SWTOR Changes to Cartel Market Packs with Patch 4.1

Bioware is making some changes to the packs on the cartel market with patch 4.1.

Changes Coming to Packs with 4.1 | 01.27.2016, 04:06 PM

Hey folks,

As you may know, our Cartel Market team has been making constant adjustments to how packs work, since our rework in Fallen Empire. We have heard in the past few months a lot of feedback from players that they really like the functionality of the “Grand Packs.” Think of anything from the Bronze, Silver, Gold Packs to the old Grand packs we released last year. Because of this, we are making some changes to the new pack which will release with 4.1.
Currently when you open a Cartel Market pack, this is what you receive:

  • 2 items from the pack (Mounts, Decorations, etc)
  • 1 grade 5 or 6 Companion Gift
  • 1 Scrap

When you open the new Firebrand Pack in 4.1 you will receive the following:

  • 2 items- either a new item from the pack (Mounts, Decorations, etc) or a Grand Chance Cube (more on this in a second)
  • 1 grade 5 or 6 Companion Gift
  • 1 Scrap

Now you are asking, what is the Grand Chance Cube? Think of it as the ultimate Grand Pack. Inside a Grand Chance Cube you have a chance to receive any available Cartel Market Pack item, including from the current Pack. Also, the Grand Chance Cube acts as a Grand Pack in that if you open an Armor Lootbox, it will contain the entire armor set, not just a few pieces.

This change allows us to place more emphasis on the Silver and Gold items in each pack, as we are no longer building new Bronze items. Now, in place of Bronze items you will receive a Grand Chance Cube. This Cube can contain the rarest of Cartel Market selections, giving you a second chance at highly-desired items.

Due to the ongoing changes in the Cartel Market, all of this is subject to change. It is likely that more changes will follow in the future.
Let me know if you have any questions on how these new packs work and I will work to clear up any confusion.

Changes Coming to Packs with 4.1 | 01.28.2016, 03:43 PM

Hey folks,
We have definitely seen a few consistent topics popping up in this thread and we want to make sure we get answers to those questions. Here they are:

How much will packs cost after these changes?
The price will remain the same as the previous pack at 200 Cartel Coins per pack. Even with the price being the same, it is worth noting that you have a higher chance to receive Gold and Silver items than there was previously.

Are Grand Chance Cubes replacing all Bronze items in packs?
Yes, any time you would have gotten a Bronze item in the past, you will now get a Grand Chance Cube in its place.

Is it possible that I can get two Grand Chance Cubes in one pack (meaning no new items)?
Yes, this is possible. Just as with previous packs, it is possible to get two Bronze drops together, and in this case that means two Grand Chance Cubes. Keep in mind that you can get a new item from a Grand Chance Cube. It is even possible to get a full lootboxed version of one of the new Gold Armor Sets.

How does this change affect the drop rate on new pack items?
The Bronze category will be less common than it was in the past. This means that there is a higher drop rate for Silver and Gold items (which are new to the pack).

What are the drop rates for Bronze, Silver, and Gold items inside of the Grand Chance Cube?
Although we can’t go into details on specific drop rates, Silver and Gold items will be much more common in the Grand Chance Cube than they were in previous Bronze and Grand Packs.

Are Collection unlock prices going to be adjusted?
There are no plans to adjust Collection unlock prices at this time.

Are there or more less new items in the new pack, with the removal of Bronze items?
There are more Silver and Gold items than there were in previous packs, but less items overall with the removal of Bronze.

Thanks everyone.

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What the hell? Are they removing bronze items so we can’t unlock the cheap bronze items at only 60 cc now we only get gold and silver which costs 400 cc or 240 cc to unlock for your legacy? I’m confused.

That appears to be the case. You’d hope they reduce the unlock fee. But until they mention it (or if they ever do) then it can be assumed it’s to pull in more cash.

Not happy about this also. When I got a bunch of bronzes, I’d unlock them, resulting in a “you never know when you might want it” kind of satisfaction. I hardly ever unlock the 240 plus stuff and instead it clogs up my bank while I sit on who should get it.

Still not enough value. Reintroduce the Certificates. That would go a long way. Guarantee a Certificate and I will start buying again.
I don’t want or need companion gifts. I get tons with Alliance crates. Switch them out, or give a token that can be redeemed for a random companion gift OR a Certificate.

Ehhhhhhhh… not sure I like this. When I open packs I want items from that pack, not a rando-box that might reward me with junk armour from 2013. Although it does make it sound like there may be a better chance of getting silver/gold drops? Hard to tell.

junk armor or something that you can sell for 20 million…random is random, but I get what you mean. I prefer getting items from the current pack as well, provided there’s enough quality in there. I do get that they want to appeal to the gamblers though…they do provide a good cash influx for the game.

