SWTOR Eternal Championship Arena Details

Bioware has released a big list of details regarding the Eternal Championship Arena coming with Chapter XI.

Gear Rewards from Eternal Championship | 01.22.2016, 08:46 PM

Hi everyone,

I’d like to share some additional details on the Eternal Championship with you. This will touch on several topics as follow:

  1. What is the story behind the Eternal Championship?
    • The Eternal Championship is the latest trend in entertainment among Zakuul’s decadent upper class, who happily “tour” the lower levels of their capital to watch their social underlings engage in brutal death matches for fortune and glory.
    • More details regarding the backstory will be revealed next week in the Developer Live Stream with Charles Boyd!
    • Leading up to the launch of Game Update 4.2, we’ll also post a Developer Blog about the Eternal Championship.
  2. How does the Eternal Championship work?
    • You start the Eternal Championship by picking up an access Mission, similar to a Flashpoint. You begin at Round 1, and then attempt to complete as many rounds as you can. Completing each round will grant you a certain number of Common Data Crystals. After every round, you check-in to decide whether you want to continue or cash out. The total number of Common Data Crystals you obtain depends on how many rounds you complete.
    • You can repeat the Eternal Championship as many times as you wish by picking up the access Mission again.
    • There are 3 weekly Missions to defeat Boss 5, Boss 7, and Boss 10 respectively. Completing each of these will grant you rewards, which will be explained later on.
  3. Composition of the fights for each round.
    • Each round consists of a single fight with a boss encounter. In most cases, they will involve adds.
    • For Rounds 1-5, they involve a single major mechanic in addition to other combat abilities. These rounds are catered towards players that have just finished Chapters 1-9, and are intended to guide you towards more complex fights. This could involve defeating mobs in a specific order, stepping out of AoE indicators, managing multiple mobs at once, interrupting abilities, etc. As you get further in the rounds, you might see a combination of these at the same time. The goal is to show these mechanics, rather than punish you for failing to deal with them. You will see the impact and cause the fight to take longer, but you won’t be one-shotted because of it.
    • Once you step into Round 6 and continue on to Round 10, unsuccessfully dealing with these mechanics has a more significant impact. Because the Eternal Championship is being catered to a wider audience, we have to strike a balance between being challenging versus frustrating. Hardcore raiders with full 224 gear will most likely not have too much trouble beating these fights, but hopefully they’re interesting enough that the consensus is that they’re cool to play through.
    • There were multiple posts asking if these fights will be tuned for each class, or even change depending on what class you play. The answer is that it’ll be the same for each class, but we’re aiming to balance it so that all classes will be able to get past it. Some will undoubtedly be easier than others, but we’re trying our best to make sure that it’s not too frustrating for the others.
  4. Gear drops for the Weekly Missions.
    • As mentioned in an earlier post, the Eternal Championship is intended for players to have an alternate way to gear up to a higher tier of gear other than grouping up for a Flashpoint or Operation. I’ve seen several posts about gear suggestions, and here’s our current plan based on the input we’ve seen so far.
      • Weekly 1 for defeating Boss 5: Rewards choice of 204 rating static gear.
        Why: The first 5 rounds are intended for players coming straight from the chapters, and as such rewards you with gear that is higher rating than what you’ve been getting so far (190).
      • Weekly 2 for defeating Boss 7: Rewards an “Arena Token” that can be exchanged for a choice of 208 rating static gear.
        Why: Rounds 6-7 are catered towards players working towards Tactical Flashpoints, and as such rewards you equivalent rating gear from completing those.
      • Weekly 3 for defeating Boss 10: Rewards multiple “Arena Tokens” that can be exchanged for a choice of 216 rating static gear.
        Why: Rounds 8-10 are catered towards players working towards HM Flashpoints and SM Ops, and as such rewards you equivalent rating gear from completing those.
    • What exactly is static gear? They’re gear pieces that have pre-determined stats that cannot be changed. The other type of gear is moddable gear, which have modifications that can be swapped out to change the stats and get the best build possible for the player’s respective class/discipline. Moddable gear can be purchased using Data Crystals from the vendors found on the Fleet and Odessen.
    • Now some of you might be thinking “Why reward static gear?” The main purpose is to help solo players gear up, not necessarily be the most optimized stat-wise. Getting an upgrade would generally help improve the player’s damage/defense/healing output, but not necessarily hit the best combination of numbers/stat modifiers. Also, we didn’t want to diminish the moddable gear that you can get from the Data Crystal vendors. Again, the intent is to allow players to gain higher tiers of gear over a period of time. Grouping up for a Flashpoint or Operation will gear you up faster, but we didn’t want to limit players who don’t frequently group from getting the gear altogether.
    • We are introducing a new “Arena Token” (final name TBD) that can be exchanged for 208 or 216 rating static gear from a vendor. Completing Round 10 will give you enough tokens to get a 216 piece off the bat. If you’re only able to clear Round 7, you can get a 208 piece or save up to get a 216 piece. The tokens are Bound to Legacy, so you can trade them to your alts if desired/needed.
    • The 3 weeklies also reward you with Common and Glowing Data Crystals. So for players who are so inclined to delve into modifications and change the stats for your gear, you have the option of getting the moddable gear from the Data Crystal vendors once you’ve saved up enough.
    • Gear with set bonuses are still reserved for Operations. Those are unique to that content and will remain as such.


  5. Other than Data Crystals and Gear, what else can you get from doing the Eternal Championship?

    • Boss 7 has a chance to drop a new minipet.
    • Boss 10 has a chance to drop a new mount.
    • New achievements and titles.
    • If you have any ideas for achievements or titles, definitely share those. I saw one particular post about giving unique titles for each class that completes Round 10, which is great! We’ll be looking into it.

I hope that this gives you a better idea of what the Eternal Championship is all about. Definitely appreciate all the feedback on gear ratings and difficulty. If you see anything that you have suggestions on or have an alternate opinion about, please share it.
Thanks everyone!

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I’m actually quite pleased with the balance they’ve struck. Boiware is kinda infamous for mismanagement, but this solidly looks like a good idea. It gives newer players introductions to thing like interrupts and kill order, gives rewards that will make them more able to complete ops, and doesn’t trivialize the harder to acquire gear.

Depends on what they’re aiming for..
If it was to teach new players basic mechanics? Well done BW (hopefully..)
If it was -like they’ve been saying a lot- to challenge every lvl of player? They failed badly, really, really badly

Unfortunately for me, static gear just doesn’t really appeal. I’ve already paid to augment my moddable stuff and don’t have a lot of interest in stuff that’s just going to need to be replaced when they “raise” the level cap again. It’d be note if the tokens could also be used on stat-free Legacy gear like the Remnant stuff from the crates, so I can design looks like for my alts.

Anyone else notice they also nerfed our cartel coin grant?
I usually get 600. Thats 100 for security key and 500 for sub.
The email says they granted 525 total this month.

I’ve bug connected to achivments – I reached 20 lvl influence with 4 alliance commanders, picked up reward from commander datapad and gained all 4 achiv for each commander and 1 for all of them. But when i log in next day i lost those achivments – only Dr. Oggurobb remained.
Anyone else experienced something like this too?

Well, why they want to train “new players” to complex encounters ? U need the ability to play them just in Operations, mostly HM and NiM operations. And BW showed often enuogh that rading content isnt a priority for them.

Gear rewards are strange. Thx to Lvl Sync u dont need real gear in most cases. in sm ur bolstered due to gf, there are no dalies or something for lvl 65…if u dont wanna raid hm+ operations, there is no real need fpr gear.

well there is no lvl sync on zakuul and this eternal championship thingie takes place on zakuul
so all players will have their full power ready for this

It seems like Bioware are rebuilding the “leveling process” with Kotfe. It starts out with starter-planet difficultiy for the first chapters, this stuff is supposed to get people ready for some group stuff, the hopeful part is the whole thing does seem to build towards getting the Kotfe-generation ready for operations…

Lame! We need new ops not a bunch of BS for new players. Tired of raiding the some old ops! BW you are gonna lose your operations fan base.

Can’t wait to see the guy in full 216 static, unaugmented gear looking to get into HM ops saying “look at my gear, I got ready for HM real quick using EC”:)

I meant a full group on 208 geared people 😉
you can soloheal EV HM without much trouble, if you know your class (it’s even doable to 5man EV HM, though you do need decent gear for that)
fleet pugs just love to ask for stupid high gear.. (even seen someone ask for augmented 216gear + know tactics for ev !SM! xD)

Yeah, I would agree with people with a good knowledge of their class could probably do it in 208 gear. However, I would disagree with the fact that you could 5 man EV HM, because of the Infernal Council fight, and you would probably hit enrage on Soa.

You don’t have to agree with 5man.. it has been done.. 🙂
I did it with a few friends, was very a fun challenge
You can kill 2 council members (only start on the 2nd when first is dead) and soa enrage is very easy to survive
It’s actually the first boss that’s hard, with 3dps each has to do about 5.4k dps, if it enrages you die within seconds

You would have to be very careful with your choice of classes then. Tank wouldn’t matter too much but the heals/DPS could not be on any class desired.

