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SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 4.1

A list and gallery of items from Patch 4.1. These items will be released with Anarchist’s Pack on Tuesday, Feb 9.


Pack Images/Non Pack Items

Anarchist Pack Image


HK Inspired Jetpack Subscriber Reward/TR-U4 Cartel Coin Card reward



Darth Skotia’s Armor Set – Silver


Exiled Knight – Silver


Mercenary Slicer – Silver


Resistance Fighter – Gold


Squadron Ace – Silver


Underworld Anarchist – Gold


Zakuul Knight Captain – Gold



Cybernetic Rancor – Gold


Frostcrest Devourer – Bronze (Still tagged as part of Research Alliance Pack)


Kalakar Escort – Bronze (Still tagged as part of Research Alliance Pack)


Koensayr Revolution – Gold (Mount Flourish enabled)


Korrealis Marquis – Silver


Kybuck Prairie – Gold


Swamp Rancor – Gold


Wildness Resupply Uxibeast – Silver


Zakuulan Sidecar – Gold



Classic Vibrosword – Silver (Mainhand)


Classic Double Vibrosword – Silver


Lightweight Vibrosword – Silver (Offhand)


Unstable Arbiter Lightsaber– Gold


Unstable Arbiter Dualsaber – Gold


Insurrectionist’s Pistol – Silver


Insurrectionist’s Rifle – Silver


Insurrectionist’s Sniper Rifle – Silver



Desert Green Color Crystal – Silver


Pet: R1-H5 Astromech Droid– Silver


Pet: Cyberlamp Mewvorr – Silver


Companion: Personal Warbot – Gold


Old Items to be Sold Directly

These old items got new images and are prime suspects for direct sales on the cartel market in the future.

Mediation Chamber (from Tracker’s Bounty pack)


Diplomat’s Mediation Hoverchair (from Blackade Runner’s Cartel pack)




Decorations are not unlockable in the collections so they have no images yet (wait till Tuesday) but the names should give you an idea of what to expect.

Anarchist Pack Decorations

  • Ambient Machine: Birds
  • Arrangement: Luxury Spa
  • Commemorative Statue of Kaliyo Djannis
  • Medical Facility
  • Model: Eternal Fleet
  • Odessen Brazier
  • Power Conduit (Green)
  • Rakghoul Research Table
  • Resting Medical Tank
  • Zakuulan Information Terminal
  • Zakuulan Water Sculpture

New decorations from Operations

  • Commemorative Statue of Coratanni
  • Commemorative Statue of Dread Master Brontes
  • Commemorative Statue of Dread Master Styrak
  • Commemorative Statue of Karagga the Unyielding
  • Commemorative Statue of Kephess the Undying
  • Commemorative Statue of Revan
  • Commemorative Statue of Soa
  • Commemorative Statue of the Dread Council
  • Commemorative Statue of the Terror From Beyond

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452 replies on “SWTOR Upcoming Items from Patch 4.1”

Good lord, those vibroswords. Game’s severely lacked a simple, clean blade design, and those fit the bill perfectly.

Also, is that a calculator on the side of those new rifles?

Probably intended as some fake looking “range finder” or some stuff.
I like the look of it, but it would be more awesome if it actually “did something” other than look pretty 😛

Oh dear. Cybernetic Rancor look almost identical to the Nightmare Dread Palace Mount drop. There’s gonna be a lot of butt hurt raiders out there…

I don’t think that the raiders care for this game anymore. BioWare decided to pander to the casual and unskilled. Most of the serious hardcore raiders at this point are done with this game.

To be fair raiders will always be butt hurt no matter what. It’s what raiders do.. And they wonder why bioware doesn’t cater to them anymore.

And then of course people should realise that I was meaning the more traditional way of carrying a sword around.

I’ll give you a gold star for the joke, though.

Did they bump their heads against something and forgot how to do horrible items? Almost all the things in this pack are great. And even some of the recolors like that new Korrealis are good looking.

Finally! Good swords! Some nice shit in this pack. Pity their new ‘improved’ pack system is in play with this pack, or I’d buy direct.

What’s with changing crystals’ names and selling them again?
All armour is crap. Like vibroswords and lightsabers only.

Will this be named as a new delivery of packs? Or is it the last Alliance pack, to be named Anarchist Alliance pack (which wouldn’t make a lot of sense)? My OCD that tells me there should always be 4 main packs with each delivery is tickling the back of my neck right now, I feel the danger.

TBH, i never liked having a weapon that was only usable for one specialization (the assault cannon/sniper rifle). Feels like a waste of CCs for me to get. IMO of course

That’s…disconcerting. Especially since we don’t know if the ‘at ease’ emote will see the light of day now. I know a lot of RPers were looking forward to it. 🙁

Still, thank you for shedding light on it, Dulfy!

Probably because they decided to eliminate “bronze quality” items, so they threw the bronze things they were planning into the trash compactor XD

KotOR weapons? JESUS MOTHERFUCKING CHRIST YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! FINALLY, AFTER 3 YEARS OF WAITING THEY ADDED KOTOR WEAPONS!!! (hope they won’t spoil their sound effects)

LOL it’s so funny how the unspoken “other half” of this game is nothing more than vain people just showing off to others, like teasing them with “lookie what i have, and you don’t…” hahahahaha
Gamers never grow up lol

Personally, i think the DUAL Arbiter sabers would go SWEET with the pulsating green crystals, and some hot RhakGhoul event effects and gear applied to my character or a companion 😀

(the ONLY sad thing in this pack is that those sabers do NOT have the crossguard … yet).
I expect BW will milk that money out of us too, later, by adding crossguards on to a new, tangent version of the Arbiter, to make more money off us … sigh
(I think it would not be too practical on a dual-saber tho… just seems that the “cutting off your own hand” meme/idea would be even more easier applied in the situation of a dual saber, even if not so much on a single saber).

Why would it matter? if they are like all over weapons on the cartel market, they get added to your collections and then for a modest CC fee, you can spawn them on all characters.

Never saw the point on Legacy bound crap anyway.

Well to move gear between several chars (marauder/sent) as they use the same stats/set bonus, meaning you only gear 1 char, and can use it on the rep/imp mirror class

You don’t see the point of using legacy gear to transfer mods between toons to do the same op multiple times in one week?

I was going to complain about the boring armour in this pack, but then I saw the mounts and weapons. They look amazing!

Dual arbiter sabers would be pretty cool for a Watchman sentinel. A sort of “I overload my sabers all the time”

Why not? not only the hardcore raiders have the right to have cool mounts dont you think? besides its a mount that was always wanted from a lots of players to be on the CM because not everyone has the time and money to spend on playing getting gear and raid again and again to have a single chances to get the mount for a single toon while on the CM it can be unlock for every character in the account and of course the main reason behind it is guess what? the money Boware knows they can do a lot of money of it

and again no fucking weapons for commando’s the hate from bioware against this class is really showing…….

The weapons are on point. However, the color crystal is a hilariously identical version of Mint Green (also wtf is “Desert Green” SUPPOSED to even look like?). The main problem here though is the cybernetic rancor, which – if it’s the exact same model as the NiM DP one – is way too similar to it.

Unfortunately because the combat system is still boring as shit, the inclusion of awesome weapons like pulsing lightsabers and classic vibroswords really doesn’t matter too much, since your character will still look and feel like a goof while using them. (Also, their stance of refusing to let different classes use different types of weapons, Juggs using doublesabers for example, is terrible and hurtful to the game).

Is an odd name. Desert Green. If someone asked me what kind of place I’d be unlikely to find anything green in, a desert would be the first place that comes to mind :’)

Yes but when you say ‘desert’ to someone they will think of miles and miles of endless sand. Whether or not that’s always the case is totally irrelevant.

It’s as if people are deliberately trying to miss the point…

Farmhand Blue is a reference to SW 4 A New Hope and reflects the lightsaber from that movie. This looks like a reference to SW 6 Return of the Jedi and Luke’s lightsaber there.

Difference being the other reference worked. This one just falls flat. You’re probably right, though it’s not very well thought out if it is the case.

Not that it matters really. More shades = good thing.

actually it does make sense. Although not in the movie, the lore is Luke constructed his lightsaber on tatooine. from wiki –

“great efforts were taken to expunge the last remaining resources of the fallen Jedi Order from the galaxy. One of these measures was the banning of all crystals capable of being used in the construction of lightsabers. Due to this, Luke was forced to fabricate his own green synthetic lightsaber crystal, utilizing a small blast furnace and a book of instructions found within the home of his fallen Master on Tatooine.”

You’re not hearing me- Desert Green doesn’t work as a reference-based name. People will just read it, then think ‘wtf is Desert Green?’. Farmhand Blue, on the other hand, was a reference that everyone could get.

It’s blue. It’s the same shade Luke used. He was a farmhand. Thus, Farmhand Blue. Desert Green falls flat, that was my point.

I dunno man, I got the reference immediately, so don’t speak for other people just because you didn’t get the reference.

Pretty confident most people who play this game won’t know where Luke built his lightsaber. It’s not like this is a Harry Potter type franchise, where most fans have read the books, and I’ve read dozens and didn’t know it either. It -is- pretty obscure.

Which is my entire point.

I made it clear it doesnt fall flat. I knew exactly what it meant. The Crystal (Green) was made in the desert. It was created from the desert in a furnace in Ben’s home on tatooine. It is, as the name says, Desert Green.

This would probably make more sense to you if it was called a Green Desert Crystal cause u are putting too much importance and reliance on “Desert” being a modifier or describer or “green” instead of a description of the crystal itself. The crystal is both green and a desert crystal.