I used to be one of those gamblers, but this does not appeal to me at all. I could just get more of the same old crap I can’t get rid of.

It’s not entirely clear, but to me it sounds like the Chance Cube will replace the bronze rubbish in the packs. If that’s true, it might be a nice improvement, instead of new bronze stuff you don’t want, you get either old bronze stuff you don’t want, or a rare old thing you do want.

Poor decision, if I buy a crate or a hypercrate its because I want a item from that pack not a chance of a old set which chances are I already own, if I wanted that I would just stick to the Bronze, Silver and Gold packs when they appear.

Let me guess, they are going to revert back to the old system again within the month without any prior or long term warning? I just don’t see this as catching on, I’d rather have that extra pack added into hypercrate with the chance for getting a gold item from that particular shipment.

Likewise. Got it all already but now I have to be careful when giving new characters duplicate weapons/armour as my certificate supply is running low :/

All those reputation vendor items drop from BSG packs and can now be unlocked in Collections, so they’re probably in the chance cubes as well.

Never, because of the bitches that whined ” it’s not fair that you have to buy packs to get the certs!” I hate those people. IT WAS A FUCKING REWARD FOR BUYING THE PACKS!!

Ok, so let me get this straight, they are replacing the bronze items (the ones you are most likely to get) with this new cube. This cube has OLD items in it. Who is giving them this feedback? NO ONE wants to buy a new pack and get old stuff. It is conceivable that you could get a bronze mount and bronze armor from 2 years ago. If I want a bronze armor pack I’ll buy one. I’ve got cargo holds full of that crap that I can’t sell for more then grand. They took 2 steps forward when they added the second item back into the pack now they have taken a step back. Yeah, still not going to buy them.

You could get 2 cubes. They said that the cube is replacing the bronze level items. Somtimes you get 2 bronze items so you could conceivably get 2 cubes and nothing new from that shipment.

Think of it another way – what if you were a new player who just started in the fall with SW7 launch? Having just figured out what GTN is for, and noticing the prices for those “old” items from prior packs, this might be just what you want.
So far, the game’s “loyalty” programs seem to be more about stamping out loyalty rather than rewarding it. This pack change is great for new players, whose cargo bays are mercifully free of cybernetic 505 paperweights.

In a way we did ask for this but not directly. Seems like many of us (Or at least some) are asking for the older items or at least a method of getting them.

This is just their bizarre way of doing that I guess.

in other words.. “we think that unlocking bronze items is too cheap, so we are just going to arbitrarily make all items silver and gold, to make you spend more cartel coins on collections, even if item quality is not objectively going to rise”

Another great example of why am a strictly a GTN only client; I like to get exactly what I pay for. But hey, if anyone else wanna spend real cash on these so I can get em for free w/ credits, by all means, and thank you!

“Whaaaaann, wwwaaaaaaaaa!

Developing 10 armor sets per pack is too much work! We only want to make 5… but think you should still give us the same amount of money… Oh! And we still want it to be gambling. A $40 hypercrate shouldn’t guarantee you all 5 new sets. Heh. That’d just be silly.”


I normally try to defend them… but damn.

Eaware really don´t care about their players. I´m happy that i stopped playing and feel sorry for you who are still active players.

Thank you, we appreciate your concern. I wake up devastated every day, knowing that I will have to login to this horrendous experience and torture myself by playing on the same planets and in the same operations as always. I feel sorry for myself, but it’s not enough, it is always welcome when others feel sorry for me too. I think your comment gave me the strength to continue playing for another month.

So instead of 60 cc unlock for bronze item we will pay 240 cc for silver that really should be bronze. Not mentioning getting less items from current pack.
What’s the point of G/S/B packs again?

I am talking about items from new pack and any future items. They removed bronze items, so, essentially, silvers would be flooding markets with an unlock price of 240cc+. Profit!

Well it’s not rape if you don’t say no. If you willingly pay then you wanted it. But I do Agee with the part about them telling us it’s our idea.

They may not literally be shoving large objects painfully into openings, but figuratively they just bent a lot of people over the barrel and made them cry like wee brats. Sure sounds like rape to me.

Once again. How is this rape? Who are they forcing to buy these packs? If some dude walks up to you and says I want to shove this thing in you and you say OK, it’s not rape. By paying for these packs you are saying OK.

It’s just how people talk. My boss tells me to get a report in two days early and I say to my girlfriends that he’s “killing me” well no, he’s not litterally killing me. He just ruined my weekend. Bioware makes their vanity stuff way harder to get and we metaphorically say it’s “rape” because we feel expoited that what used to be cheap will now be less so. It’s a metaphore for rape, same as when a pvper says they raped me in a warzone. No, they did not hogtie me and abuse my mouth, but they did make my character their bitch when they slaughtered me over and over again.

