Black Desert Online Horse Taming and Breeding Guide

A guide to taming and breeding horses in Black Desert Online.


Taming Preparation

Getting Started

Horse Taming a fun activity in Black Desert Online that not only allow you to get additional horses for your trade wagons but also allow you to breed horses together into higher tiers. To get started in horse taming you will need to meet the following requirements

1. Be Level 20

2. Training Beginner Level 5 (Press P and look under Profession)

If you are not yet Beginner Level 5, just ride the donkey you get from Velia around until you get to level 5. You need to be Beginner Level 5 to use the rope.


3. Have about 20-30k silver.

The rope you need to purchase costs 1500 silver each. This isn’t much but if it is your first time you may fail a few times so having say something like 10 ropes (15k silver) would be a good start. You also need some silver to buy the Raw Sugar and Mineral Water to make Lump of Sugar.

4. Be willing to travel far

Depending on the time of the day, there might be plenty of other players trying to tame the same horses. Once tamed, the wild horse(s) will disappear and take 2 hour to respawn. You might have a better shot going to the high level zones which requires a bit of traveling.

Capturing Rope and Lump of Sugar

Capturing Rope and Lump of Sugar are all you need to start horse taming.

Capturing Rope

You can purchase this from any Stable Keeper in cities and towns like Olivia, Velia and Heidel. To find the Stable Keeper, press the NPC button near your minimap and select Stable. This will direct you to the closest Stable Keeper. Click on the shop icon when interacting with the Stable Keeper (not all staple keepers have the shop function but the ones in towns/cities do).

You want to purchase about 10 Capturing Ropes when starting off. This should cost you 15k silver. You only need 1 Capturing Rope per taming attempt but having 10 will give you a nice buffer zone for screwing up etc.


Lump of Raw Sugar

Lump of Raw Sugar is something you have to make yourself. It reduces the likelihood of the roped horse resisting your advance to mount it. To make Lump of Raw Sugar, you need to purchase 1 Minerial Water and 10 Raw Sugar (not Sugar) per Lump of Raw Sugar. This costs about 2030 silver per Lump of Raw Sugar. You buy them from the cooking NPC in a town/city which you can find again by using the NPC button and select cooking.


Once you have purchased them, press L to open the Processing Window and click on Heating then select the Mineral Water and Raw Sugar. You cannot split stacks here but don’t worry it won’t eat the extras.


You probably want to make 10 Lumps of Raw Sugar to go along with the 10 Capturing Ropes. This will give you 10 attempts at taming.

Finding Wild Horses

Now that you are armed with Capturing Rope and Lump of Raw Sugar, it is time to find some wild horses to tame. Here are some locations where you can find the Wild Horses. In each location anywhere from 1-4 horses can spawn and they have a respawn time of 2 hrs after they have been tamed.


1. West/North of Heidel

These areas are highly contested and you are unlikely to find much horses.


2. South of Olvia

If you can’t find any near Heidel and don’t have the means to travel to some far locations then you might be able to find one on the mountains south of Olivia.


3. South of Glish


4. East of Trent Up the Mountains


5. Southeast of Calpheon, in between Marni Cave Path and Marni Farm Ruins


6. South of Epheria Port


Horse Taming

Armed with a capturing rope and Lump of Raw Sugar (I would put them on hotbars for ease of use), you encounter your first wild horse. What do you do?

Wild Horse Tiers

I believe the wild horses are only Tier 1-3 right now in NA/EU so sometimes you may get lucky and get a Tier 3 but to advance further you will need to go into horse breeding. Use this chart to see which color of the horse responds to which tier to know the tier of the wild horse you are approaching. Sometimes it isn’t worth it to get a Tier 1 horse for example.


Video Demonstration

This video will demonstrate the technique described below and allow you to see some aspects of taming that cannot be described sufficiently with words.


