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SWTOR February Producer’s Livestream Notes

SWTOR February Producer’s Livestream Notes where plans for the next 1-2 months will be discussed.

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  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter X
  • Chapter XI: Disavowed
  • Eternal Championship
  • New Warzone (also something special for PvPers)
  • Quality of Life Improvements coming in April

State of Galaxy

  • Not smooth sailing. Downloading issues on Tuesday and now. Few bugs go out with Chapter 10.
  • Key bugs fixed with today’s patch, still some connectivity issue this afternoon. Should be ironed out shortly.
  • Anarchist’s Cartel Market Pack – People not happy with the changes. Please keep the feedback coming. We are continually making the changes.

February Subscriber Gift


  • All subscribers who opt in to email by Feb 14 will receive 1050 cartel coins (it is a code you can give anyone). Opt in via your account settings on the forums (account settings > basic information).
  • Subscribers can give Chapter I: The Hunt to a friend for free, including a free L60 character.

March Subscriber Reward


  • Subscribe by March 1 to receive HK-55 helmet that players can wear and get early access to Chapter 11

Chapter X: Anarchy in Paradise

  • This time we put in a choice that matters.

Chapter XI: Disavowed

  • Coming in March 8/10. (March 8 with early access).
  • Join forces with Major Jorgan and Havoc Squad
  • Venture deep into enemy territory and change the course of the war on the Eternal Throne.
  • At end of this chapter you will discover something that completely change how you fight the Eternal Throne.
  • New alliance recruitment missions (specifics revealed next month).

Eternal Championship


  • Cybernetic Rancor mount is a rare drop from the last boss of Eternal Championship
  • If you are successful, you can recruit Bowdaar, the wookie Gladiator.
  • Rare mount and pet drop (pet drops off an early boss).
  • Blog coming this month about it
  • Gameplay video of Musco playing the first 5 bosses- “Harder than I expected”
    • First boss is Arlaia Zayzen
    • Second boss is Cuncus Boga
    • Fifth boss  is Supreme Vindicator Lanos
  • Has been tested with healer/tank/dps. Melee/ranged.
  • Weekly missions for defeating bosses 5, 7. and 10. (Solo+ is the option to do the championship with a friend. Weekly are solo only).


New Odessen Warzone


  • Coming with Chapter 12 in April. PTS testing planned to start in 2-3 weeks.
  • Cross faction alliance teams train for their ongoing fight against the Eternal Throne. You can play on the same team as opposite factions.
  • Lana is the warzone’s overseer, providing directions and updates
  • 2-5 control points for team to fight over. King of the hill style. Start with 2 control pts, as match goes up, control pts spawn and despawn. Team with most members in the control point area wins the control.
  • Collect power-ups to turn the fight to your advantage. These are new power –ups. Power ups that activate/deactivate control points, give you double pts for holding control points etc.

New Rishi Arena


  • Coming to PTS with the new warzone in 2-3 weeks.
  • Launch date TBD.
  • Havn’t decided on when the new PvP season starts yet.

QoL Improvements

  • These are coming with Chapter 12 in April
  • Strongholds
    • 5 personal stronghold per legacy
    • 50% increase in decoration limits for guild flagships.
    • Common decoration limits increased to 999.
  • Guild Improvements
    • Bigger guilds – guilds can now have 1000 members (up from 500)
    • Legacy name column with primary character flag. GMs can now see whose characters are who based on legacy name. You can flag someone’s character as the main character of that legacy.
    • Easier to manage – Mass selection for editing guild members.
  • A few more QoL improvement we are still working on, might be ready for april as well (specifics not mentioned).

Producer Livestream Today! | 02.11.2016, 10:42 PM

Hey folks,

Thank you to everyone who tuned in today! If you missed the stream, or just want to catch up, here is a recap of the things we talked about.

Community Topics

  • Chapter X Launch – We know this week has had its rough patches with the launch of Chapter X. We are working internally to improve these processes to avoid things like this from happening in the future. Thank all of you for your patience this week.
  • Anarchist Pack – We have definitely seen excitement around the new items in the pack, but the pack reviews have been mixed. Please keep the feedback coming as the MTX team is always looking at ways to adjust.

February Subscriber Gift

  • Be a subscriber who is opted in to receive emails by 2/14…
  • Receive a code for 1050 Cartel Coins
  • Receive a code you can give a friend which will give them access to Chapter I: The Hunt along with a feww level 60
  • If you want to opt in to receive emails, go to your account page on and you opt in there

Chapter XI: Disavowed

  • Launches March 10th
  • Join forces with Major Aric Jorgan of Havoc Squad

Eternal Championship

  • Fight through 10 bosses
  • Weekly Missions for defeating bosses 5, 7, and 10
  • Rare Mount and Mini-pet drops
  • Blog coming later this month
  • View the archive of the live stream for some Eternal Championship footage

New Warzone

  • Coming in April with Chapter XII
  • Cross Faction Alliance teams fight together with players from opposite Factions on the same team
  • Lana Beniko will be voicing this Warzone
  • 2-5 control points throughout the map
  • Collect power-ups that affect the control points
  • PTS is planned to start in 2-3 weeks (I will pass on info as I have it)


  • Rishi Arena is coming as well
  • Will come to PTS along with the new Warzone
  • Launch date TBD

Quality of Life

  • These changes are coming with Chapter XII in April
  • You can now have all five Strongholds active at a time
  • 50% increase in decoration limits for Guild Flagships
  • Common decoration limit increased to 999
  • Guilds can now have 1,000 members!
  • There is now a Legacy Name column in your guild where you can designate that Legacy’s main character
  • Mass selection for editing Guild Members
  • We are working on some other QoL improvements as well which we will hopefully announce in the next few weeks

Sub Rewards

  • Sub by March 1st to qualify for Early Access to Chapter XI and to receive the HK-55 inspired helmet

Thanks everyone!

By Dulfy

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Should mention that to opt in go to account settings > basic information. Took a couple minutes to track it down.

Hmm still can’t seem to find it, when I entered the forums its settings sends me to SWTOR site settings, and basic information there doesn’t have that option

In fact you only need to tick the first box (SWTOR updates) – eric specifically stated that somewhere near the end of the livestream thread.

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco

I know this question will come up a bit. From the homepage (, login and then click on your username in the top right corner and go to account. From there go to the Basic Information tab and scroll down. You will see three check boxes, you only need to opt in to SWTOR emails.


You have to log into your account, then you can mouse over your name in the top right, or go to the tab labeled “My SWTOR > My Account” then there’s a list on the side and one of the categories is basic information.

This is BW we’re talking of, your teammembers from the other faction won’t be able to read you in group chat, it will be reported on the PTS, and still go life 😀

Let’s get it out of the way, “That was useless non-information, the devs suck, EAWare is a bunch of gready scammers!” Ok I said it for everyone, no one else needs to bitch. Let’s all think happy thoughts!

At least I know I’m not the only one having a hard time logging in currently. *after my computer crashed, I keep getting an error 208 and can’t get past the password recognition part of logging in* Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

BTW, who’s excited for Aric Jorgan and Bowdaar being available in chapter 11?

Hey I had the same problem, I was able to get past it by doing this:
1) hit windows key, type in cmd
2) right click command prompt to run as administrator
3) type in command prompt the following [ipconfig /flushdns] without brackets
4) hit enter, close cmd and try logging in again

Ya they left because they didn’t add any new ops in 4.0. They should have added at least 1 raid. It’s not a good idea for any mmo to recycle old content and not add anything new.

That’s my point. Many left and won’t come back. They had to wait over a year to get an update for operations and the promise that they wouldn’t encounter a similar long gap between content updates. But it turned out to be not true so they spent another year with nothing on the horizon. They won’t return after seeing 1 new operation added to the game because they know the history will repeat itself for the third time after that update.

Why do PvPers care about the maps they’re playing on? If you’re serious into it, you’re doing ranked, and that’s all just arena combat anyway. Nothing changes except the locations for elevated surfaces and pillars to hump.

Warzones are were the fun is, a new map is nice, a whole new gamemode even better. For arenas I agree, you barely have time to actually see the map, unless you spend most of the match dead on the floor.

Ya I don’t care for PvP, because imo this game has the worst PvP, but I get where your coming from. I feel with each new expansion they should add new ops and new PvP maps.