Ok Bioware, how about if you dont want to make bronze armor anymore you give us cartel certificates at the drop rate of bronze instead, so at least we can turn in all those little nothings in for a decent something i might actually want

I always wanted to buy new packs and get old items in them. I gave my feedback for it a lot to BioWare. I specifically told them I want a random item from among ALL the old shitty stuff.

That is the point of those grand packs. They are now putting them in the regular packs. Why not just buy a grand pack if that is what you want? This is just stupid.

You may want to read the first paragraph where they explain the change is based on our feedback. As for my profile picture: I post a lot on gay sites and it’s very popular there.

So let me translate: ‘we actually ran out of reskin/re colour combinations from past sets and we can’t be arsed to design enough new ones to fill the next shipment so we are replacing bronze reskin sets with random crap from previous packs’ – seriously, if they should have had chance cubes contain 5 tradable CM rep items and a cartel cert. Would have made players much happier.

Ugh… how can I value a full set of armor vs just a mount or just a color crystal or just a color dye or just a pet or just a weapon or just a deco? That’s what people like from the grand packs. You get to put priority on what you want for your coins!

Literally nobody asked for this shit. Why can’t they just listen to feedback rather than trying to come up with ever-more bizarre ways to change things. Sack whoever keeps making these retarded changes.

Thank god they are working on reformatting pack drops. This is exactly what I have been begging for. More Dev resources dedicated to arbitrary changes to the cartel market. They have been listening to us!!!!

Their decision making has been remarkably terrible lately. Did a Disney employee thats never played a video game join the team as a consultant or something? Geeeeez!

Someone somewhere probably has some numbers to point out. Now the question is did these numbers actually come from somewhere or did they come out of some fantasy…

Initially I thought KOTFE was brilliant, but it was merely the beginning of an never ending avalanche of bad ideas.

I assume the cube will be like the rest of the stuff, bound for 36 hours, then can be sold on gtn.
Who knows, maybe you might end up with a black white power crystal that sells for like 10 million.

You could, or you could get a pink magenta that won’t sell for 10 credits. The point is that they said they introduced the grand packs so that you could get old items, and now they a shoving them up our asses in the NEW ITEM packs. It’s complete bullshit.

If these grand chance cubes are the new bronze then they need to change the drop rates, last two packs I opened got me four bronze items, I don’t want to buy the new pack and keep looting crap from old packs even if it turns out to be a whole armor set.

Sooooooo, Is this Grand hance cube thing another RNG aspect in the cartel pack system? So from what I understand (correct me if I’m wrong) but the old system worked like this

Pack—> Items (RNG)

And the new ones will work like this

Pack —> Items (RNG), Chance of Grand Chance Cube —-> Another Item (RNG).

Think of it like this: If the Cube takes up a slot in the packs that would otherwise drop a Gold Quality Item. Instead of a Gold Quality Item You get only a CHANCE at the Gold Item again. eg a much lower chance of anything good dropping from the pack.

Seems like all this would do is add another layer of RNG disappointment to an already abusive system. The devs know there is only 1 or 2 good things in each pack since 4.0 and those drop rates are absolutely rubbish.

What this “Cube” SHOULD do is give you a choice of any Grand Gold Pack if you get it. That way they can’t use it to dilute the current system

tl;dr: The Cubes are only there to reduce your chance of a Gold Item

> Think of it like this: If the Cube takes up a slot in the packs
> that would otherwise drop a Gold Quality Item.

Except that it is taking up a bronze slot:
“Now, in place of Bronze items you will receive a Grand Chance Cube.”

I’m not really seeing what all the crying is about. People were whining because some of the old armors/crystals/etc that they liked but didn’t get were no longer available. So they give us a chance to get them again (and the full armor set too, not just a random belt!) and suddenly everyone is throwing a tantrum about it? There are tons of old armor sets I’d like to get without having to pay 20Mil for just the boots. (I’m looking at you, Satele…) Though if I just get a pair of dancing outfits, I may cry.

Because there’s different kind of people. Some like you still want some of the old stuff they don’t have yet. For that we already had BSG packs. Some have been around longer or been able to pay for it so they have all the old stuff they want and only want new stuff. For that we had the normal packs. But now the two are combined into one, so you don’t have a choice. If they just kept both kinds they could keep both types of people somewhat happy.

Exactly. This will be the only shipment like this. The outcry is huge. They even said it is subject to change, that’s proof that they are testing the waters. The only way for the packs to go back is if people quit buying them in protest.