The Taming Processing

The First Minigame

When you encounter the wild horse, you want to be fairly close and equip your Capturing Rope (putting it on the hotbar by dragging it from the inventory and placing it on your hotbar is recommended). Make sure the horse isn’t running away from you and then aim your rope at the horse and press the left mouse button. If done properly you will get a minigame where you need to press spacebar when the the grey thingie is inside the red portion. This is an exercise in timing/ping and may take you a few attempts to get it right. You only get one try of the minigame per rope.

  • Make sure the horse isn’t moving around or running away from you as otherwise the horse can get out of range as soon as the rope latch on to it and you fail immediately.


The Second Minigame

Next part is very important. Do not press spacebar right away. This is the biggest reason why so many people fail taming their first time. You want to start walking towards the horse and watch for its animation. When you see the horse raise its front hooves and only when it raise its hooves, you press the spacebar and start the second minigame.

  • I wasted so many capturing ropes by pressing spacebar right away and then the taming would immediately fail.


When you press the spacebar, the second minigame starts and you want to spam the spacebar so that the indicator stay at the right side of the bar. You need to maintain this for 10 seconds which is very easy as you are spamming the spacebar and pressing no other buttons (make sure you are not holding down W).


Depending your distance from it, you may need to do this second mingame again if the horse raise its front hooves again.

Mounting/Feeding Lump of Raw Sugar

The last part is basically get close enough to the horse and then use the Lump of Raw Sugar. I couldn’t use it directly from my inventory and had to hotbar it in order to use it. If all goes well, you can click R to mount the horse. This last part can also fail in two ways.

  • If you approach and mount the he horse too quickly (i.e. you were close to the horse when you lassoed it with the rope), taming can fail because you got on the horse too quickly.
  • Taming can simply just fail and the horse just kick you off. Lump of Raw Sugar reduce the chance of this happening.



Once you successful tamed the wild horse, bring it to the nearest stable (use the NPC look up function). When talking to the Stable keeper, you will get the option to Register the Wild Horse. Unfortunately you won’t know the gender of the captured horse until it is registered.


If you are running low on stable spaces. make sure you purchase a Horse Ranch at one of the town/cities. The increase in space wil only affect the stable at the city in which it was purchased. Elsewhere will still have the 3 slots by default.


Storing Horses in Stables

If you store your horse in a specific stable, you must retrieve it from the same stable. There is no magic transportation device that bring your horse from one stable to another. If you are unsure which stable has your horse, just check in any stable and it will tell you where it is stored.


If you are running out of spaces in the stable or unhappy with your captured horse you can sell it at stables in town/cities. Generally Tier 1 Males won’t sell well but Tier 1 Females and higher can sell pretty fast. The reason for this is that all the pre-order Tier 5 horses are males and females are less common and can only breed once (twice for males).


Horse Gear

If you raise your amenity high enough with the stable keepers in towns/cities you can purchase basic horse gear for 10k-30k silver. The Heidel one (Izaro near the docks) for example requires 100/300 Amenity which is pretty easy to raise with the right topics.


If you want better ones you will need to craft them via Horse Gear Workshop which I will cover in a later guide.


  • Saddle increases Turning speed/HP/stamina
  • Stirrups allow you to fight on horseback and increases braking
  • Horseshoe increases movement speed
  • Champron increases acceleration
  • Barding increases DP

Breeding Horses

Breeding Horses allow you to get higher Tier horses. There is a distinction between tier and level. You can level a horse to a maximum of 30 levels by running around but you cannot changed the tier of the horse. The tier is determined at birth/capture so to speak. If you want a higher tier horse, breed two lower tier horses that have high levels.

Breeding Rules

Females can only breed once but males can breed twice normally (might be able to reset this with a pearlshop item). This is one of the reasons why female horses are so much more in demand. You can bypass breed the horses one more time past their limit via Exchange, which kill both the parents.