While getting that rancor will be cool. They probably should have made it a cybernetic swamp rancor, that way it’s easier to distinguish from the OP one, and so that people who have the OP rancor will still want the new one.

I called it on the HK helmet if you saw me on twitch, btw is the rancor from the pack or from the eternal championship, or are there two of them, I’m confused

Satele Shan would be pleased that someone at Bioware listened to a voice of reason. Operation mounts in the cartel packs – desperate times for Bioware to even think about it.

I think in empire fp black talon if you greet satele shan -> you honor me, master. She will say -> glad to hear voice of reason.

It’s not elitism. It’s incentive. I know that you prefer everything to be handed to you at once so you can never play the same operation ever again but believe it or not, some people repeat difficult content for rare items. What’s the point of doing anything more than once if you already have achievements and gear? If rare rewards became available for purchase in the shop it would greatly diminish need for running nightmare modes.

I do not prefer everything handed to me at once, you are wrong. At the same time, I couldn’t care less about what other people have. It is clearly elitism. If you only cared about the sense of achievement, then beating the game in every possible way would satisfy that. If you want to have something to show to other people, AND at the same time you don’t want other people to have it… it’s the definition of elitism.

“Reviews of the pack are mixed”
Ummm….I have yet to see somebody who actually liked the way it worked – outside of those who got the rare good drops.
My main problem is the crap drops the cubes give. Yes, before you would get bronze items – but I would still be able to use them – either on myself or if I got multiples give them to guildies or sell them on the GTN. Now I get shit like Ball Toss which I (and my friends) already have multiples of and nobody else wants.
I also don’t want to buy a new pack that won’t give me anything from the new pack – which is 60-70% of what the new packs gave me – I got four decorations (a resting med bed, a medical complex, and two research tables), four pieces of armour (two being the same Squadron lower), and a Konsensayr thing. That was from 12+ packs. A lot of the time I either got a chance cube and something, or double chance cubes (at least five times).
If I wanted old stuff (which I more or less have all of anyway – bar Revan’s gloves, curseee youuu), I’d get old packs or the Grand Packs.

Of course reviews are mixed!

Players who bought packs: “Booo I didnt get any of the new things I wanted!”

President of EA: “Yay I can finally buy that new Mercedes I wanted!”

“Anarchist Pack – We have definitely seen excitement around the new items in the pack, but the pack reviews have been mixed.”

Mixed? Mixed? I’m pretty sure they’re just trolling everyone now…

They always look through rose-colored glasses. No content updates between October and February led to lots of negative comments but Bioware claimed they got mostly positive feedback.
Now everyone is complaining about the packs, yet somehow those are mixed opinions according to Bioware 😛

That’s a polite way of putting it! The new packs are just bad. That’s not even really up for debate. They’re bad. Totally, completely, undeniably bad. I don’t know how any decent Human being can outright lie to so many people, yet they just keep bullshitting every time they post/stream :S

bad? thats a polite way of putting it! The new packs are atrocious. I opened six hypercrates cause I’m an idiot that doesn’t learn from their mistakes(fuck me right?) wanna guess how many lightsabers I got? big ol fat 0

Only 3 here, but the fact that (as of an hour ago) there was only a single listing for the one-blade version of the unstable lightsaber on The Red Eclipse is all the proof anyone needs that this pack was a failure.

That’s ignoring the fact they’ve bumped everything up to silver and gold so they can charge us more for global unlocks PLUS they’ve made the same weapon twice, but bound each version to mainhand and offhand, so if we want to dual wield we need to unlock both, even though they’re exactly the same.

Seriously wondering if I want to keep doing this anymore. I love the franchise, but this game is just a cesspit of everything that is wrong with the gaming industry and it gets worse with every update 🙁

Well your buying 6 crates is their “good” feed pack. ” Oh look, this guy bought 6 crates. He must like this new pack.”

Its pretty much part of their job to put a positive spin on things. When they outright admit that things are going dark, they probably have fullblown cybergeddon on their hands. So in the meantime, let them spin their fiction.

Why not just take the cubes out and sell them like a new bronze/silver/gold pack thing? That way people who want a random chance at anything from any packs can buy it, and those that only want new stuff from new packs can do that?

They shouldn’t replace items of the new pack. They should be additional. Getting the cube = you hit the jackpot and got the stuff from this pack + the cube.

I think the whole point of the cubes is: keeping old armor in the game, so it doesn’t disappear when the pack isn’t on sale.

I 100% agree. This new pack has been beyond disappointing, it’s been damn near theft! With the drop rates for the new gear as low as they are, and the chance cubes so damn high, I would’t be surprised if most of that new lightsaber pops up on the exchange for 10-15 million! I’ve read through several comments on the forums, and I saw extremely few people saying they got the Arbiter lightsaber. If they decide to advertise the hell out of it; having it up on their Twitter and Facebook page, why make the drop rate extremely low? These chance cubes are a joke. If there’s supposed to be a “small chance” at getting them, how is it that most people who get hypercrates get 30-40 of these damn things!

I’m guessing (hoping) the 999 decoration limit applies to everything that currently has a limit of 50. I don’t have many decorations that I want to use that many of, but I do have a couple favorites that I’m happy to add in more places. Yay!

If you’re like me and you were already opted-in for the SWTOR emails, I’d suggest toggling it off, saving your settings, and then toggling it back on again and re-saving settings. Given the basic errors that always seem to happen with new things in SWTOR, wouldn’t doubt it if there’s some goof and people who were already subscribed for SWTOR emails don’t get credit because the system doesn’t recognize them as “opting-in”, lol.

sigh… that march subscriber reward… is this how people who don’t care for mounts felt this month? because I’m that person who has headslot hidden 99% of the time. I didn’t spend so much time in character creator getting the character look I liked, only to hide it with a helmet. so this thing will never get used.

what jonathan said. although… helmets also hide hair.. a lot of which I paid for separately.. you know all those hair packs and new hair colors. things like that.

in other words… looks may not matter as much to you, but they matter very much to me. so helmets get hidden.

I totally understand I always have helmets hidden as well. Plus an HK helmet just sounds like the dumbest thing ever.

Better than the Strategic Alliance pack. An entire hypercrate of that, and I’m stuck with 90% ugly gear that is completely worthless and will not be going up in value as time goes on. Did better with 2 x5 crates of this.

Another early access huh… no thank you last time it didn’t well… Rewards for subs are so… lame….?
“U wanna have KH droid? We give you even more! U can became HK droid!!!!… Ok where’s our money?”

I actually wouldn’t mind if you had a complete set that essentially turned you into a droid, appearance-wise. I definitely wouldn’t use it much, but I currently have a toon that wears a cyber set.

The problem with this helmet is it appears to be an obvious helmet, not a droid head. I don’t foresee using it.

uhm…what will we have to do this time, fill 24 bowls of cat food to get him? Because Kaliyo’s mission was pretty much click on those consoles (bowls of cat food would be at least a change) in areas that already existed with like 5 minutes of dialog along the way.

Honestly What are you expecting?? The entire game is based upon fighting mobs and clicking stuff? To be honest SWTOR does a rather decent job at putting a good story to go with it. It would be the exact same if you were filling bowls of cat food. you would pretty much click on those bowls. 5 min. of dialog? Did you skip over it all?? I really dont think you will ever be happy..

Initial Kofte story was nice (rthe grinding at the end was repetitive and boring though)…well at least the ) and so was the interaction with toons. In this chapter there wasn’t really anything going on. I can be happy with a good story…you seem to be happy with crumbs 🙂

I’m really looking forward to Chapter 11 now, as a Trooper that’s been waiting for Havoc Squad to show up. Unfortunately, no mention of Elara Dorne yet, and the HK-55 helmet reward is a bit lackluster. When I saw that picture, I was hoping it’d be the whole armor set. It looks really good.

I was actually really excited and happy about the jetpack, but if they go in this direction for the rest of them, I will stop my sub and just resub after its all released

Don’t forget if you were subbed in time and stay subbed till August you get the bonus mission playing as HK.
That is unique.

Playing a character that isn’t yours, that you can’t even cusomize trough a solo mission is unique indeed, for an MMORPG – So unique, you can just as well watch it on youtube.

Yeah they did say they did not want to bring companions back without a reason but it would be easy to bring back both jorgen and learn in the same chapter as they can have the same reason for returning.