And the crystal IS REFERENCE BASED! the reference is to tatooine the place of its creation. Its also the same place Luke was a farmhand. Its the same reference. They cant call it Farmhand green cause luke was no longer a farm hand when he made the crystal. The reference to desert green is fairly obvious a refence to the crystal luke made as, like you say, there is no other connection between green and desert. The only connection between “green” and a “desert” is luke. Just as the only connection between “farmhand” and “blue” is also luke.

Again, you’re really not hearing me. But it doesn’t matter. Not worth going on about 🙂

But IS this a new shade? It looks exactly like Mint Green to me. If they actually added a legitimate Green (which they haven’t in four years) it’d be nice indeed, but this doesn’t look like one.

The Mint Green however is all a single shade, outline and bladed. This desert green has a similar hue, but the blade is definitely more white.

The Jugg can’t use a dualsaber because it’s not a single, stable, saber. Jugg’s are kind of like a walking fortress, they have to hit hard, be stable, and be firm like. A dual saber can’t give the kind of power attacks that a single saber can. The dualsaber is more of a lunging and rotational weapon, while the single saber allows the Jugg to put his full force in his blows.

Um, no. Jugg can’t use a double-bladed lightsaber because the Devs decided that classes should be easily distinguishable from each other by the weapons they’re using, instead of actually making sense in the Star Wars universe. A sith assassin should be able to use a single lightsaber — in fact, it makes more sense. Mara should be able to effectively use a single, or a double-bladed one.

No, it’s tactics. Everyone has a class sigil above their name. The assassin uses a dualsaber because it’s a lunging weapon and an offensive based one, perfect for large stabs. The marauder can use a single blade, but he’s a marauder because he focuses on more damage, which can be utilized in the Jar’kai form, which emphasizes beating your opponent down. The two lightsabers give him an offensive advantage over the Jugg, however, using two lightsabers means he can’t hold each as tightly as he could with two hands, giving him the defensive disadvantage. A walking fortress wouldn’t use a lunging, long reach weapon. An assassin wouldn’t use a single blade where he could take a dualsaber to get extra reach and offense. And a marauder wouldn’t take one lightsaber when he could do so much more damage with two.

You really wan’t to believe yourself, but sadly, no, you’re wrong. They *said* in a livestream that they weren’t going to allow different classes to use the different weapons so the various classes could be identified at a distance.

Also, a double-bladed lightsaber is NOT a lunging weapon. If you lunged, anyone would simply parry the blade to your weapon-hand side, causing the back blade to slice right through you.

I get the feeling you’re basing your arguments on what you’ve been told, not what actually makes practical sense. You’re honestly trying to tell me that it makes more sense for a teched out bounty hunter to have a single pistol than a blaster rifle?

No, I have been answering these questions in the sense of lightsaber styles and power/lunging attacks. Personally, I would like to see a Boba Fett style carbine, but it wouldn’t work quite as well as the blasters with the bounty hunter’s feel.

The dread rancor I have wanted that a long time. But raid mounts should stay raid mounts. In all honesty that is why people still raid these places. Hopefully this is a reward tying into something or next we’ll see Wings of the Architect repainted.

that saber is pretty cool. its a shame i havent used my sentinel since 3.0. Not that anyone needs weapons anymore. Give everyone a stuffed ewok to hand out to enemies and they will instantly allow safe passage.

knowing that a lot of people would go for it, they would make more money of with gamble, since more money is what they are going for

Huh….this is actually a really good pack, for the first time I basically want everything in it. Guess that’s what 2 months of wait produces xD Wonder what the decorations will be like.

It is absolutely infuriating that they would put that rancor in a pack. How much more can they show their disdain for the nightmare raiders still remaining.

Oh poor you. someone else has something that you have. you must cry yourself to sleep every night over how unfair your life is.

Why would I be against someone having the same thing as me? It’s the fact that you don’t actually have to do anything now to get this mount other than spend money. If people earn the mount then that is great and I’m happy for them. But what is the point of doing NiM in the past or right now? There is zero incentive.Good attempt at trolling or whatever it was you were trying to do.

Russell, we’ve lost. The casuals run the game and soon it will be nothing but cash shop, ERP, and the occasional story chapter (once a month).

Just login with your rancor and troll their RP areas.

Yeah Idk why I bother anymore, everyone just wants shit handed to them now. The comment section and forums are literally cancer.

Seems like a bunch of reskins, except for the wanna be Kylo Ren saber that is missing the cross guards on the hilt.

In terms of the real world, it’s based on his, but not in the game world. Ren’s saber is based on designs from the “Great Scourge of Malachor.”

That’s why I made the “real world” distinction.

Off Topic: Is your name a jab at my name or are you referencing DiNiro’s cat?

I can has Krampus?

Seriously though, there’s a lot of pretty nice looking stuff in this pack. But most of it seems to be tagged silver or gold, and the two bronze items were still labeled as being in a different pack, so…

I’m wondering what ELSE is going to be in them now, honestly. It just seems weird.


SWTOR_Potato confirmed that the Classic Vibrosword is Mainhand only and the Lightweight Vibrosword is Offhand only. Otherwise, they share the same model.

This stuff is all actually pretty cool. ESPECIALLY the KotOR vibroblades. I’ve been wanting those since pre-launch.

But, having said that, for my “modern” characters, I have found one or two such models I find acceptable. *cough* Grandmaster Military Legend/Custom Vibro/Deft Champion *cough*

I NEEEEED those classic vibroblades. Please allow companions to use vibroswords and electrostaffs so I can give one of those to Tanno and Yuun! All they can wield are tech blades and tech staffs. Also, most of the armor looks really good too. I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of assault cannons, since those blasters look really cool.

Yuun can use Vibroblades, all my Yuun’s from FE have vibroblades equipped. Dont know if the pre new Xpav Yuun or Tanno can use them or not. They werent able before

I actually figured out that Tanno can use vibroblades, and so can Yuun, but Yuun can only use tech staffs and not electrostaffs. Since Yuun had a staff for the longest time before this expansion, that’s what I want to have him use. I guess it doesn’t matter too much.

Cybernetic rancor from nim dp now on cartel market.

gg, fuck you, eat a dick bioware

Make your money and push more raiders away

I think BW stopped caring about hardcore raiders when they realized that this group of players was too small to keep raiding alive in swtor. What they did with 4.0 gave way to a new generation of raiders and I think that’s the raiders they are looking at. If you’re a NiM raider, you’re a thing of the past. There are a lot of people raiding nowadays, many more casuals have gotten involved and so this is the group of people they are catering for, because if they keep raiding they have a reason again to bring out new operations from a business point of view. Let’s be honest. When ToS was out 6 months BW told us that not even 8% of the player base had set foot in that ops. You can’t make a business case for an investment in new ops when that’s the case. Maybe it sucks that things have been dumbed down etc…but it’s the only thing probably that has given raiding a second chance. I’ve never even seen anyone with that mount to be honest. That’s probably the reason they are doing this. I also don’t think it’s cool but there it is.

I imagine they’ll put it out in some fashion or another eventually. if they have it perpared they’d be fools not to. CM direct sale maybe?

I really with they would stop selling packs and make everything direct. Cartel market isn’t a market, it’s a bloody casino

The good thing is that you don’t need any of this stuff. so if you are not willing to to pay money for the packs then don’t. Just buy them off of the GTN following Thursday when they get released

It’s not a casino and you aren’t gambling.

Gambling implies that you’re spending money for a chance to gain more money. However, all the money you spend on the CM, regardless of what you spend it on, is never returned to you.

The CM is more like an arcade, not a casino.

Most of their CM revenue comes from coin purchases used for the packs, I imagine. They’re designed to be money sinks — without them, this game would be suffering.

Well, the real truth is, without the star wars aspect, this game would be long dead, but that’s beside the point.

I see it as a referance to Luke’s saber over all. Luke got a green lightsaber in large part because blue showed up poorly against the tatooine sky

Yeah, just as we saw the ‘Farmhand Blue’ Advanced Color Crystal come out in the Strategy Alliance Packs. If they had still gone on with the Research Alliance Packs, I’m sure that the ‘Desert Green’ one would have been in that.

Instead of keeping the nim mount in a nim operation, they put it on the cartel market. Could just delete nim completely and put it in hard mode.

It makes sense that the hardcore raiders have all but left, but to put a mount that is exactly the same as in a operation is fucked up. There are still some who put in the effort to accomplish obtaining the mount. I guess one can hope it’s not the same model and only the name is the same.

Well it would awfully be unfair for players that dont have the time or money to spend doing the same operations dozens of times to only get a mount for a single toon while others can easily do the operations as much as they want to.

Personnally i think its a good idea to put it on the CM for everyone to have a chance of having a mount they want for all their toons.

Lack of time is NOT what is keeping most people from getting the nightmare mounts. Most nightmare raiders have already accepted that they will never get new raid content again, why take the one small thing they do have?

what do you think? Money

This mount was asked a lot for it to be on the CM so Bioware and EA decieded to give what people were asking for so they sell it

And the fact that people are okay with that is absurd in my opinion. Even if I didn’t have the mount I still would think that it’s ridiculous to put nightmare rewards on the cash shop.

Maybe but Bioware and EA only cares about making money if they see an opportunity to make money what do you think they will do? They will take it of course besides would you raid DP in nightmare for every of your toons each time or would you give your montly free CC to unlock it in your collection and have it on your toon directly? Personnally i would pay the packs instead of raiding again and again until i got lucky and get one single for 1 single toon besides some people says that he got some differences between the originals and this one

I have it already on all the toons I wanted it on because i put in the time and effort, I didn’t just pay cartel coins. My point is this makes my, and other peoples efforts almost pointless. Next thing you know you will be able to buy Revanchist, Dread Master, etc from the cash shop.

