Black Desert Online Conversation and Amity Guide

A guide to the Black Desert Online Conversation minigame and gaining Amity.


Conversation Basics


Every NPC in Black Desert have something called Amity, a measure how of they like you. You gain Amity primarily by engaging in a conversation with them, which costs energy. Additionally, you can gain amity by waving at them via F1 but that it isn’t very energy efficient.

Getting higher Amity with NPCs rewards you. NPCs will share knowledge, have additional conversations, give you new quests and even offer you special items via their shop. To check what Amity for each NPC give you, interact with them and look at the Amity wheel on the bottom left. Beware that for items you can purchase when you have reached a certain Amity, you will lose that Amity when you buy the item.



Engaging in a conversion with a NPC requires knowledge, which is gained via interacting with other NPCs, killing mobs etc. Each NPC has a specific field of knowledge they are interested in and they will only talk to you if you meet the minimum amount of knowledge required for a conversation (usually 5, depends on their zodic sign). You cans see the knowledge they are interested in when you interact with them. The NPC below for examples is interested in knowledge about Serendia Adventure Journal II. If you don’t have enough knowledge topics the conversation button will be greyed out.



Engaging in a conversion costs energy. It is usually 2 energy per conversation at the beginning but this cost increases as you gain more Amity with the NPC. The conversation button will tell you the energy required for a conversation and the total amount of energy you have. In the example below it takes 2 energy per conversation and I have a total of 63 energy available.You gain1 energy every 3 minutes and can increase the maximum via questing.


Conversation Mini Game Mechanics

The Conversation Mini game to gain Amity can be very confusing both through confusing design and bad localization.

Interest Level/Sparking Interest

Sparking Interest is calculated by comparing the Interest Level of the NPC you are talking to (in this case Siuta) vs the Interest Level of the Knowledge you have selected in the Knowledge of Interest circle (in this example Lara). This is a simple % calculated by dividing the Interest Level of the Knowledge over the Interest Level of the NPC

  • Lara the Knowledge you have selected, has an interest level of 19.
  • Situa the NPC you are talking to, has an interest level of 31.
  • 19/31 = 0.61 or 61%.


If the Interest Level of the Knowledge is higher than the Interest Level of the NPC you are talking to, then Sparking Interest will always be 100%.

Sparking Interest determines if the Knowledge you have selected will have an effect or not on the NPC. If you get a blue smiley face, it means that you have succeeded. If you get a grey frowny face, it means that you have failed. The % Sparking Interest determines which face you get.


Also note that Sparking Interest from one Knowledge can carry over to the next Knowledge. For example. If you place a Knowledge with a 100% Sparking Interest before a Knowledge with say 30% Sparking Interest on the Zodiac Sign, that 30% Knowledge will more likely to succeed than if you place the 30% Knowledge in front of the 100% Knowledge.

One last thing to note is that the Interest Level of the NPC can change between conversations. This is usually a small range such as having an Interest Level of 31 one conversation and Interest Level 34 the next conservation. It is a very small RNG factor. Interest Level of the Knowledge remains the same.


The term Interest here is confusing because it has nothing to do with the Interest Levels and the Sparking Interest mentioned above. Rather it is the difference between two Favors. Interest is calculated by (Favor of the Knowledge – Favor of the NPC). So if we take look at the Situa/Lara example above again

  • Lara the Knowledge you have selected has 45-50 Favor
  • Siuta the NPC you have selected has 25 Favor
  • (45-50) – 25 = 20-25, which is the Interest of the Knowledge. This is a random number range that we will roll in the conversation.


Accumulated Favor Level/Maximum Favor Level

Now that you know Interest Level,Sparking Interest, Favor and Interest, it is time to look at Accumulated Favor Level (AFL) and Maximum Favor Level (MFL). To do this, we need an example conversation and keep the following formula in mind.

  • MFL = Previous MFL + Current Interest roll
  • AFL = Previous AFL + Current MFL.

We will pick 5 Knowledge in the following sequence.

  • Dora Fonti: 8-11 Interest
  • Lara: 20-25 Interest
  • Joel: 5-15 Interest
  • Vangelas: 0-0 Interest
  • Melissa Brady: 15-17 Interest

Table Format

Turn 1 2 3 4 5
Knowledge Dora Lara Joel Vangelas Melissa
Roll 9 22 5 1 16
MFL 9 31 36 37 53
AFL 9 40 76 113 166

Dora: Dora has an Interest range of 8-11, in this conversation an Interest of 9 was rolled. Maximum Favor Level (MFL) is therefore 0+ 9 =9. (It is shown as 0 in the screenshot because Maximum Favor Level is always calculated one step behind the current Knowledge, which makes it confusing). The AFL is calculated as Previous AFL + Current MFL = 0 +9.