The healer can be any class, but the player has to know the class
For the dps, only the first boss really matters, gunslingers are best (60% aoe dmg reduction is insanely awesome)
Ranged are preferable, but as long as you can do enough dps, any class works (think any class can potentialy do 5.4k dps, but it really depends on the player ofc)
For the pylons it’s nice to have an ofheal dps, but we managed to do it with a guardian and sent dps
If you have a few skilled friends you should really try it next time it’s prio ops, haven’t had as much fun doing ev in ages ^^

It is cool that they have some relatively non-brain dead content, but what was really interesting is the non-gear reward, which was not disclosed. The back ground story seems like typical BS that we expect from BW,

Overall, poor.

Ok so now all the big time hardcore raiders with large e-penises can stop complaining about people being able to perhaps get the same or slightly worse gear than them, by completing solo missions. As if there was ever a rule to say that doing group content should reward you more than doing solo content. Everyone is happy.

It’s a shame the gear won’t be modable, personally I don’t think I will prefer doing 10 rounds of solo content with perhaps some challenging fights when I can get better gear with just one group finder story mode operation, which so many people complete literally by just standing somewhere inside the phase now with bolster and all.

We’re not saying you can’t have the same gear. We’re saying if you use the same gear as we do, then WTH do you suck so much at tanking, healing, or dealing damage. And solo content still doesn’t “need” any of these top tier gear pieces or stats. You don’t even need that for most SM raids. We have players in the guild raiding with <60 toons and they're not half as bad as some PUG 65s with super duper ops gear…

Not sure why you use the second person. I do ops every time I login, both at SM and HM (not a NiM raider, and not interested either). I could care less if anyone in this game is able to acquire a good set of 216 gear.

Anyone between levels 50-65 can raid, since ALL SM ops have a bolster mechanic… so that doesn’t tell me anything about the ability of these players. Regardless of that, if you can’t filter out pug players that are just not up to par, then that is your fault… it’s really not that hard. You can always check their achievements and if they have a 12% completion on operations, then obviously they shouldn’t be in your group even if they somehow have a a full set of 220 gear.

Why should a 12% completion say you’re bad?
I’ve seen a few amazing players, who joined us on their first ops ever, he asked about tactics, listened, and gave it his best

How is someone even supposed to join ops if he gets kicked for not having done it before (you were once the same, there was a time when you entered your first ops ever.. what would you prefer, a guy who’s trying to help you, or an instant kick with optional msg saying “u r nub”?)

I personally don’t ever kick players, nor do I feel the need to tell them they’re noobs, it’s just a game. Sometimes it can be aggravating if you can’t complete even the most simple bosses in SM because of a really bad pug group, but other than that, I would rather have people actually trying to teach other players how to do it, than kicking them from the op groups. Sadly, the majority of players does not have the patience or the time for this, and they just want to get it done.

LOL, the first bullet under number one makes this sound like some Hunger Games/Roman Gladiator/SWTOR mashup. Should be interesting to see how this pans out.

Ya for more solo content because that is what the game needs more of… I want new ops not new boring solo content…

Well the rewards are fucking stupid . More classes get nerf for the sake of balance.Another fuck up bioware . Well done.

I bet they’ll have some more Zakuul decorations as rewards. They have a lot of unusual furniture, npcs, and such of the Eternal Empire that haven’t been released yet, and it would be an obvious choice.

Your kidding right? after finishing chapter nine you’ll have enough crystals to get a nearly complete 208 gear set, and if your talking about the 216 piece that’s only once a week so in 12 weeks or in other words 3 months you’ll have a complete 216 set. 3 more chapters will have been released by then probably offering better gear by that time. I never wanted ops quality gear but this is laughable to say the least and it still won’t give me hilts or barrels for the weapons I bought off their cartel market.

Reading through this, I have to wonder if the devs actually play the game. Why the heck would they reward 204 or 208 gear?

Unless you’re frivolously wasting tokens on mods as you level, you should be nearly capped on common data crystals by the time you reach level 65, which means you can buy nearly a complete set of 208 armor right off the bat. And common data crystals are plentiful from myriad weeklies, rep theme parks, and events. So why they’d bother with 204 is beyond me, and making the mid-tier reward 208 gear seems, at best, redundant.

The only plus here is the improved access to 216 gear, but even that’s underwhelming since you’re going to be getting a steady stream of glowing crystals from doing weekly heroics. And that’s it – no exarch gear, and then they have the gall to tell us that even the best solo players who can complete their ‘test of skill’ aren’t worthy of the same gear as those who are willing to play the raiding game.

Its true, I sort of hoped they would create a new set bonus 208 gearset, sort of like the old Tionese gear way back when. Ops training wheels mode gear. It might reduce the amount of bads showing up in full 204 pvp gear because “It has set bonus, its better!”.

It would be neat to see the vendor for this arena have some vanity and furniture items too, give that hampster wheel some habitrail attachments to keep us busy while we wait for the next one.

Thats ironic, was in a wz tonight and saw a guy being moaned at as he was wearing his pve gear in pvp…. he simply said I dont care about not having expertise, of course he was slaughtered and his contribution was as expected…. Oh and tonight I did hm S&V in my min/maxed 208 pvp gear…..

Perfect rewards. Better gear comes from operations. The ERPers can now get something while they’re fucking each other on daily missions.

BW knows it’s players

I like it, although I do agree that rewarding 204 gear is a little.. redundant, from a story progression it is understandable, but from actually playing it, I think most people go right to 208+ gear after ch. 9. I do like that they dont step on toes of the ops people with the gear, so thats good. I hope good mounts and deco, as rewards. Should be fun, I just hope it doesnt become a silly grind like star fortress. I mean really why doesnt star fortress reward one of those commander pack thingys, but I digress.

hmm then ill need to do some double checking to make sure 😛

(stupid fortresses tend to take over an hour with trying to get some archievements while doing it alone:P )

Not sure how the Outlander is supposed to participate in this “televised event” since (s)he is supposed to be wanted by the emperor.

Sssshhhhhh you. Logic is a dirty word at Bioware!! :p

On a more serious note, it is amazing how hard Bioware is going for casuals while not giving a fuck for long time players. What’s next? A new option that will let scrub casuals finish objectives by just accepting the objective and getting rewarded for it?

I cannot see this rip off from WOW being any challenge for seasoned players based on the info listed by the dev. This game truly has gone to shit with it’s never ending easy modes

not like it was hard before, it had a small challenge but not unbeatable nowadays you cant lose even if you tried your very best lol

True enough. The op 4.0 companions made it near impossible to die for anyone with a sliver of swtor skill and yet there are people still asking for help to do star fortress despite how easy it is to solo in heroic mode with the op companions.

At some point Bioware needs to accept that you can’ t help truly shit players who don’t want to learn the mechanics regardless how easy you make it or how much Bioware holds their hand. This constant training wheels approach Bioware is taking in a desperate bid for casuals is killing the game even quicker leaving the rest of us with a kindergarden single player mmo. :'(

As a casual I find the rewards bad.

Its not good enough to let casuals do group content. If it was moddable 208 with set bonus, maybe.

It says nothing about it being “televised”. The upper class are going to the lower levels to watch this. Think cock or dog fights. I know reading is hard.

And that is different how? If the upper class can go watch it, I’m pretty sure the emperor can find it. Besides, I put quotation marks around televised because the post didn’t say anything about it being televised. Thanks for being kind of a douche though.

How do cock fights and dog fights go on without Obama finding them? How do people get in fights at bars and Obama doesn’t know about it? The Emperor can’t find every fight in every slum. He’s not omnipotent.

1 thing that has me bugged a bit, this eternal championship in which we get bowdaar, how will bioware handle this for smugglers as bowdaar was the original comp of that class
will smugglers get to skip this to get bowdaar right away like other classes can do with their respective comps or will players who play smugglers be forced to do this?

i will not be happy if my smuggler has to do this in order to get his awesome bro for life bowdaar back.

Hardcore raiders with full 224 gear will most likely not have too much trouble beating these fights.” Whelp, there goes any challenge for anyone, considering how easy it is to get full 224 these days.

As someone that has all my gear in legacy outfits that I transfer between characters at will with about 8 full set bonuses done this seems very… underwhelming.

Static 204 gear is, in a word, useless. Hell even the static 208 and 216 stuff is useless. It’s useless for people that just finished leveling to 65. It’s useless for raiders that have better gear. It’s useless for people that do HM flashpoints or PVP players. They all get better gear. You can’t say this is something for players that just finished Chapter 9 when this is coming out with Chapter 11. It makes no logical sense in a design perspective. Even new players won’t do this with that method of thinking. They’ll do Chapter 9, 10, then move straight on to 11. If they know what they’re doing they’ll save coms, get 208 gear, and immediately do operations/flashpoints to gear up because the rewards are better.

There’s no point to it. This is, yet again, another thing that you grind out for maybe 1 month in this game. You get all the achievements, titles, pets, etc. and never touch it again.

I get that they want to keep operations viable since they’ve all but abandoned them, and they should keep the highest gear tiers and rewards behind that wall. But there has to be a better way to do this with rewards that make sense and matter in the grand scope of the game. Even boxes filled up with companion gifts would be a better reward than this tripe. At least those things have actual use over dogshit armor that you end up vendoring for 2k credits.

I see that they have caved fully to the gear snobs.

That gear reward is horrible, no set bonus is one thing but this is worse than I ever expected. static gear is useless garbage that should be removed from the game altogether, I dont even pick up the useless schems for it when i level a new crafter. Do they actually expect people to augment this “use once and destroy” crap gear? Just give us stuff we can pull the mods from please.

