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SWTOR January Bioware Story Livestream Notes

SWTOR Jan 28 Story livestream notes featuring Charles Boyd and Alexander Freed to go over the story of KoTFE so far and the upcoming content in Chapter 10.



KoTFE Recap

  • Storytelling in games has the unique of challenging of having players able to see and know the villain without placing players in the same room as them as they would be dispatched quickly by the player.You need to get the villains upclose to the players to be a significant presence in their life. It would be hard to imagine Star Wars Ep4 told from only Luke’s perspective. Vader would just be a random Tie Fighter pilot. 
  • Vaylin is an unpredictable villain. She is difficult to pin down, you never know what she is going to do next. You got lots of serious figures like Arcann being very stoic. So seeing her and Arcann act entirely different despite being raised by the same family that is really interesting to explore. Family in general is a cool theme in Star Wars in general. KoTFE give us an opportunity to explore that we havn’t been able to in the core game. Their family is not united by any means, but they do have a shared foundational beliefs and goals, even though each of them have a different way of pursuing them. This is in contrast to the Luke/Vader family who are polar opposites.
  • Both Vaylin and Arcann almost don’t you see you as a player, they see Valkorian in you. It presents an interesting dynamic in the hero-villain relationship. This brings up an interesting potential drama as the player begin to show them that the player has something to bring to the table as well. We will explore this more in the later chapters.
  • Koth is a fun character to write. He is a normal person in an universe of space wizards with laser swords. He is a veteran, fighter, and pilot but he is never going to be this force user, general commanding a grand fleet or an emperor. He is just a normal guy trying to mix in.
  • Theron was originally a character created by Alexander in Old Republic The Lost Suns comic. He was taught and raised by a Jedi but has no Jedi powers himself. This left him with some personal issues. He eventually joined Republic and became a SiS spy. Drew then picked up the story and presented it in the Annihilation book. He still incorporate some Jedi things into his life even as a galactic superspy.
  • Scorpio – You feel she can kill you in your sleep anytime but she never really tip that way. She is is a centuries old A.I. She starts off as a villain in the agent story and then works along with the player. She is not a droid or mad computer that isn’t interested in organics. She finds organic life form interesting like scientists finds lab rats interesting.  She is interested in interacting with players in a charismatic way, making her seems almost human.  We have some cool plans for her going forward.

Chapter 10

  • Kaliyo is a violent con-artist. She is your most exciting friend you ever had. She is a manipulative people user. In terms of loyalty she is incredibly independent and she also have a background as an anarchist. This provide an interesting contrast to the the imperial agent who start off as a very loyal subject.
  • A lot of players have a love-hate relation with Kaliyo. A lot of players would go I would never romance this woman but she provides a strong emotion and make her stand out.
  • In KoTFE we see Kaliyo in a darker, lower place than in the agent story. That changed her way of looking at the world and give her some personal goals. She is also now armed with techniques learned from spending with the galaxy’s greatest spy.
  • Having lost everything, she is quite vengeful and playing the role of an anarchist in Zakuul. This provide an interesting play with the player, who also lost everything. This can provide a feedback loop between the player and Kaliyo.
  • In Chapter 10, she is introduced to us as a terrorist on Zakuul who has been doing it for a long time. That in a tightly controlled utopian society like Zakuul is quite a feat and can bring something to the roster.
  • She brings an dilemma for light side characters like Jedi Knight on how to deal with her. Imperial agents have a different dilemma with her. At the same time Kaliyo is trying to feel you out as she isn’t the type of character to join the first alliance that comes along.


  • Will we see more of Empire and Republic in the current state as chapters release in the future?
    • We will see more as the chapters release. Chapter 11 will give a peak at some of the Republic stuff. It is not the central storyline as we go through these chapters. The player alliance havn’t come to the full attention of the Empire/Republic in  major way. They are still very much weighing their options and hanging back. They are not ready to commit yet. They won’t be interacting deeply with the player just yet but we have big planned that is going to be a major part of the story as we move forward.
  • Will Theron Shan play a key role?
    • Yes he will be an introducer for chapter 10 and later chapters. He is a busy man, he won’t be there for every event.
  • Mandalorians, will we see more of them?
    • Yes we have a future chapter planned where you can see what they are up to. Alexander wrote the Mandalorian chapter.
  • Will there be any conflict with previous romance love and new one?
    • For example if I am an agent and I have been romancing Theron Shan in KoTFE. Now I meet back with Kaliyo who I had a romance relationship pre-carbonite. Can I resume that relationship as we jump to Chapter X?
    • Really depends on the particulars of the character and where they stand. Kaliyo’s relationship with you has a substantial impact on your relationship with her. You are welcome to try and rekindle that. Whether she is in a place where she is interested to rekindle that is something you have to play and find out.
  • Will other characters know that I am resuming a relationship if I am able to do so with Kaliyo
    • Yes, it is a big alliance but people are still going to know if you are doing two romances at once. Other characters will notice if you resume your romantic relations with partners pre-carbonite and they may not react well.
  • Will Chapter 10 uses the classic cutscene style seen with Alliance Specialists.
    • No, our Chapters will always use the new cinematic storytelling cutscene style. There will be new classic story content and our alliance characters will still use that classic style when we reintroduce them. The character we are bringing back in Chapter 10 is Blizz.
  • How long is it going to take to get our original companions back?
    • It is tough to say. We want to be sure when we bring a character back, they get given their due. You get the kinds of interactions and the kind of continuation of relationship you would expect from a major character like Kira or Jorgan. You want to continue certain storyline or reference past actions with those characters . It is a big investment to bring one of them back. Another key factor of If we are bringing a character back is that we need to make sure they are tied deeply to what is happening so when you meet them you see why they are important or cool. We are not throwing a character back in for the sake of doing it. We want to be sure that it is very much tied to the storyline and feels appropriate.
    • When you meet them again, you want to learn something new about them. Bringing back a character after 5 years and revealing nothing new about the character is not satisfying.
    • The short answer is it will take time, but if when we do bring them back, you feel it is worth it.
  • Scorpio Romance?
    • It is really a question if Scorpio would romance you. Going back to the lab scientist and lab rat picture, it is kinda tricky. Scorpio did flirt with players before, but that was more an act of manipulation.

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What’s wrong with Xalek?? I like my bonefaced apprentice. He is more Sith than Ashara will ever be (nothing against her).

Oh, I mean I wanted to kill Kaliyo. I love Xalex, but we HAD the option to kill him. Not that I ever would .3.

Ashara’s my favorite romance companion. She starts out somewhat naive and goody-two-shoes even though she’s prideful, but a pragmatic Nox can guide her down a more pragmatic, gray path.

I dunno. I just get the “obnoxious goody-two-shoes” feel from her. Kind of made me want to use her as a burnt offering to open a sith tomb or something.

