GW2 Oni Blade Recipe

GW2 Oni Blade Mystic Forge Recipe. This recipe was introduced with Jan 26, 2016 patch.

Special thanks to FrenzyApe.5809 on the forums for figuring out 3 of the components.

Combine the following in the Mystic Forge


Oni Blade

The iron rings on the blade move around when you swing the greatsword.


  • Demallia

    Now if we could just get the os oni daggers

  • Raizel


  • ChewyxD

    I’m actually digging the look of this great sword.

  • Taiwan Wolf

    Meh, was hoping this was gonna be the Kitana sword and Dagger that was datamined ages ago.

    • Diz

      The Katana was released almost a year or more ago, now. Belinda’s Greatsword, you can find it in the wardrobe. The Tanto was never released though.

      • cminnett

        TW is likely talking about these two weapons on the right, not Belinda’s Greatsword — the tanto was one of two that were datamined.

        • QJ

          I think I may need a bib for the drooling over the last two labled as “Katana”…

      • Taiwan Wolf

        When I say sword I mean 1handed Sword.

  • Phobia256

    Great way to make sure the mystic coin price never drops back down to 10s 🙁
    First the mystic skins being required for the specialization collections (9 x 30), then the winter’s presence collection (3 x 50), now this.

  • Lord

    Hi, Dulfy, is the blade account bound first ? or soulbound on creation ?
    Thanks again for all your posts

    • Dusan

      there is no reason for it to be soulbound immediately, my guess is it is account bound.

    • Billy bob

      it says soul bound on item

    • It is soulbound on equip, so tradeable when you first make it

  • Crisis Knight

    it’s a nice addition that took forever, but it’s not enough to get me to re-install lol

    • nerbz

      Hi, I am a useless comment, following from another useless comment. Thank you for commenting..

  • Da Po

    Oh look, another greatsword…

  • Erik Benefield

    Wish it didn’t have the cords on it.

  • Asda

    This is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • Irving Sanchez

    I personally love it, reminds me of factions <3 Long live the Oni.

  • Cynn

    Which armor set is she wearing?

    • Nature’s Oath outfit

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