This. I currently have EVERYTHING from all packs in my Collections and far more spares to sell than I have time for. I have zero need for old items, not even for selling, as I have too much old stuff to sell.
I only want new things.

Ok, so as I see it from this and the SWTOR boards, the issue is this:

The Alliance packs have been lackluster in offers, especially with armor packs.

The BSG packs have been a huge success, and are very popular with players while also profitable.

Players want a return of the Cartel Certificates and Reputation items, which allow for use of certain vendors but are no longer in circulation.

SWTOR wants to remove Bronze items of all kinds.

Players MUCH prefer armor released as a full set, rather than as a single piece or partial pack.

The Chance Cube is a random roll of Silver and Gold items of ANY kind (Armor, Decor, Weapons, etc) instead of the far more focused BSG packs. This is around 200+ items.

The new pack idea is almost universally disliked to HATED by players. Forum has at last check 11 pages of “no thanks you” already.

SO why not have the new pack include the following instead:
One Pack related item, with armor as a full set.
One Decoration Item, pack related.
One Silver-style ‘Chance Cube’ (which allows for a Gold Cube on a 1 to 10 basis) of a specific type, non-bound. So a Silver Armor Cube, Silver Weapon Cube, etc. Thus, if you get one you don’t need, you can easily sell it to those that don’t.
One Reputation item at random, with a rare chance at a Cartel Certificate.
One Scrap.

Put ALL the old Bronze items on the Cartel Market for direct sale, instead of being in the packs. Make no more new Bronze items. That way you satisfy the new players and allow older ones to round out their collections over time.

We really don’t need EXP boosters, as there are so many options to do that in game, it’s getting sad.

This allows for the interest in the new packs, give access to older ones, frees up the desires to get reputation items, fills out the potential of the CM and NO ONE LOSES ANYTHING.

WHat do you think?

They did not say the chance cube was silver and gold items only just that it would be something from a previous set including bronze items more than likely, also it could be a weapon and there are more than a few dozen weapons I would prefer not to loot again. And you can’t say there are no more bronze items, some of the new silver will simply not be as popular and be considered the new bronze by the players.

DEFINITELY bring back Cartel Market Certificates! Also, don’t forget more Stronghold decorations. I also enjoyed receiving those occasional Credit Boons as filler stuff.

So is the last Alliance pack that was removed from collections? Just re-branded as the Firebrand pack?

I am really starting to buy into the idea that they are just on life support mode. With devs moving on and customer support going to the void. When they run out of cartel market resprays you know something is wrong.

No its new stuff but instead of also making a pack for old stuff they thought they’d kill two birds with one stone by making this new pack give old stuff half the time, bronze items are about half the time right or at least they are for me.

Oh that part I get which is why I haven’t bought a single pack in quite some time.

But there was a new Alliance pack that showed in collections for preview then disappeared. It should have come out this month at some point. So I have to wonder if this is that pack but now called the Firebrand pack? A little extra smoke and mirrors so we forget part of the content for Chapter 10 has been pushed back to March.

Did Bioware drop half of their CM designers or something? If that’s the reason, then okay, but they shouldn’t say it was based on player feedback. I read the forums quite a bit and no one has requested old items to be placed in the new packs.

There have been way too many changes to the structure of these packs. It’s like they have no real idea what they are doing.

Yes I have to say it sounds like BioWare has lost it with the Cartel Packs. Too many major changes too close together and just creating more confusion and devaluing the packs in the process. I know I personally haven’t had any desire to purchase any packs since all these changes came into play. I just wait to see what pops up on the GTN anymore.

From my very uneducated and lacking any metrics data guess, packs were selling nicely in the past. At least considering that every person I know or saw in the game had some sort of CM item (a lot of them in most cases) and the big amount of CM items on the GTN. The only annoyance I felt is with some of the really trashy filler items like social boosts. In my very ignorant opinion, it would have been better if they just cleaned up some of that trash and advertised it like it’s the second coming of Christ.

HOWEVER, considering they went about all these pack changes recently and considering they seem to be running around like headless chicken in their brain storming room, there must have been some problem with pack sales. Otherwise why would they attempt to fix something if it’s not broken, right?

I agree with you. They should have kept the old packs and just remove those crappy boosts. Or just create something like a universal boost – similar like in GW2. There you double click the boost and pick what you what to have boosted.

There was literally nothing wrong with pack sales. They decreased the number of items in the pace from 2 shipment items, a comp gift, scrap, a rep item, and a boost. That is 6 items they changed it to 2 items. What kind of data could they possibly have had that made them think that people would be happy with that? It was a test to see how little they could give at almost the same price and still have people buy. Their new data clearly shows that it didn’t work and sales are down, it’s why they keep changing it. This is not because of feedback, no one but you has said they wanted this.

