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GW2 Crystal Reid on Salvation Pass the next Raid Wing

Game Designer Crystal Reid went on the forums to comment on the difficulty, rewards and achievements for the next raid wing.

On Difficulty
With Salvation Pass you should see comparable difficulty with the bosses to Spirit Vale. Things like No Updraft Gorseval weren’t really possible the first week when players learned the encounter. We definitely don’t want to make the encounters so challenging that things like that are never possible since all it does is make raids less accessible to others. It’s fun to be able to master them and get better and do things like this.

On Achievements
There aren’t any “avoid getting hit by X and then kill the boss” style achievements in Salvation Pass. They are a lot more involved and will change up how you approach the encounter.

On Rewards
Andy jumped in here somewhere a few weeks back (I can’t find the original post) but he hinted that duplicate minis are going to have value with the second raid release so make sure you hold on to them.

Other than that, we’re making improvements to show ascended gear is awarded. You’ll have a lot more choice instead of getting something you can’t use.

We’re not happy with the state of this either. Colin actually mentioned some stuff about this on Reddit.

Love the short term problem solving – wish it was easier for us to to do a quick short term fix. (sadly nothing with LFG is easy or quick)

I did want to quickly point out the team is aware of the recent discussions around things that aren’t working (or missing) from LFG and have it included in the list of “resolving outstanding issues” that is our goal for the spring update in April.

Not entirely sure what will actually make it yet LFG wise since it’s all in development – we’ll give more details once we’re sure.

Game Designer


Crystal Reid.2481:

On Rewards

Any plans on adding all the ascended trinkets to the vendor? Right now those are the only rings/amulets with stats like assassin, viper, etc

Yes, I’ve got a number of improvements/fixes for Spirit Vale that will be coming out with the next raid wing, and this is one of them. You’ll also be able to infuse the rings and backpack, and extra raid miniatures will no longer clutter up your bags.

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18 replies on “GW2 Crystal Reid on Salvation Pass the next Raid Wing”

Crystal Reid (probably pronounced Reed) is the developer.

What supercool meant is the title for this is about a specific developer named Crystal Reid discussing the topic of the next Salvation Pass raid wing

So, a new raid wing and a new PvP season, but not a single peep or squeak about “rest assured, you are our priority” WvW.

haha, if you aint able to do raids as they are, just do dungeons. Raids are suposed to be challenging mate. So if you aint willing to spend time to really learn how to do it and find yourself a raid group…. dont play them. They arent for casuals.

Raids aren’t so much challenging as a case of “have the right build, have the right gear, know what to do”. So in that sense, they’re really no different from dungeons or Fractals when they first came out. The only reason why they’re viewed as being more inaccessible is because you more or less need Ascended gear for them (some groups will take you in Exotics, but they’re rare), and having to shell out hundreds of gold for a specific armor/weapon set that you’ll use nowhere else in the game puts off a lot of people.

I think raids should stay as they are because obviously there are people who enjoy that style of gameplay, but perhaps ANet could look at introducing Legendary armor via another path in the game too (like how you can get Legendary backpacks via Fractals and PvP). The obvious candidate would be WvW, seeing as how everybody agrees the rewards for doing WvW has been pitiful since launch.

Lol need ascended? Need a certain build? Need a certain amount of type maybe but a certain build? Lol look up budget raiding in GW2 on youtube, that might open your eyes a bit lol

I’m looking at their team build. 2 Revs, 1 Chrono, 3 (presumably Condi) Engis, then DPS Tempest and Berzerkers for the rest. It’s using the same meta build that everybody insists you must run for the raid. Kudos to them for pulling it off with Exotic gear, but at the end of the day they’re still falling into line with the “bring the right build, bring the right gear, know what to do” approach.

Plus, this is obviously an organized guild run. Try bringing Exotics to a PUG run and I bet you’d be kicked so fast.

Most likely in 2 weeks , I assume, was hoping thus Tuesday or next but don’t look that way. Most likely another Boss reveal Friday then following week a release announcement for the following Tuesday

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