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GW2 Daily Gemstore Sales in March

GW2 is doing a daily gemstore sales in March with some previously unavailable items coming back to the gemstore.

March 30 Sales

March 29 Sales

March 28 Sales

  • Toxic Gloves Skin -320 gems – 20% OFF
  • Toxic Mantle Skin – 320 gems – 20% OFF

March 27 Sales

  • Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack- 400 gems -20% OFF

March 26 Sales 

March 25 Sales

March 24 Sales

  • Additional Crafting License – 640 gems – 20% OFF

March 23 Sales

  • Lion’s Arch Commemorative Dye Kit – 100 gems each, 5 for 400 gems, 25 for 2000 gems (20% OFF)
    • Enameled Perseverance – [&AgGM/gAA]
    • Enameled Sacrifice – [&AgGP/gAA]
    • Enameled Solitude – [&AgGP/gAA]
    • Enameled Longevity – [&AgGQ/gAA]
    • Enameled Anamnesis – [&AgGR/gAA]
    • Enameled Generation – [&AgGN/gAA]
  • Lion’s Arch Survivor Dye Kit – 100 gems each, 5 for 400 gems, 25 for 2000 gems (20% OFF)
    • [&AgHG+gAA] Enameled Legacy Dye
    • [&AgHH+gAA] Enameled Sky Dye
    • [&AgHI+gAA] Enameled Reign Dye
    • [&AgHJ+gAA] Enameled Jungle Dye
    • [&AgHK+gAA] Enameled Crimson Dye
    • [&AgHL+gAA] Enameled Emblaze Dye

March 22 Sales

  • Mini Angry Chest – 320 gems – 20% OFF
  • Bunny Ears – 200 gems – available for 7 days

March 21 Sales

  • Bank Access Express 40% OFF
    • 21 gems each
    • 5 for 75 gems

March 20 Sales

March 19 Sales

  • Black Lion Chest Key – 100 gems each, 5 for 359 gems or 25 for 1680 gems – 20% OFF

March 18 Sales

  • Marjory’s Axe Skin – 480 gems – 20% OFF
  • Marjory’s Dagger Skin – 480 gems – 20% OFF

March 17 Sales

  • Item Booster – 80 gems each, 5 for 360 gems or 20 for 1280 gems – 20% OFF
  • Plush Ram Backpack Set – 240 gems – 20% OFF

March 16 Sales

  • Chain-Whip Sword Skin – 480 gems – 20% OFF
  • Kasmeer Staff Skin – 480 gems – 20% OFF

March 15 Sales

  • Wizard’s Hat – 200 gems (available for 7 days)
  • Shadow of the Dragon Value Pack – 540 gems – 40% OFF (available 1 day)
  • Shadow of the Dragon Helmet/Gloves/Shoulder – 300 gems each (available 2 days)
  • Taimi’s Dye Kit – 125 gems, 5 for 500 gems, 25 for 2500 gems (available 7 days)

March 14 Sales

  • Bone Pick – 800 gems – 20% OFF
  • Tireless Harvesting Minion – 800 gems – 20% OFF
  • Tireless Logging Minion- 800 gems – 20% OFF
  • Mini Beetle – 343 gems – 31% OFF
  • Mini Bonebreaker – 240 gems – 31% OFF
  • Mini Braham Eirsson – 240 gems – 31% OFF
  • Mini Chieftain Utahein and Mini Svanir – 480 gems – 31% OFF
  • Mini Golden Pig – 240 gems – 31% OFF
  • Mini Pact Airship – 240 gems – 31% OFF
  • Mini Red Panda – 240 gems – 31% OFF
  • Mini Rocki – 240 gems – 31% OFF
  • Mini Rox – 240 gems – 31% OFF
  • Mini Tiger – 240 gems – 31% OFF
  • Miniature Moose – 240 gems – 31% OFF

March 13 Sales

  • Flamekissed Light Armor Skin – 640 gems – 20% OFF
  • Flamewalker Medium Armor Skin – 640 gems – 20% OFF
  • Flamewrath Heavy Armor Skin – 640 gems – 20% OFF

March 12 Sales

  • Ghoul Backpack and Mini Set – 420 gems – 30% OFF

March 11 Sales

  • Heroic Boosters 25% OFF
    • 1 for 112 gems
    • 5 for 476 gems
    • 20 for 1574 gems
  • Crystal Arbiter Appearance Pack – 2000 gems – 30% OFF