So what? I mean if people wants to buy the stuff instead of wasting their time trying to raid it dont they have the right? What if people wants to use the mount at level 1 and not 65? If people wants something and are willing to pay for it instead of raiding every night BIoware will let them buy them Not everyone can raid all the time for mounts cuz they have to work, see their friends pay bills etc. You have the time for raiding it on all your toons? good for you not everyone has that luxury so quit complain

No it is you who should quit complaining. If you don’t have the time to put in to accomplish something that is on you. Stop acting so entitled. You don’t deserve to be to get this mount anyway you want. The rare items, titles, mounts etc. in this game are often so because they take skill, coordination, and dedication to achieve. If you don’t possess those things, then you are out of luck. These items have always been awesome not only because of looks but because of the hard work required and the achievement of completing that kind of difficult content. Take that away and these things lose their value. I’m disappointed they have given in to people either not good enough or not dedicated enough to obtain these things. I don’t understand why people would rather sit back and complain about things not being given to them and instead go out and earn them.

Because i have a life outside the game and so are the people who doesnt “deserve” the stuff of them.

Besides if Bioware had to choose between a raid players that just pay his subscription and a player that pay his subscription and buy CC guess who is gonna be choose? the one that bring them more money your not happy with that? cancel your subscription and leave the people that actually like the game as it is enjoy it

“I benefit from this decision, therefore you are wrong and have no valid point because I say so, the end…”

Well like i said if you guys arent happy you can just leave the game and let people that still likes it enjoy

Kevin you turd.

This isn’t about “having a life” hence why you can’t ever achieve it. I’m assuming you’re one of those casual, entitled, erp retards that want everything NOW or else you’re taking mom’s credit card elsewhere. Raiders like to raid. So while you spend 2-3 hours trying to fuck a girl avatar played by a guy, we spend 2-3 hours trying to clear content AND try to fuck each other.

Fuck you, you know it’s messed up. It will most likely not be the same model. Though, I’m sure a piece of shit like you hopes it is.

WTF motherfucker?! you know nothing about me and im certainly not one of those fucking loser erp retards like you that wastes his time touching himself just go back from where you came

The mount is supposed to be the reward for a difficult accomplishment. “I mean if people wants to buy the stuff instead of wasting their time trying to raid it dont they have the right?” Following that, people should be able to buy an Olympic gold medal. Because they have a job outside the sport and can’t be arsed to put in the time and effort, right?

FYI, the fact that you are a sad fucking corporate drone working 60 hours a week and “don’t have time” to do anything is nothing to be proud of or an excuse for demanding that stuff is handed to you. If you want the fucking mount, find a job that affords you enough free time to do what you want.

Like its easy like that to find a good job that pays well and give time for that and comparing a MMO game vs Olympic sports is your best arguments? cuz honestly its just like comparing cats to dogs doesnt make any senses and have no link between them its a video game and if Bioware decides that its no longuer a mount to be earn but can be sold then they do it your not happy leave the game well be fine without you


I’m assuming your mentally disabled, an asshole, or both. Now, not putting the connection between a mount that is currently in game for those who dedicated to completing the content the devs originally implemented and offering a same titled version in a cash shop makes you mentally disabled, most likely learning disability. It is bad form to offer something that was for those who enjoyed raiding to the point they got really good at it. I’m sure you have something you are really good in the game too. I doubt this though, because you want everything handed to you.

Now, putting the connection with a mount that is currently in game for those who dedicated to completing the content and offering the titled version in a cash shop AND not having a problem with it makes you an asshole. Just in case you are learning disabled, I’ll type what I put in the paragraph above: It is bad form to offer something that was for those enjoyed raiding to the point they got really good at it, just to replicate it on the cash shop.

What you don’t understand is that there are MANY players in MANY types of niches in this game. You have casuals, RPers, raiders, pvp’ers, erpers, and people who do everything. The goal of any developer is to ensure each group gets love and doesn’t fuck the other group over. This is fucking over one group to appeal another group via being greedy pieces of shit. However, this is most likely EA’s doing and not BW’s.

I remember when we had to run all the operation to get all the arkanian, the dread guard, etc you know all the gear we could just get from the ops now we just need to run heroics and will get the gear and can be wear at level 10 doesn’t make that you too angry? Cuz with that and the rancor I don’t really see the difference people that don’t have real money can have enoughc credits and buy it on the gtn just like that and people that never raided and just farm heroics can get the same exact looking gear? Don’t you complain about that too?

Gotta agree with Kevin on this one, raiders butt hurt yet again – take it out on EA/Biofail, it aint Kevs fault he can now buy it off gtn :P.

Agree entirely on the lvl10 armour argument aswell, nobody is crying about how easy it is to obtain certain looks that took a while back in the day.

Dude you’re an idiot. The comparison to buying an olympic gold medal and buying mounts in the game are the same. Why?

People earned medals, people earned mounts. Being able to just buy something someone else put time into earning is a bad designer choice and reflects the company’s idea of money before the needs of ALL players. It is a corporation, but don’t need to be greedy pieces of shit. This is EA we are dealing with.

Hopefully, the mount is not the same as the NiM mount because that would be pretty shitty. You’re still an idiot though 🙂

you do realize that your entire argument basically is “I have money give me what i want” and then when people call you entitled you vehemently deny it and insult them. Your right though we don’t know you, and it is wrong of people to make assumptions about you using generalizations.

As far as the Olympic medal sure it was an extreme case but maybe its called hyperbole for a reason. Simpler example for you, 100 people try out for a competitive sports team that only has 5 spots. You fail to make the cut cause you didnt have the time time to train properly after all “Not everyone can train all the time for spots cuz they have to work, see their friends pay bills etc”. While 5% of people who put in the time and worked hard got their reward 95% are not. Since they complain and have money should the entire system be changed to allow the anyone who pays x amount of money to automatically get a spot now? Would that not cheapen the reward of earning a spot for the 5% who earned it legitimately?

As far as “leave the game we will be fine without you” this is the stupidest statement that i keep hearing tossed around. The people you keep telling this to are the people who write all the guides you look up to find out how to play your class, the people who do the theory crafting to tell you how to augment, the people who lead the successful pug groups that clear ops, who are ok taking new people cause they are confident enough to help someone new cause they know they can carry them. Honestly i could type more but whats the use. I dont even remember the last time i seen anything on a forum that was an actual discussion, seems it always devolves into mud slinging

So they’re taking away one raid-unique reward and put it in a pack (which will be presumably intensely rare and only sell for mega-millions…probably to those very same people who would be hardcore raiding anyway). And in returning they’re adding in NINE new ones. I won’t be getting any of them either way, but it seems to me like raiders are getting MORE out of this patch, to me.

Controversy about the rancor NiM mount aside, I have to say this is one of the packs they’ve released in…well, ever, really.

Am I the only one who doesn’t see what all the hoopla is about? Besides some of the weapons everything else looks very ugly.

Well the rancor I dont give to hoots about, the blaster and the resistance armour are the only two things im really looking forward to.

Commemorative Statue of the Dread Council
Commemorative Statue of Dread Master Brontes
Commemorative Statue of Dread Master Styrak

Fuck yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Though i still hope for more Dread Masters Statues

I don’t know where you all get your information about Nightmare Raiders but I know that I, for one, do actually have a life outside this game.

I have a job, am studying a degree at University, have a daughter, have a rented house I have to look after, have bills to pay, all these things you claim take over the time commitment required to clear Nightmare Operations.

I log on to the game to raid, and that is it, I don’t have the luxury to farm raids every single day every single week and I also don’t have the luxury to farm credits or to spend money on Cartel Market items.

I’m 100% operations, and have been for quite some time now, despite the fact that apparently external “real life” commitments prohibit players from obtaining everything you say should be purchasable for those that don’t; have the time to obtain them.

All of, quote “casuals”, need to understand that this game isn’t just catered to you and that if you actually cared about the state of the game you would understand our complete and utter disdain for this decision, even though we now only make up a small portion of the SWTOR Raiding Community.

Fair enough they’re giving us 224 Loot Drops off Nightmare operations, but they took away our dreams of any new content, our Decoration drops, our loot, and now they take our mounts?

Think of it this way, what would you all do if they took away Highlighted Hardmode and your chances of obtaining 224 loot without a “extensive time commitment” to do Nightmare Operations.

Pack up your bags, go back to fucking conquest, and leave us with the very few little senses of decency and achievement we have left in this dying game.




Jedi Covenant

You know how it is Ali.

People can’t earn something, because those who do have no life. Because we spend our gameplay doing operations instead of trying to fuck girl avatars played by guys, means we have no life.

Oh well

the cybernetic rancor in this pack is actually a recolour so it’s not the exact same one, anymore then the countless tirisa recolours are the same as the mounts that drop from EV/KP. if you object to recolours in that regard you should have spoken up back then

This issue isn’t a recolor. They specifically said that NiM mounts would not be recolored. This was during the Season 1 Giradaa’s Rancor. They said that obviously the rancor would be recolored because its a fucking rancor. The NiM mount/s would not since those are special models.

Recoloring them is a shitty thing to do. Though, considering that most nim raiders have left the 20-40 people who actually have them is a small community compared to the thousands who would abuse mommy’s credit card to get one.

