SWTOR Eternal Championship Delayed

SWTOR Eternal Championship will be delayed and not part of Patch 4.2.

The Eternal Championship | 03.04.2016, 10:27 PM

Hey folks,
We have been doing a lot of internal playtesting on the Eternal Championship and it is currently not at a level that we believe our players deserve. In keeping with our commitment to offer the highest quality experience possible with our latest expansion, we have decided to delay the launch of the Eternal Championship. We are focusing on overall balance, ensuring each boss fight is challenging, endeavoring to exceed quality expectations, and most of all, making sure it is a fun experience. Please note Bowdaar will also be delayed, but will continue to launch alongside the Eternal Championship.

To help ensure we deliver on the deeper experience we promised, we have decided to make the Eternal Championship available on our Public Test Server (PTS) prior to releasing it. We are eager to make this feature as high quality as possible and would love to get your feedback as we work to strengthen it. Once we nail down the release schedule we will let you know how to get access on PTS.
I will provide more information as I have it; our goal is to have more information in the next 4-6 weeks. Thank you.


The Eternal Championship | 03.04.2016, 10:58 PM


Originally Posted by Nightfrogger

I would rather have it be polished and ready to go personally, but since we are not getting bowdaar this chapter any way we can get a little sneak peak of who we get in their place this chapter?

Good question. You will recruit a Companion as a part of the Chapter, but with Bowdaar moving out there will not be a new Alliance alert with Chapter XI.


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Wow really? So it didn’t come with chapter 10 like it was supposed to, and now it’s not coming with chapter 11. Like what is bioware doing over there? I just don’t understand! To be honest this was really the only thing I was kinda looking forward to with chapter 11 since the story is so blah.

It was never intended to be released with chapter 10. The very first announcements of the EC were for chapter 11 in 4.2. Then they delayed it during Feb’s live stream and said an April 4.3 release instead. Now it’s in limbo as we might not even get it for 4.3.

Yeah, it sucks, but do you want a rushed and thus bug ridden content patch? Come on guys, they’re not delaying it for the lulz. They’re doing this on top of monthly story content, plus a new WZ. That takes time and manpower that is a limited resource. But hey, QQ I’m quitting because I don’t understand how game development works.

Or hey, call Bioware out for their repeated shit that they pull month after month, patch after patch.

Seriously, when will you fanboy faggots get Bioware’s dick outta your mouth long enough to see the shit colored semen they keep squirting into your mouths every month as cartel packs under the guise of “content”.

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Actually, I’m not Shawn, who the fuck is Shawn? I’m a nobody from Jedi Covenant known as Carnius. Or better known as WillCaedes on the SWTOR forums, or at least I was, until I accused Bioware of holding circle jerks over the expansion on their forums. Then I got banned obviously.

But seriously, who’s this Shawn, and why should I care?

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That’s not what we’re getting at. What we’re all getting at is that this “delaying to make sure it works before launch” delays going on it had better be bug free when it launches but we all know it’s still going to be incredibly broken with almost nothing to show for the delays.

Yeah if you think this is gonna be bug free when it releases your gravely mistaken… It will have bugs I’m sure every patch here lately bioware releases breaks something, and it may not be a bug with Eternal Championship, but something with that patch will break something in the game.

Sorry, thought it was a message board. I’ll spell the point out since it went over your head. Once it sucks, the rest is just excuses for why it sucks. At the end of the day, it still sucks.

Because he wants everyone to know his enlightened opinion. Because it is better then everyone else’s.

They could delay it till November, it still would be rushed and full of bugs.

This team just can’t do stuff better.

Yeah the whining is getting annoying. If they released it now and it was a buggy mess people would still be passing out pitchforks. And before anyone else says it, i am aware this game has existing bugs. Bugs they said they are working on. I like this game a great deal and am willing to give Bioware the benefit of the doubt and assume they are doing their best to get this content to use as quickly and in the best shape they can.


When has Bioware NOT delayed anything at all related to this fucktastic MMO?

” currently not at a level that we believe our players deserve” which means ” we have not encounter any bugs so we need to make some”.

Well, if they released it as a buggy mess, it would be more frustrating than delaying it is, so… I can wait.

More disappointed that they aren’t giving us a different companion alert like they did with Blizz though. Jorgan isn’t exactly a favorite, and it sounds like we wont have the option to kill him. : /

*In my best Bill Lumbergh voice* Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…….

Except when Bioware releases it even after delaying, it will still be a buggy mess. Just look at 4.0 overall. Still littered with bugs with no fixes in sight for most issues.

I think I understand Musco’s statement differently. Like Bilzz was recruitable in addition to getting Kaliyo in Chapter 10, Bowdaar was going to be released in concert with Jorgan. Since the Eternal Championship is delayed, and Bowdaar along with it, there will be a new, to this point unnamed, companion available for recruitment. I believe however, that this new companion will be in addition to, and not in lieu of, Jorgan.

Random side note: how can you not like Jorgan? He’s detective Carlton Lassiter!