March 10 Sales

  • Transmutation Charges 15% OFF
    • 5 for 127 gems
    • 10 for 229 gems
    • 25 for 510 gems

March 9 Sales

  • Mini Chickenado – 400 gems – 20% OFF
  • Mini Frostbite – 320 gems – 20$ OFF
  • Elegant Fan Focus Skin – 480 gems – 20% OFF

March 8 Sales

  • Captain’s Airship Pass – 800 gems – 20% OFF

March 7 Sales

  • Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic – 640 gems – 20% OFF

March 6 Sales

March 5 Sales

  • Instant Repair Canister – 21 gems each or 5 for 90 gems – 40% OFF

March 4 Sales

  • Gints’s Gaze Mask – 400 gems – 20% OFF
  • Glowing Crimson Mask – 400 gems – 20% OFF
  • Glowing Green Mask – 400 gems – 20% OFF
  • Magnus’s Eye Patch – 320 gems – 20% OFF

Reintroduced but not on sale. Available for 4 days only.

  • Braham’s Mace Skin – 600 gems
  • Rox’s Quiver Set – 600 gems
  • Braham’s Shield Skin – 600 gems
  • Rox’s Short Bow Skin – 600 gems
  • Warrior Quaggan Backpack Set – 300 gems

March 3 Sales

  • Scarlet’s Grasp – 320 gems (20% off)
  • Scarlet’s Spaulders – 320 gems (20% off)

March 2nd Sales

  • Mad Scientist’s Harvesting Tool – 800 gems – 20% OFF
  • Mad Scientist’s Logging Tool – 800 gems – 20% OFF
  • Mad Scientist’s Mining Tool – 800 gems – 20% OFF

March 1st Sales

  • Basic Cloth Rack – 640 gems- 20% OFF
  • Basic Harvesting Node Pack – 640 gems- 20% OFF
  • Basic Lumber Node Pack – 640 gems- 20% OFF
  • Basic Ore Node Pack – 640 gems – 20% OFF

There’s more than just gliders in the air this month. A definite scent of spring is near, so we’re cleaning house around the Black Lion Trading Company all this month. Every day will bring one or more different sales of existing and returning items.

Grab Your Winter Wardrobe Items Soon!

As the winter season thaws, we’ll be putting away some of our winter styles until next fall. You have one week left to grab the Winter Solstice Appearance Pack; Snowflake Glider; Frost Wasp Logging Tool; any of the Zodiac, Krytan, Primeval, or Profane armor skins; and a selection of headgear skins, including earmuffs. Check the Promotions and Style categories in the Gem Store for a full list.

Sales Every Day in March

While I was going over the inventory, I found a whole pile of boxes that haven’t been opened, so I’ve decided to hold a special sale every day for one month. I have everything from home instance upgrades to memorabilia from the war with Scarlet—even a few things I’d thought we’d lost forever!

Returning Items—Check Back Each Day!

There’s no telling what might be dug up from the depths of Black Lion history, so be sure to check in every day as many items and sales will only be available for one day.


Note: I will be updating this post daily with all the sales.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

255 replies on “GW2 Daily Gemstore Sales in March”

If there will be no bunny ears on this march sale, then I’m giving up.
And I hope there will be more than just 20% on some items.

Sorry they don’t want our money. They hate anything cute! But hey we will always have money for mc d’s.


Almost all of my toons look exactly the same as before HoT came out. Sure would like to see some new armor pieces.

My medium armor Teef hasn’t changed since they added the Glorious set to PvP. There’s just no other thingzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Just need a set of light pants which look like they belong to plate professions instead of cloth. All other offerings are mute.

Yea anet doesn’t want to add armor to gem store.. Ok well how about completing stuff like lawless, toxic, scarlet, etc? As easy as an outfit (meaning the look the same for all weights) and its FINISHING armor in game anyway, not to mention a cheaper way o get a little $. I would pay full outfit price for every piece of toxic armor separately

The “doesn’t want to add armor to gemstore” statement would be much more convincing if Anet actually started adding armor elsewhere. They’ve yet to complete the fractal ascended backpack, the pvp ascended backpack or the legendary armors – despite 2 of them being advertised before launch.
As I see it, Anet doesn’t want to add any more armors to anywhere. Period. Besides, they could easily release the rest of the toxic set for not-gems.