Understandable, as EA I’d want mommy’s credit card abused. Doesn’t change the fact that they are shitting on a community who played and cleared their content. I wonder if the developers who made the NiM operations even work there anymore because I’d be pissed if some CM dev took one of my mounts, splashed a new color, then sold it to a bunch of RPers.

ohhh nooo! rpers! heaven forbid them getting cool stuff. look the only people who care are maybe the 20-40 people who do Nightmare raids, and quite frankly the guy who created that mount is proably more likely to be happy more people are going to enjoy it.

They have access to cool stuff. They should not have access unless they clear the content, how is that too much to ask. Then again, this community is full of entitled pieces of shit. Could be worse, at least they are releasing things all the time…oh wait

It seems pretty entitled for you to tell Bioware what they can and can’t do with their item designs. You didn’t make the game code, someone else did and that person did it for money, which bioware gave them. If someone really wants to buy a bunch of hypercrates, Bioware would be fools not to give them that oppurtunity, even if it offends a few die hard gamers.

Exactly this, why have something in game that is next to impossible to get. How much is NiM run? ive never seen one shout ingame to suggest this even happens anyway and im willing to bet 9/10x some retard op leader will steal the mount at the end and now your out of pocket for paying upfront first.

“All of, quote “casuals”, need to understand that this game isn’t just catered to you and that if you actually cared about the state of the game you would understand our complete and utter disdain for this decision”
The elitism is strong with this one.

I never called anyone a casual, hence my quote and quotation marks. I respect all players in this game because it accounts for economics and ecometrics.
I simply abided by general stereotypes to make a point.

Everyone complaining about them taking away the mount should really stop. People still sell runs for wings so as long as you got the credits you can buy the mount already. It’s really not the end of the world as it seems a lot of people are making it out to be.

I understand what you are saying but you have to remember that people that raid could be in the same boat as you. When I raided I went to school in the morning, Went to work in the afternoon and did homework when I got home. from 6Am in the morning to 11Pm at night, 6 days a week I didn’t/couldn’t even touch the game. Some weeks I didn’t log on at all. And yet I still found time to get a raid group together and that one day we went and hit the NiMs for that mount. And we all got it. We all put the time to hit our heads against the NiM brick Wall for 4 hours a week to get it. So yeah, you can understand why we are pissed. If you want to get something that requires time to get, you have to put in time to get it.

If your job is on a set schedule, you probably would have time for raiding. Some people have jobs in which hours/ shifts change weekly, sometimes they are on call or they have emergencies they might have to respond to, or ot, etc. That makes it difficult to be on a team that requires a set schedule.

I am lucky that my hours are the same each week, so I can run. I know some people that can’t. That is why I always support the casuals. Money from casuals supports the game as well.

I also don’t understand the big focus on loot drops. I raid for fun and to play the game with friends. We talk on chat, laugh and have some good times. I almost don’t even care about the loot to be honest. I just enjoy the game.

Your sense of achievement should be that you had this mount for 2.5 years before everyone else did. It is also not the same exact mount, so if you wanted to show off your mount which represents the fact that you were able to finish DF NiM when it was relevant, well… you still can. Along with your cool title.

About your decency, I don’t know how you think you lost it. Your decency depends on your sense of exclusivity? I would think that being decent means that you shouldn’t really care what others have or have not, as long as you can get it doing your thing and feeling accomplished by doing so… but hey, that’s just me.

58% in Operations
0/5 in Rav HM
0/5 in ToS HM

Thank you,

Harbinger, originally from Earth

mount hasn’t even been out 2 years! math is hard friend! but nice try now go wait for the CM to drop something u could never earn

I don’t even like this Rancor, so no, I am not going to get it. And if I somehow get it (though I don’t know how since I am not going to buy any packs?), I will sell it. I generally try not to cry when other people have a virtual item and I don’t. Or even worse, if other people have the option to acquire something virtual that I already have, without having to do what I did to get it.

I farmed the Yavin weekly 40 times during 3.0. so that all my companions have a full 192 set, and didn’t complain at all when they made companion gear irrelevant.

PS. My math knowledge is probably 100 times better than yours, my mistake was that I forgot when DF NiM was released. You obviously missed the point anyway. It was in April 2014, so it’s 22 months, wow, then it must make a huge difference for your e-penis.

“they took away our dreams of any new content”

No they haven’t. New raiding content will come. The story of KotFE doesn’t seem to dictate a new raid at this point, but it could down the road. Of course, people will stupidly complain and be over-dramatic about that raid, too, no matter what BioWare does with it.

Personally never cared for the Rancor mounts,i have one and never use it.

That said i have done HM and a few NiM and i can rarely find the time to do them tbh with all the other stuff i do among my main and alts currently,,(Close to 20 Alliance across the board with my main) crafting,PvP etc etc.

I just do not see the big deal,also there is who gets the drops on many OP’s ,if you are lucky,hey kool,but i would like some of the decos like Burning Skull,seen it drop twice never got it.

I’m kinda curious to see if somebody compared all the items added through the cm paywall compared to what they’ve added ingame to obtain since the cm started what the # dif would be.

a lot more, thing is this stuff wouldn’t be items we’d have gotten in game for free if not for the CM, most just wouldn’t exist as there would have been less economic incentive to produce it

More dyes and crystals are going to be craftable,,i just wish the would let Subs use the appearance mod station for free.

exactly my thought, different model and wings on it what not but it wouldn’t be so far fetched to think that bw might do that

I’d bet by the end of the year that it will be. I sure as hell won’t pay the 40-80 bucks it would probably take to get the damn thing, but if some people care enough to pay that I suppose it’s good for me. Unless the super l33t raiders who might (probably will) mind are going to pay that much to keep it off the CM, it seems fairly unavoidable.

actually I’m kind of suprised we haven’t seen a dread master inspired mask yet. they could easily make it sufficantly differant from the creast.

I would like a CM dread master helmet due to the fact ill never do NiM ops (obviously different to the raid one so people dont get had off by bioware yet again)

I don’t have that rancor mount (NiM one.) I think it’s ugly. But that being said, the fact that I don’t have the mount and the only way to get it was to do NiM ops, it was sort of a goal of mine to obtain it. But now if it’s just readily available, then there really is no reason for me to work towards that goal anymore…

95% of the Cartel one is the same as the NIM drop. The most notable difference is the coloring of the Rancor itself. The NIM is redish, where this one is greenish.

It’s a cybernetic rancor. It’s absolutely no different other than basic aesthetics. It’s the concept, not the design, that attracts attention.

The value of the mount comes in it’s instant “wow” factor. It’s a conversation starter. But, now, it’s indistinguishable from the one that someone earned from a NiM run.

Let me put it another way:
If a player did not know that the original NiM mount was even a thing, and only saw this cyborg mount off the CM, what do you think that player would think when they do finally see the NiM mount?

I’ll tell you right now that most players don’t even realize that their character gains a buff when they activate a mount.

And this is only talking about having pride in the NiM mount you may have acquired. I’m haven’t even gotten into the idea of encouraging other players to drive themselves to get the mount themselves; there no longer is one. Because a cyborg rancor is a cyborg rancor. It doesn’t matter if it’s blue or red, or missing a finger.

You only get 1 initial “oh cool!” moment. And that should be from the NiM drop.

“I’ll tell you right now that most players don’t even realize that their character gains a buff when they activate a mount.”
I find that hard to believe.

Then you haven’t been around many people then. I’m constantly being dumbfounded by how blind-sided people can be.

I mean, honestly, how many times a day do people ask about the locations of things on the fleet? Things that are quite clearly labeled in bold print on their map.

I still run ops and find people who don’t understand what “boss immunity” means. Even though it quite literally says exactly what it means in the tool tip.

You haven’t ever seen people ask each other the names of the mounts they are riding? Because I see that question asked A LOT more than it should be.

Finally, regular folks other than the 2% of the leet nightmare raiders can have the cybernetic rancor. The 98% rejoices! This could be one of the nicest packs to date. Never have I seen so many worthwhile weapons/vehicles in one pack.

But it will be funny seeing everyone flying around fleet in jetpacks now.

Is anyone mildly surprised to read “leet” in 2016?

Well, actually, no. Come to think of it, I’m not. People still say “cake is a lie” and “dark side has cookies” as if they’re fresh and new.

right there with you… i mean its 2016 i thought all those LEET players who wanted to show off their E-peen died a long time ago.

I’m betting since one of those commemoratives is the entire Dread Council and those presumably drop off hard/nightmare final bosses, that those are centerpieces and will probably look different if not cooler than the other statues.

I’m assuming, that like ‘Farmhand Blue” is Anakin/Luke’s blue color from the movies, “Desert Green” is suppose to match Luke’s green crystal from ROTJ.

One of the best of new packs so far. Amazing weapons, few cool mounts. Don`t care about armor. New zakuul decorations makes me smile. And “Arrangement: Luxury Spa” 0_o, always wandered about decorations like that one

So, as everyone predicted, “Gold” armors in this pack are old pack Silver quality at best. Silver are Bronze, and Bronze got removed because fuck you, that’s why.

The weapons are decent. The mounts are boring and/or recycled.

Looks like they REALLY want me to save up all my CCs to buy account unlocks and passes and go F2P.

Yep, I hear you. what BioWare does with the Cartel Market affects my subscription status, too! Wait, no, it doesn’t. That would be stupid.

No, but what Bioware does with the CM affects what I do with my CC allowance. If that keeps going unspent, the only reason to keep subbed will be the episodes and raiding. For the former, I can resub once the season is complete. For the latter, I can buy passes with the CC that I have saved and keep getting BUT AM NOT SPENDING OTHERWISE.