That helmet makes me want to skip the sub next month. Horrible helmet vs Bowdaar’s magical arena and a rare chance at that rancor.

I’m going to be honest Jorgan hasn’t been my favorite. Was more then a little annoyed when he decided to go back to sniper rifle. Have a bay full of assault cannons on my vanguard that I used to rotate him through.

It would be less painful if I had another companion that used them. But I pretty much have every cartel cannon and all the ones from the cartel reputation vendors.

About the only thing that could soothe this pain is if Bowdaar has learned to use a blaster rifle in his time away.

Rusk uses assault cannon as well. Though the problem with him is he can’t wear a helmet. Maybe they’ll make Iresso or Tanno use an assault cannon. Though I’d love to see a cannon on Andronikos or Corso.

Skadge is easier to ignore. He’s only forced on you for part of one planet. First companions are the ones you have to deal with most, and as a result they should be the most likable. Jorgan annoyed me with his first words, and it never got better. Some companions I want back, some I don’t want back, but those two I want to kill.

I *somewhat* like Jorgan. But yes, if there’d be a choice to kill him, my racist Pureblood Assassin would surely kill him for being alien filth.

Well, here’s hoping the storytelling for chapter 11 is better than it was for 10. I’m OK with 1050 CCs for February’s reward but don’t care about the HK helmet

I actually liked the story of Chapter 10. Though I quite dislike Kaliyo. And the HK-55 helmet doesn’t bother me either, I’m more interested in Jorgan & co.

*facepalm* “This time we put in a choice that matters.” They should fire someone for being this careless w/ their wording. If they were taking flak already by every mistake made, this sure resupplied the ammunition for a while to come.

Ya I have a feeling that choice you made is gonna be how it is in vanilla. You won’t see or hear from that person anymore in the story regardless of which choice you chose, or that person will come back and be like nothing happened.

[SPOILER ALERT] If you helped Kaliyo blow up Zakuul, Koth will leave. There is a [Lie] option in the conversation, when he states he’ll leave, but he’ll only believe it was “an accident” if you saved the Sun Generator in Chapter 3. Otherwise, he’ll just take his shuttle, Len Parvek and Cpl. Ralo, and leave.

This game is becoming a train wreck. Swtor is reaching new lows. The live stream comments were slowed so you could only post 1 per minute. Peoples comments were being deleted. People were banned for trying to make legitimate questions about what they weren’t happy with.
Yes some people are happy with the story. And thats fair. But when do you admit that change is needed. The game had a mass exodus in the first 6 months. Yet you didn’t change your strategy. 90 percent of comments i read are people begging for content. Fyi if it takes 6 hours to load 40 min of story, and weeks to get it right. Then maybe story isnt your thing. If stories are so important write a book. Don’t kill the game!
Alot of this doesn’t seem well thought out an is merely an attempt to keep us busy while you don’t release new content. Trying to force players to play both factions because story is so important you need to recycle it for 5 years. 5 strongholds but only 4 per faction. I guess we will just suffer with a 20% loss to conquest bonus. Or be forced to play a faction we don’t want to. Cross faction pvp. Ya cause there was barely any jedi vs sith action to begin with. Lets eliminate it entirely. Do you understand what factions in an mmo is for? Do you understand mmo’s at all?
All swtor is about is a lot of hype an no finish. If you perform that badly at home i got news for you. Your wives have boy friends. If not girlfriends. And you should conisder that analogy. Really think about what im trying to say. Its in your best interest. Choices do matter. Oh the irony.

“Major Jorgan” Uhhh so what does that make me? Can I finally be a General? 😛

Also I really hope there’s a pack themed for him, got my CC ready.

It’s kinda funny that it took that guy five years to catch up with the trooper pc. Particularly since with two empires to fight he should have led Havoc into some crazy battles.

They are missing a huge opportunity for sales by not doing more themed bundles, like the imp and pub bundles. Bundles theamed to classes would sell pretty good I think especially jedi, sith, and BH.

Yeah sure. General. Or holy half-dead Lord Marshal on a pilgrimage to the gates of the underverse. You still have to go Kill Ten Rats, regardless.

Had a few guildies buy 2 hypercrates each . 1 person got 1 rancor , monocyle , a bunch of vibroswords and a shit load of chance cubes . The other guy got a bunch of chance cubes, and monocycle. Both of them bought the hypercrates just for the lightsabers … The morale is very low right now after waiting all day for the game to work and no one getting lightsabers from the hypercrates

they will keep complaining and keep buying. bioware knows what they are doing. forum is full of people complaining. yet ea says this pack sold big time.

yeah and how many times these people said they will never buy any CM pack again? next pack, same people will jump again

Yeah it sold because people are A. Uniformed or B. Just plain stupid thinking it’s going to drop in every crate.

I think the lightsaber will be an extremely rare drop. There were 3 double-sabers and one lightsaber on GTN on Red Eclipse last evening, the double-sabers ranging from 20 to 30 million, the lightsaber for 65m. Damn son.

Just bring back pre 4.0 CM and reputation system. It was fine. If I think about it, it had less gamble in it than this one.

So… it looks like were going to get a piece of an hk armor suit each month.

Because with not one but TWO HK companions…. we just needed more.

That is funny, but it actually makes sense. I mean a short little chapter to learn abilities? As soon as you get it down it’s over. “Play as HK” is just stupid and didn’t get me to resub.

Yeah, if I happen to remain subscribed during that period and qualify, I’ll try it. But I don’t plan to stay subscribed for the purpose of getting the chapter.

Still way better than the awful ‘Recruit HK mission’ that has you either shoot or save robots!
Wouldn’t have minded if it took a minute in a funny/daft way but it takes bloody ages with all the chatter.

Wait for it, we’ll get HK-47 and a HK-50 factory in the end. Hey, what if the HK-55 chapter is about finding and destroying a HK-58 factory?! *mindblown*

That would actually be a real neat little throwback. That said, from what I’ve read it involves an old villain, probably not a HK factory. Who knows, though 😛

Yep, so no factory. Or, we could get to kill that kid’s tv villain AND demolish a HK factory en route. That’d be pretty awesome :’)

Maybe Shroud has an HK factory and wants to take over the galaxy with HKs.
By the way, what do you mean by “kid’s tv villain”?

I’d be quite happy with that I think XD

And I mean I always found the Shroud’s childish boasting and taunting to be kinda contrary to who he’s meant to be. He’s supposed to be an untouchable genius, yet rather than being cool, confident and collected he was irritated easily and felt the need to constantly contact the character and remind them of how awesome he’s supposed to be.

Kinda always reminded me of Skeletor, or a Scooby Doo villain 😛

Well, on Coruscant, in my Stronghold, I have both HKs guarding the door out of the elevator room, ready to shoot any enemy who comes out of the elevator. Or that’s the theory…

HK-51: Statement: It could have been somebody disguised as our master.
HK-55: Affirmation: Our master should have ducked when he got out of the elevator

These livestreams are nice thing. It’s always good to know what they are planning to do. I like the news, I’m pretty excited with what they say, but a helmet? Cmon) however cc reward is ok for me. And finally something for PvPers. It’s a pity they abandoned starfighter(

TBH, I don’t give a damn about the helmet either. But I love we’ll get Jorgan back <3 It's not Torian or Scourge, but it's something.

Ok if this next chapter has a pvp focus or at least highlight then I want this to happen. When queuing for a match you should be able to choose between original warzones, arena fight, or the new cross faction warzone. Hear me out first before saying the players would be too far split and matches would never happen.

First off the new warzone doesn’t require two factions which means it takes the first 16 people and puts them in match and there will likely be more than 16 people queuing for this all the time, and second no one wants to get an arena in the regs, even if they want to play an arena they still don’t want to get it here’s why, guy one is a PVPer that likes large teams and objectives but gets in these arenas designed for ranked and depending on factors either enjoyed the small break from his real fun or more likely ended up with three others like him against a pre made team, not fun. guy two likes the arenas, has the gear, knows his class, but unless he’s in a pre-made he’ll end up with some of the first guy on his team and still gets killed by pre-mades despite knowing how to do the arenas.

If they want arenas to be an option outside of ranked that’s cool with me just take it out of the regs and give it its own category. I believe if players had more choice on what they queue for more people would play thus increasing the pvp population.

