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SWTOR Chapter 10 Anarchy in Paradise Story Guide

A short guide to the story and conversation choices in Chapter 10 Anarchy in Paradise. This post contains spoilers for Chapter 10.[toc] This page contain spoilers for Chapter 10.

Video of Cutscenes:

Non-agent – Dark Side choices


Agent – Light Side choices


Key Choices and Replayability

The key choices in this chapter are near the end where you have the LS/DS choice of destroying the city With Kaliyo. If you destroyed the city in this chapter, you may get a slightly different ending that can affect later chapters. Your choice in Chapter 3 with regards to saving or destroying the Sun Generator also may affect the ending as you might be able to lie your way through it if you did not destroy the sun generator.

Agents also get some different conversations with Kaliyo than non-agents so it is worth playing this chapter again as an agent or watch the video.

Conversation choices

You cannot lose influence if your companions disapprove of your choices. Instead, disapproval will only earn you +50 influence points with them while approval give you +200 influence points.

Trigger: Theron talking about recruiting Firebrand  
  1. Brief me. I’ll make the call
  2. We must draw a line somewhere – Koth approves
  3. Terror is a useful tool – Lana approves, Koth disapproves, +50 DS points
  • Travel to Meet Firebrand in the Abandoned Station
  • Use the abandoned Turbolift in the Undercity
  • Locate Firebrand at the Rendezvous Point
  • Defeat the Overwatch Commander and Skytroopers in the Abandoned Tram Station
  • Talk to Firebrand
Trigger: Kaliyo say you don’t have the explosives  
  1. We’re not your enemies.
  2. [Force Persuade]
  3. You’re a disappointment – Kaliyo disapproves
Agent Only Trigger: Kaliyo meeting you  
  1. What’s going  on
  2. It’s really good to see you – Kaliyo approves
  3. We never did get along – Kaliyo disapproves
Agent Only Trigger: Kaliyo says no when Theron asked for help  
  1. Talk to me – Kaliyo approves
  2. I’m not sure we need her – Kaliyo disapproves
  3. Without us, you’re dead
  • Use the Maintenance Lift at the Abandoned Tram Station
  • Use the Explosive Material at Power Junction 353
Trigger: Kaliyo talking about no droids for a day or two  
  1. For what purposes?
  2. Can we control the droids? – Kaliyo approves
  3. Your plan will backfire – Kaliyo disapproves
Kaliyo talking about both getting something good  
  1. Agreed/Glad to work together again – Kaliyo approves
  2. Who’s the administrator?
  3. I don’t trust you – Kaliyo disapproves
  • Destroy Security Hubs
  • Travel to Power Junction 754 in Undercity
  • Use the Explosive Material at Undercity Junction 754
Trigger: Kaliyo saying Zakuulans are cowards  
  1. Who was that?
  2. Zakuulans aren’t all cowards – Kaliyo disapproves
  3. We’re in agreeemnt there – Kaliyo approves
Trigger: Kaliyo saying the scars are mark of pride  
  1. Let’s keep moving
  2. Yet they’ve abandoned you
  3. You’re all aimless rebels – Kaliyo disapproves
Agent Only Trigger: Kaliyo saying the scars are mark of pride  
  1. Yet they’ve abandoned you
  2. I’m impress you found them – Kaliyo approves
  3. You’re all aimless rebels – Kaliyo disapproves
  • Destroy more Security Hubs
  • Travel to Power Junction K-H82 in Breaktown
  • Defeat the Overwatch Hunters
  • Use Explosive Material at Power Junction K-H82
Trigger: Kalyo wants to know your angle  
  1. I want my life back – Kaliyo approves
  2. I told you: I’ll stop Zakuul – Kaliyo disapproves
  3. I want revenge on everyone – Kaliyo approves
