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SWTOR CM Weekly Sales March 1 – 8

SWTOR CM Weekly Sales for the week of March 1 – 8


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And I’m gonna do a good deed a give it to one of my peasant friends ^^
(I know you probably don’t care, sorry! 😛 )

Why are you friends with peasants? I’m assuming you are not one. You shouldn’t be friends with those you rule over.

My female cathar BH looks batshit insane with her eyes and the shape of her mouth…looks like she’s about to rip your throat out

So the Cathar warstaff is only usable by characters able to wield what exactly? Techstaff, double-bladed LS? Not for single handed weapon wielders I suppose?

It counts as a vibrostaff, so it can replace double-bladed lightsabers on assassins and shadows. I’ve never thought about equipping it on a companion, for no remarkable reason I can recall, other than few companions seem to use them, really?

Chars can’t wield Techstaffs. Only some Companions can, and even some of those have been converted to other weapons by BioWare with 4.0.

They shouldn’t make any difference between Techstaff and Vibrostaffs (since Companions don’t have any stats given by their equipment). But well it’s BioWare…

They seriously need to add a tooltip before purchase: Usable by X classes and by Y companions.

I’m not going to waste my CCs to find out I can’t use them.

quick go now! spend your money on items for a Massively Multiplayer Online game That has only Produced Solo content for 15+ months

SWTOR is a MMMO? Well, now my day’s ruined for sure … always thought it to be a single player experience with some denialable pvp options and some funny co-op parts called flashpoint and operations 🙂 xd

or maybe you could, you know, check out what MMO means and why it doesn’t oblige devs to create group content?

OR maybe you could, you know, check out that for most people who use common sense, they expect the Multiplayer Online component to mean there’s content to be played WITH multiple players online. And by “WITH” I mean you need to assist each other to succeed. Not just run around solo in a world of other players who may as well be NPCs.

I don’t hold with “need to.” If I want to do stuff with friends, that’s fine. But I don’t want to be forced to team up with strangers to complete something.

Well their plan seems to be working. There’s a reason Dulfy posts about CM items get far more responses than those about actual gameplay issues.

Ops broken? Confusing new war zone, etc? Who cares.

Gambling pack doesn’t give wanted items or has reskins? Oh, the humanity!

Cathar and Chiss unlocks are pretty good sales, though why spend CC on Chiss unlock if you can just unlock it through legacy. I wish I had not unlocked Cathat when I did, I only have one toon that I never play with.

I paid 1 mil credits on that Cathar unlock 🙁 Also that much on Sith Pureblood. I wanted to make a Jedi Sith and had never played as a Sith.

Well you see, Pureblood can’t be a light side Jedi. Sure, he/she can serve the Republic, but they will never be able to walk the Jedi Path. They can be only grey, if they choose being Jedi.

Simply explaining to a man a few details of the race, he chooses to play as.

Ah, but I reject the idea that a race is doomed to be unable to escape certain characteristics–I reject that IRL too on the grounds that it’s stereotyping.

You can reject anything you want, it doesn’t change anything. You can reject, you can be disagree, you can yell or cry or whatever else, it won’t change anything. What i told you two about is a fact, that can’t be undone no matter what dreams and illusions you have. So my suggestion? Keep dreaming or face the reality. It is not about stereotypes. It is about the very core of the nature of ever specie. So yeah, if you want so, you can live in your dreamworld as long as you like. Because no matter what you say to me on this.. it doesn’t change ANYTHING. Have a nice day.

My canon? I didn’t say a thing about MY canon. I play according to canon of Legends, feeling myself just fine and people do not reject my play through or call me lore breaker.

So you wrote a whole rant about something I never asked…

I was actually asking you to *prove* your lore is at least part of legends.

You never read about sith pure bloods, are you? Why they called PURE blood? Never asked yourself? You are funny. Ok. You may be right to one point, because actual purity of the sith blood, not really affects “pure”bloods from the present in swtor timeline. However, history didn’t know any Sith-Jedi, and even being less pure then your ancestors, actually doesn’t mean you can become a full light sided person. With all due respect to Light Side, it can redeem a lot, but not everything and certainly, not change DNA code. It is still against their very nature. If you want to know more, just read about them. Sure, some sith family, through few generations, living under protection of a Jedi Order, may become the first Light Side Sith. But it won’t happen any way earlier. Because clearly.. if anything could be that easy,as you want it to be, Legends could have mentioned it at least once. But.. it didn’t.