Even before 4.0 pvp has become non friendly environment so I’ve been dragging my feet on some of my alts that aren’t warriors, troopers, or rank 40 valor because of the twenty matches required for Pierce/M1-4X but if I could choose to just do this new warzone I’d jump back on that horse and PVP again possibly even original warzones again after gearing on the new warzone.


You will get the CC sometime in Feb, NOT on Feb 14, this may change but Eric was very clear about this on the stream, you will NOT get the coins on the 14th, but sometime in Feb.

If your trying to insinuate they only have that many people interested consider that they chose a work day in the middle of work hours. Once this has been their youtube channel for a day or two check how many people viewed it and judge game interest by those numbers.

To all people who cant login after new patch (when game dont start after PLAY was clicked) – delete “patcher.version” file from your swtor folder and run. It works.

I’m not sure we should trust someone who’s both a random guest and just chose a bunch of numbers as your guest name. I’m a guest too but I’m not trying to convince people to delete files that could wreck the game if done incorrectly. If your legit then you shouldn’t get mad at this reply because your someone who understands where I’m coming from and should be able to elaborate on what deleting that file does.

Yeah, he’s right, jut take it from the game folder and put it somewhere else, you don’t have to actually delete it if you’re not sure… Seems he’s only trying to help, guest or not…

Yes, it actually works. Had problems connecting, logged in, clicked on play and nada… Moved the patcher file to a different folder just in case, logged in without problems after. Thx bro you’re the man!

The HK helmet would be funnier if they hadn’t given us him back as a companion. Like you were so sad that he couldn’t be repaired, that you just put his head on yourself as a hat. XD

I do really want that back. I hate the companions are so generic now and that one skill really made HK so entertaining.

Wonder of wonders. In April the game engine will suddenly be able to handle 5 strongholds! Time to re-activate those deactivated strongholds. Hope you paid CC so you don’t have to pay like 14m again, and have fun decorating the old homestead again! And it gets passed off as an improvement! Let me guess, we need all 5 for 100% conquest bonus?

[S]Totally didn’t see that one coming.[/S]

The reason we couldn’t have all five was because they didn’t want us to have to fill a fifth stronghold to compete in conquest, they must have found some kind of work around. Personally I wish conquest and strongholds were a separate thing that way I wouldn’t need to over stuff my stronghold while trying to make it look good to compete in conquest.

But I defended Bioware every time someone said chapter 10 would suck and have no real choices such as rejecting Kaliyo and I was wrong then, so maybe they’re appealing to the stronghold lovers without considering the consequences it would have for conquest.

Maybe we’ll get to shoo her away later. Or even kill her. Or, in my opinion the most likely version, she’ll betray us.

It could be. Even though I wish the chapters were longer, I can’t deny that the plot twists are being set up. It could very well be that eventually we’ll see a division among the Alliance based on our choices

They previously told us we couldn’t have 5 strongholds for performance reasons. Maybe they said something else in the last few days, but they would be changing their story then.

But I too wish that SH’s and conquest were separate, though to be honest the conquest bonus is what got me into decorating in the first place. Without it I’m not sure I would have paid much attention to SHs.

You don’t have to pay the total unlock price. It’s just the initial purchase price. And if you were smart you would have deactivated DK or Cor since the floor plans are exactly the same, which leaves you paying 5000 credits.

My understanding is you have to pay credits again to “re-open” old rooms unless you used CC to unlock them the first time. Perhaps I am wrong?

Yes you are wrong. Once you open them they are open. You pay for the initial SH unlock. Example: I got rid of Cor when YAVIN came out, I will have to pay 5000 to unlock it again, but the rooms I already paid to unlock will be unlocked.

A fifth stronghold? What does this do to the conquest calculation? I’m at 96% bonus points now, having
completed Coruscant, almost Dromund Kaas und Nar Shadaa and only missing a few more decorations for Tatooine.

Will, with a fifth stronghold, will the conquest points drop to of 76% ? So I have to buy and fill a fifth stronghold to get to of 100% again? Please … with job and private life, family I already needed 1.5 years to aquire those 96% I have now.
And it was a pain in the ass aquiring and decoration those four stronghold I have, just to get to an reasonable bonus for the conquest event, taking away much time from my already meager pool of gaming time I can afford.

I’m not interested in a fifth stronghold, neither having the time nor the credits for this. If this fifth stronghold changes the conquest points I will not do such painful errant task again just buying the credits on Ebay and putting every cheap stuff I can get into it and then off with it never to be entered or used again.

Could be that it drops, but it could just as easily mean you can push the bonus to 125%. Or cap it at 100% for four full strongholds, fifth adds nothing. That last one would be the nicest option I think, only your four best strongholds count.

If you just want the bonus, decorating will be easy now that you can simply buy 999 of one of the 100-credit decorations. Buying the stronghold itself remains pretty expensive though.

That idea already came into my mind, just putting everything inside i can get my hands of … each boss from sm or hc raids gives 10 stacks of a picture, this already would give me hundreds of small wall decos placed … creating the greates yunk yard of the galaxy

… ähm any info on a new stronghold title like “Galactic Yunkyard” or so? 🙂

Yep, most of my strongholds were filled with portraits until I got round to decorating them. I generally convert all large wall hooks in one room to small and fill it with FP portraits. When I start decorating the other rooms and run out of hooks, I convert one hook back and quickly pick up 8 or 16 portraits that way.
And a room with all walls covered with small portraits actually looks kinda funky too…

I do have a junk room in mine where I put the broken tech.
I also have a computer room where I deliberately crammed it full of tech in a haphazard fashion. I just wish you could get a floor rug decoration that looks like wires all over the place.

fnishing class stories gives you 50 of each, so theres 400 decorations… achievements for OPS gives you decorations, there are so many decorations earned by completing achievements.. ive got only one decorated stronghold and the 3 other are trashed with conquest/achievement rewards
this is very very easy to do…. trashing your SH takes longer than earning it all

I know, a lot of people are complaining about the HK helmet, but I’m psyched for the 1050 CC. I never have more than 600 in my balance for more than a day.

And in all honesty, as long as they eventually provide the armor in the photo along with the HK helmet, it wouldn’t make for a bad BH look.

True, most helmets seem to work for a BH. I wouldn’t use one on my female Cathar BH though…I like how she looks batshit insane with her eyes and smile

Same here, also pretty happy with the ones we already got with 4.1. Sure there were some bumps in the release, and a few issues still outstanding, but if all the monthly chapter updates have content like the last one and the next two I’m pretty happy. Would still like to hear about an operation somewhere on the horizon though…

For me the 50% increase in decoration limits for Guildships is huge.

We got a very small guild but we ground for a Guildship and now when we unlock an area (which takes a while) we can have it maxed in decorations 10 mins!

Go QoL 😉

According to the files, the guy’s name is actually Gungus Boga. Lanos is already in the game; you can see him in the cantina.

I always thought of Jorgen as a treacherous bastard anyway. Probably backstabbed the people above him, ruining their military careers.

Haven’t finished yet actually. Trooper is the current character I’m doing as I work on Legendary status.

If he quits acting like a jerk later on, that will be nice.

He’s just a grown up cat. All cats are asshats so cut him some slack. He’s probably still mad that BW forced him to wield an assault cannon for 4 years even if he was a sniper in his previous unit.

Aric as a cat…Yeah, Lieutenant, go #$%& yourself. I’m going to take a nap and then spend an hour licking myself

Well, look at it this way. Jorgan’s entire career was nearly ruined by your previous commander’s actions through no fault of his own and is put under you, literally a untested rookie, conviently assigned the day of your squad’s defection. He has very good reason to be pissed at the situation and suspicious of the troopers abilities, mindset, and motives. Its not that he is a jerk, its that you don’t have empathy for his situation.

Think of it like this, you are engineer, and you take on a new intern. But your foreman gets caught stealing company project. They foreman is fired, and is immediately replaced… by the intern. I know I’d be dejected and pissed.

I thought he was a jerk when he was my superior on Ord Mantell actually. I thought he was looking for a scapegoat when the contact you were supposed to meet got killed. I mean, EXCUUUUSE ME for having to shoot my way across a town full of separatists to get to the contact point.

So the Odessen BG is “King of the hill style.”

I have a mental image of a group of Jedi standing around drinking beer 😉

Really like these changes BioWare Austin is making. These are awesome. They are giving me hope for this game again!