Lara: Lara has an Interest range of 20-25, in this conversation an Interest of 22 was rolled (you can’t see the roll number but you can deduce it based on the ACL and MFL). MFL is therefore 9+ 22 = 31. AFL is 9+31 = 40.


Joel: Joel has an Interest range of 5-15, in this conversion an Interest of 5 was rolled. MFL is therefore 31 + 5 = 36. AFL is therefore 40 + 36 = 76.


Vangelas: Vangelas has an Interest range of 0-0 since he has a Favor lower than that of the NPC. This is a special case and the Knowledge will always roll 1 here. MFL is therefore 36 + 1 = 37. AFL is therefore 76 + 37 = 113.


Melissa Brady: Melissa has an Interest range of 15-17, in this conversation an interest of 16 was rolled. MFL is 37+16 = 53, AFL is 113 + 53 = 166. To show that MFL lags behind one step, notice that MFL in the screenshot jumps from 37 to 53 right before the conversation minigame finishes.


Simplified Example on AFL/MFL

The example above might be confusing the first time you go through it since there are many things to keep track of. To make this easier, here is a simplified example.

Lets assume the conversation has room for 4 Knowledge, so that is 4 rolls. All 4 rolls have Sparking Interest success.

Knowledge 1:  Knowledge 1 rolls a 9 for Interest. Your MFL is Previous MFL + Current Interest roll = 0 + 9. Your AFL is Previous AFL + Current MFL so that is 0 +9 = 9 again. Interest: 9, MFL: 9, AFL: 9.

Knowledge 2: Knowledge 2 rolls a 10 for Interest. MFL= Previous MFL + Current Interest roll = 9 + 10 = 19. AFL = Previous AFL + Current MFL = 9 + 19 = 28. Interest:10, MFL:19, AFL: 28.

Knowledge 3: Knowledge 3 rolls a 8 for Interest. MFL = 19+ 8 = 27. AFL = 28+27 = 55.

Knowledge 4: Interest = 4, MFL = 27 + 4 = 31, AFL = 55 + 31 = 86

The confusing thing when you look at the ingame way of displaying AFL and MFL is that it doesn’t tell you the Interest roll numbers (you have to deduce it based on the AFL and MFL) and the MFL is always lagging 1 round behind.

Sparking Interest Failure

Now that you know about AFL and MFL, lets talk about the effect of Sparking Interest Failure. Sparking Interest Failure resets you MFL, so your AFL remains the same as the previous Knowledge and your MFL is 0. Lets look at an example.

We will pick 5 Knowledge in the following sequence.

  • Dora Fonti: 8-11 Interest, 77% Sparking Interest
  • Flaviano: 19-22 Interest, 3% Sparking Interest
  • Siuta: 15-17 Interest, 100% Sparking Interest
  • Techthon: 20-21 Interest, 65% Sparking Interest
  • Lebyos: 0-0 Interest, 100% Sparking Interest.
Turn 1 2 3 4 5
Knowledge Dora Flaviano Siuta Techthon Lebyos
Roll 10 0 15 20 1
MFL 10 0 15 35 36
AFL 10 10 25 60 96

As you can see, we had a failure in turn 2 with Flaviano. MFL was reset to 0. This means that AFL for that turn = 10 (previous AFL) + 0 (Current MFL) = 10. In Turn 3 we had a Sparking Interest success and rolled a 15. 15 then became the new MFL.


Combo Effects

Combo Effects is pretty confusing due to the wording. Lets take look at Amerigo,a Knowledge with a combo effect of “After 3 turns, Favor will be reduced by 3 for 2 turns”. What this means is that, after 3 turns (including Amerigo’s turn), the Favor of the NPC Suita will be reduced by 3 for 2 turns. The Favor here means Favor of the NPC, not the Knowledge.


If you hover over the last 2 Knowledge Spots, which is affected by the combo from Amerigo Knowledge, you will see a +3 in blue under Favor of the Knowledges that occupy them. This is basically the same as reducing the NPC’s favor by 3.


Since most Combos only activate after a couple of turns and last for a few turns, it is advisable to place them in the front for the most benefit. Always check that the Knowledge with the combo has a high Sparking Interest since if the combo Knowledge has a Sparking failure it won’t apply the combo.