Ah, Internet. Where you have to spell everything out for morons that believe themselves clever.

Yet another way to say “fuck off” to raiding community…

Another promise broken, “top tier PvE mount will always be unique”. Yeah, bub.

Agree, they should have made that Rancor more unique if they loved the idea of cybernetic monster mount so much. Its just lame. The same thing with different colours. I still like new pack, but Cybernetic Rancor is lame.

it is unique, they did make some changes, and I suspect those changes will be more obvious once we see it in game

That rancor is still unique as it has purple and yellow tattoos unlike any other rancor. This new rancor is literally a recolor of the DP NiM rancor with the exact same cybernetics.

We dont care about all other rancor, this one is only reserved for real player and not for casual. Never saw devs trash like that. Next year this game is dead

Next step is to selling timer buffed title and wings ???????, fucking bw how can we sell our account now if all casual can get the special rewards that we spend time to get

I have both wings/rancor (as well as mask/some timer titles) and I don`t care. I just find it lame – creating a “new” thing but its just recoloured old one. People are waiting for some really new things, not lame recolours. And I for sure will not leave that game because of Cybernetic Rancor, so far its a best mmo I played

Read upper post why Lithy is mad What they do with CM they do for profit. I agree that is mmo is fun and only reason we should play. If it’s no longer fun then move on from it

Yeah, yeah, he thinks he will not be able to sell his account for a nice price now *smiling* But I don`t care about his profit

People have been saying for years that the game will be dead the next year or when X game or expansion is released. STFU with that just because your anus is sore.

“real player” and “noit casual”? you mean the 2% of the game’s population that bioware clued in as not being worth catering too?

If you are not happy with the game then vote your disaproval by moving on or saying EA/BW stinks. Not by calling the rest of the player base that supports you being able to play retards

That will not affect what you want to do since there is alot more bragging rights to a top tier acc Someone will pay what you want as long as it’s with in that market price

I may be mistaken… but isnt selling your account against the terms and conditions? So really BW really has no reason to keep account selling prices at any level. In fact this could even be a move to help discourage selling accounts, although I doubt it.

Seems my wallet is going to bleed profusely with this pack 😛 shame about the rancor though..
But, everyone who is interested in raiding should know if someone is riding the ‘real deal’ and not the cartell one.. So it’s effect shouldn’t be that diminished

a lot of those people also think that seeing them on their rancor is gonna make newbies suddenly start running nightmare mode raids. so clearly their connection with reality is…. diminished 🙂

Pretty cool pack overall. The armor isn’t horrible, just nothing great, and calling some silver and gold is a bit of a reach. The only one I can see myself getting might be the Anarchist’s gear depending on its rarity and how it looks on a Torgruta. The weapons are mostly pretty sweet, and chances are that I’ll end up owning most of them. I’m not a huge fan of mounts in general, and none of these really leap out at me as must haves. The pets and crystal are a nice addition and will likely be common enough. I don’t care one way or the other about these new companions since I already have more companions than I need, but cool for those who do like them and can afford them.

I really don’t understand why raiders keep complain about the rancor mount ITS NOT EVEN THE SAME MOUNT!!!! Different colours different names I mean does it really have that impact theses little few details? I’d you still want the original mount just run the operation again and let people enjoy it not everyone can always run NiM operations for getting a mount if they want to buy it and it is buyable let them buy it and shut up cuz Bioware will still sells it end of the story it is a really cool pack but when something’s just got recolored oups it’s the end of the world can’t “oh I’m not unique anymore what am I gonna do?” Just get over it it’s a video game not your real life

It’s an E-peen thing for some people. I’m not saying that’s the only reason by any means but some people really want to have something rare and unique, to show off how awesome they are, even though in my experiance about all that does is dischourage people, as they see something, decide it’s awesome and they want it, then realize there is no way they’re clearing a hard mode, let alone a nightmare mode op.
one thing Bioware could do is add a mount flourish to the Nightmare mode drop rancor. give it a extra little bit of coolness

I play nearly every day on Ebon Hawk, and I’ve seen the NiM cyber rancor mount no more than two or three times, ever. I’ve see the Wings of the Architect three times, for that matter. People just love to complain for the sake of complaining, especially about stuff that literally cannot affect their play experience at all.

So, you work really hard to get something. Something that has no impact on your day-to-day life, something mostly useless, but something that you’re REALLY proud of. Let’s say… an employee of the month award at work. Great! Congratulations! You worked hard for it, we’re all happy for you! 😀
What’s this? It turns out Employee of the month is now given away at random to people who donate money to the boss’ vacation fund? Now anyone and everyone with money has it? Well isn’t your award worthless now. D:

PS. Changing the colour from a dark shade of red to black does not make it a different mount.

Realistically, an Employee of the Month award has no value after the month in which it was awarded has passed, unless you continue to win it month after month. Unless you feel particularly proud of pointing out the one time you won it, two and a half years previously.

Well, I’m a raider and I couldn’t give a wampa’s backside if BW decides to sell a mount resembling one you can get from Ops. It’s a cosmetic detail, I don’t care, I’m not going to flaunt my stuff at the Fleet, roaming endlessly just so that people check out how cool I am. I’m very proud of my achievements, the rest is an ego problem. Good job BW.

It just so hapens that people also work really hard to get the money they use to buy the cartel coins required to buy that shit on the cartel market. It’s not a matter of hard work or not.

Earning money is easier than getting a NiM mount.
Especially considering that you could get this new mount for free, just by using granted cartel coins.

Or, ways you can get money without work or any actual effort.

Yeah, it’s a lot of hard work for BW to give me 500 CC a month for me to spend on packs. And it’s a lot of hard work for me to get $15 a month for a sub.

“Changing the colour from a dark shade of red to black does not make it a different mount.”

When you log in to the game, open Inventory, go to Vehicles and type, in no definite order:


Then check how many different mounts there are from each TYPE. They are all DIFFERENT, as in, you have to buy them all to get the whole collection, if you are a completionist.

THEN try and find ” Strike Force Tauntaun” in Collections… You won’t find it, because you can ONLY GET IT FROM COMPLETING DREAD FORTRESS, even SM.

Get it now?

So, wait! Hang on. Hold on. If I go out right now, right this second, and throw a coat of black paint on my red car it will magically turn into a brand new car?! How come no one told me this earlier?!

No… But if your neighbour may have the SAME model as your car, but it has a different engine, sport specifications, etc, etc… And it IS a different car… Or would you knock on his door and argue that he stole your car loooool… Bad example, trying to be smart but not really achieving it mate…

Ok, I’ll explain really well for you:

You bought your car, and being the vicious raider you are you got the full extras, alloy wheel, ultra expensive stuff so you can go to work at the Fleet and flaunt your stuff. Fair enough.

Your neighbour, mr Joe Casual, seeing your car is sooooo cool went out and bought the same model. He just doesn’t have the doe to go full on. Decides for a lower spec engine, no fancy boy stuff. Same paint job, because he just happens to think you’re the coolest thing to walk on this Earth.

Is it the same car??? NO! They’re 2 different cars. Get over it.

I don’t think so.

There is a difference. Is your neighbor getting that car because he
likes your car? Or is he getting that car because he likes the model?

Regardless, his and yours are both the same car. In fact, if the neighbor’s intent was to buy the car because he admired yours, then it’s even more insulting.

The time and effort you put into your own car is completely undermined because he doesn’t understand what exactly makes it so special to you. That is the kind of thing that would get under my skin.

However, if he bought that car simply because he liked the model, and had absolutely nothing to do how he saw your car perform, then who gives a crap what car he buys?

But that is the exact reason why there is a problem in the first place.

There is no other cyborg rancor in the game. There are rancors, sure. But there are no other CYBORG rancor.

It is the lone, single entity in that TYPE of mount. And the more TYPES of that mount they add into the game, the lower value they ALL have.

It’s quite literally the exact same principle of inflation.

Consider this: The first time (well, second if you count the PvP mount) rancors were added into the game through the CM, how many credits did they sell for? Many millions, right? People were buzzing about riding a rancor and they were buying more packs or doing more dailies to buy it off the GTN… but then they added another. And another. And another. Now they are just run-of-the-mill mounts that are, quite frankly, kind of annoying to look at. Their value has heavily diminished along with player interest.

It’s called market saturation. If you keep giving people what “they want,” they eventually take it for granted, get bored, and stop caring. It’s exactly what happened to the the video game Guitar Hero and why it went on such a long hiatus until only recently.

This cyborg mount is just an incredibly stupid idea on many levels. The fact that it’s concept is a NiM mount, while a very big deal in and of itself, is hardly the only reason why they shouldn’t be putting it on the CM.

In other words, “I’m a completionist, therefore everyone is a completionist, therefore they are wrong, because that is not proper completionist thought.”

Ehm…. welcome to real life?

Don’t imply things I didn’t say. I didn’t say I was a completionist, your comment is worthless and pointless.

A cyborg rancor mount is a cyborg rancor mount. The color nor the shape is completely irrelevant.

You only get one initial impact upon seeing such a mount. Any iterations after seeing it, regardless of the skin, are heavily diminished. It loses it’s value as a conversation piece and as a beacon of accomplishment.

Not only that, but it reduces, hell, even destroys, any future interest of people trying to obtain the NiM mount on their own.

And, for the record, no I don’t have the NiM mount. I have yet to even attempt that ops in HM, as opposed to NiM. But I am utterly disgusted by this mount being on the CM.

I agree. It was my understanding people raid because they actually like raiding (somehow). It turns out people are just raiding for shiny stuff. Awful lot of work to go through for an ostentatious mount.