“Anarchist’s Cartel Market Pack – People not happy with the changes.
Please keep the feedback coming. We are continually making the changes” …trolololol yes pay us to experiment on your wallet and know that we will not give your money back in case you dont like the result! it must be really nice being eaware. i wish i could do that in my business and nobody sued me. They should abide by the new video game laws and start giving money back (and also removing any items from the pack in question) if the cartel packs where not satisfactory. Or stop doing the packs and just sell stuff directly like every other online game.

why the hell should they return money? Ppl who bought cartel pack knew what they should expect in there, it’s just their idiocity they bought it.

that doesnt matter. if the product is not up to par with consumer expectations/needs they should recall it and give ppls money back. Thats how most of the market around the world goes, though many times somebody has to sue the company to get the attention of the law. im not from the states so its kind of difficult to do that. im really wondering how come so many gamers in the states are not sueing for big fails in games. Ppl have won cases that where a lot more stupid than just asking your money back for a failed product. They just arbitrarily do stuff that cost us money and if they give us a failed product they are like “no swet man, we’ll make it happen next time”. If you or me failed at our jobs im sure we wouldnt get away with just a pat on the shoulder, but they do! Im amazed how ppl dont care. most ppls reaction is like “dont buy it”…yeah right like that is gonna make all the problems go away. Anyway thats just what im thinking about their cartel policies. i didnt buy this pack. i’ll go buy the stuff through the GTN next weekend that the prices are gonna be lower.

im just wondering…whats your problem with them returning the money? If i sell you something broken like lets say a dish washer you will ask for a refund or a new one, add to that that most stuff comes with a guarantee. why should video games be treated differently? why should mmo’s online shop’s not be subject to the same logic as any other stuff you buy? why not ask for refunds for cartel packs?its the same thing. And we are paying with the same money that we pay for other stuff. Why defend those who treat their costumers like idiots?it doesnt matter if they are idiots or not, thats not the issue here and please dont try to derail my comments. Its the fact the eaware takes advantage of that that should make feel uneasy playing their games. Do you…work for EAware?

O god the pointless argument of the moron “Do you…work for EAware?”
He was saying what most of us were thinking. They made it perfectly clear what was in the pack prior to this which is why i never bought any and waited for them to hit GTN.
They didn’t sell anything broken like the dishwasher in your argument. You just didn’t get what you wanted!

i got most of the stuff i wanted through the GTN too. i didnt buy anything from the cartel market cause of the reason you just mentioned. also that was not an argument, it was simply something i was wondering cause i cant think of any other reason why anyone would defend EA , did you forget how they raped SW battlefront?
But i cant get something. Whats with the attitude? Moron? whats with that? you think what you say is gonna be more valid or make sense if you add insults? It appears even you yourself cant find the right arguments to defend eaware so insults is the best you can do.
They didnt sell anything broken right? So why did most ppl get old stuff and just a few new stuff? yes it was stated that we will get old stuff but it is “reasonable”(“”cause reason has many variations) to expect that most items are gonna be from this pack or else there is no reason to buy it, right? And why would they sell something that most ppl wont have a reason to buy, right? They wanna sell stuff that everyone will rush to buy, right? I assume thats what most people thought and went ahead and bought this pack. So a pack that has little to none odds of droping the items its advertised with is a fail in my book.
Anyway that doesnt make any of my other arguments go away.

It doesn’t matter what people thought. It matters what BoiWare said, they said the bronze would be replaced with old shit. People just ignored what they said and made assumptions. And now people like you are bitching because you assumed. It is not unreasonable for them to put that cube in when they told us they were doing it. As for Battlefront it was released with The Force Awakens and therefore is a movie game. Movie games are never good. Anyone who expected anything better then what it is, is an idiot.

I was not expecting laughable drop rates on gold/silver items. I don’t think they mentioned how much they fucked with that since the last packs. Whilst I don’t agree with orange man on refunds. I still feel a bit robbed or misled. you look at that pack and its got new stuff all over it. “oh look at those lovely new lightsabers – that will probably take me 4 or 5 hyper crates to get those”. Wrong. i couldn’t give a shit about the chance cubes or old stuff, but I expect at least standard drop rates like the previous packs.

Actually, this is what they said:

“The Bronze category will be less common than it was in the past. This
means that there is a higher drop rate for Silver and Gold items (which
new to the pack).”

However, from what people have reported here, on reddit and the SWTOR forums, the drop rates for gold and silver are less than what they used to be in previous packs — the *exact opposite* of what was advertised.

“Here is what the packs are like. Here’s what you can expect.”
“Thank you for your purchase!”
“But, we told you ahead of time what you were getting…”

Yeah, that’s what you sound like.

oh come on man…i didnt buy those stuff through the cartel market. i got most of the stuff i wanted through the GTN. my problem is eawares attitude that keep making these packs worse. You all being very aggresive today. what happened?

Are these pack broken? No. So why should they give you money back? People know that they are buying a mystery box. Part of the fun is opening it to see what you got. I was really into buying basketball cards when Shaq was a rookie. There was nothing better then opening a pack and finding a Shaq card. Did I whine, and complain to the shop owner and ask for my money back when I didn’t get one? No, I didnt. That’s the way this works. This is an American company that does things the American way if you don’t like it quit playing. Go bitch to your government that the Yanks are ripping you off.

The product is functioning the way it was inteded. Products functioning the way they were intended do not get recalled. Ever.
Products that get recalled usually have a defect that makes them dangerous to use.

So unless you can prove the unstable lightsaber consistently causes seizures in otherwise healthy consumers, your arguments are going to be laughed out of any court and probably fined for wasting the judge’s time.

Actually, I would say there was some misrepresentation. I don’t think the “returns” idea is viable in the least but there’s people like yourself saying “you knew what you were getting” and that simply isn’t the case based on what they said the changes were going to be. Now if there are no announced changes then yes it should be true for the next pack to say “you know what to expect.”

From the posts about the new CM system found on swtor forums and Dulfy:

“How does this change affect the drop rate on new pack items?
The Bronze category will be less common than it was in the past. This means that there is a higher drop rate for Silver and Gold items (which are
new to the pack).”

If you read the threads it becomes pretty apparent the drop rate for silver and gold items did not go up. I can only go on personal experience and these various threads and the drop rate for gold items in general seems to have gone down and and drop rate for the sabers seems to be crazy low.

“What are the drop rates for Bronze, Silver, and Gold items inside of the Grand Chance Cube?
Although we can’t go into details on specific drop rates, Silver and Gold items will be much more common in the Grand Chance Cube than they were in previous Bronze and Grand Packs.”

I think its also pretty evident that this wasn’t true either. Same as above, the drop rate seems to favor bronze items, and specifically bronze emotes, dyes, pets, etc. If they were adjusted towards silver and gold items it would seem the adjustments were extremely minimal.

No. We were warned. They have never given actual drop rates. Sometimes you get a lot of gold in a crate sometimes you get a little. Its random. There is no guarantee that you will even get gold. When the certs were still in the packs there were times I got 2 in a crate and there were times I got 8. It’s random.

Actually it is not random, having drop rates means it is not random. However when you buy a certain number of crates now and in the past you get a feel for how the drop rate is, and this pack feels like the gold drop rate in particular was lowered. That could just be me and essentially bad luck, which would be fine (i wouldn’t be happy but I wouldn’t be posting about it either). Then you see people that have purchased 6, 10, etc hypercrates still not getting the saber and poor results with the other gold items as well, that confirms your own personal experience on a larger scale. At a certain point a lot of people buying a lot of hypercrates with a lot of bad luck forms a pattern.

As far as being warned, the only warning I can think of are that there will be chance cubes and a higher drop rate for silver and gold items. That hasn’t been the experience people have been posting, and hasn’t been my experience either, at least not as far as drop rates go. If you purchased a number of hypercrates and had significantly better results that is good for you, but that also doesn’t mean the rates weren’t dropped, just that your outcome was better.

Beyond that, yes I realize I will not necessarily get what I want when buying hypercrates and I am ok with that. I have posted before that I actually don’t mind the general system, or even the chance cube idea really. I don’t have a problem spending money to support the game. Its the poor drop rates that seem prevalent in this pack that I have a problem with. I am far from the only person that feels the drop rates were significantly lowered for gold tier items and especially the sabers.

