SWTOR Changes to Start at 60 Armor

Start at 60 armor granted to new characters will become bind on pick starting with patch 4.1.

Changes to Start at 60 Armor | 01.26.2016, 08:02 PM

Hey folks,

Right now, when you make a brand new Start at 60 character, the armor that your character is wearing is Bind on Legacy. This has allowed players to make characters with the purpose of moving that armor appearance around to other characters. What we have seen on our side is that this has created a large increase in players creating characters just to get the armor sets, and then deleting those characters. This has created a negative impact on the data side. In order address this, we need to make some changes to how that gear works.

Starting in Game Update 4.1, the gear that comes with a Start at 60 character will be Bind on Pickup. This change will also affect all existing Start at 60 gear. Now, we know that there is a lot of interest in having those appearance available to characters. So here is a list of where you can attain those appearances in-game in 4.1:

  • Sith Warrior – Alliance Supply Crate
  • Sith Inquisitor – Alliance Supply Crate
  • Imperial Agent – Crafted (Grade 8)
  • Bounty Hunter – Crafted (Grade 8)
  • Jedi Knight – Alliance Supply Crate
  • Jedi Consular – Crafted (Grade 8)
  • Smuggler – Crafted (Grade 8)
  • Trooper – Crafted (Grade 9)

Note that all of this gear is currently Faction specific. We are looking into adding non-Faction specific versions in the future.

Thanks everyone!

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Could just add a vendor selling the sets for 1cred each, save the data, keep the players happy. If I have to keep coming up with easy solutions and better ideas, I’m going to be needing more than 600 cc a month.

They already have a better solution though. Collections is clearly the best way to add these, but they hugely underutilize Collections.

I approve of this message.
I was thinking another cool solution would be to give it via legacy for getting the associated class to 65 or something – Would be better than a few achievement points…

They could do that but history shows that instead they will add recoloured versions to the Cartel Market for 1200 CC.

Seriously? People are buying insta-60 tokens for how much – 2200 cc – and then delete those toons just for armor? That’s even more Insane than buying 30 crates for 5000 cc.

You get one free with subscription. Create a character, send the armour off to an alt, delete, create a new level 60 character with a different class, send the next armour off to an alt, rinse, and repeat.

Hm. Did not know that! I thought when I used my free insta 60 token it was gone. As it happens I just yesterday deleted the Sentinel created 2 months ago. Need to check if I can recycle that token now.

As long as you did not level to 61 when you deleted, the token should refund. If you leveled to 61, you don’t get the token back.

I had a reason why I deleted the Sent and don’t want it back. Just wondering why I’m always too late for every party in the house… I didn’t even know about this exploit until today = the day they announced it’s over.

It’s not an exploit-it’s just being removed because it’s creating too many problems on their end, data-wise.

Now all the servers will simultaneously crash as everyone rushes even more to get copies of all the armors before the change.

Honestly, I want a system of crafting armor for appearance and only appearance. No faction restrictions, no class restrictions, everything that’s been in the game since day one. I’ve been here since the beginning, and even I’ve missed out on a lot of cosmetic armor, not to mention the people who started later. Give us the ability to make the base variants of every set of armor, leaving the more unique and exclusive sets for people to go for through other means. I’ve been trying to get certain pieces of armor for so long, and some of what I wanted is impossible to get now, so I really want to see this implemented.

“All of this gear is faction specific” No, it isn’t. The Knight, Warrior and Inquisitor sets look the same on both sides, if you use the Alliance Crate versions.

I didn’t really like the outfits for the Smuggler and Bounty Hunter for the Start at Level 60 anyways, but being able to pass on some of the side gear [earpiece, implants, etc. ] to other characters when they’re of level to use it, if possible — is still a nice option.

I hadn’t really checked what the gear looked like for the other classes yet.

Not a fan of adding more filler to the Alliance Supply crates. Additional crafting options sounds like a good thing to me, though.

This right here. ^ Don’t know how many times I have gotten the same piece in a row. Why add more to that mix when I already have multiple bays filled with this stuff.

Adding all of it to crafting would breathe some more life into the system.

Yea……don’t hold your breath. Every decision they make now is the one that makes the least amount of sense. Doing something smart and productive to their community is now shunned in Bioware Austin.