  • Destroy more Security Hubs
  • Travel to Kaliyo’s apartment
Trigger: Kaliyo talks about a wake up call  
  1. What happens next?
  2. [Flirt] You owe me, huh? – Kaliyo approves
  3. You’re not on my level – Kaliyo disapproves
Agent Only TriggerL Kaliyo talks about being humiliated  
  1. Humiliated? You?
  2. You know I’m sorry – Kaliyo will remember that/approves
  • Use the speeder at Kaliyo’s apartment
  • Travel to the Overwatch Lobby
  • Use the Systems Console in Overwatch Command
Trigger: Tayvor talking about Kaliyo  
  1. Care to explain, Kaliyo?
  2. Surrender and evacuate, now – +50 LS points
  3. Worry about me, not her – +50 DS points
  • Defeat Tayvor and the skytroopers at Overwatch Command
  • Use the Command Console in the Overwatch
Trigger: Kaliyo says the city is going to get hurt  
  1. You can’t murder innocents – Kaliyo disapproves
  2. That might do useful damage – Kaliyo approves
  3. Let’s get this over with – Kaliyo approves
Trigger: Kaliyo asks if you want to do the honors This choice will be one of those determine if Koth leaves your alliance or not later in the chapter.
  1. Let this go, Kaliyo – Kaliyo disapproves, +150 LS points
  2. Do it yourself – +150 DS points
  3. Yes, I’ll have my revenge – +200 DS points
  • Escape the Overwatch
  • Use the Overwatch Surveilliance
Trigger: Koth confronts you if you bombed the city Koth may believe the lie option if you didn’t bomb the sun generator in Chapter 3 and stay with the alliance. .
  1. We had a tactical opportunity – Koth disapproves
  2. [Lie] It was all an accident – Koth will remember that
  3. You’re a bad bluffer
Trigger: Theron asks you about Kaliyo  
  1. She’s a good fighter
  2. She livens things up
  3. Maybe, but don’t trust her
Trigger: Kaliyo says someone must still like her  
  1. You’ve lead an active life
  2. [Flirt] Tell me more – Kaliyo approves
  3. I’ll leave you to it
Agent Only Trigger: Kaliyo says if you need her, she will be here  
  1. Same goes for you – Kaliyo approves
  2. What are you going to do?
  3. You’ve never been very loyal – Kaliyo disapproves
  • Travel to the War Room in Odessen
Trigger: Theron says Arcann is taking the galaxy hostage  
  1. Innocents must not die for us – Lana disapproves
  2. Let’s fight the propaganda – Theron disapproves
  3. He can’t keep that up – Senya disapproves
Trigger: If Koth leaves because of your choices Koth leaves if you blow up the city in this chapter.
  1. Come back, and we’ll talk – Koth is disappointed, +50 LS points
  2. Good riddance – Koth remember your indifference – +50 DS points
  3. You’re a dead man – Koth remembers your cruelty, +100 DS points
Trigger: Senya says the dead must be avenged  
  1. Vengeance can wait – Senya disapproves, Lana approves
  2. You’re right. Forget Koth – Senya approves
  3. I’m done. You deal with it – Lana, Senya, Theron disapproves
Trigger: Theron say we can make a course adjustment  
  1. We should protect survivors – Koth approves
  2. Encourage more uprisings – Lana approves
  3. Hit Arcann where it hurts – Theron approves

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

133 replies on “SWTOR Chapter 10 Anarchy in Paradise Story Guide”

Sad to see. Back when endgame PvE existed as a gametype and a community, subscribing meant $15 at the most for one whole month of entertainment. Now it’s $15 for… an hour. Maybe two or three. Four, if you include politics in gen chat.

That’s it. I wish I could say it’s worth it, but… it’s not anymore 🙁 I hate the leadership of this game. They should’ve stuck with the team that build this game from the ground up, that actually knew how it worked.

