GW2 Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month Club Guide

A guide to the new Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month Club added with Jan 26 patch.

Step 1. Go to the Eldvin Monastery in Queensdale and talk to Master Brewer Desch to purchase membership for 10 gold.


Step 2. You will get this month’s brew in the mail. Consume it to unlock a collection.


Step 3. Do this every month for 11 more months. You will get a mail at start of each month when you visit a major city.

Step 4. Collect the Finely Crafted title and Brewmaster’s Backpack at Jan 1, 2017.


  • saif khan

    Why is this even a thing? I don’t want it. Who wants this? Do the drinks count towards the winter presence? or other things? other than this back piece.

    • Nope, just an incentive to get you log once a month I guess.

      • thatdamnrat

        Are they really that desperate to get people to log in?

        • Suz

          I think it’s less of a desperation thing and more of wanting as many people to log on and play as often possible to appeal to investors as much as possible. Nobody ever makes a profit without, you know, doing things. Otherwise, all businesses that keep coming up with new incentives and ideas to keep coming back are desperate. That’s usually the difference between the companies that last and the companies that don’t.

          • Suz

            *to keep people coming back

            • thatdamnrat

              It seems desperate because it’s a pretty lame idea to keep people coming back. You hear that scraping sound? That’s Anet hitting rock bottom.

    • Konrad Zdunek

      I want this 🙂

    • Andrew

      It’s just a little optional thing to do. Honestly I like it, it takes something already in game and gives more substance to it. I’ll even call it a light form of world building.

  • Suzanne

    I want it.

  • Hahaha

    11 more months…………..WTF!!!!!!!

  • Gabriel Feycat Cuellar

    My ale brewing character has been using the artificer’s backpack all this time. …son of a bitch.

  • nadrian3k

    Really……..a monthly timegate. Just when i thought they couldn’t get any lower.

    • Gerald Tarrant

      Please find another forum in which to empty your purse. Thank you, Debbie Downer. 🙂

      • nadrian3k

        Please find another forum in which to be as gullible as a 2yo. Thank you. 🙂

  • Heather Sawatsky

    10 gold… doesn’t seem worth to me.

    • Name

      Is it 10 gold to become a member and then just keep logging in? Or 10 gold per month = 120 gold for the backpack?
      I might pay the first, but definitely not the second.

      • Heather Sawatsky

        Just 10 gold to become a member.

        • Name

          Well, 10 gold isn’t that much. It could have been cheaper but it’s still affordable if you want it. The whole year of waiting is a much bigger obstacle to getting it than the money.

    • Doublemint Dave

      You get more than 10g every single day if you do nothing but the daily fractals. Or, you know, just by running around a random low-level map for an hour, gathering materials, and selling them on the trading post.

      10g is literally next to nothing…

  • Yasin

    is it exotic or ascended ?

  • Nick Green

    Stuff like this is why I don’t play.

    “Incentives” to just log in once a day, month, whatever. That’s not fun. It’s just another chore and GW2 is already drowning in them.

    • Retek

      That’s simple to fix, just..don’t do it if you don’t want to.

    • Soup

      This is pretty tame. What killed the game for me is how the expansion is almost entirely built around grinding, with very little reward for your time.

      • Nick Green

        Yeah by itself it wouldn’t drive me away, but it’s yet another example of the things which did.

        ANet made a big deal about how their not using a subscription meant gameplay wouldn’t be tarnished by features designed solely to keep people subscribed but this is exactly what this is. There’s obviously no subscription but this is a hook meant to keep people coming back.

    • Gerald Tarrant

      Then don’t play. Christ, but someone always has to share their unwanted, unsolicited opinion of why they don’t like to play. Ironically, they do it in that same game’s forums, indicating that they’re still very much into it! Can’t you guys find another forum to empty your purses in? Try WoW. They welcome whiners like you by the thousands.

      • Nick Green

        ROFL. Like your opinion was wanted or solicited? Were you contacted by a committee or did “the voices” tell you?

        Like many gamers I keep an eye on games I’ve put aside to see how they change and log in to check them out from time to time. Occasionally games change enough that I come back to them.

        GW2 has always been on the fence for me. Some things I love about it. Others I don’t. Like everyone else with internet access I have the freedom to share my opinions on that without solicitation.

        This one is bizarre. It’s an ugly backpack – I’d never wear it – and needing to log in every month for a YEAR to get even a good backpack would be a bit much. It screams “we’re extremely desperate to keep people logging in”.

        • Crybermook

          salt much!

    • Crybermook

      this doesn’t bother me at all. unlike every other mmo guild wars 2 is full of colour, life and decent stuff. it makes playing so much better and is the 1 mmo i’ve played the longest while still having an interest in

    • Mad

      Complaining about a game you don’t play doesn’t seem a chore though. 🙂

      • Nick Green

        Damn straight commenting isn’t a chore. It’s not like I had to log in once every day and do it one letter at a time.

  • Henry Chavez

    The king of timegates is here.

  • Rican Pwr

    Stuff like this is why I’m play

    • David Schrader

      What does that even mean?

  • gittonsxv

    gotta love all the people being all salty and mad that this is somehow the straw that might break the camels back and all that jazz, if you do not want to do it then dont.

  • Eleyko

    > Step 4. Collect the Finely Crafted title and Brewmaster’s Backpack at Jan 1, 2017.

    mb at December 1, 2016? When 12th brew will come

  • Gibber

    copy paste from WoW much?

  • man

    At least I don’t need to set up a reminder, as long as you play the game, you will not miss any one of them.

  • Cyzt

    No one will ever use it.. so why bother?

  • Hachi Chan

    Bye bye my 10 gold lol

  • Korey Garabed

    10 gold, and waiting a WHOLE year for a back piece? Fuck that, its bullshit >:(

  • Rick

    You’re getting a lot of whiners migrating to your site Dulfy. You have my condolences.

  • Leay

    Ermm its 1 feb, I just readed about this now,, any way to get the one from Januari?

    • Sndinc

      I’m in the same boat… I don’t know if there was a drink in Jan but I just bought it and it looks like I got the 2nd drink in the collection. Hope that wasn’t a waste of Gold (but I would assume it is a rotation that would continue after a year).

    • Just wait till Jan 2017

  • Nick Peterson

    did any one get this for november i still havent got it yet

  • Orion Glow

    ehi, i lost (forgotten) September log-in!! i lost event??? there is possibility for rescue missed bottle??

  • Isla

    I took a hiatus for a few months after starting the collection, and I haven’t received anything for the last month or two. I’m wondering if there’s any way to restart it?

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