So for me the gear reward for this will be shit that I will just vendor. thanks alot, I guess I will be doing this once per toon for Bowdaar and that’s it. Please at least tell me we will be able to buy 216 ear/implant/relics with those tokens that aren’t super endurance hevy or missing the option to buy seren assault or focused retribution relics. This thing is 2 months from being born and they already turned it to shit.

Do they really expect this to help new players by letting them step into operations and hard mode flashpoints for the first time wearing this embarrassing garbage? Wearing this crap is going to be like having a great big “noob” tramp stamp.

I was also expecting the top-tier gear rewards to better. Most people I know are already fully decked out in 216 gear, and they only do heroics and the odd tactical. Does seem they’ve fallen short on that one.

Makes me think of WoW’s “Brawler’s Guild” which I disliked immensely. If it plays like “Brawler’s Guild” I probably won’t get Bowdarr on any character except my Smuggler (assuming he’s a gimme for the class)

Considering all classes can get their original companions without doing their full recruitment mission, I’d bet Bowdaar is the same

BW is saying that about the chapter 1-9 grind already anyway
I doubt anyone could do the same story for 20 times and still have fun doing it.. heck, I gave up after my 2nd toon xD

“didn’t want to diminish the moddable gear that you can get from the Data Crystal vendors”

Because as we all know that gear is sooooooooooooo good.

So it sounds to me like if I don’t like the pet or mount I won’t be doing this after my first play through… ever again.

What happened to the let’s make something that even well geared players will want to come back and play through for the weekly? TBH at this point the only good data crystals are to me are for decos or gearing new characters that I don’t really care to gear anyway. Would have liked to see boss 10 reward like a 220-224 “static” piece which obviously wouldnt be optimized, but at least would be considerable for me to where. Or why not dish out 220-224 mod tokens?

Seems they’re working their way up training new people in mechanics and such. In future chapters there may be more things oriented towards HM/NiM raiders.

Wishful thinking perhaps, but just seems that way.

Super duper raider e-peen contest, GO! Which one of you can whine hardest? You’ll get a 228 set of gear with the following stat bonuses!
2 piece: Being extra annoying and insultive to anybody who can’t do Nightmare ops for 10 hours a day.
4 piece: Additional whining power when complaining about “BUT YOU CANT GIVE THEM GEAR I HAS!!!!one!!1!”
6 piece: Automated clapping sound whenever you claim you don’t want any noobs even if they are willing to try the boring grind you like so much.

I just like to return the favour to all those hardcores who bash people who have a life.

I’m not jealous because there is nothing “in it” for raids. You raid so you can do harder raids? I don’t see the point.
I mean I would totally be super hyper jealous if the raid gear looked good and there was no other way to get it, but so far BW’s track record is bad and goofy, with the okey and good ones being on the Cartel Market.

Guys like u invented “those” hardcore raiders. Real hardcore raiders want only new challenges and be properly rewarded. I mean if u are a cashier(sm ops guy) u are not intended to get the same salary( gear) like CEO of some company. A cashier didn’t put as much effort to get his “skills” like CEO. CEO had to complete some high school, get some expierence and thanks to that he can earn more money and get better stuff for himself.

I think what u want is like : “I’m a cashier and want the same salary as my boss ! Or else i quit working ! “(No i don’t think that working=playing). Hardcore raiders should be pissed of if bioware give players who didn’t put as much effort, heart and skill to get good items as guys who just queue in gf for sm ops or playing solo to get the same gear.

Really? Guy makes a valid point, you counter by attacking his spelling? Shows how strong your argument is…

That’s not a valid point, That’s nonsensical off-topic sociopolitical rambling from somebody that isn’t nearly as informed as he thinks he is. Aside from the fact that comparing real world careers to -ways people play a videogame- is a pretty facile argument, people have options in careers. CEOs aren’t the only people who have successful careers and high pay. If you want to be successful, but you don’t like corperate culture or the nature of the work, you can become a doctor, or an engineer, or even a recording artist.

Suggesting that there should be other ways to get high-end gear, possibly appropriate to different playstyles, is not the same thing as suggesting that they should just give high level gear to anybody that wants it regardless of skill.

“not the same thing as suggesting that they should just give high level gear to anybody that wants it regardless of skill.”

That’s exactly what would happen though. The Eternal Championship will be a breeze, just like everything else is, and then everybody would be walking around in unearned raid gear.

I really don’t get the ‘hardcore nim raiders’.. I couldn’t care less if everyone has 224 gear just for doing sm ops.. or even a solo thing like EC
you shouldn’t be playing to get gear, it’s a useless and stupid thing to do (gear is trivial in a few months anyway), play to have fun and kill a challenging boss 🙂
I don’t know why it’s so hard for some people to take a more relaxed attitude to raiding, it’s a game.. it’s for fun..
this is actually the same reasoning that stops most raiders from doing nim content these days.. “hm ops give better loot, why do nim?”

could be because I’m from a pvp background that I take a ‘meh, whatever’ stance to gear, but I think many raiders can benefit from the same mindset

I don’t disagree, but folks like what they like I guess. Each to their own as they say.

You’re making unwarranted assumptions about the difficulty of hypothetical end-game solo content. IF the devs were going to make it possible to get end-game gear in solo content, then the balance of the difficulty of that content (and the rate of getting the gear) would be part of the design process. Ideally, solo endgame content should be comparably challenging to group endgame content, and should net gear at a slower rate, making it possible to gear up if you don’t want to do large groups, but still giving incentive to people to -do- end game raid content.

You may not think BW would -do- that effectively if they went down that road, but that has nothing to do with what Emprah was or wasn’t actually asking for.

Looking back through his comments above, it doesn’t look like he was asking for anything so much as slating raiders, and following that up by calling a guy out on his spelling rather than actually offering a valid counter-argument.

As for being unwarranted… how? BW have been consistently bad at getting things right first time, usually with months of tweaking AFTER content is released. Expecting them to get things wrong and hand out top-tier gear for something that’s far easier than it should be for several weeks or months before it’s finally made tougher is perfectly warranted based purely on their past performance from launch till now.

I’d be thrilled if they could make genuinely challenging solo content. I used to pride myself on soloing group content through clever tactics in SWG, so it’s right up my street and I’d be completely on board with the idea. They just won’t do it, because they aren’t catering to people who want a real challenge anymore.

At best, we might have to pay attention during the last round of the Eternal Championship.

His point is the exact opposite of valid, and he actually mentions it himself. Playing is not working.

You have to work for the gear through playing. It’s not easy; at times, it’s incredibly frustrating and more like work than fun. It’s a valid complaint. Let’s try to avoid pretending it isn’t by being childishly pedantic, shall we?

Just because you’re not a top tier raider doesn’t mean top tier raiders don’t have cause for concern that the time and effort they put in is going to be undermined by casual players being handed an easier (because let’s face it, no solo content is going to be on par with top tier ops) alternative to get the same rewards. I’d love to for them to hand out raid gear for the final challenge of this thing, but I know that would hardly be fair to those who actually earned it.

Try to remember this is still an MMO.

<— don't raid at all, by the way, so this doesn't even affect me.

A CEO’s reward is dependent only of success, you don’t have a group of CEOs doing a job together and then one randomly gets a reward or a master CEO decides who gets the reward or just keeps it for himself.

Wow, someone is jealous of those capable of clearing NiM content. Also, most of the people wanting new ops are angry at BW, not the noobs.

I think Bioware missed a trick with the Eternal Championship. This was their chance to introduce an endless dungeon style mode where you can keep going and the challenges gets harder over time. It would have given enough challenge for solo players (complete to round 10) and raiders could also challenge themselves in solo mode and attempt to achieve round 20-100. Maybe even start dropping MK-2 moddable gear around round 20 or 30?

I know I personally would have loved a mode like this where I can challenge myself and try to get to round 100 🙂

Yup, that would’ve been cool ^^
Instead of something which is aimed to be as easy as sm ops, for weak specs.. and that’s the highest challenge lvl

Pff, pve didn’t get anything for a few months already, you pvp’ers shouldn’t whine, you got something a year or two ago.. ow wait ;p

So.. no challenge for someone who likes raiding? Meh
do I remember right that the gear from this looks like some of the old cool looking gearsets? Because that’ll be the only reason for most people to do it (apart from comp gift farm, and mount hunt I guess..)

I’ve HAD some interest in the Arena. Lost it completely.

Easy add-on to a game oversimplified already. At least last boss should be very challenging. But it won’t be. No point trying.

To be honest, I never expected they’d tune it to a level where serious raiders would run into trouble, because then 95% of people wouldn’t be able to complete it at all. I think their tuning target actually makes sense, having the last rounds at a level where they start getting you ready for ops. Leave the hard content to group stuff.
I get at least a sparkle of hope from the fact that they consider getting people ready for ops something that matters, at least they haven’t forgotten that ops exist, and one day more may come.