Care to elaborate what the difference is between paying $15 a month for a story update every 6 months that is done in less than 5 hours and paying $15 a month for a monthly story update that takes 1 hour? In the end you still get the same amount of content except you don’t have to wait 6 months…

I personally enjoy the episodic content, kinda like the build up to Shadow of Revan with the Korriban/Tython, Manaan and Rakata Prime flashpoints. And if you feel cheated because you get only 1 hour of content a month, there is a simple solution: wait for all the chapters to be released to play them, you will get the same amount of content we got in the last expansions and will have to wait as long.

I can easily answer that. You’re only taking into account the story part of an update. Back in the “old days” we had an update that usually was comprised of storyline, dailies and one or more Ops. That’s a lot of entertainment (and time) for your doe. AND a lot of REPEATABLE content…

These days you finish the story and what you are left with is: old Ops, old dailies, nightmarish PUG if you happen to not have a cool Guild to do group content with… And then the endless grind that these new updates have turned the game into.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the story is cool. But story, by definition, is non-repeatable content, unless of course you roll multiple characters.

A grind is a grind. Doing something over and over equals a grind and new content gets old fast. I rarely did the heroics while leveling, now I finally got the achievements for them because the devs made the content relevant. I doubt I was the only player skipping that content.

I remember when Makeb was released and the two new quest lines involving the seeker droid and microbinoculars. Never finished the quests chains, stopped once they hit heroic. I did the grind on those, maxed out rep for GSI and never done them again and only did them on one alt.

What they have set up now, I’m actually doing on alts. I get to pick and choose which companions I want to pick up and some alts aren’t picking up very many.

The very best group experiences I had, outside Ops, were the Binoculars final mission. Yes, you had to group for that, but the reason I play an MMO is to experience group playing.

Heroics are now relevant? Sorry, you got that backwards… I did ALL Heroics on ALL planets AT LEVEL when they were relevant, now they’re nothing.

Paying a sub to experience solo play? I got Skyrim sitting on my hard drive, and single player doesn’t get any better than that. In fact, I think Skyrim is selling to approximately 10€ here in my country, all expansions, and you only pay it ONCE. Much better deal than TOR, right now. And there are sites of people who continue to develop content for Skyrim…

No, I’ll return to a sub either we BW releases new group content, or the Knights of the Fallen Empire story fully comes out…

“Koth only leaves if you destroyed the City in chapter 3 and blow up the city in this chapter.”

Unless I’m bugged, you actually lose him just for blowing up the city; I saved the spire in chapter 3 and still lost him after letting Kaliyo blow it up in this chapter.

If you lie to him about not having anything to do with the bombings, he’ll believe you if you didn’t blow up the sun generator.

One dude wrote a few hours later that
“I saved the spire, let the civilians stay on the gravestone, and trusted
him in dealing with the heralds of zildrog but destroyed the city. I
then chose the (Lie) dialogue choice. He didn’t leave. So either it’s
bugged for me or not. Influence is at 6.”

Did you picked him to deal with the Heralds and took on the refugees in the swamp? I’m wondering if I can get Koth to stay even if I blew up the city, since I choose Senya over him and peeps are saying that you need to make all his possible positive impressions/interactions to get him stay.

They put all this effort into a single player story arc with no real replay value that lasts at best 60 minutes + voicing. Please, Please release endgame group content. This is a Massive MULTIPLAYER game. The devs do a great job in building what they’re told to build but someone at the top is giving poor direction that is resulting in the subscribing long term player base becoming disgruntled due to a stagnation in higher level GROUP content. We the subscribing PVE layer base enjoy this game, we want to keep enjoying it, but we need a bone or a carrot every now and then, a new challenge to enjoy as a group/guild.

It’s nearing 18 months of no new endgame content…

Don’t hope, don’t beg. This is a business, their decision to not release group content has gone through many layers of management and analysts. After being a subscriber since day 1 I’ve ended it. The business understands only one language: money. Don’t pay and they will get the hint.

no… no they won’t because they have the most subs now as they have had in the past 2 years, the casuals out weigh you guys unfortunately

EA Q3 finance conference declared they got more subscribers end of 2015 than the game ever had since 3 years ago. That’s the magnet of the awesome Fallen Empire, but does it have staying power? I don’t think so, but my perspective is that of a veteran who has “completed” the game.