In addition to the tier of the parents, the level of the parents when they are bred can affect the tier of the offspring. For example if you bred two level 10 Tier 2 horses, you will always get a Tier 3 horse. Breeding Level 30 Tier 4 horses will give you a chance for Tier 7 horse. If you breed two Tier 1 horses, there is a chance to get back Tier 1 offspring if the parents are low level.

There is a simulator for horse breeding you can play around:

Self-Breeding Setup

You need to make sure the following is setup for breeding.

  1. Have a female and male horse
  2. Both horses must be at the same stable
  3. You have an extra room in the stable for the foal
  4. Both horses are full on stamina. You may need to use the recover option in the Stable or feed them carrots.

Then you need to click on your male horse in the stable and select Register at Breeding. This will register them for the Breeding Market which then your female horse can apply for mating. This can create issues where other players can snipe your male horse to mate with their female horse. Fortunately there is a way to list it for only yourself but then you need to pay 35k silver.


Breeding takes about 2.5 hrs to complete.

Breeding with Another Player

If you don’t have a male horse, you can simply use the Breeding Market to breed your female horse with someone else’s male horse that is listed. Just click the apply button to start breeding.


Exchange Horse

If you run out of breeding attempts on your horse, you can breed them one last time via the exchange button. This will kill both parents and produce a new horse immediately without wait. You only want to this when you run out of breeding attempts on your horse. It will cost 35k silver to do the exchange.


Tiers and Appearance

Different tier horses have different appearances. This isn’t a complete list of all tiers but give you an idea of what to expect. Reader Ayalet also compiled a chart of all the tier horses and their appearances for reference.



By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

135 replies on “Black Desert Online Horse Taming and Breeding Guide”

@Dulfy. Would you recommend this game: Black Desert Online (I’m assuming it is an MMO)?
I looked at the Character Creation and it is absolutely stunning!

why start PVP when you can also become a Master at Market stuff
(selling stuff you gain from workers and labor)
then buying the stuffles you need to play top ranks

I was just about to purchase this game the day before release – then I read how they were handling housing and I closed the window. I love housing, it should be in every MMO that I play. However, when you hand off only so many spots, even in INSTANCED housing, and one player has the ability to own more than one, you can only get a house to rent via auction.

Pure disappointment with that. Not near as bad as FFXIV’s housing “system” which is an absolutely horrid thing, but it ranks up there as second place for BDO.

Not sure what you are talking about. Housing here is beautifully done. You can own up to 5 residences in various cities and the houses are permanent. Not only that, you can also own houses as workshops/refinery/lodging for your workers etc

From what I read, the housing availability is limited to only so many, which won’t accommodate all of the players, and in turn, you get bidding wars in an auction over housing.

The housing videos show some amazing graphics, no doubt. But, if they are going to limit the number of housing available, that turns it into an elitist item for a sandbox MMO and makes no sense.

Well thanks Dulfy for clearing that up. The information that I’ve been reading today, the testers were saying it was housing period.

And off I go to buy the game. And some salt, for my crow. 😉

If you mean the part where you gotta compete with each other for land and if you don’t have land you are SOL then nope it is totally different. It is all instanced but seamlessly integrated with the open world too

Nope, it’s just a dulfy says. You can own five houses, plus other building types for your workers. There is auction system for buying at house, it’s a flat fee, and are permanent unless you decide to sell it back to the npc.. Housing is also instanced so there an unlimited amount of houses so there will be no shortage of houses. Your friends and guild mates can visit your house also.

Just a quick clarification for the “Mounting/Feeding Lump of Raw Sugar” section. You need to press F1 to “Use Item” first before you can right click the sugar lump in your inventory to use it.

I’ve bred two of my horses, but now the only option I have on the male is a cash shop button to reset it’s breeding. Even though it has one more breeding available. I can’t take it out, sell it or register it on the breeding market.

Am I doing something wrong?

I figured it out, it was still registered for breeding. Breeding with it didn’t remove it from the breeding market like I thought it would.