Well, I like this. As a strictly GTN person, silver and gold items will become more common and therefore go down in price. And, for those people who still buy the packs but don’t feel the need to unlock stuff, this appears to be a nice change too. Another good edit, BW.

New silver and gold will not become more common. They will drop at the same rate. The cube will drop at the rate that bronze did. There will be more old crap though.

How does this change affect the drop rate on new pack items?

The Bronze category will be less common than it was in the past. This means that there is a higher drop rate for Silver and Gold items (which are new to the pack).

The drop rate of new gold and silver is not affected. They will be the same as before. Let’s say the drop rate before was for every 1 gold dropped 2 silver dropped and 4 bronze dropped. Now the cube replaces the bronze. So the drop will be 1 gold, 2 silver, 4 cubes. So there is really the same amount of NEW silver and gold being dropped only now there will be an influx of old crap. If anything I believe less packs will be bought and put on the GTN making the new gold and silver even more rare.

Well, the information, given to us by the devs, clearly states that:
The Bronze category will be less common than it was in the past. This means that there is a higher drop rate for Silver and Gold items (which are new to the pack). I know cubes are replacing the bronze, but would you rather get an old bronze full set, or a bronze bracer?

so now we can buy a cartel pack in the hopes to get a pack inside that pack you can buy with 4.1 update lmao….

I don’t fault them for trying new things, I just don’t think this is the right new thing to try. But, we’ll give it a go, see how it plays out. If I get a rancor mount or a full Revan Reborn armour set, I won’t have any complaints.

But if I see any Socorro weapons…

Just the fact that they say it’s because of feedback is what gets me. Why don’t they ask about these kinds of changes before. and then implement according to the actual feedback? This is just some moronic number cruncher that saw the grand packs being bought instead of the regular packs. Ignoring the reason people iit buying the regular packs, because of the constant changing and lack of value.

I still do not see an answer to the question posed by regarding the availability of reputation tokens – many of which are ONLY available in the old style packs.

Rep is basiclly dead. It’s no longer in packs and none of the new content since Yavin has any. It’s unlikely to return due to the amount of bitching about it.

A pack within a pack with a little RNG-esus sprinkled over it. Okay, not a little but a lot. Probably would have been better off in keeping it to how it originally was before 4.0 but maybe introduce a random chance card or some sort of random token to draw on a random item from previous packs. Maybe something called Random Mount Token, Random Decoration Token or Random Armor Token? I know you can only get one item out of it but maybe get lucky and draw two items out of it from whatever pack prior including a rep item?

I know the concept needs work but its an idea to throw out there.

A gamble box within a gambling box? What the flying fuck Bioware? It is a true shame that their is no oversight or regulation on this type of behavior.

Well, replacing a shitty part of the gamble with a slightly better gamble isn’t a perfect solution, but it’s better than nothing. You really should consider two things for the Collection system though. One, allow us to duplicate individual pieces, instead of locking entire sets until each piece has been unlocked. For instance, I’m missing the Havoc Squad helmet. I have the entire set, minus that. Now, that helmet is insanely expensive on the market, and I’ll probably never get it. It would make everything so much easier. Two, get rid of unlock prices. The Collection exists so that we have the ability to give duplicates of these items to our companions and other characters, so why slap another price tag on every single item that we want to share? This game had such an emphasis on Legacy at first, but in order to use any significant part of it, you have to pay for it. I don’t think that’s fair when we’ve already spent so much just to get the items in the first place.

This is most likely because a lot of sets only have one good piece. I wish it would work like that it would save me a lot of cc. Especially since they have confirmed unlock prices will not drop and bronze sets no longer being a thing.

This is gambling isn’t it? You buy cc with real money and you use them to buy these lottery boxes.
Now, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t gambling illegal for minors?

It’s not gambling. In gambling there is a chance you actually get nothing. This is buying a product. It is literary the exact same practice that Topps or Fleer use in selling baseball cards. No one calls opening a pack of cards gambling.

I do… however not in the sense that you mean 😛 Atleast you can attempt to make some sort of profit off those cards. This type of “gamble” has no legal monetary value.

its all well and great they are doing away w/ Bronze.. except, they are the ones that designate something as gold, bronze, or silver.. and half the time they don’t make any sense there.

I definitely love the idea of rolling for items to hopefully get a chance to roll for items. God knows my biggest complaint about the cartel market packs was the lack of random chance gambling to them!

This idea is terrible, I am ashamed of BW and I want my damn game to get back on track so I can come play it again w/ my friends I have made over the last couple years. I hate seeing so many go their own ways.