Eyeroll… “-even a few things I’d thought we’d lost forever!”

That’s what smarmy, cheesy, and lying salespeople like to say to get you to buy. I get that they’re being dramatic, but it falls flat here considering Anets questionable Gemstore practices that is a running joke in the community.

Bunny Ears and Grenth Hood and perhaps new spring and summer outfits need to come. Content is lacking lately so help those that are bored get something interesting! 🙂

I kept an eye out for it last Halloween time but I think they put out just the mad king and prince thorn outfits. I may have overlooked it bc I just got HoT and really wasn’t sure if I had the money to get the hood? Overall I don’t think that they put it out there very often.

Yeah, I thought about the same. Who is talking to us there anyway? A developer Asura or Evon Gnashblade himself? Cause developerwise items shouldn’t get lost until they are deleted from the whole game, but I am pretty sure there are people in the game who own these items.

OMG day 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so far this looks like deals that will blow your mind..nothing similar to the anniversary sale. I need to get a credit card and max it out today!

Everyone wanting bunny ears show up in force with a screenshot of your character with made up bunny ears! Let the artwork flow!

Thankfully I’m so new I haven’t had a chance to long for an item like apparently so many people have done about bunny ears… so these are all ‘new’ to me 🙂 I did really want the butterfly wings ever since I saw them so I guess I’m really lucky! (I’ll have time to get bitter later)

I wear the arah armor with the reapers hood. Has a nice grim reaper feel to it. Though drybones is also real nice. So what Robert said

If you a female of the Norn persuasion, the T3 cultural cloth pants look really good – with dangly green crystals to boot.

someone told me the “Mad Scientist’s Mining Tool” is slower than others underwater, has it been fixed or improved?

Well, you can just say “NO, it isn’t”. But thx anyway.

However, it is surprising, you can recognize Chinese(traditional)… especially, there is a uncommon word.

I pray to the spirits of the wild, but they rarely answer. Others who want please join in drawing!!!

I am not able to log in right now but have no idea what the Warrior Queen Backpack Set is??? Reintroduced? Does anyone have a screenshot of this?

If they are releasing Bunny Ears back into the wild then I think the only possible time frame would be Easter weekend at the end of the month (25th, 26th or 27th), and not before. So lets not wig out just yet if we don’t see them for a bit. :p

Then Arena Net can welcome and Advent Calendar worth of Bunny Ears pictures in wait for BUNNY EARS

It’s just filler. Their marketing department decided a sale every day in March sounded like a good idea but that’s 31 sales. And it’s not just one item a day, they seem to be grouping similar stuff together. They don’t even have enough cool things in the gem store to do 31 different good sales so there are probably going to be quite a few days like that.

March 6 revive orb 20% off
March 7 booster 20% off
March 8 -15 random outfit discount
March 16 bl key discount
March 17 – 25 random mining tool discounts
March 26-end of sales random account uograde sales such as bagslots char slots etc.


You put everything into perspective for those of us oogling the idea anything. Reading this made me acknowledge you are onto the best sales yet!
Do you think “—even a few things I’d thought we’d lost forever!”, may include karma boosters and a chance at rare mini pets with black lion chests!!!!!??!!
Either way thanks for the laugh!

“There’s more than just gliders in the air this month. A definite scent of spring is near, so we’re cleaning house around the Black Lion Trading Company all this month. Every day will bring one or more different sales of existing and returning items.”
Never trust a business Charr.

I think the sale for March 7th is the copper fed salvage o matic… it appears to be 20% off right now

it’s being updated. just it’s going by the gem store daily so probably once every day it’ll be updated.

Hi dulfy, can you pin this page to the top and update it please?
Until the sale ends.

In the past the website design didn’t allow for pinned topics on the main page so I don’t think she can do that. I just bookmark it until the sale is finished. easy as pie!

Last night i dreamed that Arena Net employees where wearing things like bunny ears and the wizard’s hat to give us hints that they are coming in this month’s sale. Has anyone seen stuff like my dream in game?