Thanks once again for an amazing guide! I was able to tame 2 T2 horses this morning, my first successes. I wonder if you’d want to add a note on farming carrots perhaps, since they are so expensive to buy…? I know the farming bit, but having trouble finding carrot seeds. One batch can net 30+ carrots though, so pretty nice.

I’m going to have to slip my fingers into this game. Hearing of how this and housing is literally ‘fixed’ compared to other open sandbox games *coughArcheAgecough* I’m really looking forward to this!

Now if only Riders of Icarus will have something similar or if City of Heroes ever returns…fantasy wishful thinking there…

This is an amazing guide, I would had the locations of the horse stables in the cities, I am searching for it in calpheon there is a lot of houses in some of the cities…

I’ve noticed that I can only release horses at the stables at the bigger cities. Is there a way to release horses in the wild or at the smaller stables?

If you are lucky – yes. There’s a small chance of that happening. Not all of them. Just 1 skill, I think it was.

Hello Dulfy! I’ve been breeding some horses and got my hand on two lvl 10 T3’s, bred them and fused, and they resulted in T3’s, not T4’s.
“For example if you bred two level 10 Tier 2 horses, you will always get a Tier 3 horse. ”
Is the math different the higher the tier? Are the rates on NA different than Korean? Or would it be some sort of bug or something?

I have done the exact same thing and only got T3, I’m also curious as to why, whether it’s different chance at higher tiers, different rates, etc.

This calculator will show percentage chances of what you get. Levels do matter. Level 12 is where you’ll see a chance of higher tiers and a small chance of a female.

I have a Tier 3 male and Tier 1 female, and running the simulator shows these chances for offspring if I level them to level 23 each.

Tier 3 ♀ Female ~22.52%
Tier 4 ♂ Male ~27.03%
Tier 4 ♀ Female ~31.53%
Tier 5 ♂ Male ~18.92%

In other words, at that level I have a higher chance (just barely) of getting a female than male and the female would be Tier 3 or Tier 4. There’s a small chance of a Tier 5 male and a larger chance of a Tier 4 male.

The calculator will take the data into account. Be sure to add data about mount deaths if applicable as that impacts the data mined results too.

Not sure if it was mentioned, but you can give them more than one sugar lump which increases your chance of not being thrown when you try to mount them.

Only T1’s and T2’s can be found in the wild. T3’s can’t (assuming it has to do with the T3 you get for paying.)

Someone had asked about T3’s to T4’s, there is a different math per tier to make it harder to obtain and meaning you have to level it higher than just 10 for a more successful chance.

Problem is, I’ve seen quite alot of people with 2 lvl 20 T3 as well, and even a little higher level ( but not 30 ) and they STILL got T3 babies. Would the chances STILL not be 100%? I’d really wish there’d be a success chance table, or notes on what affects the breeding! o:

There are a lot of *hidden* numbers in this game, as well as a lot of RNG. If there was a chance table, etc, we’d have already seen it as it would’ve come from KR/RU notes. Nothing I’ve read (whether in English or G-Translated) have said anything specific on Tier chances.

NA. My guild has several breeders (we’re constantly fighting over horse spawns, lol). and all of us have successfully bred T4’s from level 30 T1’s.

Cool, thanks. to get them lvl 30, just running around? I’m working on getting my T3 females lvl 20+

Yep. I usually set autopath from Trent to Velia (and back) and then clean or play my vita while it’s running.

If i lvl a Tier 1 and a Tier 2 to lvl 10, can i get a Tier 3? Also, if i put my female up for breeding, will i get the kid?

Wondering around I found wild deer that seem to be tamable. I only had 2 ropes and this was my first attempt so I didn’t even complete the first minigame. Can anyone tell me if it is indeed possible to tame a deer and will it show up as a regular horse after taming?

i want to know this too, i bred a T2 lvl 20 and a T3 lvl 20. the T3 had 1 death and i only got a lousy T3 from them.

