Black Desert Pre-Order Costumes and Weapons Gallery

Images of the Black Desert Online (BDO) Pre-order Costumes and Weapons from Conqueror’s Package.

You can only claim one for your characters if you have pre-ordered Conqueror’s Package. They are class specific. The Pre-order costumes and weapons are called Shudad and you should receive 4 of them (Armor, Helm, Mainhand Weapon, Offhand Weapon). The armor also occupies the gloves and shoes slot so you cannot wear a different gloves/shoes costume with the pre-order armor.


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bdo-ciudad-berserker-thumb-145x145 bdo-ciudad-ranger-thumb-145x145 bdo-ciudad-sorc-thumb-145x145 Tamer-Shudad-Thumb-145x145
bdo-ciudad-valkyrie-thumb-145x145 bdo-ciudad-wizard-thumb-145x145 bdo-ciudad-witch-thumb-145x145 bdo-ciudad-wizard-thumb-2-145x145

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12 replies on “Black Desert Pre-Order Costumes and Weapons Gallery”

Just have to say Thank you so much Dulfy!!! I literally saw this link, went to the site and got it. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of BDO before. This just made my day.

It’s part of Korean culture I think. More emphasis on beautiful legs, rather than breasts in the West. You’ll find it in many Korean things in which women have to be ‘sexy’. At least it means the heart is a bit better protected than the average Western MMO skimpy armour.

Went to look at all the costumes and my interest in the game is kinda waning. Yes – there’s wonderful artistry and it al looks very pretty – but the objectification is so acute and ridiculous I don’t think I could cope. Heeled stiletto boots on the heavily armoured female warrior who has to trek through the forest? … it’s all just so women designed by men for men … anyway – be interested to see how the game goes and may give it a go when the vague sense of disappointment fades

I like female regions as much as the next horny fuckle the clown, but I think there’s now too much porn mmo’s on the market, I kinda am fed up with all the pussy and I actually DO want to see cool full plates on female sexy body; this is so not me talking.

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