Good news is “IF” they don’t sell the bunny ears again. We have several other games that have them. -cough- Tera (bunny ear head slot item for all races and genders) and BDO Tamer head slot item.
So if GW2 doesn’t want our money there are mmos who listen to their players on designing and selling outfits that aren’t reused toilet paper pieces.

So the hat made it! Now we just need wide rimmed glasses and bunny ears! I almost feel excited again, but I know not to count my chickens before they hatch. -bgock-

I guess retarted idiots posting at dulfy 🙂 How stupid can you be guys? Putting post in normal displayed order and then pinning this post ? You confussed people just because you are not using brain. I will do everything I can to put this fcking website down.

“ow stupid can you be guys? Putting post in normal displayed order and then pinning this post ? You confussed people just because you are not using brain. I will do everything I can to put this fcking website down.”

We’re as stupid as you trying to put the website down…

Mini Frostbite 20$ off, holy shit how much is it normally? 😛 Just kidding Dulfy thanks for the update

Oh man thanks Anet! I was running out of transmutation charges with all the new armors that have come out the 3 past years!

It’s strange that there’s a “cost” for changing appearances to skins that players have “unlocked”. So much for unlocking, huh?

Reskinning your gear is very server intensive. If people could do it freely it would be a catastrophe. Its what drove NCsoft to shut down CoH.

I’m down to my last 254…and haven’t been farming them anymore. But I may just have to get a credit card and max it out on these!!! Best Sales! E-Anet.

That’s probably not true, unless you use outfits all the time.

I’ve probably used 100, but they used to drop so much, and still drop a lot in PvP. (100% cities give them too, but I haven’t done that.)

I like to change my armor and weapon skins frequently and have been known to purchase charges … that was before I made a “burner toon” to run cites for them … I like having them for when I get something new or something hits the BL that I dont have.

Not really, it was there for months now, with price 800 gems so they went 26 gems down for some stupid reason. Great sale. What a fucking joke. Except Captain’s Airship Pass and few returning skins [which I had already] there is nothing worth on this sale. This whole sale is one big joke, and they still put new glider skins [“There’s more than just gliders in the air this month.”]

The Account Bump includes transmutation charges. Since the charges were reduced, anything that includes them within a package is reduced as well.

I agree. The last 2 days have been a little disappointing (only because I don’t need them). There are many days left so there’s still hope for character slots, maybe some outfits or dye packs…

Character slot/bank tabs etc I think will be a given with this sale since they seem to be focussing more (at least so far) with items that are ALWAYS in the gemstore anyways.

Have faith! Its only the 11th,they only have so many items, and they know what we want… even if it is only 20% off.
Bank tabs, character slots, storage expander, infinite tools, wings, old head gear, and maybe a good outfit or 2. (maybe even 10% off a shared inventory slot!)

Remember, 10% is bare minimum applied to things, Even Steam applies 10% to games released a month ago. Sometimes they give 10% off at launch!

i was like that at the last sales, when people complained about bunny ears and other stuff. i said: yeah, anet knows, anet will deliver.

nop, they wont.

Damnit I maxed out my $5000 credit card on transmutation charges yesterday… I can’t buy all these boosters I need. These things are soooooo rare.

Just like their past 2 years worth of sales, always same stuff. And sadly enough they now are doing 1 crappy item after another for accountbound stuff. I assume more boosters are coming in another day or two, revive orbs and repair canisters. I assume the ” I have everything from home instance upgrades to memorabilia from the war with Scarlet—even a few things I’d thought we’d lost forever!” The lost forever crap was probably the scarlet shoulders and gloves…just to make it seem like they were lost. And not to mention the noted home instance upgrades coming soon! I feel if the real “lost items” don’t return this sale then their will be no point in waiting for them to. Even on the forums they have been teasing at those items returns for nearing 3 years now. I’ll hold my breathe til the end of the month but if the real lost items don’t return I will stop financing this game with gem purchases in the future.

-insert tons of sea salt here-

Any “ranting” will be more looked into on “popular you tubers for gw2”, Dulfy and Reddit. Because Anet has stopped reading a majority of the bug reports and things we would like to see on their personal forums.

Smart people know where to go for them to see our messages.

But cool story anyway anonymous troll named “sigh”. You have been fed, back to your corner.
That was awesome thanks!