I think u understood wrong
“You will recruit a Companion as a part of the Chapter, but with Bowdaar
moving out there will not be a new Alliance alert with Chapter XI.”
Alliance alert means the extra guy who we recruit… so we are getting one companion as part of the chapter and that’s it
They might throw together something in an existing area (6 line of convo, 1 quest, 5 things to pick up is not that much), but don’t get your hopes up

Their goal is to have information about when it will be on the PTS in the next 4-6 weeks. At which time it will be on the PTS for like 4 weeks. So You’re looking at it being released in about 3 months. That is supposed to be Chapter 14 right? Assuming everything else stays on schedule (not likely).

By the time its released the 204 gear it drops will be even more useless, they need to bump up that up to 208 if they want it to be a viable method of gearing by the time its released, not that 208 would help any character that does weeklies in the first place.

Also I’m aware the two weeklies tied to it drop tokens that can be turned in for 208 and 216 gear, that gear however has already been stated as static and unoptimized and only drops enough tokens for a single piece of 208 gear and 216 gear. I mentioned the 204 gear because its supposed to drop multiple pieces of that gear per week.

It’s pretty clear now that they simply cannot keep up with the promised content delivery rate. Not surprising at all, considering that EA has all but carved up BW Austin.

Funny thing is, it’ll be guaranteed to be broken and/or break something else when it finally drops, in line with the rest of the “highest qualty experience possible” that we’ve been seeing since 4.0, and is a hallmark of EA products.

bwhahahahahahaa goob job bw. but im a little afraid…what doies eric men with “the highest quality experience possible”….that sounds like they break ops even more…..

Ehh, i don’t mind waiting a little longer for them to polish it. I’m pretty exited to give it a try once they have it ready.

“In keeping with our commitment to offer the highest quality experience possible with our latest expansion”

Oh so those existing bugs since and past the latest 4.0 patches are just my imagination. PHEW!! For a minute there, I thought the romance bugs, the lag on Odessen and so many other issues were actually real and not fixed. Thank fuck for Musco clearing it up. Working as intended FTW. >:-p

“I will provide more information as I have it; our goal is to have more information in the next 4-6 weeks.”

Safe to say Eternal Championship won’t be coming out with chapter 12 either or Chapter 12 will be delayed.

This is why the EC should have been with the warzone PTS. It was obviously at a playable level, as Eric completed the first 5 rounds on the livestream. The delay would be smaller if people had already played it, imo.

So thier refusal to replace bowdaar for IX means that they have most likely established role for every compie

Yeah, like all those companion alerts that are already developed for almost a year, and they still don’t know how to implement them. Which makes them useless and highly incompetent, of course.

Hands up who think it will be broken anyway!

Also, somebody should make a betting site with odds on which subsystem they will break next patch (ops, gtn, vendors, fps, pvp, housing, crafting, servers)

Wait…you mean to tell me that Bioware is actually TESTING their shit for once?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Brace yourself, the apocalypse is imminent

well…….at least they’re finally doing some quality testing, and there will be a PTS server for the eternal championship. better than sending another buggy update. might be a step in, or at least general area of, the right direction.

Are you sure they really tested it or they just left it untouched for a month and realized… “yup, still not ready”.

They delay it because it is broken. But why? There isn’t any part of the game that isn’t broken. From Strongholds to the UI, every part has something that is broken for months or even years. They never gave a f… about releasing broken features (and never fix them).

simple: because its something that you have to pay for a sub to be able to do it, if it were free for all players then they wouldn’t give a half-assed fuck about it

…Come on, I absolutely love swtor, and rarely ever complain, but I was really looking forward to this..Welp, guess I’ll just have more time with the Division till this gets released.

Well, on one hand I liked Bowdar on my smuggler alt and wanted to add him to my main’s stable of companions. On the other hand, this all felt like that Fight Club thing in WoW, which I didn’t like.

I just hope this doesn’t mean we end up with another very short and dull chapter like chapter X

They can’t get this nailed down or quickly fix broken old Ops but somehow there are people who convince themselves there will still be a new Operation this year…or ever…lol.

It’s wishful thinking. Honestly broken operations is a graphical deal, if you’ve done the raid with a team they should know the fights, it’s not like you start the fight and the boss instantly enrages, sure it is annoying as hell when you’re trying to first learn but who that is new is raiding at that high of a level off the bat without seeing lower end operations first when lower operations drop 216/220 gear to even make you a tangible asset to a group. I mean KOTFE ends in August (provided they don’t delay it more) they could be side projecting an operation or something. It’s better to be optimistic rather than pessimistic all the time.. If you aren’t having fun then just stop playing, that’s what I did when it started to become 6 months per content release and every other 6 months was nightmare mode of the same operations you ran 6 months prior all it did was make you refine strategy’s which is regurgitated content in my eyes.

Brontes with wrong facing hands and jacked up conals for spheres is not any kind of fun for tanks. HK’s wrong-facing Pseudorandom Violence is certainly ironic, but a fairly serious issue. Sure, it’s doable and has been done. But, labeling it a simple “graphical deal” doesn’t quite do it justice. It’s a bit more than that. I’m as optimistic as the next guy, and you won’t find me trashing the game, yet minimizing this bug seems like an undersell to this tank.