Really kind of a subtly nefarious thing they’re doing here with getting rid of Bronze items. Even though a vast majority of them sucked some of them had some value. But what I’m getting at with the subtly nefarious thing is that Gold items to unlock for legacy are now 400 CC’s when before 4.0 they were 240, and Silver items are now 240 CC’s when before they were 120. So in getting rid of Bronze items they remove the only semi reasonably priced items to unlock through legacy. Again, most of them sucked but there were a few good ones. In the current system they’ll always be Silver and will always be 240 CC’s to unlock instead of the 60 CC’s that Bronze items are.

I know this is for new items only, but let’s be honest here those are the ones that people gravitate towards and will spend money on because we all want the new and cool thing.

A really really dirty thing they’re doing that nobody seems to be catching on to.

Yeah, nothing nefarious about it, much less subtle. Just plain old greed.

This is a scheme to bump up all unlock prices by a huge amount. Not saying they aren’t within their right to do so, but considering we aren’t getting more out of our dollar, the price increase is unjustified (not that they need to justify anything!) and if they didn’t control supply, they couldn’t pull it off.

That’s copyright and exclusive licensing for you!

Making money is fine, being greedy cocksuckers that jack up their prices for no reason because they have a monopoly on Star Wars exclusivity and they’re the only game in town isn’t. It’s subtle because it isn’t right out in the open. They’re not flat out coming out and saying, “Hey guys, we’re getting rid of bronze items to make more money because we need it to supplement development and maintenance costs.” I’d actually have more respect for that then what they’re doing now.

All I ask for is honesty from a company like this that I spend a fair amount of money on, and really everybody should be doing the same. Instead of saying, “HERP DERP THA GAEM IS DYING!” like people do they should be putting them under a microscope and finding out flaws and kind of shady shit they’re doing, and call them out on it. Nothing changes if you sit on your ass and just take it.

But getting honesty out of EA is never going to happen. Look at the trainwreck that has been Star Wars Battlefront and the shady shit they did there with giving the best gun right off the bat to people that spent an extra 10 bucks, or a 50 dollar season pass in a game with 4 (now 5) maps in it TOTAL in a multiplayer only game. BioWare used to be a shining beacon for the most part in a mountain of shit. Now they’re just more shit in a mountain of shit and CD Projekt is the diamond in the rough.

I don’t know where I’m going here either. So stop reading. All I’ll say is they need to fuck off with the shady misdirection type of Houdini shit they’re pulling. Be honest for fuck’s sake.

Also should add I know DICA made BF and BioWare is completely different, but it just shows a general outline of what happens when a vampire sinks it’s teeth into something good and drains everything good out of it.

It’s not that shady since everyone can see what they are doing, it’s obvious. Nefarious? You need to look up that word, nothing about what they are doing is wicked or illegal. As for Battlefront, even though it’s not all about TFA, it’s basicly a movie tie in game, and those ALWAYS suck. It’s common practice with games today to give an incentive like a good gun to those who buy the season pass or pay more for it. That’s the reason I no longer play those types of games.

if you think about this a funny way… if there are any bronze items listed as part of the cube… that means you end up with a Russian doll a box that opens to another box to another box to ummm… none of those boxes take up space right so an infinite Russian doll or until the probabilities maxes that a gold or silver is greater to get than a bronze item…

What was wrong with how packs were originally? All this Gold/Silver/Bronze nonsense is obviously over complicating the market. If it wasn’t, then they wouldn’t be failing as hard as they are, and they wouldn’t have to keep changing the market every month.

Hmm one has to wonder if this change was forced on them because TOR is not generating as much profit as in the past and they have to do something to rectify that or they are just plain greedy. Maybe there are other reasons I can not see but these two looks like the most obvious to me.

Yeah, the only reason that happened, is that they forced players to subscribe if they wanted the new expac content, which is complete garbage game-wise, story-wise it’s okay, but still could be much better. Judging from other posts I’ve read, this game is going down, unless some miracle happens and that EA/BW make this game awesome again, but we all know with EA, that will never happen. Just look at the negative responses in this story thread and this is just about the Cartel Packs garbage that EA/BW is pulling. I sincerely hope that Disney pulls the plug on EA with the crap they are pulling with the Star Wars IP.

Yeah they forced people to sub for the free xpac rather then forced them to pay $50 for the xpac and then having to sub to play that. Your logic is flawed. What other game gives you a free xpac and then doesn’t make you sub to play it? I think you miss the point of this games f2p model.

I bought shadow of revan and now its free, clearly many other players bought it before 4.0 too. And being sub for 1 chapter month cannot justify increase in cartel pack cost, or unlock cost too since they want to stop making bronze items.

RotHC is free also, what’s your point? If you wanted to play them when they came out you had to pay. The cost of packs has not gone up. If you are subbing just for the monthly chapters and that is all you do you are an idiot and deserve to lose your money.

