Companion Recruitment Patch 4.1 SWTOR

SWTOR HK-55 and Blizz Recruitment and Achievements Guide

SWTOR HK-55 and Blizz Alliance Recruitment Guide along with hidden achievements.[toc]



  • Subscribed and eligible for January 2016 subscriber reward.
  • Completed to Find a Findsman (Yuun recruitment mission)


  • Press N to open up Alliance Alerts and pick Arma Rasa. This will teleport you to your alliance base next to the Hutt but don’t talk to him, instead use the elevator nearby.
  • Proceed to Prototype Testing Lab by using the elevator
  • Talk to HK-55
  • Use Target Range Console (see achievements you can get for this below).
  • Assess Scenario 1 Targets: 0/3
  • Assess Scenario 2 Targets: 0/4
  • Assess Scenario 3 Targets: 0/6
  • Assess Scenario 4 Target: 0/1
  • Assess Scenario 5  Targets: 0/2
  • Use Target Range Console to Conclude Exercise


  • Alien Research Crate
  • Rebuilt HK-55 customization
  • 10 Common Data Crystals
  • Legendary Rank 6 Military Gear Companion Gift

Rebuilt HK-55 Companion Customization (differences are fairly minor)



There are two achievements associated with the recruiting HK-55 mission.

A Through Assessment – 20 pts

Assessed eight or more optional targets during the course of the HK-55 configuration exercise. Which choice you pick (either attack or forbid, doesn’t matter). You get the achievement pop up when you finish the recruitment mission. If you already done the recruitment, you will need to do it on another character.


1. Chemical Barrel


2. Artistic Décor (there are two, destroy one will work)


3. Munitions


4. Lab Equipment


5. Explosive Barrel


6. Target Yourself

7. Target HK-55 itself

8. Speeder Inside the target range.


Hidden Achievement: Simulated Meatbag – 20 pts

This is a hidden achievement. You will need to be Terminated by HK-55 for Educational Purposes. To do this, you will need to find another player who is also on configuration stage of the HK-55 recruitment mission. Enter their instance and have their HK-55 target and terminate you for the achievement. Special thanks to Futashi and Theophilius on Ebon Hawk for figuring this out.

  • This achievement grant you the legacy title: Simulated Meatbag




  • Complete Chapter X of the story
  • Completed to Find a Findsman (Yuun recruitment mission)


1. Collect salvage for Blizz until you reach influence rank 10 with him (Bounty hunter can skip it if they are already at influence 10)

Salvage can be found in Starship Graveyard. You will need 20 to reach rank 10 influence with them (each salvage give 500 influence). Salvage are only found inside the quest circle in Starship Graveyards and they are only called salvage. Do not get confused by all the freighter salvage and other things in the area. All the salvage look alike and spawn in fixed locations. They will despawn shortly after a player has collected them.

I have wrote down a map of their locations (not all of them). If there are too many people in the area, you might benefit from just camping a single one. Each salvage can give you 1-3 salvage parts you need to give to Blizz. Respawn times seems to be a few minutes. Otherwise have fun going blind while trying to look for grey objects in a bright white background. Salvage can be found in your mission items tab.


2. Delivering Items to four associates

There are two hidden achievements for correctly guessing each associate’s name and giving them the items. So don’t screw up this part or you will need to do it on another character. The achievements show up once you finished recruiting Blizz.

If you do not see the associates, you will need to relog.


First Associate: Preeti

  • He will greet you with “You must be strange-person Blizz always talking ear off about.”
  • Give Vibro-ear

Second Associate: Nu’na

  • He will greet you with “H-h-h-hey! You–you b-b-b-be p-person B-Blizz s-say coming?”
  • Give socks

Third Associate: Dakk’ik

  • He will greet you with “sigh* Hi… Blizz say some person coming. Guess that you.”
  • Give Sniff-Machine

Fourth Associate: R’bik

  • He will greet you with “Freeze! Or you wind up cold forever! Wait– you stranger Blizz say coming, yes? Yes!”
  • Give Laser –Torch

3. Meet Blizz near the Rival Ugnaught Gang

There is an achievement for killing all the Ugnaught in the cave so make sure to spare no one. The bonus mission Winter of Their Discontent tracks this achievement so make sure to kill all 9 groups.