I mean, if you really wanted to hone in the optimistic angle, then you should argue that the bug actually makes the old operations somewhat “new” to the experienced raiders. I could buy into that line of thinking…lol.

And still it doesn’t occur to EA that the dev staff is too small, even with all the trouble they have maintaining and adding new content to the game.

I am exactly the same amount of surprised as I was that one time when Lucy yanked the football out of the way at the very last second before Charlie Brown could kick it.

Which makes me wonder why he didn’t just run up and put his boot upside her head just ONCE.

Pretty sure at least 100 people unsubscribed because of this. Pretty sure it will be cancelled after this delay!

valkorian will remember this!!!
koth wont forget that bioware delayed this again!!
senya is amused!
scorpio doesnt give a fuck!
t7 random bleep noises
lana is angry!

Again? Wow content they have been talking about since October? Never said January and can’t make February and now March is out of the equation. Even April is only a maybe as they have already pushed it back 4 to 6 weeks before this.

But don’t worry that sweet HK-55 codpiece reward will soothe all the anger.

They either release it bugged or they delay it, damned if they do, damned if they don’t, people will rage.

I just hope for their sake that they will release it bug free. If they delay it and than release it bugged, than the forum rage will be of epic proportions.

SWTOR’s mismanagement is an embarrassment to the industry and should the MMO should be drug out behind a woodshed and put down mercifully. It’s the least EAWare could do at this point.

ohh please if they ahd released this and it had bugs you’d be screaming they shoulda fixed the bugs first

You obviously never played Age of Conan, FFXIV, DCUO, Gaia Online, ESO, or just about any other miserable MMO that was mismanaged into the ground.

“not at a level that we believe our players deserve”

Pity they don’t usually have this mentality. Like, when designing the Cartel packs.

That said, I suppose this is for the best, just disappointing it’s taking them so long.

to bad they dind believe that when ilum was launched but overall in general they think we deserve very little from what ive seen

I hope Bowdaar gets his time soon. If anything, it could be his own chapter at a worse case scenario. Still, the staff can use this as a chance to get the comps that had bugged alliance alerts from chapter 10 (e.g., Zenith) so we can get them, as well as a few others, in chapter 11.

Still, while I’m here, what’s your guys thoughts on some predictions I have:

Kira Carsen: Can interact with Valcorian when he is talking to you (has her own chapter with a few others).
Scourge: Is finding a way to get Valcorian out of your head (has his own chapter with a few others).
Jaesa Wilsaam: Helps figure out whether Valcorian has changed or not (has her own chapter with a few others).

Nadia Grell: Is in charge of the new Rift Alliance that was mentioned in SoR (Alliance Alert).
Ashara Zavros: Is trying to save younglings from both the Jedi and Sith orders before the Infinite Empire can imprison them, needs you to go to Tython (pub players)/Korriban (imp players) while she goes to the other planet to save the kids (Alliance alert).
Risha: Asks for help with ending the war on Dubrillion (Alliance alert/chapter maybe?).

I might have more predictions later.

Those are actually pretty good ideas. However, I don’t think any of the comps you stated above are slated to appear in Season 1 of KOTFE :(. So the nearest time at which we can get them would be Season 2

Pretty sure all LI’s will get their own chapter, with the less popular side-characters being alliance alerts. Plus it’s already been hinted at what Ashara’s doing, and I can tell you for certain that your first three predictions cannot happen due to the datamined plot thus far.

I seriously hope Risha is queen by now though, always felt like a plot that would never actually amount to anything, so crossing my fingers that you’re close on that one 😛

Ashara could be an intreasting character to work with, she’s basicly, despite her delusions otherwise, fallen. it’s very concevable that she’s fallen to the dark side after 5 years on her own

I hope not. Her appeal is that she’s a fallen Jedi, but not a Sith. Kinda like that rare glimpse of shades of grey- there’s too much black and white in SW.

all depends on how they do it, if she was just suddenly a rabid crazy dark jaessa style sith it’d suck I agree. but on the other hand, if we come back and find that she’s clearly just gone further and further, using end justify’s the means logic, to be doing clearly bad things but always self rightously justifying what she does, it could make for a VERY intreasting “epilogue” for the character.

True, though personally I’m hoping, if anything, she’s more Jedi-like. I’d like to see her come back having matured into an Ahsoka style character; not a Jedi, but still sporting a generally ‘light side’ outlook on things. I’m looking forward to her coming back whatever they go with, always found her kind of adorable 😛

I actually expect her to become more Ahsoka like for marketing purposes. I also expect her to have a dedicated story chapter since she has the SI fleet.

I wouldn’t. “once you start down the dark path forever will ti dominate your destiny” needs to mean something.

I agree. She’s one of my favorites, partially because she’s so stubborn. It just seems like her storyline wasn’t finished. The perpetual fence sitter, riding with a Sith, killing Jedi, yet still insisting she’s a Jedi, grudgingly deciding peace is a lie. Yet with that abundance of emotion and spirit, and partly thanks to that holocron, she’s got a nasty Sith Lord inside her just waiting to come out.