Those sets are already there:

Sith Warrior – Alliance Supply Crate > Remnant Dreadguard Warrior

Sith Inquisitor – Alliance Supply Crate > Remnant Arkanian Inquisitor

Jedi Knight – Alliance Supply Crate > Remnant Arkanian Knight (hooded version)

I don’t think they are adding to the Crates. Those sets are already there:

Sith Warrior – Alliance Supply Crate > Remnant Dreadguard Warrior

Sith Inquisitor – Alliance Supply Crate > Remnant Arkanian Inquisitor

Jedi Knight – Alliance Supply Crate > Remnant Arkanian Knight (hooded version)

might wanna do a double check since the arkanian knight gear is yellowish ugly

the underworld knight gear is the one with hood up 😛

That’s much less frustrating. Thanks for info. The one set I’ve managed to complete after getting all my specialists to 20 is an agent set.

Has there been any response by the devs as to why the methods of acquiring there are so randomly varied? Seems awful unfair that some sets can be crafted and others are stuck behind the randomness of supply crates.

Not that I ever encourage games to copy ideas but I played a game called Wild Star that lets me spend a little of their game currency to add any piece of armor I like to this wardrobe accessible by all characters that lets me custom tailor my appearance from any item I’ve put there. I don’t even need to keep the armors or anything their appearance is just saved for use whenever I want. Obvious problems would be buying one cartel coin armor set and spreading the appearance across all characters but isn’t unlocking an armor in collections the same thing. But for non CC pack or market items spending credits to unlock an appearance could be cool. And of course the space is limited so they could sell wardrobe size increases for CC coins so more money for them. But not before weapon appearance slots.

This was to be expected. People are sh*t so they will abuse anything they can so it needs to be curbed. I’m glad they’re doing this. Someone said “no fun allowed” …well that’s what happens when you can’t control yourself and force the issue.

Such grudge, much whine. You’ve seriously spent 14 months in a game you don’t enjoy in any way? You are one sick individual, that is unhealthy.

What happened 14 months ago? The two most recent raids have only just reached a year old, which is old but they revamped or re-leveled the old ones depending on how you look at it just a few months ago. Its not the same as new but don’t raiders care less about story and more about challenge anyway, that’s what I get about from reading comments anyway. Let Bioware get on their monthly schedule thing they’re setting up and not too long after they’ll find a chapter perfect to release a raid with. Unless you mean PVP which has been greatly ignored more than group PVE content.

Fool….its not the legacy armor we are after, it s the !!!!!!! silent 🙂 not gonna say it so that bio might change it instead of fixing the real bugS!

You know the real way to fix this would be to eliminate the a ability to create an instant 60 then delete it, then create an instant 60 then delete it, then create an instant 60 then delete it……..

BioWare does not fix problems. They only create workarounds. Look at this game, it’s built on workarounds. That’s why everytime everything collapses when they change something.

They have never been interested in fixing problems the right way.

Pretty sure most of these are already available with helms:

Sith Warrior – Alliance Supply Crate > Remnant Dreadguard Warrior

Sith Inquisitor – Alliance Supply Crate > Remnant Arkanian Inquisitor

Imperial Agent – Crafted (Grade 8) > Trimantium/Doonium Onslaught (Imp)

Bounty Hunter – Crafted (Grade 8) > Trimantium/Doonium Asylum (Imp)

Jedi Knight – Alliance Supply Crate > Remnant Arkanian Knight (hooded version)

Jedi Consular – Crafted (Grade 8) > Ottegan Force Expert (Pub) (includes shoulder and wrist pads)

Smuggler – Crafted (Grade 8) > Trimantium/Doonium Onslaught (Pub)

Trooper – Crafted (Grade 9) > NEW

If that is the case I am fine with it. I just don’t want them to add to the madness. I have been trying to get the Remnant Underworld Inquisitor set. I picked up the chest back in October. Since then I have received the boots from that set more then a dozen times and no other pieces.

I was afraid that it would become even a worse chance to see the pieces I wanted.