I think you are overreacting. I never said the game is dying. If what you are saying is true than they are just plain greedy in my eyes. They are effectively rising the cost of low quality items without any real reason. The new silver will became old bronze. Maybe we will see new platinum/diamond/whatever items in a half year. Or maybe not. We will have to wait and see.
But if you have another explanation why they are doing it feel free to share. I am interested in your opinion.

that does not mean anything. their sub numbers were always low and relied on cartel market revenue to stay alive. if all those precious subs who came with movie hype goes away, then this game is dead for good

TOR-TANIC! A sinking ship is sinking ship. EA/BW are no longer getting my money, I’ve had enough of their bullshit, I am among many that cancelled their subscription. They have ruined this game in a major way with this last expac! I am just hoping that there is a new Star Wars MMO coming, Disney has said they want a Star Wars MMO, but the way that EA/BW has been treating this game; treating their customers like idiots, lying and then try to back track about lying; is shameful. I hope that Disney pulls their corporate plug from underneath EA and go with a different gaming company for their Star Wars MMO they want. Heck check out the mess they created with Star Wars Battlefront, it’s a freaking joke and they are laughing all the way to the bank; it’s a good thing I never bought it, I would kicked myself for doing so!

BTW, contracts can be broken legally. If Disney can find a breach on EA’s part and prove it, that contract can annulled. Disney is not very impressed with EA as far as how it is handling TOR, especially because it is associated with the Star Wars IP.

“Disney is not very impressed with EA as far as how it is handling TOR”

Yeah? Any news I’ve missed or you have inside info or something?

Maybe visceral games will make new sw game in 2017, its open world, but i dont know its mmo or not.

Could you please not express your pathetic opinion in an attempt to appear more righteous online? I will never understand why people like you feel the need to loudly proclaim that ‘I WILL NOT BE GIVING THIS COMPANY MY MONEY!’ You’re already telling them what you think by not giving them your money. The rest of the world literally gives zero fucks how you feel about the company or how you spend your money. Go elsewhere if you legitimately don’t like the game. But there are plenty of people who do still very much enjoy ToR. I am one of those people. I could care less what they do with the Cartel Packs, I don’t even buy them anyway. I pay my monthly subscription, I PvP, Ops and RP, and then I enjoy the new story content when it’s released. As for Battlefront, plenty of people are enjoying that as well, though not myself as I’ve never really been a fan of shooters of any form. Now, please take your quest for the fabled internet points elsewhere and shut the fuck up about our game. *Waves farewell*

Who the fuck are you to tell me what I can say or cannot on a site where we can express ourselves freely? Your opening sentence makes you appear just as righteous and pathetic. I have every right to express myself as you do. You enjoy the game, good for you, and I am happy for you! I USED to enjoy the game, until they screwed it up! To quote you, “The rest of the world literally gives zero fucks how you feel about the company or how you spend your money.”, but yet, you do exactly the same by saying how you spend your money on TOR, how ironic. Did I attack you or anybody personally? Fuck NO! YOU on the other hand, made it personal. Maybe, just maybe, I can make a difference, and I may still have a glimpse of hope they (EA/BW) may turn this game around, and make it good like it used to be when it was first released (although I have very high doubts, but one can still hope). If you cannot be an adult and discuss, then I suggest you move along and not respond. This site is used for people to express themselves whether its positive or negative, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, so to tell me to shut the fuck up is absolutely useless.

Just to add something, I very entitled to my opinion to this game, here is why, I purchased the Star Wars The Old Republic Collector’s Edition, and I had been a subscriber since the game was released to the public (my sub ran out Jan. 16th, 2016), and I was also a beta tester, I had been waiting for this game the first day it was announced back in 2008 and rumors had come out in 2007 and I am very hardcore Star Wars fan since the very first movies came out in the 70’s, so am I entitled to negative review/opinion about how EA/BW is treating this game? Yeah, I am! Am I entitled to be angry at what EA/BW are doing to the game I once loved? Yeah, I am! Why? Because I invested a lot of money into this game.

I, like you, have cancelled my sub as well, but to say the game is sinking is pretty off the mark actually. The difference is that people like you or me that have been here from the start don’t really like the direction the game is taking. Yes, easy mode is on since 3.0, and there are a lot more people content just to do easy mode. Fine by me. I just wish “they” would attend to the needs of long time players as well, but we’ve seen that’s not “their” premise… Also, people think we complain because we’re haters. We’re actually lovers who feel cheated. Simple as that.