Not played this after i unsubbed and never going back,after 4 years the “community” team still can’t talk and managment that still have no clue what they are doing.Btw what made me leave was when my Jedi was turned into a patetic weak joke,draged around by Arcaan and could not fight anyone on zakul without backup.So the great jedi was just a massive joke.But thats bioware for you, shit story telling by corporate idiots who only care about gambling packs and exploiting gamers with the WORST F2P model ever.If only i had left in start of 2012 like everyone else,sadlt tok me 3 more years to get smarter.And now i have Star Citizen a dream scifi MMO come true 🙂

Oh you bucket of bolts… If you’re trying to make them sound whiny, it’s actually more like “waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!”, not “waaaaaaa!!”. The way you’re describing it, they sound more like Wario from Mario more than anything…

Errr right, your jedi survives the onslaught of the empire – in it’s heart. And you think that’s weak – dude… you are an idiot…

Bioware should adress the issue raised by people about their content of the stream. No-one really cares about the longhaired dude that has a fetish for Kaliyo and SCORPIO. They want information, but Bioware is reluctant to release it. Fearing it is bad.

I got news for them, releasing info earlier is better then not at all! This way you either excite or disgust people!

It’s funny, I actually have a friend, who doesn’t play this game because he lacks internet, who asked me if she was romanceable. I believe I gave him a look that probably translated to: “What the hell man?”

honestly. i see this chapter as the other ones. u can zoom right thur these in 1 day, then have to wait another whole month just to play another short chapter. things wont look well for these people at all.

While I expect it will only be about a hour or so of content (on the longer side of things like Chapter 7 or 8) I wouldn’t be surprised if these once a month chapters are a bit longer than a single chapter from the first nine.

That’s…. it? I kinda feel like Ralphie after he finds out his decoder ring is just a ovaltine commercial 😛

I would say don’t complain but there really isn’t that much so…
Well, at least you’re not one of those guys who demands about Warzones and Operations when they had already said they weren’t talking about it on this stream.

Hi i am from bioware, Just going to tell you how we going to fuck this up in a later post.
Thanks for your support

One thing I’m curious about is long term relationships with the KotFE characters. My female Jedi knight is working on a romance with Koth and I plan to have my smuggler romance Lana. I’d hope that in the next expansion, we’d be able to bring them along.

Edit: Also, I’d be extremely pissed if later on Bioware announces that when Vette returns, “You are welcome to try and rekindle that. Whether she is in a place where she is interested to rekindle that is something you have to play and find out.”

I think that despite what they say Kaliyo will rekindle her romance especially if you’ve been faithful to her. It just might take a little bit of talking because she thinks the Agent faked their capture/death…and finding out they are still alive might confirm that to her. Same with Jaesa if she appears.

Only on Balmorra with my agent, and with my Warrior I went with Vette.

I was expecting when Vette sent her message after you go into carbon freezing that she would say she was expecting our child, given all the “nesting” messages she sent after I married her

Why i have a feeling disney/ea/bioware tries to do evry possibility to reduce the amount of players with evry crap things with they try “renew2 the game ……Would be better tofocuse on those players who still stick this game, and not just try to get “new” players fora couple of month then they leave …… cartel market changes getting more and more ridiculos …… the arena in zakuul in ch 11 …… no comment ……..gear up the newbies right after finishing ch9 ? nonsense
with all of these livestreams spoilering all the good thing with the new chapters just WHY ?????
romance: if we talk about would it be possible to deepen a current relationship with companion in the next chapters? not just you flirted with someone a few times during the 9 chapters…. and then nothing …..
and at last “koth is fun to character”? just a real idiot in my opinion, a tipical forgettable side character ….. all of his scenes are terrible ……. hope there will be a choice in future chapters to chose who will die koth or someone else like in Mass Effect 1 ( Ashley or Kaiden)……or get an option to throw him out of the airlock on the gravestone ….

I wouldnt be surprised if it was more Di$ney than anything. Radical changes generally indicate a new set of eyes has entered the game…

I really don’t like the sound of what they’re saying about Kaliyo. Seems like we’re going to be forced to recruit her. I want her dead.

If it were a forced thing they wouldn’t call it a dilemma for light side characters. The dilemma being of course here’s a cool new companion for my alliance vs she’s a terrorist not only targeting Zakuul forces but also its citizens, for the role players or even people that try to role play their character it gives a more interesting choice than the other companions have been. My question is whats this dilemma the agents are going to have.

To be honest, they’re constantly telling us our choices will matter and we will have epic control of the story and garbage like that, then delivering hilariously railroaded plots. It’s not about those plots being bad, don’t get me wrong, they’ve been alright… the point is BioWare promises the moon and gives us a Kraft single.

Out of the several companions they’ve brought back, the only one we’ve been able to kill is (SPOILERS!!!) Xalek. You can try and FAIL to kill Lokin… and I’m guessing their little developer pet Kaliyo here miiiiight get the same treatment… as in you can possibly tell her to GTFO, once they’re done having her prance around being “important” to the story.

I’ll be really happy if we see her doing something heinous and can kill her ass right then and there, but more likely, we’re going to see her doing something evil, she’s going to act like it’s all fun, and since she has something we’re told we need we’re going to cooperate for a while because CHOOO CHOOOO

Notice that they have “plans” for Scorpio, and you couldn’t get rid of her, despite numerous characters being leery of working with her. Hell, I thought it would be in character for my agent to melt her down right on Belsavis…

The character needs Scorpio to try to figure out the Gravestone and repair/upgrade it, killing her would be counter productive to the alliance. And the point of these choices they’re trying to give us isn’t to go around killing people for no reason, even if you don’t like to role play as your character the character itself still has to stay in character to the story and none of the companions had a reason to be killed other than Xalek.

Plus melting down Scorpio on Belsavis would have done away with a newly acquired asset completely under the Agent’s control because of the whatever thing that made her unable to kill you, I want to say restraining bolt but that doesn’t seem right.

And now I’m craving a slice of cheese for some reason, lol.

C’mon now. The Wrath’s gotta wrath on some people. xD

Seriously though, Scorpio was very clear about her aspirations to work around that limitation of not being able to kill the agent. That’s grounds for deactivating her and turning her over to the scientist guys in Imperial Intelligence. The agent basically shrugs and walks off, which is certainly badass in the face of being threatened with murder, but hardly the cautious agent behavior you could have been playing as the whole game… and then we never get a payoff of it being useful to leave Scorpio alive….. until now, I guess!

The story is just a little schizo in what you can and can’t do. Agent has killed people for being far less threatening than Scorpio. Wrath has cut people down for less than what Quinn did. Kaliyo being foisted upon you as a partner of sorts after Hutta makes no sense; she’s a loose cannon and you shouldn’t have had to tolerate working with her. I’m sure there are other loyal agents that could have been assigned to you…

…and wouldn’t that have been more cool, if you rejected Kaliyo, they assigned you an emotionless follow agent companion? Haha. And if you just kill Quinn, you could request a medic from the military to take his place? (Not that his role as your healer matters since 4.0.)

I’m pretty forgiving of the story limitations; I’ve enjoyed the game, and I think it’s more of a sign that I love the game when I devote time to thinking what I’d have tried to weasel into it, if I were in a position of power. 😛 Still, I can hope I can kill Kaliyo on sight even if I expect they won’t let me.

There are still another 6 chapters after Anarchy in Paradise… don’t say choices don’t matter based on the first portion of the story… I mean, sure, you’re probably right, but we can at least wait and see right?