I can’t remember what the mail said exactly, but it sounded like she was heading out into the unknown because ‘the Force’, so I could see her having a pretty cool chapter behind her.

How? HOW can all love interests have their own chapter? There are more
love interests than there are remaining chapters. There are two love
interests for each class at least (one for male, one for female), so
that’s 16 right off the bat. Then some get more than that (Jaesa/Vette,
Risha/Akaavi, Temple/Kaliyo), bringing our love interest total to 19.
Nineteen characters… and six chapters left. You do the math. I’m even
being generous, assuming you don’t count Theron or Pierce as
full-fledged romances (the game doesn’t seem to, so I don’t).

Looking up this season 2 thing… looks like it will happen after a good long break after season 1. So in effect KOTFE is not returning all of our companions, and if this “epic story” doesn’t keep enough people interested enough to subscribe, I’m a little concerned they may scrap it. And given how much SWTOR has obviously been on the back burner for this company… um… I’m just gonna sit in a corner and be sad now.

They already mentioned a season 2 to come after KOTFE that would have the remaining companions that don’t return for KOTFE.

All companions that are romances will have their own chapter, all the rest will be Alliance Alerts. And if Elara doesn’t comeback next week with Jorgan, then that means they’re only doing one companion per chapter and a lot of companions will be slated for season 2.

Probably, with this new chapter mere days away and still no mention of Elara, they’re definitely doing it one at a time, so far they’ve chosen Kaliyo the Agent starter and Jorgan the trooper starter. So I’m guessing we’ll see Vette, Kira, Corso, Nadia, Mako, and either Ashara or Andronikos whoever they deem more popular,

Also I’m not slamming against the other romances, their focus seems to be the most popular romance. So Doc is a very close second, but Kira I believe pulls ahead, same goes for Nadia and Iresso, Jaesa is only a romance for dark side and would be hard to write in with her two different personalities, Corso was the starter companion so of course him, Mako is another starter, but I’m unfamiliar with who inquisitors like best.

But they’ve already mentioned a Mandalorian chapter coming up so either Akaavi or Torian are likely to enter the fray anyway.

With a new arena (supposedly) coming out soon and being tested on the PTS, one can assume season 7 would be coming not long after the new arena.

calm down there pvp keyboard kommando

It’s the second time they delayed that very same thing. I am starting to wonder if they are somehow retarded.

No I am just giving grief because it’s just going to be another HK armor piece most likely until they give out a whole set.

I am just totally bitter at the moment. This mostly stems from seeing another delay and still being unable to complete chapter 10. Though after weeks of ignoring agents they said we will finally be able to complete it once the next chapter goes live. So while others start Ch. 11 any agent from 4.1b will be finishing last months content and finally recruiting Blizz. Or so we hope at least since they said:

“It is no longer possible to get into a state where you are unable to complete Chapter X.”

Then proceeded to ignore an entire class reporting it was still bugged.

Yeah I know how you feel on both those points 1st my thought on the hk armor IF they do a set it’s not gonna be a cyborg armor it’s gonna be a human spec armor and not even what hk fans want who want hk themed armor when all you look like is a cheap kids Halloween kinda armor what with the chin sticking out they could could’ve easily done better by making minor adjustments so it looks like cyborg armor and the fact that they might be doing it as a set and that’s IF they do it that’s basically a excuse for them to lazy around and spend 5 to 7 months just to get a armor set your looking at paying the $30 60 day sub fee like 3 or 4 times over just so you can get a hk knockoff armor set that odds are is gonna just sit in your cargo hold and take up space! Now I’ll admit I’m a little bit curious to see how they make the chest piece but thats all I’m looking forward to. Now concerning the chapter 10 for agents ill just put it bluntly that f-ing sucks just like for every storm trooper on BOTH death stars and I feel for yah bro I feel for yah and concerning biowares fault in this they should’ve tested this on every class so peeps like you guys wouldn’t have this problem but I may just be acting paranoid but I wonder if someone rick them off about the agents and this could be there way of throwing a temper tantrum ( I’ve seen worse.) cause this is something that naturally shouldn’t happen when they give the community

To all the people bitching about it being delayed, would you rather they release it with known bugs? They are trying to release something that isn’t broken (for once). This is a step in the right direction, although I’m sure they will take one in the wrong direction soon.

Of course you are sure, it’s not like you have a personal vendetta against everything Bioware does. And it’s not like you sit here all day, just waiting for the next article to post your addled accusations and denouncements. Or deride satisfaction from being eternally unhappy from just about anything and everything. No, that isn’t like you at all.

Is everything in your post meant to be sarcastic? Since when do I have a vendetta against BioWare? I think you are confused, lay off whatever you are smoking.

Do I didn’t forget, I know it’s not you. You’re an idiot, but you wouldn’t basiclly accuse me of being you. We all know you are the one with the vendetta. What did you do to get banned from this game?

