GW2 The Shatterer Achievements Guide

A guide to the new Shatterer achievements introduced with Jan 26 update.


The Shatterer spawns north of Lowland Burns Waypoint in Blazeridge Steppes ([&BE4DAAA=]). He is on a 3 hr cycle, spawning every 3 hrs. Use the boss timer page to see when he spawns in your time.

Meta Achievement: The Shatter  – 25 AP

  • You will need to complete 10 out of the 11 possible achievements. Completing this meta achievement grant you the Branded Backpiece. Most of the achievements are fairly easy to do except for the No-Fly Zone which require to break the Shatterer’s breakbar 20 times. You can complete most achievements with 10 Shatterer kills.
  • Achievements can be found under General –> The Shatterer


Burns Blunder – 10 AP

  • Stand in the wrong place when the Shatterer lands. Basically you need to stand in where Shatterer will land and get crushed to death. You can simply use the nearby waypoint to get back.Use the map below to guide yourself to the correct location and get to it before the Shatterer lands.


Shattering Setup – 3 AP

  • You need to use the mortar, turret and jumping pad at least once during the fight to complete this achievement. Jump pad is the easiest but you will need to find unnammed mortar/turrets. There are only 3 turrets and they are not useable until the Shatterer lands. Mortars can be controlled before the Shatterer lands so get there early if you want the achievement.


Crystal Healing Denier – 6 AP

  • Destroy 20 Pulsating Crystal Nodes during the Shatterer battle. These crystal nodes spawn to heal the Shatterer. You will see a text on your screen and these crystals are fairly large so it is hard to miss. They take almost no damage until you break their breakbar but once the bar is broken they go down almost instantaneously so make sure to tag them.
  • About 4 Crystals spawn at once and they may spawn 2-3 times per fight so you should get this achievment done quickly if you tag them.


Lightning Reflex – 10 AP

  • Dodge the Shatterer’s Focused Lightning Attack 40 times while gliding. It is ideal if you have stealth gliding for this. Use the jump pad to shoot up and glide towards the Shatterer. When you see a crosshair on you, dodge immediately to enter stealth gliding. If you do it successfully, you will stay in the air.Otherwise you will get knocked to the ground and possibly die.
  • If you don’t have stealth gliding, just stop gliding when you see the mark on your head  and fall on the ground until the mark disappears. Remember to redeploy your glider before you hit the ground.


Medic! – 10 AP

  • Provide 50 med kits to your allies using the mortars or the glider bomber kit. Both glider and mortars drop a med kit if you use the #2 skill.

Shattering Evasion – 5 AP

  • Defeat the Shatterer without ever being imprisoned in a crystal. This is fairly easy to do if you don’t get too close to the Shatterer. I don’t believe there is a tell before the crystals imprison you. You just get knocked down right before it. You just need to do defeat the Shatterer once without being imprisoned.

Crystal Clear – 10 AP

  • Break 40 people out of crystal prisons created by the Shatterer. This can be a bit hard to get sometimes as the crystals have low HP and they die quickly. Make sure you are in melee range and have a ranged weapon you can tag the crystals when other players get imprisoned. The best way is of course getting imprisoned yourself.


Branded Bane – 10 AP

  • Kill 500 Branded during the Shatterer Battle. Pretty straightforward, just make sure you tag all the branded mobs that spawn.

No-Fly Zone – 6 AP

  • Break the Shatterer’s defiance bar 20 times, preventing its Shard Storm attack. This can be a bit difficult depending on how organized your map is. Shatterer has a rather tiny breakbar beneath his HP bar. There isn’t a very clear tell when his breakbar is up so you will need to keep an eye on his HP bar and call people to break it. If you want to get organized, make sure the players on your map all equip crowd control skills and yell out when the breakbar is up.


Smash the Dragon – 5 AP

  • Complete the fight once without the Shatter ever taking off and using Shard Storm. You need to make sure that Shatterer’s breakbars are all broken for the entire fight.

Bash the Dragon – 10 AP

  • Kill the Shatterer 10 times.
  • bob

    You do not need Stealth Gliding for the lightning reflexes achievement. When I was targeted, I simply pressed the spacebar to stop gliding, “dodged” the attach, and when I went back to gliding I had received credit.

    • pimp

      what a pimp

    • The Shatterer

      I can confirm this method.
      ..Tiny foes falling from the sky are hard to hit

  • Ainseland

    rangers ur tym 2 shine i a gud way,,, spam ur knockback!

  • The Shatterer

    There appears to be a bug which prevents players from getting progression towards the Crystal Healing Denier achievement.
    Either that or the Healing Crystals need to be destroyed before they commence healing me.