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that I suspect those characters who are going to have a role later in the story won’t be able to be killed. If, hypothetically, Bioware made it possible to recruit Guss Tuno in Chapter 12 and intended him to have a major story role in chapter 14, then my guess would be you could refuse him but not kill him.

I do too but writing her into a chapter is going to be a hell of a job considering she can also be light side, so don’t expect to see her anytime soon.

There is no canon where she is light or dark, although if you make a sith warrior at 60 it assumes most of your choices are dark, so she’ll likely to any none warriors be dark, but they won’t screw over light side warriors just because most of the players will be seeing her as dark. They’ll figure something out just not without a lot of creative thinking.

The way I reckon they might do it is that, whenever they bring her back, they might have a similar moment to when the SW turns her to the dark side (or doesn’t), in that she starts off dark and your character can either convince her to abandon her path or not… at least I hope that’s true…

Yeah, or maybe since BW keeps insisting that “choices matter” theyll implement something where if you consistently make compassionate choices in KOTFE youll meet up with LS Jaesa but if you choose mostly agressive choices in KOTFE youll meet up with DS Jaesa…

Or she will just be dark side because the default choices would make her dark and losing you and the war have turned her to the dark side. I’m more curious how they are going to handle the khem/Zash issue.

I’m a huge fan of BioWare’s storytelling and really like the KoTFE storytelling. But there are two issues that caused me to unsub:
1. No MMO content. (Before anyone tells me I should enjoy 4 years old rescaled flashpoints and operations I’ve done a hundred times: go away)
2. The gameplay in-between the KoTFE cutscenes is dull and doesn’t challenge the player to put a single thought in what they are doing. I found it more enjoyable to watch the chapters on YouTube.
Bonus point:
3. The amount of single player content we do get per month is not worth the price of the sub. While 15$ is not the end of the world, that’s the price of Dragon Age or Mass Effect DLCs to which a KoTFE chapter can’t compare. So I don’t see a reason to pay to those guys.

to your 3rd point. I feel the same way. Why would anyone pay 15/month for a single chapter and rehashed content.. I dropped my sub in november after subbing since launch.

My plan was (keyword “Was” because im no longer interested in what this game is) to pick up a 1 month sub again in july when 4-6 chapters have been out so I avoid wasting $100 on very little new content in this game.

If you are paying just for the new content every month then yeah it is too much. There was no challenge doing 1-9, and by time I got to my 3rd time I had enough. If you still enjoy playing the rest of it then it’s not bad. Sadly I’ve grown tired of the grind and when my sub is up I won’t be paying again until all the chapters are done if even then.

Right on the money. I too have stopped paying a monthly sub, I will resume when all chapters are out, or when new group material comes out. It hurts me to the bone to badmouth BW, because they made the best games I played throughout the years, save Bethesda maybe. But this is not good enough to continue paying.

I was here complaining, ranting, moaning, call it what you may about no new group content when KotFE was announced, and I’m sad to see that I was right. The expansion is pretty cool, but it’s the SAME story for all classes. I’ve got 24 toons, it stopped being epic after the 3rd run lol…

In short, to experience a great single player game look no further than Fallout 4, I’m having a blast… I still play TOR, but I won’t pay for it at this moment.

Kaliyo was the only companion who spoke and behaved like a 3D adult. Only companion whose story I bothered to listen to completely and whose bad behaviour caused me to laugh aloud. From experience, those who hate her are spineless boys. Look forward to having her back in the tale with some new, dry commentary on life.

To each their own I guess… I just find her personality incredibly grating… I’ve made two IA’s and even though my FemIA is a lot more chaotic than my male, she still hates Kaliyo just as much as he does…

Imperials… happy to worship a bunch of homicidal magicians plus the head magician that wants to eat the galaxy, but a little lip from a companion and they get all bent out of shape…

Well the head magicians are all male, sooooo…
Darth Marr: We will bring the Republic to its knees, killing or enslaving them all!
Swtor Community: Marr is so awesome!

Saresh: we need to adopt a hardline offense against these genocidal maniacs who have constantly tried to kill or enslave us.
Swtor Community: God fuck this war mongering bitch! When can we kill her!?

Wasn’t Marr all about forming a new Empire with less hate and blind following of those in charge. Also people playing Jedi tend to be light so following the war monger Saresh was annoying, where as Sith tend to be Dark and Marr played the evil bad guy pretty well. Its about point of view really, Saresh as a Moff for the Empire probably would have been more liked.

But she is not a war monger in any sense of the word. She is a political head fighting a force that is already at war with them, a war that was not started by the people she represents. Now if the Empire and the Republic ceased hostilities, and the Empire COMPLETELY surrendered, and she moved for genocide, THEN she would be a war monger (even then she would have a good reason given the sith’s history.)

She has only done 2 things thus far in her position; she assigned a hero to rescue the people on Makeb in return for their support (which they could not provide in the end), and ordered a attack on a legitmate military target like any other general. And did it in a way that minimalized overt destruction unlike most Moffs. She is not immoral or even logically wrong in her actions. The most people can critisize her is her not believing that there is a thousand year old, body swapping, planet eating, global telepath controlling force god running around. And she is right not to.

Your right if we use the word correctly then she isn’t a war monger, but she is a lot more militaristic than the previous chancellor which isn’t bad its just a change of pace for the republic. She does however place spies in her own Government’s spy network the SIS because she feels they aren’t doing a well enough job or something like that. That same spy was also in Sith Intelligence and probably only gave Theron half the gathered Intelligence he gave Saresh. And If Satele wasn’t the type to go behind the Chancellor’s back then the truce at Yavin would never have happened.

The way she goes about things in general has to go against what her position as Chancellor is supposed to be able to do. Having personal spies and who knows what else up her sleeves that she doesn’t inform the the head of SIS, General Jace Malcom, or the Jedi Council about. It’s not something the Chancellor is supposed to be able to do without informing any of those three parts of the Republic.

One you are assuming that she has more than one spy. The spy in question straight up states he’s only there because she doesn’t trust Theron, who as you stated went behind her back on Yavin. So she has good reason to trust her. Neither does the SIS as a whole trust Theron if you read the books. Everything else you stated is simply unsubstantiated assumptions with no merit. She could have easily, and most likely did, go to the SIS and tell them her concerns about Theron and they arranged to have that spy report to her. As for Theron’s father and Mother, they are the parents of a rogue agent, so she is right not to inform them.

There is no way she got permission for that spy. That’s like the President going to the head of CIA saying I don’t like one of your best agents and don’t trust him can I place a spy next to him to tell me all his dirty secrets. Also I was insinuating that her position as Chancellor does not grant the power to have personal spies or anything else she may or may not have, no proof she has anything else but why would she only have one spy and nothing else. Like you said she doesn’t trust Jace Malcom or Satele either so she probably has someone close to Malcom at least, having a Jedi spy would be impossible though.

And by law her term is up so why is she still trying to lead the republic, and according to Lana it took a group of senators to go behind her back again to get a treaty signed with Zakuul which is all that saved the republic from Arcann’s wrath, and those senators have all mysteriously disappeared, if she wasn’t bad news before Zakuul she is now. Oh and it is never right for the Chancellor to not inform the grand general of the republic about everything and anything related to the war effort.

Wrong pretty much on every point.