That’s ok. Most people playing the game will never spend another dollar on Anet again. Not for gems, the next expansion, or any future games. We can just patiently wait for a new company to emerge that appreciates long-term viability over short-term profits.

If you bought the expansion just for PvP, you’re an even bigger fool. I got to legend on a brand new free-to-play account just for fun and to prove i can two weeks ago.

It was available almost the entire month of december. Chances are you may see it on the anniversary sale in late summer. Otherwise winter time it is pretty much guaranteed like always.

I don’t get it… Unless you mean raping your wallet, which I wouldn’t call 20% off or the items offered…

I need it because these sales are soooo boring for myself that I am forced to masturbate profusely to stay awake.

Wizard’s Hat – “Back by popular demand” …. I don’t remember much “demand” for the Wizard’s Hat. Bunny Ears on the other hand…

Simply shows the egocentric mindset of some whiners here.
I hope they’ll bring back the ears on the last day of march.

This was honestly the only old item I ever wanted so I for one am pretty stoked and logged in to snag it. I never got the bunny ear hype because, like the white/black wings, everyone is going to just wear the !@#$ out of them when they invariably release them and then people will stop wearing them just like the wings.

I would buy it if it didnt make my hair disapear … if your not an Asura or a bald Norn then this sucks, especially if you have invested in a makeover kit for new hair styles. Infact Im kinda bummed that the toon I want it for cant use it based on that fact. Not really sure why all the head gear has to do this! lol

Yeah it’s like what the top hat does.

I did however feel the need for the wizard hat. I recently made a chronomancer named Thyme Wizard (a Sylvari of course) so it just seemed fitting!

see even for a Sylvari this would work I think … and good luck I hope it works for you! But booo to it not working for my Norn LOL

Yeah it doesn’t look too bad on her at all. It would be nice though if there was a secondary color on it too. Like some sort of strap/buckle.

But yeah…poor Norns.. 🙁

And i can spin my dick so fast that it makes me fly…. Yet am i showing off everywhere i go? This is not a facebook, nobody cares about your stupid ass. People come here to get USEFULL information. They dont care about about your averagel amount of game currency anymore than about my dick.

I cared about your dick! You should too, remember posting your dick on the internet can get it unwanted malware and viruses! =D

They just increased max by 500, so why would they have been on sale past 4 months? But I am hoping for them (and molten tools) to go on sale this month, 14 days left!

Anyone want to make an app with icons depicting every gem item in game? Show whether they are currently available, if they are currently on discount or if not on discount, the last time they were discounted.
It would be interesting to get a birds eye view of all gem items halfway through these sale periods. Try predict what is coming next or being left out, ect.

The reappearance of the ram backpack is helping me hope for the frog one to come back. They did just recently give us another opportunity for the frog hat too…so I don’t feel like my hope is misplaced!

Everyone should start getting really excited and hopeful for the items they want discounted. I personally would like to see another day of transmutation charges, for 10% off this time.

still 10 days and tomorrow is gemstore “update”, they are probably going
to bunch up the good stuff at the end so people used gems other things
(yea right…) to spike the gem price so people buy gems with cash.

With 10 days left, that is barely enough time for Anet to discount great stuff like Merchant Express, Trading Post Express, Black Lion Salvage Kits, Boxes O’ Fun, musical instruments, makeover kits, name change contracts, dyes, gliders, and of course, more transmutations stones.

On Jan 1 (less than three months ago) we had Bank Tab Expansion for 25% off and on Jan 2 we had Character Slot Expansion for 25% off. Don’t hold your breath for either one of these.

Anet rep 1:What can we do for shits and giggles?

Anet rep 2: How about discounting ANOTHER item that no one really needs?……I know, Bank Access Express!

Anet rep 1: Hahahahahah! Oh my golly, you sir are a funny person! How do you come up with such devious ideas?

Anet rep 2 turns into Evon Gnashblade.

Anet rep 1: Oooh, it all makes sense now! Hehehe

HAHA! Very true … not something I will be purchasing though. I want more armor skins! Specifically TRIBAL! lol

Depends if we see if they truly meant armor skins in game reward or not.

I think it will be a living story 3 reward like carapace armor, then they only have to make a medium and heavy set.