The mission section already discussed them so I won’t go into much details here.

Winter of Their Discontent – 5 Pts


Hidden achievement – A Jawa by Any Other Name – 5 Pts


Hidden Achievement – Much Ado about Some Things – 5 pts


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131 replies on “SWTOR HK-55 and Blizz Recruitment and Achievements Guide”

Going in solo I’m not sure, but I got it by going into a friend’s phase and they targeted me, then I did the same for them.

Alright, so we figured out the Simulated Meatbag achievement. Myself (Futashi) and Theophilius on Ebon Hawk decided to test a few scenarios inside the mission. First we tried targeting ourselves next to the items that explode. No luck.

Just for giggles, I went ‘hey, target me with your HK’…

Sure enough, I got killed and got the achievement.

So you need to be in someone else’s HK mission and have them kill you.

How did you managed to get inside lab as group? I tried many times resetting phase ect cant see my group member at all only on map.

If Blizz’s associates aren’t there when you go to their locations, you can also instance hop (rather than relog). It has worked both of the times thus far I’ve run that part of Blizz’s recruitment mission.

Sometimes if you gather salvage parts on Hoth a Ugnaught Auto-Salvager Droid will spawn which, if you kill it, also drops salvage.

Does the Simulated Meatbag achievement recipient need to be on the mission, or just teamed with someone who’s on the mission?

How do I enter someone’s instance for HK-55 secret achievement?
I’m able to enter my own phase only, despite the fact that I’m grouped

It been a while so I’m not sure exactly where it is, but there is a toggle in preferences that is probably keeping you out. It allows you in class phases or something. Just a thought, not sure if that is your problem.

“If you do not see the associates, you will need to relog.”

Actually, switching worlds/maps can also fix the problem too (it did for me last night) so try that first.

I like the reprogrammed HK-55 much, much better. I have no use for his pesky morality. All targets are valid targets!

adorable wildlife IS a valid target, there are any number of dangerous critters out there that some may class as adorable.

Need help with the final Ugnaut mission for Blizz. When I go into the cave, the 4 jawa team members show up but not bilzz himself. I can’t click the mission clickie without blizz. Where is blizz supposed to show up? It says to meet him just inside the Ugnaut cave, but he doesn’t show (only the 4 other jawas). Clicking the beacon in the cave doesn’t help either.

I was kind of disappointed that there wasn’t any option for my Smuggler to follow through on Blizz’s mysterious jedi-man .. so maybe Chapter XI will give us two companions back?

jedi-man will probably be chapter 12 as blizz was supposed to be chapter 11 but brung forward due to bowdars mission not being finished.

After recruiting Blizz I got a new Alliance alert that it wont allow me to act on. Thats probably for Gus Tano…

I am quite sure that Guss comes tomorrow. One of the alliance alerts is for him and the patch notes mentioned that the two alerts will be fixed with the 4.1a patch. Not all companions are coming back in a big way so they need to have multiple ones per patch. Just two isn’t enough if they follow a pattern.

But if it is two per chapter, then it would be two per month… Also, I am pretty sure that instead of making Guss Tano available tomorrow, they will actually remove the Alliance Alert.

Actually by my math there should only be 11 more alerts involving old companions and 8 more chapters, so expect chapters with only one alert.

Here’s my math if you want to know, there were 44 companions including ship droids, HK-51 and Treek. Romances will be coming back in chapters, HK-51 and Treek didn’t leave and a number of companions already came back leaving just Tanno, Scourge, Rusk, Tharran, Zenith, Bowdaar, Guss, Broonmark, Khem Val, Skadge, and Gault.