The Sith, known alternatively as Red Sith or Sith Purebloods, were a species of red-skinned Humanoids that originated on the world of Korriban, before eventually resettling on the ice-world of Ziost. Also distinct for their bone spurs, facial tentacles, and GENETIC PREDISPOSITIONS toward both left-handedness and the dark side of the Force, the Sith species coalesced into an empire ruled first by kings and later by Dark Lords. Source :

You know, there is but one mention in the story and that i really hate to admit, a Sith who became a jedi. As i said before, purity of the sith, literally fades. They.. can be a jedi, but Dark Side never truly leave them. It is truth, if you want to be realistic. But.. there is this person (Jedi Knight Spoiler): So technicaly, a Sith pure blood, can be a jedi… but if you want to play serious role play, you have to understand, that purity of darkness, never truly fades from you. Only from the Legacy you may leave after your death.

Actually I partially agree with you here. Where I differ is that I think this is a struggle that can be played as a SPB trying to escape how they were raised, and not that their very nature is corrupt.

That’s what I meant by my original “nature vs. nurture” comment.

Well mine is full lightside, so I don’t know what your smoking, but it makes you stupid.

You can take light side points, you can PRETEND you are Jedi, but this is a part of Lore and Pure Blood Canon. Dark Side is part of their DNA. You can’t change it by your only wish, you can’t it change even by Force, not so fast at least. And you surely can’t role play a full light side pure blood, because if you do then you are a lore breaker. Deal with it.

That’s what i like about SWTOR.
My Vanguard is based on Boba Fette as they have the proper blaster rifle ( the rangehunter) and has the closest gear I can find to pay homage to my fave SW character (it even has Fette in the name) and is full darkside.
My Gunslinger is Darkside and my Bounty Hunter is full lightside ( he ain’t no childkiller).
My new Jedi Shadow is going full darkside and has the rare drop helmet from Oricon. (Picture not my alt but close resemblance)
I love abominations

Star Wars was always about individual choices that make you what you are. It’s the fault of BioWare copying the stupid WoW faction idea.

Therer is no place for species beeing bound to a faction in the Star Wars universe.

Don’t do it!!! The community needs to boycott those so they will get rid of those stupid chance cubes.

I actually got a nice weapon and made several million off the bronze cube drops from one hypercrate. I ended up with everything I wanted (excluding Arbiter saber that I refuse to buy for scalper prices). I even bought my first rancor from this pack with millions to spare 🙂

Considering I only opened 18 of the last pack, and generally have REALLY bad luck with them, I did pretty great with them myself as well…

…except for all the chance cubes. I got a LOT of them, and those things straight up took a shit on me EACH AND EVERY ONE.

The first lot I opened were mostly boring, but I managed to get some interesting stuff with a later batch (mostly rare decos). If I’d been interested in selling it, I coulda made a fortune.

Point is they’re bad, even if you got lucky. Less people buying them = they’ll stop trying to milk us once sales fall.

glad you got something nice out of the anarchist pack, the one i bought for 19 mil credits was pure gorrila stained corpse rot infested donkey shit, and the chance cubes which i has gotten 32 of them had not much worthy shit in it aswell dont see how i am going to get the 19 mil back from this

Most of my Cubes were Bronze items. Some took about a week to sell. Still, I made 2-3 mil off of old Bronze crap O.o

Just sell the chance cubes if you don’t like them. They go for around 300k a pop on GTN. Sell the 40 or so you get from a Hypercrate and by 20 more packs off the GTN, Rinse and repeat you will get 60+ rolls on new items. Just takes a little time waiting for the timers to run down on the chance cubes.
The current pack is the best value ever. It has good items and if you recycle the chance cubes on the GTN you can get almost everything in the pack. Way better than ending up with a bunch of shit bronze items that you can’t give away like the previous packs.

No! BW doesn’t care if you open the packs or not. The sale has been made. Don’t buy them. Don’t even buy other people’s off the GTN.

Why wouldn’t I want to buy the packs? They are great! I enjoy it. The current pack is the best ever.