    • Sime

      Can confirm, tagged 5 crystals in the fight – still 0%.

      • Doghouse

        The only times I’ve got credit for a crystal, I’ve been thumping away at it hard when it broke, and for a while before that reducing the break bar. So far I haven’t managed to get more than one per spawn.

  • Becii

    Is there anything special to do with the turrents for Shattering Setup me and also some guildies cant get the achievment wie tried if from every turrent pressed 1 and 2 on him idk what to do anybody else got the same issue?

  • Lorraine

    DeadlyPixel.8734 has been organizing successful No-Fly Zone runs. A lot of organizing, patience and credit goes to [LUCK] for helping everyone earn achievements. Thank you!!

    • Anrui

      When do they organize it? I’m pretty interested ^^

      • Lorraine

        He usually starts 45 – 30 minutes before the event. Search for Deadlypixel.8734 I’ve been joining their runs, so you can search for me as well. “Saraya Nightbreeze.3907”

        PS. An Arena.Net staffer was present for one of [Luck]s runs. I’ve seen TTS present as well.

        • ilyana19

          But then, around what time would they do them? Morning, afternoon, evening, night? Or perhaps all…LOL

          • Deadlypixel

            Yes, I am from the US server so if anybody is looking for help on EU server, sorry but that won’t be me 🙁
            As for time frames, its all over the place honestly. My sleep schedule has kinda been offset due to these shatterer achievement runs. I do try to do as many as possible. Most runs are in the morning (9am and 12pm MST) As I typically work from 9pm-6am Thursday-Monday. (Tuesday and Wednesday nights I have off, so those nights I’ll be running as many as possible).

            • ilyana19

              That’s good to know. Thanks!! Will try to join in on those runs.

        • Anrui

          You should have said they’re from the US server >_< I'm from EU ;_;

  • EU organizing No-Fly Zone runs?

    • Nyter25

      i’m also looking

  • Mhae

    is there any organized for NA for No-Fly Zone runs?

    • Deadlypixel

      I typically organize them whenever I have the chance (somewhat sporadic due to my working schedule and such). However just yesterday they did patch the shatterer to make it so the CC bar doesn’t scale as badly (not sure how easy/hard it is still), but if you still struggle to get in maps, feel free to friend me “deadlypixel.8734” and I will help you when I can.

      I also do Smash the Dragon map runs as well.

  • SuzukiMasami

    Can the Lightning Reflex achievement be done without HoT/gliding? Is it possible to get the meta achievement without Heart of Thorns?

    • Trash

      you only need 10/11 to get the meta achievement so you can skip that one- though there was someone in my map last night saying they managed to get a few dodges while on the ground, though i can’t confirm that.

  • SuzukiMasami

    I’ve done the new Shatterer 3 times so far, and each time I’ve just strictly used turrets and mortars only. In fact, I’ve been so far from the Shatterer, that I’ve never even seen the crystal prisons before (the ones shown in the above image
    Yet, I still don’t have the Shattering Evasion achievement. I don’t recall ever being imprisoned in 1 of those crystals before. Is this achievement currently bugged with the current game update?

  • Abraham Al Polishchuk

    I cheesed Bruns Blunder on my necro. I stood in the same spot as multiple other people, I died and got the achievement, they did not.

    Step 1: Remove all armor
    Step 2: Spam Blood is Power, Corrupt Boon, and Epidemic.
    Step 3: Be without armor, with vulnerability, at low HP when dragon lands.
    Step 4: If at all near the right spot, die, receive achievement

  • Delnadrius

    Fought the Shatterer quite a few times since update, this is what I’ve found:

    Shatterer appears to have the break-bar phase after its first breath (jump when clock hits 14:17) and after every 3rd offensive breath afterwards (sends out purple flames, many damaging aoe circles). The bar animation usually happens right after the breath animation ends, HOWEVER: I’ve seen the Shatterer delay the bar animation once by summoning minions and once with an attack, but the bar animation followed right after.

    Rarely, If the damage is just right, the Shatterer can enter the crystal regeneration phase directly after a 3rd breath and become unpredictable. I’ve had this happen twice and the result one time was that the Shatterer entered the break-bar phase after an additional breath animation, the other time: the Shatterer entered his break-bar phase almost directly after the regeneration phase ended.

  • Zaire Kelly

    burns blunder seem to be in the wrong spot a few cm on map above and a few feet to the left in game. 🙁 where the commander icons are vs dulfy location. hopefully it won’t matter and shatter stomps entire area.. i’ll find out shortly.

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