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Do you really think I believe any of those other people are actually you? You really are as dumb as a box of rocks. If you really left this game of your own free will you seriously need to see a shrink. You need to learn to let go of your hate. It’s not normal to rage against something that you have left behind.

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Shawn isnt going to be happy until he chases off everyone. You seen Sarigar around lately? How about Naq? Paulo? Twinge? Jinx? This site is garbage now, and he makes it garbage. We used to have shit to laugh at when Bioware fucked up…now we just have garbage memes made by a child mind.

HAHAHA wow i dont want anyone to leave but im not going to be forced into others views.

Im not going anywhere crybaby who cant handle criticism DEAL maybe some therapy will help you. Whats real garbage is these carebears who lie their ass off on here and whenever anyone says how it is they get attacked by these carebearst. This isnt the swtor forums its a 2 ways street here.

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Anyone else kind of miss Sprucecycle? Like, not overall, just in comparison to Shawn.

Spruce left like a bitch couldnt handle the carebears. I dont need to create and hide behind fake names and be a litle bitch crybaby like some people

Delaying content rather than releasing glitchy content = good.

Delaying the same piece of hype-up content over and over again, to the point where it’s painfully obvious that you don’t have enough people working on it = disheartening.

I don’t like the limited options in your multiple choice question. No, I would rather they didn’t release it with known bugs. But more than that I wish they got it right and released it with no known bugs after the first delay. And more than that, I wish they put it on the PTS in the first place and released it with no known bugs with no delays. And more than that, I wish we had new ops and new wz’s in the last year. But I’ll keep wishing.

Uhh, when it says we “will” recruit a companion as part of the chapter, I hope it means “can.” I hate having to accept companions without a “kill” or “reject” option. I mean Scorpio, Lana, Theron, etc I can handle. They’re plot important and I buy that, but having to accept Kalyio on a LS Pub, or Jorgen on a DS Imp, uhhh, no.

Agreed, 100%. Kaliyo failed to convince me she was vital to the plot, so I should be able to get rid of her.

I miss my companions so much I’d almost be fine with that, if it meant that at the end I’d have them all back. Sadly, with only 6 chapters left, it’s looking like we will not have most of them back.

At least not before a “break” and this up-in-the-air “season 2” thing.

yeah pretty lazy on their part lets take away their comps and then give them back slowly and call it content!

Part of the problem is that the plot so far is really vague. What exactly is our goal? If it’s just to kill Arcann and Vaylin, that could be done in operations or flashpoints. Arcann should already be dead on Asylum if the story didn’t dictate he should live on. If it’s to destroy Zakuul, Kaliyo could definitely be useful. OTOH, if it’s simply to get Senya on the throne to bring Zakuul in line, the storyline should be aimed at removing specific obstacles or recruiting people in the inner circle for political support.

Yeah I wish it was like the Star Fortress Players where you can just deny or hire whoever. My companion list is getting overcrowded and it would be great if I could send all those bastards out to make shit but alas…

It should be. But nobody got screwed like Sith Warriors with Quinn. Guy tries to kill you, but you still have to keep him.

Man hell yeah! That should one of the few moments in the original story where you get to kill off or reject a companion. I was so mad on my Juggernaut with him I almost didn’t max out his affection for titles…

That along with the ability to choose to kill Xalek is why so many people believe we will be able to kill Quinn.

Also wondering why they didn’t let us recruit Tanno Vik. Would have made sense too since the guy is experienced in black market weapons sales.

In other news, Capcom is identifying frequent match disconnecters and is attempting to implement a system to punish those so-called “rage-quitters”. Lets try gettin that into the game instead of adding all this content that seems to have bugs in em as soon as they come to live server…..

I suspect the only reason it’s delayed is they found in playtesting that the content was too easy. They’ve dumbed down so much of the rest of the game, that I think they found we’ve made all these new bosses and fights and it’s a cake walk. Trying to balance it between being so easy that people blow right through it, and being so hard that all the new players spoiled with easy leveling and easy SM ops and other content won’t give up and unsub is not easy. I seriously doubt the art or mechanics or whatever weren’t done, it’s the difficulty balance.

Would they care if it’s too easy? The rewards from EC are nothing special and people are already getting 224 out of HM EV and KP.

I’m more inclined to believe that shoddy version control and spaghetti coding are causing problems in other seemingly unrelated systems, like the bugged ops bosses. 4-6 weeks just for new info is way too long for this to be a simple balance pass, and to me is more an indication of serious problems they don’t even have a clue how to address yet.

Not looking good, and their usual tight-lippedness doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

But they don’t need it to be easy. Only rounds 1-5 need to be completed for Bowdaar and the 204 gear, every round after that is tied to some weekly which is completely optional. So why not have 1-5 beatable in the 190 gear they give, and then 6-10 require good gear and knowing your class. They missed out on an opportunity to make the raiders a little happier with what could have been something challenging or even hard if they wanted it to be.

fool me once and all of that. they delayed it one too many times for me. I’m not going to renew my sub until they finish with KOTFE season one chapters release.

should just wait till the whole thing is done and pay 15 bucks 1 then cancel be done with it till they get their shit together.

