GW2 A Sparkling Demonstration Daily Firecracker Locations Guide

A guide to finding firecrackers in the Crown Pavilion for your daily and Firecracker Finder achievement.


There are 10 Firecrackers in total, you only need 5 for the daily achievement but for the achievement Firecracker Finder you will need to find all 10.



For doing the 5 for the daily, I recommend skipping the 1st one and just do 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 if you don’t feel like jumping too much.





From the waypoint, go up the wall on the left and jump down.











Can use gliding to reach this one or use warrior savage leap or just jump on the railing near the vendor and run to here.



Glide down for this or run around the railing and then drop down.





If you have gliding, just glide. Otherwise you can try jumping up from the corner.


  • Zeuy

    Does this achievement award APs? Not currently able to login.

    • narg

      1 point + 10 little lucky envelopes

  • Darkjs

    There is an eight one on the blue commander tag, you need to glide from top to reach it.

  • kavok

    You get a chest after the first 5, but the achievement actually has 10 fire crackers and rewards 10 Little Lucky Envelopes and 1 AP.

  • Jesse Wan

    Personally, I’d do 2, 7, WP back, then get 3, 4, 5. 6 is a pretty easy glide.

  • narg

    one more is left down corner on pillar (need glide from roof)

  • Konrad Zdunek

    There are 10 the Crown Pavilion

    • Yes all 10 are listed now

  • narg

    btw description says “affected by magic find” does this mean, that if i open envelope in silverwaste, i will get better drop ??

    • Inos

      That’s what people did last year, open them after VW with full perserverance and the buff from killing VW (plus whatever else MF boons you could slap on). I never saw numbers to confirm or not, but certainly in theory that could be the case.

  • Eliaquim Aquino


    so you have to jump from one side to the other

    #7 if you do not have an glide you can use ” Experimental Rifle” (less 500 karma)

    #8 jump in the fance and run by the fence and jump down , you will not die

  • Ch3ese

    You don’t necessary need gliding for #7, just climb onto the railing near the vendor and walk all the way to the plant

  • himahina

    at #7 you can use Warrior sword’s “Savage Leap” to reach and then walk around ledge to grab #8

    • Thanks for the gifs, I added them in 🙂

  • Martin

    #10, why do it the hard way with gliding etc?!? There is a plant pot next to the portal, just jump on that and you are there XD.

  • Nobody

    #7 U can jump from #1 on to the dome and simple walk to #7

  • Inos

    For #8 you can also trait for falling damage and drop from where the bird’s wing meets the neck. You have to maneuver a little bit (it’s not 100% straight down), but you will survive. I maneuvered too far at one point, extending the fall, and almost killed myself but still survived with ~200 hp. (edit: was on my thief for testing)

  • Raizel

    Can’t see #6 in game nor in the photo :/
    Where is it? It’s the only one i miss

    • Raizel

      Nvm, just found 🙂

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