• gaelicvixen

    Ugh another outfit

  • SomeRandomCommenter

    They really need to stop with outfits…

    • tinnic

      Why? People like them and buy them, so Anet releases outfits. It’s not your jam, that’s cool. Don’t buy but I don’t see the point in hating on something that other people enjoy. Indeed, the only reason Anet releases so many outfits is because, due to player pressure, they stopped putting new armour sets on the gemstore. All new armour is strictly in-game play to get. Sounds pretty fair to me!

      • Lifeless potat

        Are you retarded ? The only reason they keep milking that fucking gemstore is so they can be lazy fuckers and release tiny bits of contents each year. the game is boring and wvw is dead, but they don’t care they don’t need to release regular “good”content as long as money keeps flowing in the gemstore.

        • :3

          Are you retarded? The team making the items in the gem store are not the same as the making world content

      • Akuni

        Correction: WOULD be fair if the outfit/set ratio would be even somewhat close when it comes to releases. If they’d release more sets that’d be fine and dandy. Only outfits every week is pretty boring…

      • SomeRandomCommenter

        Nope it isn’t fair. If these outfits were armor sets, I wouldn’t have a problem. If they’re going to make armor sets only obtainable in game then balance how many outfits you make and release more armors.
        I’m going to keep hating because outfits suck ass and they keep adding so many.

  • Alot

    Its irritating how they keep releasing more impressive versions of the exact same outfit. Kinda invalidates the value of the previous outfit you buy. Were one to actually buy outfits -.-

    • Lifeless potat

      It’s their milking technique

      • Alot

        Half tempted to think so. Far fewer wings would have ever been sold if this electro-magnetic lift were introduced earlier. Heck, almost no wings would have been sold if it was indicated such exotic gliders would ever be considered.

        • Nate M

          I feel the same way about my golden wings. They just look better in every way to the previous sets of wings I bought.

          • Alot

            And I was really tempted to get golden wings till I saw this ^^

            • Nate M

              Well, for what it’s worth, I’m quite happy with them.

              • Alot

                Ai. The golden wings would suit a single one of my characters much better but the electro- thing would be a reasonable improvement on many of them.

  • concot

    Would have been so good without those “ribbons” like nature’s oath boots.

  • Mizu

    I don’t mind outfits. I’m just glad this one looks semi-decent on asura.

  • Valento

    Is it that difficult to make female version work for asura? Isn’t it just a minified version of the very same model anyways?? *sigh*

    • It’s probably not difficult but it doesn’t make sense.

      • Valento

        Why not? There’s a female model, and a male model. The male model for male asura is just a minified version of standard size. Why don’t they minify the female model for female asura? In what sense it doesn’t make sense?

        • Female asuras are flat chested and wouldn’t work with the female version of the outfit in the chest area maybe. Just a guess though

          • Suan

            Daaaaaaamn. All female-asura players just got sliced.


            • Lucky


        • Mizu

          To be fair, asuran clothing doesn’t usually exhibit the sort of gender-dfferentiation that you see in, say, human clothing. You could argue it’s just ANet being lazy, but there is a certain logic to it.

  • Da Po

    As always, thanks for showing off the swag. 🙂 I think I’m getting this one.

  • Constellations

    If you ever wanted to pay to be a christmas tree in some negligible virtual world….


    • dpl

      Isn’t it every sylvari’s dream?

      • Constellations

        Nope, that’s part of the basic package for them.

  • Cribbage


  • Sorean

    I really don’t like that kind of outfit.

    I mean,they are slim on top and then suddenly a random bulky,static skirt appears. I don’t know exactly how to say it or which word to use for it,but you get it…

    • thatdamnrat

      Unfortunately they have to do that or there’s an ass clipping nightmare.

  • Фролов Денис

    This actually looks pretty cool and thematic on asuras. What a rare happening

  • Lucky

    why why tell me why the male outfits has to sneak in a little bit of chest? looks lame on em.

    • 2ool

      both male and female looks lame

    • Shaggy

      then people cant complain that only the female one shows skin

      though if they were actually worried about that, theyd just make the uniforms look the same on both genders. which i think they should do anyway.

  • harlemsmoke

    why all these new outfits so voluminous? i wanna see me form hugging outfits

  • Shaggy

    i appreciate the effort put into these outfits, but they still have the same basic form as so many others, and they still look like theyre trying too hard to be flashy.
    maybe its just me, but a detailed utilitarian design is way cooler than a flashy fantastical one.

  • Ellie

    cute outfit shiny

  • Katarina P.

    I always wanted simple outfit. Without shiny things. Pants and coat or something like that… Why are arena.net’s designers always want to create big outfit on which I just can’t look in the game…

    • Flawian Zasępa

      There’s always the monk outfit

  • heimdall

    This outfit is really not my thing.

  • Ardenwolfe

    This glows pretty bright at night or in dark areas.

  • shaymina

    Why so many new outfits, cant you make us skins instead? its more fun then you can combine your own set or use full set instead of just outfit that leave no chose either have the whole or not at all

    • Archi

      it’s an interesting question. i wonder why no one has asked that yet.

      • thatdamnrat

        Oh you.

    • narg

      this is far over 2y old debate with anet, in one old forum post, anet mentioned something like, making outfit is far easier and fastest then making armor piece, you need only made few models with small defferences for race and class, and what is main reason for making outfits, ALL people BUY IT by thousands, instead single armor pieces will buy only few ppl, who rly wants it, so anet announced that they will no more making classics armors by pieces, also outfits have no own stats, so anet dont need care about “balancing” armor stats etc

      • Raven

        Uhm no.
        Anet decided to make outfits so you dont have to buy 3 different armors 800 gems each.
        So you buy ONE for all three armor type classes.

        The armor sets are now introduced as ingamecontend like bladed, leyline and carapax armor.

        Players want it, anet did it.

        • thatdamnrat

          Given the number of players constantly saying they don’t want this, you last statement seems a little BS.

          Also, you know how you could make it so players don’t have to pay 800 gems for each armour weight? Don’t charge 800gems for each armour weight! they don’t get to take credit for solving a problem they created!

        • Asda

          “Uhm no”, Anet did it because they’re lazy shits and they can still make a buck putting in the bare minimum effort.

          Anet doesn’t care, players will buy it anyway.

  • Henry Chavez


    • Archi

      the outfit theme song:

      buttcapes, buttcapes
      nothing showing buttcapes
      buttcapes, buttcapes
      put them on your bum

      • Emilee

        This made my day lol

  • Emilee

    Screw outfits bring back TRIBAL ARMOR!

  • Sam

    I remember the time, when u played for hours to get some amazing armor/skins/weapons/outfits etc etc. just to show it off to your friends, now u just buy everything. It´s like there is no real purpose to play.

  • Joe mushachi

    Butt-capes yay, also outfits yay.

    I guess there IS a market for that crap, I’m sure they would’ve stopped a long time ago and went back to full armours if there wasn’t.

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