You are forgetting a lot sir, Elara,Nadia,Kira,ashara,mako,torian,jaessa,
Vett,quinn,Felix,corso,risha,akaavi spar, and torian(I think)

There were 5 unique companions per class (40 total). By my count only ten have been restored so far (Xalek, Pierce, Blizz, Kaliyo, Lokin, Scorpio, Qyzen, M1-4X, Yuun, T7-01), that leaves 30.
With 6 remaining chapters there need to be at least five alerts per chapter (excluding any new companions), so my guess is they won’t bring over half of them back. And with ~18 of them romanceable (which evidently is not any priority) …

I haven’t started KotFE with my trooper yet, but I was under impression he didn’t want to be recruited.
Anyway, Chapter 10 brought back 2 companions (1 of which was romanceable in the past) and introduced 1 “new”. This is still long way from average of 5 needed in the next 6 chapters.
Each of them needs some kind of story, quest, etc. They might cut corners by grouping them together when possible (e.g. Corso decides he has to protect Risha or Gault exploits Skadge as a muscle for his cons, Torian with Mako hunting bounties together etc.).
But I still think we won’t have more than half of the companions even in Chapter 16

Tano Vik is not recruitable. You either kill him or he leaves, either way he’s gone from the storyline after an email notice follow up about it.

Lol damn dulfy, the language in this one seems more snarky than usual. . .

“Don’t screw this up”
“Have fun going blind if you don’t camp a spot”


Regarding the Hidden Achievement: Simulated Meatbag: can you still get it after completing HK’s recruitment mission or do you have to get the achievement before that (like the other one)? Just curious because I don’t intend to roll through KotFE on any other character than my main.

Have to have someone who is on the mission target you with HK. Once they complete the simulation can’t get achievement anymore.

Yes, you can get it after completing the mission so long as you have a friend willing to sic their HK-55 on you.

You don’t have to do KotFE to get Simulated Meatbag. You just need Legacy travel to Odessen. Enter your friend’s phase and let their HK kill you. He can even target you through the floor which is pretty hilarious.

Wow I did well. I guessed the Jawa’s names and what they wanted my first time through. Only afterward did I find this information. Thanks for putting this up.

When i did the Jawa missions i got some of their names wrong ended the cutscene and got the right one first try, you still get the achievement if you do it this way.

Maybe you missed the “adorable wildlife” droid? He’s fit-in-your-pocket kind of tiny AND a moving target.

I hope there isn’t. You missed the chance, too bad so sad.

Probably same people that want NiM mounts on cartel market because too lazy to accomplish anything.

Really that was rude, NiM mounts shouldn’t be on cartel market most of us agree but I have mixed feelings on HK-55 partly because I have him and like his exclusiveness but he’s also much more than just a mount so keeping him locked forever is not cool for getting new people into the game. Nico is one thing because he’s just a five minute quest and had no impact on the story so it was impossible to get attached to him, but everyone loved HK right off the back, eventually he should come back even if its at the end of KOTFE.

It wasn’t really rude, I agree with him, he was an exclusive comp. I don’t think he should even be a comp or return in the game. It was stated in the game that he was dead and could never be brought back. Let’s face it he’s really just a copy of a copy of HK-47. Let the noobs get HK-51, he’s the same fucking character.

“It was stated in the game that he was dead and could never be brought back.”
Well, actually, it was stated that all attempts to repair him *so far* had been unsuccessful, or that there *seems* to be no hope of repairing him, or something along these lines.