Or they could always just make it an outfit……………………………

ugh outfits! … they have their place but Arenanet should be balancing armor skins and outfits and gliders … sigh … I neeeeeed all of the armor lol

I do remember awhile back reading something about more of a focus on outfits over skins. Some are alright (if not over used) and can be a nice way of maintaining a specific look on toons while leveling.

That being said though, there are some skins that I never had a chance to purchase, ie Tribal, and I’d love for them to make a special appearance.

Tribal armor were skins and i want it to come back the same way. Ill buy it regardless if its an outfit … Its hard to maintain your individuality in this game when everyone is wearing the same thing. Like this game is becoming the digital version of everyone shopping at Walmart ffs …. theres only so many outfits and they just had a ROLLBACK! -.-

Some of my best looks in game have been a mix of different skins, I love the individuality I have with them. Once in awhile I see people with close sets to mine, but that doesn’t bother me one bit. It turns into one of those “great minds think alike” moments. 😛

They made it very clear outfits will regularly appear on gemstore because it takes a lot less effort to texture and rig a model for 10 (sometimes 11 or 12) characters for 1 outfit. Where they would have to create 3 different armor sets, figure out all the proper rigging to prevent clipping on top of 10/11/12 different models or textures PER armor class.

“It take about ten times the dev effort to make an armor set as to make an outfit. Armor sets are one of the most time consuming things we make for GW2.
Each set has an incredible amount of detail and customization, and then
has to be fit to very disparate rigs. That’s a big part of why we did
the number we did for HoT.That being said, there are plans for more
reward armor sets in the future.”

That being said (@mrh) the skins that people are clamoring for are ones that have already been created, thus all clipping issues etc have already been ironed out.

I think you should buy the bunny ears.. i mean what if you want it one day… you’d have to wait 2 years.

After all these years, it’s FINALLY back. XD This should make all the people clamoring for the Bunny Ears happy.

Damn there was just one mega nice gem shop package i really wanted the one day only sold ultimate pack with a whole set of harvesting tools and copper Fed Salvage-o-matic and a few more goodiesif i remember right for 3000 gems right after HoT realease.

Today i would be more than happy with a discount on the account based itemslots ^^

Well a few days are remaining so pls anet this is my last hope XD

I dont’ think they ever had that, but I remember a 3 tool pack for 2000 gems for 12 hours, because it was one of the few days I didn’t log in…

Dye kits are such a waste of money! Most of them turn out to be common dyes that everyone already has or can get really cheap on the trading post! I’m just a little bitter because I bought 25 shadow dye kits back when they were on the gem store and I feel like it was a rip-off.

And yet, tons of people still buy them because every time a dye kit is re-released, the dye prices tank due to overwhelming supply.

Very true!! Enameled for 30 gold? Yes please!

The last time I got one in a dye kit that I didn’t really want, I waited for them to balance out a little bit in the trading post and used the gold to buy dyes that I DID want.

I agree. I don’t buy dye kits due to the diluted pool of dyes. If 1 special dye kit rewarded the dye from just the pool of special dyes (like 1 enameled dye is guaranteed but in random fashion), I’d buy them.

It’s cheaper to just save your money and buy the one you want from the trading post, rather than buy this garbage for gems and hope for a very slim chance to get the dye you want.

Sweet, all the dye kits I got for free when my 15 alts received their 3rd birthday gift. Now I can relive the experience of opening an account bound dye that people used to pay 400g for.

I’m sure they’ll be back again at some point. Just might be a bit of a wait. Hopefully there are other things on sale that you want. 🙂

So doesn’t help me to much when just started playing this month never seen them on the gem store yet so i would really think before i type anything to someone that posts something similar

If you think before you type things, why are none of your “I”s capitalized? Do you just think it out beforehand and then shut your brain off while you actually type it?

Point being, you reacted rather rudely to somebody who was just trying to give you info on the items you said you wanted. Sorry for heckling you, but as it turns out, the rest of us aren’t telepathic like you think we are.

The one thing I want Toxic God Dam Gloves, and the dam things havent returned yet, I really hope they return soon, my character and costumes feel incomplete without them.

I could go for those to pop up again. More than crafting license upgraded. More than boosters and transmutation charges. More than things you can get free just by playing the game.

Yeah I really hope they do bring those back, cause its gonna piss me off to no ends at the rate they keep giving up stuff that no one wants, Bunny Ears I can live with, many people wanted them, but come on, Crafting Lisence? rather not have that.