Conversation Mini Game Strategy


To succeed in the mini game, you must follow the requirement. Otherwise you will be kicked out of the mini game and not gain any Amity. There are four types of Requirements


Consecutive successes/failures

  • Check the Sparking Interest of the Knowledge available and pick high% for consecutive success and low% for failures. Sometimes you can get screwed over if you don’t have enough low & Sparking Interest Knowledge.
  • If you are short on high % Knowledge and need to do Consecutive Success, place high % Knowledge right before the low% ones for the carry over effect.

Reach a certain Accumulated Favor Level (AFL)

  • You want to place your Knowledge with the highest Interest and Sparking Interest % in front. The reason for this is that AFL adds by adding the previous AFL so if you have the big Favor numbers first they will get added multiple times.

Reach a Maximum Favor Level (MFL)

  • The order of which you place the Knowledge does not matter for MFL. Pick your Knowledge with highest Interest/Sparking Interest. A single Sparking Interest failure can reset your Maximum Favor Level so beware of that.

Free Talk

  • You can’t really screw up this one. Try reach a high Accumulated Favor Level for more Amity.

Continuous Interact vs Exit

Continuous Interact requires no energy and give you bonus Amity but if you fail one of the Requirement you lose all the amity you have earned. If you don’t have a good selection of Knowledge then you can play it safe and use Exit when you feel you have a high enough Amity and rather not take the risk of losing it.


You can only do Continuous Interact twice per conversation.

Amity Gain

There are no hard calculations for Amity Gain but it seems to be around 10% of the Accumulated Favor Level. In addition, if you do Continuous Interact, it appear to give you extra Amity.

If you have the same Zodiac sign as the NPC you will also gain extra Amity.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

58 replies on “Black Desert Online Conversation and Amity Guide”

You’ve made this article way too complicated. You don’t need that math and shit. Here’s what you do: if you have enough knowledge/interest level, choose the highest percentages to use in a conversation. If you’re not feeling too confident on the percentages (70% and lower), then don’t hit “continue,” just stay and keep what you’ve earned. Almost like Black Jack.

When you have limited or bad selection of knowledge and you get a requirement like getting to a certain Maximum Favor Level or Accumulated Favor Level, it helps to know how the system works so you can plan out your cards. Not understanding the system and always go by some rule that may or may not work in all situations will lead to failure. If you don’t like to know how the system works, don’t read it. Simple as that.

The article makes perfect sense, people just have to take their time reading it. Thank you for the guide!

Unless, of course, the GOAL of the contest is to FAIL to spark interest, then your advice would be precisely, totally wrong.
Having the math included is useful, and anyone can ignore it if they can’t/don’t want to understand it…

This is actually a very helpful guide. Most guides on this do not cover some important factors like how gained favor is calculated. When getting end game weapons is built around this simple mini game – its important not to just “click the high % ones first” all the time. Thanks for the great guide as usual Dulfy!

If it sounds convoluted, it’s because it IS.
Each NPC has a set of things they’re interested in, and how much knowledge they already have about that subject. That interest probably varies over time, so it’s a giant, fluctuating database of relationships* and values. There’s no “simple” way to present that interaction. Like a real conversation, if you want to be friendly, you talk about the things they want to talk about.

*what I expect is that they’re not necessarily mirrored, either. So Jim is interested in talking about Sue, but Sue is not at all interested in talking about Jim.

The wiki explicitly says the zodiac symbol you pick affects this; it seems that the symbol you have to fill is the one from your birth sign? Is that every time? Or is that THEIR sign? It’s unclear how your sign impacts this.

Thanks for this! I had deduced most of this before and it’s good to get confirmation. The MFL tallying part was what I couldn’t figure out — so that helps lots!

Another thing that would help this guide is also explaining the comboing and how you can see the light blue lines that indicate which knowledge affects another knowledge — you can mouse over the item to see the impacts of the combos before you even start the conversation.

Thank you so much for this. I’d been looking at guides all day but none of them really got deep enough into the mechanics, at least those that were based on the NA version. Now I really finally understand the system. Really find your guides helpful, thank you for doing them.

Wonderful guide ! I learned a lot thanks to you.
I have some problems with the quests of amitiy. Example : The req on the NPC amity is 10 red. I have 150 points. But he don’t want to give me the quest. Why ?

PS : i’m sorry for my bad english. I’m french

You have to have MORE than the number listed. Even 1 point is enough. So you need 11, not 10 in your case.

I think this made it more confusing that it already is.

Essentially, you use your highest percentage of Interest “knowledge” when asked to gain anything or spark anything. And do the opposite when it asks you to fail.