Are there not more gold and silver items in this pack then usual? Yes there are, so the chance of getting a certain item like the saber, even though if the rate of gold/silver droping is higher, you have a lower chance of getting it.

Lol “I didn’t like what I got in my pack, give me my money back!” If they did that they should just sell individual items and do away with the packs. People would buy and “return” until they got the one item they wanted.

Oh you’re absolutely right… In fact I’m suing the company that makes the Lottery in my country because I gambled and did not win…

Hmm. You COULD very well sue them if they refused to disclose the odds of winning or changed them on the fly without detailing said changes. But hey, don’t let me get in the way of your anti-consumer wankfest. 😀

EVERY time there’s a lottery the odds of winning change just by the fact that not always the same number of people gamble. It’s a game of chance. You’re either lucky, or you’re not. If you don’t like the prizes, don’t compete. Simple as that.

well, that invalidates the comparison to lottery, since the odds of “winning” have nothing to do with how many people open boxes. Your odds of getting item X are always the same for every box, regardless of anyone else doing anything with boxes. Everyone knows this, but insists that they got screwed over.

You’re right, lottery is way worse than the Cartel Market. Here you are GUARANTEED a return to your expense. In the lottery you gamble and there’s a pretty fat chance of getting nothing… As I said: don’t like the prizes? Don’t compete. That will send a clear message to BW. It seems there’s always someone somewhere somewhat somehow getting screwed over in this game…

I spent millions and never won the rancor. I used to be in a guild with a guy that got it after like 100 credits.

You put that fucking goalpost back. You can’t defend your previous point that these packs are like the lottery, so now you are saying that even though it’s not like the lottery, it doesn’t matter because “you get something in return anyway”. Never mind that something is actually worthless (a random bronze deco and a title, for instance, out of the two cubes people are getting from packs).

But go on, rationalize away! Hahaha…

I can do whatever I want, as long as I don’t offend people.I can change my points of view, if someone offers logic reasoning for that. From what I’ve been told, it’s not illegal…Yet lol. And I’m coherent enough to log in always with the same name, which is something you obviously are not capable of…

I’m glad I made you laugh, I think humor is a long missing element in these forums, people are too uptight… Tell you what: keep spending your CC’s on those packs. You ARE getting something in return for them, the day you open one up and get NOTHING I’ll be 100% behind you, Until then, I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with my unspent CC’s… Rationalize this…

You can do whatever you want, even if you DO offend people. Being offended doesn’t give someone more rights or make their point more valid than yours. If you decide to change your position due to new information, that’s fine, and everyone else can deal with it.

Signing up for a random service doesn’t make you “coherent”… another concept you need to educate yourself on. In fact, my posting style and logic are coherent enough that people can recognize me across different handles.

And sorry, but changing the criteria your whole argument on a given topic is based on after being proven wrong, while still claiming to be right is very much “moving the goalposts”. Sure, you can do whatever you want, but get ready to get called on it. Ta-ta!

Actually lottery odds are based on the total number combinations possible and have nothing to do with how many people play. So each individual lottery ticket has the same statistical chance of winning. The jackpot is based on how many people by tickets however.

So you don’t know how the lottery actually works and would rather make yourself look ignorant on the internet rather than read up, educate yourself, and admit that you made a factually wrong and irrelevant analogy? Gotcha. Have fun being “right” mate.

Well, I might be wrong, not know how the lottery works… But I do know how the Cartel Market works, BW informed us of the changes to the packs and spent ZERO CC’s on them… So I might be wrong, but I’m having LOTS of fun being wrong mate, with a pocket full of CC’s…

Who the fuck cares what you are doing personally? I haven’t spent a single CC on cartel packs since before RotHC, so no skin off my back. Again, who the fuck cares? You say you know how the CM works — prove it. What are the individual odds for each drop? Are they even constant?

The problem with smartasses like you is that you fail to understand that for you to make some profit playing the market (much businessman, so acumen, wow), SOMEBODY has to put down real money. If BW starts pissing all over people’s corn flakes with their money grubbing, less people are going to be inclined to get gamble packs, which will make it increasingly difficult for you to get the items you want, let alone “make a profit”.

And by the way, both your face and your ass are body parts. I bet you couldn’t tell the difference between them either. “Close enough”, right broski?

Well, if your ass and your face are close you got more problems than I imagined “mate”… But I should have figured that by the amount of garbage you write on this forum…

So people bitched about the game being dead, while not only they were working on 2 new pvp maps, but at least a 3rd one (The Yavin IV map) was leaked in datamined files 1-2 months prior to 4.0 release?

They were well ahead of the moaning.

But who’s that stupid to wear a 55 hat, honestly on Jedi robes? Unless it comes dyeable, I don’t see any use for it aside from using it on that yellow-gray-black cyborg set.

Yavin IV was probably scrapped in favor of Rishi. As far as I remember the datamined map for Yavin IV was nothing else than a giant rock so not much work had been done to it by that time.

“But who’s that stupid to wear a 55 hat, honestly on Jedi robes?”
Honestly? Probably the people in chat on the fleet or the capitol world… 😉

Hey, that is the wrong comic company. Besides, they would burst into flames and may cause him to temporarily go blind if he wasn’t paying attention. Distraction while the 5000 lb fire farting gorilla knocks him into next week.

This is one of the times I’m somewhat glad I don’t have and CCs, because I most likely would have blown them on hypercrates. I might still when I get my extra CCs whenever they come.

The bind on pickup. Which makes them pretty useless, and I am sure this is not how it was intended. It it had been, it would have to be the same with mainhands, offhands, implants, etc.

Ah yes, I did find that out after I crafted two. It pissed me off. I just didn’t realize it was a bug. I thought they were just screwing us over.

I was also annoyed to see that crafting the hilts required *ARMSTECH* components.

I haven’t seen anywhere being mentioned that it is indeed a bug (that’s why I am still a little worried), but honestly, it doesn’t make ANY sense for them to be BoP. Why would we care then? To be able to craft 2 items for 1 toon that might have this craft?

It was advertised by the devs as an easy way to get relics slightly worse than op drops, and it was also said that because of that reason, the op drop relics would be enhanced with some Critical Rating (or some other tertiary stat), so I think it will change with the next patch

It’s a bug.

“Hey all,

I just wanted to pop in and let you all know of a few things we are looking to
fix in a patch next week. I don’t have any dates/times yet, but the team is
working to get these as soon as possible:

212, 216, and 220 crafted
Relics being Bind on Pickup instead of Bind on Equip.

It is possible to get in a
state where you cannot complete Chapter X.

It is not possible to complete
the Alliance Alert “To Find a Findsman” if you start Chapter X.

It’s possible to lose items if
you use the “Sort by Quality” function of the Cargo Hold.

Once I get a date and time I will make sure to post it! If the list changes at
all, I will update this post as well.




Will the championship boss fights just be all holds and knockdowns by the bosses? I feel like that is all the boss fights are nowadays and they are not very fun.

I’d rather have HK-55’s gun than his helmet. I can’t recall whether its a sniper rifle or blaster rifle at the moment, but I would prefer blaster rifle since only the one class uses sniper rifle.

Thanks for the info didn’t realize his gun was previously in the game, maybe someday they’ll have something similar to the alliance crates, the ones that drop old armors, but with weapons instead.

Guess it depends on whether the Alliance fragments or not. 5/5 of my characters chose not to blow up the Overwatch. 4/5 chose not to blow up the spire.

I guess I need one of my characters do both so I can see how that impacts the storyline down the road

the bigger question is do you really need an alliance? that was such a HUGE plothole to me lol. I mean seriously the emperor could kill his own kids himself IF he really wanted to yet he decides to make your grind a pointless alliance thats a clone army now lol /smh

not really even if you didnt accept it he could easily have killed his own kids with or without help instead its pokemon create a clone army lol

Well he was dead at the time… 😉

Don’t know about playing the DS approach to the story, but playing LS, he never had an opportunity to kill his kids after you killed him

true but it does seem like regardless of what side you chose the emperor doesnt need anyone i just found it silly that he needs your player and alliance when if he wanted to he could have just gone to zakuul and ate the planet be done with his kids lol

The emperor is basically a god. When you are omnipotent, you get bored and toying with lowly mortals is all that’s left to do…

The impression I had (and I did this five times), this was some sort of special project he had in building up Zakuul.