Deaths do seem to reduce the likelihood of obtaining a higher Tier. I’ve bred two Level 15 Tier 1’s and received a Tier 3. Bred another two Level 15 Tier 1’s and received a Tier 3. Bred a level 12 Tier 3 with a level 12 Tier 2 and got a Tier 4. Exchanged the level 12 T3 and level 12 T2 and received another Tier 4. None of these horses had deaths. Someone on another forum stated their horse had 2 deaths and it resulted in the same tier horse so it would seem to make a difference or I’m just really lucky.

I’ve caught 2 tier 3 horses… You know they’ve added up to tier 5 in the wild in some of the recent patches, right?

first of all in the current build of BDO (eu/na)
you can tame wild horses UP to Tier 3
meaning tier 1 tier 2 and tier 3 can all spawn
tier 3 is just more rare

second of all you need a TRAINING rank of beginner 5 to start taming horses
most people however only get theyr first mount at level 15 or up cause of the last quest in ELVIA
wich grants a donkey to ride
and you naturaly reach beginner rank 5 trough riding that thing non stop after level 15
i on the other hand bought a beginner horse at lvl 8 and road it around till i hit beginner 5 and at player lvl 11 i tamed my first Female tier 2 at the Olvia Mountain range * btw nice guide on the locations*

so kiro why dont you instead stop trolling others

I’m trying to breed two T2 Lvl 20 horses. After I registered my male on the breeding market (only for me) I tried to apply with my female which was not fully recoverd, so it didn’t work. After recovering my female and waiting for half an houre I registered the male again but now there is only a ‘cancel’ button instead of the ‘apply’ button. T2 Male has 2 breeding attemps left and T2 Female has 1 breeding attemp left. Dunno what to do.

Well I could’t find that apply button so I canceld. I waited until the next day and tried it again but without checking the (only show me) box and it worked without any problems. So I wasted the 60k. Can anyone confirm that the show only me button thing works?

The “only show for me”option works , and you should use it 60k is easy to make later on.. and you dont want a high tier horse lvled to be sniped by another person…

Thank you sooo much :)) I cannot wait so I went on a long journey with my donkey at lvl 13 with 5x lasso and 2 Sugar Lumps, I found two Tier 1 horses, so I kept searching till I found great looking horse..On a second try I captured it ! :33 ow I’m riding around the world lvl 13 on 5 Tier Brown Horsie 😀

Used this and think it’s a great guide since I wanted to try the ‘horse-taming’ .. love it and now own three large stables and getting into the breeding aspect !

Something interesting I found, for those of you interested in a specific look for your horse, but don’t want to spend countless hours trying to breed that 1 pattern you love, (Which I did, ugh…) there is hope!

There’s a feature that, like several others, is still currently on the way. If you take a horse to a Stable Keeper, check it in and mouse over it, on the bottom of the list is the “Change Appearance” button. It’s got Special Appearances which are whatever, but any Tier of Horse can be made to look like any other Tier Horse of the previous level and down. So a Tier 2 can look like any Tier 1, a Tier 3 can look like any Tier 2 or 1, etc. To change the appearance will require 1 “Horse Appearance Change Coupon” however, which as of yet, I know of no way of obtaining. But I figured I’d share that there was a Horse Transgmog system of a sort, since I haven’t seen something similar shared yet.

Just a little notice .. I found a Tier 2 just above the Ancient Stone Chamber, just up from Jarrette ‘node’ manager area.

Ok to back up the guy that said he tamed a horse under level 20 … I did this today .. my alt has training 5 but is level 14 and the horse tamed was outside the Serendia Shrine !

Highlighted the message ‘Captured horses must be registered at the stable’ … so no-one says “oh you got a horse from your stable !”

Sorelay, NA server, Orwen

Make sure you only hit the space bar to start the minigame when the horse rears up on its hind legs. If you hit it too early (while the horse is struggling, but still on the ground) the minigame starts with the advance to the horse and is much harder. However, if you do it when the horse rears up, it starts in the middle and is much easier to do.