The very best thing about 4.0 for me was the character cap increase. I’ve been levelling some of the toons I had in other servers that were transferred to The Red Eclipse, since I no longer have the need to hop between servers to play all the AC’s. I’m taking an attitude of sitting back and watching where all this is going, and going through the actual Epic content of the game: the original stories, remembering stories I did long ago.Who knows, maybe in the meantime BW decides to put out a new Op… That would be cool…

Many commenters are missing the real point of this change: it’s a way for Bioware to release even fewer new items in each pack. They already reduced the pack contents severely after 4.0. Now they’re paring them down again by removing new bronze items and effectively replacing them with old items from previous packs. They get to develop fewer items per shipment and charge the same money for them. This is an absolute win for BW… At least in the short term.

Those packs where always stupid, gamble packs. At least if you bought a armor set from the CC then you knew what you got, packs where and will be always a gamble, in my opinion not worth the CC, i only buy one now and then with credits, they cost nothing to get.

Nah, they’ll still release the same amount of ‘new’ items but they’ll dilute them with the crap items so you have to buy more hypercrates, as a whale, to get the stuff you wanted (only the new stuff) while likely giving you lots of trash to sell on the GTN because you already had it, giving the illusion to new players there is a lot of stuff they can buy, but basically making you pay to provide a viable market for their leeches.

I stopped the game for almost the full 2015, being to pissed of with SoR (side quest giver with no dialogues, just 2-legged quest terminals to click) but I’m back since november. Why? Because it IS a nice game to play … and after a hard days work at the company I really enjoy those meager 2 hours in the evening in the game.
I deleted and created my chars once again, starting to beginning the story lines anew. Why? I dislike SoR, won’t go into it with any of my new chars. Even did not start KotFE. It’s far to much fun to go through the class stories, planetary stories, again. AND having quest givers with real dialogues with companions that may say this or that in some instances. Not just standing around like robots as in SoR.
Having this experience is why I started this game in the first place. Why I was so happy that BW was making this game (from my previous experiences with Baldurs Gate’s, Neverwinter Nights, Mass Effects, the list is long).

What are most of you ranting about? The prices for the sub? Please, those meager 15 buck per month won’t ruin anyone. Even a single visit at the cinema for a 2 hour movie costs equally to those 30 and more hours of fun per month I have in the game.
The prices of You are ranting about the cartel market? Then stop buying from it. Its ridiculous from the beginning, spending real money on “surprise eggs”. Just remember, everything you buy is just digital data … one day the servers will shut down forever and then everything you bought will be gone with no refound.

So either leave the game, or start enjoying int. Thanks.

To each his own, but SoR had the best story IMO, and it also has the best expansion planets (Rishi/Yavin), but also the best flashpoints. I never cared for side quests that much anyway.

I do agree with the “start enjoying the game or just leave it” part though.

So you are happy because you get to pay for a subscription-based, online KotOR 3, and what you mean is the rest of us should be happy EA is trying to rip us off or shut up. That about right?

I loved the BG series, the ME series, and DAO. However EA getting greedy and trying to apply a subscription-based MMO model without bothering to make it an actual MMO is something consumers should be against on sheer principle, because if it works it could mean doing away with the traditional episodic model that produces good single player games, which this one is not.

In short, this is not KotOR 3, it never was, stop trying to turn it into a fucking single player game already.

Sorry, that wasn’t clear. The rip-off isn’t the cartel packs, I already don’t buy them and as you imply they are non-essential. The rip-off is in the model change: BG2 is, what, 40 good hours of fun? Throw in another 10 for the $20 expansion. Now, compare that with the current model EA is pushing with KotFE: 1 hour worth of content, for $15 a month. Your sub runs out whether you play the game or not, mind.

So, under the current scheme, you get 4 hours worth of content for $60. Double that and make it 8 hours worth of content. The only justification for that price tag would be multiplayer content, which they have stated is currently in the back burner. Considering what your dollar got you before and what it gets you now, yes, it very much is a rip-off. If everyone did the smart thing and unsubbed until the season was finished, the game would crash and burn, which is why they have come up with the lame sub rewards program. The only reason I haven’t done this myself is because I only recently found a guild with which to start raiding. I’ve only bothered to run KotFE with two of my toons.

Yes if all you do is the new monthly content it is a ripoff. But that is not all that the sub gets you. If that is the only reason a person subs they are an idiot, and quite frankly deserve to be ripped off for being an idiot. You said what your dollar got you before and what you get now is different, it’s not it is actually more, just because you have finished it doesn’t mean it’s not there. You said yourself that you found a new guild to raid with, that is what your sub gets you. If you truly believe it is a ripoff then why are you still playing?

Well I saw that coming. I do wish they would add more guaranteed reputation items for the corresponding vendors and cartel certificates in each pack, but that would make getting the said rep too easy I guess.

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