“because then 95% of people wouldn’t be able to complete it at all”

Heaven forbid we actually get a single piece of solo content that isn’t watered down for the instant gratification crowd o_o

I know, and I would like a new challenge too, but I never expected this to be it. Let’s face it, 95% of the people do pay 95% of the bills, we’re a minority. Still, I’m hoping this gradual building up of skill they’re doing is because they do intend to roll out new HM ops and other harder stuff. Naive I know, but you gotta have hope…

I was hopeful for a challenge because they said they wanted to avoid NiM lvl raiders feeling they can just burn through 1-10 in minutes, guess they changed that plan to only being challenging if you don’t have any 208+ gear :/
not very surprising no, but they got my hopes up

Doubt it (but depends on your skill, gear, spec, companion lvl and role ofc)
But I agree it’d be fun to get a neardeath experience again ^^

Outside of ops I honestly don’t think we’re even going to see anything challenging in swtor, except the odd bug making something unintentionally difficult.

Some of the HM flashpoint (bonus) bosses offer a fairly significant challenge as well, now that they’re synced up. Not sure if that’s intentional though…
But I agree non-ops challenges are very rare, a HM eternal championship would be a nice addition for sure.

I miss Lost Island HM. Before it was nerfed it provided a decent challenge. Always dreaded getting that when I joined for a random HM without guildies.

ahh raiders are funny people. they should have the solo content geared to them, but the rewards should not be any good because then those filthy soloists might get compareable gear.

This isn’t geared towards raiders though. So yeah, the gear rewards should not be comparable. Unless they’re trying to kill off operations? I don’t know.

I’ve been pushing for 208 set peice gear myself. valuable to soloists, potentially useful as a side grade to people who run flashpoints. and not worth anything to raiders by itself, but it’d serve to potentially lure people into raids looking to upgrade their armor peices

Look, if the gear doesn’t have any mods, then we won’t me able to transfer the gear we get to our legacy sets nor we’ll augment it. If we can’t transfer it to the legacy sets and we won’t augment it, it’s useless, aside from the looks. But you if you wanna give new gear that looks good, put it on the cartel market and sell it. That’s one point. Another point is that if you decided that the game would not be for raiders anymore, forget about then and focus on everyone else. Give gear with bonus set. Doesn’t have to be top tier, but second to top would be good. Top raiders have left the game, that ship has sailed, it’s time to invest in other kinds of players.

What exactly is the point of only being able to complete round 10 when you’re in 224 gear if the reward for completing it is unoptimized 216 gear? The only was I could ever see myself doing this is if the reward gear looks like old Oriconian and Deceiver gear.

You thought this was to gear people already in 224 gear? also this is mainly for Bowdaar so that’s why you’ll probably do it.

No, my thought was that the people who made the reward system don’t know their own player base, since the majority of people will have good access to moddable comm gear of 208 or 216 quality once they reach level 65 (which is usually before the 9th chapter). So the gear rewards seem inadequate to what will be required in order to complete the rounds (if they say it will be easy for 224, a 216 might still be struggling to make it, but it should be doable in 208 gear in order to make sense for the rewards to be 216). But yes, Bowdaar will be the reason and let’s hope some cosmetic rewards will be nice too.

They are aiming in new players. If a new players will subscribe he will immediately get acces to Kotfe and 1 token for 60 lvl character which don’t have any comms and have “basic: gear for 60 lvl

I think the main objective of EC is to learn new players about OPS mechanics and prepare them for playing group content like FP,OPS. For fully geared guys it will be just an 1 time adventure. Maybe some good looking gear and mounts. Hope they will add some more to it though.

It really doesn’t say that, they’re just mentioning that the “hard” rounds are only “hard” relatively, and not aimed to be hard for endgame raiders. Which seems reasonable, if they made it hard for endgame raiders, they’d make it impossible for most of the player population.

” they’d make it impossible for most of the player population.”
what’s wrong with that? there are enough games with ‘endless horde’ style dungeons, if they increased the amount of encounters to around 30 or 50, where the max would be nearly impossible for min-maxed 224 NiM lvl raiders, with infl 50 companions, I don’t see any problem, as long as they make it clear that the higher you go the harder it gets, and that they assume everyone will die at some point
I think that situation would be much more fun/preferable than this, it’s only a challenge if you’re in gear below ilvl 200, which is a tiny percentage of people these days

I like the idea of different titles and achievements for each class completing round 10, that would give it some extra replay value, doing the rounds with some undergeared alt classes too. All in all this think looks pretty well thought out, I hope they manage to make them some interesting fights, this could be a nice training ground for people starting ops if they include some common operation mechanics.

What alts do you have not in 208 gear already? This is not for gear farming, the 216 piece is only an enticement to get casuals to play this, one piece a week is three months worth of doing this for a full set, in that time three more chapters will have been added making this championship moot. Also if this is chapter 11 that means they expect casuals to still be needing this gear in March, so I’m guessing chapter 10 doesn’t drop gear at all.

Sorry you mentioned doing this in under geared toons I assumed that meant doing it with toons wearing less that what this gives.

Well, I actually might if they give achieves for all classes, some of my republic alts are probably geared in a Columi/Arkanian mix, which should up the challenge a bit. Still would be doing it for the titles/achieves though, not planning on actually using the non-moddable gear.

Titles and achievements??? After what they did in 4.0, I will NEVER care about achievements any more. No point in doing them if these people randomly decide to erase them. Jaesa anyone??? loool

i see they trying to narrow the gap between the old players (“raiders”) and newcomers in therms of knowledge of mechanics, and also making the rewards not overpowered compared to real group contents (fp and op) rewards, but with all this they really should came up with something to motivate players to do it…

Perhaps and additional , much harder 11 to 20 levels with better content? I bet they can add them easily enough.

Yeah, it gives “static” gear, meaning there are no mods or enhancements…
U can only get them with the crystals (from arena), but those are shit…

Easy, this is likely spammable so it pooping out set peice gear/ raid gear . It’d make raiding obsolete, why do a raid when you can spam a thing and get all the gear you need. Raiding community is thin enough as is .
You get where I’m going here with this?

“why do a raid”

Because it’s fun?

I have always had problems with the concept that the only motivation to play the game could be to get better gear.
Better-looking, yes. For any sorts of vanity-stuff, sure. But just for the stats? I don’t get it.

And for what u wanna get set bonus gear? Just for doing weekly? Dude c’mon be serious pls. In general u going to do weekly and nothing more and u wanna get set bonus for that? Really? That would be so unfair to people who’s doing ops… Don’t u think?

back before makeb they gave you the equivilant of a set of 208 set peice bonus gear just for reaching level 50. it didn’t hurt the game at all.

Yes and? Don’t get me wrong but 4.0 expansion is one big piece of shit. Set bonuses are now reward for all who want play in group. IMO giving SB for strike solo players is pointless and it would be so unfair to all people who do ops to get SB. Besides it is really so much effort to do few operations to get it? Not mention u can do it on lvl 50 and collect whole 216 SB gear…

a 208 set bonus would be inferior to a 216 set bonus. thats why I’ve reccomended it. it’d be inferior to what you’d get from the first tier of raiding. but it’d be a nice bonus for people who had no intent to raid

I keep hearing how everyone is using legacy sets.. but where are you getting those?
I mean, I know one set is for doing all SF, and then there are like 4 sets of pilot armor that each of my chars get in mail, and random pieces from Alliances crates. What else? Besides the cartel market, which I ignore. Reputation vendors?

Well, if you get the 4 sets per character from pilot gear that’s pretty much enough, mainhands can be gotten from rakghoul event and offhands can be gotten from Gree(also mainhands again)

Thorn/rakghoul has legacy armor and mainhands. Gree has legacy armor, mainhands and the only legacy offhands. GSI has legacy armor and so does the rep vendor on Oricon. I believe the casino event vendor has legacy armor and mainhands as well if you have certificates still.

If these will reward non-moddable gear with worse stats than what you can get from mod vendors for data crystals, why would anyone do this?! You can just get a ton of crystals from heroics and purchase mods from the vendors.

The “intention” behind this is to get practice, something better than 1-9 kotfe gear, and a companion. If you are doing this thinking “I”M READY FOR OPS GUIS” then you are are a retard.

They need to make it worthwhile for solo players and casuals. Considering people are okay with solo shit, this is what you get. The gear that is equivalent to the targeted audience. They make it on par with operation gear then they are are shitting on the raiders. It is appropriate for people who want to play alone.

sure except if there is nothing to reccomend it over the vender gear it’s worthless to everyone. this BTW is why I had proposed a 208 set with a set peice bonus. it wouldn’t have been better then what you can get in ops (and argueably even flashpoints) but it would have been DIFFERANT

You can get full 216 gear just from doing heroics and upgrading your alliance influence for a few weeks. These rewards are pretty worthless for almost everybody.

I was seriously considering actually doing this a couple times.
Now, I’ll just do it once on my main just to get the companion.

Stop moaning pls. It’s really so hard to do some ops to get better gear? U were able to get full 216 starting on 50lvl. Easy logic… U are too lazy to do GF story mode ops u won’t get SB gear. Guys really? U have gasp of 15 levels do get good gear and u are crying that bad BW don’t wanna give u SB for free? Really?! Wow…

I know you didn’t reply to me, but the guy who replied voiced my opinion.
I have 3 toons geared in full min/maxed 220, 2 in a mix of 220/224, and the rest have at least 4 piece 216 set bonus. I therefore have no desire to do something like this for static gear that does not provide mods or enhancements.

I’m not sure I get his point anyway, we can get a full 216 set easily by level 65 so clearly the rewards are fine?