I usually mash the spacebar aa fast as I can until it’s 75% across the winning side, then slow down on hitting it.

So maybe I am just incompetent at fast spacebar smashing or I need a different keyboard… Anyway I guess I am just not able to tame my own horses.

Just had my 1st attempt at breeding T1 lvl 26M & T1 lvl 23F after using the breeding guide these seemed the best levels. They produced a T4 female. Then exchanged for a T4 male. I wonder whether my +5 luck had anything to do with the outcome 🙂

Hi,Dulfy. Your guide is really helpful for me. Can i translate it into Chinese so that i can share it with my friends. I will quote the reference.

This was really helpful. It helped me breed my own tier 3 horse which isn’t that big of a deal but its a start :). One thing you should probably mention though is that you can no longer breed tier 1 horses. I found that out the hard way lol….

you mean, you can’t breed 2 T1’s to get a T2 or T3?
just starting out with taming and would eventually want to get a higher tier horse but if I can’t breed two T1’s then I suppose you’ll need to breed a T1 and T2?

Can NA/EU breed horses up to T8 yet? Sorry if this has been answered somewhere, I can’t seem to find anything solid on it!

“Then you need to click on your male horse in the stable and select Register at Breeding. This will register them for the Breeding Market which then your female horse can apply for mating. This can create issues where other players can snipe your male horse to mate with their female horse. Fortunately there is a way to list it for only yourself but then you need to pay 35k silver.”

This *will* happen, nearly instantly (faster than you can get the mouse over to your female). Apparently people sit and watch for new males. It’s necessary to pay the additional fee for self-only, unless you want to get sniped, lose your breeding count, and end up with a pittance of silver in return. I learned this the hard way.

I might suggest that you add how to actually _receive_ the foal (i.e. after breeding is done, you need go to to the breeding stable, click on the female, and choose “Receive Foal”).

I am sure I am not the only one to think that the foal would just pop up in the stable. Not there… hrmmm, maybe I need to register token? Nope. Maybe in the Shop, there is a free “Foal Token”? Nope. Damn, did a token pop into my inventory when I opened the stable? %$#&*!!! Where the HELL is my foal!?!

And dammit, Dulfy only tells you how to start the process, not how to finish it!


Go back into the breeding market to receive your male back , click your female to receive your foal (baby)

If you have plans of breeding your male another time you will have to recover his stamina before placing him back on the market. However you will only be able to breed one pair per day.

Great guide, finally manage to capture one after so many frustration (including didn’t read the second half of the guide and fail so many times on the mini game part lol…). First horse captured T4, not bad I guess. Then I drown it at a waterfall……………….. k. =S

BIGGGGGGGGGG TIP for loading your wagon and/or cleaning out your storage.

Age 7 I took my rl pony into our house when parents were at work and sister was next door. He slipped a lot and I realized it was not a good idea.

That maybe why I did something in game seems no one is doing. I whistled my donkey into my house and later realized an entire wagon would fit.

Also I got this cat when I combined thinking I would get a skunk. I DID NOT combine Tier 3 Brindle Cat obtained by breeding Striped cat + Orange Brindle Cat but I may have added Tabby before Black mask and I know I did not think to feed first and I am not sure how depleted the hunger bars were.

Tier 3 Masked Cat obtained by breeding Black Mask Cat and Tabby Cat 2

You guys should add a little bit of a note about the first minigame, when you throw the rope. There’s a bug that’s apparently been around since the game started where the minigame UI doesn’t load. There’s no indication that anything is wrong, you just basically immediately fail the minigame. It just tells you that Taming failed, and that’s it. If the UI doesn’t load, you need to restart the game to fix it. It took me like 10-15 ropes to look up what I was doing wrong, and that’s when I learned that the UI issue exists (through the forums). It’s pretty crazy that this kind of a bug still exists but it does.