1) Theron may be a skilled agent but to her eyes, and the eyes of the SIS he engaged in diplomatic alliance with the enemy during war. And did not inform either. He is comprised.

2) She absolutely has the authority over spies, as seen in the trooper story, senators can issue orders to both. And the president can indeed go to and order the head of the CIA to do just about anything.

3) Also seen in the trooper storyline, the military and the SIS butt heads and keep secrets from one another. Aric’s entire story revolves around this. Even Garza didn’t know what the SIS is up to.

4) So she resisted Zakuul, and wanted to keep fighting. And that makes her the irresponsible bad guy? Guess that means the Outlander is a despot too cuz they Are doing the same thing! With a fraction of the support and resources to boot!

Are you her campaign manager for her re-election or something. Let’s start with 1. I don’t know what this book is I’ve never heard of it but going off what the game tells us, after his apparent betrayal and murder of Darrok the SIS wanted Theron alive unlike Lana and Jakarro who were both wanted dead, Theron even says someone in the brass must still like him and its only after Ziost his only real mistake that the SIS suspend him.

2. I played the trooper story as my main and the Chancellor never appears and those senators only had the power to summon you for a meeting, Garza tells you they know very little and are basically wanting you to drop the ball and incriminate Special Forces.

3. If by military you mean the small branch known as special forces then yes they butt heads because they are both involved in top secret stuff forcing them to hide things from each other. Aric’s story is the only story involving all that spy game stuff however, the only other times I recall the SIS being involved are Nar Shadaa where they are helping you and SIS agent Jaxo who is helping you.

4. She was irresponsible for wanting to fight a war instead of protecting the Republic’s citizens, this does not apply to the outlander however because he’s only got himself to worry about not the entire republic, he’s fighting by himself until chapter nine where he gains a small alliance of volunteers willing to give their lives.

Oh and the President does not have that kind of power, he can get an instant meeting with the head of CIA but the CIA only need to hear him out like with the trooper. There are checks and balances in the government not allowing one man or branch of government having power over all the rest. And did you know if the President ever declared martial law he wouldn’t be in charge anymore it goes to the highest ranking General not the President. The president thinks he has all the power, a lot of the people think he has all the power, and possibly you too from your post, but in reality he’s a figure head in charge of politics and public relations, not spies or the such.

Well, remember, Saresh was also fighting the Empire when she decided to put a stop the the Zakuul offensive. The EMpire just tried to go for the kill and failed, Saresh refused peace, killing a ton of soldiers, while also trying to attack the Empire. This seems to say that she holds her contempt of the Empire over common sense.

You forgot about two other events.
First, she was totally against temporary piece with Empire, even after everyone understand that Revan a way too powerful.
And, the second, about attack on Ziost, even after everyone said to her that this is bad idea.
It’s almost like she want to strike down the Empire doesn’t matter cost of it. So basically the same tactics Sith using. Every method is good, does not matter cost of it.
P.S. So your opinion, Sith Emperor who was able to create Empire is not powerful enough to expect everything from him? SIS, her secret agent and player’s character who Hero of Republic, also said to her that Sith Emperor deadly powerful, and she still refused to listen.

To the first point, what happened happened the time before when there was a temporary truce with the Empire? Corescant got sacked, tens to hundreds of thousands died, the Jedi got scattered, and the Republic had to surrender vast swaths of planets to appease the Sith Empire. The second time? Several WMDs were set against Republic worlds only narrowly avoided by the help of various heroes. Also, was it ever even stated she was informed? I thought it was ONLY Satele and Marr’s personal fleets that dealt with Revan due to the inflitration of the Revanite’s compromising both armies. So that first point is bunk.

Which leads to the second point. If by everyone you mean Theron and the Hero (possibly a sith themselvs) both whom did not inform them of the temporary alliance on Ziost. So essentially you have a rogue spy and his buddy informing her that a force demon will devour the universe unless she passes up the chance to attack a valid and KEY Imperial target. So yeah, she went with the choice that made logical sense over something no sane person would believe.

So basically it better to die from new enemy then temporary united with old enemy?
And about second. I’m talking about case when you Republic Hero. If you Sith and Theron still alive, this should mean something.
She refused to think, why Empire fighting with Emperor, she have the spy, and yet she again refused to take in count his advice.
Sorry for my English

Yes, very true… Adding to that she does seem a lot “nicer” when we first encounter her on Taris… That’s some character development there for ya… 🙂

I’d like to have a look at Darth Acina, the current Empress of the Sith… The one from the Imp side Dreadseeds questline…

literally has nothing to do with gender and has everything who they are representing and how they carry it out. Darth marr is leader of the empire which doesnt give a crap about morality of their action they do what they believe needs to be done/what benefits them and they dont care how people view them. Darth Marr is also a warrior he is out fighting and whenever possible does the dirty work himself or person he is sending knows what they are doing and not to mention he looks awesome. he also doesnt waste time explaining his action/covering them/making him self look good/play politics. he is more relatable because he is out with you doing the things he is asking. Saresh is a warrior she isnt out in the battlefield risking her life, she hides all her decisions and distant her self so they cant be directly traced back to her minimizing her risk. she never has to get directly involve and halve the time the people she send dont know the truth and only find out about when they get their sometimes after they have already carried out the order and considering these are troopers/jedi carrying them out that were raise with a moral compass if they were real woudl have to deal with that action for rest of their life. Saresh sits in a nice sky rise getting fat as she makes choices that leave a warpath destorying planets and people lives which she will never face or have to deal with the consequences of. Marr was their fighting on yavin with you he comes with to find the emperor he is on the warfront during makeb where is Saresh? on in a comfortable city.

It’s subjective doesn’t make a character bad or you wrong. People might absolutely hate the Kill Bill movies, but if you like it I’m not wrong I just have different taste.

Exactly. You either “get” Kaliyo and understand the game, or you don’t. I feel sorry for those who don’t your world must be so black-and-white.

Kaliyo and Kira are easily the best female romances for me

Most playres are stuck with the mind of a 12 yo and want to be the hero, doing hero stuff with their stereotype cool guy companion.

Kaliyo is way to much for these people.

Don’t fucking make me laugh. Kaliyo is exactly type of character that teens like – Rebelions Bitch-Anarchist.
To be honest, I find it pretty hard to re-call good characters in SWTOR. I’d say Maar and Thanaton, but not like they got much of plot on their part to actually show their characters. I mean, as quite experienced Roleplayer and Writer myself, I can make up a better Outlaw-type character than Kaliyo in five minutes (literally).

Watching this livestream really helps me understand why this game is tanking so hard… these people are complete morons… how did they even get hired? No, seriously… how?…. I can’t wait to get an email later this year saying musco was fired and swtor servers are shutting down. Until then, enjoy that 30 minutes of single player content every month (even though they will push back release dates and it will be every other month).

Why fire Musco he’s not a developer or anything close to that, not in charge of anything other than relaying information to us. Also some release dates may get pushed back but chapters will never be pushed back more than a week or two because there like you said short, and so they can be working on more than one at a time and keep a few saved up if they hit a delay, the reason they only release one a month is so we don’t get a days worth of story content and then nothing for half the year or more. Things like the championship and other non essentials to the story will probably be pushed back every now and then.