HK droids are never dead and in the impossibility of being brought back. Remember HK-47 was scattered around the galaxy in kotor II and the Exile rebuilt him. Well, he got destroyed once again in the Foundry but got rebuilt by Malgus. He was once again destroyed and left to blow up with the space station in the False Emperor, but guess what?… He got rebuild by Revan Reborn and helped him in the Temple of Sacrifice. By the time of SW Galaxies, 4000 years later he was still functional. And remember HK-51, where we had to find all his parts and rebuild him? HK droids are easy to build. Frankly, if they didn’t do it, it would mean the Alliance had some pretty incapable individuals. And although his chassis was rebuilt, his personality matrix has been replaced, not contradicting the story in any way.

no intention of hijacking this post but we’ve seen pugs in our raids who have NiM gear and stuff but are too stupid to get the easiest things in SM/HM done. It seems like even on NiM you can pull ppl thru so just they get the stuff and don’t have to do anything for it.

Just get HK-51. Same character really. Unless of course you need even more comps then the elevnteen thousands we already have, that fill the exact same roll.

They already said that this would be the only opportunity. People need to get it through their heads that unless you keep a sub going, you miss out on stuff.

Yeah, that seems fair. You can have put more money into the game by being subbed for a longer time than you needed to get him as a reward,. But you won’t get him because you happened to miss the window.
I put well over 200bucks into the game but missed him because I had gotten sick of the game at a point where my halfyear sub happened to run out, so I took a break. I wouldn’t care if there were no achievements attached to him. But there are, and I feel over 200 bucks should enable me to get him via cartel coins or credits. Or make all his achievements worth 0 points.

Me too. I was away from the game for awhile and barely missed the sub reward. Buying him on the Cartel Market for 2000 coins would be the equivalent as being subbed for that month.

“Otherwise have fun going blind while trying to look for grey objects in a bright white background” haha xD
yup, I remembered I really hate hoth for that reason (I always keep my map up while moving to stop some of the extreme brightness)

edit: while getting salvage I got attacked by a spawned champion droid, which dropped 4 more salvage

Can you only salvage the pieces that are titled ‘salvage’ or can you also salvage the ‘light freighter’ and other named salvage?

Seems I have lost Blizz’s alert with 4.1.a..?
It was there yesterday (without text, but I assume it was Blizz).
I got HK-55, though.

Not sure where to post this:

Is there a reason why the Lokin missions were reset?

After the update, I had two toons where I just needed to do the Rakghoul event and now I have to find Lokin.

At least, Lokin’s mission is now accessible for all, without having to recruit Qyzen first.
Don’t know if this was intended to reset progress for those that were already into the task…

It resets progress but not influence levels. So at most its a matter of finding him again and than picking up from where you were

Hey Chyron HR,

Thanks for the reply, actually, I found Lokin and was relieved when I still had the influence, and finally completed the task.

Lol, just gave myself a heart attack though when I thought it restarted.

it resets the mission, but the influence isnt part of the mission directly (it was a side effect) and is tracked seperately

its the same with any of the recruitment missions, you can reset them but it doesnt make you lose influence since the influence is tracked by your contacts list seperately from the mission itself (this is also to benefit players of the class those companions came with previously, their influence would have existed from before 4.0 even launched)

Is it perfectly fine to tell Hk to kill/ spare everything, or have a mix between the two? just asking in case there is an “optimal” mix of termination/ mercy (at least in HK’s mind)

HK obviously loves to kill everyone and everything.

Regarding the “choices that matter” paradigm, you might possibly find that he kills someone later on who you would not have wanted to be killed, if you let him run too freely.
Or, vice versa, find him unable to attack someone on his own whom you might want dead…

However, given that he is not available to every player, I doubt that he will play a greater part in the storyline to come…

In the session HK does mention that this only refers to when the player isn’t around and HK is acting on his own with no guidance, but Bioware could easily disregard this and lead to things that Paeniteo mentioned.

I wonder if it might have an influence on what enemies are targetable when the HK-55 solo mission comes out.

Umm, I’ve completed chapter X and had already recruited Yuun awhile ago. But nothing is popping up in the alert window about blizz. No new quest is in my log. Am I missing something?

edit: nevermind it’s working now. Apparently I had to log out and back in. idk if anyone else has had that trouble.

