GW2 Lunar New Year 2016 Coverage Guide

A list of guides and galleries for Lunar New Year 2016 patch.


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  • Man

    I cannot access the game now, what Lunar New Year daily needed to do today?

    if there is “A Sparkling Demonstration Daily”, then should be other 3 there also. Do they give you AP?

  • Anubis

    lunar daily : open 6 enveloppes, crack 5 firecrackers, play 2 dragonball matches, win 5 dragonball matches
    There are some achievements in the special event tab that give ap, like cracking fire crackers and using the green xp+ thingy that make you through fireworks ; there are several more but they only concern dragonball. No meta achieve 🙁

  • Suan

    “New backpacks from Jan 26 patch.” wrong link, it moves us to sparkling demons achiv guide.

  • goku sucksssssssssssssssssssss

    when i click on new backpacks it takes me to the jump thingy…

  • Alex Wu

    so what the best way to boost your MF since the envelope is effected by the MF? and is it effected at the moment you buy it or when u are opening it?

    • According to one of WoodenPotatoes’ recent videos it’s probably not worth to buff your MF.

      • Alex Wu

        not permanently but just when opening them, so what kinda booster and food and other thing will able to stack the highest MF?

        • Man

          If you play GW2 more then a year, most likely you already have 300+%MF (100 base + 200 permanent MF ), so the extra booster doesn’t give you too much different (e.g. 350% vs 450%). Anyway you can get about 20% from these new year food. another 10% from your Guild, and 15% from Guild banner and 50% camp fire boost (people very kind to leave this 50% boost in Crown Pavilion very often now).

          • Luckyduck

            Sorry but I can ratchet my MF up to 800% in the SW and make a nice profit on envelope investments.

          • guest

            “If you play GW2 more then a year, most likely you already have 300+%MF”
            i’ve played since launch and only have 180% MF x)

            • Man

              base 100+ 180 = 280%,

  • Imry

    Not sure where to post this, but: the achievement “Light Up The Sky” can be easily bought with 32 copper from Pyromaster Zarrk in Rata Sum.

    • Have you tested it? AFAIK only specific fireworks count towards that achievement.

      • Ares Zax

        I can confirm this works. It works extremely well, in fact, because that item gives you a bundle that you can spam over and over again until the achievement is complete.

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