Excellent guide. I’m currently writing a simulator/solver, and I’m curious if you know the exact math behind the carry-over when spark interest would be calculated >100%? My solver currently handles everything but that and combo effects.

“If you place a Knowledge with a 100% Sparking Interest before a
Knowledge with say 30% Sparking Interest on the Zodiac Sign, that 30%
Knowledge will more likely to succeed than if you place the 30%
Knowledge in front of the 100% Knowledge.”
place 100% before 30% = place 30% in front of 100% 😐 they are both the same thing or i got it wrong

Getting a success gives a higher chance for the next Spark to succeed. So placing that 30% after the 100% means the 100% will succeed, then give a bonus to the 30%, making it higher than a 30% chance at succeeding.

One thing to be aware is the order of the conversation. The new vendor in Altinova that has the Grunil armor start the conversation with the 4th person you select not the 1st! In this case the 1st person selected will be the 4th person in the conversation. You need to watch this on other horoscope signs.


Thanks for a great guide. This really helped me understand some of the pieces I was missing.

Talking to NPCs to increase their amity often can unlock new quests and new knowledge topics (see the ‘wheel’ on the left when you talk to them; there will be icons around it if an npc unlocks things at certain amity levels). Your maximum energy is based directly on the amount of knowledge you have, and quests generally restore your energy, so… With all due respect… No. I will not ‘fack this’.

Hey! Awesome guide! have you thought about make a guid of the contribution reward quests? The daily quest, one time quest, etc. Thanks!

Thanks this claryfies alot
Now i can get much higher amity scores.
Got an small question cause it seems when you use the exact same combination the second time you dont get any points.
Is that true or did i just get really bad roles?

wow i fell like i am back in math class, ok i will do what i use to do it in school and read this over and over and over until it clicks then i will fully understand. WOW in depth mini game i must say. Great guild thow.

Well I’m more confused than before I read this. RIP. Almost 40 years old and I’m too stupid to understand simple interpersonal communication in a video game reality.

Same here, I didn’t understand anything. I don’t even know what Maximum Favor Level means. I just read bits here and there. But I searched for “maximum favor” and read what I found and none of them made me understand exactly what maximum favor even is.

I watched a really long step by step video guide on youtube where he spells everything out and shows examples of everything with the math and all. Then I promptly forgot it and started using bdotools amity calculator instead lol

hahaha… dont feel bad, I coulnt understand it for shit too, let me ultra simplify all this junk:

An NPC says
Sparking Interest: 19(61%)
Interest: 20~25

You dont care about the 19, the 61% is your chance to either win (get points) or lose (get zero points), and your interest is the number of points you can get.

Just pay attention to what does the actual conversation rule is to see if you need a lot of interest, chains, failures, etc.

Theres more detailes, like if you put a 100% chance before a 10% it increases his chances by a lot, combo points, bonuses, but the first lines is as easy as it gets and will carry you around for 90% of the NPC’s

Note that knowledge interest levels, favor ranges, effects (effect type, condition, effect weight, effect can appear or disappear) change after updates. Even small ones. Patch notes never include this information.


Based on my experience:

1. The main component in Amity mini game is requirement, success rate and favor. 1st u need to meet the requirement, then proc the favor based on the success rate. Most of high favor got low in success rate while high success rate got low favor.
2. Always read the requirement. If u think the requirement is hard (like 5 times fail, favor 300++), then press escape then click conversation again
3. Use knowledge with 100% rate is safe bet, but if the favor is only 0-2, u would waste ur energy. So choose wisely the knowledge. Btw, 100% rate knowledge can influence the next knowledge rate. So normally I would choose 100% > 100% > *below 20% rate knowledge* to increase the rate for 3rd knowledge.
4. Not recommend continue speak if u are beginner. If 1st turn u gain lot of Amity, then 2nd turn u fail to meet the requirement, then u will lose all Amity from 1st turn. Normally 2nd turn requirement quite hard to meet.
5. Know the line of the Amity. Let say 1 npc need 5 knowledge (for example A B C D E) sometimes the line is A>B>C>D>E and sometimes A>B>C>D>E>D (depend on horoscope). So if u use 100% knowledge to increase the rate for 20% knowledge and put the low rate knowledge at D, u need to put 100% at C and E because the line would cross D 2 times. If u do like that, u will gain lot of favor because most of low rate knowledge got high favor.
6. This Amity is share between character. So if ur main character is low in energy, u can use ur alternative character to continue.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I got 1/6th through the article and will just say fuck it and continue clicking buttons, they need to delete this stupid shit ASAP

I love math and followed most of it…. but it ead long. Remember Judy patty attention to next combo effect and interest percentage. Put them in order. Try to use the ones that have a positive next effect and pt the no effect add needed… but always in descending order order. I did this and gain 175 annuity in 1 conversion. 🤩. Hope this helps.