So yet another thing removed from the chapter. First bowdaar now this. I’ll come back when bw learn to deliver what they say or actually give me a reason. A 20 Min chapter with no bowdaar alert no eternal championship thinks ill give it a miss. No need to keep playing atm

Already a sub and staying a sub. Just don’t plan on playing much if at all til something worth playing comes

You’re more loyal then me then. Been waiting with bated breath for Bowdaar and the arena since it was announced. But with it pushed back every chapter so far and fairly lame companions coming up I just can’t keep giving them my money.

best thing to do is just unsub then wait till all the chapters are out then pay 1 time could prob do them all in 1 hour or less from what ive seen then unsub again. They want free money for meaningless junk

thats really anoying how they jerk you around like that isnt it i feel like im at wendys and ive payed for my food and they wont hand it to me they keep saying “as a wendys subscriber” stay subbed and get free combo meals NO i just want what i payed for and what was advertised hehe

Yeah I been waiting for bowdaar also. Also waiting on others like mako ashara kira risha and jaessa but looking more and more unlikely we will even get all original companions back in this “season one” the more content gets delayed the more I loose interest in game.

Personally I wish they would stop confirming content for patches so early. Clearly they can’t keep them

No you retard, you posted that t-shirt one twice. Now go edit the other one so it looks like I don’t know what I’m talking about, and just harassing you.

/smh was talking to sarigar showing him not you the “other” one geesh what an overdramatic crybaby you are.

Ohh, you were talking to Sarigar? My bad, I thought that this was a public forum where anyone could post whatever they wanted. Ohh, that’s only you that can respond to posts that aren’t directed at you.

you can talk to me all you want my point was i was answering him and showing HIM the other meme. Your more then welcome to whine and cry me all you like though lol

Ok. I expected them to have most of the KotFE content ready to be relased, every month a little bit.

Let’s say abou 80% of the KotfE stuff is done, and they relase it piece by piece to keep us subbed the whole year. The rest needs some adjustments, that can be done while stuff is released.

Now I realize these BioWare idiots have about 15% of KotFE done and hope to build the rest in time, to be released every month. This can’t work.

Now I realize all you do is sit here and whine. You are what is wrong with this game, not BW. If only you put as much effort into being a productive member of society as you do whining and crying in the comments section of a fan news site. It’s OK, everybody grows up eventually. Well, almost everybody.

While I commend them for holding back a release because they dont think it meets the standards and is not totally fixed, I do not condone it when they release and it still has bugs. Perhaps they will prove people wrong for once, I dont know, Im just really…tired of anything the Devs say.

just wild question how come they never do any beta like testing of people that play thegame everyday to get more and better feedback from a players point of view , seems like it save alot time of repatching after it goes live for any new content

because your dealing with very stupid incompetent people is why. I dont know why they have the test server at all really

Because the people would would beta test are reactionary as all get out, and don’t match a majority of players who end up playing the game. Those people also have way off expectations on “test” code.

ive already contacted duly reported the fuckshawnhargrave name funny how you dont mention any of that though huh?

why would i report that? besides you lie constantly and stop shoving your opinion down my throat

i reported it b/c they started a fight not me secondly he raged so hard he had to go create a fake name and hide and start a huge overly dramatic trollfest well it ended badly for him. You only want to adress me defending myself though huh. I havent seen or talked to you in awhile dude not sure what your talking about biased as ever i see though. As for honesty lolz at that coming from you

funny how its always other people who start fights but you are always invovled.

I don’t see you defending yourself anywhere in the thread

yeah b/c your biased like i said….its ok dude ive already talked to duly been doing this song and dance for sometime i didnt create a fake name and go nuts but like i said your biased and i wouldnt expect you to see the truth here or anything. Funny how im still here and the trolls are disapearing isnt

sure… you didn’t just like you didn’t have a sockpuppet account on massivelyop which is why you got banned there.

no i didnt and i can still post there lol but why would i want to its just a bunch of fake fanbois propping up tor over there lying there ass off should be called massivelybiased what a load and massive pos that site is LOL /smh

no you can’t we know your accounts were banned for trolling and sockpuppets

LOL yeah sure they are you keep thinking that…like i said that site is just a bunch of fake nerd/fanbois who do nothing but fluff tor up least dufy lets people talk here and havin opposing opinions its not some pos fluff site like over there

lol just shows me a profile bout it not sure where your going with this crazy bs /smh

sigh… ok so you are going to deny that is you? so then i have to go look up another post you made here that links the accounts? really? Or are you going to claim that i created that account 4 years ago?

You got caught in a lie and people would respect you more if you just admitted it.

i didnt deny anything i just said it shows a profile lol. Im not worried or concerned about respect on internet forum lolz

of course not because you are a troll that is why you were banned from massively. That is your old account that was banned which is pretty harsh since they deleted all your old comments.