My initial point is that the rewards are worthless to most raiders (myself included) therefore I will have no reason to run this more than once.

and on that I agree, even to non raiders I’m not sure this is that great a reward. even the non raiders I know have 216s with some 220s.

Well if they have 220s it’s either from the comm vendors (which is crap) or they endlessly run dailies to get a lot of credits which they use for DMCs which they can buy 220 pieces from the crafters.

you’re absolutely right getting a full set of 216 gear by level 65 is easy. that’s my point, the static gear isn’t going to be exciting.

“The main purpose is to help solo players gear up” Why would solo players even consider gearing up? I mean for what? When they are saying about gearing up for HM FPs and SM ops I wonder if they are still talking about the same game. The bolster thing take away all the sense from progression gearing since you can enter instance orm lvl 50 with 100 rating gear and easily deal like 5k dps.

I’m okay with giving the solo players garbage gear (compared to token gear that is)

These players can solo shit and get their stuff. They should NOT be getting gear that requires at least 8 people. I don’t care if they get garbage vendor gear either.

This is good so far, I just hope they don’t give in and hand out token gear at the end of hte weekly. If its a token, it should be for something less than SM

You dont need endgame super-fotm gear to do heroics. You are lvl 65 and lvl synced to a current planet lvl but still you are so much overpowered that you can take a shower and every heroic will be done by itself. Te truth is you get bolster/lvl syc/other crap which makes everything beside HM ops is easily doable no matter the gear. It’s sad that BW took it away but since 4.0 there is no sense in gearing up with anything below 216 SB gear. Unless you are doing pvp fo course 😉

are you fucking kidding me? That is a terrible comparison. Casuals should have no problem with comm gear. Only reason to gear higher than 208 is for raiding. Not getting nightmare gear in nightmare mode is like getting a cool new toy that you worked hard to get……only to see a spoiled brat get handed the same toy without doing jack shit.

except there’s nothing harder then nightmare mode, shouldn’t then nightmare raiders be happy with titles and mounts as they don’t need to progress? I’m not argueing for that, I’m just noting that “ohh casuals don’t need gear progression” arguement is equally hollow

Well to be honest they fucked up the nightmare progression with the new highlighted hard modes. The main issue is the complete lack of consistency and lack of giving a fuck about the raiders. It really makes no logical sense that the hardest content only has a chance to drop the best gear but the lower tier has rotating ops that give 100% drops…….wtf

Would you be happy getting a hand full of shit for doing something extremely difficult while others are getting the best of the best for something that can be face-rolled with ease?

Well.. I see lots of bitching here.. I actually like it. I have 32 characters on my main server now, always liked to do HM FPs on many characters, not just a few.

I’ve tried legacy sets, but it’s still a lot of fuss to set up when you play all roles and have no clearly defined main that you focus on with set pieces (not to mention forgetting to put it back into legacy bay and then trying to remember where you left it).

This system is maybe not very valuable for an experienced player with an established main or small set of primary characters (besides the gear not being great, it’s also slow), but you can gear 20 less important characters just as fast as you could gear one or two.

I’ll focus on at least one of each role on both factions towards ‘proper’ gearing, but this championship seems like it might be a nice, alt-friendly alternative to sticking a small army of characters into something useful to them.

If I have to believe BW, non experienced players will be challenged by this so we’ll see how easy it is for the more casual population. Personally I prefer doing ops because even though I do understand that HM Ops are not for everybody there are at least a few SM Ops that are dead easy with this bolster and you can gear up very quickly in those. I bet you can gear up more quickly in EV and KP SM than this place because it’s a weekly reward and in SM Ops you get at least 1 piece of 216 gear and usually 2 and possibly a token on top of that and then a bunch of crystals. I am happy for you if you like this but I just wish they added some other rewards that are not gear with stats to it, so this could be fun for more people.

‘Casual’ and ‘non experienced’ are not always the same thing, though. There is an extremely big gap between that player with that amazing parse required to complete that NiM ops and that player begging for help for ‘Guru in the Dunes’ because their companion is disabled.

There is a very large group of casuals that have played this game for many years and know very well what they are doing, even if they don’t group (a lot) or get the most out of their rotation and gear.

I find it funny that people are complaining about the rewards when non operation content has always given less gear than ops.
As a reminder/history lesson, here’s what non ops content has given in the past.

2.0 Makeb provided 126/136 non SB gear.
2.4-Oricon provided 156 non SB gear.
3.0-Rishi/Yavin provided 178 non SB gear.
3.2-Ziost provided 190 non SB gear.

These aren’t all that different from TEC’s gear, except the gear from TEC is BtL, meaning you can run on multiple toons and send over the gear. Just like in the past, this is not gear that is meant to last if you run ops, but will be good enough for more casual PvE stuff.

yes Ziost dropped 190 gear and the baseline ops gear was 186. Whatever they did in the past didn’t necessarily make sense either. This EC stuff also doesn’t make any sense to me either. Maybe some people will like it but for me it’ll be fun to try once and then I move on. I get better gear elsewhere and I am not going to grind for a small chance of some mount.

Ziost dropped 190 gear. You could buy 186 from the basic comm vendor.
This will drop 204 gear. You can buy 208 from the basic comm vendor.

If I’ll be able to get a decent 216 relic instead of those low pvp ones I have to use, I’ll be satisfied.

Difference between 208 and 220 relic is almost unnoticable to even care about them. Sure its important to have one of the higher rank to get 700-800 stat boost, but from some lvl the 50-60 points more don’t have so big impact. You can easily overperform on HM fights even with old 192 relics if the rest of your gear is 216/220/224.

Well, every bit of stat helps. If this was the case, no one would be after 224 gear, cause it’s just pretty much the same.

“*to help solo players gear up…..”

FOR WHAT???? Nothing but HM requires gear of literally any kind anyway. And if you need this to gear up, sorry, you’re not doing HM.

FOR HAVING FUN. It doesn’t matter if something “requires” something in your perspective. This gives people with lifes and jobs something to do without relying on others. So it’s a good thing. Not everybody has the time needed to invest in group/ HM content.

“You are not doing HM” – exactly. HM is not considered fun by everyone, this simply cathers to another playstyle than yours as it seems. That doesn’t make it useless – you know: for the rest of us 😉

Again… Hit 50lvl… Use GF and start collect 216 SB gear not some crap 204 or 208 and stop crying ffs. Why on Earth u wanna get everything for free? Between levels 50 – 65 I believe all of u get full 216 set so why the hell u r crying so much? But u don’t wanna do anything and want get SB? No way man. U wanna get something u give something instead… Easy? Damn sure easy.

Not everybody wants raid… but everyone wants SB… No way… So u wanna have same gear like people who’s raiding but u don’t wanna do anything to earn it. Do u think it’s fair to all players who’s spend sometimes many hours to get their set? U wanna SB gear be fair and do ops like everyone else. Or do PvP, gather warzones comms and buy 208 rating gear and take only armoring’s from it.

why thell ppl wants sett bonus if they don’t want to do ops ? with the story mode bolstered version if crazy easy compared to the sm when the were contetn prior 4.0. If yomeone wants to gear up theri characters they should go to ops, and not complain about stuff ” ops is too difficult / always noobs there…etc ..”
the main problem is the gear item lvls and the method you can obtain them ……the way it is now increadible easy to get gear , even 220/224 ilvl.
i’d love to get a more complicated way to be able to do HM OPS. like:
after finishing chapters you get a basic gear to do flahpoints where you can get the chance to gear up for HM flashpoints. HM FP provides gear for SM ops, and from sm ops you can get gear to do HM OPS. And when you have the gear from hm ops and you can play with your character class/role and you know exactly what to do in sm/hm ops you could go for NIM ops for best gear, BUT in NIM the tactic should be different from sm/hm not just a bit, nearly completly different ……

Do you think its fair to dismiss players who can’t devote their entire lives or as you put it HOURS into content? They pay as much if not more than you. And besides they aren’t getting the best gear and this offers an alternative to the usual farming.

First off all… I’m paying sub since first day of this game till now. If people are stupid enough to spend real money for Cartel Coins then Wth gl not my business… So SB gear… U want it just for weekly really? Even 208 rating… No. This is my fault not even BW fault that people are such lazy. Besides u don’t have time for 1GF ops per day to get 216 SB but u wanna 208 SB for doing weekly which take far more time (10 stages)… Don’t know you guys buy if u think about that in this way u must be really lame or stupid… Not mention in close future you probably start crying and moaning that for same weekly u wanna get 224 gear… Because u wanna best things and not do anything to earn it… That’s lame man really really lame…

First of all so have I (Beta group 11-11-11), but what the fuck do cartel coins have to do with this? Second, I want to get gear for something I can put time into which currently and in the past OPs have not been. I need to be able to get into the game and go, not wait for a pug group or even wait on if my guildies are able to pop on because at any moment I can get called away.
Second, you have absolutely no clue how long each fight will take. And the benefit of if I have to get away is that I’m not putting seven or fifteen people in a bad place in the middle of the second fight. This is a great way for people like me who don’t have set times we can play and again, for people who don’t enjoy raiding, but want gear just to have it.
Finally, what does having this noticeably lesser gear do to you? It’s not moddable, the devs mentioned its not optimized and if they’re not partaking in OPs or HM FPs it doesn’t affect you whatsoever. And since people’s appearance can be different you wouldn’t suspect they have it anyway. Hell this might get people more interested in OPs because they might be uncomfortable with the different encounters and this could give them a way to practice.