This game’s biggest weakness is how long it takes to farm everything, be it this mini game or resources, it just takes a long time. Part of that is lack of Energy and the lack of any real means other than wait to restore it. Sure it’s quicker if you get a bed and I don’t doubt the purpose of it was so that people would stop farming an actually quest – but that’s punishing a player for choosing their favourite play style in a game like this – and that’s wrong. It’s also very unfriendly to new players, sure there’s video guides put into the game but the UI interface is needlessly complicated, where even leveling up makes no freaking sense.

Yes there are guides like this one to explain all that – but all written 3rd party and what little the developers did make to a crap job explaining damn near everything about their game – including why should I appeal to it? Learning about Amnity is not the only thing that’s stupid, how about Nodes and Contribution system is horrible to learn by in game means.

What the heck is with farming? Why does it take so long up to 20 sec just to chop a tree or pick a rock, fish, etc. I believe the quality of the tool should help make that quicker, but why is it set that way? What’s the point of leveling up each farming system if all it does is get you a chance of more resources / farm method but doesn’t actually speed it up based on knowledge obtained. That’s week and a piss poor excuse to waste everyone’s time. It shouldn’t take longer than 5 seconds to farm something unless it’s very rare material; however the first tier group of goods takes 20! Utter nonsense.

Last – Conversation mini game would be a lot better that if you lose the conversation and gain nothing you get to keep your energy so that it doesn’t feel wasted. Energy is the most common thing you will use up first – I think it’s total garbage how they abuse it.

Then accumulate knowledge to increase your max Energy, create multiple Characters as they share the Energy Max, but not their individual usage.
It takes longer to chop down trees without gear, its just like fighting mobs. Better Tools, better results. Then get gear, you can even up farming gear. I think its really fun to do stuff in this game, as progression is always there to work for. and thats what makes it fun to play a game: progression. You may argue its fake progression, but everything you do in this game is worth something, leading you towards character/family progression.

I starting to see that now – I refused to give up on it, watch some vids, asked some tips and now it’s getting better. Still a very steep unnecessarily so learning curve if you ask me – but there is definitely fun to be had. I finally getting used to how nodes work, so I been taking them baby steps as I progress but holding back blowing all my CP because I know I’ll need it later. I been looking at what is best to actually farm – based on gaining CP and silver (which silver is now easy for me to farm).

What I can say is the further a long I get the more I find I can’t stop playing it – especially since I learned auto-fishing is a thing also to do in between energy regeneration, and as you said my energy has increased and since I been manipulating the marketplace having better tools has increase both farming speed and resource gathering, so I’ll admit that I have been critical. This is a game that was explained poorly but now that I’ve started actually understanding the various mechanics, it’s been quite easy to teach my kids and spouse to play this with me (but that’s also due to my effort, if they had to learn on their own completely they’d have probably quit). Finally the game still depends too much on RNG – I have failed too many times on Amity for example that it really annoys me but to make the best of all resources and rewards it’s practically a must do; because of that it annoys me it uses energy at all.

Relax, bro. It’s just bad game design. You having a will to google for guides is just doing a job which game devs should’ve done years ago. Korean devs are known for being lazy.

Thanks for explaining this. First time I’ve understood how the talking game works after years of randomly having conversations. I think a lot in this game gets lost in translation, which actually makes it more interesting for me, because the community has to step in and interact and make things clear.

Nah. Translation has almost nothing to do with it. It’s just bad game design. For example, every single NPC I interact with has “Conversation (2/xx)”. It can be “2/32”, it can be “2/58”, “2/81” or whatever. But that number means nothing, because wether I can have a conversation with an NPC or not has nothing to do with that number. That number represents nothing and only a deluded mind of a bad game designer could’ve come up with an idea to show this number. I’ve been playing MMOs for almost 20 years and I still don’t understand what 90% of things in this game mean and how they work.

The “Conversation (2/XX)” is “How much energy it will take for you to have a conversation with this NPC / How much energy you currently have.” If you have low amity with an NPC, it starts at 2 energy per attempt. The higher your amity, the more expensive it gets. So, “2/32” means it will consume 2 energy, and you currently _have_ 32 energy (out of whatever your max energy is).

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