Aww. I’m sure Musco’s hands are tied most of the time. He’s not in charge, he’s just a voice. I know I’ve had jobs in the past where I felt like I couldn’t properly help out a customer because the boss person hiding behind me was in the way.

Totally agree really bad writers they must be doing kid games after this exp the game totally lost the Star Wars feeling, really sad they don’t stay with Drew Karpyshyn for continue the Swtor main story.

Hold on the writers are doing the best they can with the limitations they have working on a game of this kind. They can write the best stories in the world but still have to stick to the game’s mechanics and thus have to adjust what they write. Their job is to make KOTFE a good story and they did that even though they have people above them telling them what they can write, who can die, and that they need player interaction at said part so write it in two or three different ways that make sense.

Most Bioware games give their writers a lot creative freedom and those games are praised for some of the best stories in gaming, but a game also controlled by EA and now Disney restricts that freedom by more than just a little bit.

Why the fuck do people think they have any say in what is going on? Writers write the story they’re told to. Musco does his best to get information out to us and to make sure streams and other information is relayed. Go to the studio head if you have an issue with the game or maybe one of the producers. It’s like yelling at the lunch lady because the school board took out salt from the menu. They’re just doing their jobs and have the shit jobs of putting their faces on it.

Wait… Chapter 11 is gonna show us a bit about the Republic… and Chapter 11 is called “Disavowed”… does anyone get a slight feeling that Republic companions and characters are gonna be disavowed from the Republic?

My guess would be Havoc Squad is disavowed for continuing the fight against Zakuul when officially the Republic has signed a peace treaty. Or the Jedi are disavowed for the same reason and it’ll be Kira Carson and Nadia Grell making an appearance.

Then again, I saw in some datamined content that Jorgan was gonna reappear as part of the story, so that’d make sense… Still, if it gives me an excuse to stab/shoot Saresh in the face, I’ll take it.

She isn’t the type to beg for her life. She’s the kind to spit at your feet as she’s dying or have the last laugh.

In my opinion, there’s no such person! It’s only a question of just how many months of ongoing torture she’ll need before her mind snaps 😛

Nah, she was a slave at some point if I recall. She’s already had that going on for her.

C’mon! She’s a warmonger! She’s quite happy to enslave the refugees from Makeb if you roll with it, to name but one example of her insidious leadership! :O

Technically, they do have a say over the Jedi. That’s the whole reason the Jedi don’t protect the twi’lek village- it isn’t a legitimate settlement in the eyes of the Republic, and the Jedi have sworn to uphold the Republic even if it means inaction which costs innocent lives. Now whether or not they still feel that way is another matter…

Well, as I recall Saresh is still the major power even though term limits forced her out of office, so I can see that.

well bioware doesn’t fail to deliver!!! Failure of content for an MMO GJ biofail… the mmo crowd hates you and wishes you just would just stop.. die.. leave.. do something.. stop … you’re not doing anything for this game so just.. yeah… let us all stop reflect.. Rip Swtor 2011-2014

Rip Swtor 2011-2014 and this is Jan 2016 and you are still here talking about it. can you not move on? Or you just a BSer that love’s to till play and is just the world is endding troll?

Does the pt in your name stand for pathetic troll? Because thats all you seem like. To paraphrase what you just said, you’re not doing anything for this discussion, or this game, and the MMO crowd hates you and wishes you would just stop and leave.

Go somewhere else b*tch about the game if you don’t play it anymore, some ppl still like it even with the changes BW made and makes.

all this fuss about Kaliyo…do you guys find her that interesting or is it just bioware? for me shes boring as hell and i wish there could be a choice that gets her killed, the tough bitch act could appeal to me when i was a teenager but i really dont care about her anarcist sensitivities, my characters are sick and tired of having to deal with her, feels more like babysitting an angry teenager. The most fun part of all is that they say shes a terrorist…good to know that terrorists are becoming popular heroes …what a load of crap…
so whats next for the star wars universe?

therer is nothing more after kotfe.. bioware killed this game and stomped it to death and made sure it wont succeed

Tell me, do you have a compulsive need to post basically the same thing over and over again, when it’s very clear that SWTOR isn’t dead?

I don’t think it’s so much about a terrorist being a hero, and more about you deciding whether or not she could be a hero. I mean, I get the feeling Kaliyo doesn’t consider herself a hero and just has a metric fuckton of pent-up rage against Zakuul for reasons unknown.

For me, she is easily my favorite character. Of all the characters in the game, she has the most complete and interesting character arc. While almost all other companions pretty much don’t change, she goes from con woman, anarchists, all in for herself to actually not only trusting the agent but being loyal to them. As for the terrorist but, one mans terrorist is another mans hero. Luke, Han, and Leia were all considered terrorists. I think it comes down to she simply does not care about collateral damage.

Not loyal enough, she cheated on my agent and told him too bad get over it it’ll happen again. So I dumped her and romance Temple, but I hit the romance bug in KotFE so it doesn’t matter too much

She’s labeled a terrorist by a) Zakuul and b) the Sith Empire. The latter is basically Space Nazis, and the former aren’t very far behind. So being a terrorist to them isn’t such a big deal. Maybe try to consider context and perspective. One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. Bluh bluh, words mean stuff. Wait and see whether she’s actually been eating babies.

But I’m sure I don’t need to point out these nuances to you, after all, you are no longer a teenager, right?

Edge Brigade, Hutt, Empire…hmm I’m seeing a trend of her not being a saint based on her association. Besides, I do recall her being wanted in the Republic too. What is it that makes you think she’s not a stone-cold bitch?

Oh, she’s a stone-cold bitch alright. She literally respects nothing and will gun down anyone standing in her way (or will try to anyway *cough*Darth Jadus*cough*). Doesn’t make her any different from a DS PC, but I don’t see anyone complaining about player-enacted evil. I was replying to the high-strung remark about her being a “terrorist” and how bad it is to have someone labeled such be cast as a hero. Kaliyo is an anti-heroic character, at best.

Darth Somethingorother or Senator MacGuffin declaring she’s a terrorist doesn’t mean a thing, it’s her actions that define the character. And to evaluate those and see if she is deserving of the title or not, we’ll have to wait a few days. Fair chance that zealous Jedi (white?) Knights will be able to exact righteous justice upon her, too.

“You see, Luke, the truths we cling to depend a great deal on your point of view”

Some of the greatest heroes were considered terrorists by the governments that opposed them in their day. George Washington, Paul Revere, Guy Fawkes, etc

I always thought so too.
Obi Wan: You see, Luke, the truths we cling to depend a great deal on your point of view
Luke: So would that make the Emperor’s views true?

That was almost as bad as RotS…
Obi Wan: Only Sith deal in absolutes!
Me (As Anakin): Are you absolutely sure about that?

I guess the question is “Who was full of shit? Obi-Wan or George Lucas?”

Why do people keep bitching about this kind of stuff? Lucas messed things up, get over it. At the time he thought he would only ever get to make one movie, he didn’t have the whole story written down in some notebook. Splinter of the Minds Eye (not written by Lucas but approved by him) was supposed to be the low budget sequel, and if you have read it you know that at that time Luke and Leia were absolutely not siblings. So yeah he was rewriteing things before Empire.