This is all just nonsense. Its easy as fuck to get moddable 208 gear without touching group content. This change is a joke along with everything they are doing. Proof of that is everyone worth a damn is leaving the game which leaves the lazy unskilled left to the minority of decent players that just cant let go.

And to the argument of time. This is an MMO. If you need to drop at a moments notice then stick to Single Player games.

You don’t need top of the line gear to do the care bear content in this game. Leave that to people who actually put the time in.

Fuck this statement. Most of the Raiders are subbed. A fair amount of them have bought stuff off the Cartel Market. Many of those have poured money into hypercrates. Why should they devote time to people who don’t play that often instead of the ones that put hours into the game? That right there is just stupid to me……and a poor business model

What fucking evidence do you have that single players don’t pay for this game? Raiders do NOT have a monopoly on paying for content, they do NOT have a majority. They are a PART of the community and buy crates. They are not special snowflakes in this regard. The number of hours you can put into this game does not always equal the time you WANT put into this time. I might want to put all my time into this game and pay so that I can do so, I buy crates, I buy armor. THAT DOES NOT MEAN I CAN PLAY THE GAME 24/7.

Because they’re paying exactly as much as the people who play as much? Again just because you are playing MORE doesn’t mean the other players who can’t are any less invested. A LOT of people don’t have endless hours to do things, but yet are still paying 1 month, 3 month and 6 month subscriptions. When they do play they pour money into the hypercrates. Again, raiders are not special in this regard. If that is mindblowing to you than I don’t know what to tell you because that should be common sense.

I agree that not everyone is aiming for HM ops and raiding and it’s ok. Everyone plays the way they like and so on. But on every other aspect of endgame (heroics, HM/Tac fps and plenty other things) you got things like bolster or lvl sync or sth else, which means that it doesnt matter what gear you have. You will perform exactly the same in 190 gear and 216 gear (I believe 216 is goal set you get bolsterized to). In my opinion there is no sense in gearing up with anything below 216 set bonus since there is no any difference in performance.

It is already easy as shit to gear up. There is literally no point for the static gear when you should have more than enough Comm’s to buy 208 moddable gear. For solo content all you need to do is basic attack for victory anyways. My 8 year old can now play this game because of 4.0

“As mentioned in an earlier post, the Eternal Championship is intended
for players to have an alternate way to gear up to a higher tier of gear
other than grouping up for a Flashpoint or Operation.”

It would be neat if it was intended to have fun. It would be interesting if they added ranks past 10 and a leaderboard mechanic per class that reset weekly. If they don’t want to design more and more involved fights, they could make round 11 just be round 10 + round 1 encounter, and so on, till it comes back to double round 10. Or round 10 but add 1 trash mob, then 2, then 3, then 4 etc till you inevitably drop.

Next, supply a vendor with gladiator themed gear and decorations. Maybe have various fight promoter factions to champion each week. So this week I fight for the mandalorians, and my rewards are mando themed, or to use on the mando vendor. Next week I champion the Hutts, and have access to the Scum and Villian vendor. Then I champion the Zakuul nobles, etc. There is plenty of gear that could be reskinned, droid models to put on hk, etc that should require minimal developer time to keep the hampster wheel a turnin.

If they want to go beastmode on single player content, its time to start doing it right.

These are good ideas, and I also agree, “If they want to go beastmode on single player content, its time to start doing it right.”

BW can’t even figure out how to have more than one event going at the same time. What you suggested would be cool, but BW is the short bus of development teams.

funny there is nothing to report me for. Funny though that you managed to respond to this old comment. It’s almost like you were trolling for a response.

But yes that is clearly you.

dont get mad at me because you got banned from Massively and soon to be here. I have noticed you go with alt accounts to make your troll posts now though

not mad just waiting for dulfy to check her mail like the last 3 times to remove your posts and mine again. I have noticed you dont listen to the rules here starting a fight again.

See, I’m fine with 216. That makes far more sense than say 220 or 224.

And honestly, a player who doesn’t raid SHOULD be happy with 216 gear.

So long as the Story content later on in KotFE doesn’t require more than 216, I’m fine with 216 being the ilvl given

I have to say that I disagree. I am not a hard core player, I don’t run Ops or HM FP’s, and all of my toons are in 216/220 gear. When I read this I thought; Heh guess I’m in for the title and mount, as soon as I get those this falls in to the “zero replay ability” content folder, which TBH this game has MORE Than enough of.

It doesn’t matter what BioWare does, there are always kiddos complaining about it.
I really hope they don’t listen to the community anymore (regarding complains).

By now it seems like people are just complaining because.. idk.. because they can, becauce they want to bash BioWare.. whatever. It annoys the crap out of me on how ungrateful the (loud) community has gotten – i don’t even want to imagine how the devs think/feel about this. They probably need a therapy after every forum visit by now.

I think that’s a bit easy. When new content comes out, people want to know if it’s something they will enjoy or at least find worth while doing. Hey, I’m subbed, I wanna know what that money buys me too. I’m certainly not saying they shouldn’t bring out this content, but it does seem they missed some opportunities here to make it interesting for a wider group of players. What I really want to know is why they’re not taking these opportunities? Because clearly this content is made for a specific group of people whereas it could be something more people could enjoy if there was a point to doing it more than once or twice. You can’t really defend making content for an MMO that a lot of people are unlikely to do more than once or twice. Then you miss what MMOs are about.

In all fairness, there are some complaints that are warranted and some that are just outright silly. In regards to this, I’m actually okay with it, I just wish it was a group thing instead of a solo.

You are fucking right we are going to complain and bitch. When a game you have invested so much time into slowly squeezes out the stuff that is your main focus then yea you should be pissed. They are turning SWTOR into care bear mode with rainbows and fairies that shit sparkles. What would you do if they just up and ignored what you enjoyed the most? If you would just leave and say nothing then you weren’t as loyal as the ones that are voicing their opinions. The fact is, I want to play SWTOR but they are pissing on the reason I play. Thus I had to find a new game to play because I refuse to pay for SWTOR Care Bear version 4.0

You little lady are a moron.

DURRR: Thus I had to find a new game to play because I refuse to pay for SWTOR.
Corwin: Good. Bye!

“Good.” Corwin’s acknowledgement and gratefulness that you left SWTOR.
“Bye!” A nice way of saying STFU and go play in traffic.

This is a joke. Why in God’s name would yet another completely identical companion be an enticement? Just doing the KotFE story and the star forts lands you with what 20 of them only 6 can be sent on missions and one active to journey with you? Its annoying enough having to scroll through the list of companions to find the ones I use for crafting that have higher influence levels. The only 2 returning companions that I would go out of my way to get are Blizz and Quinn(only if we get the option to kill him). Other than that Static Gear and titles that everyone else will have, no thanks stop making solo content and some significantly more War-zones and Operations I really dont think there’s enough player base that cares about the story to keep this “Story Driven” directive alive without most of the player base leaving or going F2P why pay for recycled content. I don’t think most people play MMOs fr story its end game Group Content that fuels us to play and with little to none of that on the horizon this game will just flat out die.

Companions like Bowdaar, Talos, Yuun, Qyzen, Dr. Lokin, Major Pierce, SCORPIO, M1-4X, T7, Xalek, Blizz, and Kaliyo are still able to use customizations and, in most cases, can still be dressed as you like [minus a few of them, as their ‘outfit’ is part of their customizations]. So far, the only ones we can’t change looks on are the new KOTFE companions: Theron Shan, Lana Beniko, Koth, Senya, and Nico Okarr [those who have him] — which is, yes, very disappointing as they’re all Human companions, who should at least get to have the option for a change of wardrobe now and then. Because it is getting tiresome seeing 100’s (+) of them all over.

The “customizations” are usually faction specific. BW failed to consider that if you are going to give xalek to pubs, people might want to have access to those instead of the ONE on the CM. This will be the same for all of the companions because there are not that many on the CM.

BW needs to consider these things if they are going to make the game more “solo” versus mmo. I’d love to get more companions, but I’m not going to use the same fucking ones as everyone else.

Would be nice to have legacy customization. Imagine you open some window with list of possible companions, choose customization for them (maybe pay some fee like with appearance designer) and when you meet them they already looks like you want.

also making them unique even if they look different their all the exact same now its the clone wars literally LOL

Well there are companions that have a fixed look in that list. I never cared about the wookiee but I’m pretty sure he and M1-4X, T7 and Blizz don’t change their look if you give them different gear. So half the list is already non-customizable by default.

I dont understand it either myself. The real issue is the comps are all cookie cutters so it makes it pointless to get them. Bit of wierd incentive.

F2P can only send 2 and preferred 3 on crafting missions which makes this even worse for the occasional sub. I usually buy a 60 day sub about once a year to get the latest perks and cash in my escrow accounts to make a couple of big purchases on the GTN. The rest of the time is spent building what I can within the limits of a preferred account and re-stocking the escrow accounts.

