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GW2 Guild Chat Storytelling in Raids Livestream Notes

GW2 Guild Chat livestream notes featuring storytelling in raids.

  • Most of Forsaken Thicket is pretty dark, once you resolve your differences with Slothasor, it immediately goes back to the dark tone. It is a rare moment where we get break up the seriousness.
  • You get a main story and a bunch of optional stuff you can find on the side if you feel like it.
  • We used achievements in Wing 1 to guide you to little side stories and secrets. We do some of that in Wing 2 but there are stuff that you just have to explore.
  • Your character react to random stuff in Wing 1, we did more of that in Wing 2 and pushing it a bit further.
    • In Wing 1 every character get a chance to speak, in Wing 2 we had a system where player characters can respond to each other with random dialogue. If the entire raid is all human female etc we just have one character speak it. If you go into wing 2 with different races or doing it repeatedly you may uncover some additional dialogues so you don’t get bored hearing the same dialogue over and over.
  • The final boss in wing 2 had mechanics that may trigger some player reactions. They tested this internally with Lindsey Murdock where they had her play it and she had the exact reaction they expected.
  • The little fight between NPCs in Sabetha fight had some players curious about them and where Knuckles wants to take them. It is suppose to show some dissent in the ranks where Knuckles weren’t happy with the rest of the bandits. The original draft for the side stories had a backstory for Knuckles where he had a fight with other bandits and hit his fist in the wall and was given the nickname Knuckles. Most of this got cut out.
  • Salvation Pass is bigger than it is needed for encounters so Angel McCoy personally hand designed some of the empty spaces and added props etc. It is less linear than Spirit Vale.
  • Once you complete Salvation Pass and go back to revisit the area, you will find changes in the overall scenery etc.
  • You do not need to complete Spirit Vale to do Salvation Pass, you can pick which one you want to enter at the entrance portal
  • Synopsis of Spirit Vale story: After Mordremoth in HoT, a Pact Squadron was reported missing in this strange area. You find all kinds of weird things – river of ghosts, a monster made from ghosts and when you find the final boss you see a bunch of bandits and that is where Salvation Pass continues the story. There is a bit of time gap between the wings where sometime has passed after you completed Wing 1.
  • QoL changes with release of Wing 2
    • Duplicate mini pets from wing 1 only can be traded in for stuff
    • Better AI pathing in Wing 1, especially Gorseval.
  • Salvation Pass difficulty will be on par with Spirit Vale. The reason for this is that while there are lots of people who have defeated Sabetha and did fancy stuff like No Updraft Gorseval, there are tons more people who only killed Vale Guardian and stuck on Gorseval. We need to give people some new stuff they can bang their head on. If you killed VG you should be able to kill Slothasor.
  • A character in Spirit Vale will have a name on Tuesday with release of Salvation Pass. This character will be important in a future raid wing (wing 3)

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10 replies on “GW2 Guild Chat Storytelling in Raids Livestream Notes”

Again, you can almost hear those 5% (apparently 10 was too generous) of players caring.

How about a real story to continue HoT?

Perhaps ANet could look at putting in a “Baby Mode” similar to SAB where players who just want to see the story (and maybe the story-related achieves like collecting dog tags, which frankly doesn’t take any skill to do) can play through a much easier version of the Raid. You don’t get any raid currency while in Baby Mode (or perhaps a very tiny amount of it), so that preserves the exclusivity of the raid gear.

Possibly this “Relaxed Mode” (more marketable than “baby mode”) could also be achievable with 5-people teams, becomes appealing to all those smaller guilds that are the bread-n-butter of GW2.

Again, who said the small guilds are the bread and butter? There are many know cases that such small guilds are actually alt-guilds, from back at the time when having a guild and getting the additional storage was notably easy.

Nah don’t need to , the story instances used to get nerfed every patch. When Hot was released all the pre Hot story lines were nerfed which made it easy to complete the meta for mastery points, raids will follow the same

Hahahaha just think about it guys.

Dungeons — Played by approximately 80% of the player base — Destroy them…

Raids — Played by approximately 5% of the player base — Let’s invest in that…

I think Arenanet officially has the worst business structure in the world.

Cry some more, your tears are delicious. You do realize that if you don’t want to play raids, the rest of the game still exists right? For people who actually enjoy raids, this is one of the few pieces of content that is actually meaningful for them.

Actually their metrics say it’s one of the most popular components of the game right now. IDK where people take the idea that it is rarely played. Once again, individual experience isn’t representative data, nor that of your friends/family.

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