I don’t get it. I really don’t… With all the problems the game has, THIS is what people are bitching about? It’s not game-breaking, doesn’t prevent them from playing, doesn’t even take ANYTHING away from them…

I leveled a Sith Warrior JUST TO GET LIGHT SIDE JAESA. Yes, I’m THAT guy that plays a Fury Marauder.Back in the day, when leveling was a bitch and lv cap was 50. BW took that achievement from me. They’re not taking anything away from raiders, like me, but giving it to other people. And it’s not even the SAME MOUNT ffs… If it has different colours, it’s NOT the same mount.

Sure, some people might mistake someone riding one of these for a raider… Seriously, who gives a fck??? I for sure don’t. I have Wings, the Rancor, even the Nar Shaddaa Casino Rancor… And I always end up using my Longspur STAP, because it’s practical, free with my account, doesn’t prevent people from using the GTN, doesn’t make my head go through the roof in space stations or prevent me from clicking NPC’s or items because it’s so damned cumbersome loool…

You seriously don’t get it?

I don’t even have the mount, nor have I completed any level of content near the level required for this mount. And yet I’m severely pissed off by this being in the CM.

What is wrong with you? They are blatantly trampling over basic principles of the game. You do something, you get rewarded for it and get to show it off. That, in turn, encourages other people to want the reward and work towards getting it.

Are you kidding me? It’s exactly the same mount. The only difference is the name and the color.

The point of a unique mount is that it’s unique. If there are other mounts that look EXACTLY like it, with even a drastic change in color, it is no longer unique; it becomes a series.

And it is hardly about “showing off.” Some people just like to express individuality. Even if no one gives two craps about where the mount came from or even acknowledge that you have it, it’s enough for the owner to know that they are likely the only one on the fleet who is using that mount.

Do you actually read what you write???

“It’s exactly the same mount. The only difference is the name and the color.”

LOOOOOOOOOL!!! If there are differences… It’s not the same mount! Maybe English is not your first language or something… I know it’s not my 1st language, but boy do I seem to get a better grasp of it than you do…

Actually no, you don’t. Since you can’t seem to read between the lines, then let me tell you “it’s nearly identical”. Great. Now your unnecessary nit-picking is satisfied and your entire argument is trashed. Maybe you should’ve focused on making an important point.

lol… Let me give you a news flash: I’m not “nit-picking”, the people that are losing their hair over an insignificant issue are. I couldn’t care less about the bloody Rancor, and I have one. There is no important point to make over this, because… Guess what: it’s not important. So in a very funny and twisted way you are right my friend, I should focus on something more important than the community’s ego problems. Thx for pointing that out to me.

“I couldn’t care less about the bloody Rancor, and I have one.”

And I don’t care about the entirety of sports, be it Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, etc. If I used your logic, that would mean that no one should care about sports, because my likes and dislikes are supreme and everyone else is stupid for thinking otherwise.

You have some growing up to do.

Well, at 43 with wife and 3 kids I always look forward to growing up. But I AT LEAST make sense… If I have growing up to do, you have need of medical help, just to try and make some sense… Growing up comes afterwards for you…

I wish you would stop implying things I didn’t say and make illogic remarks out of it, which is a standard rhetoric for people who can’t really make THEIR logic stick… If something is valid for me doesn’t mean it’s valid for the rest of the world… But you know that, you’re just trying to pick my brain… Unsuccessfully I might add… But it amuses me…

Tell you what, instead of continuing this pointless conversation, go pet your NiM Rancor (if you have one). I’ve made my point, and I don’t care about yours (if you indeed have one…)

It’s time to stop feeding the troll, have a nice one…

Yeah, I don’t mind about this one. If you’re using the mount to show off, people who care will still be able to tell that you have the Nightmare version by the color. I guess I’m biased, though, because I don’t really like the mount; I haven’t used it since the first week I got it.

I do think it’s a little odd that they’re doing this. When the PVPers complained when they came out with the first non-PVP rancor, that was unjustified because none of the new rancors had anything like the shiny lights of the PVP rancor (and besides, rancors are iconic enough that they never should have expected to keep rancors to themselves). This is decidedly closer to the Nightmare version than anything has been to the PVP one. I guess I don’t mind it this time, but I hope they don’t do it again. I don’t see the reason why they’d do it. Just make it a plain greenish rancor, or an armored rancor (no cyber limbs).

Me too, I hope they appear in a later pack. Maybe when the KOTFE story rolls around to locating the scattered Jedi, that would be an appropriate time.

One thing I’ve noticed, that Ukabi and the Sith Harrower assassins wear Skotia’s armour, but the latter do so with the enhanced assailant helmet.

Excluding the helmet, the Harrowers are the least armored while Skotia is the most. Below are the differences compared to Skotia:

-No armoring on belt or boots
-Thigh plates are solid red (like the CM armor set, but not the actual Skotia NPC)

Sith Harrower:
-No armoring on belt, gloves, or boots
-Thigh plates are solid red
-Added helmet

I’ll be frank, it’s a long time since I’ve seen the Harrowers or Ukabi up close, but I’ll use the outfit and the helmet to make my own carnage mara IC Harrower leader to control the actual sithspawns.

The Harrowers wear the Lord Grathan style helm rather than the Rakata style helm. Look up the “Polished Marauder” set on TOR-fashion for that style of helm and its lookalikes.

I see what you mean, but I did say “leader”, not unlike Lord Sadic (not a powerguard though), so that’ll be the mask I go with. I just wish I could see, now, what it would look like in a preview.

If all the unproductive raging being done here was representative of the raiding community, I would completely understand Bioware for wanting to get rid of it ASAP.

Fortunately, decent human beings still exist among that over-violently vocal 2% of the playerbase.

I don’t raid, but if I did, I could care less who has what items any other way BW:A sees fit to provide them.

From what I’ve read, maybe 2% of those 2% lol… Not really that good at math… What would that be??? lol


In mathematics, “of” means multiply. Hence “2% of 2%” means “multiply 2% and 2%.”
Further, when multiplying two terms with exponents, you add the exponents, e.g. (5^2)*(5^3)=5^5.

Hence 2% of 2% is:
=2*(10^(-2))*2*(10^(-2)) <–Pulling out the 2 in front of each 10^(-2)
=2*2*(10^(-2))*(10^(-2)) <—Rearranging terms here
=4*10^(-4) <—Using exponent rule I mentioned above

Hope this helps.

True, but Bioware could have made it easier on themselves though. Could have just declared from the start that it was going to be an online interactive story game. Don’t bother with Ops at all, and have PvP consisting of, maybe, one entire planet with objectives as a battleground. With all the effort they put into voice acting, storylines, it kind of seems like they lost their focus then tried to re-discover it with KotFE.

if you look at the new dragon age it seems to be where tors heading. I cant see people paying a sub if this continues on this route the sub is for the “mmo” aspect of the game and that seems to be lees and less..

It’s all a matter of perspective. Your viewpoint is how it always looks to PvPers and raiders. But I think you underestimate how many soloers there are and people just here for the story. Also shouldn’t underestimate just how many of us are anti-social af. The real point, at least for some of us, is an RPG that is open-ended.

For me if the game was just Ops and PvP, I DEFINITELY wouldn’t subscribe for that. The trash-talking, cussing overgrown children that infests the community would make that assured all by themselves. But more to the point, it’s all in what a person values in the game.

Yes, I’ve seen many a PvPer declare they play an MMO just for that, but me personally, I don’t see the point. If somebody need to “prove” something, do it in the boxing ring or something. Not in a video game.

Then there’s Ops, doing the same one over and over again til you get it right, with either the raid leader or members of the raid barking out orders and offering a littany of abuse if you make a mistake.

You probably don’t agree with my viewpoint, but at least you should be able to see how it looks different to different people.

I *AM* anti-social af. I still am in a guild and force them to put up with my tanking blunders, which often leads to wipes and wasted time and money for everyone involved. In so-called “social” guilds it simply doesn’t work the way you have described if you are up-front about the fact that you’re “the FNG”. Being bad and failing is normal and to be expected, we’ve all been there (and some of us still are). Not even trying because your feelings will be hurt when somebody attempts to correct you, not so much.

The kind of content I group up with guildmates for is the only thing that justifies the monthly fee. Problem is a lot of people are perfectly fine with a single player KotOR 3 that you have to be online for at all times and pay a monthly sub to play. That is stupid and the reason EA is shitting all over the community. First it was PVPers, now it’s raiders, at some point it’s going to be “story” players. Divide et impera. And by the way, as far as a SP RPG goes, this game isn’t even that good, so full of fake choices and railroading.

You folks really need to start coming out of your safe spaces, because
it’s depriving both you of the group content experience and the
community of new players.

Yes, I’m telling you what to do. No, I have no consideration for your feels. As a fellow anti-social af player, I thank you for your understanding.

“The kind of content I group up with guildmates for is the only thing
that justifies the monthly fee. Problem is a lot of people are perfectly
fine with a single player KotOR 3 that you have to be online for at all
times and pay a monthly sub to play. .”

What did I just say above about differences in perspective? But you have a choice. If this game is not to your liking. totally sucks for you, you have the freedom to move on to something else. You want to waste your time in mindlessly repetitive raids against OP mobs that don’t make sense storywise and only exist because it takes a group to deal with them in the name of being social, that’s your choice. Hear there’s lots of raiding in WoW. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

It’s an RPG, thus the story is everything. Without it, there no point to any of it. If people just want combat, that’s what Battlefront is for.

