GW2 Scribing Costs Update

Arenanet is looking to lower the costs of Scribing in a future update.

A Message from the Guild Team:

As many of you are aware, the cost of scribing is really expensive and some prices don’t make sense. Scribing is more expensive now than we meant it to be, and although we expected prices to be higher while the economy was shifting due to the launch of Heart of Thorns, the economy is now stabilizing, yet Scribing costs are still too expensive. We are looking at how to best balance Scribing by making multiple changes to the system.

Upcoming Changes

Make the prices more reasonable. Not all scribing recipes are overpriced and some of the “cooler” recipes, like Uzolan, are objectives that guilds enjoy working towards. However, we are aware the some prices are far more expensive than we ever intended them to be and they need to be adjusted.

Design recipes that make sense. There are recipes for small decorations that cost more than the bigger and cooler decorations, and this just feels weird! We want to make sure that scribing recipes make sense and that the effort and value you put into them doesn’t feel like a waste of your time, effort, and resources.

Fix illogical recipes. Several recipes require components that are not unlocked for you until you have achieved a higher level of scribing. These are mistakes and we plan to fix these recipes.

Slivers and pigments! We are aware that slivers are expensive and are a major reason that scribing is in its present state. Currently we are discussing how we want to balance slivers and pigments and make sure they don’t cause scribing to be so expensive.

Overall these are the issues we are focusing on to bring scribing more in line with where we want it to be. We don’t have a release date for these changes yet, but we plan to keep everyone in the loop as we move forward with these changes. We encourage you to keep posting feedback on scribing!


  • Wildscribe

    Will I get a refund of the difference in Scribing costs for the stuff I already purchased?

    • Hyldenlord

      Dream on.

    • concot

      Why would you?

    • Doctor


    • Kitty

      Well unlike above comments. I do think its fair and a normal request.

      The cost issue of scribing is a mistake done by Anet that they are trying to fix. All guilds that I know of have invested in scribes.. sometimes 1 or even 2 for the entire guide. It is a lot of personal investment (you practically give up a legendary to become a scribe) and investment from the guild. I have everyday people that mail me mats to help me make things for the guild and I could have never done it without so many guildies helping me. So if a scribe is 400 then hell yeah he or the guild should be refunded or given special reward for going that extra mile and going through the effort. Cause yeah believe it or not it is a lot of work to do scribe. It cannot be compared to any of the other professions… With the current assembly system and how it was setup; it is not something meant to be for every character; it is an investment from the entire guild and for the entire guild.

      So yeah if refunding is too difficult then at least give rewards or special decorations. Or refund base on difference made on each item that was crafted. Either way even if we don’t get refunded it was great fun to go through the challenge of lvling it and I don’t regret one bit. =^.^=

      • concot

        You made a choice like everyone else when HoT came out.
        Scribe, legendary crafting, or ascended armor.

      • Doublemint Dave

        I agree with concot. It was your own choice to go ahead and spend all that money in the worst possible economical conditions. Anet has realized that a vast majority is unable to partake in the system because it’s too expensive, but it was largely a mistake for them, not for the players. From the players’ point of view, it’s prohibitively expensive, sure, but still very much a functional system (apart from some recipe inconsistencies etc.). If a store lowers its prices after you’ve bought their wares, do you go back and ask for a refund?

        I don’t think poor decisions and impatience should be rewarded.

    • Braghez

      Will be hard…but at least now us scribes will be able to finally decorate our guild to our heart content XD

    • yess

      imagine the havoc it would wreak on the economy, to refund everyone in game that has spent money on the scribe.
      which is a helluva lot of ppl, and a helluva lot of money.
      doesnt work that way, sorry.

  • Alot

    I’d say add the option for guilds to unlock daily guild missions (or even limited duration festival time missions) which require scribes to make a certain decoration then donate it to the quest giver. There would be a single quest at each non-refinement levelling zone of scribing and the reward would be most of the slivers (and at lower levels, pigments) that went into making the item being donated.
    Allow people to level scribing very slowly for low cost and the market pressure on slivers (and brown pigment) would probably be notably reduced.

  • nathanjfealko

    Glad I haven’t spent anything on Scribe yet!

  • Cinnamongod

    The majority of the problem here is related to drop rates in GW2.

  • Mr_a7md

    when is the patch ?

  • Edwin Karat

    One thing that is missing here is for more scribe items to be tradeable on the TP. I think that might help stabilize an economy around scribing.

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