a problem some people do actually encounter.)

The Problem is that, for some reason, they decided to hide functionality like Compact and Deposit All Materials among Display Options like Hide Bags and Borders for Rarity in a Half-Assed Drop Down List, which basically encourages missclicks.

They should have just made it 2 Extra Buttons from the start. Preferably not right next to each other for obvious reasons.

But I want to know why that is a problem. There are a lot of bags that do not sort when compact is hit. But I realized that backpack is effected still but can’t you move the backpack or remove it?

There is no problem and Anet is reacting to some kitten streamer who ranted about it some quality of life thing that only bothers a small portion of the community

….nevermind that invisible/crafting bags present their own problems (like not being able to sell from them ) and that players actually like stuff in their inventory to stay where it is ( so say one does not have to look around for a a specific type of food ).
The Drop down menu is basically very bad design, Minor miracle they are finally fixing it..

fixing something that is flawed and shouldnt even have made it into the live game, that is. if only they had that Q&A Department they always claim to have…oh…

pretty much this. It was a bad design decision and shouldn’t ever have been like that considering how heavily used at least one other option (right next to it) is.

And invisible bags could go at the bottom or be filled with your stuff so items don’t go in. Or have items you use all.the time at the top anyway.

I can only repeat myself. It’s more of an annoyance than an actual problem.

You ask why? Because it is annoying. What else is there to say about it?

Sure there are “a lot of bags” but not everybody can craft/buy them. I don’t have that problem but I bet there are many people who do not have the gold to craft the better bags. So they take the ones which are easy to attain.

The problem is the two options are too damn close to one another. Finally they’re gonna fix that little annoyance.

come on, am I the only one that never, ever misclicked this button? I have several bags that do not compact at all, but using compact button only when I want to sort stuff

The compact function does not work properly. Have you ever had multiple stacks of the same item in your inventory? When you sort them they tend to do weird things like the order of operation is incorrect. They will compact leaving empty spaces so that you have to hit the compact button again. Hitting the compact button should compact stacks first then compact items to the top of the storage second but this seems to be reversed.

Also When I have stacks in my invisible bags and similar partial stacks outside of my invisible bags this always seems to screw up the compact feature. It will pull from my full stack in the invisible bag to add to my partial stack in my regular bags. The compact feature is not supposed to work in this fashion and therefore is broken. It needs to be fixed!

The deposit button should be totally separate and not in the gear icon drop down menu.
We all use it very very often, so why be 2 clicks? It should be one! OMG I am lazy!

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