It’s not about coming out of “safe spaces”. If we want to be social, we can gtfo out of the house and go meet live people instead of just limiting ourselves with TeamSpeak or Vent.

And none of that is the real question. The real question is why there’s SO many people complaining PvPers and raiders have been shat on, threatening to leave because of it, and yet they’re still here day after day?

not sure if anyone has told you but Subscriptions for TOR are at a 3 year high. People are MORE then willing to stay sub for this MMO. Your areguement is completely invalid.

You might not be able to see people paying for a sub but clearly Bioware does which is why TOR is a even bigger hit now more then ever.

Now of course you will say its all because of the movie. And i’m sure that helped but guess waht? We have a new Star Wars movie every year for the next 6 years. Clearly TOR is in good shape with out your advice

There is plenty of MMO content for new players. Old players who don’t want to replay the subscriber-only content can also get by pretty well as a pref player anyway. The point isn’t necessarily to have everyne subbed all the time for eternity either. Even if they sub for a year or two, complete the sub-only content and continue as pref or move on to the many other games that exist, bioware and EA can still make a profit out of it.

Extremely few people sub for a game continuously from launch to the end. Making content that actually draws in the most new people, content that brings the most recognition in the gaming community at large, might be a much better bet.

Since when were gaming media up in arms about the new 478th raid in ___ MMO? because that content, while it caters perfectly to the appreciation of a niche audience, is not always remarkable by universal artistic standards. Story content makes headlines waay more often, because it has literary and scenaristic value, things which can be apreciated by a lot more people.

OMG Shawn Hargrave! Been a while how have you been?

Are you still saying that SWTOR is dying?

As i recall you also predicted that the Revan expansion and the revamp to abliites was just like the NGE and it would be the final nail in the coffin for SWTOR.

and here we are over a year later and SWTOR is doing better now then ever.

Lol opinions vary dude i still see your propping up tor as usual. Hey sorry bout your fail kickstarter i was looking fwd to seeing another video game movie those are so rare these days eh….

true opinions do vary however your opinion about the Revan expansion was completely wrong. Just like your opinion about where SWTOR is heading now.

Have any of your predictions managed to pan out for SWTOR? I recall you said the game was going to be dead a year after launch.

Oh don’t worry about my documentary its still being made, I got outside funding for the principle shooting. Kickstarter was never a make or break for the documentary it was really just an attempt to see if I could increase funding. In fact its expanded and i’ve added 2 new studios to it.

In fact i’ve even started shooting on my second documentary all about MMOs! Even got a section all about SWG.

Lol yeah sure. Secondly my opinions arent predictions and it find it hilarious even now your obsession with forcing your opinion down my throat. For instance you start a pissing match here with me again just lolz. Good luck with your “kickstarters” dude ill believe it when i see it. As for tor i dont think its doing very well my roommate finally quit most of his guild left 3 other guilds his alts were in the majority of players left he just got sick of it. Doesnt mean im right or wrong

forcing my opinion down your throat? Oh I remember you would always say that every time someone disagreed with you.

Pissing match? I’m not mad at you or even fighting with you.

Did you not read my post? I’m not doing a kickstarter as i found outside funding. I don’t need it, at least for principal photography.

I mean i said very clearly i didn’t need kickstarter to do the documentary. This also isn’t the first documentary i’ve worked on. I do this for a living.

Last documentary I worked on is on Netflix

you live with a roommate? huh I figured you were older.

Yeah, If your Rancor mount is injured to the point that it needs a cybernetic arm, pegleg, and some hoses in its head – It probably needs to be put down.

Tank from EC has been available through CM in 2 different renditions, barely a complaint. A crippled rancor comes out and everyone loses their shit. I am excited for that Kybuck though. Gonna be pretty happy when I get mine….Artist’s Rendition.

EC wasn’t available through CM. It’s different model. A shit-storm about the rancor is because it’s EXACTLY the same as NiM mount.

The CM tank is a different tank. In actuality, the CM version is better, which kind of annoys me, but it still doesn’t change the fact that it’s completely different.

So, if they slightly moved the saddle and gave the new rancor a slightly different arm, all this bullshit whining would go away? I don’t believe you.

It’s really disheartening to see the non raiders judge all raiders toxic assholes who should just leave the game. Yes, I agree many of the raiders don’t know how to properly voice their opinion/give feedback, but many do. You call us the toxic one’s, but any time we give our opinion, you guys just shit on it and tell us to quit the game if we don’t like the changes. For a player like me, raiding is the only thing I care about in the end, and when I read each update to learn that they are continuously trying to push us away, I give the feedback that I believe is necessary. It’s like them saying they won’t ever release story content again for any story players. Yes, I know the raiding community is a tiny tiny percent comparatively, but no one side should be ENTIRELY catered to. It’s also MORE disheartening to see Bioware not keep their word once again. First it was the season 1 rancor, then “you will never have to wait 1 year for new ops again,” and finally “NiM raids will continue to drop UNIQUE mounts and titles.” I really don’t see how it is going to be unique at all after tuesday. Yes, I know the color is very slightly different but let’s be real, it is almost 100% the same. inb4 I get flamed by someone, I hope you all can understand where myself and many others are coming from and keep an open mind. Have a good one.

Yes it would be nice to see a new ops / warzone But after the raven expac not sure how messed up they be. It’s nice to have more story in the game last being when the game started. last 2 expac story line was short and so if you are into the story line ( EA/BW probably only doing it to cash in on the new Star Wars movie era) But there have been news ops / warzones since the game started We did not pay extra for this expac like the previous 2 Maybe after this story line runs it’s course by augest they will have a new ops/warzone related to this current storyline
All have a right to voice thier opinion and get polite feedback on thier opinions As a casual player i do ops pvp and story and avoid the hard core players as running with them is not always fun But we all pay and play the game as we like Thank you for voicing your opinion politely and have fun playing the game

If you think red and green are “slightly” different, you need to see a doctor about your color blindness, and I pray to the Maker you aren’t allowed to drive a car.
As someone who has been raiding for over a decade in MMOs and know that all MMO reuse models I don’t get where you or anyone else is coming from over this. It’s 3 years old, its not special anymore, and hasn’t been in a long time.

Also, being colorblind, I don’t look at traffic lights from a color perspective. I go by the light position. I appreciate you trying to be funny though.

Thank you for being a completely rational person. Now, can we bitch about something that REALLY matters? 🙂

its actually only about 19 months old, and very small part of the community actually earned them. GG math is hard friend!

Almost everything seems to be tagged Gold or Silver… not a single Bronze armor set either. This will be a pain to unlock in collections, which I’m guessing is what they were going for…

Some interesting items, but I fear if I buy this pack I will end up with 20 copies of the only two bronze items: the two mounts.

It was anounced they are doing away with bronze items, only silver and gold from now on.
There are a few other changes to packs starting with this one. I’m sure there is a post here no dulfy with all the info.

so there will be new options to get ops special items ? Now all will come to CM it will be new option to get them ? When you are to lazy,too much solo type or cant beat the bosses with yours guildraiding team? Oh, this is unexpected (Vector voice).

Cant wait for corruptor blade to hit cm. “raiders” will bitch and whine, but it’s only a skin, get a life. I can’t believe they call themselves that. It’s like me walking around calling myself “walker”. Your just nerds who take gaming too serious.

better then him/her in game? yeah, his/her life will never be the same. There is nothing more important in life then being better in game, having stuff no person with busy life will bother to waste time to get

Except that many raiders have busy lives too. We choose our game time to clear content while others choose to do other shit (RP, PVP, ERP, etc).

It is clear that giving something that drops in a NiM operation via a cash shop is fucked up.

Do most people give a shit? Nope. Is it still fucked up? Yup.
The community laughing and not giving two fucks will directly reflect the content you get from now on.

A chapter once a month, play as HK-55, just buy your rewards from cash shop, etc. yeah that reflects a playerbase that has no incentive but to login, get their rewards, ride around fleet for a few hours, then log off. How fun

i’m actually pretty unclear on how having something *purchasable* from a “cash shop” is considered “giving” ?

My free time is not concentrated on game. The time I have to play a game is for sure not enough to get all the NiM stuff. The only reason I dislike that mount because its not a complitely new one. You are right, we are paying money, I`m sure we are paying them enough to make a complitely new cybernetic rancor, not a lame recoloured copy of a NiM one. But I don`t care, devs can give casuals Crests, Wings, titles, all I care about – being happy with my character I don`t care about other players


Casuals crying about game being too hard, nerf operations, buff companions, make shit available for purchase.
Raiders crying about game being too easy
Pvp crying about game having not enough pvp
ERP crying about not being able to verify girl avatar is guy

Nobody wins unless you enjoy playing by yourself I suppose.

Do I have a rancor mount/wings/tfb mount/etc? No. Have I cleared most of the NiM content? Not even close & certainly not when it was current. Do I consider myself casual? Oh yeah.

There is a big difference between most people who casually play the game (including raiders) and those who are *rabidly* casual. A true casual (myself/all story mode folks,a lot of HM raiders fall into this category, and most of the players at this point) has ZFTG. They login probably less than 3 times a week, do their thing, then log out.

The *rabid* casual on the other hands demands to have the same rewards as the people who spend a lot of time chasing after internet merit badges. The rabid casual is the type of person who holds a certain amount of jealousy and disdain for anyone who achieves more than him (probably IRL not just in internet-sabers/spaceships/etc). In truth they’re shoring up their self-esteem by lashing for the same reasons that Elitists do – they just lack the latters’ skill. Both are equally sad, but for different reasons. Lastly, they are of a certain breed of losers in life; their in-game behavior being indicative of their IRL mindset – give me/let me buy stuff and screw the people who worked for it. This self-centeredness and lack of appreciation for effort put in to _earn_ a reward is a toxic cancer that should be cleansed from society.