The game is now more alive than it has been in the past couple of years, clearly you are the minority. I doubt Bioware and especially EA would go this way if it wasn’t profitable.

We might be the minority right now, but give it time. The casual fucks will eventually get bored of waiting, start bitching, and hten we will get more mmo content.

I don’t know how people would find repeating htat 30-60 min garbage worth a subscription.

Ill just stay preferred since the story isn’t that great imo. I can handle waiting until it becomes a free part of the game. You bitches think they are going to make people sub for it? Give it a year and it will be free like everything else in this game.

Fuck you

didnt you hear subs are at an all time high and this game will be here for the next 50 years! lol i hear you dude their turning this into an rpg sadly a very stupid move among many on their part

What is with that dude with the goggles behind the force field towards the end? There’s a switch there to let him out but it isnt active. Cut content or am I missing something? Havent gone through dark side yet.

As in other games. For example stupid story in Witcher 3. Geralt finds Ciri, Ciri saves World. WTF? Best story last year?

Ya idk what’s going on over there at bioware, but this isn’t the bioware story’s I remember. I want mass effect story telling…

I saved the spire, let the civilians stay on the gravestone, and trusted him in dealing with the heralds of zildrog but destroyed the city. I then chose the (Lie) dialogue choice. He didn’t leave. So either it’s bugged for me or not. Influence is at 6.

I bet it is a mix of past decisions (the ones where you are told “X will remember it”) and of influence. I mean influence have to come to play beyond their effectiveness in combat or trade skills, especially if you have invested dozens and dozens of gifts to raise it.

In the “Escape the Overwatch” segment, there is a very easy two-part bonus mission you can obtain by clicking a glowing monitor in the downstairs command center. You’ll then be tasked with “break the glass to the interrogation room”, for which you’ll need to go back upstairs (it’s a room you pass on your way out).

So, two questions since I’m not able to play yet:
1) Is this chapter the same length as a chapter in I-IX?
2) Is there anything new to do once you get to the end of the chapter? Or is it the same as what we have already?

Because people are subscribed but don’t play anymore because they rushed through the chapter in 30 to 60min? Time will show if people will stay subscribed after this chapter. I for my part will maybe resub when all chapters are out.

Why? The gameplay is no longer fun and people post all the videos on Youtube. Save your money and stick it to EA.

It took me more than 3 hours on the first play. I really like exploring and seeing all conversation choices… i wasn’t trying to establish a record, like other people do… so they can whine about it later. Other than recruiting Blizz and HK-55, and getting new achievements, we’re in the same state of the galaxy.

Only if you space bar everything, mount up for all the traveling, skip every battle, and have no competition when blowing up those security node things.

I feel that I have failed to successfully convey to Koth that I have every intention of destroying Zakuul entirely: its civilization, its people, its droids, everything. It’s just so much easier to move forward when everyone on the team is on the same page.

I hear hear so many people talking about how much they want to be able to kill Quinn. Personally I’d rather kill Koth, he likes nothing I do and I can’t stand when my comps aren’t in line with me. Quinn’s betrayal was a very Sithy thing to do, so I give him props for it. Koth is just a bitch.

No, you don’t. I plan to kill him repeatedly, mine, yours and every Quinn for every TOR player there is. There should be a chapter dedicated just to killing Quinn, in every hurtful way there is available in the game…

Personally, I think he will soon be back, possibly with the option either to let him rejoin the alliance or to kill him.

Yeah, the email from Lana about “Koth needs to blow off steam and not to judge him harshly yet” makes me think we will get that choice later…

Only on the Warriors? Everyone will eventually have him on every class. I’m just saying he would make a good Sith. Betryal is their thing.