Ok its fine dulfy will take care of all of this.

yeah good luck with that LOL. What dulfy will see here as she always has is you and other starting pissing matches. Which is why im still here not trolling anyone you started the convo with me as usual. but give it your best in the end ill be here chatting and posting and youll still be obsessing and starting pissing matches that no one but you cares about example a here lol.

that site is a fluff site anyways i wouldnt want to post on there with a bunch of fake people lying about tor and be super fanbois even i did get banned id be proud of that site is a biased fak pos site its why i post here lmao

no i didn’t start a convo with you. I made a comment you came in and tried to ram your opinion down my throat.

yeah whatever dude you started the convo with me you then went on and on like you always do here with meaningless pointless arguements lolz.

Vicariousfan • an hour ago

Hey Dulfy any chance you can clean up Shawnhargrave’s posts?

there you go started the fight need i say more? as i have explained to you i reported this REAL trolling this morning but as usual you play make believe and pretend and all this

yeah sure you ask for my posts to be removed you could have emailed dulfy like i do but you ask on here to start a pissing match. Im not going anywhere im not getting banned here for self defense dulfy is well aware of the attacks on me ive done this time and time again dealing with this crap that others start

Personally, i think its a good thing.. sure, i dont like waiting for it for longer, than we were originally promised – but i would MUCH RATHER wait a few more months, than get a half-baked version that doesnt work.

Like with 4.1 we got something else instead, which was satisfactory to me.
They will most likely put in a similar feature, giving us an alert that was supposed to be for a future update.

Ahh, didnt read that extra bit. Well, doesnt change my opinion, its better that they keep it off untill its ready to launch.

Dulfy per my email can you please clean up ALL of the arguement posts im not going to be biased and ask for one side of the arguement to be cleaned up here and deny the other portion of it. Im asking for ALL posts to be removed in the arguement here including the fuckshawnhargrave posts and my responses as well thank you.

How many people need to show you the door before you take it? We are not your friends. We are not your fans. We do not like you. Toddle on.

/smh not going anywhere. Whos “we” You and the invisble army of bot accounts eh. Well hate to break it to you im not going anywhere. Spoken like a true person who cant handle criticism of thier glass house. Unlike you i can handle criticism and i could give a shit if your stay or go.

Doesn’t really matter, come Tuesday there will a couple new articles about the game with the release of the new chapter happening, and this article will become largely ignored. Just don’t respond to the ones looking for an argument next time.

i dont have to ignore it LOL they come to me like moths to a flame. Example A here below and so on.

So the only thing that we get now this Tuesday is the early Access to the new chapter right ? I hope that we can KILL THAT CAT !!!…this will be the only good way to forget that we do not getting Eternal Championship and Bowdar as a companion for this patch…

Kinda unknown. It is confirmed that we won’t get Bowdaar or the EC. It is confirmed that nothing will replace that loss. However, that doesn’t mean that we won’t get other alerts that were already scheduled for this release. While I don’t expect an alert 1 might still happen.

What about Gus Tuno? Wasn’t that why they *SPOILER* teased him at the end of the recruitment mission for the Jawa companion?

Blizz was meant to be the March alert when Bowdaar was meant to be the February. It only makes sense that we get Guss in april as well as Bowdarr

Guss, yes. But I wouldn’t expect Bowdaar until may or june. If they want to do pts testing, and then actually do something with the results, 4 weeks won’t be enough time, not to mention the line at the end about information in 4-6 weeks.
We might still get the new warzones in april though, as far as I can see the testing for that is going pretty well, haven’t seen major issues in the comments so far, just fine-tuning.

id be surprised if you ever get the chance to REALLY kill a companion (its an enticing idea ill give you that lol). Thats the problem with having the story aspect online is everyone else has to agree that that comp has to die or the devs actually kill it as part of the story.

You can kill Tanno Vik if you want. Why would Aric Jorgan be 100% safe no matter what? There might the option to kill some of the companions, since it has already happened for Tanno Vik.

Vik wasnt a companion in the Fallen Empire world anymore. He went solo and went into his real passion: making credits.

This also confirmed that long-hated companions will have a very slim chance of coming back as usuable companions. No more Broonmark, no more Skadge, and no more Tanno Vik. Hands down the 3 worst companions in the game. Broon has his charms, but I’m not into cold, brutish psychos. Vik was only loyal to the credit, and Skadge is well the worst companion ever.

The rest, I’ll be cool with coming back

Broonmark has one valuable quality: unflinching loyalty to “Sith clan”, i.e. the warrior and his followers. A bit like Xalek in that if you can defeat him, he will serve you. I am fine with that trait in a killing machine. 🙂

That doesn’t really contradict what I said though. You had no idea what had happened to Aric Jorgan until they said that he will be returning as part of the new Havoc Squad. Tanno Vik though did not return, because they decided to basically get rid of him. Same thing could have applied to other companions as well, and I am sure it will, it just remains to be seen which will have this fate.

Skadge is a real scumbag, but he entertains me. I am indifferent towards Broonmark, and I didn’t really mind Tanno Vik. Definitely not my favourite companions, for sure pretty low on the list.