Finally, something for non-raiders to do that’s not a flashpoint. I’m going to love this, I can tell. As a casual and a student with not a lot of time to get uber into raiding and operations, I can definitely say that this is a very good idea for those people that want some better gear without investing a ton of time. Finally, some excellent stuff BW, keep it up ^3^

Seriously? “Finally” This is an MMO. Why the hell would you expect there to be stuff with no investment? You are in the wrong type of game with that mindset.

I play this game because it’s one of the few non FPS non console Star Wars games. I’m fine with investing time in games, but I can’t organize a group of 8-16 people to go raid for hours on end. I have things to do, and it’s nice they gave us a way to get some better gear without raiding.

You already have access to the same gear with comms from Heroics that are solo………so its stuff you can already obtain…….

You get what……..your 26th fucking companion? If you get your jollies off jumping into a harem on your ship then good for you. The routine is already boring as fuck. Just 10 waves of boring ass content isn’t going to fix that for most of the players sick of grind we have been doing for 4 years now.

First of all it’s my base, not my ship, so there you go. Second, people enjoy collecting the companions as is evidenced by the fact people are LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. Second, just what? You haven’t played the content yet and you’re already condemning it? I’m not saying you don’t have a right to complain that there isn’t new raiding content because if that’s what you enjoy and they’re not accommodating that then it is understandable. But you have to admit that a new raid/op doesn’t fix that either. People bored of the same “grind” are going to have to do it again, the only difference between this content and that is that one requires a group.

Basically they took things they already had in the game, changed it so you get more of it and then upped the grind by 10 times. Getting all the companions is fine but the way to make them useful is not. I was once a person trying to mend the wounds while they continued to make garbage recycled content. I decided enough was enough. To those who are left thinking there is no way out then I pity them for not making the right choice and just leaving the game. If this were anything but Star Wars then this type of development would not be allowed by the community and it would have died due to no one subbing. Its almost criminal the way they get away with it just because of a name.

Maybe some of us are just ready for some solo content. BW pretty much nullified any rush or thrill from combat with the uber comps and now I think it would be nice to be challenged to obtain a reward.

In the arena your companions are with you. Kinda nullifies your statement because you admitted they take away the challenge.

Get real bro, This is a frakin joke.
Join a guild and stop trying to lone ranger this shit. Honestly if you aren’t raiding why the hell do you need high level gear? I can Soloed the HM Starfortress’s on a Sent in all 208 gear from the crystal vendor. If you need 220 or 224’s to “achieve” more you need to check your skills and make sure you know what you are doing…

I guess if you don’t raid or don’t do fp’s it might be something but I guess the commendations you get from doing FP’s, Heroics etc already can buy you 208 gear, so I’m not entirely sure how this is better gear.

Yeh you can get 1 piece of static 216 gear after completing the whole sequence of 10 fights. I am sure they will be easy for myself but for more casual players they might be challenging. With 14 pieces of gear on your character it will take 3 months to do so. I dunno what FP’s drop nowadays but I’m thinking that might be faster to get 216 also with the blue crystals. So just out of curiosity, if you don’t do ops what meaning does the 216 gear have for you, because apparently it does and I’d be interesting to know what you would want it for.

I love how SWTOR takes an idea from other games and completely just fucks it up. The potential for this type of mode is very high and all they did was “here have 10 bosses”. Oh and Fuck making a group mode to satisfy both parties. Fuck making a leaderboard to show off skills. Fuck your rewards cause we will just give you shit that’s already easily attainable even for casual solo players. Seriously…..FFS this is a Star Wars MMO…….and this is all you get? Pathetic.

If I understand this correctly, by giving us static gear, we will have to also add an augment slot and augment on top of the one we already have on our modifiable gear? So you wear the new 216 static gear until you save up enough crystals to purchase the 216 modifiable gear, thus then throwing away the 216 static gear (augmented). WTF were they thinking? This is really BS.

Durr simply speaks the truth, few intelegent people are sticking around. Those of us who are are not making SWTOR our “main” game anymore.

I’m simply pointing out the problems with posting how bad the game is and saying that only idiots play, while continuing to play and post on sites devoted said game.

Sounds exciting! Im looking forward to the individual titles. Speaking of which, I always wanted the Commander title. Not Alliance Commander under my name but “Commander Name” Also, please let us name our Strongholds personally. Only 3 options and none of them are really satifying. We built the most diverse things and should be allowed to name them.

You must be a new player…….you are lucky. Also if you think they give a shit about what you want then sorry. They only see $$$

So wait now……. i’m in hiding from Arcann and his psycho sister (the leaders of Zakuul) so i’m going to compete in a competition/championship in Zakuul right under their noses and hope no-one tells them.

Great story writing Bioware/EA!!!

I’m not into ‘immersion’ as the RP server lads but this is a bit daft.

I saw another person criticizing the story of Chapter 11, and I was reminded that we haven’t even seen what happens in Chapter 10. What about that Episode 9 though? Seems like it will have awful story telling, right? It’s only 4 years away but I can tell.

…..erm right….. I’m going by their exact words Johnny boy.
“The Eternal Championship is the latest trend in entertainment among Zakuul’s decadent upper class, who happily “tour” the lower levels of their capital to watch their social underlings engage in brutal death matches for fortune and glory”
Nice sarcasm though. It was tasty and delicious.

Obviously, you didn’t get my previous post. Let me be less sarcastic this time, don’t want to get you spoiled. We don’t know anything about the events that happene between the end of Chapter 9 and the beginning of Chapter 11. I am not saying that the story-telling will definitely be solid (then again, most people bash the story of the prequels yet praise Episode 7 lololol), but let’s wait before we judge, no? Let’s wait and see under what circumstances the Outlander will take part in this Eternal Championship.

Actually a good point John, there may be a reason that the ‘outlander’ has to enter this championship. Such a shame the your first reply was dripping in the sweet sweet sauce of derision that we so often find on these forums, i’m sure it wasn’t meant to flame me.

Well, you can go into Zakuul right now if you played the expansion, it’s accessible. So story wise the “Eternal Championship” is not a preposterous addition to the storyline, I’ll give BW that…

Seriously, they have no clue what a hardcore player likes and what a casual player likes. They manage to come up with something neither likes. Unreal… The dev who posted this has no clue on his player base So sad…

Sorry Martin but I disagree, I have been here since beta and am looking forward to this. it sounds like FUN. It reminds me of Survival modes like in Star Wars Battlefront, Transformers, and Gears of Wars which our group has always enjoyed playing from time to time.

This new mode would totally make sense it the new content was just released and most of the players were using 198 blue gear (similar to the level 60 token)…. but this new content is COMPLETELY useless since most of the players already have pretty much full 216/220/224`s.

SUCH A WASTE of time right now..

well Biofail has shit all over raiders and pretty much said they dont give a fuck about end game raiding anymore

You are delusional. It will be 1 Boss with some adds maybe per wave. You will sleep through it because your companion will faceroll everything for you. Maybe in the later waves you may need to wake up and basic attack to victory. If its any harder than that then I will be surprised. As a player that has played from the beginning as well….I am disappointed in the simplicity of this feature which could have been made into something so much more………like group versions or more rounds for the non casuals that want a bit of a challenge. Adding leaderboards and such could have been useful as well. These developers are out of their fucking minds if they think this is worthwhile content.

Durrr, I suggest you keep voicing your concerns, but try to stick to the topic without sabotaging your valid points with your antagonistic remarks. Your posts will gain more traction and garner more consideration if you articulate yourself well or lend your support to others who feel the same way. Most gamers and developers understand that part of the fun in games is having a satisfying challenge. Stick to that message and maybe the devs will make additional tweaks to increase the level of difficulty and expand on the potential of this idea they’re implementing.

No one seems to understand these days unless you slap them in the face with your dick.

I’m well beyond thinking the devs will ever care about their players. I’ve already left but have some hate left over.

To me it looks like the best reward will be the glowing data crystals in the later rounds to help in getting moddable 216 gear. The rest will be vendor trash.

The gear it drops will probably be aesthetic at best, considering hte majority of players have something beyond kotfe from just playing the game. Your rewards are the companion, a pet, and maybe a mount. Expecting gear is a bit of a stretch for content that is retard friendly.

Exactly Mosh. You will get another generic companion that you probably have 20 + of already, a pet you will probably never use and a mount to go into your collection of mounts you rarely if ever use. The gear will be fluff not even worth talking about beyond how it looks and even then I fear they will just be reskins of gear we already have in game. (AKA Nico Jacket as a reward)

BW doesn’t fail to disappoint.

Cartel market items and some sets can be found in collections. When you open cm or inventory you can see button “collections”, find section armor and look there.

Cntrl + Left-Click an item previews it. Can do it through the GTN, Cartel Collections, or even text links.
(There is nothing like GW2’s bank that has all of the skins in one place, though.)

why why why? do they keep Adding SP and SP only content to an MMO? what way in who’s mind does this make sense? no wonder the raiding community is so dead now you dont release any content..

I enjoy single player content. Its great. But after that what the fuck am I supposed to do? The same shit i’ve been doing for 4 years? No thanks. No new group content for such a long time is killer for an MMO. It’s only surviving because its Star Wars and that’s it.

The same thing you do with raid content normally. This isn’t irregular. Not by a long shot. The only thing I’ll give you is that it HAS been too long since the last raid or flashpoint. Raiders burn through content VERY fast and then they grind old content. That is the burden of the raider in all MMOs not just SWTOR.