Admittedly I think there was a large plot hole here as to how he could be so radically different here compared to the Knight story and the Revan/Ziost story. I guess the question is whether we get an adequate explanation or if we just have to forget about pre KotFE.

At the end you will be the hero. with an outstanding single action you are saving the galaxy.
So, no, you do not need an alliance.
Game storytelling 101. BioWare is that stereotypical and predictable, it will be this way.

Just as Luke Skywaler did. They are following the Star Wars formula, just as KOTOR, so how is it stereotypical? It’s allways the lone hero. Get of your horse.

For me the 3 month wait between chapters really killed KOTFE for me. I don’t care about HK-55. The only reason Bioware is dangling all this HK crap is that they, once again, have failed to consistently produce content. Now they’re trying to distract people with coins and HK crap. It’s a slap in the face to the people who pay their monthly sub. They knew waiting 3 months would be the deathknell for KOTFE and yet they did it anyways. Now Bioware is trying act like this was the plan all along and they want to reward people. No you dont, you’re bribing people to stay while producing lethargic content. As much as I love TOR, the longer this fiasco plays out, the worse it’s going to get.

its kinda a no win situation with the alliance, either it doesnt count and all that shit effort has been for nothing making people angry
or it really counts where you must have rank 20 with all 4 specialist and all alliance alert done save for those that are sub rewards and people will be pissed when they didnt do it or werent able to reach rank 20
i will be pissed if the alliance crap grind didnt matter in the end thats all i am gonna say:P

lol true i dont see the reason to get all these comps when there all the same just pointless its clone wars before clone wars haha

Or part of a larger choice on whether to destroy Zakuul or save it from Arcann. Me, personally, I want it to look like Taris when I’m done.

Same here. My Darth Imperius isn’t going to treat the Eternal Empire like the Sith Empire. Those suckers are getting rekt and replaced.

just you wait all sub rewards will be 1 piece of gear in hk55 theme
then you get hk-55 chapter where you will dress up as him and play that chapter


So the Rancor is a rare drop, but can we only do the Eternal Championship once per week per toon? If not, I personally will just take my 224s and steamroll the entire thing till I get my Rancor.

Why? there’s all kinds of things in the game that are once a week and no one complains too much. If anything this will keep the raid crowd from complaining too much about this rancor again because you would need 216 gear to beat the final round and still only have about as much chance to get it if you did the actual raid.

Hold on. Let me just clarify what I think you just said. Did you just say that the chances of getting the Rancor from the Eternal Championship are the same as the chances of getting the Rancor from NiM Dread Council?

Not exactly I’ve got no idea on the actual math but its considered rare in both instances, however there is no rolling for who gets it if it drops from the championship so it would be better odds in the championship even if it was the same drop chance.

Okay. You’re forgetting one little thing. You can’t just walk into NiM Dread Council and solo it. First, you need to have a raid team that is hardcore progression, geared at least full 220s if not more, all knowing the mechanics for NiM Dread Palace (which were highly difficult and caused many wipes in full 198s at level 60 while the op was 55, speaking from experience) then, you have to be able to consistently down NiM Dread Council (again, a very difficult fight) and then the mount has to drop and then you have to win it.

Have you ever cleared NiM Palace? If so, you would know, odds aside, getting the rancor is FAR more difficult from NiM Council.

Why do people keep thinking I’m talking about difficulty? I also said nothing about soloing that op. All I implied was the drop rate would be similar or at least should be, but since the championship is solo you don’t have to beat anyone else’s roll for getting it. Also I did clear NiM Palace.

I never said hard only that it would require 216 gear, although I may have goofed that up, the final round rewards 216 so yeah I did goof that one up, it should require 208. NiM tier players will have no problem whatsoever of course.

Still no info on new ops? Then I will continue to stay unsub’d and playing other games that have regular content updates that people actually want. I don’t care how many hk, copy and paste, armor pieces you hand out. *enter the fanboys, defenders of loar and single player content*

For me, the story matters. I don’t like ops. I may be in the same boat as you though once I do the Trooper, Agent and BH and get the legendary

Can’t believe I didn’t hear about the Feb. 14 reward. Wonder if I can still get it if I enable emails now

It’s still feb 14. And the reward wasn’t rolled out today (no ETA on that), they just said you had to have the email notifications enabled by today to qualify, so you’re probably good if you do it now.

Good luck.

I haven’t received any notification as yet and I was opted in as of last week. There’s no timeline for when they’ll actually grant the reward that I’m aware of.

Going through my Trooper’s story, I forgot how much I want to punch Jorgan every time he opens his stupid mouth. Not a great selling point for me that he comes back.

Yeah but it’s Jorgan’s squad. We know Yuun, Tanno and M1-4X aren’t in it. It would be awesome if Elara was in it but I am betting she won’t be.

Yeah but there’s reasons they aren’t in it, Yuun was a specialist in technology and went off to study Zakuul Tech, Tanno was never really a patriot so as soon as things went south he went back to what he was good at, and M1-4X considers himself Republic property and so can’t allow himself to get disavowed even to fight Zakuul.

Also if you click play on chapter 11 it shows a woman behind Jorgan and while she looks radically different with the hair and scar that probably is Elara, after all Lana changed her hair for KOTFE and scars can easily be acquired when fighting,

My brother did the math and there are 18 romances left to be reintroduced meaning there needs to be two per chapter from now on with a couple chapters having 3. It is likely that more than a couple romances will be left out. My brother actually remembered something they said very early on before KOTFE even came out that there was no guarantee that every companion would come back and that Vette was possibly one of those companions if that was the case and because of Jaesa’s wildly different personality based on how she’s recruited she may also be on that list.

The devs have also said that we won’t loose anything we worked so hard to build up, including companions.

They said all will be avalible outside kotfe story, for example we have companion comeback terminal. Of course would be nice get them inside story but i dunno, maybe there will be season 2 of this kotfe update…

If I recall correctly, Vette is supposed to reappear in Chapter 12 or 13. There’s supposed to be a Season 2 after Chapter 16.

Im kinda hoping she reunited with Risha. It would be cool since both characters make reference to knowing each other before they met the Smuggler and the Sith Warrior

That fact that Tanno apears but you can’t recruit him is proof that all camps won’t be back. With all the hatred toward Quinn I would be shocked if they don’t give us the option to kill him. It would be especially satisfying for the Warriors.

He will be an Alliance companion, like many others, I don’t care about.

Like he was a companion I don’t care about, before.

With the HK-55 helmet, I hope they realize that there is such a thing as too much publicity, I would hate too see HK-55’s popularity die a horrible death from over-exposure

Well, maybe your other companions are jealous, thinking you like hK-55 more than them. So they try to dress up like him with the helmet so that you will like them too. 😛

I already hate him. I hated him from the minute I saw him. Why do we need 2 HK droids with basiclly the same personality? They could have written the part in the story to be HK 51.

Well, on my account, I don’t feel like blowing a million credits or grinding for HK-51 on an alt, so only my main has -51.

So, that brings up a question: How do you handle the story when a character who did not do the HK grind needs to encounter -51 in KotFE?

That’s my guess as to why they introduced -55.

As to why they brought him *back*, I think it was for the people who did not grind -51 and liked the character in KotFE.

IMO of course

How do you handle the story when a character didn’t have HK? The same way you handle a character that didn’t have Scorpio, or Yuun, or any other comp they didn’t have. Giving people 55 instead of making you grind for 51 is like giving people a reskined cyber rancor. Bringing him back because the people liked him was stupid. They went out of their way in the story to say “he’s dead. You can’t bring him back.” Even though it wasn’t a choice of if he died, remember “Choices matter.”

He’s only partially back. Basically it seems we got a “factory reset” HK.

But there is a difference between your examples and HK-51. HK required a grind to get. The other companions we get in KotFE did not. So, why grind HK-51 if you know you’re going to get him anyway?

Then, if it was HK-51 where HK-55 played a role, you’d have a situation where a character you ground for gets killed and removed from the game (at least temporarily) and then you have a torrent of “WTF Bioware?”

These are probably part of why it isn’t HK-51.