People like you making me scared for our human civilization future. People really need to get a life already. Its a game, not real stuff. Or some people really have nothing to be proud of but a game shiny stuff? Pethetic.
99% of people don`t care if you are running around the fleet on a shiny mount showing off and thinking you are so amazing, they just don`t, they are doing their own things. And here you are telling people are losers in real life because they have money to buy stuff in game. Who is loser if you are the one who is crying about ingame stuff

Kaelin, it might just be a game, but the majority of people don’t act that differently than they would in real life. In fact, from my own experience, I’ve noticed that people show their true colors more than ever on the internet because it’s a safety blanket.

As for raiders getting upset, who are you to tell anyone else that pays for the game that their opinion is wrong and that their frustration is uncalled for? They put their time and effort into a game that they care about, and then suddenly that mount that they spent weeks (if not months) of their time acquiring is available to every player in the game for some currency. Game or not, it still hurts and sucks for the ones that put the work in.

Who are they to call people, who will buy that ugly thing, losers and tall all other unnice things about them? Are you telling me that only raiders have rights to yapping about unfairness of something?

This will have of been my favorite set in a long, long, time. I like pretty much everything in it, but then I forget I’m poor and a kid, so I can’t buy anything ._.

Yeah… I didn’t feel like grinding dailies for two months to get a single item :T The Arbiters saber will probably be upwards of 5 million credits.

Bro, just get 3 other level 65’s and grind heroics. Spend one day doing heroivs, and you can get 3.8mil just from doing 48 heroics and their bonuses… Which is EASY.

Yeah… I’m a kid (student) and I can’t spend all day doing heroics.

EDIT: Also, I have no friends to help me.

You can’t sacrifice a saturday to just running heroics? Or even a few hours? Then that’s your own fault. Hell, even an hour a day for like, 2 or 3 days would get the same amount of credits.

That’s you’re own fault if ya’ can’t put forth any effort to make creds, haha As for friends:

“LF3M Heroic Money run, pst me!”

Even going down the list of doing Weekly heroics on one character will get you a nice lump o’ credz. One day of grinding.

I left this game about 6 months after SoR was released. I purchased the collectors edition and had been playing since beta and sub since early access of launch. I supported the game against naysayers for years. Ultimately I left because too much old content was being reused, too much time was passing without new wz’s or raids, and it felt like the dev’s were out of touch with the players desires. Since I have left I continued to monitor the progress of the game to play wait and see hoping that the time would come when this game would be worth coming back to. Everything I see just confirms what my gut was telling me back then, and that is that Swtor is slowly losing its funding for anything not designed as a money grab. The changes to the collections and unique pvp/raid mounts just underscores my point. This game now does little to encourage the play of pvp/raiding, and actually seems to be designed to drive these players away. They seem be catering to the players who want to collect everything while making it more expensive for them to do so. This game has not evolved, it has devolved into hours of cut scenes and virtual closets. I for one won’t be coming back any time soon.

I don’t get you people… If you don’t like the bloody game, why don’t you stop peeking, and move on with your life? It’s legitimate choice, you know. Don’t just tell me that you care about other people spending their money on game subscription, you random person from the Internet.

the sad thing is bioware or the community really don’t care about the people who leave the game as they are still making money. you are right, they don’t have a life. they are the type of person who breaks up with a girl but still stalk their facebook. who cares if you sub since, beta, who cares if there is reused content, who cares if you aren’t coming back. if you didn’t like it then that’s your choice but no one cares man. i been sub since beta was ever first mentioned in this game and still sub cause not only do i have good friends i play with, the content is great, and i love the story. if you don’t tough, shit move on. i swear if i had a quarter for every time someone came on the forums saying “oh this game sucks i’m never coming back” i could buy bioware, and blizzard and still have money left over to buy out Donald trump campaign.

Very well put, sir. People who bother to log in, just to tell everyone that the game is “dying” are the worst.

Maybe read my post. No where did I say that the game is “dying.” But since you brought it up steadily declining profits aren’t very healthy.

Why are you being so upset? Yes, people like you – who used to like the game, but don’t anymore, while still coming back all over again to tell everyone how disappointed they are – are poisoning us, who still like and play the game, with constant whining about the things which don’t concern you anymore. I respect your opinion, but please go away, and be happy with another game. Once I get fed up with Swtor, I won’t return to tell everyone how stupid they are for playing this crap.

Again you totally miss my point. I never said you or anyone else is stupid for playing a game they enjoy. My opinion is valid, and there is a good reason to voice it. The devs look for data to determine the direction of the game. As I currently don’t play they can not get my data from their internal data collection system so for people such as myself posting in places such as this is one of the ways for me to get my voice heard. Now I understand that they will most likely never see this and if they do they may choose to ignore it, but if I stay silent there is a 100% chance they won’t see it. As for me being upset, I’m not. I’m not resorting to insulting anyone, using profanity, or telling people to “go away” because they don’t agree with me. It’s ok, you don’t have to agree with me. I’m totally cool with agreeing to disagree, but I’m going away because you can’t handle a differing opinion. Get over it.

It’s funny how you para-phase all of my points into “oh this game sucks and I”m never coming back.” And unless you pay for your girlfriends I don’t see the correlation between me looking for a reason to come back to a game and your analogy. Also I’m happy for you that your friends are still playing, pretty much all of mine have left the game for the reasons I mentioned. Also while I do realize that the game is still making a profit, the level of profit has been steadily declining since 2013. Hence the shift in the CM.

Obviously he liked it at some point and is hoping that it might get back to that state. Good MMO’s don’t hang on trees.

He liked it, and now he doesn’t. For a while actually. I don’t see the point in fucking about anymore, but he still does n and even worse, he shits on us who still play the game, from whatever reasons.

First of all, no one is shitting on you or anyone else. My opinion of the game has nothing to do with you personally. No rational person would try to suggest otherwise. If me not liking something you like makes you angry, maybe work on bolstering that self-esteem. I’m not trying to put you down, but my opinion shouldn’t be this offensive to you.

You don’t have to “get me,” and not sure who “you people” are. I am one person with an opinion just like you. You’re right I don’t like the state of the game as it stands, but am hoping that may change in the future as I did like it a lot in the past. You seem to take offense to me voicing my opinion. You should read your own words, it’s my “legitimate choice” to watch how things are going and decide for myself if it’s worth coming back. I never said anything about other people subbing

I didn’t leave the game, I stopped paying for it. I made no big deal of that, it’s not the end of the world. I still play, but my commitment is lesser on many degrees. I started right after launch, and stopped last December.

I get where you are coming from, I happen to agree with you on many things. But this whole deal was blown out of proportion.

Am I pissed at no new group content for over a year, when we were promised otherwise? Hell yeah. Has EasyMode been on since 3.0? You betcha. Do I think the direction the game is taking is not the right one? I’ve said so many times in these forums, and on TOR’s site when I was subbed.

But this is not a game changing issue. It’s a reskin, a paint job, whatever. I don’t care, it’s cosmetic. MMO’s do this ALL THE TIME. Not only BW, lots of them! People like me who like to raid will still get their exclusive Rancor from DP NiM. Nobody is taking that away from you. I’ve seen people saying they are leaving the game because of this. That’s just unreasonable, and it’s something I didn’t expect to see in adults or at least teenagers. I would expect that from my 8 year old son, but not from the gaming community…

Now if we PLEASE could get back to the real issues of the game, as unsolved bugs (some from launch!!!), grindy tasks that have no place in an MMO in 2016, boring Endgame, etc, etc…

Please leave the poor Rancors alone…

This is being said over-and-over-and-over again about 100% of MMOs by anyone. It’s pretty much standard, followed by standard players who will defend, etc…It’s not trolling, it’s not bad to have an opinion, it’s just mostly useless now.

Very, very cool stuff in this pack. Even if I’m not entirely sold on the sets themselves the pieces have a lot of potential. That Zakuul Knight captain would have gone on my main if it had an attached down hoodie. That lightsaber will look awesome on my new sith recluse Jugg. No assault cannon though? Very curious.

Definitely need a lot of weapons in this pack.
And I really hope they release more Raid NiM drops to “casual” players just to piss people off. I would make one big pack just because how shitty people are being about their pathetic Rancor.
It’s a game not a dick don’t take it so hard.

Yeah, that’s true, I’m just tired of people being so shitty about it.

Besides, you can get the mount, run the raid, and be proud you got through it and have a mount, maybe someone was a dick and scalped the one from the raid from you or something.

People just can’t be happy with anything these days.

I hope they start making future story chapters only available to “hardcore raiders” who’ve cleared NiM just to piss people off. It’s just a game, right?

Absurd argument noted. Casuals getting frustrated and quitting = death of game. “Hard core” raiders quitting the game = “Did you notice something? Nah.”

Lol so many of you people that say the raiders complain so much are the same people that were practically giving Bioware death threats when your companions got nerfed.

Cleary the raiders are the problem and OF COURSE the nerf was a major issue, you noob! How else can the mindless rabble clear KotFE while fapping to the view of their chosen companion doing all the work if they have to actually play?? Duh!

Wait…you mean to tell me that BW reskinned a mount that was already in the game and people are surprised and angry over it?

Have they not been playing SWTOR for the past 4 years or something?

That’s ok, I like my rank pvp specific rewards more than the pve junk that yall get for boring yourselves to death in a 2+ hour long instance.

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