Omg… Everyone??? That’s a lot of work for me… Sith betrayal is a very different thing, it’s embedded in the whole Sith philosophy since Darth Bane instituted the Rule of Two. It’s a search for power, you are either powerful enough to overthrow your Master, or you’re not. Guess what happens if you’re not… Exactly what I want to do to Quinn loool…

Some characters you take to right away, like Vette for me, some you don’t care either way, some you just hate. I think I would kill Quinn even if he didn’t betray me…

Why? He has a point you know. You genocide his own culture, when the only thing Koth wants, is to overthrown Arcann, not exterminate entire population. So when you do everything, that hurts his nation and his people, of course he would disapprove. I just can’t imagine, how naive someone must be, if he/she expected Koth to stay after such extermination decisions.

Not really sure what you’re talking about. My initial post was ironic. I don’t care if Koth left or not, or if he comes back. As my Sith Warrior, I intend to annihilate Zakuul and enslave or kill its entire population. That includes Koth, if he gets in the way.

I agree, but I really hate Zakuul on principle… they were all on the band wagon of “lets destroy the enemy” until Valkorion got killed… then everything turned automatically bad under his son’s rule and let’s not even talk about their talk of “our precious Emperor is within you, please let him take control, let him use you, he is such a champ”….

Here’s my one of my problems with Koth and his attitude.

He cares nothing about what Valorkian did as Viitiate. Who isn’t human but a Pureblood Sith.

I want nothing more than take Koth to Ziost and let him see what his great man did there.

He is probably in waiting for the second coming of the Emperor to stab you in the back with all that talk about how the Emperor was good and dandy while his spawn sucks… That made me dislike him really fast…

I like how at the end of the Chapter X walk-though you are offered 20 Dulfy’s vids to watch … all of them from GW2. That speaks volumes about the state SWTOR is at, doesn’t it…:-(

Would love to know how she acts romanced in agent playthrought also if it matters if you forced her to flee or fight

When you go in the overwatch tower there is a bonus mission you can get by clicking a glowing monitor, I forgot what the name of the mission is though 🙁

@deshik:disqus if you had previously romanced Kaliyo and married her before the KOTFE expansion, this chapter does take it into consideration. I played thru on my agent second and the story was a fair bit more entertaining 🙂

@dulfy:disqus Hey I didn’t see it on here, but there is a bonus mission when you are attacking the Overwatch. You can get it by clicking on some monitors which leads to breaking some people out of an interrogation room.

Ah, well. If he isn’t dedicated to the extermination of Zakuul and the Manifest Destiny of the Sith Empire, he’s of no use to me anyway.

Finally did the chapter. Ultimately, I would say it was disappointing and not on par with the storytelling in previous chapters.

Same here. What a stupid chapter! I really didn’t want to continue doing it last night. Running back and forth in Zakuul underground blasting the same repetitive waves of mindless skytroopers is apparently not for me.

That’s a good summary of my feelings on it. They could have done this as a solo flashpoint as *part* of the chapter

I ran this on my Knight and BioWare seems to have forgotten that you meet Kaliyo if you do all of Doc’s companion conversations. Not one mention of having met her before in the storyline.

Probably because story-wise you aren’t supposed to have Doc yet. You can only get him from the “I want my companions early terminal” 😉

I meant that if you talked to Doc before Knight of the Fallen Empire storyline was ever thought of. One of his companion conversations has him say he is meeting someone, and Kaliyo comes aboard your ship and you have to talk to her while Doc does something in his quarters. If you talk to Kaliyo then during the new chapter, there is no mention of having met her before. Having Doc back yet has nothing to do with this.

Oh, I see now, I thought you meant that she didn’t acknowledge Doc this time around even though she knew him before. Makes sense.

That was 5 years ago, and you only met for a small but brief period of time, maybe not more than 30 minutes. While it’s plausible that you as a person might have a good enough memory to remember metting a single individual five years ago for 30 minutes tops, BioWare has taken it upon themselves to decide that after being frozen in carbonite for five years, most of the galaxy has forgotten you, save the people closest to you.

