GW2 Gallery New Backpacks from Jan 26 Patch

GW2 Gallery of New Backpacks added with the Lunar New Year Patch.

Ram Backpacks from Last Year

  • If you want the ram backpacks from last year, go to Phaedra the envelope vendor and purchase a Memory of the Zodiac and combine it with 2 Lucky Monkey Lanterns and 10 Fine Essence of Luck (green). This will give you the Lucky Ram Lantern which you can upgrade to Lucky Great Ram Lantern. It is not worth it as you can buy the backpack cheaper on the TP.


Lucky Monkey Lantern

  • Drops from envelopes, can be also bought on TP



Lucky Great Money Lantern

  • Drops from envelopes, can be also bought on TP
  • Can be also made from Mystic Forge: 1 Lucky Monkey Lantern, 20 Elonian Wine, 250 Essence of Luck (blue) and 25 Lucky New Year Firework




Branded Backpiece

  • Reward for The Shatter meta achievement


Brewmaster’s Backpack


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24 replies on “GW2 Gallery New Backpacks from Jan 26 Patch”

I don’t dislike any of them but I do find them underwhelming, though the Branded one looks way better in game than in screenshot form. This is one of the few cases where I would have preferred a reskin, as I think the Holographic Shattered wings could have been awesome with purple lightning. This would still work with the Tormented Weapon set, which does make me happy.

The worst part is that a giant beer keg would have been pretty cool. Why the ultimate in crafter themed backpacks always have to look like store windows is beyond me -.-

Well the Branded back piece is hugely disappointing. I was hoping for at least the Holographic Shattered Wings, but with Branded colours.

Same. 🙁 I was hoping for something more outstanding. Guess my Ele will continue to use Unbound as his purplish crystal backpack for now.

Like someone else said. PASS. I’ll hock all my envelopes to the highest bidder. I’m quickly learning my favorite holiday from GW2 is going to end up only being Halloween. Last event they wanted to make the wardrobe piece near nigh obtainable despite it looking like the obtainers have a dandruff problem. This time, they have junk that looks like someone carries a bar or a funky broken trellis on their back. Girl bye.

Heaven forbid someone who does things with other people ALL the time, playing meta events and dungeons, wanting to do something by themselves for once. OOOHHH NOESSS THE PRICKISH.

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