I’m thinking it must be. Did them with my husband last night. Neither of the cheevs work. On top of that, if you look in your achievements, his says 0/0 and there’s nothing in there, not even the kills ach. I don’t remember if there was a recruitment achievement when I did it the first time, but it’s all blank now.

I’m stuck on this HK-55 mission. I just watched the cutscene when I came down the elevator and talked to HK-55. After that I clicked the console. I get a debuff that says “Configuring HK-55” but I do NOT get any abilities on my temporary ability bar. I checked my UI and temporary ability bar is enabled. I tried going to my SH and coming back to no avail. I am not able to reset the mission, only abandon it. Abandoning and doing it over results in the same thing. He’s asking me which meatbags he is authorized to terminate but I appear to not have any way to tell him. Grrr.

this mission finally bugged out on me on one of my toons, first time for me when the expansion came out. drove me nuts until i found this. TY!

I’ve done this with a Sage, Sniper and a Mercenary with no problems but with my Powertech it bugged out. At first I got nothing. Then I tried Ctrl U and I got that little blue thingamajic on my window just like you. The mission even says if you lose the window, click again on the Weapons Terminal to make it reappear. False. Didn’t work. I even attempted to fix it via the Interface Editor but no go. Thank you so much for the advice about going to the Abilities window and being able to successfully complete this.

I have a question: I got all achievements for HK-55 and Blizz but, I can’t find them in the achievements window. Does anyone know exactly where they are, please? I tried under Companions > Blizz, Companions > Shared > HK-55 (mine is showing 0/0 and is empty even though I have the legacy title).

Yes mine still show like that as well. It’s probably just another bug we need to report and wait months for them to fix.

I just did the simulated meatbag achievement on HK-55 and didn’t get the title, is it bugged?

simulated meatbag bugged ? Just tried it with friend, we were both on same first step, killed eachother with HK but no achiev. Does it matter at which step in quest you do it ?

Is the “A Thorough Assessment” achievement still bugged as well? I just completed the Arma Rasa recruitment mission having assessed all of the optional targets and it didn’t pop. *sigh*

Were Blizz’s Achievements removed/bugged just like HK-55s were?

Just finished the Little Boss Alliance Alert and didn’t get “Winter of Their Discontent”, “A Jawa by Any Other Name”, “Much Ado about Some Things”, and despite following the guide to make sure I ‘guessed’ the right names/give the right items, etc. nothing popped.

Can’t seem to find them anywhere in the Achievement Window either…

-2547,156 Clabburn Tundra

(this is mostly for other people like me who come around looking for the answer to this question)

Can someone help me in Hidden Achievement: Simulated Meatbag? I’m on EU-The Progenitor Rep side. /w or mail Bada Bumm, Egyes Light or Hum’Jedgu.

I was just able to get the achievement A Through Assessment today Oct 7th, 2016. Not sure if Simulated Meatbag is working again.

Blizz has a new achievement called “Breaking the Ice,” which combines the two achievements for giving the jawas the right items and knowing their names. Strangely, those two achievements are still present.

Even though I’ve completed them back in February 2016, this new achievement doesn’t seem to recognize my progress :/

Uhm might want to make sure to add that you should not click on the console to finish the arma rasa mission with hk until after you’ve done your search of the room. I did it AFTER I finished it and lost the quickbar. Had I known this, I wouldn’t have efffed up…and have to figure out how to do that achievement yet again.

Greetings “Heroes!
I would like to ask help for the Simulated Meatbag achievement. If you’re on the Arma Rasa alert missión write to me and we should to it together for the achievement. I’m on the Progenitor server Rep and Imp both good for it.

For the ” A Jawa by Any Other Name” achievement. You can just press [ESC] to leave the conversation and start it back up again. As long as you didn’t finish the dialogue, it’s fine and you’ll still be able to earn the achievement.

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