Yeah I’m with you on the skins. I had been waiting on some of the ones that have thankfully popped up and am hoping for more, though I’m already pretty happy. As far as the crafting license goes, see above reply I posted to Man. It’s a waste of money like a couple other gem store things. I, like others, am happy for them doing shared inventory slots (helpful for things like special gathering tools, if that’s how it works) and am looking forward to a sale on them. THAT is an account wide “item” that I would spend money on.

i don’t think they will be releasing them again any time soon. I had to wait like 6 months before they finally released it the last time. But of course they tied them as event rewards to that fucked up event they had before HOT launch. Had to take a day off to grind enough pods so i could buy the damn things. Anyway the point is i think they will bring them back as event rewards for some event in the future.

I hope so, I dont care what way they come back, as long as they come back soon, cause its annoying when you miss an event due to work/uni and no one really says what you get from the reward pool so its kinda annoying.

yeah i hear you man. I hate anets system of pulling out stuff from the gemstore so they they can hike gem sales by reintroducing them. I know they gotta make money but at least give people a schedule on when they are bringing those items back so they can be ready. I missed a sale last year and had to wait 8 months till they brought back grenths hood so i can complete my necromancer by the time i got it i just didn’t give a fuck anymore.

Right? Considering that with the 5 character slots you get with the game you can do 10 professions. AND there’s no guessing which toons have which crafting professions since the login screen now shows it.

It’s like when people spend money on the two week golem banker. Aside from a couple situations in game (in instances) you can just go to the spvp lobby and use the bank AND trading post there and go back right back to where you were. It’s also a good shortcut to Lion’s Arch if you’re newer and don’t want to spend all your money on traveling there and to other capitals. 😛

i agree with NinjaRaiden.
when the mordrem where invading tyria i was able to farm enough tokens to buy the toxic gloves.
but my outfit is nearly complete just need the dam shoulders!!
the scarlet gloves and shoulders where on the gemstore the 3d of this month and i have been hoping the toxic items will be on the gemstore soon!
now i am hoping they still put it on sale..

Ok, don’t worry still 4 days left!
28 – 20% off all molten tools
29 – 20% off storage expander
30 – 20% off Ancestral outfit
31 – 10% off Home portal stone

Hopefully for the next couple of sales we get at least one of these…

– Bag Slot Expansion
– Bank Tab Expansion
– Search Results
– Character Slot Expansion
– Flute harvesting tools

Though I imagine we wont be getting any of them…

FINALLY they gave us what we wanted Toxic God Dam Gloves and Shoulders my word I died on the inside and now I can live in peace and die happy.

Would appreciate feather wings or other awesome glider skin which I have missed. So far sale has been great.

Hoping for character slots to go on sale, or bring back silver fed. Would be nice to have a last day “blow out” with many items, rather than just 1 or 2 things.

I’m pretty happy overall, bought quite a few things this month.

800 gems for unlimited gathering tools is still a huge ripoff. I respect the convenience they offer, but you can buy well over 4000 limited use tools for the same price. GW3 will be out before you get through that many.

Not all the tools are created equal. The Watchwork Pick is the undisputed most valuable mining tool, for example. Some of the other tools also have much faster animation times and thus cut down the time you spend harvesting. Over a lifetime of GW2 play, that can add up immensely. (Not to mention it can mean the difference between a successful harvest and bugging out and getting downed by some stupid Wyvern or Saurian.)

Dear Anet, if you don’t put what I want on sale tomorrow, I will deprive my cat, Sir Scratchalot, of his usual 15 treats tonight, limiting it to a paltry 12. Try living with that on your consciences.

Same here. Dulfy posted all the other sales at noon EST which is when SAB dropped. The molten tools are still 800 gems according to the wiki which was updated to include the new SAB items. So I am beginning to think they simply extended that sale by a day and called it. The molten tools are going away soon so I guess today would be a good day to grab them.

Well, Sometimes Dulfy gets busy 😛 Im sure there are other items besides the molten tools … or at least I hope there is lol Im a wee bit addicted to the gem store!

Well the molten harvesting tools are 20% off for another 45 minutes. Perhaps something else will pop up then. But yes, looks like 20% off on three dye kits.

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