I mean your first few sentences can be replaced with anything.

I enjoy raiding. It’s great. But after that what the fuck am I supposed to do? The same shit I’ve been doing for 4 years?

You wait for the next bit or content or don’t. That is all. You stopped paying, which is a perfectly viable solution. I actually think more people should do that because then 1. You get away from the game a bit and can try other things. 2. When the content is released you can’t burn through it in a couple days. 3. Gives BioWare a little kick in the pants to get group content out. You don’t need to be subscribed all year, especially since BioWare announced there wouldn’t be stuff until after all the chapters were done. If they lied you are no worse for wear. If they told the truth than great you have new content to play through and you a bunch of single player stuff to play.

I think it’s fine for players to voice their complaints and concerns in a constructive manner, but for those who insist on carrying on with their pointless ranting I strongly suggest taking a time out. Whenever there is an announcement of something new and different in the works some people become absolutely histrionic. It’s really ridiculous.

I offer my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the minority of people on the forums who take the time to offer some thoughtful suggestions and constructive criticism as feedback for the developers to use.

Keep in mind that one of the neat things about MMOs is that they have the ability to evolve and adapt according to what players want out of their experience. Considering the enormous range of content SWTOR has to offer, the devs obviously can’t be everywhere at once and right now their priority is continuing with this story-based content–something I happen to be genuinely excited about.

When the story phase of this expansion eventually nears its finish, I wouldn’t be surprised if the game will shift gears once again and focus on additional content like more Operations and PvP activities, etc., before moving into whatever might be in store next.

I’ve been playing SWTOR consistently since launch and I’m looking forward to the upcoming story content as well as the Eternal Championship arena, not because I care much about the gear rating, but simply because I think it will be fun and intriguing to experience.

Keep dreaming. As a former loyal sub for 98% of the games life, The realization that the devs are incompetent fools has been beaten into my brain. I feel that the years I played this game were almost a waste of time. The only thing this game has given me is friendships and all of those friends have left because of the garbage they keep on creating. Catering to Solo players in such a high dose is absolute shit for a Massively Multiplayer Online game.

Everything they have done with 4.0 and forward has been a disaster. Only thing it has going for it right now is its new story. Solo content being focused on means the group content is being ignored for the time being. Who the fuck thinks that’s good for an MMO? An intelligent team would bring both solo AND group content with an expansion. Don’t tell me operations being brought up to level is new content either……that’s a fucking joke in itself.

My main point is that for an MMO to succeed in the long run, it needs all the elements and not just 1. Ups and downs will happen but this mass exodus that I see all around is just ridiculous and its well deserved for the game to go into maintenance mode. More people than ever are bitching because the game they love has been bent over and had a big pole shoved up its ass.

Thank you for paying for the game I enjoy. Your whining is fun to read. Lets not kid ourselves, you’re going to stay subbed.


Durrr, based on your writing it’s clear to me that you refuse to accept the concept of a middle ground. You have the temerity to tell me to “keep dreaming”, then go on to decry the game for having wasted your life. That is your prerogative, but I have to wonder what compels you to behave like such an antagonistic ass towards me or anyone else simply because I don’t share in your melodramatic condemnation of this game. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of other MMOs out there that might be a better fit for your play style. I have a feeling, though, that no game in the world can possibly compensate for your underlying anger issues. Maybe you should consider quitting MMOs altogether. Heaven forbid you waste any more of your time on such unimportant things.

Nah. I can just be more careful in picking an MMO now. There are good F2P games that don’t actually snub the shit out of you like SWTOR. If I decide to sub to another game I will just keep a closer eye and leave before the shit hits the fan instead of relying on hopes and dreams. I’ve learned my lesson. Hope others do as well but for some its just another dream.

Static gear? Really? That seems like a complete waste. I don’t use static gear, because I use mod kits, and there is no way I use a mod kit on something that will get thrown out. Mod kits are way too expensive (either in mats or creds) to use on something so disposable.

I’ll do it for the fun of it, but I certainly won’t invest much time in this new mini-game just for vendor trash.

I do understand this kind of mentality, but there are plenty of uses still, depending on the player and the character.

Assuming you’re talking about augmenting pieces, then it depends on the process you’re planning in. For example: Right now I have a character that I play lots but would never take into ops. I’ve crafted (and augmented) a full static 220-rated set, or well, everything except relics (best ‘trainer’ schematics are still 186) and mainhand (sticking with a look). The chance that I will somehow get anything better on this character is absolutely minimal, at least until we get new tiers, but I am still able to carry people in HM FPs in gear that is substantially better than what you can get with ulti comms (or whatever those crystals are called now).

This is a very slow process that I would not care to repeat on many of my alts, but crafting augments and kits for them is fairly painless, so if I stick any character I do not mean to take into ops into something like this, they’ll have more than they need.

I imagine there will be many players out there who don’t need anything better than this, don’t do content that -gets- you better (a lot) even.

Raiders will get their gear via raids, this is decent new addition for people who want to work towards something* that will make their gameplay a bit more smooth and for people who are raging altoholics.

* One thing that often gets to me is how raiders will bitch about solo players not needing better gear, yet still all try to get the gear that you get from the hardest content. Just because someone does not play the most difficult content in the game, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed something to work towards that they don’t really need.

It needs to be static gear because they aren’t going to let players get good gear from story content. Not saying you get shitty gear, but you should get gear appropriate for the content. You don’t need 224 to listen to some mediocre voice acting.

Yeah, but we’re not talking a matter of quality. Rather a matter of functionality. The Item Level determines the quality, and they can hand out whatever quality they feel is prudent. But why static gear? Why not moddable shells with inserts at the item level they want to hand out? For most players, after 4 years of being fed moddable gear, aren’t going to switch to static, because it limits options and it’s not as functional. And it goes back to my statement regarding augment kits. I don’t know anyone that would waste augment kits on static gear you’ll toss out shortly thereafter when you get a better piece.

Boss 7 has a chance to drop a new minipet.
Boss 10 has a chance to drop a new mount.

At the typical BioWare drop rates of 0,000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%?!

And the mount will be ugly as hell, like the mounts you get from the alliance contacts.

Eternal Championship Arena. Something you’ll do once and then forget about because you will see how little reason it gives to see it again.

Maybe but it depends on the reward to keep you returning. Keep player retention high. Eternal Championship doesn’t have a nice enough hook to keep people returning.

It also depends on how fun the content is. Even if the rewards are mediocre, I’ll probably still do it quite a few times if it’s fun enough. There should still be _some_ reward, but doing it a bunch of times to get the speeder/pet/title on all my characters is good enough if the content is also fun.

Whether or not the fights are fun remains to be seen. My fear is that they’ll undertune it and it will be too easy to be fun, but time will tell.

Maybe but from what they have released. I can’t find much of a reward nor a reason to continue to keep running it beyond the initial experience. It seems more like a training tool and while thats not bad, it’s not got a lot of replay-ability in my eyes.

It’s a decent way to gear alts that you otherwise wouldn’t raid with. Or building up a quick offset for your new/secondary spec.

Casual features tend to get boring for a dedicated player (Which this is not made for) but they are pretty alt friendly and have their uses. Think of it as the weekly boss fight on Yavin.

(Name not stated to avoid spoilers for the three people in the universe that haven’t got there yet.)

Don’t get me wrong it’s interesting but I just don’t see the retention yet. Especially so with what you’re saying about gear and how gear is now with mastery and secondary stats. It’s so easy to just build a nice DPS set with Acc and move it as needed. Hell, I’ve went so far to to throw on 220 GS set on a commando and rocked the hell out of HM OPS (even without the Commando having its true set bonus). Similar could be said for 220 healing sets that doesn’t need ACC and that works with pretty much 224 all the way down now a days. Other than adjusting some offset stuff of course and thats pretty easy.

I’ve just having trouble seeing the retention for what it’s giving. No matter how you play.

I am excited for this, so that the insta-60 noobs will hopefully learn some mechanics and have decent gear when they try opps. You know, so that I don’t have to sage-pull the noob to the center when it is his color in Operator IX.

“Noobs” as you call them should only be doing SM Ops, and that gives you bolster. So as long as they have gear in every slot, and the right gear (i.e. a Tank isn’t in DPS gear, a DPS doesn’t have tank gear), the bolster is way more effective then “better gear”.

It’s not gear problems that wipe you on Ops, it’s not knowing the mechanics. You can still wipe in TfB SM if you don’t know the tactics.

So this is like a Dueling Arena for PVE. I’m pretty excited for this new system. Still think they should make a PvP, ranked dueling arena like KotOR, that would be the coolest.

Where is the location of the Champion ship? I haven’t been able to find it.
When i go to the cantina above the arena, there is an elevator button (on the map) and when I approach it, it isn’t there. (The same room as the Batman referenced NPC.)

Really dont understand the gear rewards. Would prefer blue and purple crystals. I for one had 1000 commons saved up as soon as i hit 65 for 208 gear. and had it all fully auged before my first peice of 216. the grind from 216 to 220 gear is stupid long and needs to change. like the ability to get 1-2 purple crystals a day reliably without having to wait 2 hours for a HM queue.

I just can’t stop to doing this in Solo Mode, first time I feel like there’s difficult content in a lot of time, so bad that the rewards are crap, at least if the decos weren’t holo would have been so nice.

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