Yeah I read it. But this isn’t about the things Lucas messed up. This is about the character lines that appear to be wise but are laugh out loud bad when one actually thinks about them.

“Did… we forget to mention, the answer to your question. YES! It’s all true, from a certain point of view.”

love that Robot Chicken musical number. And the first statement is based in philosophy as fair back as Spinoza. Who pretty much stated that only things like mass and gravity are truths the rest is subject to interpretation.

Which would be subject to interpretation itself, wouldn’t it? The problem with those kinds of claims is that one has to assume that they are true without them meeting the criteria needed to be proven true…

That is the point. Philosophy and ideas like that are unproveable. An object has to move towards an object of greater mass due to gravity as can be demonstrated by scientific methodolgy. But beliefs and feelings can be used to rationalize an occurrence to suit a narrative of who was right and who was wrong.
It works something like this. Obi Wan lied to influence Luke. If you believe that it protected Luke than you see it as a good thing and permit it. If you think Luke was manipulated than Obi Wan might not be seen as a virtuous individual and maybe the Jedi weren’t so great after all.

Problem is, if that theory of Spinoza’s can’t be proven true, it might be false. That’s ultimately the problem with the people who state we absolutely can’t know absolutes.

Unfortunately, Philosophy has gone into a state of decay where instead of trying to discover what is true, they instead make assertions. We’ve lost a good deal since philosophers abandoned Aristotle.

Objectively, Obi-Wan lied in such a way that Luke was unprepared for the revelation when he first faced Vader.

its easier to kill her and dismiss the VA… money saved to be spent on a better character, like Qyzen or Bowdarr.. OH WAIT

Actually, they are all very different. Different look, different personalities, different attacks. They could feel the same to a person without imagination who didn’t play all the classes, and only uses them for dailies, spending more time whining on forums than playing. But each companion has his own personal story, you develop personal relationships and could be different depending on the choices you make and the person you are. Star Wars: The Old Republic has great stories and that includes their companions. If you can’t see that, you should play a more simpler game.

No they are not they used to be different HK-51 is the best example they all have the same skills and all of them can tank heal and dps now. Swtor is as cookie cutter and simple as you get the next game up is mario brothers. You can imagine all you like but when they can all do the same things now theirs no real reason to have so many other then to collect them like pokemon lol.

I think the problem was that it was disadvantageous to play certain companions. I would always play with Treek beginning at level 10 once I acquired her because she could heal and/or tank whereas my other companions were limited in role. Now I take along the character I want and get to see their interactions in the cutscenes

yeah true but they made them cookie cutter to much for instance hk’s assasinate and other unique skills that certain comps had are gone. You do make a good point though but personally i liked it better before they could have made the other comps better a different way now its just a clone army lol

That is a very very simplistic view… you’re all into gameplay, that’s what bothers you… you want them to be limited again, to be forced to choose a hateful charater like Skadge to tank, because i need his role, and earn commendations to gear him up even if I’d rather stab him. Take Lokin… he turns into a rakghoul and he hits with his hands…he’s different… there, satisfied? A lot of people play Swtor for the story, and you can’t name 2 companions that are the same regarding personalities, behavior, relationships, voice acting… you know, grown up stuffm, not pew-pew swish swish. Plus, each of them has an important role in the Alliance we are growing, you can’t see it because you skip all the cutscenes and don’t bother reading what these “all-the-same” people do.

its a realistic true view they are way more limited now and cookie cutter. Personality thats like saying theese 2 cookies on a plate have different personalities. What is the point fo having tons of companions when their all the same? hk used to have assinate and mako had the games best stun now their nothing more then clones doing the same thing they removed all the uniqueness from the comps. hk was the worst thier is no difference from hk and the ship janitor now its just ridiculous. The other issue is the alliance is absolutely pointless theres no need for an alliance when you have a world eater at your call lol

I assume light siders actually might have her as a nemesis in the end. The terrorist destructing ways could only be appealing to dark siders.

A good thought. A LS Outlander could have to struggle against factions in the Alliance who want to do something more extreme than he/she thinks is moral, perhaps reaching the point where the extremists want to oust you.

At the same time, we could see a DS Outlander seeing their Alliance labelled as terrorist thugs and alienating the ordinary person in Zakuul to the point that they don’t think the Alliance is an improvement over the current leaders.

That would be a cool story.

I believe she and Koth will have a very hard time living together, since they have very opposite ideologies. We have the patriot vs the anarchist who throws random hits regardless of victims and innocents… and this probably doesn’t even get the attention of the Royal family. I believe the “choices that matter” means one of them will have to go… and your actions dictate who. We know Koth turned traitor when he was ordered to kill innocents back when he was in the Zakuul army. He will not hesitate to turn against us if what we do is against his morality.

you cant kill him even with the dark side option
used to be able to do that in beta but alas whiners whined that that choice actually mattered
and its in chapter 3 not chapter 2

Its a little bit more fun if you are a female that romanced him before it goes down. You’ll be like “But… But I thought you loved me!”
and he says something shitty like ” I love my career more” Then you pick the darkside option and choke the snot out of him and say ” I’ll never sleep with you again” then hes all sad lol

The one time I considered it but never tried it was on my female Sorc. I never liked Andronicus and was thinking “This would be a very Sith way to get a divorce…”

Supposedly it was an option back in beta. Killing him back then would have deprived Sith Warriors of the only healer companion so negative feedback forced them to change it into a particularly badly handled Bioware Choice™.

Hopefully they will correct it in KotFE.

I always wondered why they didnt just add a very short quest that let you recruit a new imperial officer if you killed Quinn. He/she wouldnt even need a story – just a replacement healer basically.

That’s the new end game. Instead of new operations, we all stand around and kill Quinn. Or just have a bit to eat while your companion does it for you.

Kaliyo has always felt to me like a poor-man’s Jack from ME2. Them playing up the anarchist/terrorist card makes it even more so. I’m amazed they haven’t given her biotic powers yet 😀

If you are referring that Kaliyo and Jack have the same voice actor, it is not so. Kaliyo is voiced by Tasia Valenza who voiced Shakk Ti in The Clone Wars, where as Jack is voiced by Courtenay Taylor, who obviously was in Mass Effcect 2 and 3, Kotor, but she has done some work for Swtor in various minor roles. If you are referring to something else, my mistake.

biofail is fucking this game so hard its HILARIOUS. who are these 3 retards running the show of this stream? what a scheme for money i want a refund.

Stop subscribing, then. I subscribe because I raid; I’m paying for an ongoing multiplayer experience. If I were paying for this single player storyline, yeah, I’d feel cheated, and I would unsubscribe. Maybe I’d subscribe again in several months, so I’d have access to several months of new content… but I wouldn’t stay subscribed every month.

Hence they’re trying to tempt us with jetpacks and other vanity nonsense. Lol. No, just no.

Are you new to raiding or have you been doing the same raids that have been out for over a year+ with no new raids for the foreseeable future? As a raider I feel cheated that they just ignored group content other than bringing back old raids I have already done numerous times before. If you are satisfied with that then I would say you have low standards.

