GW2 Oni Blade Recipe

GW2 Oni Blade Mystic Forge Recipe. This recipe was introduced with Jan 26, 2016 patch.

Special thanks to FrenzyApe.5809 on the forums for figuring out 3 of the components.

Combine the following in the Mystic Forge


Oni Blade

The iron rings on the blade move around when you swing the greatsword.


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21 replies on “GW2 Oni Blade Recipe”

The Katana was released almost a year or more ago, now. Belinda’s Greatsword, you can find it in the wardrobe. The Tanto was never released though.

Great way to make sure the mystic coin price never drops back down to 10s 🙁
First the mystic skins being required for the specialization collections (9 x 30), then the winter’s presence collection (3 x 50), now this.

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