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GW2 Guild Chat Slothasor and Slubbing Raid Boss Preview

GW2 Guild Chat livestream previewed Slothasor and Slubbing, the first bosses of Salvation Pass raid wing.


  • Crystal Reid, Game Designer on the raid team
  • Franco Galletta, Visual Effects Artist

Raid Boss

  • First boss of Salvation Pass. Developed back when Crystal was part of the fractal team. Original design of this boss was this giant grub in this cave. New redesigned boss is a Slothasor who is sleeping in this cave (yes a giant sloth)


  • Franco marathoned discovery channel all day to find suitable effects for this boss based on nature.
  • He comes with a sloth/grub friend called Slubling. There are four slubbings and they spit stuff like burning/weakness.


By Dulfy

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9 replies on “GW2 Guild Chat Slothasor and Slubbing Raid Boss Preview”

This is a joke right? I mean wtf … where is your fantasy ANet? A sloth?! Really?! Grubs with sloth heads?!?! COMON AT LEAST MAKE THEM LOOK DANGERIOUS!!! =_=”

I would like to beat the designers at ANet for this. This is just pathetic and stupid.

Poor Slothasor is going to just be minding his own business, sleeping. When some A55 Holes come along and decide to kill him. You all should be ashamed for your selves!

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