I subscribe because I raid, I didn’t say I wasn’t sad that they aren’t pumping out new ops. I am very sad that the multiplyer aspect of a FREAKING MMO is taking a back seat to single-player content. Still I’m having fun with friends every week, as I have for years now, and that’s worth the price of subscription to me.

Maybe I do have low standards? I could go to other games with better raids, but I wouldn’t have as much fun because it wouldn’t be Star Wars.

I’m always surprised to find people who AREN’T here because Star Wars gives them warm fuzzies.

Pretty sure he refers to new raiding. Anyhow……i loved swtor and enjoyed playing with my friends…….but they all left. Im not so desperate to play this game solely because its star wars. I am also not paying a sub for a single player game which seems to be th direction they are going.

What’s your solution? Keep on saying the game is good when it clearly isn’t? Hoping that it will get better when it won’t? Ignoring all problems with the way they developing an MMO into a single player game?

Not me. I’m trying to open peoples eyes. No one seems to understand when you are polite so i’m changing things up.

What they are doing is unacceptable for an MMO of its caliber. They are doing Star Wars a disservice and its sad.

Why are you “trying to open people’s eyes”? It’s not like they are some evil cult that is going to lead all their subs into committing suicide. Seriously, if people enjoy this game and think it’s fun how does that hurt you? It is clearly a good game up until you finish the content. If it wasn’t why would so many people be bitching about the way the end game is going?

Because people cared. People loved SWTOR and wanted to meet its true potential. Its the people who have been loyal and feel like they have been tossed to the side that are complaining the most. The games population is quickly turning into casuals. Now its a single player game with multiplayer options instead of an MMO. If you think thats fair then you must be like bioware.

‘People Cared’, ‘People loved SWTOR’
I’m people and I still love it.
I don’t agree with everything they do but why should I or you. We only pay £10 a month so how much input do you think that gets you?
If a game goes in a direction you don’t like it may be to please the majority not the minority.
I do feel for you that you don’t enjoy the game and hope you find a game that does.

So what you just said is because we pay a small amount of money set by the company we purchase from, that it makes our irritations less important? This is the type of thinking that fucks over the consumer.

Glad you still like the game but a good portion of the people I know dont and have left. They feel cheated like I do.

I see a lot of self entitlement on these forums, the attitude of i’m playing this game so listen to me and do as i say or i’m leaving.
They are a multi million dollar organisation/business who try to appeal to the majority of the players in order to make the most money, and the casuals probably make up the bulk of these players therefore they will support them with content.
If you ask me who i want to drive content in the game, casuals or NiM players it would be the casuals every time i’m afraid but that’s purely a personal opinion,

The casuals are the ones that will up and leave after doing the story or put in the least amount of time in game. The raiders are the ones putting time into the game, staying subbed longer and putting money into the cartel market. I know many raiders that were buying hypercrates by the buckets before 4.0. They would buy the holiday stuff and bonus items. So in my personal opinion I would go with the raiders.

Not saying casuals don’t put money into the game but they are called casuals for a reason.

That still doesn’t explain why you feel you need to “open people’s eyes”. It’s a matter of perception. People that are new to this game can still enjoy it, there is plenty for them to do. And it is still an MMO, it has all the same features it always had, they haven’t taken anyway. .I still love this game, I’m just burned out.

So its your perception that the game is going in a good direction by focusing on single player content instead of both group and single player? Pvp map isnt even in testing phase and they are only talking about new group content. For an MMO thats laughable. The excuse that its good for new people completely ignores the ones that are longtime players. The fact that people agree with how they treat their players blows my mind and is the reason I left. I hope there is a Star Wars MMO in the future that will do it right and listen to their players so that everyone can enjoy it. I have little to no faith left in this developer.

No, you’re completely ignoring people who legitemately enjoy the game. People are smart if they don’t like something they’ll stop playing. Did you need your eyes opened? No. You didn’t enjoy it anymore and you stopped playing. Give everyone else the same respect. BioWare isn’t forcing them to do anything, they are deciding as adults or teenagers that this investment is worth the money they put in.

If people aren’t understanding it’s likely because they’ve already made up their minds on whether they enjoy this game or not. There is no need to bog every single thread down with the same rhetoric.

Well, on the Progenitor, every major guild still has a progression raid team that raids multiple times a week. But hey, you’re da nightmare raid who quit, you’d know. Wesa be zombies?

Finally someone like me! Very displeased with the direction the game is taking but that loves to raid, which kept me re-subbing. Yes, there are other games with better raids but SWTOR is the only one with a Star Wars theme, so I guess we are stuck with it. But my patience ran out, I got tired of supporting a game that on each patch/expack kept sucking the fun of the game for me. Honestly, I think the raiders that still resist should let the game die (at least the MMO and raiding part) so that maybe in the future there will be another Star Wars MMO made for the many raiders that want raid in the Star Wars universe, because that is not going to happen with EA/Bioware.

Sorry, still have Brontes and Council to beat on NiM… and I know, you did them before they were even released, so it’s old content, but some of us haven’t actually killed them yet, due to a raid team reforming 10 times within a year, and having to restart our progression. Sorry. I wish we were all as epic as you HC NIM dudes.

“I have done numerous times before”…but can’t beat now that they are your level, am too butthurt to learn the actual mechanics of, and would rather they made a sorry attempt at an operation I could unsub for, because it’s untested, has no new mechanics, has mechanics that are broken, has no NiM mode on day one you wouldn’t even try anyway, and just feels “worse” than older ones? Great, good job!

Dafuq? I quit at 8/10 Rav and ToS because my team up and left. I dont blame them. When we beat the last 2, which would have happened, we would still be in the same boat. Make more sense please.

LOL /smh times a million like how this guy brings up monthly content when they had to push the date back feb. Who cares about companions being rehashed and interesting when their all the same? LOL are they going for some pokemon audience or something? This rehashiing companions seems and feels like they have a 0 dollar budget.

LOL at enticement with jetpacks and other things. Im not sure why they even do these streams it feels like im watching some wendys employees on thier break behind it shooting the breeze

I understand how you see the companions.
But for me they are all different, it’s all about the look & feel (which includes their personality and personal stories).
I do absolutely *love* the stories around them and want more !:)

hey did you hear Subs are up to their highest point in the last 3 years? Seems like the changes they made are a hit. Didn’t you say the game was dead?

This video has got me curious for the February stream. While the mechanics and direction could sustain a follow up to monthly stream most of the statements(non/rehashed answers) we received here don’t really seem to merit a follow up. Unless this is incredibly cheap to create and pays dividends as an advertising tool.

These devs keep talking about depth of characters, but all I see is what you’d call linear character development. Kaliyo was already a boarder line terrorists on Hutta at launch. Now she’s what? A darker version of that character but…on ZAKUUL! Well, didn’t see that coming. Now if she was cast as a Lady on Alderdaan married to some Lord, that would be an interesting and new story. How did it happen? Did she really change? Can a person change that way? It adds depth and an element of mystery. Seriously, BW, I’d give you a C+ in creative writing.

Yes, it’s very telling that they have to keep informing us about how interesting these characters are. It’s as if they don’t trust us to come to that conclusion ourselves… because they know they have actually created a story populated by flat stereotypes and stock roles.