When that happens.. type /reloadui . The first 20 attempts the UI wasn’t showing that first minigame andI was loosing at the toss of the rope and it was frustrating. A /reloadui fixed it for me.

One important thing that I haven’t seen mentioned in any guide is you can’t breed at just any stable. Your horses have to be in a _city_ stable (like Heidel) in order to get the “Register at Breeding” and “Breeding Market” menu options at the stable keeper. This confused me for quite a while, thinking perhaps my training needed to be higher, horse’s level higher, etc.

Something not mentioned in the self-breeding section is that once you have the male registered, you have to click the female before viewing the Breeding Market and selecting your male. Took me a while to figure this out.

Unless recently updated, is not properly working for Breeding calculations (There’s a multiplier set by region, and NA/EU was increased a couple of patches ago). is up to date, though I don’t believe it has the “time to level” estimates.
For Breeding, there is, almost without a doubt, a bonus to breeding chances for both horses being level 30. Color scores do also matter, but not as much as being level 30. Breeding T6 males with T3 Females at Level 30 has yielded me 71% T7’s when just the breeding score indicates a 28% chance.

Also, someone had asked about Wagons. They are more reliant on a clear path (NPC collisions or obstructions that they can be caught on) and move a good deal slower.
How much does speed matter? You can check my math out yourself, but wagons are far better for afk leveling.
4 Horse Wagon (Merchant) = 360 Base experience per horse per tick
Riding a Horse = 500 Base experience per horse per tick
I used a base rate of 30s per tick on a wagon (varies based on path/population, but it’s probably better than this on average) vs 15s on a horse (scales up with Tier and Level). I used these to find out how much faster a single horse would need to travel to beat a wagon in XP/Hour

My findings are that it would take a Horse traveling in excess of 250% speed to out pace an upgraded wagon for horse leveling. (Cash Shop Wheel and +10 High-Quality Merchant Wagon Wheel = 107.2% Speed)
Perhaps more importantly, This speed increase on the Wagon is equivalent to 10% Bonus Horse XP (Half a trainer costume, or 2 upgrades to Trainer Clothes)

I was told the other day that if you have a level 28 female, and 29 male that the breeding would give more T7s and so on. Like you had a better chance. Any ideas on this?

Is a big help, but, if im trying to do the breed, is always says: “Not enough contribution points.” The horses stamina ok, they hp full, they on the same lvl, so what for the contributions? I don’t understand. In this guide no one says need contributions for do it.

Just caught a tier 5 horse with my first try xD so apperently you can get tier 1-5. But they are propably very rare

Yeah, tier 5 wild is always the black stallion. Tier 4 looks similar just the tiniest shade lighter with a cherry colored mane instead of the black mane on the tier 5 horses. Just run a loop and look for black on black and dark red on dark grey. Go to a less crowded server and you can probably find 2~ per day. Finally got a female, now the long grind to 30.

nah, i’ve caught two T-5 horses and they were both reddish brown. i believe there are 2 or three types of the wild tier 5’s

Nope, there is definitely only 1 wild T5 that you can catch. The red brown T5 ones you have are almost definitely the login rewards you receive daily.

Just caught two tier 4 horses and one tier 5 horse. I have also seen one tier 2 and one tier 3 horse. I dont know if they are even rare…

Did anyone mention that you now can transport horses between stables for the low low price of 1 gold bar aka 100000 Silver!?

What about issues with bandits? I know that transporting goods results in lost items, but what about horses? Sometimes people will store items, then forget.

Bandits don’t attack your goods you send via the transport mechanism. They attack your person if you are transporting trade goods on the road.

Ahh. Since I’ve heard of lost items during transport, I’d assumed it was because of bandits along the route… which would be a realistic feature, honestly. But also very annoying.

Thank you sooo much for this guide. I selected the horse (she turned out to be tier 4 :D) and only needed 3 ropes. On my first try, too! This guide is everything and I commend you. It’s very well done. Thank you again.

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