Spoilers (sorry): 55 is still dead. They establish this right away, the second you talk to him. He recognizes you, but doesn’t remember you. His memories are gone, his chassis is re-hauled. 55 is pretty much the re-animated corpse of your dead friend, droid-wise. Also, HK-51 and HK-55 are different personality wise. While traveling with the player, based on their class, 51 calls targets undesirables, troublemakers etc, but never meatbags. Which is why I think there is a connection between 47 and 55. But, also, 51 is the only operational unit of his line, and he was malfunctioning for so long, it has resulted in him being more reflective I find in conversations. He asks theological questions about the maker, questions his own purpose etc. 55 on the other hand seems to be a murder machine, who murders, pretty much another HK-47, destined to be exploded and rebuilt over and over ad nauseum. If they didnt give him back to us, he’d just be a boss leading up to Arcann.

Hey, hey! Dont give them ideas about Zombie Marr. Next thing you know, well find out whats left of him was in carbonite, and the only way to keep him alive after unthawing, is for Dr Lokin to make him a rakghoul XD

Well, given the carbonite dream chapter and the emperor transmigrating after the player kills him, Im sure they could explain that “force ghost” thing away. But I agree with Twinge’s sentiment that I dont want them to, so I’m just gonna smile and nod.

I know right? However, it would be kind of satisfying if the Sith Inquisitor had an exclusive option to absorb those three to help fight his/her inner Valkorian given the original storyline… 😉

I dunno when you recruit hk-51 you find a crashed ship full of copies of him. You are allowed one in return for recovering them while the empire/republic confiscates the rest.
Soooo… it would not have been infeasible for Lana to have had one of those and if you had unlocked a 51 after he died he just got repaired and it was yours or if you hadn’t it was permanent unless you went through the quest and unlocked one.
As it is, I put 55 and 51 standing at each side of the entrance to my DK stronghold. Looks kinda cool XD

I did change my sub from 6 months to monthly on the 14th, my time, would that still qualify me for the CC reward, or not?

I’m also concerned about whether a change in sub arrangement (same as before, 6-monthly to monthly) would cancel out the continuous sub to get the Play-as-HK-55 chapter, thereby disqualifying one?

as far as i read dufly 1 needs to be subbed from jan 11th to the date in august with no break. but i could be reading that wrong

Well, I stayed subbed but changed the sub plan; so unless that means having unsubbed for a split second, I should be alright.

Based on my experience, so long as you have an active subscription at the required date, you qualify for the reward.

Whenever Bioware deems the metrics gods should favor the Madness Sorcs, then most likley, a guide will magically appear.

The whole HK thing is getting out of hand…
BioWare now wants all its players to look like HK while traveling with an HK around and an HK mount on their back.
All they need now is to force our characters to talk like HK and the final piece of the puzzle will be in place.

Haven’t you heard about the HK chapter, where you get to play as HK? Don’t you know this armor is how we get to be HK? This is the first step in freeing up space on the servers. Everyone wears the exact same gear so that we can have 6 strongholds, with infinite tabs in our cargo holds.

If everyone looks the same, and isn’t allowed to wear different things then there is lots of space on the server.
Relax, it was a dumb joke.

Well they release items themed to HK-55. So if you wait, I bet they will release the armor after a while. Try not to be such a baby with all the “congratulations bioware you screwed up the whole game experience for me”, they usually have an ace up their sleeve.

So we get bigger guilds when the game has 1/10 players it once had :D.
#classic BW doing everything they should have done 4 years too late.

So I selected the first option in the profile settings just like shown here, but never received the mail. Have they not been sent yet?

It has been stated several times here that it will be the end of the month. Maybe read posts before whining about questions that have been answered.

Problem is, there’s a lot of crap in the comments (and I admit I contribute). It can be hard to pick out the relevant stuff.

It’s the 18th of Feb. Note that you have to also be a subscriber:

If you’re a subscriber who has opted in to emails from Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ check your registered email for a Valentine’s week gift from us. On February 18, we’ll send you a code for 1,050 Complimentary Cartel coins. You’ll also find another code in the mail that you can give to a friend who hasn’t yet played Knights of the Fallen Empire.

I was not referring to the last part of your post. I was referring to the first part where you said you haven’t recieced it yet.

Well, just to be a little anal, actually every few years, February ends a day late. This year is one such year. They are called Leap Years.

End of February refers to anytime after the 18th to the last day of the month. They did NOT say last day of the month, just the end of the month, which has a set time frame not an exact day.

That how a lot of folks see it though. They did NOT say the last day of the month. THAT is a specific date in time.

Fair enough, although “after the 18th” seems like a curiously specific definition of something you’re saying is wrapped in vaguery.

I’m wondering where you pulled the 18th from, is my point.

even this way it won’t help since the helmet leaves chin open. if the guy ^ wanna RP a droid, that’d be inconvenient, unless that’s a very special droid with an organic chin attached for unknown purpose. 😛

Far too late, yeah maybe for some people, but this is a cross faction Warzone with an objective that isn’t click this node so I’m rather happy with this even if it is late. And besides this is obviously a starting off point for even better stuff in the near future. Think about it if they’re managing putting pubs and imps in the same PVP teams what’s stopping them from cross faction raid teams.

“And besides this is obviously a starting off point for even better stuff in the near future.” Are you new? Their pattern is do try something new or innovative that shows promise, then never do anything with it again. This will be the same way. Honestly what I think will happen is this will be the last new warzone ever. Eventually they will go back and make the old warzones cross faction to throw the PvP community a bone.

The Odessen warzone claims its against the Eternal Throne, as far as i remember the Eternal Throne doesnt know about Odessen and that the outlander is there.

Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice are only a year old last month so they would have to not have anything for the next five months for it to be 1.5+ years.

In fact, they turned 1 year old more than 2 months ago. Launch date was december 9th, early acces december 2th. Still. There’s no new ops on the horizon, which is worrisome for the raiding community. Reviving interest for old ops did it for a while. But still, they are OLD, been there done that you know. We need new stuff to keep the interrest. A 1h chapter every month won’t cut it to keep players long term. Can’t see how the game will survive without new multiplayer features. I love the game, and want to keep playing it. But I’ve done pretty much everything the game as to offer right now. Starting to lose interrest big time right now. That’s sad.

actually if u played ToS and rav on the PTS then they are well over 16 months old… and also a year before those came out bioware went on record saying that we would never have to wait a full year for end game operations again. i guess they were right, because it does not seem like they will ever release any new end game operations.. hence why all the Decent raiders quit long ago when we all finished what MMO content this game had to offer.. ahh well Rip Swtor 2011-2014

My understanding is that it’s been 14-15 months for rav and tos I wasn’t around but I hate seeing the raid team I joined so demotivated by doing the same crap they have for over a year now. And when I said 1.5 year I meant like no hint of them dropping anything new in the next coming months to make it a year and a half or more. Sadly. You never know though they could’ve kept us in the dark and some new raids come out at the end of the story like how Revan has a solo mode and then ToS for example.

Still having hateful lag issues. On at 3am EST on a light server and still had lag that stopped me every few seconds. Combat was a complete joke.

what do u expect its biofail they have no intention of fixing lag issues, in fact they do the MOST they can do to turn players away from end game PVE

Jorgan, I’ve missed you! And my whole squad! But then again, I guess Tanno’s not going to come back, M1 and Yuun I already have… So, that’s just my darling Jorgan and Elara. I’m okay with that.

Technically, Star Fortresses are new endgame PvE material, and so is the Eternal Championship that is forthcoming. Is is satisfying enough? Well that’s to each his own I guess…. we could definitely do with a couple more operations (how much does it take you to design 4-5 boss fights btw and a new area?) but we’ll just have to wait and see. Or unsubscribe.

How things should be
2nd HK gift – full HK cosmetic armor set
future gifts: HK themed combat companion & pet, HK themed weapon set, another non-jetpack HK themed mount, HK themed decor pack (possibly including new versions of existing utilities)

KotFE packs: Same type of rarity system as SoR packs. Less reskins, more modifications of existing skins.

KotFE: RotHC/SoR type expansion

What we get

We are getting an HK Pack judging from those listed in the Alliance packs.
Seems we’re getting on centred on the goings on of the Chapters they are released with, including the HK Bonus Chapter giving us the HK pack.

Hopefully no more god awful chance cubes.

“HK themed combat companion”. Isn’t that just another HK? How many HKs do we need? I thought it was all a joke until the last sentence. I don’t know if you are serious or not.

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