Some of it’s entertaining, some of it’s grating. But none of it is as amazingly deep and interesting as claimed.

I found that kotfe story very similar to mass effect 2. We loose old crew, find new one and some scenes are exact copy. I hear that in bioware is some rule: if you find good idea use it to the end. (Or something like that.) Because of that even characters transfer within their games.

Hear hear. Really hope the Kotor HD rumours are true, purely as that might mean we get a Kotor 2 remake as well 😛

I actually liked the story with the restored content. I think the problem was the release cut out so much stuff it was hard to figure out what was going on in spots.

cant have depth when all the comps are the same cookie cutter molds. They sure have an axe to grind with uniqueness

Originality is pretty much dead across the entertainment industry. Very few games/films that I’ve played/seen in recent years have actually managed to be anything short of predictable.

People sometimes progress linearly and seeing how hurt and betrayed Kaliyo was in her romance letter to the player character I think this is perfectly within her character. Not everything has to be a Shymalan twist. Not to mention we haven’t really played through it yet and who knows she might have a different more progressive change with an Agent as opposed to the other classes.

Is this headgear rare? I found it when were first time on oricon, there was some guy, dont remember, i think master of fear or something and he drop it. But after that i tried many times killing acolytes of fear and they dont drop. Or you can get only 1?

He’s a rare spawn. Only met him twice… first time he threw me in lava and when i returned, some other guy killed him. Only he drops the headgear to complete the Oricon reputation gear. He’s almost as rare as Martinique Desler on CZ.

What a shitstorm have i created, oh my god… i just posted a pic of my character on a swtor fan page, a character i’m proud of because it took me some time to finalize her look (in my own sense of perfection)…

ppl get medicine;p it’s like it wasn’t even troll but i trolled anyway…
no hope for humanity, ppl are not nice anymore, all they do is judge

Actually mate i think she looks amazing.
I’m big into how my alts look and i’m contemplating rolling my first female char and pinching this look (they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery).
Don’t mind the trolls they are just looking for food.

welcome to dulfy LOL people think all i do is troll opinion and reality is quite askew here just fyi as for your pic….

the acolyte of fear is always there, the rare npc spawns every now and then when the acolyte has been killed, the rare one has a chance to spawn instead of the acolyte of fear when it normally respawns. Both drop the headpiece, the rare spawn has either a very large or guaranteed chance of dropping it, while the acolyte of fear has a very low chance of dropping it. I myself got the headpiece off of the acolyte after some 50ish kills of it, and i’ve never actually seen the rare spawn standing there, but i know it exists of course, it’s just rng.

Yeah, so what? I Saw the rare spawn like the 2 bs time on Oricon after learning about it. I kill her and got it, big deal. Still doesn’t explain why he posted that irrelevant pic, other then to brag.

Its quite simple. There are two options:

1) Lack of attention IRL. Thus, giving you a picture requires you to post on it thus feeding his attention needs.
2) To make players like you mad. Someone posts something and your immediate response is “irrelevant, boasting, etc.” Do most players think this is cool, nope. Do most players care, nope. Do you? Enough to comment on it.

Good luck and God bless.

1. I was responding to Craig’s comment
2. I’m not mad about it, and is is irrelevant to this thread
3. Your mocking of my name just assures that you will never be allowed Beyond The Pond

Having watched the livestream, I feel sorry for dulfy being obliged to transcribed it. Logging to dulfy’s site regularly is, alas, the last thing one has left of swtor. That must be the last stage before, finally, forgetting about the game and letting go…:-(

I’ll ask here because it seems like the most active thread.

1) Has anyone else encountered the crash to desktop with Windows 10 when playing? (I especially notice this when I mouse over in the crafting window or the map)
2) Has anyone found a workaround?

I usually get it when I mouse over my inventory, and no, there has been no workaround. Nice thing is, Windows 10 gives me a black screen with the task bear at the bottom of my display, so the only thing I can do is restart my computer. Every. frikin. time.

The black screen happened to me last night, but not today. Other than that it sounds like the same situation. Hope they fix it soon.

Not deliberately 🙂
I was in at the beginning of the game including early access. Then I dropped out because of extreme latency issues. Came back in about mid-2015. So I don’t have all the experiences others have in terms of the reliability of BW

I don’t crash but Windows 10 had a recent update that has screwed everything up as usual, I play in full screen (windowed) so I can have other windows open and just move the mouse down to the bottom to open them, but not anymore I actually have to move my cursor to the bottom left corner where the file explorer would be and press the windows button now and then move my cursor along that bottom bar without going too far up or it closes that bottom bar again.

I’m running Win10 64-bit, latest preview build, and no crashes at all. Also wasn’t crashing with build 10586 (current worldwide release). Be sure you have the most current drivers for your video card: GeForce drivers were having an issue a month ago, but everything is good now. (There was a GeForce update on 27 Jan.) BTW, I’m running in windowed (full screen) with 2 monitors.

I had a driver update on 1/30, the day my problems began (damn you Win 10 automatic updates!). I rolled it back and my brief experiments indicate it seems to have worked. Won’t know for sure until I get home and try to really play.

I tried installing win 10 and after I did, the game failed to get past the loading screen every time. I updated all the drivers etc – but just couldn’t start the game for anything.
Finally I just uninstalled win 10 back to win 7. Now its business as usual 😉

Can someone explain to me how I’m able to fly to Zakuul, while being the most wanted, and not have any issues?

Why isn’t there a star fortress over the capital worlds I would think those would be the MOST important…

More to cum, help me understand this

Because your a good pilot who can land without being seen? The peace treaties probably protect the capital worlds from Star Fortresses, and please don’t spell come like that.

Also the star fortresses weren’t really there to keep the planet in line more than they were there for specific reasons, like Belsavis to recruit prisoners to Zakuul, Alderaan was to continue inciting hatred between the houses, Hoth had something to do with the pirates, the others I don’t remember as much about, but they had purposes besides guarding the planet.

Well, your ship isn’t recovered until chapter 9 story wise (no idea if you can use it if you jump out of story), so it’s possible the Zakuul might think “Just another ugly spaceship” and due to gross arrogance assume that things are fine

my sub is ending Feb6th and already stopped playing. I started to play Witcher 3 and I can clearly see how storytelling in a game is like. Bioware is no more and swtor is shadow of the previous games unfortunately.

I’m not a grammar nazi by any means, but did anyone proof read this article first.
It can be a hard read at times.

I’m not doing the new chapter until the lag issue everyone is complaining about is fixed, so no spoilers please. But I am curious if Alexander Freed actually made a story revolving around anarchism or is it leaning more towards the stereo type cliché of an anarchist with bombs etc? As I understand Kaliyo is leading an anarchist movement. I’m curious if there is any depth into the political undertones of this anarchist movement or is “anarchist” just a word being thrown into Freed’s story to make her sound “dangerous”.

It would be interesting to see Kaliyo go from an apathetic criminal to a revolutionary leader, akin to Han Solo, during the last 5 years. I’ll find out soon. But I would like to go in knowing if Freed did his research into anarchism or if he’s just misusing the word to dress up a character. Very curious and I hope I won’t be let down. But I have faith in these writers.

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