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GW2 Jan 29 Guild Chat Livestream Notes

GW2 Jan 29 Guild Chat Livestream featuring Colin Johanson and developers on the Shatterer update.

General Stuff from Colin

  • More polish in the next quarterly update. Spring update is chance to address some of the feedback from HoT. You should be able to play in a short of amount of time and make meaningful progress. We are going to take a look at that. Some areas ended more grindy than we would like.
  • Finish the fractal backpack.
  • Spring update is to fix things in HoT that didn’t really align with our vision.
  • We are able to talk about the WvW resurgence update earlier than we thought. Details coming soon. WvW took 5 years to develop and we are working on it as fast as we can. WvW player culling  took 1 year of our most senior engineer to fix.

Shatterer Update

  • Sean Hughes – Game Designer. Worked on the new branded that spawn in the fight. Alot of the open world mobs are boring and follow a regular pattern of attack you, wait for 3 seconds, and then attack you again. The HoT mobs were more interesting and we remade branded mobs based on that.
  • McKenna Berdrow – Game Designer. Worked on achievements and decorations.
  • Andrew Gray – Game Designer – Worked on the Shatterer abilities, gliding and the siege weapons
  • How did the shatterer revamp came about?
    • One of the legendary precursor collections was blocked by the old Shatterer since you could perm blind it. There were also a few safe zones that people could stand in and cheese the fight. These were simple fixes that would take only a few days. Then we added breakbar and gliding.
  • We already have a few world bosses that need organized map/guild to beat it. Since it was a level 40-50 zone, we didn’t want it to be overly difficult. The achievement are difficult.
  • We are looking into scaling issues with his breakbar since no one has broken his bar yet and there is a cool animation associated with it.
  • We wanted the achievements to guide players through the fight and all the mechanics.The achievement for getting smashed by Shatterer is kinda trollish and was designed by McKenna since she liked the one in Jormag and she is abit of a troll.
  • For sieges, Mortar had the most changes. Before you had a button to turn left, a button to turn right and a button to guess how far to shoot. It turned really slow and was really ineffective. The med kit skill was also changed to apply protection/splash heal on hit and also drop a med kit. Turrets have a CC skill added to help with breakbar and now has a longer range.
  • Non HoT players can still get the branded backpack since there is only one achievement that requires gliding and you only need 10/11 of the achievements for the meta.
  • Branded mobs such as the elite Minotaur have a mechanic where it would pin a player down and pound them to death unless the player stun break or others break its breakbar. The elite Griffion would do more damage flying but if you break its bar, it would land and do less damage.
  • The Shatterer can imprison players in crystals while they are gliding in the air. If this happens, they would plummet to the ground and act as a bomb, dealing AoE damage to players when they land on the ground.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

17 replies on “GW2 Jan 29 Guild Chat Livestream Notes”

Colin is Wrong. We broke Shatterer’s breakbar twice 5 hours ago, then broke it again once right in front of a dev who was playing with us in the map. It does deserve a nerf though.

Congrats on the break! 🙂 I do agree that it needs a nerf though, else it’s impossible to obtain unless you go in with a dedicated world boss guild like TTS, which judging from their language, isn’t what they’re trying to achieve for Shatterer.

Assuming the normal flow of the time stream has not been compromised, your breaking of the Shatterer’s bar either happened slightly after or minutes before they went live with the guild chat – meaning that Colin was right at the time.

On the other hand, i wouldn’t be surprised if most of the stream was actually pre-recorded rather than actually live.

On the “too grindy” nature of new content. I think the problem is not so much the (very evident) grind as it is the loss of map synergy every time you log out or change maps in HoT zones.

I approve of requiring players to play multiple events to qualify for end of cycle rewards (instead of just dropping in Tarir or Verdant Brink during the boss cycles for the loot). That said, gaining map synergy can take over an hour and is lost too easily. If your map depopulates, you are given the option to change map instances to a fuller map but doing so removes your map synergy – meaning you might as well leave. Likewise logging out for a moment (or suffering a momentary dc) means that you can lose over an hours worth of map synergy and not have enough time to recoup it far enough to receive any actual reward – which results in a lots of additional grind.