So we lose the BtL on the offhands and armor and stuff? Why change it people have to spend money on getting those insta 60s or getting them though the GTN for an extreame amount of Creds either way I find this change not really needed some of the armor is eh looking but most of us love the BtL parts of them! For all who don’t have enough for certain rep with say gree for the offhand BtL this was a perfect way… guess its back to griding rep again shame bio…

The point is that people use a single 60 token (potentially the free one all subs got), create a 60, mail off the armor, delete the character for a refund, create a new 60 with the same token, mail off the armor, etc. etc. etc.

Thus, people aren’t actually spending money, but still are doing constant creation/deletion of characters to amass free cosmetic gear for all of their other characters. As others have speculated, the problem isn’t likely the fact that people have BtL gear, but rather the data requirements of the constant mass creation/deletion of characters. Rather than actually solve the data-side problems, they are simply removing the incentive to keep creating/deleting characters.

If they are having problems with data because there are extra legacy gear sets roaming around. There is no hope we will ever get more legacy or cargo storage to accomodiate all the things they want us to collect. (looking at you new mat 9)

I suspect the data problems are because of mass creation and subsequent deletion of characters. I mean, even creating a level 60 character was problematic at launch.

Yeah theyre definately having issues – I recently had a problem with a character rename. You know how when you transfer characters and if the name is taken it names you the invalid JQNNMMMLPJMMQQN or something along that line so to force the rename? well it didnt let me rename and logged me in that way. Now my character is stuck with that ridiculous name. My ticket has been “open” for almost 2 weeks now with no response or action.

took me 1 day shy of a month to get an answer from them after losing items during that harbinger rollback fiasco.

They gave me 200 cartel coins… guess it’s better than nothing.

They gave me 200 coins for taking a month and 3 days to answer a ticket about class buffs not working on myself when I transferred a character. After telling me twice it was fixed when it wasn’t. Had to explain that the character could put buffs on OTHER people just fine, it was using them on myself that didn’t work. And it was at least 3 weeks between answers each time.

No doubt it could be that but in turn if delete toons are what makes them have to change such a good feature of legacy gear. Not a chance in hell are we getting more storage to accommodate the things we need to collect much less the things we want to collect

Oh joy! i get to get the same pieces from over 20 different crates…..morons.

They should leave it as it is or make a set of them available from the cartel market….empty shells ofcourse.

But doing it this way is really lame and pathetic.

I hope they know this change will likely cost them money in the long run……comes to show how idiotic they are.

Hey how about instead of making us grind those stupid packs you simply CREATE AN NPC that SELL THESE FUCKING ARMOUR SETS FOR DATA CRYSTALS… Even glowing data crystals is fine… I’ve got those coming out of my ears.

Because these devs aren’t that good. They really can’t figure how to do an MMO out. They have a bunch of above-average writers (most), mediocre development team, and a community team that has grayed out like Obama over his presidency.

EA is gonna milk this, end it, then make another new MMO with another studio.

At least is not SOE Entretainment, those motherfuckers just love make MMO’s and they thrash them as soon as they get bored of mantaining them just to make new MMO’s and repeat the same story.

I prefer Bioware, they usually fuck things up but they at least keep trying to add more and more content instead of just throwing the towel…

It would be great if all of them would be easily craftable in 4.1, alas the nicer ones like the Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor versions won’t be, which is just such a shame. Those will be in alliance crates and thus randomly awarded and not tradable.
I know many that have subscribed just to get a set of each for their legacy, but now they have all cancelled the subscription as they feel betrayed.

Would it have been so hard to just send each character that reaches level 60 a mail with the set appropriate for the class and leave it bind on legacy as it is?

By the way, I still think no trade/binding items in MMOs should be done away with and everything should be tradable and reusable so you could give your friends/Padawans/apprentices, etc. your old gear you no longer need once you have better and make them happy.

why are we surprised by how behind Bioware is on anything? It took them 4 years to figure out how to add a temporary quickbar. And it seems it took them four years to figure out they should never have made an MMO and just made Kotor 3 with yearly added content packs.

How does this work if you have the gear in the outfitter? On my 65 I put the Start at 60 gear in her outfitter slot but it is my lower level 60 that is currently equipping it. I have also mix and matched other sets from crates to create looks in outfitter. It shouldn’t matter right?

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