I make virtually all of my in game credits through selling these packs.
I made 50+ million on those last packs because on red eclipse they were going for 700k – 1 mill each.
Means no grinding for me just fun. I know a lot of people do the same.
No-one is forcing them to buy one, people do it cause they like the excitement of what they might get, either to re-sell or to use.

Totally agree. I got good stuff out of the chance cubes, as opposed to getting mostly crap from the Strategic Alliance pack. Good stuff vs. crap. Not a hard choice.

It has nothing to do with with not having money. It has everything to do with not paying to be raped. The packs are a joke and need to be changed.

i was agreeing with you WOW touchy arent we. I didnt assume anything ill respond to whoever i like and post where and when i like DEAL<—

More great sales, I hope this keeps up. So far nothing for me but I’m hopeful something will pop up that I want with these kinds of sales every week. Also looking forward to the Cathar population increase, but I’m also predicting a lot of Chiss Jedi will pop up, unsure on my thoughts on that front.

My brother and I already play as pure Sith for our Knights and Sages and as Miralukan for our Warriors and Inquisitors so it shouldn’t be that bad.

I have a Mirialani Sith warrior. The back story was he was a padawan to my Knight and was captured and enslaved.Then a Sith Lord wanted his apprentice to gain some prestige before going to Korriban. So he had the apprentice fight my Mirialan. The Mirialan won and the Sith Lord gave him the name of the dead apprentice and shipped him off to Korriban in his place.

So I play him LS as trying to survive in an insane world. It mostly works as a Warrior where LS choices matter. It doesn’t work as an Iniq where the story seems to assume you will choose DS choices.

that would be a discount on account unlocks for collections added items. for example – if armor normally costs 240 to unlock, this discount makes it 120. we got discount weeks.. twice I think? would be nice to get another one, as I’m sitting on a bunch of armors etc that I’m reluctant to unlock at the moment

Still no deco packs discounts (like Luxury and Cantina bundles). Anyone has an idea if will they discountt those?

Neither was I. Personally I miss the bronze decoration packs. 100CC and occasionally got some good stuff

Its a Cathar Warstaff…if they ever put cathar honor sword on cartel market, packs buyers are gonna be piss

Coz its gonna make the price drop like hell…packs buyers start losing money by the time bio put some ultra rare staff from packs on sales

Only need cheap legacy renaming … and party jawa as well to finally do and get rid of this mofu achievement … and legacy unlock for space ship gear (yes, the railroad shooter thingy … well i like it, actually some use for the own ship, now where you don’t even need a ship to go to any planet with h2 ports).

Well, it’s not happening. It was advertised as a sub-only thing, and Bioware have a) already said it’s not being released again and b) if they did they’d get in trouble with regulators, as they advertised it as an ‘exclusive item’ as part of a product.

Because they havent re-released things that they said they wouldnt before…

Someday theyll just make a party jawa that has different colored balloons or plays different music so they can call it a new product – just like they always do.

Species unlock is for new species like Cathar and Togruta. You can’t play them any other way, it is legacy wide you have to pay for it. Legacy unlock is for the original species in the game that are restricted to certain classes or factions, they can be unlocked through buying an unlock or for free by playing to lvl 50 on the selected species.

I don’t know if this is still true or not, but isn’t it the case that getting the species to 50 only unlocks it for that one server while buying an unlock means you can use it on any server?

if you go cheap mode play the species to lvl 50 or pay 1.5mil credits to unlock it right away i say go cheap mode:P

and yes species on 1 server that you unlocked wont be unlocked on another server only the cathar and togruta can be played on any server since they are not part of the legacy system

I would assume that if you bought the unlock for the original species that it would unlock in all servers like the Cathar and Togruta. I’m sure it says either way when you read the description.

It’s what I heard when I was doing research on what I missed before I returned to the game. Like i said, no idea if my info is still true, or maybe I misunderstood it. I only heard that if you did it by leveling it was server only, but if you unlocked it with CC, it became available across all servers.

Species unlock allows you to play a species. If you are not VIP, you need to unlock all species except for human, cyborg and zarboc before they can be used. Legacy unlocks are acquired when you get a character of a species to lv50. This allows the species to be used for ALL classes. A good example is sith pureblood. Initially, it can only be used for sith classes. After legacy unlock, it can be used for any class, even republic non-force users. Humans can already use every class, so instaid their legacy unlock is a legacy wide +100 presence boost.

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