I feel that if accepting the request to change map instances didn’t remove your map synergy and if your character was given an invisible 24 hour buff which restored half it’s achieved synergy for a HoT map if it left a particular HoT map but later returned to that same map (without having visited any other HoT maps) then the grind would be much more bearable.

Actually not anymore…it saves the contribution bar for a bit when DCing…at least if you rejoin your map. Happened to me some time ago in VB and still had 200% contribution.

That said I feel that they should change some stuff too…maybe make some cycles shorter…many events do not need that much time. For example a Tarir done properly, VB and TD have A LOT of free time after each “lane” complete their chains…a bit too much…especially in TD. Chains are so fast but then you gott wait 1h for gerent. It could be a bit harsh in the beginning, but people will get used to it soon and learn to divide evenly between outposts.

Mentioning Tarir…i feel that that map totally lacks synergy between it’s phases. I mean, even if you do not activate a single pylon, you’re fine…you still got three armor which are more than enough to complete it. Imo they should remove the three “base” armors to make the pylons phase much more vital for a proper defense phase.

I may be wrong, but I think the game doesn’t note your dc unless you try to reconnect. If your map is not full, you get back in and lose nothing. If your map is full, you get shafted to a separate map and lose all progress. Tis the reason I never try reconnect if I dc near the end of Teq, I usually get the reward box for participating as the game registers me as still being there – until I try rejoin the map and cant.

i think a strong part of the whining about grinding comes from what people expect out of it, and how they try to play. theyve got this completionist mindset, and are trying to get all the unique stuff and achievements, and in most games that stuff is always grindy. if they relaxed a bit and tried to enjoy the events when they were able instead of forcing themselves to to get some arbitrary reward, they might enjoy it more.

but alas, trying to tell someone how to play a game is a bit of a catch-22, and i should know better than to try.

You can’t decide how other people should play games.

Additionally, the rewards in this game (since the expansion) require more grinding then any other mmo I’ve played. The new grinds aren’t even for gear, they for cosmetics – each piece of which is orders of magnitude more effort to obtain then cosmetic pieces in the base game. Obtaining a single piece of HoT cosmetics is still reasonable – unless you want one of the pieces which are locked behind a HoT collection. I’d like the Auric back piece, which means unlocking all 17(?) auric weapons – which at my rate of play means I may get it in a year or two. This is the case for a quarter of the most detailed cosmetic pieces released.

There is no rule on how easy things need to be to obtain in games, still, given how wardrobe stacking is taken to be such a large aspect of this game, people are allowed to question if too much of their time is expected to make any progress – especially as GW2 still seems to be marketed as a “casual experience”.

Plus I’m not seeing this catch-22 scenario. Read the definition, read the book (good book) and I don’t see how your position qualifies for it.

i suppose that makes sense.

as for the catch-22, i simply meant that some people go into a game expecting something, and sometimes that something isnt the ‘most fun’ way to play the game, but you cant tell them how to play because that would make you something of a jerkface and also be completely ineffective. so regardless of what is done, theyre gonna have a bad time.

i dont really care about cosmetics, at least not enough to grind for them, so it was never an issue for me. but i do understand the mindset, so i guess i see where people are coming from now. since i never farm dungeons or events for special gear, id just never had to deal with it.

Getting smashed by Shatterer – I ran up to the fight without knowing about this achievement. A bunch of people started saying “Squish me Senpai” but I dismissed it as some weird map chat in-joke, then the fight started and I was flattened and won an achievement. I’m happy with that.

“Branded mobs such as the elite Minotaur have a mechanic where it would pin a player down and pound them to death unless the player stun break or others break its breakbar.”

Please pardon my language, but this needs to be said.

How the fuck is a perma-stunlock considered good design?! Whoever keeps recommending these constant abuses of crowd control by enemies needs to get a visit from a paid goon who shoves him off his work chair every three seconds until he cries, gets knocked out, or stops making these shit designs.

Thanks for the notes, Dulfy!
I’m encouraged that the Spring patch might bring some much-needed polish to Magus Falls. 🙂

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