Must have fixed that because I got a “You’re one of Docs friends” line on my Knight.

Not true! My knight said “hey you’re one of docs friends? Abs she commented that she knew a lot if docs and jedi. Then Theron interrupts asking if she’s firebrand

How recent was this? Cause I ran it the day it came out on my Knight and she didn’t mention Doc at all (and I made sure I was caught up on all of my companion’s storylines a long time ago).

Just wondering. Have u seen that there is a bonus mission on last boss place?

You need to save from interrogation some Frederik Beta guy….Wonder what that easter egg about…

Committing a terrorist act with Kaliyo. How far the Agent has come from killing her terrorist mentor on Nal Hutta for the Empire. Still its nothing worse than Jadus did.

This is very minor, but I did notice one other variation: If you launched escape pods instead of ramming the Eternal Fleet in Chapter 1, Koth’s crewman Ralo does not leave with Koth and Lem if you blow up the city.

I found the Chapter 10 story more interesting as my Agent than without. Kaliyo’s grief and frustration at believing the Agent was dead, and her trying to mask her feelings beneath her “badass” facade, are a lot more engaging and interesting than the standard “blow shit up lol” Kaliyo you get with other classes.

Good to know. Agent is my favourite class, and I’m going to save my Engineering Sniper to play the whole thing through, as I’m not subbed atm… Probably will sub when they all came out…

Did anyone watch through the “I’m done” option to the end? I’m intrigued, but feared to not be able to replay the choice, so cancelled it right after “Where are you going? – Away!”. No video anywhere yet!


1. Aggro all mobs.
2. Run to objective.
3. Legacy Orbital Strike, Legacy Flame Thrower, Legacy Lightning, Legacy Sticky Grenade, Legacy Force Choke.

…finish em off (doable on tank).

4. Click the objective. Take care of conversation.
5. Rinse, Repeat.

Litterally….that’s all I did. I AM NOT looking forward to doing Chapter 1-9 and Chapter 10 on my other 7 toons.


Yup, this is why I haven’t played since they tried to fix the OP comps and everyone got butt hurt. Apparently the game’s target audience for the game has reached lowest common denominator of people that want the game to play itself. Oh well, it was fun for a bit…

Wanted to force push kaliyo off a ledge but you don’t get the option to kill her. Despite her terroristic plans…

BTW, how did you defeat the Overwatch Hunter? They’ve got a punch and a large AoE, with my SithW I can’t get away in time.
I think I’m missing something..

I finally ran my sniper through this today and got my beloved back. Sadly the chapter is currently bugged with agents after 4.1b and it is a known bug. Unfortunately it was not known by me and now I cannot summon Kaliyo or Lana and Theron who I don’t use anyhow.

I also cannot do the alerts for HK and Blizz. That is a real pain as this was the only character I fully finished KotFE on going through all alerts. My other alts it just felt to boring to redo SF’s and pick up companions I don’t care about.

So…you pretty much get Kaliyo no matter what. It is really just a case of if you still want Koth or not.

There is a bonus mission after Use the Command Console in the Overwatch and while ‘Escape the Overwatch’. Clicking a monitor that is the Overwatch Prison Logs gives rise to ‘Your Watch is Over’. Once you have it, go back inside the room and break the glass of an interrogation chamber.

That frees a named Enemy of Zakuul and completed the bonus mission.

Worth a mention,I’ve played through LS and DS and kept Koth on both. My DS BH blew up the buildings but then lied to Koth and said it was basically “an unavoidable accident” and he stayed.

*This choice will be one of those determine if Koth leaves your alliance or not later in the chapter.* what the choice that i need to select so Koth sure leaves?

So, breaking the glass on the interrogation room… It’s not something you do while fighting the boss. It’s something you do after the boss encounter, on the way to the next thing. That would’ve been nice to know when I was doing it, trying to find breakable glass while fighting.

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