Broonmark has a decent chance of coming back as an alliance alert because he requires 0 new voice acting. ;p

Can’t wait to get to KotFE on my trooper so I can frag him. I hated him the whole story line on Balmorra.

You can kill both Tanno Vik and Xalek.

But honestly I do not think that you can kill Aric, Aric never moved against you.

So they are learning to use the PTS again. Good. Gives them a chance for us to find (most of) the problems in the content.

Ohh no! I’ve always dream about Eternal Championship and it’s delayed 🙁
What we gonna do now our life is pointless now 🙁 It’s time to be EMO again.. Where is my black lipstick?
No but seriously anyone is suprised by that delay? Anyone expect something else? 😉

soon the cartel market will drain your account and all the money will go to the death star not dev teams or new content!

Ahhh the end of the world is Nigh
This game is like soooo dead.
Seriously though Bioware/EA need to sort out their timings.
Stop giving ETA’s if your not 110% sure your going to achieve them cause you just look like useless muppets.

I wonder if the next subscriber reward will be an HK dick so we can go fuck ourselves, because that’s the message bioware seems to be giving to us.

You seem to think EA/BW is different to any other company. They don’t care about you or me- they only care about $$… Pure and simple. To quote Franz Sanchez in Licence to Kill: “is nothin’ personal, is purely… business”. Also I’m curious if you hate it so much why are you still playing? Or subbing- you can go F2P you know and then they won’t be fucking you (as much).

Well, Battlefront may have been bad at launch, but their community is getting what they want as of lately, sooo.. i guess it’s not really EA, more so it is the shitty developers and team that are running swtor of money hungry bastards. But don’t worry, you can content with catman’s dick in this chapter of tidy whities :D! Since you seem to love it as much! Go have fun playing your uncompletable story with your new naked companion!

Whine whine, cry cry. Oh noes, instead of getting content patches every six months like most other games, we are getting other content than the one we thought that only a fraction of the population will even bother doing. Chicken Littles, all youse.

Actually, we *aren’t* getting it — they are delaying it, at the very least, 4-6 weeks. Which is the whole point of this post.

Reading is hard.

Chapter XI: Disavowed! Battle alongside Major Aric Jorgan in the next Chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire. Players who were subscribed on March 1st have immediate access to this new Chapter, and it will be available for all other subscribers on Thursday, March 10th.


Big whoop. A 20 minute story chapter is hardly a content patch. They have removed more than we are getting that’s what people are angry about. They announce these things and say that there coming in this patch or that patch then they can’t deliver it. When part of the problem is they would put it on pts. It took a delay and removal from a patch for then to realise they needed it on pts so we can help find bugs. Had they done that at the start it could very well have been released on time

LOL. So, for the second time in a row, Bowdaar is getting pushed back. The only piece of “content” we were getting was the EC, and we’ll have to wait 4-6 weeks to even know what the fuck is up with that. Instead, what we are getting is 30 more minutes of cutscenes and trash-filled corridors.

I guess a new pack and HK-inspired doodads is “content” too, right?

GDIAF, you fucking tool.

at least you can stealth th trash filled corridors to speed things up… oh wait, nvm. trash is 100% stealth or not now as soon as you reach that “spot” in the corridor:)

You know, griping that people complain about the major issues Bioware seems to have when other companies can actually produce stuff at a faster rate (Check out Lord of the Rings Online’s Ballad of Bingo Boffin for example since Turbine has been putting out about the same amount of story content weekly for quite some time now), the gripes are legitimate, especially since the LotRO stuff is part of their free content rather than SWTOR’s subscriber content…

Hmm. While irritating, delays for the sake of quality are good. To use an aircraft analogy: I’d rather they tested out the bugs before it was flying than realise “oh shit the wings can’t take this stress” when at 30,000ft and fuck it up.

Go on a vacation. Come back to a circus. Bioware screwing up all the things isnt a big surprise. Seems like someone is overdue for a ban though.

I’m not allowed back. The Ascendency has some crazy hang ups about “ownership” and sees anyone who doesnt share their views as burglers. Clearly they haven’t heard of the galactic “Finders Keepers” rule. I tried explaining this the last time I was there, but they are terrible listeners. I mean, nobody was even in that museum, I thougth it was abandoned.

lol reminds me of ‘meesa banished, meesa clumsy’

I’ve quoted Jar Jar so i need i shower now.

go play your blade and shit stain, where its the same thing over and over again until you get to the top of a leader board that gets you where ? that’s right no where

I keep checking here hoping to read that they finally got their shit together and I can finally resub and enjoy the game again… only to find the same old shit. I really want to play again, but I really need to get their shit together…

Go the preferred route. Of course you need to sub for a month to be buy all the unlocks to make it some what bearable.

Eh, I have most of the unlocks, but I also hate losing all my credits lol. But really its just the lack of content for me… a lot of my guild members just kinda stopped playing since there wasnt much to do. Went from very active to losing a ton of people after 4.0 :/

I bet one year of subscription that regardless of all the testing, when it will be launched, it will actually be bugged.

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